Gerard Butler looks unhealthy, goes trolling for randoms in Italy


It started when I saw this post, at the Daily Mail – Gerard Butler is smoking again, and his weight loss is dramatic. I’m starting to really worry that My Butler is in the midst of some kind of health problem. As I noted last week, I didn’t even mind when he was heavier and moob-tastic, but he really looks like a shell of his former self. And now these new photos – Gerard spent the weekend in Italy, attending his friend Ryan Kavanaugh’s wedding in Capri, then heading to Ischia, where he sat on a boat with this brunette bitch WHO IS NOT ME. He’s also going to be honored at some film festival or something, but you know Gerard was just there to meet some Italian girls looking to be Butler’d. And he found one (SOB). So much for Jessica Biel and Ashley Greene, right? Oh, well. The Butler rides again!


So, what’s with the weight loss? I was thinking that Butler was preparing to play poet Robert Burns, but IMDB doesn’t have anything for it – the only thing Butler has coming up is his voice work on How To Train Your Dragon 2. So maybe Butler just stopped eating everything deep-fried and covered in chocolate? Sad.

Why didn’t he invite me to Italy? I would have gone. Totally. And my boobs are real – unlike this brunette chick’s. I don’t even want to talk about it. It’s so depressing.





Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. katnip says:

    I like him, but I don’t go all batshit over him.

    Did you think maybe he is losing weight o whatever for an upcoming movie role. Actors gain and loose weight. Butler has the same body type as a Russel Crowe or Vince Vaughn. It can go to fat with a blink. The other men have basically given up. Bradley seems to be able to drop the pounds when he needs it.

  2. Athena says:

    He looks kind of sad. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is suffering from some form of depression to be honest.

  3. brin says:

    Oh Kaiser, that’s our Gerry, no matter what, he will always have his trashy side piece (*sigh*).
    Re: weight loss…hasn’t he been working out more? Maybe he’s getting in shape for when he meets us (*swoon*).

  4. anait says:

    I envy him… Ischia is so beautiful and I would spend all my time in the water, I’m melting, it’s so hot here!
    Btw, if he is really depressed -but I don’t think so – Ischia is of no help and smoking is only a useless palliative. And the girl with him… with those sun-glasses she can only make the situation worse.

  5. lisa says:

    He’s there for the film festival. He’s being honoured as Actor of the Year. He definately looks better in his suit at the opening night dinner.

  6. Jen34 says:

    He’s smoking, and I think he’s drinking again, too. He was the answer to a blind item on that 4th of July blind item reveal on some other site. Kaiser, he’s practically screaming for you to help him.

  7. ann carter says:

    Is that Leo at the other end of the table?? What a lovely man sandwich.

  8. ANON says:

    I wish you would stop hating on him so much :( I think he looks good, the hair not so much.. but since he’s palying a 18 century guy next, it’s understandable no?

  9. Jana says:

    Man, I had the hots for him the first time I saw him where he played Hillary Swank’s Irish husband who dies and she can see him and talk to him. He oozed charm and sex appeal. I was hot for him. From then on he burst my bubble and is just gross.

  10. C.Lynn says:

    Gerard has recently started smoking again. And he’s basically chain-smoking. He’s got a cigarette in almost every photograph these days. He’s looking really sickly and at the dinner in Ischia last night, he also looked very depressed.

    Maybe he’s using the cigarettes to keep the weight off just like Kirstie Alley. So, so sad.

  11. sigh says:

    Kaiser do your research that is not a random, that’s a married woman whose husband is probably driving the boat and one of the organizers of the film festival he is attending. Hard to imagine but there are other women he comes into contact with though photographers must try very hard to get one in the shot so you can speculate wildly and they probably have shots with the husband sitting in their archive right?

    Do agree that the smoking is not a good development but he lost weight to play a former professional soccer player, take a good look at David Beckham sometime esp if he is standing beside a normal person not just Posh. Becks is actually quite thin himself. And GB is doing a surfing movie in October where he’ll be shirtless a lot so you’d want to look good eh?

  12. Sigh. says:

    He’ll be playing a surfer’s mentor in the movie “Mavericks” starting this September. Don’t know why it would not be on imDb, but it has been all over the internet for months now. And that woman has on a HUGE wedding band in other shots. But he does need to give the cigs a rest.

  13. Maritza says:

    For all the bed hopping he does it’s a wonder why no woman has come forward with allegations of pregnancies. Either he is very careful or maybe he has had a vasectomy.

  14. Dana says:

    No matter who the woman is, adults should not wear fruit print swimwear.

  15. weetiger3 says:

    Kaiser, Kaiser, Kaiser…G is not doing anything with that woman other than sitting in her vicinity while he rubs himself with sunscreen (too little too late and he keeps forgetting his gorgeous mug) I don’t want to disparage the woman but my G would not be tempted by anyone wearing sunglasses that looked like the one’s a circa 1959 Barbie would wear. (I know this bec. an Aunt had one and I swear the shades were the exact same) In any case, you’re forgetting about the surfer movie he will be filming in less than 2 months. He needs to stay in shape to look good in that wetsuit! (the smoking is probably to help keep the weight down but I’m not one of those that’s running around wailing and moaning and wringing my hands about it.) The cupcakes will reappear when that shoot is over. Bet ya a dollar.

  16. Christine says:

    I think it’s just his vanity. He is lovely fit. Kaiser & other GB lovers – have you seen Dear Frankie? It’s such a moving film. ~swoon~

  17. joy says:

    Yes, I think his smoking is in responce to his rigid dietary restraints. You can only say no to yourself so much. Something has got to give… Drinking again? No I won’t believe that until he is found walking around in his boxers in Tiajuana. Depression…is a possibility I heard him state in an interview that he was prone to the “Celtic Fog”.

    I love the man but he is not looking healthy at all. I fear that this is all going to catch up with him one day.

  18. searching4grace says:

    @ann carter That’s exactly what I thought! It looks like him!

  19. Who’s to know,he’s a Scottish bad boy.Yum-eee!!

  20. Nance says:

    I love the way Gerry looks in the blurry photos at the dinner table with the group. I don’t know but there is something about Gerry that makes the supposedly pretty boy Leo look downright homely. Gerry has an aura about him that you would find from a Roman or Grecian statue.

  21. Julie says:

    Chain smoking, dramatic weight loss, possibly too much blow too often.

  22. gee says:


    My boobs are real, I am a brunette, I like you better chubs, I’m single..


  23. Turtle Dove says:

    Kaiser, are you sure that the person with him is a woman? Look at the forearms on this ‘broad’ in the fifth picture. They are f*cking HUGE!!!

  24. Camille says:

    Yuck. Don’t get the appeal. Sorry.

  25. 4evaRedd says:

    I absolutely adore this look–that hair is gorgeous; and the weight loss makes him more adorable. Gimme some Gerry anyday! In the words of Handsome Bob in Rock’n Rolla–I want you!

  26. michele says:

    Butler is most likely losing the weight because of the Walden Media surfing movie “The Mavericks” and it might not be deliberate, the training alone would make him shed the pounds. You can’t do an entire movie with your shirt off and not look good LOL
    Walden Media article link-
    I recently read the production will start in September.

  27. b anonymous says:

    All of the rest of the stars can go away.Gerard butler he makes my day.He’s a number one guy to play.Don’t let all of your women get in the way.Come to me Gerry,don’t be shy.Your definetly my kind of guy.Your handsome,your beautiful,your charming too,I would do anything just to meet you.Wrap your cape around me and take me away.I would stay up all night just for that day.