Angelina Jolie is greeted warmly during her UNHCR trip to Turkey (video, photos)


As we talked about on Friday, Angelina Jolie arrived in Turkey and made her way to the Turkish-Syrian border, where thousands of Syrians have fled their country after a government crackdown. Jolie visited the makeshift refugee camps in the Hatay province on Turkey, meeting with hundreds of refugees, both adults and children. The UNHCR even put together this video of her trip – Jolie looks like hell, but she’s on the job. I like how she interacts with the kids and with the young men who seem fascinated by her:

That’s what she looks like without any under-eye cover up or powder. Very pretty, but shiny and like she has two black eyes. Get some rest, girl! Anyway, the UNHCR also has this summary of her trip:

HATAY PROVINCE, Turkey, June 17 (UNHCR) – UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie travelled on Friday to Turkey’s border with Syria, meeting with many of the refugees who have fled their country in recent weeks.

The flight of civilians from north-west of Syria has picked up considerably in the last two weeks. There are now more than 9,600 people living in four camps managed by Turkey with the Turkish Red Crescent.

Accompanied by UNHCR staff and Turkish government officials, Jolie visited the Altinozu camp in Hatay province, 20 kilometres from the Syrian border. Some 1700 Syrians have found shelter there. “The people in this camp have fled in fear for their lives, and many told me they were distraught about the safety of loved ones still in Syria,” Jolie said.

She met with one woman who managed to leave Syria heavily pregnant, and has since given birth to her child in the camp. The mother told how her husband had been killed.

Another distraught woman told Jolie she was sick with worry about the fate of her husband still in Syria and unable to cross the border. “The woman claimed her husband was one of many, too afraid to cross,” Jolie added.

The American actress praised Turkey for welcoming the refugees, saying it was critical in these situations that people have access to safety. “I am really grateful for the open-door policy of Turkey in allowing these people to enter and the assurances that there will be no forced returns.”

When Jolie arrived, a mob of excited children chanted “look who is here” and “welcome, welcome” as they pushed forward to shake her hand. Many had slogans such as “freedom” painted on their foreheads.

“I appreciate the opportunity to visit this camp and talk to these families,” Jolie said. “It is a really complex situation and everyone needs to be doing all they can for the innocent families caught in the crossfire. I will be following this situation very closely and doing everything I can,” she added.

“The government of Turkey and the Turkish Red Crescent have shown tremendous generosity to the thousands fleeing Syria. The Red Crescent has set up camps really quickly and provided medical and other care. And UNHCR stands ready to assist if the situation starts to escalate.”

Ahead of Jolie’s mission, UNHCR received dozens of e-mail messages thanking her for her planned visit to the Turkish-Syrian border and her support for the displaced. The refugees living in Altinozu camp greeted her with enthusiastic chanting.

Meanwhile the Goodwill Ambassador highlighted the relevance of UNHCR’s new global campaign – dubbed “1 is too many” – to the unfolding crisis.

“In the campaign we highlighted the fact that one refugee without shelter is too many, and in this latest displacement crisis we are seeing thousands in need and there may be many more in Syria yet to receive help. These people deserve and need our help.” she said.

[From UNHCR]

It doesn’t surprise me that Jolie was welcomed so warmly, nor that her visit is getting such wide coverage, not only in the West, but also in the Middle East. I spied coverage on Al Arabiya, the BBC and CNN, and it wouldn’t surprise to me learn that Al Jazeera might also have had coverage. I think it’s because Angelina has entered into a realm that’s not purely humanitarian, but also geopolitical. Many think that Syria is due for an Egyptian-like revolution, and this government crackdown (and subsequent refugee crisis) might be a sign of larger things to come.



Photos courtesy of the UNHCR.


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  1. lisa says:

    credit to the fans on jjb. who always get the current news

    Angelina Jolie arrived in Lampedusa private plane

    June 19, 2011 13:57

    Angelina Jolie has just arrived in Lampedusa airport aboard a private plane. Imposing security measures at the airport on the island of the Pelagie. Be welcomed by the vice-prefect of Agrigento, Joan Termini and a representative of UNHCR. Jolie, without her husband Brad Pitt, will once Air Force where she will meet the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guteress and immediately after the reception center.

  2. Rita says:


    Since Syria is considered somewhat of a hands off revolution by the rest of the world (everyone’s plate is full at the moment), I think your speculation about AJ’s move into geopolitics is correct. It might be that she not only wants to draw attention to the refugees but also support the revolution by declaring, “Yes, we are watching and hoping for you. Lives have been lost with more to come. Don’t let their loss be in vain”.

    PS-Her appearance gives her stature in the current situation.

  3. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I actually like how when she goes on these trips she looks “normal.” Little to no make up, regular looking clothes, etc. I think that shows that she’s there to help and not there for just the photo ops.

