Blake Lively, Jennifer Garner & more come out for royal BAFTA event


As I briefly discussed in that Duchess Kate post earlier today, last night was the big BAFTA gala event in LA, to celebrate William and Kate. We’d heard some drips and drabs of the less-than-stellar guest list, and I was kind of sad that Kate’s first trip to America was going to be marred by a litany of C-listers angling for a moment with the duchess. But… it turned out that some actual cool people showed up! Sort of. SOME. Not many. So, let’s cover the fashion, shall we? First up: a newly blonde’d Blake Lively! She wore this over-the-top Marchesa… very interesting, considering all of the gossip about Blake, Harvey Weinstein, Harvey’s wife Georgina, etc. Also interesting because I guess Karl Lagerfeld wouldn’t let Blake wear Chanel in front of Duchess Kate…? But that’s not even the most scandalous thing about Blake’s appearance….


The most scandalous thing: Jennifer Garner came to the event too. No Ben Affleck, from what I can see, but he might have been there and just not walked the red carpet. Garner and Lively haven’t been at the same event since Garner flew in to a premiere of The Town suddenly last fall to, in my mind, mark her territory with “the other woman”. Scandal aside, this is the prettiest Jennifer Garner has looked in a very long time. She recently got a hair cut, and it looks like she added some highlights that compliment her face really well. The navy (Waity’s favorite color!) Eli Saab gown is very pretty too.



Next up: Jennifer Lopez looking like hell in Emilio Pucci. I’m so tired of the cutout trend, I really am. Jennifer just looks so dated, and she seems to be wearing too much makeup. Ugh.


Nicole Kidman was also in Elie Saab, like Garner. I like Garner’s dress better than this, just because I feel like Nicole’s styling is off… it’s the stringy hair, right? If she had pulled her hair into a bun, this would have been one of her best looks in a while. The color is lovely on her.



And here’s Rita Wilson in a very similar Elie Saab. The Elie Saab people shouldn’t have let this happen.


Elizabeth Banks heard that the Duchess loves some buttons. I bet Kate was drooling over this dress. (It’s Versace, btw, and totally hideous.)


Maria Bello looks GREAT. Love this Donna Karan dress.


Elisabeth Moss! The dress is meh, but I like her hair, and she’s put on a little weight, which looks good on her.


Hot Guy Waity: Jason Bateman looks adorable! I hope he was introduced to Kate and William.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Anne says:

    Garner just can’t win with some people. She gets slated whatever she wears. I think she looks great; simple but classy.
    Alos Bello.

    JLo. No.

  2. witchcraft says:

    Blake Lively & Jennifer Garner-best looking ones there.

  3. tpass says:

    Blake dress looks like the dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscar with Ben Affleck. So most of Ben’s women was there no wonder he did not show up.

  4. Minx2 says:

    Well.. all of Ben Affleck’s women in one place!! ;) And the wife wins, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t remember her looking so lovely: great hair/jewelry/dress combo. Blake Lively seems to be wearing a shower curtain and J.Lo looks like J.Lo..over the top as usual. I LOVE Rita Wilson here, great dress on a beautiful woman. Maria Bello and Nicole Kidman also look good. Elizabeth Banks.. ridiculous dress.

  5. Hmmm says:

    I actually think Elizabeth Banks looks amazing and find her dress to be modern and edgy.

  6. lrm says:

    omg why oh why does J Lo insist on this?
    She is a naturally pretty woman….there is NO need. esp at her age.
    I know she likes to distinguish herself, but she looks ridiculous-not only dated, but try-hard b/c she is in her 40′s [as am I]…there is no need to dress l ike that to show off one’s beauty or physique. I love that green color on her-but even w/o the cut out, it’s not a great style for her-it makes her look ‘lumpy’ in odd places.

    In fact, I am meh on all of these dresses, except garner’s. And I kind of like Blake’s-it’s alot of coverage which is good for this type of event-but that boob cam of hers? must she always let one peak out?

    I miss the old-school dresses of hollywood-where leaving something to the imagination was sexier and more alluring.

    anyway, nicole kidman, i n a surprise move, does not look super thin-she looks like she is home raising two young girls-a bit tired, not super crazy skinny and toned, etc.
    She looks good, happy but yea, the hair in a bun would have been better.
    She and tom hanks are like the only ones who I think s hould have been there.
    I’m surprised julia roberts and Goopy were not in attendance. but i guess it’s just who felt like paying to be there, not who is classy or a hollywood icon,(or who thinks they are-wink wink- etc.
    Kate blows them all out of the water with her decorum and presence. She knows how to hold herself, makes her presence known, b ut in an understated but elegant way.
    this is royalty. And she was not even born into it.
    Learned royalty, royalty by association, and a little Brittish decorum thrown in for good measure.
    Not a huge royal fan, but we really could used some old fashioned manners and decorum in this country [USA] again-hopefully sometime soon!

