Jennifer Lopez is in Miami, looking depressed & celebrating her 42nd b-day


Here are some new photos of Jennifer Lopez in Miami over the weekend. Reportedly, she was celebrating her 42nd birthday with friends, and the dude who seems like he’s escorting her out of the resturant is her on-again manager Benny Medina. She’s fired Benny a few times in the past, and she was without his Svengali talents for most of the years she was married to Marc, but J.Lo hired Benny back… I think it was last year? And now Marc is out and Benny is back to shaping everything about J.Lo.

I read her demeanor as genuinely sad, but like she also wants to be seen as seeming “sad”. Team J.Lo was all over the place last week, blaming Marc for basically everything that went wrong in their marriage. It would be naïve to think that Jennifer isn’t organized, and that she has a very specific plan for her post-divorce life. Quite honestly, I can’t wait to see what she’s got up her sleeve. New boyfriend? New career? New house? New baby? It will be interesting.

By the way, there are reports that while in Miami, Jennifer is spending time with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. That must be seriously depressing. Can you imagine spending time with them when you’re fresh from a breakup? And that’s just when Scientologists strike too – when you’re vulnerable and looking for a new life path. J.Lo and Xenu? No! She would never give up Santeria.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Cherry says:

    I would look sad, too, if I had to wear that psychedelic tablecloth-dress-I DON’T EVEN KNOW thing. Even though I’m sure it’s Pucci and costs like a gazillion. Is it supposed to hypnotize us so we all believe she’s a superstar again?

  2. bagladey says:

    Staying at home never seems to be an option for some celebrities no matter how “sad” they are; it’s always about media, media, media.

  3. Quest says:

    Erhhh! That dress is tragic…good think Marc is no longer around to tell her not to look sexy…*eye-roll*.

  4. margaritachum says:

    it’s my bday today and i wish i was in miami too celebrating (i miss miami). i would be in a better dress though.=)

  5. The real Jenny says:

    I think she looks surprisingly not depressed. Glowing, even. Divorce does a girl good. By the by, does anyone else think Mark Anthony looks like a weasel?

  6. brin says:

    Yeah, I’m sure she’s crying on her expensive tablecloth dress.
    *Happy birthday, margaritachum!*

  7. katnip says:

    I don’t think she looks sad either. Just trying not to NOT look HAPPY. I saw some pictures of Marc and he was not not looking sad either.

    This break up happened a long time ago. We just found out about it last week. But yes it will be interesting how Jennifer “bounces back from the heart break”

    (big big big smirk)

  8. Jana says:

    I hate to sound jaded, but her look is so for the camera. LOL

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    Agreed. She’s not sad, she’s “acting” sad. Which is kinda funny, considering how bad she is at acting.

    Happy birthday @ margaritachum!

  10. Dangerfox says:

    I wonder what the back of that dress looks like. It better be an open backed dress because there is no reason she shouldn’t be wearing a bra with it otherwise. Soooo tacky.

  11. margaritachum says:

    awww thank you @brin and @the original bellaluna.=)

  12. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    People have such a misconception of Jennifer Lopez. As a fellow Leo, yes we can be divas and materialistic but we love love, we are romantic and I believe Jen is truly hurting from her split with Marc. Jen loved him very much. Jen has every right to go out for her birthday and try and cheer herself up. Its her birthday. Why not? I think Jen does really look sad. Also I have never gotten the impression from her she was this big huge bitch with no heart. Jen has one.

  13. JustJen says:

    I don’t think Jen is a bad actress but actors aren’t pathological liars so if they tried to pull the same things they do on set for real life I can see how they would look like bad actors.

    I think some people are euphoric when they break away from a bad relationship and then the reality sets in. It’s like the stages of grief but I agree I don’t think she is as torn up about breaking up with Marc as she was with Ben.

    Her marriage to Marc should never have happened I think she thought she loved him and he was a consolation prize so it was easy for her to start thinking that he was the one all along and that it was fate because she had dated him once before…But she was just never passionate about him., and the fact that she wasn on the rebound fooled her.

    He was not like Diddy and Ben were to her at all.

  14. madpoe says:

    What the hell is up with that DRESS!
    I stared at it for a second and now I CAN’T BLINK!!
    If your clown birthday cake explodes on you please don’t go outside. Outside with photogs. Its just a public service one should be made aware of. Ouch!!!

