Sarah Palin about to become a grandmother for the second time

I will admit to barely having a passing interest in this story, but two of you e-mailed it to me saying we’d called it earlier, so there must be interest in it. (Thank you to Bellaluna and xxodettexx!) Sarah Palin’s oldest son, Track, 22, married his high school sweetheart in a small private ceremony two months ago. The couple announced that they would have a larger ski party weekend this winter so that more friends and family could celebrate with them. I guessed that Track’s new bride, Britta Hanson, 21, might be pregnant due to the quickie wedding but thought that a ski weekend in seven months didn’t make sense given the timeline. Like why would they plan a ski trip right after she’d had the baby? Maybe because the baby will be a few months old by then.

One of Britta’s friends posted a photo of her on Facebook where she’s sitting on a bed surrounded by presents. [via Gawker] It looks like a baby shower and Britta looks at least seven months along, so it was a shotgun wedding. At least one of Sarah Palin’s grandchildren will be born into wedlock, since that seems to matter to her.

Sarah Palin is going to be a grandmother again. Eldest child Track Palin married high school sweetheart Britta Hanson two months ago, and now we hear that Britta is pregnant. The picture above of “Britta Pie,” which was posted on a Wasilla friend’s Facebook wall, confirms the news she’s expecting. Britta looks to be several months along—perhaps more than two months?

Track and Britta married at the ages of 22 and 21, at a ceremony on their favorite ski slope. Wedding pictures and a jubilant “joint statement” appeared in People magazine. Track is an Army reservist who served in Iraq; Britta is the daughter of a minister who was studying to be a nurse as of last year.

Britta’s friends responded to the Facebook pictures with elation. But given the timing of Britta’s pregnancy, the happy couple may want to tell Sarah Palin to shut up the next time she champions abstinence-only education or Bristol sermonizes against extramarital sex, lest the conception of another Palin grandchild and the rationale behind another well-publicized Palin marriage fall into question.

[From Gawker]

Now comes the business of naming that baby, as we speculated about in the last story. Sarah has a three year-old son named Trig and her grandson, Tripp, is two and a half. You know they’re going to name that child something that starts with “Tr” if it’s a boy. I suggested Truth nd some of your name ideas included: Trigger, Trapp, Trollop, Tramp, Trance, Trail, and Truce. That last one would be ironic, which would be lost to Sarah Palin. I’m kind of loving that she’s a two time grandmother at 47. There’s got to be something at least slightly humbling about that, although her single response to every uncomfortable emotion is “offended.” Congratulations to these kids though.



Facebook Photos via Gawker Other photos credit: Fame

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  1. arock says:

    how about travesty, tragic, or train-wreck. trick, tramp, trap, trex, tranny.

  2. shockedandappalled says:

    Two-time grandmother by 47 via a teen pregnancy and a shotgun wedding. Yep, that sounds about right for someone who promotes abstinence education and opposes science and human behavior-based sex education.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Awwww She looks super sweet, surrounded by all her baby stuff and holding up that little hoodie. So cute!!!! Makes me ALMOST wanna be a mommy. ALMOST.

    The sad thing about Sarah Palin and her way of thinking is that they don’t come to reality and realize that yes, abstinence is a great way to prevent STDs and teen pregnancy but the fact of the matter is some people won’t be abstinent. You should teach safe sex and abstinence. However republicans like her all try act like puritans and live in the 1950s. Its like come on, embrace today’s generation.

  4. lucy2 says:

    It is pretty funny that for someone so aggressively conservative, her two oldest children each had pregnancy before marriage.

    Good luck to them. They seem less drawn to the spotlight, so that will probably work in their favor.

  5. arock says:

    just had a thought- are the palins, duggars, bachmanns of the world seemingly having more sex than us? im on the wrong team.

  6. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Track, as in, the sport and Britta? Like the water filter. Yea. Their kids name will be ridiculous.

  7. trtgfc17 says:

    Huh-huh: if I was her kid, I’d go get knocked up just to piss her off

  8. TaylorB says:

    “There’s got to be something at least slightly humbling about that,”

    *sigh* One would think, but this being SP we are talking about I doubt it very much. As a matter of fact if anyone could find anything that actually humbled that egomaniac I will eat my shoe. I am not saying she is a bad person, but even for a politician she is seriously full of herself. She makes Donald Trump look humble, and that is a feat to behold.

  9. AlaskaJoey says:

    Wasn’t Sarah pregnant when she married Todd? I thought I read that somewhere.

    I knew this girl was pregnant – there was no other reason for that wedding when they were already planning a bigger party down the line. It’s not like he was shipping off to war.

  10. kristine says:

    Look at the pressies and the room decor. People do some blue for girls but hardly ever do you find pink for boys. That baby is going to be a girl.

  11. xxodettexx says:

    i would add: Trick and Tragic to the list of baby names… i was wondering who had guessed that it was a shotgun wedding… i remember thinking the same thing then when it happened…

    i will say this: i have no bad feelings against these two kids and hope they have a healthy child that they will love [its just the mother/family politics i hate]

  12. Nanea says:

    @ # 6 – Mortician: Britta is actually a legitimate Scandinavian name that is popular too in Germany. It has been around for centuries. The manufacturer of the water filter is called Brita.

