Lauryn Hill releases odd statement: Rohan Marley is not the baby-daddy?


Well, well, well. This is an interesting turn of events. After wild speculation about the state of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley’s relationship, Mr. Lauryn has decided to set the record straight. And by “straight” I mean “I still have questions, but I’ll hold my tongue for the moment.” A few months ago. Lauryn announced that she was pregnant for the sixth time. Rohan, who is the baby-daddy of Lauryn’s first five children, seemed to be rejecting the idea that he was this child’s father. Over the weekend, Lauryn gave birth, and almost at the same time, Rohan went public with his new relationship – he’s dating a 28-year-old Brazilian model, Isabeli Fontani. It seemed like Rohan was being a d-bag, denying paternity on his kid, dumping his baby-mama and then hooking up with some young chick. But Ms. Lauryn wants us to know that’s not the situation:

“Mr. Marley and I have a long and complex history about which MANY inaccuracies have been reported since the beginning. To speculate without the facts can only cause people to form WRONG conclusions. We both value privacy and for that reason defend and preserve our right to it… Contrary to the numerous reports, Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us. Thank you for your concern and I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of my new son.”


[From Lauryn’s website]

Okay… the relevant part is “Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with his child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but our 5 children together remain a joy to both of us.” I feel like it’s a riddle. I feel like Lauryn could have just said, “Rohan is not the father of this baby, y’all.” Instead, she takes pains to let us know that Rohan didn’t abandon her while she was pregnant… which could mean she abandoned him? Eh. The easy answer is that Rohan is not the father, and that he and Lauryn split up sometime around the time when Lauryn got pregnant by another dude. But it feels like she’s talking around something, right?



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  1. fabgrrl says:

    She said “our FIVE children together”, not six.

  2. katnip says:

    I said it before. this is the shit that needs to be on a rag cover..Real life crazy is way way more drama entertaining than all that lukewarm made up shit they print every week..

    I think she is talking around child support. Reminds me of Charlie Sheen and how his exes never really trash him. It could be child support. Men don’t want to be trashed by the women they are giving money to each month.

    Lauren girl I thought you were smart. To throw away HER for HIM. Damn

  3. Ellie says:

    I love Her, no matter what!

  4. rose80 says:

    I don’t understand what’s puzzling about her response. People/blogs have stated that Rohan abandoned her during her pregnancy with his child. She states that he did not do that and goes on to say that they have 5 children together. He was being bashed in the media and she set the record straight. Her 6th child is not his. However, I don’t think she did it necessarily for him, but for her children. It’s not healthy for any child to hear/read negative reports about a parent, even if they may be true. At least people now know the claim is false.

  5. the original bellaluna says:

    Is “long periods of separation” code for “boffed other people?” (We were on a BREAK!) It sounds like they may have had an open relationship. Or something.

    @ fabgrrl – Nice catch. I noticed that too. I don’t think this baby is his.

  6. anyway says:

    She plainly states they have 5 kids together, not six.

    He didn’t abandon her when she was pregnant with his child because it’s NOT his child.

    This is where a strong set of reading comprehension skills come in handy. Concentrate Daniel san.

  7. 4Real says:

    Yeah that was code for MIND YA OWN DAMN BUSINESS…LOL!! I love her…

  8. Amanda G says:

    I could really care less who the father is. What I want is a GOOD follow-up album to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. She teased us with an amazing album and then went crazy.

  9. Blue says:

    These 2 are so weird but ya, it’s pretty obvious that this child isn’t his. From what he stated on twitter after she announced her pregnancy, to that statement he made after she had the baby ( wishing her well with HER new son) that’s not something you say to the mother of your child. It’s something you say to an ex who just had a child.

  10. Boo says:

    “the birth of MY new son”–not our. It’s abundantly clear she knows how to use the plural possessive pronoun when she wants or means to (“our five children together”). Ro is not the baby daddy.

  11. lilibet1 says:

    Think that pretty much says it all.

    To end it ‘I appreciate all of the well wishes regarding the birth of MY new son’ rather than OUR new son also ties up any loose ends in my opinion!

    eta. Sorry Boo, must have crossed posts!

  12. Bitchbelying says:

    This is getting out of freking hand. Is L boogie really this nutty?
    “He did not abandon me while I was pregant with his child?”
    Why couldnt she say, he didn’t abandon me while pregant with MY child?

  13. says:

    @anyway: “This is where a strong set of reading comprehension skills come in handy. Concentrate Daniel san.”

    Ok, that was hilarious!