  4. folly says:

    she has really become an icon,this is great.i wish her all the best

  5. heisel says:

    Ms. Jolie,
    let them ask all refugees live in the garden of their chateau in France.
    Then they were finally honest with the world.

  6. someone says:

    Does she take the media with her when she goes?? Or are they just her own private photographers?

  7. Juliesunflower says:

    Kudos to Angie. She has been forced into this geopolitic situation because the powers that be in the west have turned a blind eye to what is happening in Syria. The atrocities in Syria and Bahrain is far worse than what happened in Libya. Jolie is one of our modern heroes – full of genuine care and empathy for people.

  8. Rose says:

    Heisel, what are you saying? Keep up the good work Angelina millions of people are counting on you. God bless you for caring for the less fortunate.

  9. Isa says:

    Again, I will comment that it’s unfair to target Jolie and accuse her of insincerity for her efforts to draw attention to the refugees. She always seems to care genuinely about what they are going through.

  10. nnn says:


    Better yet, let’s open the good ole USA gardens for them. After all the UNHCR, organisation for refugees represents, all governments putting their money in it, USA in first line.

    And since we are there, let’s rise every aid the rich governments put in NGO’s and other help, let’s go till 50 % of or GNP so that we will finally not be perceived as hypocrite with our help.

    And for the big enterprises that give money, let’s put all our benefits in there too and go bankrupt, so that we will live in par of those we have been generous of.

    And last but not least, all you models, princesses who arte UN Goodwill eambassors, give up all of your priviligges and go back living on the street to validate your concern about the poor ones. Otherwise you’ll be labelled as an hypocrit too.
    Wonder why it was never asked to the late Princess Diana who was a billionaire and posseses domains left and right.

    Thank you !

  11. mln76 says:

    The work she is doing is genuinely moving…I’ll say again she isn’t a saint but she’s doing really important work and none of the negativity that’s about to descend upon this post can affect that.

  12. heisel says:

    It is so hypocritical!
    I’m still waiting for an explanation
    why she does not refugees in their garden? In her castle?

  13. Amanda says:

    I do adore how people think you’ve got to be in the same situation as the people you help. Like that somehow validates your concern or your time or your money. I’m still unsure as to whether it’s stupidity or people trying to be edgy. Answers on a postcard!

  14. nnn says:

    @ Someone.

    The UN is a serious organisation set by states who pour their money for humanitarian duties and works with serious people. Not Hollywood gossip trashoid and journey in Disney land.

    It works with a team where Jolie is only one of the employees among others, photographers and journalists included.

    The photographers hired by the UN are sent there and are all accredited by official agencies who usuallY work on politics and foreign affairs, not your usual BS tab photographers.

    Hence they are greeted VISA and screened by intelligence services of the host country because they have access to places no other photographer will be granted access where some have already lost their life or have been kidnapped if the place is not secure enough.

    Every year one of thos eor reporter are either kidnapped, either killed in the exercice of their profession because they often are able to pick and caught things that some governement want to keep under cover.

    In the present situation the turquish government is playing subtle and don’t want to embarrass the syrian government, so they keep a tough eye on what the refugees could said and have been obliged to ease things up a little bit since Jolie came with cameras. But before that, they didn’t want any reporter and photographer interviewing the refugees.

  15. Turtle Dove says:

    It’s wonderful that she contributes her time to the UNHCR; Lord knows the woman doesn’t have a ton of it. Poor thing looks exhausted.

  16. Chicoulina says:

    Now that’s what natural beauty looks like!!!No other celebrity could look so good with so little makeup on!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    nnn: thanks for that.
    I wished i looked as angelina (without makeup) with makeup on =/

  18. nnn says:

    I’m still unsure as to whether it’s stupidity or people trying to be edgy. Answers on a postcard!
    It’s people shamlessly hijacking real suffering, real misery of real people to take cheap shots at a celebrity.

    It’s people using tragedy as a fair game to get at a celebrity.

    They have zero concern and zero respect for that tragedy since getting at the celebrity is more important to them even if it has to go to theextent of using refugees and their suffering to do so.

    Nothing more, nothing less.

  19. lisa says:


    You sound absolutely silly.

    I guess if she gave every penny she had that would not be enough. YOU would probably ask her to borrow more. If she live in a hut with her family you would scream.. no fair her hut is better than theirs. If she cut off her right arm you would scream… we wanted the left.

    the thing is she is not required by law to give anything. She earned her money and has a right to enjoy it just like all the other celebrities. YET I bet you are never questioning why they don’t allow refugees to live in their “gardens”

    Angie does what she does from heart. She doesn’t have to do anything. Open your home first then the rest will follow your lead..

    Wait.. why are you running to the back of the line..

