Leonardo DiCaprio brought Blake Lively to Ben Affleck’s 39th birthday party?


Many people think that Blake Lively and Ben Affleck had something going on while they filmed The Town together two years ago. The rumors about an on-set affair persisted to the point where during The Town’s promotion last year, Blake and Ben were never positioned together, in the same space and time, and I feel like Blake was asked not to participate in a large part of the promotional tour. Then there was this interview that Ben did with Blake for Interview Magazine. That piece kind of sealed it for me – they had sex, IMO. And it was torrid.

Whatever did or did not happen, it was just another day for Blake, it seems. She was back with Penn Badgley, and assorted other dudes. One of those dudes? Leonardo DiCaprio. Blake tried to land Leo for about six months before he officially made Blake his girlfriend, and ever since, they’ve been loved up all over the place. Leo even decided to bring Blake as his “date” to a birthday party last week – Ben Affleck’s birthday party.

Leonardo DiCaprio brought an eye-catching guest to pal Ben Affleck’s 39th birthday bash: new flame Blake Lively, who costarred with Ben in The Town.

“Ben party was amazing and so much fun,” a source close to Blake says of the Aug. 13 bash, held at Ben and wife Jennifer Garner’s Brentwood estate.

Blake’s presence at Leo’s side during the party, thrown by celeb event planner Mindy Weiss, is a sign of how serious they’ve become – as Star reported, they’re even house-hunting for an NYC love nest.

But the actor, 36, hasn’t entirely given up his single ways. Three night earlier, at LA bar Goal, “Leo got on the mic for Karaoke,” says a source, who adds that Blake wasn’t around. “He’s there all the time hanging out with the guys.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

I couldn’t care less about Leo and the boys’ night. I want to hear about the birthday party. I want to know the face Jennifer Garner made when Blake walked in on Leo’s arm. I want to know the face Ben Affleck made when he saw whatever titsy, leggy little dress Blake had on. I want to know if Leo had any idea. And I still want to know if those nude Blake photos were meant for Ben. It’s killing me that I don’t know!




Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. mln76 says:

    The last thing Ben’s pregnant wife needs is to have Blake over for a birthday bash. This man is a jerk-that being said I always thought that he may have banged Blake but had a ‘real affair’ with Rebecca Hall.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Inappropriate much? I wouldn’t want someone hubs was rumoured as boffing on set, toddling around on CFM’s and wearing a slut dress while attending his party! Especially not while I was in my 2nd trimester with our 3rd child!

  3. brin says:

    Totally agree, wouldn’t be surprised if it was Blake’s idea to go. She’s shameless. *waving at bellaluna*

  4. Jenny says:

    Something about affleck is kind of off. Not sure what it is, but he seems to have smiled more around Lively than his own wife. Not saying anything happened, as there is no proof, but the entire time he was promoting the Town, he seemed happier around the cast than when posing with garner. I know they have this “we don’t pose together” thing going on, but he just seems like the invisible man who does more scowling than smiling, even around his family.

  5. gee says:

    This whole thing is so fishy. Someone make sense of it: GO!

  6. Delta Juliet says:

    I STILL don’t ger her appeal. Everything about her looks budget to me.

    And they definitely had something going on. Body language speaks volumes.

  7. Maritza says:

    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s jaws must have dropped when they saw Blake come in.

  8. Kel says:

    This pure BS .first Ben had a low key birthday with his family. Don’t you think there would pics if it was a bigbash. Second mindy Weiss ? isn’t she a wedding planner. Please !just because his ex is in the news they want drag him in some scandal too.

  9. Bubulle says:

    I have a hard time believing Jen Gardner would tolerate her presence in her house. Isn’t she rumored to be behind Blake’s nude scandal ?

  10. RocketMerry says:

    It’s killing me too, I bet it was highly dramatic. I want to see pictures!

