Jennifer Lopez might try to get with Gabriel Aubry or Rodrigo Santoro


In yesterday’s Jennifer Lopez story, I mentioned that I was looking forward to her new post-Marc Anthony phase, the part where she gets involved with someone big and scandalous. I mentioned Ben Affleck, because there have already been rumors, and because I would genuinely think it was funny if there was a revival of Bennifer 1.0. I get that the idea of Affleck and Lopez upsets people, but seriously, I will never understand the urge to treat Jennifer Garner solo – or Bennifer 2.0 – with kid gloves. They’re just like every other celebrity couple – perhaps with even more quiet scandals than most. Anyway, the tabloids are ignoring the Ben Affleck thing this week, probably because there are new photos of Jennifer Lopez working on the Atlanta set of What To Expect When You’re Expecting, where she’s working with Rodrigo Santoro, also known as “that hot dude from 300 and Love, Actually”. You can see a photo here – that was enough for several stories about how Rodrigo is helping Jennifer “move on”.

Jennifer Lopez was seen talking “intensely” to a tall, dark-haired man in a dimly lit parking lot. He put his arm against the SUV, leaning closer to her, “so close that if she’d moved her head a few inches, their lips would’ve met in a kiss.”

It’s hotter than ever in Atlanta, Ga., now that Jennifer Lopez and Rodrigo Santoro have begun shooting scenes for their new movie, What To Expect When You’re Expecting. An on-set source says sexy 35-year-old Rodrigo is making her forget all about her ex, Marc Anthony.

“There is amazing chemistry between them,” the source tells Life & Style. “Jennifer can’t get over how hot Rodrigo is.”

And is it any wonder why J. Lo is drawn to Rodrigo? He’s the complete opposite of her controlling ex Marc!

“Where Marc was always trying to hang around J. Lo and manage and manipulate and swing deals, Rodrigo is easygoing and not threatened by her,” the source divulges. “He’s a good guy — he reads a lot, is very smart and just oozes sexuality.”

A source says Jennifer and Rodrigo “were shooting a scene where they were on a date, and the whole time it was impossible to tell what was part of the scene and what wasn’t.”

Besides giving each other “love taps” between scenes, J. Lo and Rodrigo have also been spotted hanging out alone in her trailer! And a friend of J. Lo tells the mag she wouldn’t be surprised if the single songstress decides to take things to the next level with Rodrigo.

“Jennifer doesn’t like to be alone,” a friend tells the mag. “She likes to have a man around, and Rodrigo is exactly her type!”

[From Jezebel’s Midweek Madness & Hollywood Life]

Us Weekly, meanwhile, says that Jennifer and Rodrigo have been “bonding” while Jennifer “is reveling in her newfound independence.” But it could be a ploy, and if it is, it’s working: “Marc is suspicious of anyone, especially a hot guy she is working with. It drives him crazy.” Another source says, “He can’t let go. His mood shifts from blaming her to begging her to take him back to telling her she is destroying his life. He’ll call her to apologize and then get mad and call her names.” Sources close to Jennifer “insist” that Jennifer was never unfaithful to Marc, but they also say that the littlest thing Jennifer would do would set Marc off: “Marc was paranoid she was having an affair.”

Jennifer can and has done worse than Rodrigo, who is absolutely gorgeous and reportedly a really nice guy. But I just don’t think he’s “big enough” for J. Lo. She needs to go big, and I mean fame-wise, money-wise, etc. I hope she doesn’t go for some backup dancer-type. She has before. In any case, Jennifer’s rep denied the Rodrigo story to Gossip Cop.

Oh, and In Touch must not have gotten the memo about Rodrigo, because they have her trying to get with Gabriel Aubry. ZOMG! Halle Berry will try to eat J.Lo’s face if that ever happened. Now I really want Gabriel and Jennifer to happen. It would be so amazing!





