Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: “when” not “if” they will split?


I know CB has been covering this ongoing scandal, but things are really starting to heat up. To recap our stories so far, early this week, Star Magazine’s cover story began leaking out. The story is all about how Ashton is generally a womanizer, and how he’s been screwing around on Demi for a while, but there’s one specific girl that he recently slept with, and she’s already contacted a lawyer and sources say she wants money. Do you want more from Star’s cover story? Here you go:


Oh no! Hollywood super-couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are reportedly ending their six-year marriage, at least according to Star magazine, following 23-year-old Sara Leal‘s allegation that she slept with Ashton in San Diego, Calif., on Sept. 24 — his wedding anniversary! A source tells the mag: “Ashton and Demi have separated and the marriage is over.”

RadarOnline reported yesterday, Sept. 27th, Sara Leal slept with Ashton Kutcher last Friday, Sept. 23, in San Diego, after his boys’ night out.

An employee at San Diego’s Fluxx night club confirms to that Ashton was there Sept. 23, celebrating his That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson‘s birthday, and that he left around 1:30 a.m.

“They had a VIP table,” the employee tells Hollywood Life. “It was right on the dance floor, conjoined with another table, and all the guys were drinking. I didn’t notice him talking to any girls.”

Star’s eyewitnesses claim “he was checking out all the girls” and he apparently told a friend that “none of the girls were hot-tub worthy.” But the drinks kept flowing and Ashton became less picky and chatted up a “stunning blonde” named Sara Leal. Ashton and Sara had sex at the Hard Rock hotel, and Ashton told her he and Demi were “separated, but the public just didn’t know yet.”

A public relations manager for the Hard Rock Hotel also confirms Ashton was there.

“I can confirm that he stayed both Friday and Saturday nights,” the manager tells us. “He was staying at the hotel with a group of friends.”

And this isn’t the first time Ashton has allegedly cheated on Demi. Last year rumors swirled that he slept with 21-year-old aspiring chef, Brittney Jones. The story eventually disappeared (partly because it was widely reported Demi and Ashton have an “open relationship”) and they have appeared to be without problems ever since.

After that initial cheating accusation, Ashton took to Twitter to refute the rumors: “I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character,” he tweeted in Sept. 2010. “I hope my lawyer agrees. STAR magazine – you don’t get to stand behind ‘freedom of the press’ when you are writing fiction.”

According to Star, it’s been “obvious to everyone around them” that the marriage is over. Earlier this year, Ashton visited his wife at a hotel in New York, but was seen “in the lobby for hours several days in a row, as if he didn’t have anywhere else to go or anyone to hang out with.”

An insider says “Ashton really misses the bachelor lifestyle.” Anyway, if Ashton and Demi split, they will have to divide $300 million in assets. Ashton is worth $140 million and makes $700,000 PER EPISODE on Two And A Half Men.

[From Hollywood Life and Jezebel]

Eh. Sex at the Hard Rock Hotel. How cheesy. If that’s not bad enough, both People Magazine (!!!) and Us Weekly are piling on, running “the marriage is full of DOOM” stories. I find it very telling that People is piling on – if they had gotten a wink and a nudge from Demi or her publicist, you know they would have run a “everything’s fine, Demi and Ashton are happy” story. Instead, they ran this:

Just how telling are 140 characters? Amid new tabloid reports of infidelity by Ashton Kutcher, and trouble in his marriage to Demi Moore, the two – who are currently on different coasts – have curbed their prolific Tweeting in some possibly telling ways.

On Sept. 23, Moore shared a quote from Greek philosopher Epictetus, writing, “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.”

The pair also spent their sixth wedding anniversary – Sept. 24 – apart.

Kutcher arrived in San Diego on Sept. 23 for a weekend of partying with his former That ’70s Show costar Danny Masterson. Among their stops: Fluxx nightclub, where they had a VIP table. The actor also refrained from Tweeting anything on his wedding anniversary.

