Prince Harry is sexy, sweaty & single yet again


Here are some photos of our beloved Prince Hazzer, playing at a charity polo match over the weekend. Harry looked really, really good. Some dudes just look better when they’re sweaty, you know? Hazzer is one of those dudes. He’s just so sexy and ginger. I feel like I might be cheating on my favorite gingers Michael Fassbender and Emma Stone with Hazzer, but I can’t help myself.

As the tabloids reported last week, it’s seeming more and more like Hazzer and Chelsy Davy are on yet another break. I guess Chelsy just really wanted to come to the royal wedding, right? And now that it’s over, she’s done with Hazzer. According to the British tabloids, Chelsy is on vacation (again) in Ibiza, and she’s been telling people that she’s done with Hazzer:

The on-off relationship between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy appears to be off once again after she spent three days drinking and flirting in Ibiza. The 25-year-old Zimbabwean, who has dated Harry, 26, for six years – albeit with a number of break-ups – was on the Spanish island last weekend where she was overheard saying that she is ‘young, free and single’ again.

Chelsy stayed with her pal Olivia ‘Bubble’ Perry, 26, and Prince Harry’s chums Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe and Arthur Landon, both 27, at a rented villa near Ibiza Town. She was spotted knocking back shots of tequila at some of the island’s trendiest establishments.

‘Bubble and Jacobi made it their mission to show Chelsy a wild time. They rarely left her side,’ said a friend. ‘Chelsy was out to flirt and forget all about Harry. She was a single lady out in Ibiza. Things with her and Harry are more off than on at the moment.’

Last Sunday, Chelsy went to a club at the new Ushuaia beach hotel.

‘She seemed to have overdone it a bit and at one point Jacobi took her for a walk,’ said the source.

According to friends, Chelsy spoke to Harry during the holiday, but the conversation was heated.

‘After all that clubbing she wasn’t in the right frame of mind for a chat about their relationship. Chelsy was jealous that Harry had been getting close to other girls in London. She wanted him to know that she could have a good time without him.’

Friends of Harry say he is keen to settle down with Chelsy, but there is more reluctance on her part.

‘She loves Harry but she doesn’t love the lifestyle of a Royal girlfriend,’ said one.

[From The Mail]

How many times are both Chelsy and Harry going to play this same song? I’m kind of over it, and I hope one of them gets sick of it too. They apparently have this same fight over and over and over. If Chelsy doesn’t want to marry him and doesn’t see a future with him at all, she needs to just let him go. And if Harry doesn’t think he can be faithful to one woman at this point and time, he needs to stop actively trying to have a girlfriend. The romantic in me thinks that all Hazzer really needs is a good woman, someone really tough and smart who won’t let him get away with anything. But the pragmatist in me says that even if Hazzer met that kind of woman, he would still screw it up.

By the way, this chick Hazzer is kissing looks like his type, right? Cheap looking dye job, bad hair clip-swoop situation. Hazzer’s getting some!





Photos courtesy of Fame & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. OtherChris says:

    The lady with the bad dye job, I would say she’s older. Look at her hands. At least her late 40s. Or maybe she’s a Middleton. They seem to “do” sun damage pretty well.

  2. Luna says:

    I’m so in love with the lad <3

  3. Ron says:

    The red hair, the sweat, the bulge….swoon!

  4. lucy2 says:

    Why would either of them want to settle down? They’re young, rich, and live life like a non-stop party.

    It’s amazing how good looking he’s gotten, especially compared to William, who is morphing into his father.

  5. Kiska says:

    He’s gorgeous and makes my ovaries ache.

  6. bluhare says:

    Well, looking at Photo 2 his zipper is really sticking WAY out there. I didn’t know Harry packed too!

    Starting to look like Chelsy just did a little sucking up, so to speak, so she could go to the wedding. There’s a name for people like that.

  7. KsGirl says:

    Hot. Hot. HOT.