  20. werty says:

    nnn: Thank you!
    (For both post)

  21. Juliesunflower says:

    To heisel and nnn, Angie does not need validation from people like you who see only negativity where there’s none. As for @nnn drawing Princess Diana into the matter is ridiculous – Princess Di at the time people and even relations were running away from AIDS sufferers was eating from the same plates as them, shook them with her bare hands – before doctors even thought it was safe to do so!

  22. Hannah says:

    I’m not a fan of AJ. (I was originally Team Anniston but now I’m Team Are We Really Still Talking About the Stupid Triangle.) I believe that AJ does utilize the media to promote her image. She makes her living based on how she is perceived by the public thus we would be naive to believe she ignores the subject. And finally, I believe that her initial foray into charitable work was not entirely altruistic.

    Obviously, I don’t buy into the Saint Angie story. However, by now it is clear that her charitable work IS important to her. AJ is not just throwing money at a cause or merely paying lip service. She is putting in considerable time and effort on behalf of the UNHCR in less than luxurious conditions. In addition, her high visibility draws attention to the various refugee crises which truly is the point of her work.

  23. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Someone:”Does she take the media with her when she goes?? Or are they just her own private photographers?”

    Congrats, you win the dumbsh*t comment of the post award. Your mantlepiece must be full by now.

  24. Blah says:

    We all know that she doesn’t care about them and does it only for cheap publicity.

  25. someone says:

    nnn??? if there are so many others that do the same work as AJ for this agency…why is it we never see any pics of them..don’t get me wrong, what she does is needed, and I applaud her for doing just seems the media is involved with every move she makes and every dime she donates…

  26. Juliesunflower says:

    Oops! Sorry @nnn. Thought you were dissing Jolie. Heisel made me see red!

  27. Nina says:

    I find it pretty amazing that people interpret her humanitarian and charity work as just a means for publicity. You can judge and criticize Angeline Jolie for plenty but her work with crisis situations is pretty untouchable. It’s not like she rolls down to the local shelter in full makeup once a year, calling the paps before she goes to make sure they document her ‘kindness’ of passing out autographed head shots of herself to the poor. She spends more time doing philanthropy than making movies, spends hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars on charity and isn’t photographed for even half of what she does. These pictures, they aren’t from paparazzi agencies. They come from the organizations that are trying to bring light and consciousness to their causes.

    And as far as the argument asking why she doesn’t let refugees live with her, that is an absolutely ridiculous question. What problem does that solve? A handful of people are safe (but pulled away far from home, friends, family, culture) while the core issue is unresolved and people continue to be hurt and killed. By your argument, why don’t YOU take in a refugee or two? Most people who live in stable, developed countries have room for at least a few more in their homes and at their dinner table. When was the last time you invited a homeless person to stay with you?

    Yeah, I thought so. Stop being absurd.

  28. GeekChic says:

    @Juliesunflower, nnn was actually defending Jolie, not criticizing. I think you must have misinterpreted her posts. She was saying it was hypocritical to bash Jolie for having money/property/assets when no one bashes other celebrities (including Princess Diana) for doing so. People like Princess Diana were praised (rightly so) for their humanitarian efforts, whereas Jolie seems to receive massive amounts of scorn. No one asked Diana why she didn’t do more/give more/open up her home to thousands of refugees, but people do it to Jolie. nnn’s first post was rather sarcastic (which I loved, by the way), which is maybe where the misunderstanding began.

    No matter how a person feels about Jolie and her family, it is undeniable that she brings more attention to these global crises than any other person. Would we be discussing Syria on Celebitchy had she not visited their refugees in Turkey? I think we all know the answer to that.

  29. Girafe99 says:

    I really don’t understand the criticism that Jolie is doing it for the publicity, this women only needs to step out of her front door to make it headline news on the celebrity news circuit.

    Yes she is wealthy and lives a lifestyle which is afforded to her by that wealth, but that doesn’t invalidate her charity work, unfortunately in a world were there seems to be a lot of apathy for the poor and weak and that our interest in them is only through the publicity generated by a celebrity, says less about the celebrity than it does about us.

  30. louise says:

    You don’t go to poverty stricken, dangerous places for 10 years for publicity. I don’t understand why haters keep saying that. People who are not interested in something give it up quickly. A lot of celebrities have the own charities and foundations that fall apart because of disinterest. Also anytime a celebrity ambassador goes on a trip they have photographers and media there. Nobody bashes Shakira or George Clooney everytime they are photographed. Besides the purpose of the ambassador is for publicity not to keep the cause a secret.

  31. H26 says:

    NNN, thanks for your post, I listen to the BBC World Service on the radio when I drive home from work and all last week they kept saying that Turkey was not letting reporters have access to the refugees. UNHCR is not in the camps, it is the Turkish goverment and Red Cresent who set up the camps. If Jolie’s celebrity is why Turkey is letting UNHCR in the camps to talk with people (which wasn’t happening last week) the that is huge right there. At least now there is some more transparency.

