Jennifer Aniston to cameo on Chelsea Handler’s sitcom, it’s not enough for Chelsea

A couple of weeks ago, the National Enquirer reported that Chelsea Handler was begging her maybe-BFF, Jennifer Aniston, to help her out with her flailing life story sitcom, “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea.” At that point, Aniston was reportedly refusing to do a cameo at all, but had agreed to look over some scripts for Chelsea and give advice. According to the Enquirer, Aniston has caved and agreed to do a cameo but Chelsea is pushing her to join the cast full time. Of course Aniston is too busy doing photo ops with her boyfriend and having phone conferences with her publicist to do that, and Chelsea thinks that a “real slap in the face.”

After refusing to appear at all, Jen finally agreed to make a cameo appearance [on "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me Chelsea."] – but that’s not enough for Chelsea, say sources.

“Chelsea’s hurt,” an insider revealed. “She’s taking Jen’s ‘thanks, but no thanks’ as a real slap in the face.”

According to sources, the “Chelsea Lately” host is “facing a disaster” with her new show after three main stars were axed before production even started. The pilot episode was a bomb – it wasn’t funny and the characters were unlikable,” the insider divulged. “Now they’ve decided to recast and go in a new direction.

And Chelsea’s tearing her hair out trying to save it…

She figured adding Jen to the mix would make the show a surefire hit. But the former “Friends” star insists she’s too busy with new boyfriend Justin Theroux and her budding career as a director.

“Unless it’s a cameo role or a turn as a director of one of the episodes,” said the insider, “Jen is out.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 12, 2011]

If this story is true, what’s it going to take to please Chelsea? Will Aniston have to join the cast as a regular member and hitch her star to this lousy excuse for a sitcom? Yes Aniston shines in sitcoms, but she can’t save a show that’s headed for the crapper. It’s already very generous of her to agree to do a cameo for Chelsea. Chelsea sounds like one of those friends who expects way too much and then holds a grudge forever when you try to graciously refuse one of their outrageous requests.

This show still has no release date on NBC’s website, and it’s supposed to premiere sometime “mid season.”



Photos are from 7/7/11, with Justin Bateman. Credit:

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  1. ladybert62 says:

    Jennifer needs to practice saying “No” – then say NO very loudly to the very loud Ms. Handler otherwise this “friend” will use and abuse Jennifer if Jennifer does not stand her ground now.

  2. Heather says:

    Um, so she can spend more time making crappy rom coms?

  3. jan says:

    those pictures ruined Slash for me. Always loved him wowza he loks rough

  4. DenG says:

    Say, I’d like to hear Handler rip into Aniston like she does with Jolie and anyone else who’s not her buddy.

  5. chelsea’s point of view would be along the line of:Hey aniston, I had your back and not ONLY attacked The Jolie,but racially attacked her children,too. You OWE me.

  6. Cali says:

    Trampy (Aniston) does owe Chelsea for Chelsea being her attack dog. But if trampy had any brains she’d stay far away from Handler and not associate with her at all let alone being friends.

  7. Stacia says:

    Chelsea looks like she’s had her face tweeked…well she needed it.

  8. You don't say says:

    They seem to be morphing into the same person–same hair-both style and color, same smile, same body language.

  9. corey says:

    She sounds like one of those “friends” who remember that one time they did something really nice for you or a favor (that you didn’t even ask for) and lord it over your head when they have some outrageous demand.

  10. John Wayne Lives says:

    this is Aniston trying desperately to hold on to her image.
    too late you hypocritical homewrecker.
    having friends like Handler is all i need to know about you now.

  11. Morgan says:

    The last time she had Aniston on her show a couple of weeks ago (where Aniston was waaaaasted) they read a National Enquirer article together and laughed about how ridiculous it was so I’m inclined to think these stories are completely made up. Plus its the National Enquirer guys. Has everyone really forgotten how full of crap they are just because they occasionally get a real scoop?

  12. Kara Ann says:

    Agree with #1 and #10

    Anniston has the right to decide her own career path. She certainly doesn’t “owe” Handler anything.

    As to Handler being JA’s “attack dog”, I don’t think so. Handler and the majority of other comedians have used AJ and BP and their children as comic fodder. I do think that Handler was really nasty about it and it wasn’t funny at that point. How JA is responsible for Handler’s alcohol fueled routine is beyond me. I know though that others will subscribe to the fact that Handler did it “for” JA. It looked bad for both of them and I think JA is too smart to make that kind of mistake.

  13. kas says:

    God, this woman sounds exhausting.

  14. Chloe says:

    “her budding career as a director.”


  15. ann says:

    She looks ridiculous in the picture where you can clearly see her tongue behind her teeth so she thinks she can get a better smile.

  16. pwal says:

    I don’t buy the story, although I could see Chelsea doing some arm-twisting, especially if Aniston was stupid enough to allow her to get, even, a peek of Aniston’s inner circle.

  17. Ell says:

    I’d love to see all Jen’s photo ops with her new boyfriend, where are they???

  18. smh says:

    Handler your fifteen minutes are almost up because you’re a racist and annoying person, sit down

  19. kaze says:

    Are Aniston and the handler twins?
    Two people look like a man in skirts.

  20. Amanda says:

    I love that, she has “caved” hahahah

  21. LuckyLilGem says:

    It’s interesting how far JA has gotten in her acting career considering she’s not that attractive and has a very annoying voice.

  22. Juliesunflower says:

    Jen is really scraping the barrel in terms of friends – where is Cox?

