Is the third time a charm for George Clooney and Krista Allen?

George Clooney and Krista Allen in the old days: 12/18/03. Credit: Bauergriffinonline

There’s an age old dating question that asks what it means if you are the woman (or man) someone keeps coming back to everytime another relationship ends? Are you a lap dog? Desperate? To quote Amy Winehouse, “his same old safe bet”? Or are you their true love that they’re just too scared to make that lifelong commitment to and patience will pay off?

One should ask Krista Allen how she would categorize herself. After the media frenzy that was George Clooney’s relationship with the cocktail waitress/stripper from Vegas, Sarah Larson, George has scuttled back to the patient arms of Allen.

According to the Daily News, friends say the two have been quietly seeing each other again. Krista, 37, and George, 47, began their long-running on-again-off-again romance in 2002, when Clooney cast Allen in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. They were soon seen zipping around town on his motorcycle and dated for two years until Krista broke things off in 2004. Clooney then moved on to model Lisa Snowden, before he and Krista reconnected again in 2006. When things didn’t work out, Georgie began dating waitress and Fear Factor winner Sarah Larson and the rest, as they say, is history.

“Krista has always been there for him,” a friend says. “She admits she just can’t get over him….George really loves her.”

[From OK! Magazine]

I don’t have a secret photo album under my bead with cut-out pictures of George Clooney’s head pasted on the body of grooms in magazine wedding photos or anything, but Clooney has always been kind of a romanticized figure to me. He’s got a great old Hollywood thing going on that I can’t help but be a little drawn to. But just like so many of the old Hollywood types, he seems like little more than a playboy and eternally confirmed bachelor. The only serious thing about commitment and family I’ve ever heard him say is that he’s not into it.

Allen has a son from a previous relationship that OK! says their source claims Clooney adores, but that means they know each other pretty well so it’s not just Krista’s life George keeps hopping in and out of. Krista must be pretty devoted to let him keep coming back, and sometimes, persistence gets results. Third time’s a charm, but keep in mind, Krista, there’s also three strikes, you’re out.

Here are some photos of George Clooney taken in Lake Como, Italy for a golf magazine photo shoot at the Menaggio golf club. He is shown with the club’s president Vittorio Roncoroni. Credit: OLYCOM/

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  1. geronimo says:

    Dante – out of curiousity, what does that mean? Is ‘golfer’ a euphemism for that other word with fewer letters, also beginning with ‘g’?

  2. geronimo says:

    Oh, and this story has already been denounced as completely untrue by an apparently reliable source – ie. Clooney’s rep.

  3. vdantev says:

    No, it’s that golf is the sport of choice used by corporate CEOs etc to make their dirty little deals off the record that in turn lead to the forthcoming financial debacles that allow the rich to get richer and the poor and middle classes to continue to take it up the pooper. I despise golf for this, and the fact it wastes so much prime real estate, not to mention water and resources to perpetuate itself. If you golf, you’re a snide rich elitist bastard who doesn’t really mind that 300 or more acres of good earth, pasture and forest land have been eviscerated, tamed, re-modeled and sculptured all to hell so you can chase a little white ball around. It’s a poor statement for such an allegedly eco-friendly celebrity.

  4. geronimo says:

    :D Reading you loud and clear!

  5. Leandra says:

    I can’t believe she’d fall for it again. Wake up girl! George wasn’t getting any as it’s risky out there. So what does he do but fall back on an old girlfriend. All he’s going to do is take up another valuable chunk of her life and then move on and leave her hanging again.

  6. NicoleB. says:

    Wow VdanteV…… You are my hero. I look forward to your comments more than I do anyone else’s on any other blog. :mrgreen:

  7. Kaiser says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Clooney goes back to her – honestly, I just skimmed Ceilidh’s timeline, but I think they’ve been on-and-off more times then has been previously recorded.

    Btw, in case anyone doesn’t know, Krista Allen makes soft-core porn. And I doubt she’s actually “37″ years old. :roll:

  8. geronimo says:

    K – I’m absolutely of the same opinion. They’ve been an item on and off behind the scenes for years, she has low expectations of him, lets him do whatever he wants and puts up with his crap. They’re made for each other. :-)

    The story has been denied of course….

  9. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, and to give Clooney some credit, I bet he takes care of her and her son financially. Clooney may be a womanizer who *allegedly* likes to pay for it, but I’ve always assumed he makes sure his “girls” are taken care of.

  10. stellapurdy says:

    I actually play golf and I’m neither rich nor elitist. It’s possible to play a round where I live in a state park on a course designed by Robert Trent Jones for $18. While I agree with some of your statements vdantev, there are a lot of aholes that play and many courses are designed bleed the land dry, not all of us that enjoy the sport agree with those tactics.

  11. vdantev says:

    I bear you no ill will, Stella. I’ve no grudge with the casual players, but the pros, the industry attached to the sport and the celebs who rally around it are another matter.

  12. Ashley says:

    I always liked Krista. She’s a D-list actress but a cute one.

    And I always though Sarah looked like her.