  32. lil says:

    @ lisa never forget that she/they has welcomed and adopted children too. Being an adoptive parent must be wonderful. Kudos to all of them.

    Those children, 3 of them, wherever they come from did not have a home, they did not have the advantage of having a family that took care and educate them (they were up to adoption for a reason).
    So, maybe, in a way, she has received “refugees” in her gardens, and they are her sons and daughter.

  33. Kimbob says:

    She’s doing the best she can. Yes, one person sometimes CAN make a difference. The comments about her appearance I think are unnecessary. She IS working…this is not a red carpet event. She is a serious person dealing w/serious issues. What? A bunch of makeup is needed…please! She wouldn’t be taken half as seriously!

  34. dr.bombay says:

    Again I’m no AJ fan–I don’t watch her movies unless I’m flipping through the channels and even then I only watch for a few minutes or so. However, the amount of people who insist that the actual work she does in insincere crack me up. Why? Because NO ONE accuses Oprah, Bill Gates or any other celebrity do-gooder of being insincere simply because they enjoy the fruits of their labor with fancy clothes, high end cars, homes, and toys.

    So they have a chateau in France…so WHAT? AJ can’t realistically live in a condo in the ‘burbs without wreaking havoc on the neighborhood, now can she? Or,would you rather her live in the chateau and ditch charity work because it peeves you that she’s not inviting refugees over for a cookout?


    The world is FULL of well off people who do good for others–Oprah, for instance. She has generously donated bazillions to those in need, but I don’t think she’s inviting those people over for a sleepover. Is SHE insincere because of it?

    Honestly I think half of the AJ haters are JA typing away furiously in their bunny slippers, drinking the bottled water that she endorses and watching FRIENDS reruns.

  35. lisa says:

    I actually think the “everyone” that has negative comments would Shut up if all she did do was walk around in 6 inch heels, head to gym in a cute outfit, do a coffee run, go to every RC event regardless if she is in the movie, spend her time on Tweeter taking about dumb things or tweeting pics of herself for all to see.

    I think if she was the superficial twit many are then she would be the hero of the ones that are able to reach into their holier than thou bags.

    Glad she doesn’t give a crap.

  36. Lady D says:

    “It’s people shamelessly hijacking real suffering, real misery of real people to take cheap shots at a celebrity.”

    That’s exactly what it is. Those people should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they have enough class.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    @Someone: The UNCHR sends its team of photographers with her when she visits a refugee camp.

    What is with your continual sniping at whatever Jolie does? You’d call her motives suspect if she found a cure for AIDS. The hate’s getting old and cold.

  38. heisel says:

    If you live in Lampedusa, it is not good.
    10,000 refugees living there and it’s a disaster.

    If it is so good, then Angelina will take all the refugees. It has a castle and other villas. You should take all the refugees!!
    It is hypocritical and a liar.

  39. LeenB says:

    For everyone who keeps bitching about the publicity, the Syrians have written an open letter to angelina asking for support and condemnation of the government and bringing international attention. Now she did not condemn the government publicly but she has finally brought attention to what is happening in Syria. She is doing what the people asked of her.

  40. Cheyenne says:

    @heisel: You keep spouting the same nonsense over and over. One can’t tell whether you’re an adult off your meds, or a toddler throwing a tantrum.

  41. bored says:

    the video clears up the Botox or no Botox question. she can clearly move her forehead. LoL I think her charity work is genuine.

  42. REALIST says:

    I love how Angie totally disregards the glam factor when she does these type of events (vs a conference-professional attire appropriate, which is how she dresses). It makes her one of the gang-a normal person-and I’m sure it makes her so much more approachable.
    Say what you will-this woman is sincerely dedicated to her causes.

  43. kaliwali says:

    I think she do her job well as an ambassador bringing light to the crisis.I’m very much aware what those people felt right now especially you experienced the situation.

  44. Selena Castle says:

    Whilst you are there Angie praising the Turkish government and their refugee policies, share a thought for the Kurds. The Turkish government is still practicing genocide and little is being done to rectify the situation, NATO care much?

  45. N.D. says:

    Heisel, how do you proprose for her to move those refugees to her villa in France?

    Do you seriously expect french customs to just let those people into EU without passports and visas even if Angelina would be so kind as to invite them into her chateau? Or would US let them inside their borders so they could stay in Brangelina’s LA compound?

    There is just no way she can do what you demand of her without breaking some law.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    @Kaiser: “Looks like hell”? She’s visiting to a refugee camp, she’s not walking the red carpet. She’s wearing sensible clothes and no makeup and she looks great.

  47. wyatt says:

    angelina jolie stated on her first mission she saw “SEA OF HUMAN MISERY”. now do you think she care about what is written about her?

