Eddie Cibrian: LeAnn Rimes “is very healthy, and to me – perfect”


I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve talked about LeAnn Rimes and her goal in life, Operation: Thinner Than Brandi. Ever since Eddie Cibrian began slipping LeAnn the Cibridong on the regular, LeAnn has been on a quest to remake herself into the very image of Brandi Glanville, Eddie’s ex-wife and perhaps his female ideal as far as body types go. That’s what we keep hearing – that Eddie is behind the rapid slender-izing of LeAnn, because he likes his women bony, with bolt-ons. LeAnn’s special project has been going well, and she seems very proud of her bones, twit-pic-ing bikini photos of herself regularly.

So now that Eddie has a job and he actually gets to speak to promote his new show (The Playboy Club), he was finally asked what HE thinks about LeAnn’s body purge. He was actually pretty sweet about it, telling Extra that “I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.” He also told Extra that he and LeAnn work out together regularly and “she really loves to work out. If I had my preference, I’d rather go outside and play basketball or golf.” Here’s video of the interview – by the way, how lucky is it for LeAnn that Eddie’s main female costar is a lesbian? Amber Heard isn’t interested in the Cibridong. I bet LeAnn is still worried, though.





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  1. J O'C says:

    “You are so beautiful……to meeeee!”

    That’s kind of like saying to someone, “Well, *I* don’t think you’re fat.”

  2. Kaboom says:

    I’m more worried for his health. Banging a folding chair might leave him bruised.

  3. Samigirl says:

    I’m glad you included that picture of her “abs.” Uch. I’m so over LR.

  4. brin says:

    If he had his preference, he’d be single. I actually thought he looked uncomfortable…probably because he was there to talk about the show and not Leann.

  5. seal team 6 says:

    Yeah, that “abs” photo is horrifying. Hip bones are not a v-cut set of abs.

  6. gee says:

    LMAO @ Kaboom! Accurate!

    And I think this show as potential to be pretty good. Like a nice and trashy mad men knock off.

  7. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @brin, he probably was, but it just goes to show where his bread is buttered and why he won’t be leaving her anytime soon (since she’s the source of his notoriety). I’m sure LeMan was thrilled with the line of questioning though.

  8. brin says:

    @MorticiansDoItDeader…true, he is stuck with her (for now)…this karma thing is working in it’s own way.

  9. francesca says:

    The fringe. OMG the fringe.

  10. Ari says:

    Well at least he actually SAID something about all this and her looks. But love makes people delusional lol

  11. Jezi says:

    You really think he would say something negative? Can you imagine Leann’s wrath? Cue the music theme from “Psycho”. The funny thing is EbonyShiksa predicted that he soon would be forced to defend Leann’s honor publicly at some point. His silence wouldn’t go over very well at all.

  12. HawaiiGirl says:

    Must be so hard for someone as homely as Jezi and the other BB’s to stand seeing LR with such a hot guy, lol.

  13. brin says:

    Hey Jezi! Can you imagine after finally getting a job and all the media wants to know about is Leann’s weight?
    Sux to be Eddie…lol!

    Oh…when did Leann go to Hawaii?

  14. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Of course Eddie thinks she’s perfect; she looks just like Benjamin Franklin to him!

  15. EbonyShiksa says:

    Oh Princess Eddie….You should’ve stuck with print like I said you should. NOTHING you say regarding her is believable, except for the part where you reiterated that that she “REALLY, REALLY LOVES to work out.”

    He nods his head over and over, and you know he believes it and her physique speaks that truth.

    Now, as for the part of him saying “she looks great and healthy”, notice that he shakes his head from side to side, which is USUALLY the tell for someone saying “no”. Someone saying something or making a positive statement WHILST shaking their head means THEY don’t believe what they’re saying and/or are telling a lie and their body is betraying them.

    I know this sounds crazy, but seriously. Look at the difference between when he’s saying she LOVES working out versus him saying she looks healthy and perfect to him.

    Anywho, who wants to bet LR was in the background with cue cards giving him hand signals to fiddle with his WEDDING RING so that everyone knows that’s HER MAN!!!

    Ps, If you think Amber Heard being a Lesbian means Ed’s Wandering Peen won’t try any funny business, you don’t know the REAL Princess Eddie. It’s probably a turn-on for him.

  16. Jules says:

    I am sure she is paying him well to say such crap. His show will probably last 3 episodes tops.

  17. Jezi says:

    @Hawaiigirl Hahahaha, I’m the homely looking one? Ok then. I honestly am LMAO on that one. There is nothing of Leann’s that I would want. Thanks but no thanks. I got my own goodlooking man, don’t want hers or his dirty sheets :)

    @brin Hey girl! LOL…I’m not sure, but she really tries hard to convince people she’s attractive.

  18. Goofpuff says:

    Yeah he obviously thinks she looks like crap, but doesn’t want to interrupt the money train so he’s lying with LR behind the scenes. I love her bikinis but the skeletor body does not do them justice. If we can see your ribs, you are too skinny!