    So maybe there’s hope for a baby that won’t be named anything too ridiculous?

  13. mia girl says:

    @AlaskaJoey Yes, word is that Sarah was expecting when she married Todd and I believe that Sarah’s mom also married her father already pregnant. So it would seem in their family, this is the norm.

    And before people start posting about it, I am sure very few of us on this board have any issues with a 22 year old getting pregnant out of wedlock. What we do take issue with is the irony that it is another one of Sarah Palin’s children… and at the hypocrisy of someone wanting to inject their belief system of abstinence based on religious motive into our lives through a political process AND yet not actually practice it themselves or be able to instill it in her own children.

  14. Anti-icon says:

    Gross. Another shotgun weddin’ at the white trash Palin compound.

    Yes, it does seem that the status of legally married is of utmost importance to these…..inbred hillbillies.

  15. P.J. says:

    Abstinance doesn’t work, and everybody knows it. Why doesn’t Palin join the 21st century and advocate the use of birth control, which actually does work?

    I just read that insurance companies will soon have to pay for birth control pills & other contraceptives. Hopefully this will help the situation.

  16. Praise St. Angie! says:

    oh, the irony of it all!

    see Sarah? Abstinence-only sex ed DOES NOT WORK.

  17. eternalcanadian says:

    Hahahahahaha! I knew it. There’s no way a bloke would get married at 22 if he hadn’t knocked someone up the duff. Obviously none of the Palin kids know how to use contraceptives or condoms. I’m just waiting for Willow to get pregnant. :P

  18. Jana says:

    I respect her son. He served his country. But that poor girl marrying into that family. Can you imagine Sara Palin as your mother-in-law? Ughhhhhhh.

  19. Emily says:

    @arock, that’s probably the most depressing thing I’ve read all day! There’s something deeply wrong with the world when religious conservatives are getting more sex than anyone else.

  20. Quest says:

    and not to be outdone Bristol is speaking about SEX again…bahahahahah.

  21. Melinda says:

    We all called it. Nothing says shot gun wedding like the bride wearing jeans, lol.

  22. Amanda says:

    Obviously she’s more than 2 months. No one has a baby shower when they are only 2 mos pregnent.

  23. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Nanea, I was being facetious. Guess it doesn’t translate well in type ;)

  24. Bill Hicks is God says:

    @Love Angelina: Never EVER use Sarah Palin and “think” in the same sentence again, that’s highly offensive to houseplants and bags of hammers.

  25. Lady D says:

    arock… LOL Appears I’m on the wrong team too.

  26. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Love Angelina, “However republicans like her all try act like puritans and live in the 1950s. Its like come on, embrace today’s generation.”

    There’s such a thing as socially liberal/fiscally conservative republicans and don’t forget the log cabin republicans. Calling all republicans puritanical is akin to calling all liberals loose, baby murdering, harlots.

  27. Blue says:

    Wedding in jeans and bouquet in front if her belly. How much more obvious was it that she was pregnant. My mom is a 42 going on 43 year old grandma of 2. Except she isn’t preaching abstinence. She did want me to marry my daughter’s father until she realized he was an ass. She wasn’t to happy finding out my sister had a baby though.

  28. SANDIP says:

    Igloo trash, Barack would be a good name.

  29. Huzzah for Abstinence Sex Education! The system works!

  30. the original bellaluna says:

    Hope the guests ducked, ’cause that sure was a shotgun wedding!

    (No surprise though. It’s just more karma coming SP’s way.)

  31. Nanea says:

    @ Morticians: I only hope I didn’t come across as a know-it-all then!

    @#18 – Jana: Word is Trig served his country because he was made to choose between enlisting or going to jail for vandalism. He apparently cut the brake lines of a school bus.

    The shower registry at Target says Britta Hanson is expecting a girl, due September 29, although apparently an earlier entry on that same site said August 29. Very suspicious!

  32. Scarlet Vixen says:

    My brother and SIL were 2-time grandaparents by 46, so I don’t see anything wrong with that. However, my niece was 21 and married before she started popping out babies.

    @Morticians: Thankyou!

  33. arock says:

    @morticians- then i would consider getting better representation.

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    @ eternalcanadian – I think if that happens, SP will “disappear” Willow, wear a “sympathy belly,” and try to pass the kid off as hers.

    @ nanea – Cutting the brake lines on a school bus is a pretty serious thing, IMHO. Kids could have been killed.

    Whether it’s August or September, they got married 2 months ago, so something stinks in Wasilla.

  35. phlyfiremama says:

    Oooh, whats going on with Sarah’s 2 bottom lips???

  36. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @morticiansdoitdeader Well thats why I said republicans like Sarah Palin. I know that not every republican has the some opinions or thoughts on things…but a large number have the same opinions has Sarah Palin.

    @Bill Hick I will not make that mistake again. Clearly Palin doesn’t think. I think its even funnier she has a shot in hell to be President.