  48. luls says:

    ok, i know this is gonna sound superficial but….. that vein on her forehead is HUUGE. How come weve never seen it b4?! :O

    On another note…. everytime i watch one of those UNHCR angelina clips, i choke up and shed a few tears. (Not kidding) The misery surrounding her, and her genuineness towards the refugees, just tug at my heart-strings everytime. <3 <3

  49. WhiteNoise says:

    God, she looks so much more at home in these situs than on the red carpet/film pr trail. So animated and involved. I can actually see her doing this full time at some point, it really seems to be where her interests lie. All credit to her for putting her heart and soul into her ambassadorship.

    Oh and f**k the begrudgers. How infantile and moronic to use this as an opportunity to have a go at her.

  50. ZenB!tch says:

    And again: THE CAMERAS ARE THERE promoting St. Jolie.

    There is a cover story in this week’s/month’s Rolling Stone about Zach Gall… He did not want to talk about the things that really matter to him (charity work, etc) because he didn’t want to come off as self-aggrandizing like some people who are prominently featured in this post.

  51. RHONYC says:

    she sheds light to the horrendous living conditions to so many unfortunate children caught in the midst of conflict.

    instead of bitching, maybe the more of us going on,, & & seeing how we can help…we’d make this marble a better place to be.

    jussayin. ;-)

  52. dr.bombay says:

    @Zen: There are 2 types of people in this world…those who don’t like to “talk about it” (apparently Zach Gall)and those who do. However, it doesn’t validate or invalidate their intentions regarding their involvement or sincerity in charity work. I have two friends who have been through some very similar experiences in life. One of them talks about her experiences constantly, and the other prefers no to talk about it, ever. I don’t think either of them are more or less sincere in their actions.

    And yeh, the cameras are there. I don’t think they’re going to follow Zach whoever to his charity work, but they sure as hel* will follow AJ. And you know what? The people standing next to her in the pics and video are probably thinking, yay, the cameras are on AJ calling attention to us cause we need HELP.

  53. dr.bombay says:

    @whitenoise: my sentiments exactly

  54. Cheyenne says:

    @ZenBitch: If Zachy was so self-effacing he wouldn’t have consented to a cover story at all.

  55. louise says:

    I don’t know if the haters are incredibly stupid or don’t care about the truth. As an ambassador Angelina is a spokesperson for the UN. When she goes on these trips she’s representing an organization not herself. It’s her job, as well as any UN ambassador, to promote a cause. She’s not in Turkey as a private citizen. If Zach Gall was a UN ambassador or spokesperson for charity/organization like George Clooney is for the UN or Reese Witherspoon for Avon, he too would be expected to go to fundraisers, take cameras on trips. I don’t get why people won’t get this through their thick heads.

  56. Ruby Red Lips says:

    “Does she take the media with her when she goes?? Or are they just her own private photographers?”

    @ Someone, either way, she is using her celeb status to bring attention to the plight of these people via the media…so who cares?! The end result is positive

  57. Ruby Red Lips says:

    “It is so hypocritical!
    I’m still waiting for an explanation
    why she does not refugees in their garden? In her castle?”


    Am guessing you are below average intelligence or just really really immature…whichever, as a poster said above, you sound so silly.

    What a ridiculous comment to make…honestly!

  58. Rose says:

    Zenbitch, how is one going to shed light on a problem if you don’t talk about it? The reason Angelina is there is to shed light on these refugees plight. I’m sure they want the world to know what is taking place in these countries. Angle, keep up the good work, God bless you.

  59. Cherry Rose says:

    I think that english is not heisel’s first language. Either that or he/she/it has grammar problems.

    While I’m not a Jolie fanatic, I do admire her that she’s kept up with this for 10 years, and unlike most celebrities, she is not afraid to get among the people.

    Even if there is nothing she personally can do for them, at least they know that someone out there cares about what they are going through.

    So big props to her.

  60. get things checked says:

    Another day,
    another photo op !

    And at home ? there are 6 children mommy-less. Thanks for the Nannies.

  61. Sakyiwaa says:

    Okaaaay… It’s official; Heisel is typing on here from a padded room with bars.

  62. get things checked says:

    @ Rose

    You because you have never heard of Lampedusa or the conflict in Syria before, does not mean that other people
    haven’t either. At least the news in Europe are full of these dramas.

    We all can turn on the news channel, we don’t need Angelina Jolie.

  63. lisa says:

    @things checked
    Another day,
    another nutcase posting

    and at home… that same nut is sitting at the computer still a nutcase.

    look at a map.. The location was just a few hours away. And those 6 children have 2 parents. And like millions of other people that get help..I’m sure Angie and Brad are thankful for the nanny they have. They both have said as much.

    Why you care is beyond me. But hey I guess you have to spend you free time some way.

    Thinking must be exhausting..

    and the “photo op” is working. Don’t recall this site and others celebrity gossip sites focusing on what is happening to refugees on a weekly basis.

    Thanks Kaiser for putting this out there.