  7. Rita says:

    For reasons I can’t divulge I have to say Ms. Wilson looked just stunning and I think the comment, “The Elie Saab people shouldn’t have let this happen” was totally unnecessary. I thought someone would mention my bling,…I mean “the” bling. Yup, the bling.

  8. You don't say says:

    A few of Ben Affleck’s women, real and rumored, all in one room. Must have been interesting and who could blame him for staying away.

    Lopez needs someone to give her better sartorial advice. Rita wilson, well, no words, she looks worse and worse every time. Basically not that impressed with the guest list at all, but it really put the guests of honor at the top of the mountain. Kate, low key though she may have been, looks better than most of these folks.

  9. brin says:

    Love Jennifer Garner’s dress, hate JLo’s, especially for this event.

  10. Mia says:

    Blake wore a see-through muumuu to meet the future King & Queen of England. Feelings for Waity aside, what the hell? But that pales in comparison to J-Lo, looking ridiculous in that dress. Again, you’re meeting royalty, try to be classy.

    Of Ben’s trio of lovers, his wife looked the best. Well done, Sydney Bristow!

  11. Lacey says:

    JLo looks like a tramp! I can’t believe she wore that tacky mess.

    Also: Blake Lively needs to tone down on the fake tanner… just an opinion…

  12. Chacha says:

    Jennifer Garner has it all over that wanna be Blake Lively! Keep blocking those acting parts Jenny!

  13. gabs says:

    Thats the best they could do? Seriously that guest list sucked. JLO and a gossip girl and some randoms..Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and Nicole Kidman I understand. The rest are just…meh. I thought it would be more A-list but whatever. I love elizabeth banks’ button dress. Maria bello looks gorgeous too. Jennifer garner looks pretty but stil a bit frumpy.

  14. kibbles says:

    Yeah, a lot of popular tabloid B and C-listers at this event. Jennifer Garner looks so much better than Blake Lively at this event. Blake looks like a child. She does not have the body to pull off that dress. She’s thin but no curves other than her bolt-ons.

    Out of all of these photos, Elisabeth Moss is the most understated and elegant. She looks happy and healthy. Nicole Kidman looks okay but the dress isn’t extraordinarily beautiful. Besides Kidman, Garner, and Moss, the rest of the ladies are not dressed appropriately for what is supposed to be an elegant event with the Prince and Duchess. Jason Bateman looks good as he usually does.

    The only real A-listers at this event were Kidman and Hanks.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    Love Blake Lively’s dress, Jennifer Garner’s and Nicole Kidman’s.

    Somebody tell JLo that just because you got it, doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it, especially after 40. She looks like a played-out hooker in that mess.

  16. Fue McCormick says:

    I think Rita Wilson looks great, and I’m not a fan. The jewelry is really pretty … I want it!!!! Blake Lively’s dress belongs on a much older woman … but I love the shoes. Jennifer Garner looks lovely. I’m so tired of J Lo and I really like Maria Bello’s dress. A side note: I don’t understand America’s crush on Royalty; I find it really odd especially since we told them to sod off -300 years ago. I also think it’s interesting that people think Kate is really gorgeous. Honestly, I know it’s subjective; however, on a scale of 1-10, she’s probably a 5. It’s funny that the more money you have the better looking you get. It’s like the line I heard a zillion years ago: “Of course he’s cute; he’s rich.” And where the hell are all of the British at this BAFTA thing?

  17. Chloe says:

    Re: Blake Lively.

    What’s with the princess dresses recently? Hathaway a few days ago, now this.

  18. Isa says:

    OMG the dress Maria Bello is wearing is amazing!
    She looks absolutely stunning.

    JLo’s dress is tacky, she should have gone to Vegas in stead of the Bafta’s.

    Btw both Blake and Jennifer Garner look really pretty.

  19. malachais says:

    I like Blake and Rita’s dress, very beautiful. Jennifer looks beautiful, and I agree this is the best she has looked in a while.

  20. Laura says:

    No, J.Lo, just no. A cut out? A sparkly arm-band thingie? What is going on here?

    The rest look lovely. Nicole Kidman’s dress is gorgeous and Elizabeth Moss looks cute.