  19. Tierra says:

    LOL@ his face in that 3rd pic, its like he’s sending a signal to someone saying “help me get the f*ck away from this mess”.
    Their pics are very telling lately. LR is always clinging and hanging onto him while he looks like he’d rather be anywhere else but beside her. She might as well tie a noose around his neck and pull him along beside her.

  20. John Wayne Lives says:

    Look at how he furrows his brow when she asks about LR for the second time. He is NOT liking this line of ??’s.
    Um, she doesn’t look healthy Eddie. oh, wait, I forgot you like the twigs with bolt-ons.

  21. Leticia says:

    @HawaiiGirl, LeeAnn is that you?

  22. Madisyn says:

    @ HawaiiGirl,

    What are “the other BB’s”?

  23. Tiffany says:

    I had to find a photo or video or LeAnn from early and even the middle of her career. She was not a knockout but she was cute even during her marriage to Dean. What the hell happened? I am all for catty comment when it comes to her because it was of their own doing but, it breaks my heart to see any woman completely lose their self woth and not improve for the better with their partners. LeAnn, you have the checkbook, you don’t need to change. Eddie will continue to think you are the sexiest thing on 2 legs as long as the checks clear.

  24. the original bellaluna says:

    *waves @ Madisyn, brin, jezi, Morticians, Seal Team & dread pirate*

    I think “the other BB’s” means Bitter Bitches. Am I right HawaiiGirl?

    Now, on topic: The first thought in my head when I read the header was “And this is why LR will never get healthy.” She’s going to continue on this thinsanity train until she’s hospitalised or in rehab for that time honoured classic “exhaustion.”

    And then EC will have access to her money AND all the jump-offs his dong desires, ’cause she won’t be around 24/7. Way to think this through, Eddie; way to think this through.

  25. Rosanna says:

    Me thinks he was charging his ex with an eating disorder…

  26. It is ME!! says:

    Good lord, LeAnn is ugly!

  27. John Wayne Lives says:

    His goddamn dimples are so cute! arg! why such a dog Eddie?!

  28. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Madisyn, the BBs are the Brandi Bunch (the ladies here who defend Eddie’s Ex Brandi Glanville).

    @Jezi, if that’s your picture next to your name I happen to think you’re quite pretty.

    @HawaiiGirl, I don’t consider myself a BB, but I do dislike LeMann. I would be happy to share
    my picture for you to scrutinize, if you’ll share
    yours with the ladies here.

    @the original Bella, **waving back** maybe you’re right, she probably does mean bitter bitches. I always think “Brandi Bunch,” like the Brady Bunch (you know, upbeat, responding kindly to criticism etc.). Plus, I thought some of the ladies here may have called themselves the Brandi Bunch? Anyway, if BB stands for Bitter Bitches, count me in!

  29. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna

    “Bitter Bitches”, loves it. Oh, I’m ‘bitter’ alright but not over THIS woman. Bitter over my last relatiionship, yes, bitter over LeAnn Whines, not so much.

    Yeah, I’m a bitch, just because, well, I am. Nuff said.

    The only thing I may envy about Whines is the money, mostly because I don’t have any. Of course, if I was going to REALLY envy for money alone, I’d shoot a bit higher, as her money will surely run out at the pace their going. I’d wish for Brangelina money, Bill Gates money, Warren Buffet money, money that continues to come in.

    I can’t imagine having to follow my boyfriend/husband around CONSTANTLY. That would get old, fast. I’d bet dollars to fat-free donuts, she monitors his cell phone and goes over the home telephone bill with a fine tooth comb.

    And this is something to be bitter about?

  30. Thea says:

    God love Eddie. He is simple isnt he. You say things Like, but your beautiful to me, because you know the bitch ugly, but to keep her off your back and get your allowance, you say that. Like when you ask your friends does this make my ass look big, and they go “Not really”. You know that it does and they are being nice.

  31. Madisyn says:

    @ Morticians

    If your right and its the “Brandi Bunch” well, I will tell @ HawaiiGirl, NOT ME, GIRL!

    I don’t know Brandi Glanville, don’t want to, don’t defend her. I just don’t care for Whines. Her smugness just bugs me. Her constant attempts to hurt another when she already ‘won’. I don’t care who it is, there’s just no need for it, especially as this woman is the mother of her husbands sons.

    For me, personally, “Bitter Bitch” definetely describes me better. See reasons above.

  32. sapphire says:

    I’ve been a bitch since before this mess began and I am not about to change for some pock suppet from Kona.

    Not a ringing endorsement even in guy-speak.

  33. Rita says:

    Still with the skinny talk? Nobody cares and never did. She’s going through “famewhore withdrawls” with no music or anything else to grab attention. She’s fully recruited Eddie into her American Fool tour which will no doubt get him fired from his latest gig like it did the last job he had.

  34. brin says:

    LOL@dread pirate cuervo & Thea….Eddie will do/say anything for the Benjamins.
    *waving to bellaluna, Madisyn & Morticians (with whom I totally agree).*
    Yay….Rita’s arrived!