  37. arock says:

    @theorginalbellaluna- can we also talk about the first pic? its taken in a room with a single bed and a crib in it…hmmmm…single bed?
    sorry, i cant help it-stirring the turd on sarah palin and hoping it gets on her face.

  38. girl says:

    Read up folks. Alaska has comprehensive sex ed. They promote abstinance as the best option and in as much as it is 100% effective, it is the best option. (This is not uncommon.) But it is not promoted as the only option. I have children in Alaska public schools. I have firsthand knowledge of this.

  39. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Nanea, no worries :)

    @arock, she is certainly not representative of my beliefs. I’m actually a moderate, or what some call a Lincoln, republican and 100% pro-choice and FOR LGBT rights ( including gay marriage). However, I love my firearms (for purposes of self defense) and believe that my small business shouldn’t be taxed to death to pay for social welfare programs.

    @Love Angelina, ” I know that not every republican has the some opinions or thoughts on things…but a large number have the same opinions has Sarah Palin.”

    There you go with the blanket statements again. I guess I should get my ass back to church and start picketing abortion clinics too?

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    @ arock – *crosses fingers, starts stirring pot with you* :D

  41. the original bellaluna says:

    @ girl – But do you not also teach your children that if they DO have sex, to do so safely and use protection? Pregnancy is NOT the worst side-effect of unprotected sex, despite what many Republicans believe.

    And if we’re citing samples of “effective contraception” using just SP’s kids, I’d say abstinance fails, two-thirds of the time. (2 out of 3 of her reproductive-age kids.)

  42. CanCan says:

    I agree that a large number of Repubs think like her. She wouldn’t have been suggested as a presidential candidate if that weren’t true. She has a following and that following is made up of republicans. Of course not every republican is like her but they are the ones who thrust her upon the lower 48. They allowed her to be a representative for their talking points. So now they are stuck with her, her hipocrisy and her scary ego.

    I think her kids hate her and do this stuff as a big middle finger to her. I can’t stomach 5 seconds of her. Can you imagine being created by her and starting out in her fetid womb?

  43. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Cancan, I believe she was chosen to appeal to the lowest common denominator, to appeaze the ultra-conservative (not because she is representative of republicans in general). It was about maximizing votes, not representing republicans in general.

    Please ladies and gents. Republicans are not all mouth breathing rednecks. The Great MLK was a republican!

  44. arock says:

    *raises hand*
    i call bullshit @morticians…
    up until after the civil rights movement and into the early 70′s the the republican party in the south was in opposition to the traditionally, jim crow-held views of the southern democrats. it wasnt an alignment out of moral doctrine, but a movement to gain momentum in the south as the party was supported by candidates and constituents from the north, who would be able to influence and fill ballots with local leaders supporting a more conservative base. suffice to say, as the political and social landscape was changing they made an investment into the future of the party in the south. MLK was associated with them, (but never voted, campainged, or made any civic proclamation that he was a republican) for the reason of overturning legislation and bringing federal laws into being to push the jim crow laws off the books nation wide and over turn state legislative bodies. as the union movements began to expand in the 70′s democrats, having shaken off the residue of the southern philosophies, became viewed as the more liberal of the 2 parties.
    (deep breath)
    so there.
    dont do that thing where you make an unfounded statement thats only partially true to suit your purposes.

  45. Zelda says:

    What about “Trojan”? As a potential name and shopping list.

  46. Bodhi says:

    Of COURSE she was pregnant! The one positive thing that I can think about this is: at least she isn’t out pimping “family values” & hauling around a pregnant teenager this time around.

    I say good luck to Tripp & Britta, they will certainly need it. I think that getting married because you get pregnant is a HORRIBLE idea. Of course it may work out very well for some couples, but not very often.

  47. jover says:

    A combination of birth control and abstinence can work; since teen age pregnancy has shot up these last forty years coincident with the teaching of birth control in place of other means, one could argue the contrary hypothesis that the exclusive teaching of birth control has facilitated this rise – any way none of this has anything to do with real science, it’s all ideology, not science. Physics is a science the social sciences are pseudo-sciences where ideology masquerades as science (anyone familiar with 20th philosopher of science Karl Popper?), After all it is easy to falsify the assertion that teaching birth control is effective. While palin is a dolt, I find it interesting that many commentators act like they are polymath geniuses – sorry, but there are plenty of ignorant, intolerant narrow-minded libs/progressives resistant to questioning their own dogma. Sarah Palin is liked because she’s an easy target. WHile i support the principles of the liberal state, it’s practices were not handed down from GOd for all time- thus when the clinton admin. tried to reform welfare it was reactionary libs/progs that stood in the way dogmatically ignoring all the myriad abuses and absurdities of the system that any intellectually honest person could see.

  48. Zelda says:

    The number of children available for adoption has also gone down dramatically in the same period of time, as has the number of marriages among teens. Girls were still having babies pre-birth control conversations; they were just shamed into hiding the pregnancy, or marriage.