  21. jocular says:

    Were there any British actors at the event? The event was held to honour up and coming British actors, photo evidence please.

  22. Sue says:

    Nicole: look great love the dress not so much the hair.

    JLO: hot mess hair and makeup were good.

    Garner: looked ok but someone needs to tell this woman about an iron or steamer and her shoes didn’t go but her hair and make-up was good.

    Blake: dress aged her and too much tan.

  23. Boo says:

    J Lo looks like a cheap ho.

    Sing it with me now…

  24. bluhare says:

    There was an A lister or two (besides Tom Hanks). Barbra Streisand was there as well.

    Jennifer Lopez should be ashamed of that get up. First off, she’s trying to outdo Kate, which won’t happen even if Kate wore a Cheshire potato sack. Second, whoever tells her she looks good in clingy clothing around her hips oughta be fired. She’s got saddle bags as big as mine, and that dress shows them off like they’re in neon lights.

    Jennifer Garner looks great. So did Kate, although I’m not a huge fan of that type of dress.

    And she did the no hose peep toe shoe thing again! I think that’s twice in one day.

  25. Nessa says:

    What’s up with Blake Lively? Gorgeous girl, but she makes everything she wears looks so trashy… JMO.

  26. Louiset says:

    These guests are still very C,D-list. But even in past years I think this wasn’t a major event. I don’t see how Blake attending is scandalous. I doubt Blake and Ben had an affair. And if they did, I don’t see Jennifer attending. Especially without Ben. A bigger message would be to go together. What’s the story with Harvey Weinstein? I haven’ heard about that?

  27. Lena says:

    Why all the hate for JLo (I know,Iknow, it was pretty trashy) and none for Dana Delaney! WTF!

  28. Lisa Turtle says:

    I know Blake’s had a nose job, but the work was well done, and she has a ridiculously pretty face. I bet she has the same surgeon as Demi Moore.

    Garner looks so dumpy, better than her usual street style, but that’s not too hard to improve upon. Plus shes got some sort of wonk eye situation.

    Jennifer Lopez takes the worst dressed award for showing up looking like 10 shades of skank. WTF? She’s gross. Past her prime. This was sad attempt to steal the spotlight from the Royals, and frankly she just looks like trash.

    Nicole Kidman is the best dressed of the evening, followed by Rita Wilson. I loved Elie Saab’s most recent gown collection, and I knew they would be red carpet favorites. Beautiful colors, the crystals and the cuts are so flattering and well done.

  29. AngelMay says:

    I can’t get past Nicole’s freakisk face. Hello, Meg Ryan.

    Blake’s look needs a pack of Virginia Slims, Boca Raton condo pool with poolboy, gold mules, and vodka in a Tab can.

  30. Amanda G says:

    Wow…those are some awful ill-fitting dresses.

  31. journey says:

    j lo looks like an evil super villain, one whose arm is made of kryptonite or something!

    and the only thing wrong with nic kidman’s hair is that it isn’t red and curly. her hair used to be gorgeous.

  32. normades says:

    ugh, Lively looks like she lost a lost of weight, but not that horsey face. Nice to see Garner not in mom jeans for a change. She’s so pretty when she’s not letting herself go.

  33. Cirque28 says:

    Yes, Jennifer Garner, you are a movie star! I know you love your kids, but see how pretty you look when you don’t slouch around in sweatpants and bad hair?

    And I think Rita Wilson looks womanly and ripe and gorgeous. (OK, that IS a lotta sequins, but still.)

  34. HotDog! says:

    If J.Lo’s dress was shorter, she’d look like a freakin’ ice skater! So heinous!!

  35. Chrissy says:

    Can’t stand Blake but wow …. I LOVED her dress and her shoes are quite possibly the most beautiful heels I’ve ever seen. LOVE.

    And you are right! Jennifer Garner hasn’t looked that good in YEARS. Or ever.

    I loved pretty much every silver/grey dress that was there. J LO … looks totally ridiculous.

  36. Chrissy says:

    Kaiser – the Elizabeth Banks comment had me laughing out loud! Thanks. TOTALLY needed that!

  37. sara says:

    Elizabeth Banks and Blake Lively. Both look great.

  38. mimi says:

    Nicole’s dress is the best. Garner is the only non – attractive/ plain looking person there.

    The rest of them look like movie stars.
    Her face is just plain. She is not ugly, but she is definitely no beauty.

  39. phlyfiremama says:

    JLo needs to change her name to JNo! Blake looks lovely, Taupe looks wifey, and Maria Bello’s makeup is totally WTF?