  35. the original bellaluna says:

    Jeez! First the TCC, then the Crack Clique, now the BB’s…we’re gonna need new jackets again, Ladies. ;)

  36. Rita says:

    @brin- You do make my day.

    @bellaluna- The BB’s are a well established group. The moniker might be copy righted by now. Be carefull you don’t get a cease and desist letter.

    Now that Brandi’s career is taking off and she’s hired an assistant, LeAnn will have to dig deeper and deeper in her famewhore bag just to get noticed.

    Bye bye LeAnn. Eddie doesn’t need you anymore. LeAnn when he gets up, LeAnn at breakfast, LeAnn on the set, LeAnn at lunch, LeAnn on the drive home, LeAnn at dinner, LeAnn brushing her teeth….A washed up singer hanging on like a barnacle to a wrecked ship. Good luck with that Eddie!!!

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Rita – :D LOL @ “barnicle to a wrecked ship”

  38. Jezi says:

    @MorticianDoItDeader Yes, that’s my picture and thank you. You’re very sweet. I would also love to see Hawaiigirls’ pic.

    @all the lovely ladies waving…waving back.

    @Madisyn We are the BB’s (Brandi Bunch)…the group on twitter who have defended Brandi when she had no one. She never asked for it but we did it cause Leann’s fanatics are cray cray. But it was more like we made comments about Leann and they came attacking. We came up with the name. It was just something funny and it spread like wildfire. :)

  39. Lady D says:

    I wanna be a bitter bitch. Please pretty please. I’ll take notes.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Lady D – Welcome. Our new jackets are on order, as we’ve had to change them 3 times now. I’m thinking maybe we should pick one and put it on the back as a logo, and then just add patches, a la motorcycle clubs. It’d be much cheaper that way. :D

    @ Rita – Thanks for the heads up!

  41. Madisyn says:

    @ brin *waving back*

    @ bellaluna, “we’re going to need new jackets again, ladies”. Get the f*ck out. Thats the best comment I’ve seen in a long, long time. I think we need separate jackets, depending on the thread. I’m wearing my “Bitter Bitches” one, as we speak.

    @ Jezi, you go girl. You be a “Brandi Bunch” but with all due respect, I don’t twitter, so I’ll leave that to you girls. I’ll stick to “Bitter Bitches” as it describes me much better. I’ll support you in theory and commentary though.

  42. brin says:

    @Madisyn….I’m with you, girl. There are several of us on here who aren’t on twitter but support Brandi and the Brandi Bunch. *putting my jacket on*

  43. Jezi says:

    @Madisyn It’s all you girl!! I will support you bitter bitches just the same ;)

  44. gg says:

    Hey “BB’s”, have you read the derogatory piece on Brandi at Radar Online? How much money do you think SleezeAnn paid to have them run the story and smear Brandi? Waves back at ya :)

  45. Susan O. says:

    Thin can be healthy but she looked better with another 10 packed on. Eddie could be aging from worrying about the ex’s influence on the boys; if the content of the Radaronline article exposing Brandi’s m.o. is correct.

  46. brin says:

    @gg…just checked it out…that’s got Leann’s pawprints all over it. She and Eddie must really be desperate.

  47. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @brin, **waving back**

    @Jezi, funny….When Irena NL was calling everyone ugly I offered to “exchange” pictures and she didn’t have a thing to say either.

    @the original Bella, I like the patch idea! Can the jackets be satin like the pink ladies from Grease? LOL. I’ll let the other “BitterBitches” choose the color!

    *Waves @Madisyn @Rita*

  48. Jezi says:

    @gg I read that crap and that’s what it is…crap. If Brandi was such a horrific mother then why in the world did they leave the kids with her while they temporarily moved to Chicago? Anytime Brandi is getting more attention, Eddie and Leann decide they want to smear her in a stupid article. Meanwhile, they are the ones who look worse. They aren’t liked because they use those boys and bash Brandi. This is what got them looking like the POS they really are in the first place.

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    @ gg – Going to check it out now. OK, back. I’m not buying it. I don’t think Brandi is that kind of mom, not from what I’ve seen/read of how she’s handling this separation. What an awful, awful article to write about her. Googling Leann in front of her kids? Uh-uh, not buying she’d Google LR AT ALL, let along in front of her kids.

    @ Madisyn – Thanks. :D

    @ Morticians – Whatever colour you want, we’ll do. We are still individuals, after all! ;)

  50. Rita says:

    Brandi’s tweet about “doing” that guy was stupid. Jezi, I hope you tweet her out on that. Jesus, Brandi you have tons of support and then do that. Who ever told Brandi to not explain or respond on twitter was exactly right.

    The story is so obviously planted by LeAnn and Eddie. Again it shows just what lowlifes they are. Naive my ass. Eddie and LeAnn raped Brandi’s life and they continue to do so.

    This is what I mean by Brandi making a life for herself and LeAnn not being able to move on. If they keep this up, Curb Records, NBC, and their sponsors are going to have a twitter/email war to the point that they wish they never heard of Eddie the turd.