Moore, 48, has been in New York City to promote the short film she directed as part of Lifetime’s TV anthology, Five. The actress attended the premiere along with Jennifer Aniston, who also directed a short, on Monday night.

Kutcher, 33, who recently returned to TV in Two and a Half Men was in Los Angeles, where he presented an award to Ryan Seacrest Tuesday night during L.A.’s Promise Gala 2011.

The actors’ reps have not commented yet.

The couple, who began dating in 2003 and married in 2005, dealt with rumors of infidelity and marital trouble a year ago. At the time, they took a trip to Israel for what the actor described as a spiritual journey.

[From People]

That’s pretty much People Magazine telling Demi Moore to confirm her split or GTFO. The Us Weekly report was pretty much the same, only they noted that Demi has been tweeting, just not about her marriage. Apparently, she tweeted the photo below with the message, “I see through you.” Also, even though Demi was out and about on Monday to promote Five, she pulled out of an appearance at a West Hollywood art show on Tuesday. A source tells Us Weekly, “She pulled out of the event last minute.”

So… in my opinion, it’s a matter of WHEN not IF they announce their split. My guess is that they’ll wait until Friday…? If they do it at the end of business on Friday, I’m going to be super-pissed.

UPDATE: Fresh off of this morning’s Page Six, an actual confirmation of the lawyer this side-piece hired, and a vague amount she’s trying to score:

Ashton Kutcher is being asked to pay a six-figure sum to a blonde who claims she had sex with him on the same day he and wife Demi Moore celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

Sara Leal, 23, is preparing to tell the story of how she hooked up with “Two and a Half Men” star Kutcher, 33, at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego last Friday, following a boozy night with his guy friends, according to a report on

Now Leal has met with Beverly Hills lawyer Keith Davidson, who represented former Betty Ford worker Dawn Holland after she complained Lindsay Lohan attacked her. Holland dropped her claim after settling with Lohan’s camp, reportedly for $25,000.

A source told us, “Sara is talking to multiple media outlets for a deal. She wants $250,000, but the offers haven’t been as high. What she really wants is to get a payoff from Ashton. She has reached out to Ashton’s team.”

[From Page Six]

Yeah… we’ll be hearing something soon. The silence speaks volumes, but I’m not completely convinced that Ashton and Demi won’t try to sweep this under the rug, just like last time. I’m also not ruling out a Tiger Woods-style bimbo implosion where more women come forward, claiming that they boned Ashton and looking for a payout. We’ll see.




Photos courtesy of WENN, Demi’s Twitter.

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  1. gee says:

    I have such a hard time for people will their nearly 300 million dollar divorce. I’d be happy with $300 at this point.

  2. Yessiiirrreee says:

    Ashton Kutcher, is Charlie Sheen 2.0

  3. brin says:

    Ugh….just pull the plug already, not much to salvage. I’m glad her daughters are older but it still must hurt them.

  4. Bite me says:

    Pass the motherfucking popcorn… This is about to get good

  5. mln76 says:

    Agree with yessiiirrreeee this is turning him into Charlie-lite and the mediocrity who enjoy Two and a Half Men will eat this whole scandal with a spoon. Poor Demi.

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    So. GROSS. *passes Bite me popcorn* You just know this is going to turn into another slutapalooza.

  7. Viv says:

    I’m confused. How did he make $140 million before 2 and a half men? He made as much as Demi in haf the time and without Divorcing-Bruce-Willis-Money ?

  8. ShanKat says:

    Oooo I loove bimbo implosions!

    I don’t think Danny Masterson gets enough credit for being a flaming twat. A Scientologist twat.

    Time for Demi to get some of that sweet, sweet publicity. Ashton, I’m sorry, your turn is about to come to an end. It’s all in the contract. Nothing personal.

  9. KLO says:

    Viv, he’s worked on several TV shows and done a crapload of romantic comedies. Ashton is made of money.

  10. mln76 says:

    @Viv my understanding is that Ashton made a lot of money off of that crapfest Punked and other shows he produced. And lets not forget at one time Demi was a huge movie star. I am sure some of her money does come from her own films.