    “The party is going rather well, isn’t it?” Jennifer smiled sweetly at her husband while looking around the room. Suddenly, her warm smile widened, as she spotted someone near the entrance, right next the newly installed, liquor-heavy bar: “Oh, look, Leo is here!”
    Ben turned around, ready to burst in some of the typical man-jokes he shared with the guy. He saw Leo taking off his jacket, grinning back at him, and waved, signaling him to get closer. As Leo navigated through the crowded room, Ben’s eyes caught a flash of perfectly oranged skin covered in a light, airy hot pink dress. His smile froze. For just a few seconds, his heart stopped pounding. Then he became intensely aware of his wife’s presence next to him. He could feel her arms next to his, her hand slowly reaching his shoulder and her fingers pressing painfully though his shirt. He dared not look at her. He knew he should not be looking at the orange-haired beauty approaching but he could not avert his eyes.
    By the time Leo had finally gotten close, Ben had relived all of the torrid details of his passionate affair with the woman, the desire, the lust…
    Leo stuck out his hand, smiling happily: “Hey, big boy, happy birthday! Jen, you look amazing…”
    Jen smiled forcefully, holding her drink tighter…

    Well, that’s all I’ve got. I need pictures, I need a story!

  11. K-MAC says:

    Blake Lively is a “rules” girl…sort of, I mean, the (unofficial) affair with Ben Affleck makes her scandalous but I LOVE that she is a f*cking hustler and knows how to work it…ALL OF IT!

  12. i.want.shoes says:

    Ben’s face has “DOG” written all over it in the 4th picture.

  13. Harley says:

    I just don’t get this girl’s appeal. She’s just so generic.

    But damn-the way he is looking at her in the last pic, and as Delta Juliet said, the body language there… They SO did it. Jen should totally kick her ass-are there really rumors that she was the one who leaked Blake’s nude pics? Hadn’t heard that before.

  14. janie says:

    i dont think you can read too much into body language. having seen the paps storm these two, i think they look grumpybc of the harassment not with each other.
    in the pic w lively it looks like a one off shot, not the hoarding that follows ben and jen.
    on a separate note bl is boring. the us has a lot more to offer than this one and kim k.

  15. corey says:

    Happy Birthday Ben….awkwaaaard

  16. Pyewacket says:

    I highly doubt that the Affleck’s would be shocked by Blake showing up with Leonardo. She has been his gf all summer, so it would be obvious he would bring her.

  17. Mia says:

    Tacky! Even if Leo can claim ignorance of her alleged relationship with Ben, she knows what went down. She knows what everyone & their mama is saying about her and Ben.

  18. April says:

    Ouch! Just imagine Jennifer’s face! Leo is either too insensitive or he’s so stupid that he believed Blake when she said “Nothing happened between us! Take me to his party and I’ll prove it to you!”

  19. You don't say says:

    I have no idea if any of this is true, afterall it is from a tabloid.

    But Garner has worked very hard to keep her “perfect mommy, perfect wife with perfect family” image going that there is no way in hell Lively would set foot in her house (truth or not to rumor, but you can be sure she knows about the rumor). I find the idea of her starting the nude photo thing funny, but not outside of the realm of possibilty–good gossip though, but again, grain of salt. Since the pregnancy announcement, she has had her requisite photos, wearing maternity outfits, with daughters in tow, taken. She worked hard to get affleck and he is not going anywhere unless she says so.

  20. carrie says:

    look the pictures with Affleck and Lively:it’s why there were all the rumors(Affleck is under her charm,the body language….)

    and i don’t believe she was at Affleck’s birthday party

  21. ddh says:

    RocketMerry, I enjoyed your post-

  22. BlackMamba says:

    Hahahha@RocketMerry I felt like I was reading one of my erotic fiction novels lol so dramatic. You see why Leo and Blake are good for gossip? But seriously, I can imagine what it was like at that party, I’ve been in situations like this before where I go to a party and there are 2 or 3 guys that I’ve hooked up with in the same room lol I miss my bad girl days! Now, for 3 years I’ve been a quite “house wife type” and I’m not even married :(

  23. honeybunz says:

    Ewwwwwy!!! I’m sorry but I don’t “get” blake lively…this chick looks like a chain smoking step siter!!!! I’ve never really seen blake in a close up enough pic to get a good look at her face and now that I have I want the vision taking away!!! She’s not cute whatsoever!! Not even kinda sorta!! Sorry grandma blake but the only golden girl fetish I have belongs 2 blanche dorothy sophia n rose!!!! P.s what the fock is goin on with bennys haircut??!! I take it it was for the movie but still…he looks like he gave sum safety scissors 2 a 2yr old blind kid n said have at it!!! #allbad

  24. Jack says:

    Girl is gorgeous ,she can get anyone she wants

  25. Kasey says:

    @gee- maybe she was in a wrapped box with a bow on top or inside the birthday cake.

