Arnold’s housekeeper Mildred Baena says she never told Arnold about his son

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s former housekeeper mistress, Mildred Beana, has an interview and photo spread in the upcoming issue of Hello! Magazine. They have multiple photos of her posing with her and Arnold’s now 13 year-old son, Joseph. Mildred has been in hiding to date and as far as we’ve heard she hasn’t even returned to her home, where the press were camped out waiting for her after the scandal broke in mid May. (It’s possible they’ve all moved on by now, though.)

Hello! has some details online of Mildred’s interview along with a larger photo of her with Arnold’s son. (It’s the small photo to the bottom left on the cover and you can see a larger photo on Hello!’s website.) I’m surprised she’s coming out now and assumed that Arnold would throw a bunch more money at her to ensure that she never spoke to the press. We’ve already heard most of the story, though, and Mildred confirms the detail that Star Magazine reported – that Maria had her suspicions and was the one to confront Mildred. She also claims that Arnold never heard it from her that he was the boy’s father, and that he didn’t find out when the boy was just a toddler, as was reported. The way Mildred tells it, she figured out that Arnold was Joseph’s father, Arnold never figured it out and may have suspected but didn’t say anything to her about it, and Joseph didn’t know Arnold was his dad until his grandmother told him about it a year ago. So if Arnold never knew, why did he put a down payment on Mildred’s house, give her $10k a month over her salary and lavish gifts on her family? Was it just because she was giving him some on the side? It sounds like she’s lying to me.

Here’s what she said, and I’ve added bolded headers:

When it was revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger had a 13-year-old child with a trusted member of the family’s domestic staff, the world let out a collective gasp.

The mother, housekeeper Mildred Baena, has since been in hiding.

But with fictitious stories circulating in the media, she has decided to set the record straight, and is giving what will be her first and only interview exclusively to HELLO! magazine.

She is joined by the other protagonist in this distressing drama, son Joseph, who has dealt with the events of the past few weeks with a maturity way beyond his years.

The boy found out a year ago that Arnold was his dad
When his grandmother sat him down one year ago to explain that Arnold Schwarzenegger was his father, he exclaimed: “Cool!”.

And his mother said the young boy is looking forward to building a relationship with the former Hollywood star.

Guatelaman-born Mildred revealed that she realised the truth once her son started to resemble the former Governor of California.

“It was as Joseph grew and I started to see the resemblance that I wondered – but It became more apparent as time went on,” she said.

She claims to have never told Arnold he was Joseph’s father
“I knew Arnold was the father, and maybe as Joseph got older and began to look like him, he [Arnold] wondered. But he never said anything to me.”

On how she told Maria afer Maria confronted her about it
She also revealed that Marie [sic] Shriver, Arnold’s now ex-wife, had started to put two and two together when she heard whispers in the household about the pair’s similarity.

“She would say things like, “I’m here if you need to talk.” I sensed something was up. I have so much love and respect for Maria.

“Finally, she asked point blank.”

But it was Maria’s actions that shocked Mildred.

“She was so strong. She cried with me and told me to get off my knees. We held each other and I told her it wasn’t Arnie’s fault, that it takes two.”

Finally, she expressed her sympathy for Arnold and what he must be going through: “He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering too. He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out.”

[From Hello!]

So how much did this lady get paid for this exclusive interview? She kept her silence for about a month, so she was probably in negotiations for a while. I really think she’s lying about Arnold not knowing. It sounds like she’s just trying to cover for him. She should have kept her silence. It was bad enough for this kid before his mom sold him out to Hello! along with the story of how he was conceived.

I bought this issue of Hello! on Zinio to see if there are any more details that aren’t in the preview. She swears she never told Arnold that Joseph was his son, saying “I never told him. I never told anyone except my mother.” On how Maria figured it out, Mildred finally brought Joseph with her to work, other staff started whispering, and then Maria got word of it. As for whether her affair with Arnold was ongoing, she says “It was a few times [with Arnold], 14 years ago.” She also confirms that she’s been in hiding, and says “I want to bring my son home so he can get back to a normal life.” As for her home that Arnold put the down payment on, she says “Just recently I asked for his help to buy a home and he said ‘sure,‘” but adds that “I pay all the upkeep myself.” She concludes “A choice was made many years ago that I kept secret for 14 years, but now it’s known and I’m hoping people just leave it alone and we can get on with our lives.” Then why did she do a high profile interview like this?

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  1. Kiki says:

    Dislike her so much… I admire Maria now more than ever.

  2. Slim Charles says:

    She has so much “love and respect” for Maria! Bish, please.

  3. Paige Bradley says:

    This woman is as disgusting as arnold himself. That poor child.

  4. June says:

    this seems like old news since most people dont have the attention span anymore. lately, any scandal expired in two weeks- boo! Look @ Blake, no one even cares anymore…it also seems like it with this story too.

  5. GoofPuff says:

    If she loved and respected Maria, why did she sleep with Arnold? She has to protect Arnold because he’s the one paying her money to help raise their son. Anything that would damage his income would damage her income and potentially her son’s inheritance.