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  1. brin says:

    Oh PLEEEEZE let her get with Gabriel Aubrey….Halle would cut a bitch! Crazy vs. Loco…..this must happen!

  2. gee says:

    JLo and Gabriel Aubry would make a beautiful couple! Literally, they look so pretty. And I haaateee Hallee Barry, so whatever can piss her off, I’m all in support of.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I don’t know if Jen is gonna move on that quickly. After her previous break ups she was always alone. Now Jennifer has babies, I don’t think Jen is gonna jump on the man saddle for at least several months. Jen has to be considering them and I think she would wait awhile.

    Damn Rodrigo is so hawt.

  4. Pyewacket says:

    Yes, well JLo can try to get with whomever she pleases, but that does not mean they want to get with her.

  5. gloaming says:

    It’s probably BS. She used Ralph Fiennes to distract the press from her relationship with Ben Affleck. Ralph was mighty pissed off at the time….

  6. mln76 says:

    Purely for entertainment reasons Gabriel and Jlo must be a couple. I really want to see who wins that catfight.

  7. mel says:

    Would luv to see JLo n Halle go at it head-to-head. Both are crazy biotches!

  8. S says:

    Cough, Rodrigo is goorgeous *tries to stuff eyeballs back in her head*
    i totally see him and JLO together, she would be st*pid not to. Compared to Skeletor he is a def upgrade.

  9. Eleonor says:

    Halle Berry vs JLo I want to see this happen. Halle might be a crazy bitch, but I bet on JLo.

  10. Roma says:

    JLo vs Halle would be epic. Absolutely epic.

    Please please please please please please please let this happen!

  11. MeMyself says:

    So how many marriages has she had?

    Why can’t she just be alone with her children?

  12. keeks says:

    guess i don’t see the appeal in rodrigo. he’s like a latin Dean McDermott. ew.

  13. Sigh. says:

    Its great how her PR never misses a beat in “indirectly” reinforcing (but not yet *proving*) how AWWWFUL her husband was. I get it, JLow was a demure shrinking violet for 7 years. Uh huh.

    And even better, her ability to casually leaf through a catalog and pick out her next victim, I mean partner at random. Married, dumped long ago, father of 6, whoever. Cuz she sooo empoweredly awesome and irrisitable to all of mankind.

    Yeah…not heavy-handed at all…

  14. serena says:

    Isn’t she too old for Aubry? ugh

  15. Gwen says:

    It would be beyond awesome if she and Gabriel Aubry got together :D

  16. bigchili says:

    Totally loving the idea of JLo & Aubry. They are both so pretty. And the resulting JLo/Halle war would just be so much fun.

    FTR, I don’t care about Jen Garner, it’s the little girls that would be affected by a Bennifer 1.0 repeat. I think it’s disgusting that anyone would root for a family to be broken up. Even if it “happens all the time”.

  17. s says:

    Its real sad people believe this crap

  18. tapioca says:

    @s: Really? J-Lo has (indirectly) trashed her ex, done the big interview with Vanity Fair and been spotted out doing her “empowered, carefree single woman” dance in a bikini. Obviously the next step is hooking up with any guy hotter than Skeletor. Why not Xerxes or The Sperm Donor™?

    Hell, she’ll probably be married and pregnant again by the time I hit Submit

  19. Karin (from Brazil) says:

    Oh, Rodrigo Santoro is a LIVING GOD, but frankly, these pics don´t do him justice! Besides, Jennifer Lopez doesn´t stand a chance with Rodrigo, whose type is tall, slim, long haired blonds with long legs. Keep tryin´J-LO…

  20. Eve says:

    Just for the sake of good, crazy gossip…I’m on board with those who want a Lopez-Aubry hook-up.

    Please let this happen! *crosses fingers*

  21. brin says:

    @Eve…It would be the Super Bowl of Diva smackdowns!