    Wow Angie those “photo ops” are doing exactly what they are suppose to do.. KEEP IT GOING GIRL…

  64. Sakyiwaa says:

    @getthingschecked; This video is from two days ago. Jolie was back with her family in Malta (which is very close to Turkey) the very same day. She only spent approximately two to three and a half hours in Turkey. Maybe… ‘you’ should ‘get things checked…’

    Can somebody please get this thread a poultry farmer…?

    The ‘hens’ have been let loose…

  65. alex says:

    I swear everyday the haters get more dumber than ever

  66. Cheyenne says:

    @get things checked: Maybe she should spend all her waking hours blow-drying her hair or laying around on the beach?

  67. Sakyiwaa says:

    @dr. bombay, Giraffe99, nnn, WhiteNoise… Your comments are so articulate and on point. I thoroughly enjoyed reading them and I agree with them.

    What a lovely video! The refugees haven’t given up hope! ‘Hope’ is a great thing to have even when the odds are stacked… As far as i’m concerned, La Jolie looked AMAZING! I’m learning so much from this woman. Very, very important stuff. The stuff ‘life’ is made of. She’s got me reading up on Turkey’s genocide, Syria, NATO, etc. Now even I’m gonna read up on geopolitics. She’s so inspiring… Those kids looked so enthralled to see her. Aww… I know she’s gonna do everything she can and use every means within her power to help them out. I’m so glad I’m a fan.

    Keep going, AJ.

  68. RHONYC says:

    @ get things checked

    or with their ‘father’ (remember him?) and/or grandparents/uncle james & sure a few helpers.

    don’t kid yourself. those kids ain’t wanting for nothin’. & i’m sure that she’s explained to them that mommi has to go & try & help others a few ‘days’ out of the year just like Mia Farrow did with her kids and in turn, raised humanitarian children.

    it’s fine, really. ;-)

  69. sandy#1 says:

    i was reading Audrey Hepburn bio, do you know she only made 8 mission trips during her entire UNICEP position ? 8? but, she cared just as much, and her motives never came in to question, i respect Angelina just as much, if not more for her efforts, people who get her and her work, get it, others? well,… do better than her or .. you know, luckily angie is above all of the naysayers,. she is inspiring to say the least. she or anyone need not defend her actions.

  70. Charlotte says:

    AJ definitely supports her causes and I can appreciate her for that. I wouldn’t go to half of the places that she goes to, I think they are dangerous and filled with disease and squalor. If there are paps there to record her and take photos, then there will possibly be more people that become aware of a situation that they previously didn’t understand. Angelina Jolie has all the money she will ever need and the love of her large family. Why on Earth would she choose to go to Syria if it’s just a photo op? Now Jennifer Lopez in Syria I would question!

  71. DD says:

    I can’t imagine having to go through what these people have just gone through. To have to leave your home behind like that and live in a camp with thousands of people and having to depend on the kindness of others for survival. To see those children so vulnerable is scary. This is their reality now. It’s so sad. I guess humanity will never change. Their is so much violence and evil in this world.

  72. munchies says:

    heisel, she alredy welcomed orphans in her own place… live with her, dress them, feed them, educate them, love them and call them her own children.

    this is the problem to most people… never been satisfied. one is not enough, always want more. you are given food by hand, yet you want the whole arm.

    you envy her earthy possessions.
    you called her hypocrite, but I guess that is far more better than being greedy and selfish – like you.

  73. Sue says:

    I don’t have a problem with her going to these places but I am not sure the purpose of the visits. I know that many say that it will bring awareness – but I think that most people already know about the problems in Syria and other countries. CNN and other news stations have been all over this for weeks now. Also it bothers me that she carries a purse worth thousands (something I could never afford) to visit with people who can barely afford to eat. It just rubs me the wrong way.

  74. I remember when Diana died and the sadness that I felt.I did not think there would be another that would earn my respect the way she did.Then came Jolie.When I was younger I admired her for her rebel attitude and sexiness.As I grew older I would have outgrown her persona and attitude.But…,instead she has matured into an amazing women,who holds my interest and respect. On a lighter note: Heisel,why don’t you let all the refugee’s live with you? Oh,that many people won’t fit under your rock!

  75. ctkat1 says:

    I admire her UNHCR work- she has done it for over a decade, she’s very well-informed about the issues, she donates substantial amounts of her time and money to refugee issues.

    I’ll be honest, I do relatively little charity work. I have worked for nonprofits, but I don’t spend much of my free time thinking about or giving to those in need. She does. I commend her for that.

  76. Freya says:

    @someone (25)

    We don’t see pictures of the others who do the same work as AJ for the UNHCR because, let’s face it, whether people like her or not, she is famous and has easy access to the media. That is precisely the reason the UNHCR is very happy to have her.

  77. get things checked says:

    @get things checked: Maybe she should spend all her waking hours blow-drying her hair or laying around on the beach?


    why not being with her own brood of six ?

