“Michael Kors is engaged, and his fiancé is kind of hot” links


Michael Kors is getting married, and his fiancé is kind of hot. [OMG Blog]
OMG – this “squid snuff film” is so creepy. [Gawker]
Madonna won‘t even go to the same fundraiser as Gwyneth. [LaineyGossip]
Nadya Suleman doesn‘t want to have sex with anybody. [Dlisted]
This made me cry – it‘s about losing beloved animals. *sob* [Pajiba]
Sienna Miller‘s wearing Golden Girls pants. [Pop Sugar]
Heather Locklear‘s face has deflated a bit since I last her. [Yeeeah]
Sean Avery was arrested for trying to pick a fight with some cops. [The Blemish]
Elisabeth Olsen‘s HFPA outfit is… not good. [Go Fug Yourself]
The business behind celebrity spokespeople for diet programs. [Jezebel]
Freida Pinto & Dev Patel are still together – they were out last night. [Celebuzz]
Mr. Bean wrecked a million dollar car. [Evil Beet]
Will Michelle Williams win an Oscar for playing Marilyn Monroe? [The Frisky]
Pauly Perrette/Abby on NCIS is the most popular TV character. [LimeLife]
I dislike Blake Lively‘s outfit here. [Moe Jackson]
Maddox Jolie-Pitt turns 10 years old today! [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Kellan Lutz shows off Kellan Lutz‘s hot Kellan Lutzy body. [Celebslam]


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  1. Meadowlark says:

    Nice, Michael Kors. Get it, girl!

  2. BW says:

    Wow! They look like father and son. Congratulations to the both of them.

  3. tlccar says:

    OMG He’s marrying Justin Bobby????

  4. teehee says:

    They look like brothers– nearly like twins :P

  5. Rhiley says:

    I hate Michael Kors. He always seems so smug whenever he is on any kind of Bravo show. Talk about Queen of the Humblebrag (my new favorite word). Now if Tim Gunn was getting married I’d be all excited for him and his spouse. I just feel sorry for the dude marrying Michael Kors.

  6. horizonte says:

    is it me, or michael kors and his fiance look very similar! similar nose, eyes and smile. the fiance looks like a younger kors.

    ETA: super creepy squid! in hong kong, at the fish market, i saw fishes that were cut in half, fileted almost, with still beating hearts. freaked me out!

  7. eldys says:

    I completely agree. The fiance looks like a son with his dad. That’s kind of strange. But I guess they must love themselves and each other!

  8. Roma says:

    The pet one was so sad :( I nearly lost my dog in June and spent close to 10k saving her life. Everyone questioned me about the expense but I was told by the vet she’d still live a great life. I used to cry on her fur when she was a puppy because my husband left and she just means so much to me. And less than a month after her surgery my brother suddenly died and I cried with her again. It was worth every dollar to have her with me.

    I love my dog.

  9. Ron says:

    I think Lance is like 44-45. And Ms Kors is 51 so the age difference isn;t that great. glad they are happy and going to the chapel!

  10. RHONYC says:

    @ teehee


    they must’ve been together forever to start looking so much alike.

    like people & their dogs. lol :lol:

  11. brin says:

    I feel they same way about my dogs & cats, Roma. I’m sorry for your loss, somehow pets feel our pain and just by being there make us feel better.

  12. anti says:

    they look related…

    they also look super happy!

  13. TQB says:

    @Roma, I work for a company that makes animal health products. I hate my job but I’m surrounded by pictures and stories of animals and the lives our stuff has saved. It’s weird because what I do isn’t meaningful to me at all, but what I am a part of is.

  14. tara says:

    he looks like the poor man’s gabriel aubrey

  15. ZenB!tch says:

    For some reason that picture made me nauseous.

    Thank you BW, it’s the familial resemblance. They are the Mick and Bianca of the gay world (thank you mom for subscribing to Hola! when I was a little girl)

  16. Michelle says:

    Good for him ! His fiance is very hot !!!

  17. Melinda says:

    @Roma- I’m so sorry. I just lost my little friend in June. Was missing her more than normal today and then I read this. I’m sure it was worth every penny to keep your dog with you. I did the same until I couldn’t.

  18. lrm says:

    @tara-i totally thought that too-looks a bit like gabe aubrey and john corbett combined, to me….

  19. Pyewacket says:


    (I know he is)

  20. garvels says:

    Doesn’t his fiance in the first picture look like Gerard Butler. Ha Ha.

  21. Turtle Dove says:

    Snuff film is right. Holy sh*t that grossed me out. Images like this are the reason that my iron levels are consistently low.

  22. Susan O. says:

    Roma…I love how you love your pet and I’m so sorry you have gone through these tragedies. Blessings, hun!

  23. Amanda G says:

    Heather Locklear is gorgeous, but that is an ill fitting dress…

  24. Maritza says:

    Damn, good catch! We all know Michael Kors is the queen in that relationship.

  25. Roma says:

    Aww thanks all! Animal lovers are always the nicest of people.

  26. Lindy says:

    Re: the Boobs Legsly post. An orange sherbet chiffon bathrobe-wrap. Charming. As usual. She is such a tacky piece of work, y’all. I want her to go away.

  27. DoMaJoReMc says:

    He is VERY “Kind of hot”!

  28. margaritachum says:

    i’m so sorry for your lost.

    @ roma
    i hope your dog is doing better now. it’s so sad when our dogs are ill or need surgery os something like that because they don’t talk but they’re little eyes say everything and we can tell (animal lovers) when they’re in pain or happy. i have two dogs and they’re my babies. i’d do everything for them.

    that being said, i’m on the look alike train. michael kors and his fiancé do look similar and that is a bit creepy other than that i wish them the best.

  29. GG says:

    OMG, they look like father and son! Something about the eyes and the smile.

  30. sam says:

    That looks like a herniated belly button. My mum woke up one day and hers had just ‘popped out’ over night. She put up for it for a few years, but eventually had minor surgery to put it right.

  31. Heather says:

    @Roma That was so touching, I’m sorry for your loss and I’m glad your dog is doing better. Dogs are the best.

  32. The Truth says:

    Wow, the guy looks like he’s Michael’s son! It’s hard to believe that Michael is just a few years older. The guy looks young!

  33. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Pyewacket.. lol, I know right lol

    When I first read the “fiance” word, my first thought was ” but I thought he was gay” ×wondering eyes×. Then when I saw them together, I just had to laugh at myself :)

    Congrats to the happy couple!!

  34. John Wayne Lives says:

    @Roma… she’s lucky to have you :)

  35. Amanda says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw that title was “oh…. Michael Kors is straight?” lol