  13. Linda says:

    Hey V…not all golfers are rich and elitists and there are many times that golf courses do wonders for the land they are built on.

    I’ve recently taken up the sport and I’m a long way away from being rich…far, far from it…but I love the sport and being outdoors.

    There are 2 new golf courses that have opened up within 5 miles of where I live – one was an old slag heap – many people thought was worthless – just a dumping ground. The city has built a golf course there and has reclaimed many of the wetlands, it is amazing to see what that course has done for the wildlife that is now flourishing as well as all the native plants were planted and growing.

    There was another place that was a big poop pond (otherwise known as a sanitary land wastefield) – it is now home to two 18 hole golf courses and they too have reclaimed the wetlands – this place is really amazing as well.

  14. Jen (the other one) says:

    “If you golf, you’re a snide rich elitist bastard who doesn’t really mind that 300 or more acres of good earth, pasture and forest land have been eviscerated, tamed, re-modeled and sculptured all to hell so you can chase a little white ball around.”

    I play golf with my mom. We’re both terrible golfers, but we always have the best time together. We giggle and laugh like little girls, and the golf course is the only place that happens. We’re not snide, elite, or bastards…and the course we play on was built over a landfill. So, the golf course actually made that area green and beautiful again.

    I don’t mind the points you’re trying to make, Dante, because some of them have merit. What I find offensive is the sweeping generalization said with such malice.

  15. princess says:

    It’s official–I have a huge crush on Dante

  16. Jinxy says:

    I’m pretty sure that ended badly. I know when she dated David Spade right after GC dumped her, she was caught breaking into David’s vm account to spy on him. He’s a pretty nice guy, and his friends begged him to dump her too. He did. She’s pretty psycho, and what happened to that engagement to the bipolor writer she was all over about 18 mos ago?

    Poor Krista, too crazy for even H’wood.

  17. Isis says:

    Golf sucks. It should not even be considered a sport! A bunch nerds standing around a mound of grass trying to get a little white ball into a hole… I don’t understand the whole corporate ceo assoc. I mean any major sport star/movie star is a slap in the face to society, be it golf, basketball, football, baseball. They get million dollar contracts and whatever millions in endorsement deals, meanwhile ticketmaster is laying off tons of hardworking middle class citizens that probably don’t make even a tenth of what Kobe or Tiger Woods makes. As for George Clooney..Please! the man is clearly GAY. Juat give it up trying to make us think you’re a hearty hetero lady’s man already and go find your true ideal soulmate- James Franco. Douchebag. Either that or he’s f*ck!ng difficult to live with. How many chicks jum on and off of that mid life-crisis PSA on wheels he calls a motorcycle? Get over yourself cloondouchey you’re getting old and you’re gonna wind up alone. You and your pets. And your Pineapple Express poster!!! HAHAHAH!

  18. vdantev says:

    Like I said, for the benefit of those who came in late, I don’t have a grudge against the casual player, yada yada yada….

  19. morgs says:

    Didn’t she play Billie on Days of our Lives along time ago? And Clooney directed her in that horrible HBO show about actors in LA trying to get jobs. I think she’s smokin’ hot. They’ve been on/off for a long time. Plus, we should take note that she dumped him the first time…maybe he really does love her, but she cuts him off every so often.

  20. Cinderella says:

    Amen, Isis. He isn’t fooling anyone. He’s had some down low time, now it’s time to be seen with women again.

    As far as golf courses, the ones around us are full of more wildlife than our area “parks.”

  21. Canadian hockey fan says:

    Maybe you should talk to some people from the home of golf, namely Scotland, before you decide to launch such a useless tirade against an ancient and noble sport. Golf existed long before the United States, so please don’t make such disparaging comments about the national sport of another country. That’s certainly not very sportsmanlike and also shows your lack of knowledge and understanding about the game and those that enjoy a round on the links.

  22. vdantev says:

    And you really just can’t read or see anything past your little hurt feelings after all, can you ?

  23. Mairead says:

    Linda, could I ask you to clarify what you mean by ‘reclaim the wetlands’ – do you mean that land was reclaimed from them through drainage and other engineering means (the correct use of that term), or do you mean that the wetlands were reinstated?

    If it’s the former that could have negative effects on flood management as well as biodiversity. But if they’re putting the effort into planting of native plants, at least there should be a net gain.

    vdantev – in my heart of hearts I agree golf is a waste of land, BUT unfortunately it is a necessary evil when it comes to saving quite a number of important old estates and houses in many countries.

  24. stellapurdy says:

    Thanks for the follow up vdantev, too bad a few other people didn’t read it before shooting off their cakeholes.

    It was post #12 for all of you that appear to have limited reading comprehension.

  25. lori says:

    When the Daily News asked his office before they ran the article, they refused to they see the news isn’t going over well and they’re trying to deny it. Allen broke her engagement when he ditched the skanky Vegas gal. Don’t expect to see them out though..he never did take her anywhere but they were together for years. It’s same thing now.

  26. chessie says:

    morgs, yes, she was one of the Billie’s on DOOL.