  6. You don't say says:

    Hello and People are sister magazines, so it might show up in People as their cover story tomorrow or at some other date. I bet she made out like a bandit. It is called “rehabing” your image, (like Edwards’ mistress and her magazine covers) sounding so generous towards Maria. Dreadful for the kid mostly and for Maria’s children as well.

  7. Hautie says:

    Maybe Hello! gave her a big fat check… and she officially owns her house now. No mortgage.

    She was going to have to do at least one interview, to get people to leave her alone.

    So she did it with a UK publication.

    Whom are known to pay ridiculous amounts of money for exclusive’s.

    But holy cow that boy does look just like Arnold. None of the children with Maria look like him. They have slight resemblances but nothing like this boy.

  8. Girafe99 says:

    What a deeply unattractive woman both in character and looks

  9. original kate says:

    MODS – why are my comments disappearing and being marked as spam?

  10. fizixgirl314 says:

    haha he really does look like Arnold… cute kid!

  11. ol cranky says:

    this is a prime example of why people like me trash the hell out of the women in these scandals and hold them as responsible for the issue as the men. Yes, the men are the ones who are not upholding their vows to their wife but the women involved just love to fashion themselves as celebrities and exploit the situation to get whatever fame and fortune they can out of it. I also believe the women from the more recent liaisons do intentionally go after a married guy to ensure they can capitalize on the scandal. The situations, the media frenzy and the media’s willingness to facilitate the new celebrity “careers” of these women is downright pornographic.

  12. Ashley says:

    “”"”“…… I have so much love and respect for Maria.”"”"
    What a joke, this woman is shameless so is Arnold for hurting Maria and now wanting her back like if nothing has happend!!!!

  13. Betsy says:

    I bet Arnold gave Mildred an additional big fat check to spin the story his way. He is probably paying for her to sit on an isolated tropical island somewhere away from the long lens of the paparazzi. Between Mildred and Maria, old Arnold is going to be bled dry.


  14. Maritza says:

    The kid is a clone of his father, let’s hope he is a better version.

  15. searching4grace says:

    Everybody is saying he looks more like Arnold…I don’t think so. I think he looks more like his Mom. I just think his Mom looks like Arnold.

  16. 4Real says:

    Because NOTHING says I love and respect you more then sleeping with your husband and having his love child.

  17. Stephie says:

    She should kept her mouth shut. Ugh.

  18. Patricia says:

    What a bitch. Yes she is as responsible as Arnold – it takes two. Poor kid.

    She’s just saying this to help him out and keep the money flowing. How transparent.

  19. Quest says:

    Please, please, please just fade away and give your son a fair chance of a normal life. I say she is cashing it in on both ends.

  20. Fuzzy Cat says:

    I hope the child can develop a healthy relationship with arnold and with his siblings.

  21. Amanda G says:

    Um…wasn’t he paying her hush money? I don’t believe this story for a second. Nice try Arnold.

  22. lucy2 says:

    “I have so much love and respect for Maria.” So much that I screwed her husband and then lied for years!

    I kind of don’t believe a word this woman says. I think she’s covering for him too, and frankly don’t believe Maria reacted as she claims.
    That kid looks just like him. I think it’s really disturbing his mother would agree to have him pose in a tabloid with her. They must have offered extra cash for that.

  23. werty says:

    “I want to bring my son home so he can get back to a normal life.”

    sorry for the rant, but she should have kept her mouth shut if she really meant it

  24. really says:

    Mildred Beana is such a liar, like Im going to expect her cheating skankiness to tell the truth. Joseph looks just like his PIG of a father, that is the only TRUTH in any of this.

    I so love Maria even more!

  25. Madison says:

    This woman is nothing but a user, a gold digger, she’s even using her own son to make more money by posing with him for the cover of this magazine. What an awful woman.

  26. Lucinda says:

    I think Arnold put her up to it. Either through persuasion or coercion. This makes him look good and explain why he kept her on… It makes it look like he didn’t knowingly allow his child by his mistress be raised alongside his legitimate children and under his wife’s nose.

  27. ShirlyMay says:

    I was wondering how long it was going to take her to whore out her own child. She is such a class act.

  28. photo jojo says:

    She wants her son to have a normal life but put him on the cover of a magazine!?

  29. Miss Marie says:

    Please, don’t feel badly for Maria. She covered for him during his campaign for governor. She knew he was a dirt bag then and she sold out just like all these other political wives.

  30. Amy says:

    She says she wants to protect her son, then does an interview about the affair with a picture of the kid on a magazine?

    I understand she might need the money but does she really need to pimp the kid out??

  31. rose80 says:

    I don’t know why people are bashing her for putting out pics of him and getting the interview out of the way. Her son would be hunted by paps for pics if she didn’t. Many celebs pimp pics of their newborn babies on covers of magazines and their reasoning is to get it out of the way and so paps don’t make money off of the pics and plenty of people support that practice. I think she did the right thing as far as the pictures of her son goes because this child is vulnerable and would be hunted down if she hadn’t. All of the other stuff about her is very questionable.