  49. texasmom says:

    I have read that half of all pregnancies in the US are accidental, which I really couldn’t understand until I heard of this family — 2 of Sarah’s 5 are clearly unplanned (the two boys), and with her two grandbabies…that’s 4 out of 7 unplanned. So far.

    Re: the evangelical abstinence hypocrisy thang, I read an interesting article sometime back about how there is a Red state/Blue state values breakdown where Blue staters see teen pregnancy as a huge tragedy that must be averted (or aborted) and Red staters see it more as a mistake that you can “make right” by owning up to it and doing the right thing (get married, raise the baby). Coming from Blue and living in Red, I think that is a pretty fair summary. I personally get sick of the moral-high-ground stuff I hear in the day-to-day, but I can tell that the Red state shock at Blue state sexual liberalism is sincere, not hypocritical. Not that I will ever really fathom the Southern mind!!

  50. NadineLynn says:

    In Sum, no one from that family should pass judgement on anyone else. Both Sarah and daughter Bristol were pregnant out of wedlock. Son Track didn’t enlist because he wanted to, it was that or jail time for very serious vandalism, not average graffiti, but cutting break lines on school bus. Lastly, Eternal Canadian, you may not have to wait long for next daughter Willow to have a child; evidently she had a pregnancy scare a year ago or so at 16, but tested negative. If I were these kids, I’d also worry about STD’s–remember Bristol saying her beau slept around a lot? And did Willow even know who the father was? And this Britta, 5-7 months pregnant by that photo–we all know what a two-month pregnancy looks like. . .nothing. She was pregnant when she got married; no big deal except for the hypocracy of preaching no sex until marriage. My guess is Bristol will have another child or abortion because they idea of contraceptive admits wanting sex. As for Britta, she obviously knew how not to get pregnant for years; maybe she thought she’d better tap into that family while she could–saw a future with the Mom in politics. Ha! That will be gone like a summer bloom by winter.

  51. Baylor says:

    Wonder if Bristal got such a shower. If not, wonder how this shower made her feel.

    Judging by the gifts in the picture, it’s going to be a girl!

    Track and Britta have been together for a very long time. She is also a nursing student and they are not teenagers. So, I wish them well.

    Like, someone else said, Britta obviously knows how to not get pregnant and was able to keep from getting pregnant for many years. Maybe she did it on purpose.

  52. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @arock, calling bullshit is rather pedantic and vitriolic, don’t you think? Not to get into a pissing contest with you , but democrats were responsible for the Jim crowe laws and the formation KKK (which is why MLK was a republican). So, MLK chose to align with the lesser of two evils, at the time, republicans. Your own arguement points to the fact that my statement is NOT unfounded. However, if it makes you feel better to claim he merely
    “associated” with them, then I’ll let you argue

  53. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “trojan”…that was BRILLIANT.

    Kudos, Zelda.

  54. jen says:

    I’ll reserve comment till Malia & Sasha come of age.

  55. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Arock, your statement was pedantic, calling bullshit was vitriolic. LOL. That’s what I get for trying to make a point when I’m working on 7hours sleep in a 72 hour period. Also, see my rendition of appease upthread.

  56. Mika says:

    “Trunk” if it’s a boy. “Birchbark” if it’s a girl.

  57. arock says:

    @morticians- you are correct it is pedantic which is exactly the point. mlk associating for the greater good or the lesser evil with a party that participated in like minded policy change is not at all the same as assigning himself a party. you have taken the idea of mlk as not a southern democrat and a smart political maneuverer for a justifiable means, put him on your flag then called it semantics. but thats typical, just be careful where you fly it.

  58. Jaye E says:

    My mom was 47 when she became a grandma. That’s not an unusual age to become one. Now if she was 37…

  59. Jaye E says:

    @ commenter #55…what exactly are you implying? Say it plain.

  60. sam says:

    Aww, a sarah palin thread spreading lies. here is what Sarah Palin said in her People Magazine interview:

    Here’s the relevant portion of the People interview:

    SW: Has this changed how you talk about sex with your other children?

    SP: I’ve always been a proponent of making sure kids understand — even in schools — they’d better take preventative measures so that they don’t find themselves in these less than ideal circumstances. Perhaps Bristol could be a good example to other young women that life happens and preventative measures are, first and foremost, the option that should be considered –

    SW: Do you mean abstinence or contraception?

    SP: Well, both. Ideally abstinence. But we have not been ones to say that students, should not know what preventive measures are all about. I’ve been taken aback by some criticism that mainstream media has thrown my way saying, Oh, what a hypocrite she is and she’s now learned her lesson because she’s been against sex education in the schools. And I’m like, when? Where? When have I ever said that there should be no sex education taught in our homes or even in our schools?

    who cares if Track and Britta are having a baby? They are in their 20s, they have jobs, they can obvously support the child. What a 20+ year old does is no longer the problem of a mother or father.

  61. original kate says:

    that top photo where she is surrounded not by people but by presents is exactly what is wrong with society.

    “i’m gonna be a mom-eeeee!! look at all the stuff i got!”

    tacky, but what else can you expect from this family?