  26. Dana M says:

    It’s killing me too kaiser. I want to know as well!!!

  27. Cammie says:

    She is nowhere near Beautiful or Gorgeous..even with all the plastic surgery she had.. young Jaclyn Smith, Grace Kelly and Gene Tierney are Gorgeous…Blake is bland

    She is SOOO overrated, so what she has long legs, so do alot of models..and actresses. Ryan Reynolds and Gosling, didn’t want her…only desperate scared of aging guys like that mattress actress.Her and Leo ain’t going to last.

    She is known more for who she tried to sleep with, extra short skirts and plastic surgery, then good actig…Girls her age like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Carey Mulligan are living her in the dust with major roles.

    Now that Leo is away in Syndey her Team is working overtime sending stories to Gossip sites..

  28. your mama says:

    @RocketMerry – “Ben’s eyes caught a flash of perfectly oranged skin covered in a light, airy hot pink dress. His smile froze.”

    Thanks for my laugh today!

  29. silken_floss says:

    @RocketMerry- I’mma need you to finish that story LOL

  30. bluhare says:

    @RocketMerry: That was great! If you don’t write bodice rippers for a living you oughta give it a go.

  31. fabchick says:

    IF this is true…big IF.. Blake has balls.

  32. Denise says:

    Me too,Kaiser! This is the only story worth digging for today and I want the details because I don’t understand what is going on with this triangle compounded by a new baby on the way. My conclusion, is that the blind item was correct, Affleck had one foot out the door and got hit with the new baby news equals trapped. But I want the dirt on this one.

  33. Katherine says:

    Here we go again. Assuming the worst about a woman. If a millisecond of a pic can tell you anything at all it looks like Ben was smitten with her. It doesn’t mean there was an affair.

    Believe me if she was at his party then she didn’t have an affair with him.

    Why do people keep thinking these tabs know anything or that blind items are real? Is this how we ended up with George Bush as President – twice?

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    Frankly, I think that trashy addict role in The Town was perfect for her. It really suited her!

  35. Truthful says:

    really doesn’t matter, Leo sems to love it.folks need to get over it.

    I do, beleive if this even happened that Ben would tell Leo..not believing it.

    I guess Ben as innocent in this,if so, Blake was the devil that made him do it.

    if so Leo LOVES it. LOL

  36. 4Real says:

    Wow…that’s nice LEO…REAL NICE! Parading that ho in Jen’s house when she’s rumored to have bedded her husband. What a couple of assholes!

  37. Nymeria says:

    No, Katherine, we ended up with W as president *twice* because of the electoral college system… ;) I get what you’re saying. I, too, wonder sometimes…

    Oh, RocketMerry. I second (or whatever number it is now) your cleverly written vignette as hinting of strong talent. :)

  38. Turtle Dove says:

    Notice how Ben and Blake’s body language mirrors each other. Classic sign of attraction.

  39. Hautie says:

    The longer I think about it. I going to say that Blake never shagged Affleck.

    She probably gave him a serious case of blue balls. But she never jumped him. It seems that she must have a great deal of charm. Men seem to fall all over her.

    And charm is more powerful that great beauty.

    Plus I don’t think she really wanted to be tagged a home wrecker. But had no problem flirting like a maniac with Affleck.

    A great word of mouth about her being easy to work with and charming on the set. Will get her more jobs. And this is a girl will a long term goal.