    Oh and it’s HazzA, not HazzER. Pretty sure it is, based on how British nicknames usually work. Chelsy will be Chezza, for example. :)

  8. Kaiser says:

    KsGirl – Yeah, I know! I just like “Hazzer” better than “Hazza”. “Hazza” just seems too much like “Huzzah!”

    He looks like a Hazzer.

  9. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    Was Chelsy even at the wedding at his date? We all assumed she was but thinking on it now, she was probably one of the ‘friends’ invite. Anyway, the on/off thing with her and Harry is so boring now. So she’s off on yet another holiday. Surprise. Meanwhile, Harry allegedly had “tea” with Pippa the other day. I wonder.

  10. Turtle Dove says:

    (swoons) Loves the read hair. The gorgeous gingerness. The britches.

  11. mi says:

    Chelsy is travelling with Harry’s bf, She’s going to live in London in September and then everybody is going to see how ‘single’ they are. Harry is/was Pippa’s friend, and so as Chelsy. People just don’t get that there’re really dating and the unique reason that she was in the wedding is that she is on with Harry again. Oh, and I’m telling it because I follow them both in the facebook and I know what is really going on :D

  12. Micki says:

    Years ago I read Kitty kelley’s “The Royals”. She wrote that as a result of the divorce trauma both princes kept on wetting their beds way in their teenage years.So every time someone swoons about Harry it pops in my head and I’m close to wet myself LOL

  13. Dominique says:

    Ummm? -___- Not quite.

  14. almond says:

    I do not get the ginger dong fascination. At all. But he does seem to make you ladies really happy when he pops up.

  15. Quest says:

    Dirty/Sweaty Harry: thanks for sharing your blumming glorious ginger colored brisket hither on this blog my dear boy….*swoon*

  16. Jennifer says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the first photo is not him swooping in for a kiss? The hand and arm of that woman is much older and not someone whom I think he would be smooching with at all. Plus, it looks like he’s leaning in to tell her something, not kiss her. Her head is even slightly turned.

  17. aenflex says:

    the chick he is kissing is her 50′s people. look at the arm and hair.

  18. megan says:

    Oh Haz you absolute sexpot. He’s mine, btw.

  19. DanDan says:

    I don’t see the appeal, and can’t find any type of attraction in the pasty type. Yuck…

  20. Mario says:

    He is NOT sexy, yuck… He’s spoiled, arrogant, and has an unearned sense of accomplishment. How could any girl expect to make a spoiled royal happy?

  21. Christine says:

    I don’t know why people speculated that cad Hewitt fathered Harry.
    Harry is Charles with red hair.
    Even the ears give it away.

  22. thinkaboutit says:

    Yes, she is clearly older, not to mention wearing a wedding band…although knowing our ginger-haired badass boyfriend the prince, none of that means he wasn’t whispering something scandalous in the old girl’s ear!

  23. Erin says:

    I think he’s good-looking and probably pretty charming but there are some pictures where he really looks like Charles :/

  24. BW says:

    I think his polo pants have a button fly, not a zipper. If I was riding a horse during a polo match with a button fly, I think I’d be wearing a cup or some serious padding in my groin region. I don’t think he’s packing anything but cotton.

    It reminds me of a girl I knew who wanted to date an American football player because of their crotches. She was so disappointed when I told her what a cup was.

  25. Patrice says:

    SWEET MARY what a perfect man. Seriously, I would tap that like it was the last Maple tree in Vermont during sugar season! You heard it here first ladies ; ) I’m ALL about the Gingers too…

  26. honestiago says:

    He looks JUST LIKE this irritating kid I used to go to high school with. I can never find him attractive because of this. :\
    Which is too bad, because I love red hair!

  27. skilo says:

    As I sit here sweating through another southern summer day I look at these pictures, and dream of getting sweaty with Harry for altogether different reasons. Oh yeah, while Harry may have bear some resemblance to his father,(slight I think) I can’t imagine Charles ever had the same charisma, masculinity, and just raw sex appeal Harry has.