  40. Madison says:

    Ben’s trio the ex-fiancee, ex-lover and wife all in one room, now that’s awkward! bet their handlers were busy keeping them apart. The wife wins the fashion award best dress of the three, looks pretty. JLo looks dated and Lively has too much fake tan on, the dress looks like a shower curtain.

  41. Camille says:

    Blake Lively and Jason Bateman were the most gorgeous looking there.

    Everyone else- meh to fugly!

  42. Kristin says:

    Isn’t J.Lo wearing the same dress Olivia Wilde wore on a magazine cover shoot? The navy/black one?

  43. Justaposter says:

    Well there always has to be one tacky gal in the bunch..

    *looking at you Jlo*

  44. HotLatino says:

    I knew people were gonna be hating on JLo, the most beautiful woman on Earth, please don’t hate on this beautiful Latina just cuz you’re ugly!! She looks smokin, we Latinos can’t help it we’re smokin hot!!!!

  45. HotLatino says:

    Every post about JGOD and other celebs (such as Z-list Garner) becomes about JGOD. No one is even talking about Garner even tho her name is part of the headline ROFL!!!

  46. liv says:

    the only one of ben’s women that is missing is goopy.

  47. meh says:

    Horse-face Lively looks cheaper and more fake than ever! And what`s with the shower curtain she is wearing! Jen Garner looked great.

  48. colt13 says:

    When you mentioned all of Ben’s women, I had forgot about J Lo and Ben having a history.

    Lopez looks good to me because of the hips, and Garner looks awesome.

  49. Tomas says:

    JLo looks like a desperate old woman begging for attention…a total embarrassment and huge fail. Kate literally blew them all out of the water with her timeless elegance. Hollywood should take note, you don’t need to have everything hanging out to look PHENOMENAL.

  50. Lucy says:

    I am really digging Jason Bateman lately…hes looking really yummy…

  51. S says:

    I think Blake looks gorgeous here. I love the dress, and I love it on her. She maybe should have toned the tan down a shade or two, though…

  52. Cammie says:

    Blake Lively looks old in the face…She looks the same age as the Jennifers.

    And even with the plastic surgery,…she isn’t remarkably good looking.

  53. Shoe_Lover says:

    Jennifer Lopez is the definition of tacky

  54. A says:

    Zooey Deschanel was there too!

    If you look at Huffpo’s gallery you’ll see a picture of Jennifer Lopez with Will and Kate…it’s picture 30

    So jealous of her! It looks fun :)

  55. Christine says:

    @Rita- I LOVE your… Err… Ms Wilson’s bling. It made the ensemble.

  56. thinkaboutit says:

    Jennifer Garner ALWAYS looks rumpled. WTF??

  57. Pix says:

    Blake dropped some weight…I guess Leo likes ‘em stick thin. She looks good.

    Jennifer Garner looks good in the face and hair but the dress not so much. She needs a real stylist.

    JLo was trying way yo hard in that dress.

  58. Nymeria says:

    I think Rita Wilson looks the best. She looks classy, beautiful, elegant, and, most of all, comfortable with herself. Self-confidence is so sexy. I’ve always wanted to meet her and Tom Hanks because they seem warm and genuine and down-to-earth (for celebrities, anyway).

  59. A says:

    Forgot, I like the color of Jennifer Garner’s dress and the draping but it isn’t fitted or cut that well for her. We’re so used to her slumming it that this is wowing people…but her is the best it’s been in a LONG time, she needed a cut.

    So funny! Here is Jennifer trying to get close to Will and Kate:,0,13#16

    (it’s pic 17) can you see her on the right? She is so eager! A lot of the stars were star struck but some seemed better at playing it cool and just being welcoming.,0,13#19

    (That is the back of J.Lo pic 20)
    FUll pic at 25 and 29:,0,13#24

  60. Blue says:

    I didn’t even realize how bad Blake looks. I guess everything looks better when looking on a smartphone. Why is she wearing that god awful “bling” big earring and 2 big rings. Plus all the embellishment on her dress. Yikes.

  61. SolitaryAngel says:

    I think Jen Garner looks amazingly beautiful…I have always liked her. Rita Wilson is also lovely; she and Tom Hanks strike me as a couple who have happily gone the distance and I hope they always will! :)

    As for JLo….trust her to bring her tastelessness and try-too-hard-itis to any event; if I were the Royals I would have refused to take a pic with her (although, this would give Kate & Wills some laughs in the future)…I don’t even know what to say about Nic Kidman except o_0

  62. Cherry Rose says:

    Wow, Blake is what, 23-24, yet she looks so much older than her actual age.