  51. Jezi says:

    @Rita It wasn’t exactly the best tweet from her. I already texted her this morning about it. This is who she is…she tweets sometimes without thinking about things. But it in no way has any reflection on how she is as a mother. That’s what’s disturbing though. Her boys were with Eddie or sorry Eddie’s parents that weekend. That article was disgusting.

  52. EbonyShiksa says:


    I completely agree. I remember when I saw that tweet, I groaned and wanted to smack her on the forehead. The thing is she jokes around like that. She has like NO internal filter. She tweeted months ago about how sex with a cast was uncomfortable. I thought it was funny, yet all of Leann’s minions jumped on it and called her names like “whore” and “slut”, forgetting that their idol f-cked a married man while she was married herself.

    It sucks that Brandi has to be the one who has to watch what she says and be the “classy” one, especially when EC&LR have been anything BUT…But she has to. Rimes and Co WANT her to be looked at badly as though in some weird attempt, it’ll undo all THEIR bad PR. (Not bloody likely).

    She explained that the reason why she slept in that bed (with her Ex-fiance) was that her new dog who isn’t housebroken yet peed on her bed. Make sense, she never lies, but she needs to be more careful about what she tweets. Money talks and Leann Rimes is going to make sure that BG gets as much negative press as possible.

  53. why? says:

    Of course Eddie thinks that Leann looks perfect and beautiful, it’s sorta like how he thinks that it’s not child focused to expose his kids to the media/press/tabloids despite the fact that he allows Leann to make tweets about those kids and staged over three different photo-ops with the kids on Monday just so that EC could promote his career and of course People mag’s latest fluff piece about their wedding.

    By golf and bastketball, EC really means he perfers to exercise by seeing his other mistress. LR HAS to go to the gym with EC, if she doesn’t she might find the internet plastered with photos of EC making out with some woman at the gym.

    I find it quite interesting that EC is “defending” LR NOW because once again it just shows that she is reading what is being posted about her and EC relationship. What couple has to take cues about how to be a couple from public forums?

    I also agree that BG should have been careful with that tweet because LR is looking for any reason to get those kids away from BG. I also find it interesting that RADARONLINE and STAR mag had absolutely no problem when it was LR who was making sexual comments about EC and a tickeling session that they had with the kids. Or the fact that LR was talking about being in the same bed with those boys before either one of their divorces was final. But LR has something to promote(her new People mag fluff piece) and what better way to get sympathy for and EC, than to pay STAR mag to write negative articles. EC and LR got a lot of backlash for staging photo-ops with the kids on Monday and they are trying to fix it by releasing this story from STAR mag and RADARONLINE about BG.

  54. why? says:

    Didn’t Amber Heard make a statement saying that every man wants to be EC and that every woman wants EC?

    Was she trying to promote the show by hyping up EC or sending LR a message?

    Seeing as how LR just had People mag write yet another fluff piece about their wedding to once again convince everyone that all is well in her relationship with EC, I’m thinking that EC is cheating and it’s getting worse.

  55. Jezi says:

    @EbonyShiksa We wrote almost the same thing. Most of us who know Brandi, know how she is. She jokes about everything…sucks that now she has to curb herself because Leann and Eddie want to make her look bad so they can look good. Well honestly…it will take a shit load more to do that.

  56. Rita says:

    @Jezi @Ebony

    You ladies are straight arrows and I know you won’t make excuses for Brandi. LeAnnInc. is just laying in wait to pounce on Brandi. Brandi can’t worry about it but she also can’t do stupid things to feed the fire.

    IMO, it was Darrel Brown who planted this story after running it by Eddie and LeAnn first. We’ll be talking to NBC if shit happens again, as for Curb, they probably wanted to dump Rimes two years ago.

  57. brin says:

    Planting a story like that in a tabloid just makes Leann & Eddie look worse than they already do. They will not change anyone’s opinion of them.

  58. sapphire says:

    Late again.

    I’m not a Twitter fan but “Bitter Bitches” sounds great to me.

  59. why? says:

    Apparently the kids are going to go to Chicago with EC and LR. This might be a bad idea.

    The article from STAR and RADARONLINE is a RED FLAG, it looks like EC and LR are setting up their defense for why they took those kids from BG. It’s as if they are gearing up to justify why they didn’t allow those kids to return home to BG after their visit to Chicago.

    So now it looks like LR and EC are going to be staging daily photo-ops with those kids in Chicago, just like they did on Monday.

  60. fizXgirl314 says:

    hmmmm I dunno man some of those pics are scary. Those bones jutting out look like they hurt.

  61. Madisyn says:

    Yeah, the RADAR story has LeAnn’s HOOVES all over it.

    I would hope EC has the good sense (I know he married Whines) not to bring an eight year old and a four year old to a tv set, where ‘sex’ is the implied and overt message. Whines is going to have her hands full ‘baby sitting’ EC on THAT particular film set. So who’s going to watch the children? Not LR, she’s going to be ‘monitoring’ him on set. AT ALL TIMES! I’m sure the producers already HATE the fact that LR is going to be ‘watching’ filming all day, as it is.

