Lady Gaga’s hair is falling out all over the place, so she’s turned to Rogaine?


A few months ago, Lady Gaga revealed that she was losing her hair because she’s been bleaching the hell out of it for much, much too long. That little quote was rather lost on me, however, because it came amidst a lengthier discussion about Gaga’s completely gross beauty-hygiene habits. She told People Mag that she wore makeup to bed every night: “That is not good for your skin, but I’m blessed with good genes.” THEN she said that always has to “get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out.” She’s just so gross. Anyway, The Enquirer’s Mike Walker claims that Gaga is so upset with chunks of hair falling out, she’s taken to Rogaine.

Here’s the bald truth about Lady Gaga – totally freaked because her hair’s suddenly falling out like crazy, she’s desperately daubing her scalp with hair-restoring Rogaine during her Monster Ball Tour, reports a concert spy!

“She’s extremely upset, and goes ballistic backstage because whenever she drags a comb through her frazzled, over processed, bleached tresses, hair’s everywhere – in the comb, on the floor, in her hands! It’s literally falling out! She calls it her ‘head of glass’ because it breaks off… like glass.”

Gaga’s praying for a Rogaine miracle, but hairstylists gave her this hardheaded advice: Stop bleaching and start wearing wigs until your hair’s healthy!

[From The National Enquirer, Mike Walker’s column, print edition]

This is maybe the only thing Lady Gaga has in common with Prince William. I feel like there’s a product for women’s hair growth that isn’t Rogaine… something made specifically for women who have bald spots? Here’s a question: with this kind of long-term bleaching/chemical damage, is it possible that Gaga’s hair will never grow back? That happened with Tina Turner, right?

Last Gaga story – YouTube shut down her official channel after she posted some footage from a concert she did in Japan. The problem was that she posted a video that was copyrighted by a Japanese media outlet, and they requested the removal. No word on why YouTube shut down her whole channel, though.



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  1. Lol says:

    em i think its viviscal for women?

  2. Quest says:

    She can always by more wigs…it will still be her hair. Ah mean, you pay for it and it is yours.

  3. Stryker says:

    Honestly, if she’s losing hair like that she should bite the bullet, shave her head and invest in some good wigs while it grows back. If your hair is falling out like that it’s a no go.

  4. Jana says:

    LOL Still following Madonna. Madonna bleached her hair so much that it was falling out and for the Girlie Tour in the early 90s she cut her hair off completely short, like a boy cut. Shorter than Beiber’s new hairstyle. She looked adorable.

  5. Leigh says:

    make up to bed and her hair falling out?
    Imagine what a haggard mess this sad woman (?) will be by the time she hits 30…

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    Why not just turn to “stop f*cking with your hair?” (This applies to Brit, X-tina, et al.)

  7. Nanea says:

    Anyone wanting to have kids (e.g. Prince William) shouldn’t ever use anything that upsets the hormonal balance in the body, e.g. Rogaine and related products.

    Word is still out on long-term effects like these products causing cancer or turning benignant tumors into malignant ones.

  8. Bubbling says:

    I’m so felling her pain right now, my hair is falling out mad, which when you are woman sucks so hard. But I agree with Stryker, bite a bullet and shave the fuc$@# off.

  9. Riana says:

    Old wives tales and superstition, even the most damaged HAIR (dead follicles) grows. Hair only stops growing if you damage the scalp or your internal systems are utterly shot. The real story is she doesn’t know how to take care of her hair (of her skin apparently) so she thinks the broken hairs are her hair ‘falling out’

    Stop the hair dye, invest in a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner and do a regular protein treatment. (sorry, beauty nerd)

  10. Darlene says:

    If I am remembering properly, she says she has Lupus or is “close to” having Lupus. I have an autoimmune disorder that is similar to Lupus, but attacks the hair follicles and leaves dead patches on the head (as well as going after my fingernails). Perhaps her hair loss is because of her autoimmune disorder??

    I’m using Rogaine too (generic minoxidyl) and it’s working to increase the hair around the dead patches, but nothing will grow in the dead spots again. It’s not the most fun diagnosis I’ve ever had (haha) but the effects are purely cosmetic, and in the end, I try not to care about that.

    I hope her hair grows back soon.

  11. Jag says:

    If her lupus is causing autoimmune alopecia, or alopecia areata (bad spelling I’m sure), the treatment is typically a long course of prednisone, which is a steroid.

    I have pernicious anemia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes vitamin B12 deficiency, and sometimes it’s gone after my hair. Things always got better after prednisone. (Of course, it takes a good doctor, and not one whose ego is bruised because he doesn’t know anything about the conditions/diseases, to prescribe it because the latter won’t.)

    Everyone should get their vitamin B12 checked at least once every few years. Normal is currently considered between 350-900, and if it’s lower than that, you are risking permanent nerve damage. In healthy individuals, B12 is stored in the liver and the level doesn’t fluctuate very much. If you get wild swings like I do – showing whether I’m being treated properly or not – then you have an issue and need further testing to see if it’s pernicious anemia or not. Mine is supposedly considered mild by my current awful doctors, yet I can go down hundreds of points in a matter of months. The usual treatment is a shot in the buttocks/hip once a month. (The arm muscle isn’t big enough to store the B12 for the month, even though many nurses and doctors think it is.) Most doctors never test for the deficiency; folic acid goes along with it, as does iron anemia if it’s deficient long enough. /end soapbox

  12. anti says:

    hopefully folks here are correct and it’s not illness related since she hinted at possible early stages lupus at one point. :(

  13. spinner says:

    Ladies, may I recommend – Ovation Cell Therapy. I was losing a lot of hair. My hair was all over the house. Ugh!! I ran into a friend of mine & her once thin, lifeless hair looked fab. I asked her what she was using & she said Ovation.
    It is advertised all over Southern CA. Have been using it for 1 month now & my shedding has stopped. My hair looks & feels thicker. Google it.