    Jennifer Gardner actually looks good here. As does Nicole Kidman.

    JLo looks horrible.

    @HotLatino – I highly doubt that people on here hate on JLo because we’re ugly.

    EDIT: Why am I still on moderation?

  63. Melissa says:

    Jennifer Garner looks like 2 different people in that 1st photo of her – one half of her looks like Hilary Swank – it’s eerie! Love Maria Bello’s dress – ti totally kills. And Nicole Kidman is tough to look at – does she have any of her original face left (cheeks, lips, forehead)? Eeesh!

  64. Yeah_I_Said_It says:

    Jennifer Garner’s dress needed to be steamed. It’s all wrinkly and rumpled, which makes her look disheveled.

    I may not like the cut out or that sleeve but at least Jennifer Lopez’ dress isn’t wrinkly!

  65. aquarius64 says:

    @Hot Latino & 48 – J. Lo is getting bashed on this board (and others) because she wore a spray on dress with meat hanging out in front of royalty. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. She tried to outshine the bride (the duchess). Fashion Police is going to have a field day with her.

  66. kazoo says:

    why is garner’s dress wrinkled?

    i like blake’s dress a lot. very ethereal. her shoes are too matchy for me.

    that pic of jlo meeting prince william & kate is cute.

    i think i’m one of the few people who really likes nicole kidman. i think she’s such a great actress & i’m glad she finally got out of tom cruise’s shadow. i find her style quirky, and it’s not my preference but i think she owns it.

    elizabeth moss creeps me out.

    i’ve loved jason bateman for the longest time, i’m so glad his career is having a resurgence.

  67. taxi says:

    Rita’s belt is too high – shows off pot belly & makes her boobs look like they hang too low. JLo? Pot belly, love handles, saddlebags=awful. Maria’s dress is pretty tho not a great color on her, but the hair is bad. She looks like the new Brigitte Nelson. Moss is a dull as a glass of low fat milk. She should wear color. Garner looks good, Nicole looks like her face was done by Madame Toussaud. Lively looks ok, my favorite Loubis. Banks’ dress looks like a linen. If so, too casual for the event.

  68. dj says:

    I didn’t get the Weinstein comment/Lagerfeld. Please give more info.

  69. bugsy says:

    I actually think Blake Lively looks gorgeous here. I like her blonder. As for Jen Garner, I think she’s simply one of the hottest women around, but in recent years she’s REALLY underplayed it. And I mean really. This look is too understated in my opinion. Boring. J-Lo looks stupid, and I think Nicole, apart from her upper lip, looks amazing. And sorry to disagree, but I really love the white/button dress. Rita Wilson? Meh. I’ve seen worse. Maria Bello is a knock-out and this dress is perfection on her. The mad men chick looks boring and dareIsayit: kinda terrible imo.

  70. Yeah_I_Said_It says:

    @65 It’s not the Duchess’ wedding day…no one is trying to “outshine” her or could.

    And I think the ethnicity thing does have merit. If someone is judging her and uses the word “ho” or “ghetto” then it automatically that person trying to link her ethnicity with a presumed social station and typical derogatory term for people of a specific socio-economic background. It’s not someone who just dislikes her or something about her…

    It really exposes their biases and prejudices, imo.

    I love Rita Wilson but some Brit’s had a problem with her comments on the dress code for an event she went to with Tom in the UK recently to meet the Queen and Prince Phillip. This was in the Daily M.

    It’s like anyone is fair game class wise but w/ Jennifer Lopez it’s at a racial level. It’s crazy.

  71. Ron says:

    J Lo’s dress would have worked at hoochfest like the Grammy’s, but for a BAFTA Royal visit event. She really showed her lack of class, in that garment district mess. I thought Blake’s dress was very pretty, and I generally hate the slap some tulle and beads on this mess Marchesa. I love Nicole’s dress, it’s stunning, but as everyone has mentioned, the should have been up to show off the back of the dress. Barbra looked great too. And Miss Rita Wilson looked amazing. Dress, hair, make-up and of course bling!

  72. Kara Ann says:

    Looking Good:
    Jennifer Garner (whom I don’t like but credit where credit is due)

    Maria Bello (The dress is lovely but she, in particular, seems to know how to “pose” to great effect. Stunning woman.)