  22. Mia says:

    Please let her go after Gabriel. Halle would lose her shit. Talk about a meltdown. OMG! It would be epic. I’d totally join Team JLo because she’s no Kim K and can give as good as she gets.

  23. crtb says:

    If Jlo and Gabriel hook up, Hallie will just take it out on her daughter. She will make it so that her daughter will never see her father ever again. So for the sake of her child, I don’t want to see this happen. Even though they would make the hottest couple ever!

  24. bluhare says:

    DON’T DO IT GABE!!!!!

    But I do think Lopez/Berry would make for great reading, so I think Jennifer oughta go after Olivier. Now THAT would be a smackdown.

  25. lrm says:

    oh, jlo and aubrey-HOT.
    that would be awesome.
    i dont know this rodrigo guy-but he’s cute….
    aubrey may be too nice and softspoken for JLo. but the pretty fest would be awesome!!!!

  26. John Wayne Lives says:

    @brin…”Crazy vs. Loco…..this must happen!” ahahahah! that was my lol moment for the morning :) Thanks!

  27. van says:

    Actually Jlo is younger than Halle I believe maybe 41 versus Halle about to be 45

  28. Melinda says:

    She can have GA. I’ll sit back with pop corn and enjoy the crazy. Bitch better leave my Rodrigo alone!

  29. mia girl says:

    OMG!!! Rodrigo is Karl from Love Actually and in the movie Che… ¡Como amo a este Brasileño!

    Come on, JLo and Rodrigo have already done it multiple times… No woman could be around this guy and not fall into bed with him. If they haven’t , it’s because he doesn’t want to!

  30. Hautie says:

    Oh holy cow… nothing would please me more than to see her end up with Gabriel Aubry.

    Jennifer would not take one ounce of sh*t from Halle. And Gabriel would finally have a high profile girlfriend who would parade him around without shame. They would be on every red carpet that Lopez could get her ass on.

    Oh please gossip fairy, please let it happen!

  31. Maritza says:

    Gabriel Aubry would go perfect with Charlize Theron, now they would be a perfect gorgeous couple. Jennifer Lopez would go great with Rodrigo Santoro because he is Brazilian and they are used to their women dressing sexy.Besides, Rodrigo and Jennifer are both Leo,they’d get along great. I think Jennifer needs to be careful and have bodyguards for her protection, Marc Anthony just might go crazy and want to kill her.

  32. Madisyn says:

    I’m with @ Hautie and @ Mia who think that a Berry/J Lo smackdown would be fun. Unlike Kim Kartranshian, Berry will not be able to bad mouth J Lo in the press. Since Berry is with Martinez, who the hell is she to demand Aubry not date someone ‘famous’. I think Berry could give a rats ass who Aubry dates, as long as its no one in the press/tabloids. Berry doesn’t like to share the spotlight, apparently.

  33. Madison says:

    Both those guys are hot but I think publicly JLo will stay single for a while because of the kids.

  34. Heaven bound says:

    @ Maritza can you imagine a baby with the genes of Charlize and Gabriel? That would be one gorgeous kid! You can already see that he makes some pretty looking babies.

  35. Trashaddict says:

    Last posting somebody said she was trying to look like Mariah Carey, but I think she stole Beyonce’s hairdresser.

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    1) OOOOH, it would be like the Spy vs. Spy of Divas!! Just too much fun!

    2) J-Ho would eat that dude up, spit him out, and leave him bleeding on the side of the road, curled in the fetal position.

  37. beanie says:

    Oh please…both those guys are soooo below Jenny’s standard right about now. HOw about Naomi Campbells beau? Or Salma Hayek’s hubby? Or Royalty? Jenny is so finished with c and d listers. She can and will do much better the next time around…trust…:-)

  38. LIVEALOT says:


  39. Eve says:

    @ Brin:

    @Eve…It would be the Super Bowl of Diva smackdowns!

    I’m salivating right now. I know, I know…I’m a horrible person and I’m going to hell for wishing this.