    I got a feeling, if she starts jealousy shit with the other actresses, they won’t just ban her from the set, they’ll just get rid of him. She’s also an internet/twitter liability to a show, I personally, want to check out. Not for EC, but the premise.

    If you ladies think that RADAR story is bad, JUST WAIT until RHOBH starts. If the previews of Brandi being a bitch on the show are true, EC and LR are going to have alot more ammunition. It’s only just begun and its going to get ugly!

  62. DethHammer says:

    *waves to all my fellow “Bitter Bitches/ Crack Clique” ladies* Hi, I hope I’m not too late to the dance! Ugh, skeletor Rimes could cut a b*tch with that pelvis!

    I want my jacket to be purple! :)

  63. Madisyn says:

    @ DH (DethHammer)

    Your never to late to the dance. “Cut a bitch with that pelvis” Loves it! Do you want your tank top with “Bitter Bitches” on it in purple too?

    Have you popped on over to the mini tailgate over at the Blohan post, if you did, I didn’t see you? That’s where you’ll find the “Crack Clique”.

    “Bitter Bitches” and “Brandi Bunch” here.

    “Crack Clique” over there.

  64. skilo says:

    Okay I’m gonna have to point out Eddies drastically receding hairline in that shot from extra. I bet it’s from the stress of being married to an annoying, insecure, psycho who won’t let him out of their sight for 5 minutes.“I think she looks wonderful. She is very healthy, and to me — perfect.”-EC Well if Leann is really EC’s idea of perfect that speaks volumes about him now doesn’t it ?
    I follow Jezi on Twitter she’s very pretty, has an attractive man, and a stunning little boy OF HER OWN. So no need for her to be jealous of Leann’s bought and stolen “family”.

  65. DethHammer says:

    @Madisyn *waves to you* Omg, maybe LeAnn is so bony because she plans to sharpen her pelvis and elbows and ribs into points so she can use them as weapons against Brandi and any woman who would even dare look at Eddie for more than two seconds!

    YES I want my tank in purple too please! With red glitter! :D

    Yes, I’m over at the Blohan post. I ordered a double cracktini, vodka melon balls and canapes a la percocet, and I’m still waitin’! I need to get my Crackapalooza fix on! LOL

  66. Lady D says:

    “Bitter Bitches” and “Brandi Bunch” here.
    “Crack Clique” over there.
    Appreciate you keeping everything straight for us Madisyn. I also think Original B’s idea of patches on jackets is a really good one. Who knows how many patches we could end up with.

  67. Madisyn says:

    @ DH, purple tank with red glitter will be delivered at the next crack tailgate. I need to order them special, so by the time of the Oct. 19th tailgate, they’ll be ready.

    I can only dream that someone/anyone who is going to be working in Chicago will give a few anonymous stories about EC and LR to the tabs, that would be precious.

    @ Lady D, too many to count. I’m keeping these things straight for my own benefit, as it can be confusing posting multiple times on as many threads. I don’t know if you were being sarcastic or funny. I hope funny. If not, sorry to offend.

  68. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @the original Bella, I’ll take a black Jacket please!

    @Madisyn, I’ll take my tank in black too! Whatever color glitter you’d like ( I trust your judgement) ;)

  69. Sophie says:

    Almost all of you are really bitter women. Eddie and LeAnn are laughing their ass off as they are enjoying their life as you write about them in almost every article here. Get a life and enjoy it instead of doing this. I do not write often but had to point out this one.

  70. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Morticians – Done!

    @ Lady D – I just think the patches will *ahem* streamline, if you will, our “look.”

    @ Sophie – Oh, honey.

  71. Melancholy says:

    I love my life, Sophie. My husband was fresh out of the wrapper, so I didn’t have to steal him, and I’m his type already so I don’t have to change to please him. :) It has all been lovely, but thanks for the concern.

  72. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna

    You said “Oh, honey”. My first thought was “Oh dear God, here we go again”. Same sentiment, different wording.

  73. Madisyn says:

    My second thought was: In that Dina Lohan tone when the Carvel ice cream shit went down and she said “wait until Lindsay and Ali here about this”.

    I’m thinking, ‘wait until the “Bitter Bitches” and the “Brandi Bunch” HERE ABOUT THIS’!

  74. brin says:

    Mornin lovely BB Peeps! *waving in my jacket*

  75. the original bellaluna says:

    Mornin brin! (Although it’s way early here, so I’m going back to bed soon.) ;) In my jacket, of course.

    I know, Madisyn, but what’re we gonna do, right?

  76. crtb says:

    Antonio Bandares defends his scary skinny drugy alcholic plastic faced ugly tatoo wife and eveyone thinks he’s so sweet. Why cam’t Eddie say lovely things about his wife? What is the difference?

  77. Susan O. says:

    lighthearted, safe environment without fear of harassment, excessive negativity, or bullying??? Here? Anything but on the Rimes-Cibrian threads.

  78. skilo says:

    “Antonio Bandares defends his scary skinny drugy alcholic plastic faced ugly tatoo wife and eveyone thinks he’s so sweet. Why cam’t Eddie say lovely things about his wife? What is the difference?”