    Rita Wilson (She’s real i.e. doesn’t look surgeried to within an inch of her life and she has the best accessory – her loving husband)

    Elisabeth Moss (don’t know her work but she looks elegant and comfortable)

    Not Looking So Good:

    Elisbeth Banks (Just too trendy)

    Nicole Kidman (Great color but for some reason maybe the front split…just no)

    Looking so like a hot girl with no taste:

    Jennifer Lopez (I genuinely think that she is beautiful and there is no reason she should try so hard to show off everything to prove it. Sooooo unbelievably tacky.)

  73. Kara Ann says:

    Just realized, completely forgot Lively which isn’t surprising as she is very forgettable despite all the media push to make her into…something. Anyway, she makes everything look cheap. It’s like she’s a super hero and that’s her power, “Ha, I’ll take anything the Duchess wears and by the time I’m finished it’ll look like something purchased at Goodwill…in the mid- eighties…on the buy one get one rack. Take that royalty, fashion, common decency!”

  74. eternalcanadian says:

    I’m surprised at the frocks the ladies wore. A lot of them were just mediocre and in Jennifer Lopez’s case, downright tacky. I wonder how Ben Affleck felt (was he there??) when he saw a lot of his ex-lovers in the same room. Hahaha. Then again William would know that feeling as he invited seven ex-lovers to his own wedding. ;)

    All in all, it looked like a pretty cool evening, but the question is, will all those Hollywood movers and shakers actually hire those 42 British to watch that were the focus of the BAFTA event?

  75. stella says:

    Why do Hollywood women always have to come dressed as high class hookers. Boobs hanging out, even Rita Wilson couldn’t keep her shit in. Nicole Kidman looked put together nicely, ditto Maria Bello. Jen Garner looked like she just climbed out of bed. But JLo should have been banned from the event altogether showing up in that piece she had on. I’ve seen her in nice, elegant dresses so why not wear one to this event? Embarrassing. No respect, self or otherwise. Kate Middleton blew them all out of the water with her classy way of being. I hope young women will look to her as an example to emulate and stop trying to look and dress like Hollywood hookers.

  76. Micki says:

    @bluhare (24) “Cheshire potato sack”-I just love it!LOL
    Are they any different from say Cornwall potato sacks?

    Apart from that: agree JLo looked bad. The only thing I liked was the colour of her dress.

    The Marchessa dress on Lively will compliment older woman with darker colouring.It’s a good dress, which doesn’t do much for her but at lest her legs were covered! Thanks God for small mercies!

    I liked Garner better indeed, stylish and it let her bloom.

    And I liked the “button” dress too actually.

  77. really says:

    OH YEAH cat time! me likes:

    BLAKE Lively: looked swell (she is a hustler, so one has to give her a head nod)!

    JENNIFER Garner: looked so pretty! .. I hope she is smart and taking numbers, because that gambling hubby of hers is such a time-bomb waiting to explode and bore us.

    J lo: gross gross and more gross, miss puerto rico should retire and hand over the “can’t wait until hollywood finds a new puerto rican” ……..jezz.

    NICOLE Kidman: her baby is toooooooooooooo cute, so for that she gets all types of passes!

    RITA Wilson: looking swell for her age! minus the ribbon she is no new kitten!

    Elizabeth Banks: right, next! cute.

    MARIA Bello: bringing the goddess within!

    ELIZABETH Moss: looked rather okay.

    JASON Bateman: LOVE HIM, such a talented actor! awesome.

  78. k says:

    The Versace dress is the only one I like. Too accessorized, though.

  79. T.C. says:

    What is Blake Lively doing at this event? She came wearing a bed sheet, has more lines around her mouth than my 50 year old mom and looking like white-trash with too much tanner. People need to stop trying to make this girl happen. Will and Kate deserve better than a C-list t.v. actress.

  80. curiouser says:

    blake lively looks amazing. wow. points to her team! everyone else is sort of mehhh. agree that jlo has looked plenty better. this color makes her look really sallow, especially with all that heavy terracotta and metallic makeup.
    garner’s alright, but the dress is all wrinkly in the crotch from sitting in the limo – someone should have thought of that.

  81. Chris says:

    Blake looks fantastic and Teen Wolf Too looks rather daper in his tux.

  82. Ally says:

    Oooh, too bad la Gwyneth wasn’t there, it could have been a Ben’s girlfriend reunion!

  83. yucky says:

    Fake Blake looks more fake than ever! Hideous! Looks like a grandma trying to show of her fake boob even in that unflattering dress. No class, no talent, no charisma… another Jennifer Aniston in the making. She should get lost finally and for good!