  14. Elisabitch says:

    I’ll just file this under ‘whothefuckcares’

  15. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    1.) She’s gonna talk in code and be evasive, ya’ll, and I ain’t mad at her for that. It’s self preservation. How do you keep your privacy (and self-esteem) in tact by directly looking at the world and saying,

    “His legal wife already had two children but he and I considered ourselves to be spiritually married when it worked for us and the family because he comes from an extended biological/spiritual family so that was the norm for him and I am batcrap loopy but am still loved by legions of fans and am brilliant enough to be an Ivy League Colombia University dropout rapper/actress and I’m very comfortable with that fact and am not a danger to anyone but Lady Gaga and Rihanna if I ever decide to release another album that isn’t inspired by my relationship with Wyclef or Rohan or the invisible father or my newest addition.”

    Tell me how she could do and say that anymore directly than I just did?

    2.) I will put money down in Vegas that she has one more. I’m pretty certain she’s shooting for 7.

    3.) That model, if I’m remembering the right Bob baby mama (’cause there’s a baseball team’s worth of them) looks a little like Rohan’s mama. Can you find a picture, Kaiser? I’d like to see a side-by-side.

  16. Pyewacket says:

    Co-sign with Elisabitch.

  17. Onyx XV says:

    When did Lauryn Hill start looking like a cracked-out Diana Ross?

    Oh, and I’m with Elisabitch and Pyewacket.

  18. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    In that top photo she’s starting to look like Antoine Dodson.

    If her next album features lyrics like “Hide your kids, hide your wife”.. she’ll be rumbled!!!!!

  19. Violet says:

    The simple explanation is that Lauryn is batsh*t crazy (see,,20221692,00.html for details).

    The bottom line is that she only acknowledges Rohan Marley as the father of FIVE of her children, so her newborn is not his.

  20. lrm says:

    yep,sounds like lots of justification and qualifying, in code….
    but it also sounds like she didnt want people dissing her baby daddy, who is not this baby’s daddy….
    that’s good of her, really, after months of him getting dissed and skewered.
    it takes two to tango is all i can say….

  21. serena says:

    Something’s not right.
    I have the feeling she is defending him too much, while he constantly give off the douchbag vibe.

  22. Your mama says:

    @ Anyway – right on point.

    What is not to get? I give her credit for trying to keep it positive. No matter what a d-bag we may think of him, she doesn’t want to trash him b/c he is the baby Daddy of her 5 children. Take the high road Lauryn.

    I do wonder who the new Daddy is though?? Anyone have even a clue???

  23. Larissa says:

    He did acknowledge the other 5 children, why he would not do the same to the 6th if it was his child too? I mean, am pretty sure this people ARE aware of who the hell they have been banging with to deny or confirm ones paternity!!!! So stop the non-sense!!!!!!!!
    Ofc she will come out to defend him, especially him being her childrens father and the rumors being unfunded, plus the child must have a father that should be taken in consideration, hence that statement.

  24. Bitchbelying says:

    Lauren was obsessed with Bob Marley’s family before she married Rohan. She will take all his scrap because she essentially is still obsessed with all things Bob Marley.

    Nah, nah & nah–wrong baby mama. But the model does look like Cindy Breakspere, mother of Damien Marley.

  25. Mary says:

    The brazilian model is Isabeli FontanA. And watch out Rohan, she likes to collect childs from her relationships.

  26. BigHair&Pearls says:

    Kaiser, I’m surprised. No mention of the tag hanging in the jacket in the first pic?! U’re usually Ms Hawkeye!

  27. Lucky Charm says:

    @ Your mama – maybe it’s the same one as January Jones’ baby daddy! They both are pretty evasive about the daddy’s.

    “Mr. Marley did not abandon me while pregnant with HIS child. We have had long periods of separation over the years but OUR 5 CHILDREN TOGETHER remain a joy to both of us.”

    That pretty much tells you straight up that Rohan is not this baby’s father.

  28. jc126 says:

    Doesn’t seem ambiguous to me at all: Rohan is not the dad. I loved her statement about “inaccuracies” regarding their relationship – is it not accurate that he was still legally married to someone else? Over the course of a decade plus he couldn’t get divorced? @@
    I think he dumped her, too. Really, flame away, but I think having five kids and probably being cheated on by a guy – based on his behavior before – is kind of embarrassing.

  29. Swinky says:

    (slightly) off topic: Miss Original Bellaluna (#5) I só heard the voice of Ross in my head when I read your ‘We were on a BREAK’-comment, it was my private moment of joy for the day. Thank you!

  30. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    When will she EVER have time for another album chasing 6 kids around?

  31. ADS says:

    You used the most unflattering pics you could find of a very beautiful woman. How original.

  32. miapatagonia says:

    Lauryn Hill has shown that she is a gifted/reclusive/eccentric Brando-type. She’s complicating her life by having too many kids, during her prime creative years!