    Well the main difference is Melanie doesn’t have to pay for Antonio’s “LovE” and they have been married quite a long time yet she doesn’t have to stalk him 24/7 and considering her age, lifestyle and plastic surgery mistakes Melanie is still better looking than Leann!

  79. skilo says:

    “Almost all of you are really bitter women.” “Get a life and enjoy it instead of doing this. I do not write often but had to point out this one.”

    Gosh, that sounds really familiar……
    I’m not bitter at all my (very good looking husband and I have been together 13 years, I’ve a fantastic kid (of my own)and my family and friends all love me for who I am. So……….

  80. Violet says:

    Ha, ha. Of course, Eddie thinks LeAnn looks perfect — his type is his ex-wife Brandi, and LeAnn has completely reshaped her body to look like hers, including going so far as to get breast implants.

  81. crtb says:

    Well the main difference is Melanie doesn’t have to pay for Antonio’s “LovE” and they have been married quite a long time yet she doesn’t have to stalk him 24/7 and considering her age, lifestyle and plastic surgery mistakes Melanie is still better looking than Leann!

    Then you must have forgotten that Antonio was married when he got together with Melanie and she did indeed buy him from his wife! What makes her a better match?
    She’s a plastic surgery addict, a drug addict, an alcholic, and prior to marrying Antonio a slut.

  82. Susan O. says:


    finally someone dares to speak up

  83. why? says:

    Did Leann get kicked off of the set of EC show or something because Showbiz Tonight showed her tweet about how surprised her bought and paid for gigolo was going to be so surprised when he came back to their apartment after spending quality time with his other mistress, opps I mean “working” and she even thanked HGTV and JP with their apartment overhaul(Oh please tell me that LR and EC are not being featured on some HGTV home special to promote EC Charisma campaign or that they are now shilling products for HGTV now)?

    On another note, LR must be losing it with the media comparing Kim K wedding to that of the Royal wedding, I’m sure LR is going to be spending the rest of the month having her mouthpieces do features on her and EC wedding.

    Why can’t EC say lovely things about his wife? Because he is a LIAR and paying EC to say nice things AFTER people point out how EC NEVER EVER defends LR isn’t going to convince people that EC and LR are happy or in love. Everytime LR tweets about those kids, stages a photo-op with them, or writes about them on her blog she is confirming to us that we can not trust a thing that comes out of EC mouth. Remember EC thinks it’s not child focused to expose his kids to the media/paps/press, yet he allows LR to tweet about those kids knowing full well that it’s going to end up on some blog, tabloid, or tv station. So why would we believe that EC thinks that LR looks pretty or beautiful when he can’t even abide by something as simple as protecting his kids from the press by limiting what LR says about them in her tweets and on her blog?

  84. why? says:

    Is Melanie Griffith tweeting about another woman’s kids after being asked to stop, tipping off the paps when she is with another woman’s kids just so that she can depict herself as a “devoted bonus” mom THREE times in just one day because her hubby has a press conference for his show or because her single/album is coming out, having necklaces made for herself with the initials of another woman’s kids names, buying wedding rings to symbolize her relationship with another woman’s kids, singing at another woman’s kids family day after being asked not to do that, sticking her tongue down her hubby’s throat while standing on the sidelines of her bonus son’s soccer game, engaging in sexual behavior in a very revealing bikini while her bonus sons sat right next to them, and writing blog entries(which end up as exclusive stories in People mag) about another woman’s kids after her hubby threatened to sue if the kids made appearances on their mother’s reality tv show?

  85. skilo says:

    @crtb “Then you must have forgotten that Antonio was married when he got together with Melanie and she did indeed buy him from his wife! What makes her a better match?
    She’s a plastic surgery addict, a drug addict, an alcholic, and prior to marrying Antonio a slut.”

    Yeah Antonio was married,& yeah Melanie has had/has her problems. I don’t think she had to “buy” him from his wife. They are still together after like 16 years. But you’re entitled to feel how ever you feel about them, just like those of us who post on the Leann threads are entitled to feel how ever we feel about Eddie and Leann.

  86. skilo says:

    Leann and Eddie are not the first or only famous people who have cheated on their spouses, everyone knows that. Leann is not being scorned as much for the cheating/sleeping with a married man, as she is stalking and harassing his ex-wife, and refusing to respect Brandi’s feelings and boundaries where her kids are concerned. And her behavior on twitter. Don’t know why that is such a hard concept for some people to grasp.

  87. brin says:

    Mornin peeps!
    Funniest thing….Brandi tweeted that Eddie hates twitter…ha ha, Leann’s twitter addiction must drive him crazy (well, just one of the things she does that drives him crazy).
    *waving to skilo*

  88. Jezi says:

    @skilo Thank you darling…I had no idea you were following me on twitter. Who are you on twitter?

    @Susan O I will cut you…lol…just kidding…lighten up!!! Geez.