  62. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    What do the Obama children have to do with anything? I assume that right now they’re busy being thankful for the cooling effects that come with living in a giant White House with the family that earned that address.

  63. sam says:

    Zelda says: 49.Zelda:
    July 21st, 2011 at 1:15 pm @jover
    The number of children available for adoption has also gone down dramatically in the same period of time, as has the number of marriages among teens. Girls were still having babies pre-birth control conversations; they were just shamed into hiding the pregnancy, or marriage. ”

    Zelda, the fact that there are less children for adoption has nothing to do with birth control, it has to do with the fact that more babies are being aborted.

  64. Zelda says:

    That is not the sole reason. The legalization of abortion has certainly made an impact, but in decades past they were more common that one might think–actual statistics are virtually irretrievable. Furthermore, the incidence of single teenage motherhood has gone up–way up. THAT is another factor reducing the availability of babies for adoption.
    But I never said that birth control was responsible for a decrease in adoptions.
    I was merely suggesting that the “increase” in pregnancy is something of a false statistic. I’d argue that, percentile-wise, teenagers are probably getting pregnant at relatively similar rates, and society is just dealing with it differently that it might have 50 years ago.

  65. jen says:

    #60 I’m saying that if you have children you may be in for a few surpises down the road.

    Parents raise children the best they can, & then those children make their own choices.

  66. Leticia says:

    @MorticiansDoIt Deader, right on! I’m glad I’m not the only one. It gets lonely.

  67. Praise St. Angie! says:

    um, I think I’ll enter this pissing match. :P

    the guy who founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr. King (Rev. Joseph Lowery) denies that he was a republican, as does the King Center in Atlanta.

    here’s a story that was published by the AP back in 2008 that touches on his politics.

  68. Shannon says:

    @jover you are incorrect. Teen pregnancy rates have been falling for a decade, aside from a notable bump at the end of the Bush administration (after 8 years of promoting abstinence-only education).

    Teens have been having sex since human beings have been around. We get sex hormones coursing through us at puberty for a reason. It’s just that back in the old days, most people were married by 16. So their children were born into wedlock, but still to teen moms.

    Society has changed, we are getting married a decade later on average, and we need to protect teens and young adults during that decade from STI’s and pregnancy. We can either continue to insist that they go against the instincts and biology of their own bodies and deny that they are sexual beings, or we can arm them with knowledge and contraceptives so they can be protected when they are physically and emotionally ready to have sex.

    There is absolutely nothing dogmatic or radical about that.

    I’ve also never heard of an “exclusively birth control” sex ed program – every single one I’ve ever seen has been abstinence only or comprehensive (meaning that abstinence is mentioned as the only sure way to avoid pregnancies and STI’s, but contraception options are also explained). And I’ve seen a lot of sex ed programs. I’ve even designed my own. I can assure you that even the most “progressive” standard for sex education, the SEICUS guidelines (easily downloadable, just Google and get the PDF if you’re curious), include mentioning abstinence, as does the popular Unitarian Universalist comprehensive sex ed program, OWL.

  69. Jules says:

    Shocking……..the trash does not roll far from the trailer.

  70. arock says:

    @praise st angie- i raise my glass to you, me lady. well done.

    keep in mind, that even if we’re right its all semantics and pedantic of us to even respond. if i knew it was cool to be throwing ten cent words up in the air like confetti i would have been all over it months ago. alas, this is a gossip column, a while i love the politicos it feeds my twisted soul to argue the virtue of crack hoes and famewhores more. call it low standards.

    *waving finger at group of school children* let that be a lesson about assuming. it makes an ass out of you and pisses me off. if youre going to wave a flag about, make sure you know why.
    (and have praise st angie on the google tip.)

  71. Madison says:

    Good luck to them with the baby. Since neither Track nor his wife are celebrities or have ever chased fame unlike his mother and sister I’ll leave my snarking to the knocked up out of wedlock celebrities who deserve it not these two.

  72. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Arok, “associating for the greater good or the lesser evil with a party that participated in like minded policy change is not at all the same as assigning himself a party.”

    Actually it sounds very similar, this is why it seems as though you are arguing semantics. Associate “to enter into a union with or partner with.” If I were associated with the KKK would I not be called a racist?

    While I appreciate a respectful intellectual exchange, the pedantics and prolixity of your initial post were unnecessary.

  73. antisara says:

    Trip, Trap, Troop…i like Trooper Palin, Super Palin, Mini Palin…ah…in spanish Chupa Palin…hahahaha…that’d de the name of the century!

  74. Lucky Charm says:

    Regarding the teenage birth rate going up since birth control became widely available: Studies show that the Pilgrims actually had a higher per-capita rate of pre-wedding pregnancies than modern times. The difference is, they all got married before the birth, and now it’s not only common but accepted to have an out-of-wedlock birth. And up until the past 30+ years, most unwed mothers were basically forced into putting their baby up for adoption, whereas now they just keep them. With the availability of birth control, unplanned and unwanted pregnancies have actually gone down. As for abortions, women have been getting those for thousands of years. It’s because they were usually done in very primitive, unhygenic ways and often resulted in the death of the woman, or sterilization, that steps were taken to legalize it, so that abortions could be performed in a controlled medical setting. Rather than put an illegitimate baby up for adoption, women are just keeping them, not aborting. THAT is why there are fewer babies availabe to adopt.