  15. constance says:

    My eyes! Where did she get that piece of crap dress? This is not 1991.

    @JustJen. I agree. I don’t think their marriage was really about love and genuine interest in one another. I think it was for looks, for fame, and Jen knew he would be a father figure for the children she wanted.

    If he was such a great, truly passionate man, he wouldn’t be renewing his vows 12/02 (To his pageant wife/mother of 1 boy and 1 in the oven at the time) a month before being seen with JLo. Marc stayed with Dayanara until the birth of their second child in 03, and then promptly divorced her, and married Jen less than a week later. Talk about Sleezey Skeletor.

    I don’t think she is really hurting. I think this is a known end to a relationship she probably saw coming years ago. She’s just “working it” for every last relevant, media drop.

  16. mia girl says:

    @ margaritachum: Happy birthday! I am in Miami and let me tell you, it is so hot here, you might be better off where you are!

    JLo’s dress is Pucci, but it’s more like Pukey!

    @cheery “Is it supposed to hypnotize us so we all believe she’s a superstar again? ” Awesome!

  17. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    FUNKY COLD MEDINA **Jazz hands!**

    Her and this dude together are better than an episode of “Happily Divorced.” I can’t wait to see the next move in the new 5 year marketing plan. A russian billionaire? A remake of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and an accompanying Oscar campaign? A cougar “Lady Marmalade” remake of the remake with divorcees from different generations? I’m thinking Scarlett Johansen in her music debut representing the 30-somethings. JLo pulling it for us 40somethings. Madonna steals the show for the 50′s. Oh, JFTB, how shall you thrill us next? I can’t wait. Seriously. I love her and her “drama!” “Jazz hands**

    Who is the new dude!? Who is the new dude!?

  18. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    Isnt JLo’s Dad a Scientologist? Wasnt JLo and Mark dabbling in Scientology for awhile? Remember when she was hanging with other Scientologists?

  19. tapioca says:

    @LOVEANGELINA: Actually I kinda agree with you on this one. Sure she’s demanding and materialistic and over-entitled, but I doubt she’s a truly evil bitch, and she does seem to be a big believer in love, and the throwing of oneself into it wholeheartedly. Also she has kids with this one, which is probably why she held onto the marriage well past it’s expiry date, so she’s feeling sad for them too.

    And then she’ll meet the most-awesome-guy-in-the-World-ever-and-it’ll-be-different-this-time and be married to husband number 4 by this time next year!

  20. hatsumomo says:

    wasn’t her relationship over a long ass time ago and now she’s acting sad about it?!! What a faker and a loser.

  21. Ruby7 says:

    Nevermind, that dress is depressing.

  22. Gossip Owl says:

    She looks sad so she can gain sympathy and bilk an extra million per episode on American Idol.

  23. mln76 says:

    I can’t help having an affection for JLo she’s got terrible judgment, not that much talent, horrible taste in men, is an underdog in every way but she never gives up. And she isn’t going to go away quietly into the night now that she’s freed herself from Marc Antony’s death glare. I’m definitely curious to see what happens next.

  24. antisara says:

    HATING THE DRESS! Jello will try scientology if they promise she’ll do the Dorian Grey’s deal and never get old wihtout having to use stinky hen’s blood. Like the IcanHazCheezburger cats:
    “santeria…you’re doin’ it wrong!”

  25. sapphire says:

    That dress is awful and makes her look bottom heavy. Her manager should have better taste even is she doesn’t.

    I don’t know how really involved she was, but her PR is kind of blind- the flood of “Poor Jenny” stories are obvious.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I like her dress. It looks really cute and comfortable, like there’s no need to check for a wardrobe malfunction all the time.

  27. Truthful says:

    The only person happy is Controlling Queen Benny Medina in that photo..

    JHo will do anything for $$$$ and everything is sooo contrived, sick of her fake whining already.

    hmmm,wonder if she is as sad as Dayonarra was when she found out she was creeping w/Marc.

  28. ladybert62 says:

    That Dress! THAT DRESS! HORRORS – it just gave me a headache – oh, my god, the horror of that dress – I simply cant get past it. Burn it!!!