  14. ceenitall says:

    I used minoxidyl when I went through early menopause and my hair started falling out. It works great and my hair is fine now and is growing out of all of my follicles. The one drawback, and it’s a BIG one, is that now I have hair on my face. I am always plucking to get rid of it. The doctors don’t tell you that it get absorbed and makes hair grow where you don’t want it!!!

  15. matt says:

    The thing to do here is stop dying it immediately, crop it short at least temporarily, maybe something pixieish, and just wear a damn wig, I mean she does it most of the time anyway right?

  16. Toe says:

    (Taking notes for future references)

  17. mk says:

    She certainly entertains! I’m starting to look forward to seeing her outfits.

  18. KO says:

    Kaiser – I read somewhere Youtube yanks down your channel if you violate a certain amount of copyright rules, which happened to her a couple times before. I don’t know what those other incidents were, but it sounded like that was what happened.

  19. Thea says:

    She has lupus, which in effect is going to cause severe hair loss. She needs to shave it, wear wigs and forget about it.

  20. velourazure says:

    i don’t recall ever hearing about gwen stefani’s hair falling out and she bleaches the hell out of it…..

  21. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t know the medical histories of either of these women, but there’s a really good chance that the reasons between Tina Turner’s hair loss and Lady Gaga’s aren’t related. Again, I don’t know them, but the issues surrounding black hair are a whole other beast from those surrounding the hair of caucasian ladies. There’s not really any mainstream on black hair, so not having that pool of knowledge and experience that comes from having or working with black hair types it’s no wonder that so products, treatments or stylists damage the bejesus out of the hair. It’s not really their fault, but they don’t have to deal with the consequences, and due to the special concerns of black hair–which is already prone to breakage, just saying ‘hair grows’ doesnsn’t show an understanding of the (ugh, forgive me) root of the problem.

    We’d all be better off in remembering that changing your hair colour to one that’s significantly lighter than your own requires a restraint that precludes us from treating bleach jobs like PEZ dispenser candy.

  22. Jana says:

    Here’s Madonna when her hair started breaking off when she overbleached it. She had grown it out brown and got hired on the Dick Tracey movie and went back to blond. Later had to cut it off. She looked adorable with a boy cut. Just cut it, Gaga. Get it back healthy.

  23. Melancholy says:

    I just assumed she mostly used wigs, because her hairstyles are always thoroughly unnatural anyway. What an idiot! She could have saved herself so much effort!

  24. Melanie says:

    Your hair does not fall out from chemical services. Bleaching your hair does shatter the cuticle in order to remove the melanin from the cortex of the hair. This will leave your hair very susceptible to damage and if you use bleach on top of bleach on top of bleach it will break off. If her hair is truly failing out from the scalp it is a health issue. Either way Minoxodyl rarely regrows hair and generally just stops the hair from falling out.

  25. eternalcanadian says:

    Dear Gaga:

    Re: Your diminishing hair situation.

    Solution: Stop with the freaking bleaching & dyes.

    A non-fan

  26. Hakura says:

    What stands out to me in this is the fact that she goes to bed in *full* makeup. Sure, everyone does sometimes, but to say ‘FULL’ makeup, especially the cakey ‘theatrical’ kind she always wears… Besides being unhealthy, there’s just something ‘wrong’ behind it.

    It sounds to me like another major sign how important being able to hide behind these ‘facades’ is to her… So much so, that she doesn’t even want to take them off for bed. =( Makes it sound like she can’t stand seeing herself, instead of ‘Lady Gaga’.

    (& I agree. She needs to shave what’s left on her head & leave it alone, wearing wigs while it grows back.)

  27. ejv says:

    To those who keep posting that she has Lupus…she does not.She has stated she doesn’t. Some of her relatives have it, yes and she was tested for it, but she does not have it. I want those who have Lupus to think about this…if you were in Lady Gaga’s shoes, could you be doing what she’s doing? No. Look at what happened to Missy Elliot. That is a woman with an auto immune disease. Yes, they affect people in different ways, but Gaga would have to take time off and evaluate how to do her self care and she has not done that. He hair is falling out from over bleaching. Phyto has a great natural alternative to Rogaine btw.

  28. DethHammer says:

    Lady Gaga has been tested borderline positive for SLE (Lupus), however she had claimed not to be affected by the symptoms YET.

    Environmental factors may not only exacerbate existing SLE conditions, but also -trigger- the initial onset.

    She’s had bald spots for a while. I watched her (on tv) performing on Saturday Night Live back in May and I could see come of the bald spots. It seems her hair is not only breaking off, it is also falling out at the roots. I have no idea why she had NOT been wearing wigs full time all of this time, as bleaching and dyeing and weaving can be murder on the hair and scalp, and considering she has the very real potential to develop the symptoms of Lupus.

    I do not like Gaga at all, but I really hope her hair falling out isn’t a symptom of Lupus. Of course, smoking, excessive drinking and doing cocaine can’t be good for her either.

  29. rev regaine says:

    I thought gaga always wore wigs…..
    if she wears wigs all the time, why does she keep dying her natural hair?