  11. Tierra says:

    That pic of her sleeping isnt her best pic.
    I hope they dont pay this twat anything. Its already been publicized so its not like she’s holding any major secrets.

    I cant stand that this whole thing makes me feel bad for Demi when I usually cant stand her.

  12. neelyo says:

    Call me naive but I don’t understand why the other woman needs a lawyer to help her blackmail Kutcher.

    Demi was also one of the producers on the Austin Powers series so she has a lot of money from that too.

  13. margie says:

    So why does boning a married man require a payoff from said married man? I just don’t get how all these chicks think that what they did should get them some kind of monetary reward.

  14. Jayna says:

    Don’t feel sorry for her. She brought women home for them. Her tweeting photos of herself all the time is sad to me. She used to be a strong movie star. Now she is washed up and tweets photos of herself. Midlife crisis anyone? Have class like Michelle Pfeiffer.

  15. Rhiley says:

    I bet they announce during the Amanda Knox verdict so it won’t be such a huge story and Ashton can save a little face.

    It would be funny if they announced by changing their facebook statuses to “Single.”

  16. lrm says:

    Demi did not need bruce willis’ money! she was one of the Austin Powers producer-and as a result of that alone, never needs to work again, from what i’d read back at that time.

    Also, she certainly was a highly paid actress at one time.

    I’m apalled at these young women who sleep with someone for the sole purpose of later blackmailing them. he’s gross but these women just do not have my respect, either. uugh. not nice people.

  17. lisa says:

    This is what people don’t seem to get. We don’t live in the 30′s to 60′s.. when men could have an affair and all was quiet..women too for that matter. We live in the age of twitter facebook and instant everything. Where a sex tape can make you a star. Where having an affair can get you the cover or a National Magazine (Tiger’s girls will tell you that). so now women/men talk when they have slept with the big names or the small ones. So if you actually think that a big celebrity is cheating and that person is not coming forward.. then there is nothing happening IMO. the tabloids focus week end and week out on certain celebrities yet there are never faces to put to the fake affairs. But here we have a 2nd or 3rd woman to come forward.. just like with Becks and Josh D and a few others. People talk now a days. They don’t stay quiet.

    If they have broken I hope Demi just comes out and says it’s over and moves on. That is all she has to do. Live your life and move on. I see now the tabloids are trying to paint Sandra B as a loney pathetic loser.. wow the tide changes.

  18. Nancy C. says:

    did she really think this would last. he’s a hottie with lots of young girls coming on to him. she’s an aging has been and not doing it gracefully either.

  19. Dani D says:

    She deserves money for what?…Sleeping with a married man? Demi already knows so why pay her any hush-hush money. Let the Bi**h figure out how to pay Gloria’s fee’s on her own. Gloria is a PIMP. Pimping these hoes to bring her them dollars! Don’t do it Ashton, Don’t do it. We already know-no secret to keep anymore.

  20. Micah says:

    I don’t understand why the supposed “other woman”
    thinks she’s entitled to money…for what exactly?….

    Showing him her “Mud Flaps” ?

    It takes 2 to tango, honey….

    It’s all so cheap.

  21. Sue says:

    Saw this coming…. Ashton is cutting apron strings from Momma…. Momma is starting to look a little too plastic…. Find someone your own age Demi and enjoy your life.

  22. Jen34 says:

    Yikes! Look at her neck in that photo. I’m surprised she would release a photo of herself looking so old.

  23. Ari says:

    This chick asking for money from Ashton simply because he banged her ONCE is appalling. WhAT A SLORE! lol…I learned that term this morning :)

    Anyway, don’t feel bad for Demi – she has known whats up for years and I am sure she is one of these desperate women who will do anything and everything (beyond common sense) for her man in the most pathetic fashion possible. I don’t for a second believe that she has not lived for Ashton for quite a few years now.

    Forgetting who you are and being your own person is the failure of only that person.