  29. Zara says:

    Jennifer looks great….she is going through a difficult period, but you couldn’t tell by looking at her. Having said that, while I’m sure that dress cost an arm and a leg, from where I’m sitting it looks like cheap polyester.

  30. JustJen says:

    I also agree with LoveAngelina! You got it right!

  31. Maritza says:

    So now that she is alone she decides to wear demure clothes like a 40yr old mother of two should wear, which is what Marc always wanted her to do.

  32. lrm says:

    I think she looks ‘resigned’ more than sad-acceptance of what is….and also she looks ‘lighter’ and ‘fresher’-
    a weight lifted, but of course she is prob aware of not wanting to seem euphoric….
    but honestly, moving on from soemthing stagnant in life, whether relationship,location, job, etc will create a look of happiness/glowing lightness.
    Less stress always does a face/body good.

    I also don’t think she is a bad actress at all. I quite enjoy her in some of her films…and she has decent comedic timing. Her characters are believable to me. She is better than ‘that other Jennifer’-who i also don’t hate per se-but she’s not a good actress.

    Anyway, J Lo can dance, actress second and what she absolutely cannot do is sing. That is the one ‘talent’ I amm ofended by with her…..

  33. 4Real says:

    Sad people stay home…she knew this was happening for a year now. They’re trying to make her look like a victim when she knew all along Marc was a womanizing scumbag. That’s why he’s snickeringa and scoffing at his concerts.

  34. MissVJJ says:

    Get over it J.Lo. Go hump your stacks of money..

  35. miapatagonia says:

    More like Pucci for K-Mart.

  36. says:

    For a second there, I thought my water had been spiked with LSD.

  37. Quest says:

    Jlo even had a matching Pucci bikini to that dress…does not look sad here as she celebrates her 42nd Bday.

  38. Anon73 says:

    are you serious ? i don’t think she looks depressed. at all. if anything, she looks fab.

  39. Lucky Charm says:

    #32 (sorry, can’t quite read your name) – I think you can include most of the Jennifers: Aniston, Garner, Goodwin, Grey, Love Hewitt. For some reason, the Jennifer’s and Jessica’s (Alba, Biel, Simpson) just don’t quite cut it…

  40. hateonit. says:

    that dress is hideous. she’s not sad. she was with diddy last wed on date. I heard they’re getting back together…..

  41. 4Real says:

    Body aside she is dressing like a 50yr old 70′s mother. I hate it…

  42. DethHammer says:

    I actually really like that dress- it looks like a portal to another dimension. Like, if you stare at it too long, you’ll be jettisoned through a black hole where reality stands on its head and JLo is genuinely sad.

    Don’t worry JLo. Just have your priestess sacrifice another chicken and drip its blood all over your body and you’ll be feelin’ fine.

  43. June says:

    she’s ‘depressed’ cause she couldnt bring her date ;-)

  44. Camille says:

    Good lord that dress is hideous.

  45. Kosmos says:

    I’ve never seen one pic with Jen & Marc where it looked as if she was in love with him. It’s always just her posing posing posing for the cameras. I may be wrong, but I always feel it’s all about her and it has to be her way, so I’m sure she gave Marc a lot of grief and maybe he gave her some, too. She seems like an opportunist to me and I agree with whoever said that Marc was more her consolation prize after her failed romances. She is not a great talent either, but in today’s world, it’s all about the media and paying people to advertise you even if you’re basically talentless.

  46. margaritachum says:

    @ mia girl
    thank you.=)
    it’s so hot here too but i rather be there if i could. maybe next year me and hubs have a chance to go there.=)

  47. madeline7 says:

    Marc’s ex, Dayanara, may be a better actress. She can work up a waterfall of tears on cue. She let a talk-show host parade her tykes around on stage (hoping “daddy” was in the audience) while cameras filmed it all. It stunned me a few years later to realize she has permitted herself to date “married” men in the process of getting divorced, w/ children,(eg Terrence Howard),while calling Jennifer a homewrecker. Maybe even less known is that Jen was still w/ Ben And trying to reschedule their recently canceled wedding, in Oct. 2003 : which was also when Marc and Dayanara issued a statement: that their marriage was over and they planned to divorce.