  40. Ari says:

    I see Ben as one of those older guys who sees Blake and is like my god she is hot and she likes sports!? and she can hang!? and she bakes!? and she can be snarky and charming!? and then backs off and becomes her “friend” in fear of this hot young thing laughing at him. I don’t think they banged, I think she can “hang” though unlike Bosworth who “hangs” but bangs you and hopes you fall in love with her. Blake already knows yer in love with her ;) I love Leo and her together, I don’t know why…(DONT JUDGE ME!) lol

  41. HotLatino says:

    GO BLAKE!!! Ben is so fine and Jen is so BORING!!!! I doubt she pleases him sexually, I can’t picture her giving him a BJ DUMP Garner Ben!!! Blake is way hotter!!!

  42. mia girl says:

    I actually think it was Rebecca Hall that Affleck had the affair with while filming The Town and Lively was the red herring.

  43. Nev says:

    there are never pics of him smiling around jennifer like that.


  44. anon says:

    LMAO.wow @ RocketMerry,that was 2 good,u should start a writing a novel

  45. lindseythecrackthief says:

    RocketMerry – Amazing , so well put. you should write your take here more often …… ill be on the lookout for you posts :)

  46. MuñekitA says:

    The girl is a lucky b*tch… an what a b***!! but i have to admit she is smart & tenacious… she really wants to stand from others and she perfectly knows how to do it & where she wants to be in a -not very far future- a Big Holywood A list star.
    My theory about this is that, obviously the nude pics were for Ben, i do think they had a hot affair- so Blake send them to Ben & then Jen saw them & found out -but maintained calm, cause no matter what the most imporant thing for her is to keep her family together – and then when Jen knew wh*re blake was around Leo she saw this perfect opportinity to take revenge and let the world know the real tramp that Blake is, so Jen sold the pics out (through someone else of course)and therefore bash blake’s relashionship with Leo casue-In Jen’s mind (and everybody else) – Leo is too much good for her.. Of course Blake washed Leo’s mind & convince him that the girl in the pics is NOT her… she would never do that cause she’s a lady -wink- so Leo had NO clue about Ben&blake… and that’s why he took her to the party…
    Hahah and i cant imagine Ben’s face when he saw Lively’s tits coming straight to him to hug him, hahaha
    OMG i’d have give everything to see that moment … Leo clueless… Jen twisting from anger & blake & Ben pretending a frienship while having kinky flashbacks on every glance … haha oh my… i bet that party was fun..

  47. SashaT says:

    Since when DiCaprio and Alleck are buddies? I mean buddies enough to celebrate each other’s birthdays? Are you sure this story is reliable?

  48. Naomi says:

    I wonder when Leo will open his eyes and realize he’s being used. At his age, he should know better.

    His “summer squeeze” / Miss Plastic Surgery is taking advantage of his name, his fame and his lack of judgment.

  49. Elle says:

    Do ya’ll remember how very sexy Jennifer was with Leo in “Catch Me If You Can”?

  50. Mimi says:

    I would love to know if Garner is the one behind leaking those nude pictures.

    How many girls did Ben hooked up with during his time as director of that film?

    Seriously, no wonder he has no time to spend with his daughters.
    We only know of Rebecca Hall and speculating about Blake.
    Who knows who else. His schedule must be really tight, since he managed to get his wife pregnant, so she must have been booked for some nights as well.

  51. Chris says:

    I feel compelled to defend Blake and Ben but I don’t think there’s anything to defend. It’s all rumour and innuendo.
    Where’s your evidence?

  52. Cinderella says:

    Was this the family party or the “after party”.

    And I’m not buying the Blake/Leo thing anyway.

  53. beth says:

    i still think leo is bi, and open to whoever comes his way next but it isn’t blake – leo is way out of her league in every way, and it’s hard for me to see a match in them so the next logical step, this is a business partnership for leo if he ever needs a beard, and as for blake, we all know what these associations does for her career.

    (me) slightly snarky there cause she’s hustling so damn hard and using her body as leverage. not sure how i feel about that.

    im not sure what’s happening between blake and ben, tho, but im more interested to know how jennifer gardner views her relationship with her own husband than anything.

    i still jen is awesome, and i have a lot more respect for her than blake.

