In Touch: Friends fear Owen Wilson is heading for a breakdown post breakup

The last time we ran a story on Owen Wilson dumping his baby’s mother I had to close out the comments because a lot of “insiders” were commenting to defend Owen against his new baby’s mother, Jade Duell. We had some comments from a person using four different names to speak out for Owen, and I did a little detective work and doubt that person is anything more than a rabid fan. That person and other commenters did have a point, though. We heard advance stories of paternity drama concerning the baby, and it’s possible that the baby ended up not being Owen’s and that’s why he broke up with the mother and skipped the infant’s christening in New York. Another insider, who was verifiably commenting from Virginia (where Jade has lived in the past) defended Jade and wrote thatSHE left him. She is doing all the work and he is still very depressed and sleeps until 3 pm many days. Don’t assume that since he is an actor that he must have left her. Dint forget she was an Air Marshall and a strong, self sufficient person who won’t put up with his BS.”

So there was a lot of back and forth in the comments on Owen and whatever went on in his now-over relationship with his six month old son’s mother. In Touch has a follow up to that Enquirer story with the detail that Owen is drinking a lot and seems to be depressed again. Given his history of a suicide attempt, friends are said to be worried. In Touch doesn’t seem to have much insider information, just that Owen has been out getting drunk at bars.

Because of apparent commitment issues, Owen, 42, and Jade have split – and sources say he’s been spending a lot of his free time drowning his sorrows in alcohol ever since. Spotted at [a bar] in Venice, CA, on June 10, a witness says, “Owen seemed really drunk. He was slurring his words and kept introducing himself to some girls he met over and over. They felt bad for him.” In fact, a regular says Owen has been getting “Wasted” there frequently. “He’s here a lot, just sitting at the bar drinking,” says the regualr. “He usually gets drunk. It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is.” His family is worried about his behavior. “He looks like a wreck,” adds a friend.

[From In Touch, print edition, July 11, 2011]

Whatever is going on with Owen, that’s sad that he’s out getting wasted like that so much. In Touch has the name of the bar, I just took it out above, so it’s probably accurate. He’s got millions in the bank and a lot of free time to fill now that his house is empty except for the servants and groupies. At least he’s not drinking and driving from what we know. I shouldn’t be so bitchy, I like Owen and hope he keeps it together.




Owen is shown on 5/18 at the Midnight in Paris premiere. Credit:

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  1. mln76 says:

    I don’t think he’s the father. I think the Star Mag article from a few months ago was right. Because I think that him and his family would have attended the christening regardless of the state of their relationship. Just my gut feeling.

  2. Ruby says:

    DNA test probably happened during pregnancy -amniocentesis or soon after the little guy was born. I highly doubt Owen would name the child after his father/grandfather whatever if the child was not his. This is a case of two people who were too busy humping each other than getting to know each other on a personal level. Now they realize they actually have nothing in common besides hitting the sheets. Lust should not be mistaken for love. Pity there is baby involved. Hope Owen stays healthy.

  3. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    If he is the baby’s father AND wanted to stay with Jade whilst having side pieces (as was previously reported), then I do NOT feel sorry for him. I felt bad for him after the whole Kate Hudson breakup, but I’m beginning to think his wondering dick was responsible for that one too (there’s a reason why they call him the butterscotch stallion). This getting drunk and wallowing in his own self pity is getting OLD. As far as I’m concerned, he’s a loser who needs to take responsibility for his actions and his child (if in fact he’s his).

  4. Po says:

    Im just wondering, why does it have to be about some big conspiracy theory over who is or isn’t the father. Maybe he’s just a parent who’s just not that interested. There are a lot of them out there, along with a lot of single parents who are left holding it all together. Just a thought.

  5. TG says:

    This is so disappointing Owen is one of my favorite actors. I had no idea he was so crazy. I hope he isn’t a deadbeat dad, I really can’t respect that.

  6. velourazure says:

    why can’t rich dudes learn to embrace the RUBBER? they pretty much should assume that ANY female they sleep with these days is trying to get a pregnant payday. is condom-less sex really worth 18+ years of child support?

  7. Truthful says:

    he is very sensitive huh?? he has a break down w/every relationship that ends..

    he needs to see a professional, smdh.

  8. Betsy says:

    I am not a rabid fan but I love his work with Wes Anderson. I wish people would cut him some slack given that these stories have come from The Enquirer and In Touch.

    I want him to start writing again!

  9. aenflex says:

    Hang in there Owen!!!!! You mean too much to us ‘groupies’!!
    Seriously, I hope he pulls through, I really dig him and his brother.

  10. Anonymous Too says:

    From all I’ve read about Owen over the years, it seems like there are some serious mental issues involved from WAY back and his substance abuse and “wandering ways” are symptoms of some deep inner turmoil. (Not excusing him – that’s just my opinion)

    Sad that he can’t seem to find the right psychological help and also that he’s able to “mask” so well that women fall hopelessly in love with him (Kate Hudson, Jade Duell, Sheryl Crow) only to wind up getting tossed around and hurt themselves in his emotional storm.

    Sadder still that a baby is now involved:(

    On a happier note – speaking of babies and Kate, I wonder when Kate H. is going to have hers. Hope it’s a girl:)

  11. sandy#1 says:

    i am rooting for him,i enjoyed watching his movies, but he is human,i wish him well. he seems like a gentle soul.

  12. anne_000 says:

    it’s too bad that it sounds like he’s turning into a male version of lindsay lohan.

    they both need to grow up and get themselves straightened out.

  13. Kim says:

    When is he not headed for a breakdown? Obviously he has other bigger mental health issues since he has breakdowns to often and mostly after breaking up with women. He needs help.

  14. velourazure says:

    his body language is very strange in those pics. who poses like that?

  15. Ja says:

    What a mess this whole thing with OW is. I can’t even put together any judgmental comment. Is he a waste of space? Is he ill? No idea…

  16. Summer says:

    I don’t think he is over Kate Hudson, he was kicking tired…Jade got pregnant, ditched the REAL BF and squeezed into Owen’s house ASAP!
    Being a celebrity is not all that much fun. I rather have my privacy than being in the spotlight. I truely feel sorry for Owen, I know he will bounce back. Life is not so hard..but better get the paternity test done ASAP, before the baby get older..Jade is very sneaky and unfaithful.

  17. rejena says:

    my heart with you owen i just thinking
    if he is not the father of the baby :( ((
    realy he needs help

  18. insomnia says:

    I agree with min76, for a long time he distanced himself,in truth been present
    very little.Baby on beach pics in all but one appears detached and sad,also in other pics its clear he is not pleased that duell is around.This androgynous woman and child have been the worst thing for wilson,despite attempts at positive spin.Here in uk cars2 opened this evening, no mention of
    wilson nor clip of lightening mcqueen.
    Ifear hollywood maybe ready to distance
    itself from wilson.Sadly for many who he has made laugh, a very troubled talent may be lost all because of duells vendictive greedy actions.