  28. Joe's Mom says:

    @Christine, you’re right about the ears. Even though I actually wondered at times who Harry’s Dad was, looking at the second and third pics above, I actually do think he really looks like Charles in both of them. I’ve never really seen pictures where it was so obvious before. Just sayin’. I like Harry and Wills.

  29. Jennifer says:

    It looks like she is giving him a prize and its the usual air kiss type of deal, however i wouldn’t mind giving him a prize at all …………

  30. Annie_Grey says:

    Love those rosy cheeks!

  31. hellnbackl says:

    You call that sexy……..I think its his sexy cash and his sexy title that makes this red faced prat even mildly attractive….Yuck!!!

  32. eternalcanadian says:

    I think Chelsy is not having a good time on her trip. People get drunk to cover up things–loneliness, boredom, unhappiness, etc.

    If Chelsy really wanted to show Harry she could have a grand time without him, she should have done what Catherine did when William dumped her. At least Catherine’s attempts to show William she was having fun without him were a bit classier without hanging drunk-arsed off strange blokes.

    The “royal girlfriend” lifestyle can’t be all that bad as Catherine sure is enjoying it plus her sister Philippa is trying to get into the “Royal Circle”.

    I think Chelsy has realized Harry is a cad like his older brother–always seeking a better opportunity with someone else while keeping the “tried and true” on the side until it is time to get married or his hair falls out whichever happens first.

    If Chelsy really wanted to be with Harry she would smack him around and tell him to smarten up and not be like his brother and that she isn’t a Catherine doormat that will put up with dipping the royal wand around.

    But unfortunately she’s the knid of woman that gets drunk and does stupid things when she’s drunk which will basically put the kibosh on any possibly royal engagement between her and Harry.

    Oh yeah, she knows what she was doing when she got her invitation to the Royal Wedding. Just put up with it then get the heck out of there. :P

  33. kapser says:

    He just looks like another royal goon.

  34. Andie B says:

    Patrice: oh god that was funny. I have auburn hair, but have never really been attracted to Ginger men…until I saw Damian Lewis, and Harry is pretty fine as well. In saying that, I do appreciate non-gingers as well.

  35. Carolyn says:

    #31 you got it right. The first boy I kissed in my teens had red hair and I’ve liked it ever since. Don’t really care what Hazzer (Hazza would be the Australian version, like Dazza, Shazza and Gazza) does or says, I just like to look at him. It’s true that both him and Wills look better scruffy, sporty n sweaty. Hopefully he and Catherine are truly happy for the long haul..any trouble is going to be messy.

  36. phaksi says:

    I used to be desperately in love with William before he married Waity. I’ve moved on to Harry now :)

  37. Mimi says:

    Perhaps he should quit the Royal circus, marry her and live happily ever after without the madness of that family?

    Chelsy sounds more and more like a normal person who is not a fame- whor@ to put up with that kind of life-style.

    If he loves her and she loves him- he should “give up” the title and the silly circus.

    They might have a chance at happiness that way.

  38. Crash2GO2 says:

    Sounds like they are pretty hung up on each other. Only time will tell.

    I do love a man who can ride hell for leather…yum.

  39. skilo says:

    @hellnbackl:You call that sexy……..I think its his sexy cash and his sexy title that makes this red faced prat even mildly attractive….Yuck!!!

    Wrong! I swear, hand to God that if he showed up in a local convince store in a meter readers outfit to buy a soda I would still think he was hot. Not everyone is attracted to money, power, and/or fame some of us are turned off by the thought of life in the spotlight.

  40. hellnbackl says:

    If he turned up at your local “convince” store you wouldn’t even notice him. He is pretty plain….the only reason anyone takes any notice of him is that he is Diana’s son. He was born into wealth and privilege and I don’t give a tinkers ass who he is, I don’t care how much money he has…..I’m just saying that this prat only gets any attention because money and privilege is sexy in the world of gossip.