  33. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    What a beautiful lady, no wonder she has so many kids.

  34. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    @ Bitchbelying -

    Thank you! I knew it was one of the baby mamma’s he was chasing in that model chick. Like father; like son.


  35. Scarlet Vixen says:

    How does a mother of FIVE even have the time/energy to go find another baby daddy for number SIX? I’ve got 2 and I’m hella exhausted all the time, so I’m really impressed.

  36. Jenn says:

    She has completely burned herself out, wasting incredible talent while giving birth nonstop to kids who have a deadbeat dad and batshit mom. You never even see her with them. Couldn’t she tie her tubes?

  37. Cinderella says:

    Birthin’ all them babies…no wonder she’s crazy. Her hormones must be all over the place.

  38. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Lauryn Duggar, no!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Heinh says:

    What’s with the price tag stickin’ out under her arm in photo 1?

  40. lolo says:

    Can someone tell me what is this hate on Lauryn Hill, is it a crime to have many children if you can take care of them. Why are people on Lauryn’s case when Angelina and Brad Pitt have 6 kids and are not married? Why are people tripping, according to celebrity net Lauryn is worth 20 million dollars and the Marley’s are wealthy as well, Rohan is the brains behind current Marley estate business deals.

    Do people do research before they post anything negative about this woman considering how private she is? Are people sure that she was really dumped, is this brazillian model really dating Rohan (really cannot compare a model to an extremely talented artist) clearly its plain stupid. Why are people suprised that he is a dating a white woman, his first wife Geraldine Khawly looks latino.

    People who spread rumors about Lauryn are pathetic and evil. They seriously have an agenda. In recent years some media outlets claimed she is crazy and on drugs, when there was no evidence of such. Now she has her sixth child people are raving and ranting as if she has killed someone. I believe there is conspiracy to tarnish her image.

  41. ViktoryGin says:

    Yeah, after my last post on this controversy I went ahead and assumed for myself that the baby is not his. Surprise

    Kaiser, you assume that these super-humans conduct their relationships like us mere mortals. You know getting “married” and “dumped” and having “breakups” like those of us with flesh and blood. But these people don’t operate as such.

    In all earnestness, their relationships are in a perpetual state of flux. So the conventionally-accepted code of behavior for conducting yourself in a relationship does not apply here.

    @ Nah, Nah, Nah

    I read your response. I wasn’t able to answer you on your last post in time. Interesting notion about their attempts to birth a/the messiah. If there is any truth this, they are officially full of shit. This is why I’m generally over these “more enlightened than thou” types, because more often then not the spirtual sensibilities are mired in such hypocrisy. Always trying to be someone else’s beacon of light when they can’t get their own affairs in order. Personally, they can kiss my yuppie, bourgeois, only-having-kids-by-one-man-that’s-not-married-to-someone-else, black ass.

    (Was soooo over Erykah Badu and that last kid, because the only difference between her and a hoodrat is talent. Hoodrats will always manage to find the gutter. It’s been sanctified by Bob Marley, so it’s all good *side eye*)

    Rant: OVER.

  42. Nah, nah & nah... says:

    @ ViktoryGin:

    Great minds (ie: ours) think alike.:-)

    @ 41.lolo:
    July 28th, 2011 at 10:16 am:

    I thought I said this woman could still outsell Gaga AND Rihanna. I’m not sure how that qualifies as hate.

    She’s loopy. She’s unconventional and has an unconventional lifestyle. Facts is facts, sugar. That ain’t hate; that’s life.

  43. nessa says:

    Why is everyone calling him a Dbag?? as a woman, she needs to make the smart decisions and clearly she is too ghetto to know how.. she’s the low morals, low self esteem woman that can’t keep her legs closed, or make good judgement calls and yes I am a woman..Lauryn is straight GHETTO…have some self respect for yourself! stop popping out babies with just anyone like it’s normal, cause it isn’t…she states herself that she and the baby’s father “have long periods of separation and are not together most of the time” WTF! get your tubes tied or get on some birth control..get some self resepct and lose the GHETTO mentality…$$ obviously again cannot buy class or brains…gross!!

  44. lolo says:

    To nessa

    Lauryn Hill grew up in the surburbs and went to white schools. Calling her ghetto is just plain stupid because people judge her based on rumours not facts. Who cares if she has 2 baby dadies what about Scary Spice,Chris Jenner, Matt Damon’s wife married or not the list is endless. What if she wants to have a lot of children. Marriage is a piece of paper therefore does not guarantee anything, being spiritually connected to someone is more important.

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  46. Made me immediatly think of “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” –Mark Twain