    No sympathy, sorry.

  24. TXCinderella says:

    Demi should have known that eventually Ashton would get tired of a mature woman and want a young thing. It’s just the way men are wired. Demi is trying her hardest to stay young looking and thin, but after a certain point you just can’t fight aging. She is looking more and more desperate. Yes, age gracefully Demi so you don’t look desperate.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    WHAT? He is worth $140 million? For what?

  26. mln76 says:

    Let’s not be naive. The woman can sell her story to the tabs and get some dough. OF COURSE she’s going to legally blackmail him. Ashton should have been smart enough to have his lawyer draw up a non-disclosure agreement. Not romantic of course but he’s been through this before.

  27. Me says:

    I feel for her.

    Seriously, he kepy selling this ” I am such a nice-good guy” image, “look how deep I am – I have this beautiful marriage and love with an older woman…”.

    I guess he is that douche after all.

  28. Leticia says:

    Is there a chance that this is just for publicity? That these two have agreed to fake this tension in order to get some public attention?

  29. atorontogal says:

    They are all whores in Hollywhore. I don’t see this woman getting much $$ tho cuz the story is out there and Demi knows, we all know so tough luck for this little slut. They can’t all be Rachel Uchetals(sp?)!!!

  30. poof says:

    @ Gee. I feel you. Hell, I would settle for 100.00 at this point.

  31. Lucinda says:

    I thought this quote from Ashton was interesting:

    “I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character, I hope my lawyer agrees.”

    Maybe he thinks he wasn’t technically a “cheater” because either they were separated at the time or they did/do have an open relationship. Whatever the case, he is dripping with skeeze and Demi’s obviously not happy. I hope Demi finds someone who isn’t a mimbo. I like her.

  32. Justaposter says:

    *passes my box of donuts for all to share*

    This is gonna get interesting. We all know that Demi will eat this boy for lunch and rip off his wings in this.

    A quiet Woman is a dangerous woman.. she will strike like a cobra when she is ready.

    *offering freshly brewed coffee for all*

  33. Harley says:

    I have never ever ever (!!!) gotten his appeal. I don’t think he is even remotely good looking. Bleech!

    That said, I still kinda feel for Demi. I know that this is the societal norm, but it still works a nerve knowing that a man can marry a woman young enough to be his daughter and nobody blinks (and I’m not talking about that sketchy ass skank and her pink dogs-which is a who ‘nother level of ick entirely) but a woman marries a younger man and she’s an old hag who shoulda known better. *eye roll*

    Personally, I hope she moves on and I wish he would just disappear.

    Edir: @JustaPoster-ITA! It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for-and that goes for men AND women in most situations! LOL Pass the donuts… :)

  34. serena says:

    Poor Demi.. and she tried so hard (I think that’s why she did all surgery).. And her daughters, wasn’t him their ‘step-father’? Just go to hell Ashton.

  35. Tazina says:

    Consensual sex, no pregnancy so no lucrative child support. What is this Sara Leal suing for? Hopefully this greedy opportunist will get nothing.

  36. Original Tiffany says:

    Ashton is and has always been gross and skeevy to me. And way to much twitter TMI.
    You know Demi’s neck looks like that? She’s what, 47? And has been tweaked a million times. It shows in the neck. You can’t expect her to look 25.

    Popcorn over here and napkins, this here is going to be a messy one!

  37. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Regardless of his alleged cheating. I never thought this marriage would last anyway.

  38. JaneWonderfalls says:

    @Tazina It’s Hollyweird, Lawyers probably put her up to suing for emotional distress, She could say Oh Ashton promised me the world but lied etc. Every thing in Hollyweird is a spin zone. It pisses me off how easy you can get a buck in this country.

  39. sharylmj says:

    you could see this one coming a mile away when she started tweeting pictures of herself practically naked. She knew he was on the prowel and was trying to remind him what was at home. That is sad. This is going to be a bad separation… public and bad…

  40. Kara Ann says:

    The only thing shocking about the break-up of this marriage is that it didn’t take place sooner.