    Some here really think doing photos with refugees help these people in any way. It only has helped the St.Angie image.

  78. AL says:

    Gay rights, fake green and poverty abroad.

    The only time they focus on domestic issues is when there’s a natural catastrophe. Commie intelligentsia in action.

  79. Addie says:

    She is lovely through and through!

    THIS is a woman who is fulfilled in life and does what SHE is able to do to help others.
    It is not for anyone else to judge if it is enough.SHE does an outstanding job and certainly not half heartedly.

    Angie herself s lists her charities/UN work above acting, and that is the way it should be imo.

  80. really says:

    love love Angie…………. great work!

  81. Fran says:


    As if by taking ALL the refugees (like they were 5 or 6) in her ‘castle’ would make a difference! And then? Why should she feed them all and provide for them?

    She takes advantage of her popularity in order to shed light on difficult situations, so people who normally wouldn’t read or watch programs about these poor people would become aware of them.

    And I honestly don’t care if she looks like hell (which she doesn’t!) or if she looks hot, she’s doing a good job with her money and time.

    Please Heisel go back to watch the TeleTubbies, and leave serious matters to adults and people who actually care.

  82. lisa says:

    @get things checked

    Hate to break it to you, but the majority of people in the WORLD don’t buy tabloids and don’t believe the stories. YOUR comment shows that you do. Because I don’t know what Image Angie needs to build.

    She has MILLIONS of fans all over the world and has had those fans for years. The whole “Saint” title is always used by detractors. Fans have never referred to her in that way.

    Her record on Refugees speaks for itself. The fact that SHE is there is why it is on this site. Otherwise it would not have been mentioned. And as I posted before, that makes a difference.

  83. mln76 says:

    “The only time they focus on domestic issues is when there’s a natural catastrophe”

    LOL the hypocrites work really hard to justify their hate, now Katrina isn’t ‘important’ because it was a natural disaster, that’s hilarious. Maybe if they put their energy into working on the issues that matter to them instead of expecting Angelina to be a superwoman they’d feel better.

    Oh and I guess the time Angelina and Brad built a hospital wing in Missouri it didn’t count because it was only for sick people. And when Angie visited troops it didn’t count because they were in Germany at the time :)

  84. Josephina says:

    Angie is a beautiful woman … inside and out.

    She walks the walk, talks the talk. How many other actresses are a member of the Council of Foreign Relations?

    Angie has said that while she is grateful for having the career of an actress, she wanted to contribute more to society, that she wanted to have a sense of purpose. So… in her mid 20s she joined the UNHCR.

    It is now 11 years later…and look at her now. She is now in her mid 30s and she is still going strong. Imagine what she will accomplish by her mid 40s.

    Some will argue that her beauty is why she has so many fans and admirers worldwide… I will argue that it is her heart that wins us over.

  85. the original bellaluna says:

    I read this weekend that Syrians are now being killed at the Turkish border. I don’t care who AJ is; what she may have done; or how I feel about her personally: if this is what it takes to bring world-wide attention to this inhumane situation, good on her!

  86. Addie says:

    Eliquently put @ Josephina Bravo!

    With the post on Heidi Montag and her 14 hour a day work out, how can we not commend Angie for all the work she does for OTHERS including her family.
    She is actually doing something important with her life.
    Can people like Hedi and co claim the same?

  87. RHONYC says:

    @ Charlotte

    Why on Earth would she choose to go to Syria if it’s just a photo op? Now Jennifer Lopez in Syria I would question!


    ZING! :lol:

  88. Julie says:

    I don’t care for Angie but it’s just undeniable that what she does here is good and I don’t see the point of twisting it up. Who cares of the motive because it would only be a guess anyway….the end result is what counts.

  89. LeenB says:

    @Sue it is her job more or less as an ambassador to go there and bring publicity. Like I mentioned before the syrians already wrote an open letter to Angelina (you can google it and read it yourself) asking her for support and help which is what she ia doing. People are barely aware what is going on, the government is working overtime trying to plant biased stories surrounding the government crackdown. The only place you can get information is YouTube and video uploads of the syrians themselves.

  90. Eve says:

    She’s a lovely human being — and I’m a cynical bitch who don’t say that often.

    I personally would never go to these places — there’s too much pain, too much suffering for me (to deal with), if I had her money and status I’d help for sure…but from a distance. So I’ll always admire her for taking the time to visit these places and bring attention to the issue.

    P.S.: Are you guys taking Heisel seriously? That’s a troll, people. A troll (I also think it is posting under multiple monikers).