    Has anyone noticed that Britta and Bristol both start with BR? So for baby names, I suggest Branch, Breeze, Bracelet or Breathless (as in Breathless Mahoney). Although maybe they’ll be rebellious and name the girl something normal like Brenda or Bridget.

  75. arock says:

    there still is some confusion on your part as to whether per your statement mlk was a republican. he was not.

    you are now arguing the tone of my comment rather than the subject. not conducive to true debate. take your toys and go home if you want, but the fact remains, it was an incorrect statement geared at proving some extraneous point that your political affiliation is somehow superior. and you were wrong.
    my point is be careful to just throw stuff like that out there. repeating an idea does not make it correct.

  76. StopKiddingYourself says:

    @arock, Tranny?! Priceless. Oh, and @jen, why mention Sasha and Malia? As far as I know, the Obamas aren’t preaching abstinence only education. I swear, mentioning them whenever a repub is scrutinized is like the lamest knee-jerk reaction ever.

  77. sue says:

    Sarah Palin looks like Peggy Hill.

  78. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    As far as forced adoptions go and experiences of that ilk raised by Lucky Charm, a non-fiction book called The Girls Who Went Away came out about five years was released. It was written by Ann Fesler and outlines a lot of those stories over the period of about 1950 to Roe v. Wade in the ’70s.

  79. jen says:

    @StopKiddingYourself You’re right, they’d rather have them abort so they are not “punished with a baby”.

  80. Violet says:

    Sarah Palin is the worst kind of hypocrite, because she willfully ignores the evidence in front of her. Instead of learning from her mother’s shotgun wedding and her own, she continues to support abstinence-only education. Even after Bristol went down that same road.

    No wonder Sarah Palin is already a two-time granny at 47. If she can’t bring herself to have a safe-sex talk her kids and encourage them to do likewise with their children when they hit their teens, she’ll be a great-grandmother at 60!

  81. Praise St. Angie! says:

    see, what jen is doing there, folks, is called “deflection”. or, better yet, a “red herring”. throw something totally irrelevant to the debate/discussion into the mix to take attention away from the actual issue.

    the subject, jen, is the irony of Palin’s political/social/moral stance on sex ed and the actuality of what goes on in her own family, and yet you throw the Obama’s daughters out there? Whether or not they wind up pregnant teens is completely irrelevant to the subject. And frankly, I think what you said (or implied) is akin to Letterman’s (perceived) slur against Willow. neither were very nice.

    and for you to further imply…nay, outright state…that you know what their parents would want for them if it DID happen…ridiculous all around.

    morticians, that’s kind of faulty logic you’re using, comparing the GOP and the KKK.

    the sole purpose of the KKK is to promote racist ideals (white supremacy, anti-semitism, anti-immigration, segregation, etc.). so, yes, if you associate with the KKK you are very likely a racist/bigot.

    the GOP does not have ONE sole purpose. they have multiple ideals and/or goals that they promote. sometimes, a democrat or libertarian might have the same ideal or goal that a republican does. but that does not make them a republican.

    arock, them be 25 cent words!

  82. Melancholy says:


  83. Rainbow says:

    @ Lucky Charm
    wow thats Amazing observation about BRnames, Great!!! That would go for them bether.

    About Trs:-) How about Trouden, Trayson, Troper, Triton, Trinity, Thrukaya, Trifemi :-)
    OH, THATS FUN:-)

  84. Shannon says:

    @Jo ‘Mama’ Besser, thanks for the book recommendation, it sounds really interesting :)

    And Lucky Charm is completely right. Women all over the world have been using commonly found herbs as abortifacients since ancient times. Women specializing in herbal medicine were usually accused of witchcraft as Christianity spread, so those with unwanted/unplanned pregnancies turned to even more dangerous measures to induce their abortions.

  85. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Still not allowed to post?

  86. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @praise st angie @arock, search “Martin Luther king Jr was a republican info.” by Dr alveda king (mlk’s neice). She goes on at length about why mlk was a republican. Please check out the website. Dr. Alveda King breaks it down for you in 16 pages. I tried to post this several times but must have been flagged for trying include the website?
    @arock, please a modicum of civility. Thank you :)


  87. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @arock, I don’t in any way think my political views make me superior. Please reread the thread. I knew getting into this that I would be attacked for my political views and, sure enough, I was seized upon. I stated my points respectfully and you chose to point and laugh at, what you called, my 10 cent vocabulary. I guess it’s true that polite conversation can never include politics or religion.

  88. Cheyenne says:

    @Zelda: Many years ago I worked in a private adoption agency in New York. From 1970 to 1971 the number of babies available for adoption dropped at least 60% in a single year, and kept falling every year after that. What happened in 1970 was that abortion became legal.