    And Miss Marie, I couldn’t agree with you more. Maria has known what Arnold was like for a very very long time. She could have left. I don’t know why people feel so bad for her.

  32. feebee says:

    I too have a problem with her saying she has “so much love and respect for Maria”. I mean puhleeeeeese! But it not the only eyeroll worthy quote. Stuff about Arnold not knowing until recently. Is he blind as well as stupid?

    But Maria… ah Maria… if the rumours about it being her who started the public outing of Arnold and his “love child” are true, on top of the fact she knew about this for a while, on top of the probable fact that she knew his character wasn’t really Gov material and yet lied to the voters faces…. well, I have no sympathy left for her.

  33. mimi says:

    While I feel a twinge of sadness for Maria, this b*tch Mildred is rotten to the core. I do believe Maria knew she was marrying a cheater, but since he was a power player in Hollywood, she looked the other way…just like all the other Kennedy women. But this baby mama really forced her hand. And Arnold by all accounts has an army of P.R. people at his disposal so this stupid “sympathy” article has his name all over it. Sorry, Arnold, you crossed a line that can’t be undone this time. The whole article is so awful its a sad, sick way.

  34. duh says:

    The funniest part:

    “We held each other and I told her it wasn’t Arnie’s fault, that it takes two.”


    I mean: “it takes two”, “not Arnie’s fault”


    What a “relief” to Maria! :D

  35. I am Legend says:

    “I bet Arnold gave Mildred an additional big fat check to spin the story his way.”

    Bingo! Either paid in advance or she’s spinning it in anticipation of another payment on the house.

    Call me petty but I’d have less respect for Maria if she told the mistress “I’m here if you need to talk”. I don’t believe it, but I think that crosses the line from class to spineless.

  36. Violet says:

    I’m positive that Arnold must’ve known from day one that he was the father. Baena’s husband was out of the picture and I’m guessing Arnold didn’t bother with condoms.

    And the kid’s resemblance to his father is uncanny.

    Both Baena and Arnold are rotten to the core. I feel sorry for Arnold’s kids, however ever many there turn out to be of them.

  37. truthSF says:

    OMG!!!! It’s a conspiracy!!! Look at that boy…Arnold’s cloning himself A la “The Boys From Brazil” style.

  38. Hakura says:

    A.) She’s totally lying. No ‘extra maid service’ on the side would be enough to warrant that much every month, for all those years.
    B.) … Why was it the grandmother who told the boy, & not his mother?

    Maybe this is the result of some agreement between she & Arnold…. An attempt to make him look a ‘little’ better. Making it so that he was ‘unaware’ of his ‘love child’, as opposed to knowing about him all this time, & keeping the whole thing secret (from both his wife, & the boy).
    This would simultaneously make *her* look somewhat better, as her mother & sister claimed she never told them the truth, & were very upset about it. If she ‘didn’t know for sure’ for a few years, she could use that as an excuse for a while, at least.

  39. Shay says:

    I feel sorry for this kid. It’s clear that his mother was irresponsible. What, she couldn’t say no to Arnie?
    This is what annoys me about some women who use children as bargaining chips. They don’t consider the psychological repercussions on their child.
    I don’t think this child will ever be on equal footing with his half-siblings, he’ll probably be treated like a dirty secret – all because his mother and the former governor were irresponsible and ruled by their gonads.

  40. Po says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t believe for one second that Maria didn’t know about his affair earlier, that this women is not being taken care of because Arnold knew he messed up all along, and Arnold is not a complete d**k.

  41. guesty says:

    Who did the kid THINK his father was before grandma’s little talk?

  42. Lucky Charm says:

    Wait, I’m confused. I thought I read that she never told her mother or family this is Arnold’s child, so how could the grandmother be the one to tell the son who his dad is? One of them is lying, and my money is on this Mildred or Patty (whatever she’s calling herself) person.

  43. Hakura says:

    @Shay“This is what annoys me about some women who use children as bargaining chips. They don’t consider the psychological repercussions on their child.

    Agreed… Children should never be ‘used’ for anything, let alone manipulating other people. Whether they realize it or not, a parent who does this is (in a way) devaluing the child entirely.
    @LuckyCharms -“Wait, I’m confused. I thought I read that she never told her mother or family this is Arnold’s child, so how could the grandmother be the one to tell the son who his dad is?.”

    Exactly. That’s what I thought reading this version of the story. Supposedly the grandmother & sister *weren’t* told, for all these years. It was mentioned that they were incredibly upset with Mildred about that. Why the hell would the grandmother be the one to tell the boy about his ‘father’, & not the boy’s mother?
    @Guesty -“Who did the kid THINK his father was before grandma’s little talk?”

    I would assume he grew up thinking his mother’s ex-husband was his father. I can’t remember if the ex knew the child wasn’t his from the start, or what.