  91. Sue says:

    People are very aware of what is going on LeenB. I have heard these stories on the news now for a few weeks. Syria, Lybia, Egypt, etc. I knew about this long before Angleina visited. The problem is that Turkey is/was an allie of Syria and has always supported the government of Syria. Now Turkey is in a bit of a situation because they don’t want these people in camps to talk about their experience for fear it will affect the friendship between Turkey/Syria. I also don’t think that Angie going there has brought out any stories about the actual conditions in Syria. I don’t think she is allowed to tell any stories as the government of Turkey is not allowing it. She is not going deep – just going to have pictures taken to “create awareness”. Fine – but I don’t think we can pretend that her visit will in any way affect what is happening to these individuals and will in no way change the outcome of what is going on. Now if she stayed for a month or so, helped distrubite food, clean the camp etc. I might have a big more respect for her “visits”. Going with a purse worth thousands, flying in and out for a few hours. It just rubs me the wrong way. Stay and help.

  92. mln76 says:

    Now if she stayed for a month or so, helped distrubite food, clean the camp etc. I might have a big more respect for her “visits”.

    I can only imagine the field day the media & haters would have if Angelina left Brad and her 6 children for a month and stayed in a refugee camp.
    One pattern Angelina has shown is that she does do follow-up with her visits after the cameras have left(of course nothing is enough for some). Although there is some coverage of her follow-up work it’s never as much as the actual visit. For instance she helped to find permanent housing for Bosnian refugees she visited in 2010, the Jolie-Pitt foundation paid for the evacuation of 177 Libyian refugees that she visited in April.
    Believe me she does more than the media covers. She does ‘deep work’. But of course it makes people happy to put her work down for whatever reasons.

  93. original kate says:

    i’m pretty neutral on brangelina in general but i do like that they give alot of money to charities, including ones here in the US. so good for them.

    but angelina seriously needs to put on some weight – she is in bobblehead territory these days.

  94. Laura says:

    mln76: I know you’ll defend your girl to the ends of the earth but some people just do not agree with celebrity awareness campaigns and there is nothing wrong with having a differing opinion.

    Frankly, I don’t think they do anything. Notice in your comment she had to go and do those things personally for those refugees because regardless of her awareness campaign, no one was doing anything.

    I think most people look at this kind of thing once, say “Oh how sad” and move on with their day.

    In the end, her visit isn’t going to change the day-to-day lives of these Syrians who are living in terrible conditions. And I already knew about it. From the news. I don’t know what news you all who weren’t aware of this are watching but it’s been all over CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News. They are all poised for another Egypt situation.

    She has no place in the geopolitical sphere, by the way. She’s an actress. She’s seen a lot of bad stuff but she’s never worked in government and no world leader is going to take her seriously. Bashar Al-Assad is not going to have a dialogue with the Syrians because Angelina Jolie went to see the refugees.

  95. Josephina says:


    It will always take a collaborative effort to affect REAL change. That is why Angelina has been at this for 11 years and counting. That is exactly what it takes when you are involved in any human rights movement. Check your history. As such, there will be a number of people who will work and play a role. All roles are not equally yoked, understand? Strategically, Angie uses her influence to affect change. And she is very good at it.

    When Martin Luther King Jr. rallied and led boycotts and sit-ins, he had haters too, including the federal government. That did not stop what changed in America. The U.S. civil rights movement affected the entire world. Right around the same time, most Carribean and African countries began demanding their independence as well. You never know who you might help until you start moving your feet.

    To much who has received, much is expected. Angie appears to appreciate her blessings in life and understands the responsibility to show humility and give back. That is what I meant by stating that Angie has a beautiful heart. Are you implying that you find persons suspect if they help other persons without knowing them?

    Do you feel blessed in any way? If so, how do you demonstrate your appreciation for your quality of life? I cannot discern that you are blessed from your comments.

  96. Sakyiwaa says:

    Bashar Al-Assad is not going to have a dialogue with the Syrians because Angelina Jolie went to see the refugees.


    You think? cos I think if anyone could make that happen, it would be Angelina and the UN. they are neutral people. Heads of government would feel less threatened…

    Plus, Angelina has already established relationships with presidents of other countries. Notably, Cambodia and other countries.

  97. Camille says:

    Good on AJ for continuing to make these trips. Beautiful woman inside and out. I love that she tries to use her celebrity for doing some good in this world.

    I admire her so much more than the celebs that go to some ‘charity event’ in Hollywood or somewhere to throw some check at some charity (as a real tax write off!), or swaning off to some vacation spot and then claim that they are doing it ‘for charity’ :roll: .

  98. lisa says:

    One of the things I love about her.. according to all the UNHCR official, she pays her own way. Always pays for her own transportation and lodgings. I will note that many celebrities that attend functions that the organization has to pay for there hotel stay, and not to mention the other things they request. YOU have never ever heard of any such thing with Angie or Brad.

    So say whatever you want but she is the real deal.

  99. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Hanna of Machars: i love your comments!

  100. wifeyskarsgard says:

    She is truly a caring person, happy to see so many can reconize her as one. Of course their excited to see her she’s one of the most famous people on earth and she’s their to actually help them. Good luck Angie.