    BTW, I’m not a great fan of Demi and when she married Kutcher I really doubte her judgement making ability. BoyToys are for playing with and discarding. You don’t marry them. What was she thinking?

  41. WTF says:

    i think that craptastic movie Ashton did with the crazy blonde lady …called SPREAD was basically about his life LOL

  42. sallyreo says:

    It’s always about the money, starting with the lawyers. Sara Leal sees an opportunity to make money, why not? If Leal exposes Ashton, wouldn’t Demi take some of his money because he cheated?

    For those who think that age does not matter, think again. How can a younger man be faithful to an “old, used up” looking wife, when there are soooo many young and good looking women out there?

    Women, who are on the prowl!

    An older wife is fooling herself to think that she can hold a younger man. He would need to be blind to stay.

  43. bluhare says:

    Apparently, his hook up thinks that Ashton will pay her more money to shut up than the tabloids will to talk. She might be a day late and a dollar short on that one.

  44. Alejandro says:

    If a man is going to cheat it doesn’t matter who he has by his side. Look at all of the men who cheated on Halle Berry or all of the times Justin messes around on Jessica Biel who is only twenty nine years old. These people are used to getting everything they want and nobody saying no to them.

  45. blonde on the dock says:

    co sign with Alejandro. Not only that, some of the women aren’t even great looking. Tiger Wood’s mistresses as an example. His wife was gorgeous but the women he cheated with were cheap looking trash.

  46. Megan says:

    Demi will have to change her twitter name, at the moment it’s ‘mrskutcheR’

  47. marybeth18 says:

    First, there are plenty of very handsome and famous men who are married to “unconventionally” attractive or older women who don’t cheat because they are honorable and they love their wives and families: off the top of my head, Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, Aaron Johnson, James McAvoy…

    Second, this is less about Demi Moore being “old” or “unattractive” and much more about Ashton Kutcher being a douche. If you want to act like a single guy, then become a single guy. Don’t creep around on your wife so blatantly and publicly.

    Third, let’s not blame the woman for being “unable to hold her man.” I don’t particularly like Demi, but Ashton being an ass is not her fault.

  48. Ashley says:

    …honestly, was there anyone who didn’t see this coming down the road way back when they got married?

  49. palermo says:

    She ALWAYS looked desperate with him, every photo she is clutching him to her like he’s about to run away. He was too young and immature for her.

  50. Nev says:

    young or old….it doesnt matter..DON’T CHEAT…from her quote it seems she is saying not to judge…still sucks…don’t cheat people…it’s one of the most hurtful things.

  51. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Again, is anyone really surprised?

  52. Stubbylove says:

    I’ve always thought Ashton was a dipshit. Sorry dude, ya can’t keep rockin’ out with your cock out when you’re married – it’s gonna catch up with you no matter what douche-level you are. Agree with many of you – this is going to get juicy. They’re both about as deep as a kiddy-pool and if this is going to get their constant, stupid-ass, self-indulgent, Zen/Philosophical realizations via Twitter to cease, let the divorce commence!

  53. Me says:

    Why are people here attacking this Sara person?

    He was the one who cheated.
    He was the one who pretended to be a good guy and a step-father.
    He was the one who got married and declared his love and devotion.

    IF he did cheat he should pay up in all directions possible.
    I hope she does get money and tell the world how he acts for real.
    and who knows what he tell girls he is after.
    He wouldn’t be the first married man to lie and promise things to girls he tried to bed.

  54. Lauren says:

    These two are so bloody boring..Morticia & Hornyfratboy are dunzo.

  55. Madison says:

    They should announce the divorce and get it over with. They and their PR are probably trying to work out how best to spin the split to the public, or as is really common in Hollywood the girl gets a big don’t talk pay off and this story goes away which will only work if there is 1 girl not many like with tiger.

  56. Alix says:

    “She has reached out to Ashton’s team.” What an elegant way to refer to blackmail.

