Jennifer Lopez is trying to bone Jason Statham and Rodrigo Santoro


These are some photos of Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham on the Miami set of Parker, their new movie together. I know, I know. I don’t get it either – how did these two get cast together? Some films, it just feels like the casting director is picking names out of a hat. In any case, it does seem like Jason and Jennifer are getting along on the set. They seem friendly and even a little bit sexy in photos. People Mag even carried this interesting little story:

Jennifer Lopez squeezed in some quality time with 3-year-old daughter Emme in between filming Parker in Palm Beach, Fla. Emme even made a friend in Mom’s costar Jason Statham, who came to the staging area to meet Lopez’s daughter. “[Lopez] was smiling and looked so happy to see her little girl,” a source tells us of the cute mother-daughter moment.

[From People]

So she introduced Jason to her daughter. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but it seems like Jason is showing a friendly interest in his costar. So is there a possibility of something more? Jason is dating Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, so…probably not, but it would be really interesting if suddenly Rosie and Jason split, right? Anyway, OK! Magazine still wants something to happen with Jennifer and SOMEBODY. Their new story is “J.Lo’s New Man Is…” – it’s all about J.Lo’s possibilities for lovers:

With marc Anthony in her rearview mirror, the stunning star is moving forward – fast! Who will be her next beau?


It’s no surprise that Bronx native J.Lo is attracted to her Parker co-star, a British action hero with rugged good looks: He’s the exact opposite of Marc, who’s been known to openly weep onstage at his concerts.

“Jason’s a real man’s man, which Jennifer finds totally refreshing,” says the insider. She’s also a sucker for his accent, but Jennifer knows he’s in a committed relationship with model Rosie Huntington- Whiteley, and she’s very respectful of that.

“But if he were single, it would be on,” the source tells OK!. The look-alike ex:With his shaved head and five o’clock shadow, Jason’s an older but hotter version of J.Lo’s ex-hubby Cris Judd.


The chemistry was undeniable on the set of What to Expect When You’re Expecting: “Rodrigo has a full-on crush and J.Lo knows it,” a pal tells OK!. But is he simply a sexy Brazilian boy toy, or does he really have what it takes to be Jen’s leading man?

“She has been married for nearly a decade — part of her wants to be naughty. He’s six years younger, so it makes sense to have a hot, steamy fling with him.” Plus, he’s Latino. “It’s true that she seems most drawn to [Hispanic men],” says the friend.

The look-alike ex: She’s been divorced from first husband Ojani Noa for years, but we think Rodrigo uses the same barber.


J.Lo enjoyed a romantic dinner with Bradley on Sept. 10 in NYC, and friends confirm the guy is smitten. “He’s had a thing for Jennifer — he was actually so nervous. And it takes a lot to intimidate him,” says a source. Plus, his mix of sexiness and all-out ambition has earned him the top suitor spot among J.Lo’s family.

“He’s so confident and doesn’t show any signs of the jealousy Marc had,” says the pal. “Her sister Lynda loves that Bradley has a hot career. Jen needs a partner who knows how important work is to her.”

The look-alike ex: Does the sexy star have a thing for clean-cut heartthrobs? We think Ben Affleck and Bradley prove she does!

[From OK! Magazine]

Girl, get with Rodrigo!!! He’s the one I would pick, although I completely understand if she’s getting all hot and bothered with Jason. I just read an interview with Jason where he was a total dick to the poor journalist, but now that I know he’s got a pissy attitude, he’s gotten hotter. I always fall for the a–holes. Plus, the English accent. I would be throwing my panties at him. Still – Jennifer should go for Rodrigo. I do believe Bradley Cooper is a non-starter. He doesn’t want to date someone like Jennifer.

Who else is excited at the prospect of Jennifer moving on with somebody, anybody? After Marc Anthony, she better pick somebody pretty.






Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame & Pacific Coast News.

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47 Responses to “Jennifer Lopez is trying to bone Jason Statham and Rodrigo Santoro”

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  1. Happy21 says:

    God Jason Statham is HOT!!!

    J. Lo. ya whatever. She’ll get with someone soon, don’t worry paps…

  2. Nancy C. says:

    has to have admiration of a man and the excitement of a new relationship all the time. once the honeymoon phase / lust wears off..she hits the road.

  3. foozy says:

    who wouldn’t want to bone jason..