  89. Kim says:

    You will NOT take my constitutional rights away from me. Women were not put on this earth to be c*m buckets.

    In addition to the fact that NONE of these Christian American Taliban holier-than-thou types adopt minority babies.

    I will NOT live in a Handmaid’s Tale world.

  90. stacia says:

    As someone who went to a Christian HS and learned abs-only sex education I can tell you, it kinda works — but only if you have real faith in your religion. Other than that, in public schools, it plain won’t work.

    I am not nor have ever been sexually active. I am also way past college and grad school. Did I learn about condoms and BC? Sure. On TV. But that’s not the reason I’m waiting till marriage nor the reason I have never been pregnant. I also realize I am not a stereotype so my experience is different. I am a Democrat. I voted for Obama. I support gay marriage. I am pro-life AND I am against the death penalty.

    @Kim I agree that woman aren’t cum dumpsters. I also believe that these days women don’t respect themselves enough to keep their legs closed when they see a penis. Whatever happened to being selective? And, I would LOVE to adopt a minority baby. Feel free to pass me a check for the COST of the adoption.

  91. jover says:

    91# I’m not a christian conservative but equating their tactics with that of the taliban is grotesque. Have you not been reading about the atrocities the taliban commit and are part of their tactics. Talk to american service personnel about their tactics. Recently there was a report of the taliban using an eight year old as a suicide bomber. Since you engage in cheap slurs you should not be upset if characters like rush limbaugh refer to feminists as feminazis. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Political discourse is conducted on such a low brow level and in such a narrow fashion that intelligent people have simply abandoned it; what’s to be gained by childish name calling. Time to read Wittgenstein.

  92. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @jover “Political discourse is conducted on such a low brow level and in such a narrow fashion that intelligent people have simply abandoned it; what’s to be gained by childish name calling. Time to read Wittgenstein.”

    Well said. I couldn’t agree more!

  93. Praise St. Angie! says:

    morticians, while I appreciate the referral, that’s not proof. in fact, she says right at the beginning of one post on her blog (debunking your claim)…

    “In conversation, I once said that my uncle, Dr. King was a Republican. What I really meant, and should have clearly stated was that while I never saw his registration card, I firmly believe that Dr. King, like most Negroes (that is what African Americans were called during Dr. King’s lifetime) during Dr. King’s lifetime probably voted on the Republican ticket out of respect to the Part yof Lincoln.”

    so, she never saw his registration card, and she never knew HOW he voted, but she BELIEVED that he PROBABLY voted on the republican ticket.

    I did look into this woman, and she clearly has an agenda. she’s also considered a kind of “crackpot” by King historians and biographers, who have NO agenda. well, other than accurately reporting history.

    also, this woman was not very close to King…though she was his niece, they didn’t have a close, ongoing relationship.

    so, bottom line, I think I’m going to take the King Center’s word, Dr. King’s SCLC co-founder’s word, MLK Jr. historians’ word over a woman who wasn’t close to him and has a VERY conservative agenda that she’s pushing.

  94. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @praise st. Angie, if you review what I said, you’ll see I said that I’m a Lincoln republican (which is the party king’s neice claims he supported). The article I read is from the national association of black republicans (NABR) and it talks about why King did not associate with democrats (Jim Crowe etc). If he didn’t associate with democrats because of their values and policies, at the time, and worked closely with the republicans that makes a stronger case for what I am saying (if what you are saying is that he was a democrat). You are saying that there’s no proof, which
    is true. However, we do know he did NOT associate with the democrats, and antedotal evidence suggests he was a republican (due to his affiliation with them). Furthermore, calling king’s neice a nutjob doesn’t give credence to your theory. What she put forth
    in the article I read was reasonable and
    intelligent. People calling her a crackpot also have an “agenda.” As do you. Trying to discredit my claim (which other’s, including Dr. King’s neice have made) in order to color me uniformed because you dislike moderate values. There’s no proof Casey Anthony murdered her daughter, but her actions following the murder suggest she did it. Proof can be hard to come by and when the one person who can answer the question is dead (dr. King/Caylee Anthony) then we’ll never have the one true answer.

  95. TaylorB says:


    I am not trying to be rude, but you are making a very common mistake. People try and paint the ‘MLK was a repubican’ thus the ‘Dems were the racists’ in a very black and white, no pun intended way. The Jim Crow dems did in fact exist mainly in the south, they were dubbed ‘dixiecrats’ and they eventually left the party because the rest of the party didn’t agree with their attitudes. It is true that nearly all Jim Crow dixiecrats eventually joined the republican party, not because the party or its members were racists, but because with less fed gov’t and an emphasis on states rights it gave certain crafty racists a legal foothold… think Strom Thurmond, originally a southern dem and we all know what a treat he turned out to be.

    Either way, the Dem/Rep/etc. parties of 50 years ago look totally different than they do today. To try an justify a current position based on an affiliation from well over a generation ago is like nailing jello to a tree, futile and ineffective. Not to mention, in the long run it was the Big Daddy from the Pedernales who finally forced through the civil rights act and he was a Dem.