  57. neff says:

    Since stories about their open marriage have been around for years, I don’t understand why anyone would pay a woman much money for another story unless there is a sex tape, some cell phone pics, or a story revealing AK as a serious kinkster.

    ITA that divorce is imminent. Nothing wrong with being 50 unless you are desperately tweaking, filling, starving yourself and constantly getting surgery to try to be 25 again. Just doesn’t work. It may not be fair, but almost always a much younger man, esp. if he is rich and famous, is eventually going to pick a much younger woman.

    IMO those hideous glasses were the final nail in that marital coffin. However, since the glasses closely resemble a pair that I was forced to wear as a kid, I just may be projecting.

  58. Dot says:

    “Ashton is worth $140 million”
    There is no justice in this world.

    Justaposter, “We all know that Demi will eat this boy for lunch and rip off his wings”
    Ooh. On the other hand…

  59. Cherry Rose says:

    Kind of dumb for the chick to be trying to extort money out of Ashton after the cheating story has hit the tabloids. But then again, she did sleep with Ashton, so dumb might not even begin to describe her.

    I do think they are going to divorce. Demi will just look like the fool if she stays with him. I feel bad for her daugthers. Must suck for them.

  60. Violet says:

    After eight years together, you’d think Ashton would show some discretion and not openly go trolling for p*ssy on his sixth wedding anniversary.

    I don’t think their age difference led to them splitting. Even if Ashton had married someone younger than himself, the marriage would never would’ve lasted — unless he’d married someone who’d put up with his crap, like a doormat with zero self-esteem or a gold digger — because he’s a cheating, disrespectful douchebag.

  61. Dawned says:

    Is sad as it is, the writing was on the wall. That’s what happens when an older woman marries a young hottie. Hopefully she enjoyed is while it lasted.

    I don’t think there are too many women that could resist banging Ashton!

  62. Cinderella says:

    Getting paid for boning someone? Prostitution Whore!

  63. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    She is asking for money, because she has something to sell.

    Ashton, will pay because he won’t want what she is selling to be bought.

    Demi, will stay for awhile, but Ashton will leave and not for a woman, but for ANY woman.

    He is not looking for a relationship, He wants to get out of a relationship.
    Sad, but true. IMHO

  64. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Cheating usually says more about the cheater then the person being cheated on. Usually, the mistresses are less attractive/ less successful than the wife, because those are the women who will fawn all over (and stroke the egos of) the (wo)men looking to cheat. Cheaters are such insecure assholes, it’s all about them and their needs (and they couldn’t care less about who they hurt). That being said, I think Ashton and Demi’s marriage is “open.” However, I think SHE expected discretion (in order to preserve the “perfect marriage” façade). He obviously has NO respect left for her, because he isn’t even willing to do THAT much for her. Total asshat. Wife let’s him screw whoever he wants and he can’t even pick someone who will keep quiet.

  65. Victoria says:

    meh He’s only just begun.. and she’s done…etc..

  66. hmmmm says:

    Ashton is the cheating type. He would have cheated even if he had married a 22 year old model.

    This marriage has made Demi look like a desperate, teenage girl doing everything she can to hold on to her man. Time to move on.

  67. OfficialBitch says:

    I can’t believe theyve only been married 6 years…it feels so much longer??
    Demi looks like a man in the dead photo – what is up with that ???
    Ashton is a balding horny frat boy.

  68. Justsaying says:

    Poor Chuck Lorre-first Charlie and his melt down and now this

  69. justathought says:

    Sad for Demi, but if you play with fire, you eventually get burnt. A 15 year age difference is hard on both sexes unless the youngest is 50, then marriages/unions seem to work.

  70. Miranda says:

    I keep looking at that picture of her that she tweeted. It’s like a bad car accident…I can’t look away! The cracked dry lips, the creased eyeshadow, the touch of gray at the temple, that BIG, STRONG, MUSCULAR neck, the longgggg face, those eyes that are too close together….make it STOP!