  4. Cam says:

    I… i kinda like them together. But only aesthetically, if that makes any sense. I dont really know much about either person to speak on any other level other than they look good together

  5. NeNe says:

    It seems to me that they are saying anything that will bring their movie big rates, because let’s face it, with her in the movie, it is bound to fail.

  6. Heatheradair says:

    hands OFF my boyfriend, Jenny. Step away from the Statham and I won’t launch the next world war……

    wow, VERY VISCERAL REACTION to these pictures — get away from my man – !

    *deep breath. focus on how badass he looks in the pink shirt.*

  7. hstl1 says:

    Hasn’t anyone noticed his penchant for younger women? Rosie, Kelly Brook, enough said. He doesn’t want that dried up old sk***. He can do so much better.

  8. gee says:

    These men are so much upgrades, it’s not even funny.

  9. the original bellaluna says:

    I will unleash the fury of a thousand titans on her large ass if she so much as looks at him twice! *un-sheaths skank-shank*

  10. Justaposter says:

    The person responisble for her makeup in the last shot.. should be fired!

  11. Poison Ivy says:

    Who is her next toy, hmmmm. Depends on what her next goal is: When she started in music she smashed Diddy, when she decided to focus on Hollywood she smashed Ben Affleck an when she wanted to become a mother she know she could count on her ex Marc Anthony

    So I think that B*tch (yes with a capital letter) is aiming for some toplist celeb

  12. Cali says:

    Okay, Jason Statham has a TYPE and it’s not big booty curvy women. Sorry JLO!

  13. SFRowGuy says:

    Jennifer back off. After Rosie is finished with him, he’s mine.

  14. ladybert62 says:

    She certainly is not wasting any time grieving over a broken heart.

    I think she will go through a string of men before she finds one to her liking.

  15. taxi says:

    Remember the movie “Out of Sight”? JLo & Clooney had good screen chemistry in that one. I think she’s too high maintenance now & press/pap-seeking for George, but they did smolder in that flick.

  16. Ell says:

    @Cali – disagree about TYPE sorry. Jason dated the Kelly Brook (Kaiser’s girl crush) the english actress/model with the perfect hour glass figure for 7 years. JLo might have a chance.

  17. Quest says:

    Who wouldn’t bone Jason? This is one time I don’t blame her if she is trying to get into his pants. He is sooo fn Hotttt

  18. K-MAC says:

    she needs to unleash the KRAKEN!!!! Get after it, girl!!!! DO it! Do it! Seriously, after MA I want JLo to get her freak on!

  19. Violet says:

    This is JLo we’re talking about. I’m sure she’s already had hookups since splitting with Marc, but for once has been discreet about it. I doubt it’s Jason or Rodrigo, because I think she’d be smart enough to keep things quiet until the divorce is finalized.

  20. Sequined Pajamas says:

    What is with the clothes in this movie? Is this a generic remake of Dallas?
    *shakes head*

  21. Toe says:

    Jlo totally looks like diane Lane in these pics. I would totally do everything in my power to bone Jason.

  22. angelic says:

    I would pick Rodrigo too, he was too hot for Christmastime in Love Actually!

  23. BELLA says:


  24. Turtle Dove says:

    This pairing is like JLo and Clooney a few years back in Out Of Sight.

    Judging by body language, I don’t see Statham and Rosie staying together too long. In my opinion, they’ve looked out of step with each other since before T3.

    JLo needs to concentrate on her career not men…. and stop saturating the market with her Jenny from the Blockness. Did I need to see an add for her budget clothing line in my In-Style and Vogue? NO. Damn woman.. the other clothing lines folded and now you’re selling clothes -again- and odds and ends. Re-lax.

  25. 4Real says:

    She was married nearly a decade?? They didn’t make 7yrs they barely made 6yrs. And she tends to like Latin men?? LOL!! Try BLACK men…

  26. Cali says:

    September 28th, 2011 at 1:56 pm @Cali – disagree about TYPE sorry. Jason dated the Kelly Brook (Kaiser’s girl crush) the english actress/model with the perfect hour glass figure for 7 years. JLo might have a chance.


    WOW, I didn’t know he dated her…and for the long. Okay, maybe JLo does have a shot at that.

  27. Madisyn says:

    Is there anyone Lopez is trying NOT to bone?