  23. LeeLoo says:

    I hope they scrap this show altogether. It just looks bad all around.

  24. trtgfc17 says:

    Let me say this in slow motion: Loooooooooooooseeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. helen says:

    Jason Bateman though, yummers!

  26. nemera says:

    Anyone who thinks Jennifer Aniston is going back to TV has lost their minds. A cameo is one thing but she will never ever do TV on a weekly basis.

    She is a Movie Star.. don’t you people know that.

  27. Addie says:

    I get the feeling that since Jennifer got a taste of the A list movie star life when she was married, it seems like she has been pushing for that level of ‘movie star’ sucsess even if it meant doing some crappy rom-coms.

    No way she will go back to tv full time. NO WAY.

  28. mln76 says:

    @Kara Ann did you see the episode where she literally did a whole monologue on how ‘Angelina Jolie is evil’ and then introduced Jen 10 seconds later and dissected every tabloid rumor except the ones about Angie and Brad. I don’t see how you can think that Jen didn’t at least encourage the attacks which had been getting nastier and nastier for months but only got attention for the infamous name calling. I don’t know if they have a genuine friendship or a buisiness deal.
    As for returning to TV she should do it if Sally Field who has 2 Oscars can there is not a whit of reason why Aniston whose movie career although profitable isn’t a good body of work wouldn’t except ego. I don’t think a Handler show would best represent her talents but an edgy cable show along the lines of Weeds.

  29. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    This sounds too fishy, even for Her Haggardness.

  30. Cali says:

    Kara Ann, come on, be real! Handler used to attack Jen Aniston until she started being repped by Aniston’s agent Huvane (same as Justin Theroux is now repped by Huvane). All of a sudden, the attacks on Aniston stopped and the attacks on Jolie intensified. Twice, Handler ran down Jolie *and her children* WHILST introducing her next guest Aniston who walked onto the stage grinning, not missing a beat. This happened twice, so clearly if Aniston had an issue with it the first time, she would have told Handler. It happened twice. Aniston and Handler are now best buddies. Then Handler and Aniston go away to spend Thanksgiving together and immediately thereafter on their return, Handler launches into her most vicious attack yet calling Jolie the c word, and making racist attacks against her children.

    If you cannot see the obvious connection and well-executed scheming, its only because you don’t want to and refuse to see it. Its so obvious wh
    at is going on it sticks out like the proverbial dogs et al. Its time people saw Aniston for the scheming, conniving, malicious manipulative b that she truly is.

  31. BELLA says:


  32. Kara Ann says:

    #29 and 31,

    I haven’t seen that much of Handler’s show. I saw (or heard?) the infamous attack/rant that she did about Jolie. I don’t find that out of keeping with other things that I’ve heard Handler say when I have watched her show. She does have a nasty “comedy” style.

    I think that we seem to agree that Handler’s attack on the children was distinctly nasty and uncalled for. I really don’t care what Handler (or any other comedian says about adults such i.e. Ricky Gervais on Tom Cruise). I do think that it is crossing the line to make the children of entertainers into the butt of the “joke”. I don’t recall exactly what Handler said about the kids but I do recall being disgusted.

    Where I don’t agree with you is that Handler’s rants against Angelina Jolie are at Jennifer Anniston’s instigation. I do think that Handler is aware that Anniston dislikes AJ. I do think that Handler is privy to JA’s personal thoughts on AJ. I just don’t jump from that to thinking that Anniston put Handler up to verbally attacking Jolie. The reason as I stated above is that, to me, it is actually damaging to Aniston’s reputation to be seen to be in cahoots with Handler. IMO, that goes against the grain of everything that JA has done to distance herself from a man that, basically, left her for another woman. While Anniston may rant and rave against Jolie privately, I would think that she would have enough pride/common sense not to do so publically. I believe the two references that I am aware of that JA has personally made about Jolie are the “not cool” thing and something about “considering the source”. Having said that I do think that after Handler’s rant, Jennifer did publically stand beside Handler as a friend. I also think that Handler is a poor choice of friend and something that JA may live to regret. As one of you said, (which I don’t know about b/c I don’t really watch her)Handler has attacked JA before. If that’s the case, she’ll probably do so again.

    I don’t know any of these people personally so all of my conclusions are based on info gleaned from whatever pop culture stuff happens across my path. Mainly, however I believe that our difference of opinion lies in what we believe JA to be. I don’t see JA as “scheming, conniving, malicious, and manipulative”. That’s not because I refuse to do so. There may be a time when I do based on her actions or statements. Right now the most that I can say about this incident is that Anniston probably wasn’t heartbroken to hear Angie disparaged. I cannot think why anyone would expect Anniston to jump to Angie’s defense. Vica Versa, too. I don’t think Jolie would jump to Anniston’s defense either (should she have an opportunity to) nor would I expect her to. Let’s face it these women don’t like one another. The whole divorce/separation situation is murky at best. Probably, they both have ample reason to dislike each other.

    Even if you don’t agree with me, I hope you can see the basis of my reasoning. I really appreciate the civility which you have both shown me which is usually lacking in “discussions” about these two. I hope I have been civil as well.

    Lastly, hopefully Anniston will stay with Justin and that will put a full stop to these sort of discussions. Although I for one don’t think that should be required for it to just go away all ready. I hope the media will move on. As tired as we get of it all, I’m sure Pitt, Jolie, and Anniston are really tired of seeing their faces on the tabloid covers.

  33. Magsy says:

    2 Bottle Blondes who can’t put down the booze bottle. The movie will tank anyway.