    Basically, it seems that both parties have their shining stars and their tarnished ones as well, and to attempt to tether your wagon to one or the other and assume that makes your point more valid, is a dicey position. For every ‘well MLK was a republican’ there will eventually be a ‘well it was a Dem who passed the civil rights bill’ response. All parties have one thing in common, and that is that they want the best for people (granted there are some exceptions) they simply have different ideas about how to accomplish a common goal. Neither one is 100% correct on the path to that goal, but to suggest that the mentality and path from 50 or 100+ years ago is the same based on the name of the party at the time is very short sighted. Times change, people change, goals change, etc. and so do political parties… I know I haven’t met anyone running about calling themselves a Whig lately.

    I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful in any way, and if I have been I apologize.

  96. Praise St. Angie! says:

    your (and my) party affiliation is irrelevant to this discussion. this all started because you claimed MLK to be a republican. which he isn’t.

    and I am not saying he was a democrat. just that he was not by any means a republican. David Garrow, who wrote his bio (and won a Pulitzer for it) describes him as “to the left of the democratic party” and that he was more socialist than anything else.

    the NABR? sounds like another group with an agenda. it would only benefit them to be able to claim that MLK was “one of them”. it’s used to show black voters (who are traditionally dem voters) that “hey, look! one of your historical leaders was ONE OF US!”

    a biographer/historian has no agenda but to give an accurate portrayal of someone and their history. what “agenda” is it that you’re implying they might have? I guess it’s the same “agenda” that scientists have when they debunk those who claim there’s no such thing as climate change. THE TRUTH. and as far as my own “agenda” goes, it’s simply to set the record straight.

    and I didn’t call her a nutjob, please don’t put words in my mouth…I said she’s considered kind of a crack pot by King historians. they don’t call her a crack pot (verbatim), they just consider her to be making claims for her (fringe/extreme) agenda that simply aren’t accurate. “crackpot” was just an easy way to say it.

    “However, we do know he did NOT associate with the democrats”

    really? wasn’t RFK a democrat?

    “Trying to discredit my claim (which other’s, including Dr. King’s neice have made) in order to color me uniformed because you dislike moderate values.”

    I’m not trying to discredit your claim or paint you as uninformed because I “don’t like moderate values”. don’t make ASSupmtions about people that you know nothing about.

  97. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Taylorb, “All parties have one thing in common, and that is that they want the best for people (granted there are some exceptions) they simply have different ideas about how to accomplish a common goal. Neither one is 100% correct on the path to that goal, but to suggest that the mentality and path from 50 or 100+ years ago is the same based on the name of the party at the time is very short sighted.”

    well said, and thank you for your insight. I am in no way suggesting that today’s dems and repubs are equivalent to those of today. What I was saying was that I am a Lincoln republican (which is not equivalent to today’s republican) and that is the “type” of republican mlk’s neice claims he was. In fact, many have argued that, if Lincoln were alive today, he would have been a

  98. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @praise st Angie, I’ll politely bow out of this exchange with you now that you’ve resorted to insult hurling. However, I will leave you with this. Everyone has an agenda and, being as though we are human, it’s oftentimes difficult (if not impossible) to separate our point of view from our job (research included). Historians have political, religious, and fiscal agendas as do scientist (ultimately it’s about what makes them money and garners them the most attention). Remember the anti-vaccine dr. that tampered with research and claimed there was a link between vaccines and autism? Anyway, this will be my last post to you on this matter, as I feel the discussion has devolved. Be well and no hard feelings. I’ve enjoyed your posts otherwise and I’m sure we will agree again on the more innocuous issues.

  99. arock says:

    this is still going on? i guess my post last night in response to @ morticans didnt make it.
    the comment threads have been very interesting to read, kudos for continuing the discussion.

  100. Praise St. Angie! says:

    insult hurling? um….where, exactly did I hurl an insult at you?

    using the old “when you assume, you make an ass out of you and me both” isn’t an insult. YOU made an assumption about my views on “moderate values”. I made no such assumptions about you. all I did was state my case.

    well, I guess I’ll bow out, too, since you’re now making bogus accusations.


  101. arock says:

    @ morticians- (sorry. i just cant keep my head down) i dont think anyone takes issues with your beliefs or party affiliation, but did counter your direct quote “mlk was a republican”. disagreeing about personal views was not the nature of the discussion til it was turned into a “youre all ganging up” which is making it an emotional issue, not a question of fact.

  102. Anonymous says:

    @arock, please reread the comments. There were at least two blanket statements made before you and praise st Angie entered the discussion. Many people here very obviously take issue with republicans (and try and lump us all into the evil, puritanical, conservative Christian category). Just to reiterate my original point, sarah palin does not represent me or most of the other republicans I know. I’m extending the olive branch and hoping the discussion ends here. Maybe you’ll accept it more readily than praise st. Angie.

  103. Kim says:

    equating the American Taliban with the Afghan Taliban is spot on accurate.

  104. fwozbo says:

    If we are going for “tr” how about Trauma Palin.