  28. Green_Eyes says:

    Who can blame her, Jason is just hot as HE77!!! I would love to be on the receiving end of those sexy glares he is giving the camera (the convertible shots).

    NOONE could figure out the Clooney/Lopez pairing for out of Sight, BUt Damn they were hot in together. So hope this is a hit too. Not into Cowboy hats..and never would have guessed, but he even makes those look sexy. Ahhh sigh, ok now I am officially jealous of JLO, first time ever, Jason and George… Oh I wish I could do a Freaky Friday switch back then w/ her for George and now for Jason… Then come back and be w/ my own sexy hubster;)

  29. The Truth says:

    @ Poson Ivy take a east somewhere

    Jlo had a record deal way before she got with Diddy, she got a deal off of the back of the film Selena

    Jlo had a film career before Ben Affleck
    Selena, got her a Golden Globe nomination
    Out Of Sight
    Anaconda, The Wedding Planner, The Cell were all number 1 at the box office,andbefore Ben, Hollywoods top paid Latina actress and still is, and she never went after Bewn, he went after her, remember that Variety advert he paid fo, gushing how graet she was to work with, take a seat

    And so what if she had kids with Marc

    All the gossip magazine linking her with co stars and making a big deal out of it and the sad thing is people believe it

  30. Maritza says:

    Rodrigo is really hot, she should date him. I’d love to see a movie of Jlo with Brad Pitt, now that would be an interesting movie.

  31. Lantana says:

    Have you seen the control Jason S has over his body from the years of martial arts training…just think what that body can do. JLo would be lucky to be bonin’ him.

  32. Erinn says:

    didn’t take her long to move on from her marriage.

    I can’t imagine moving on this quickly after being in a relationship for so long.

  33. NYC_girl says:

    “I always fall for the a–holes.” Yeah, me too, especially when they’re a Brit… : )

  34. LeeLoo says:

    I can’t stand J.Lo but I would rather see Jason Statham with her than with vacant deer-in-the-headlights Rosie.

  35. Incredulous says:

    Is there a particular reason the first pic makes Jennifer Lopez look like a tranny?

  36. sallyreo says:

    Some marriages are over way before the public knows about it. I am sure that was the case of Jen & Mark. You stay in the marriage for conveniece. This may be her case.

    She is a sexy, beautiful, and very rich woman. She has more huevos than a lot men, so what is wrong with incorporating some sex into her life. She has made it on her own determination. She has not needed anyone to achieve what she has achieved. We should learn from her, not put her down because she can have sex with whomever she wants. More power to her! More women should take the initiative that she has taken.

    Sex is like food, we all need it. If there is something good on the table, why not taste it?

  37. Circe says:

    Don’t we get some gratuitous Santoro pictures with this?

  38. sassy says:

    So funny. Jennifer Lopez is trying to bone Jason Statham. Um…..So am I!! So is everyone else!

  39. stella says:

    you have a way of choosing your pictures for your articles it cracks me up, there is tons of pictures of them on set laughing with each other, seem like they had a great time, she probably shouldn’t date a costar but they sure would be hot.

  40. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Fozzy I agree ten fold:-) “Bashful grin”

  41. Victoria says:

    Let’s get one things straight OK. “=Rodrigo is not Hispanic. He is Brazilian. Their roots, while Latin, have nothing to so with Spanish, Spanish speakers, or the Hispanic culture. The language is similar and that is all. Please get some basic cultural knowledge.

  42. K-Burrrd says:

    Because of her, I wouldn’t own a FIAT – even if Jason Statham and a locking adult-size car seat of which I possessed the only key was given to me. Exactly who is that awful commercial supposed to target? Does FIAT really think a bunch of Puerto Ricans are gonna shimmy right out and buy them? J-Lo makes me want a FIAT about as much as P-Diddy makes we want shitty vodka.

  43. bluhare says:

    Lord, that is one hot man. Even in the dorky cowboy hat.

  44. Leticia says:

    According to what I’ve read Mark has big shoes to fill, speaking euphemistically.

  45. ShanKat says:

    “…who’s been known to openly weep onstage at his concerts.”

    *Cartman laugh*

    She looks exactly like her mother.

  46. Turtle Dove says:

    (36) “Sex is like food, we all need it. If there is something good on the table, why not taste it?”

    Now THERE’S a life philosophy that I can adhere to!