James Franco admits he was addicted, getting into trouble on Twitter

James Franco was a guest on The View Friday to promote Rise of The Planet of the Apes, which has done incredibly well at the box office and with critics despite Franco’s dire predictions and sub-par performance. I found Franco to be pretty charming in the interview, as I often have been charmed by the guy. (Excepting Oscars season. Yes, I know I should know better.) He’s full of himself and he’s an ass, but there’s something sweet about the way he smiles and shrugs. If only he could have that same kind of enthusiasm for the roles he’s not into playing instead of acting like he’s above them.

Franco was on the show with Frieda Pinto and with famed motion capture actor Andy Serkis when Joy Behar asked him about Twitter. He admitted that he was getting him into trouble with it and claimed he was amping up the tweets trying to get people to respond:

I was addicted to [Twitter]. I never tweeted words I always did like images and video.

Sherri – like Anthony Weiner? Images.

[laughs] I did that [Tweeted the Oscars]. For me it was a way of showing another story of the Oscars.

Some people didn’t like that. For me it was interesting it had never been done before. I wanted to give a perspective of the other side.

But, I always think ‘I want ‘em to respond more’ and you think like, ‘how could I amp this up with the tweets?’ So I was getting into trouble, I was getting into dangerous areas.

Some of the trouble Franco got into on Twitter involved mocking Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch for criticizing his Oscar hosting performance. (Franco later apologized.) He also wrote “F#&k the Yale Daily News” in response to an editorial saying his Twitter messages sucked.

Then Franco quit Twitter and claimed social media was over anyway, since he was such a trend-setter. (I’m making up that last part, but I assume it was implied.) Now he’s admitting he was addicted to the affirmation that came from Twitter and he blames his nasty scrawled messages on trying to get a response out of people. He did get plenty of responses, he just couldn’t take it when they weren’t glowingly positive.

On the View, Franco also talked about his studies and interests. When Elisabeth started asking him a question, he gave her the serious side eye (that’s at 13:20 into this video and I put the screenshot below) then when he realized she was being nice he warmed up and smiled. When she asked him if there was anything left that he really wanted to study, he joked “I kind of know everything,” then quickly added “No I don’t, I’m middle of the class in all my classes.” Then he explained “I have made time for all my interests… Literature, art and film are basically the things that I love and I studied them.” Oh Franco, you’re so well rounded and self-congratulatory. Just please crawl out of your own ass a little bit and join us in the real world. I had such high hopes for you.





Franco is shown outside Letterman on 8/1/11. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Tigger says:

    Yeah, he’s a pretentious ass. As much as I loved him in Freaks and Geeks, he’s definently the kind of person I couldn’t stand having a conversation with.

  2. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Mmmmmm what a sexy side eye. Anyway I love the guy, I don’t want him to change an ounce. I just find him so sexy and smart. He is just perfect to me. IDK why. He just is. I like that James is so different from other actors.

  3. Yeah, I was worried that he was going to mess up The Rise of the Planet of the Apes…but he didn’t. I thought that movie was pretty good. Did you guys see it yet?

  4. Eve says:

    I must be one of the few people who actually loved Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes (Estella Warren’s acting notwithstanding). The soundtrack is superb — I really dig the opening credits — and the makeup was perfect. Also, Tim Roth (General Thade) plays one of the best villains I’ve ever seen.

    I’m not sure about this one with Franco but he’s not exactly someone I loathe (like Timberacting) so I might check The Rise of the Planet of the Apes out eventually.

  5. Turtle Dove says:

    There are far too many elitist snobs in this world. They think they’re the only ones with a few degrees under their belts. Taking them down a peg or two is sport to me. Getting an education should teach two things: skill development in your area of study; the fact that there’s tons of sh*t you know nothing about.

    I can relate to the internet addiction though. I have no patience for social media, but a couple gossip sites have me hooked. ;)

    Morning, Eve and LA.

  6. Eve says:

    @ Turtle Dove:

    Hi there! I’m already leaving though…

    I just wanted to add (something to your comment) that some of the most narrow-minded, stupid people I met in my life…I met exactly while studying Social Communication/Journalism in college (and now, while in Law School, things haven’t been much better). Some think that by just being there they can be automatically considered smarter than the rest.

    Having said that, I don’t think James Franco is a bad person. I just wish he stopped rubbing his education/artistic choices in people’s faces and start taking responsability for his screw-ups (instead of whining and blaming others).