    @crtb It isn’t so much the fact that they had an affair, most people in Hollywood do, it’s the behavior of Leann and Eddie after the fact that is what has made people dislike them. Bashing Brandi and using the boys for PR has really been the issue. Leann single white femaling her, harassing her, taunting, stalking. The list is endless.

  89. skilo says:

    Mornin brin, Jezi
    Jezi, I’m seventy1girl on twitter. When I signed up there were lots of Skilos already. I’m not on twitter all the time all my friends and family are mostly Facebookers. :) But I follow you and Brandi and a few others, and check some topics sometimes.

  90. Jezi says:

    @skilo OMG that’s you??? LOL. I’m glad to know now. I think Deb started following you. She was like, whose that seventy1girl, and I was like idk but she’s cool. :)

  91. skilo says:

    @Jezi yeah that’s me :) Thanks for the compliment.

  92. why? says:

    So what exactly is the deal that LR has with HGTV and JP?

    When she made that tweet about how her hubby will be so surprised by their apartment overhaul with HGTV and JP, was she just shilling products for HGTV and JP or was she indirectly bragging about how she and EC Chicago lovE nest was/is going to be on an episode of HGTV because in LR mind, the ultimate form of showing EC lovE for her and that he isn’t cheating on her is to invite tons of people into their home via HGTV and then of course whine about how everyone is being unfair and shouldn’t judge her life when her pr stunt backfires?

    Once again, why does LR feel the need to constantly shove her relationship with EC down people’s throats by ANY means necessary? She uses charity, EC kids, EC Charisma ads(which LR used to annouce to everyone that EC is her husband), and now HGTV. If all is well in LR relationship with EC, she shouldn’t be looking for public ways to validate it. So now we are to believe that EC and LR have the greatest lovE story ever because they are going to be on HGTV? Is LR upset because Nick L and Kim K got specials for their wedding and now she is going to make her and EC lovE into a reality tv show by ANY means necessary, cue HGTV.

    I just checked and it appears that Jonathan Pierce is going to be a new show on HGTV and so it does appear that LR will be featured on a show for JP and HGTV. Let me guess, does LR episode air the week of EC new show? Seriously, when is LR going to learn, LAY LOW. This is just another way to invite more backlash. NBC is going to have a good time cleaning up this mess.

    Jonathan Pierce and HGTV should have taken a look at the responses from EC press conference for show. The response was not positive and a majority of the people didn’t want to even watch Playboy Club just because EC was in it. Good luck HGTV and JP for investing in two grown adults who use kids to rehab their images.

  93. why? says:

    Wait, Jonathan Pierce is a REALITY TV show is it not, and I thought that LR had a thing about being on REALITY tv shows.Someone should explain to LR that HGTV and Jonathan Pierce counts as a reality tv show even if they are just overhauling her and EC Chicago apartment. So LR is going to invite cameras into the rooms that she had made up for EC sons, I thought she said that she would never do a thing like that.

  94. John Wayne Lives says:

    so i popped back over here to check out the crazy, and once again why? you win.

    And what kind of sick f*cking mom would talk about f*cking some Random on their child’s sheets.

    I think Brandi’s lil stint on RH is going to be an exercise in “My how the mighty have fallen” and I’m going to enjoy the wake of destruction she leave behind her. Especially as her vicious “fans” seem to feel the need to verbally esviserate anyone who has an opinion of BG that doesn’t involve blowing smoke up her a*s.

  95. why? says:

    Speaking of crazy, John Wayne Lives has hijacked someone’s name and is making posts in that person’s name on E News.

    The real reason John Wayne Lives popped back up on this site is that I called her out on another site for using someone else’s name on JJ.

    The last time John Wayne Lives went on this “I hate BG and she is the villian for being on the RHOBH” frenzy, it was because EC and LR were gearing up to stage “happy family/devoted bonus mom/devoted father” photo-ops on Monday because EC had a press conference for his show. So I take it the internet will be bombarded with staged photo-ops of LR and EC in 3, 2 ,1 because they have something else to promote?

    So how long after John Wayne Lives appearance will the “other” “neutral” people show up posting in this thread? That is quite funny. That these “neutral” posters disappear and appear all at the same time.

  96. John Wayne Lives says:

    aww someone stole my name? now that aint right lol.
    Well, the truth is, if there is another John Wayne on another site, it aint me. Faker! (jebus, has it come to this?)

    Just because you don’t like what I have to say, doesn’t mean you have to try to wrap me in some dastardly gossip site conspiracy theory *gasp* the shock!!!