  54. hatekyle says:

    looks like blake dumped penn to go for the big guns..no pun here!

  55. mary simon says:

    Whatever might be said about her brazen ambition – she was great in The Town.

  56. coucou says:

    Does anyone else see the strong resemblance between Blake and Ben in that last photo? That could be one of the reasons he was attracted to her.

    She’s neither stunning nor gorgeous, she looks quite average to me, and she’s very young, so who isn’t pretty at that age…but dang, that girl’s got game for sure.

    She obviously knows how to play men, SHE should freaking write a book, i’m sure it’d be a lot more interesting than The Rules.

  57. normades says:

    Stop with the Star mag articles. This story is total BS

  58. bugsy says:

    Don’t know how I feel about all this. But I’m with others in questioning the party. Is this story from a credible source?
    I think they might have had an affair. Which I think is ridiculous. Jennifer Garner may be a “boring mom” (who isn’t labeled as “boring” once they become a mother in hollywood? Yay for the uber-rich. It’s like you have to keep a certain level of sleaze and/or controversy to keep getting headlines), but it’s obvious she loves those kids and she wants her family to work. And no matter how down-played she looks or whatever sweat pants she wears, the woman is a total knockout. Lively is a cute girl, imo. But her social climbing is a total turn-off for me. If you’ve got to do that, your own sense of self-worth must be seriously off.

  59. Meadowlark says:

    I don’t think this party thing happened; sounds tabloid-y.

    But, can I just say that– while Blake bores me to death and I’ve never been impressed by her– I don’t get the denials of her beauty. She’s without question gotten work done but I think all her surgeries were done very well. She’s beautiful in those nudies! Vapid. Silly. Boring. But beautiful. Give her that, at least!

  60. Carolyn says:

    Gay rumours have been following Leo for years now…the media coverage of him and Blake is the best thing that’s happened to him for years. This made-up story of the party is a total riot! Agree with those saying Ben had the affair with Rebecca and wanted Blake but she didn’t give in. Blake is a crappy actress – that she is getting the roles she is, is proof that the casting couch is alive and well. I didn’t like Ben when young (and certainly not when he was with JLo) but now that he’s older he’s a fine-looking man. If the rumours are true, Jen has every right to be worried. I hope they make it as a family.

  61. observer says:

    I wouldn’t put it past Blake to have repeatedly tried to get Ben to have sex with her. She’s been sleeping her way up in Hollywood for a few years now, and she undoubtedly figured getting Ben to have sex with her would come in handy. Whether Ben gave in, who knows.

  62. Katherine says:

    observer: I wouldn’t put it past Blake to have repeatedly tried to get Ben to have sex with her. She’s been sleeping her way up in Hollywood for a few years now

    LOL! And you know this how?

    This thread is hilarious. Was there a meeting of the mean girls’ club and Lively was annointed the latest target?

    As for her being a “terrible actress” but still getting roles – if it were true then I’d say that’s not exactly a novelty. I am still perplexed at many people who still seem to get acting jobs. I certainly don’t asume they all offered sex in exchange for a job. That’s an incredibly naive and simplistic idea of how the industry works. I didn’t see her in The Town (tho she got reviews) but I did see her in that Traveling Pants movie – I didn’t know who she was but her presence stood out on the screen and oft times that’s all it takes. That movie required no particular acting skill from any of the cast but she was fine for what it was.

  63. hubbahubba says:

    she’s not beautiful, her face is too mannish to be considered beautiful. kelly brooke is beautiful, so is charlize theron. even megan fox pre surgery was beautiful, same with angelina jolie, and jessica alba. blake is average, the only undeniably beautiful thing about her are her legs.

  64. anonymous says:

    jennifer garner needs to stop having babies with ben affleck and get them some major couples therapy. lots of liquor in their new bar, huh, when will she get what an alcoholic ben is, plus a gambling addict. does she think having all these babies will keep him from all his addictions. just cause he wont stray, doesnt mean he wont be a drunk gambler, and not pay any attention to his family, like he doesnt anyway…stupid, plain, jennifer garner. denial, denial.