  7. Turtle Dove says:

    It’s odd isn’t it… In an environment where people should be more open minded, their brains seize up and they become more intolerant of differences.

    Your Undergrad is a good compliment for the LL.B.

  8. lucy2 says:

    He completely bugs me now.
    I would think all the education he’s pursued is great, if he’d just stop telling everyone all the time. It just comes off like he’s far too impressed with himself.

  9. lrm says:

    yea, the family members i have, who have phd’s and are college profs, are the most pompous, condescending, think they are at the cutting edge of everything people, that i know….
    i’m like, really, i’m good with my BA, thanks-and I’m into many more areas that they have no idea about….
    not that they would know that, about me or the areas, of course….b/c they are too busy being at the epicenter of reality.

    I loathe academia, frankly.
    it used to be love/hate; now it’s just loathe.
    It was meant originally to enlighten and bring new information into the world. In some rare cases it still does this, but is not a requisite for it. Now it’s mainly a bastion of status quo-with people who think they are on the cutting edge instead. uugh.

    Surely, just like I homeschool my child, I can learn and enlighten myself w/o the walls of an institution…this is what eludes most academics these days.

    But on a final note: The worst part of it, to me, is that academicians are completely dispensible…they are not mandatory or necessary for life, at all.
    Auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, etc are necessary….and the problem I have is that academics [many that I know/have known], look DOWN upon these positions-I just want to laugh. Um, unless you are fixing your own car, you need them and ought to respect them inherently for the work they do. [respect the work]….I’m pretty sure I can live w/o your dissertation, which you don’t think I could possibly understand, anyway…I mean, someone not getting a phd in their particular discipline, could not POSSIBLY understand that subject matter, right?

    SO ridiculous.
    I grew up on the east coast [NE], and hightailed it to the rocky mountains as early as I could…SO refreshing to be in a lower key environment w/regard to status and academia relationship. Having lived in CA for more than 10 years, I love that the west coast (relatively speaking) lacks that pretense, as well, for the most part. (ie, what school did you go to? what degree do you have?)….

    James Franco=I don’t get the interest in him. I think he sucks as an actor. And his immature defensiveness towards any criticism of his work, is tiresome. Next.

  10. Cirque28 says:

    Wellll…. if you can’t be soooo profound and intellectual and the first person ever to have ever thought these profound, intellectual thoughts when you’re a college student, then when can you?

    Anyway, Franco. Was the perfect stoner boyfriend in Freaks and Geeks, and he kinda still is!

  11. KLO says:

    I was in love with him when i saw the Spiderman movies. And then I found out he was really short….

  12. Stellax2 says:

    @Irm, I can see your point and agree with it. I went to a prominent school for my BA, Master’s and Ph.D. However, I was not interested in TA’ing.
    You know what I did to make ends meet? I cleaned houses. It was great exercise, stress reducer and my client’s, for the most part, extremely nice. I also dog walked and sat animals. However, some of them would run background checks and say, oh you are so smart, what are you doing cleaning houses and dog sitting? My family also found a bit scandalous that I would do such “menial” work as my mum put it one time. We don’t get along so I took it with a grain of salt.
    I cannot stand the contempt and general sneering from a good part of the academic world.
    I don’t tout my education. My job is to help and provide assistance to my patients and that’s what I do.

  13. Amanda G says:

    I enjoyed him in Freaks and Geeks and Pineapple Express, but I think he’s overrated. Especially after he made a fool of himself at the Oscars.

  14. Princess says:

    I’m still waiting for him to admit that he’s hooked on H.

  15. eternalcanadian says:

    Too bad he dissed Twitter. I find it quite fun sometimes, although I have found the hard way professional athletes are some of the most rude and ignorant people. :|

  16. Eve says:

    @ Turtle Dove:

    Just to clarify: Social Communication/Journalism is not an undergrad course here in Brazil (meaning it is not a bachelor so I can get my major degree in Law) — they’re independent courses. So I’m already a college graduate in Journalism and I’m starting a new one (both lasts around 5 years here, in Law you have to study for at least 5 years just to get the bar exam).

    I hope that made sense :) .

  17. Team Six says:

    He is James Dean cool because he does not give a sh^t about all this stuff … and nothing irritates those who do take it seriously than those who do not.

    He’s a smart guy and knows it’s all a game. And he’s playing it for as long as he cares too … cool if you ask me.

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