    You think it’s believeable that I suddenly started posting just on these? um, okaaay… look back a little honey. I’m aaalll over CB. (More so in the last several months, but hey, it’s summer lol. I enjoy my lazy time and this is def one of my guilty little pleasures. My Hubs will walk by..”Celebitchin it up, huh babe?” lol)
    But, you know, on that train of thought.. I don’t recall seeing you post on anyother stories here BUT the LR/EC/GB stories…and you also seem to know all about every other post, comment, and commenter on every other gossip site about LR/EC/BG (jebus, do you really have that much free time? lol)… hmmmm.
    There is an old saying that goes something like..”They that themselves are guilty, are the first to then accuse” (I don’t think I’m saying it right) but the point is, if someone is accusing you of something, it is the thing that is in their head, or actions they themselves have engaged in.
    But I’m flattered you’ve spent so much time trying to figure out who i am. I will make it easy. I am nobody important. Just a lady with an opinion. I comment on this CB site, because this is the one I like and I like the other commentors in it. That simple.
    I get an opinion just like you sister, so calm down, sit down, and try to untangle your self from this below D-Lister you claim you don’t even know ;)

  97. why? says:

    Yeap I was right, LR is indeed planning on releasing staged photos of her and EC to one of her mouthpieces. With all of the backlash from her staged photo-ops with BG and EC sons last week, you would think that she would just lay low and shut up. But she has something to prove, so out come the photos of her and EC being “lovey dovey” because in her mind looking happy and in love=that she and EC are happy and in love.

    One of LR friends had a birthday party and LR has been posting photos of it on her HPD diary(and yes in one of the photos she posted, LR is ALL over EC, was Liz at the party? Probably not because EC looks like he wants to be somewhere else other than there with LR), so it won’t be long before LR has one of her mouthpieces to write a nice fluff piece about how she and EC are happy and in lovE because they couldn’t keep their hands off of one another at the party.

    You can always tell when LR and EC are gearing up to release their staged photo-ops or twitpics from her HPD diary to her one of her mouthpieces because these “neutral/I hate BG” posters come out in full force.

    So when people like JWL show up, just expect to see the internet bombarded with photos of EC and LR and/or EC kids.

  98. why? says:

    Did I call it or what?

    I said that this John Wayne Lives character only popped back up in this thread because LR was gearing up to release staged photo-ops with EC and what do you know, come Monday afternoon Radaronline and Dailymail have photos of LR getting a tattoo in honor of EC and I’m sure that later in the day they will also release the photos of them at lollapoloza. Yeap RADARONLINE, the same site that posted the article from STAR mag about BG.

    I figured that LR was planning on releasing the photos from her friends party, but it appears that she had something more “special” because in her mind a staged photo of her getting fitted for a trust tattoo for EC on her ribs proves that EC isn’t cheating on LR right?

    So now LR thinks that she she can convince everyone that EC is in love with her and isn’t cheating on her by getting a tattoo about how EC has made LR truthful and about how she trusts him. Seriously how many trusts tattoos does she need to get on her body to convince herself that her hubby isn’t cheating on her? If LR was giving EC the comfort to know that she trusts him, she wouldn’t be in Chicago babysitting him.

    If John Wayne Lives didn’t want to get called out for making posts in other posters names on JJ and E News, why then did she do it? I guess she has spent all this time scamming this site and getting away with it, so she figured that she could use those other posters names and do the same.

    Strange how we didn’t hear or see very much from this JWL character or the “neutral” posters last week and then the moment that LR gears up to bombard the media with staged photo-ops out comes JWL to prepare the way. Strange how that happens. So when JWL posts on this site she is more than likely keeping track of the people who are posting in this thread. It’s not a coincedence that just about everytime EC and LR release these staged photo-ops the “neutral” posters show up on this site and in this thread to prepare the way.

    We know what is going on in LR world because SHE is always making it so public via twitter and her staged photo-ops with her mouhtpieces and of course these “neutral” posters who go in a frenzy just before LR releases her staged photo-ops.

  99. why? says:

    Leann is so transparent and such a classic textbook example of HPD.

    I figured that LR would be doing everything in her power to draw more and more attention to her wedding to EC since Kim K wedding was being labeled as the Royal Wedding 2.0 by several media outlets.

    Last week LR tried to draw attention to her wedding to EC by having People mag write a third article about her wedding to EC.

    This week LR is trying to draw attention to her wedding to EC by staging photo-ops of herself and EC at a tattoo parlor getting her wedding vows fitted on her rib cage(via Radaronline and Dailymail).

    What will LR do next to upstage Kim K wedding because LR isn’t happy with how Kim K wedding is being compared to the Royal Wedding, since LR thinks that her and EC wedding should be ranked right next to that of the Royal Wedding?

  100. why? says:

    LR must not have been getting favorable responses to her staged photo-ops tattoo photo-ops, so now she has brought in People mag to write a fluff piece.

    LR is making sure that EVERY media outlet is covering the story about her tattoo. Yeah LR, that is such a good way to upstage Kim K wedding. While other celebs are being honored at the Kid’s Choice Awards, LR is staging photo-ops at tattoo parlors because she thinks it’s her wedding that should be the focus of the media’s attention and to hide the fact that her hubby is cheating on her.

    What is even more interesting is that LR goes on these mega media blitzes and then gets upset when it ends in backlash against her and EC.

    LR is indeed planning on using EC kids to promote her concert this week. How odd that the kids and EC parents go to Chicago the very same week that LR just so happens to have a big concert.

  101. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ why? … You are either Brandi G. or really sick in the head. Like hyena said to you before me, I’m not responding to you any more. Get help.