Jennifer Aniston on babies: “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”


True and funny story: People Magazine’s online excerpt of this Jennifer Aniston Elle Mag profile was tagged “Naomi Watts” at first. I guess because the photo looks kind of like Naomi? Jennifer was profiled for Elle Magazine’s “Women In Hollywood” annual issue. I feel like Jennifer was just on the cover of Elle – the editors over there love her and put her on at least one cover a year. As for the cover shot… I don’t have any strong opinions about it one way or the other. The skirt is fug and Jennifer’s hair is in her face too much, but it’s a more interesting photo than just a typical smiley head shot. Enough about the photo, though. Because Aniston is talking ‘bout babies (and no, she‘s not confirming or denying that OK! Mag story). Here are the two quotes that Elle has released:

On the baby rumors: “But it’s not what you read. There’s no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is. But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”

On a time when she stood up to a male director: “I threw a chair at a director. It wasn’t my proudest moment. He was treating a script supervisor horribly… When the director walked in, I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course. I was like, ‘You can’t speak to people like that.’ I can’t tolerate it.”

[From Elle]

On one side, I admire Aniston’s laissez faire attitude about babies, especially in the face of a decade and a half of wild speculation about her womb (even though some of the womb speculation was self-inflicted by Aniston). On the other side, the attitude of “There’s no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” seems strangely aloof for such an important decision in a person’s life. I mean, it’s whether or not you become a parent, not whether or not you should order Chinese food. Shouldn’t you have strong feelings about it? Shouldn’t you accept some responsibility in the decision-making process instead of throwing your lot to the Fates?

Aniston’s decision-making process, also known as her publicist, does involve Justin Theroux for the foreseeable future. People Magazine ran a very “cute” story about Justin and Jennifer in Washington, D.C.:

At least one thing is working right in Washington, D.C.: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s hot new romance The new couple got cozy over dinner Monday night at Fiola, a restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue, where the pair were “very, very cute together,” a source tells PEOPLE.

And Jen and Justin were not alone. They were joined for the meal by a Lifetime executive, as well as Jeanne Tripplehorn and Patricia Clarkson, all of whom were involved with the TV channel’s film anthology, Five (premiering Oct. 10), for which Aniston directed one of the segments.

Calling Aniston, 42, and Theroux, 40, “very cutesy,” the witness also says, “They were paying attention to each other. They ate the same thing.”

Their dinner order? A salad, plus the tagliatelle with Alba white truffle, a $65 pasta entrée. For dessert, they ordered the bonboloni pastry made with ricotta cheese.

“They loved those,” says the source, who was “surprised – in a good way – they would eat all that.”

As for the dinner party, which went on until about 11 p.m., “They had a great time, all of them. They were laughing. It was like a group of friends,” says the source.

But most eyes in the place were focused on Jen and Justin, who had been “talking and smiling to each other, like any couple would do,” says the source.

[From People]

Ugh, I hate cheesy desserts. I’m not a cheese person, though. I prefer desserts with chocolate or some kind of ice cream. But you did get the “cute” memo, right? Jennifer and Justin are “cute” now. “Cute” is the new “hugging him from behind.” I do wonder what Justin is feeling right now – where’s his hipster cred? He’s no longer hardcore. He no longer gets to front like he’s 1970s-Al-Pacino-cool. He’s just “cute”. Almost sexless, right?

Speaking of Justin’s transformation, Life & Style (via Jezebel) has a story about how Jennifer gave Justin a makeover. Even though Aniston “fell for him right away” (last year, when he was with Heidi, I’m assuming), she still felt “he needed some fixing up.” She made him get a haircut, shave his beard, and get a spray tan. An acquaintance of Justin’s tells L&S: “He used to be kind of negative, just critical and down on life. Now he’s totally positive. Than God he met Jennifer!” WTF? Spray tans = positive energy?




Photos courtesy of Elle, Fame.

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    If she wanted kids, she’d have ‘em by now. If she changes her mind, she’ll adopt or surrogate them. ‘Nuff said.

    Kaiser, I L-O-V-E cheesy desserts (preferably with some chocolate in there somewhere) but with no gall-bladder, I don’t get to have them anymore.

    *side-note – I now know why my beloved Grandma called them “piss ants”: they are a pisser to get rid of, and they really piss you off!

  2. KatScorp says:

    Kaiser, I admire your self-restraint. I, myself, cringed at the cover pic; the photoshop is awful :o

    Her eyes seem enlarged to alien proportions. The left side of the hair was harshly cut from the original blue screen. And for some reason there’s a white sheen added to her face, as through a bright spotlight were shining down on her from above.

    Bad pic. Bad, bad pic.

  3. eee says:

    Did People and Brangelina have a fall out? People never covered Angelina being honored in Geneva, did they? Instead, there seem to be a whole lot of Jennifer Aniston coverage lately.

    As Lainey (over at the Laineygossip) would say, conspiracy or coincidence?

  4. Toot says:

    Her face looks terrible on that cover. It may just be the expression and the hair in her face,but she looks a crazy and unattractive.

  5. Eve says:

    WTF? Spray tans = positive energy?

    Depending on the substances they use to prepare the spray tan’s formula, it may actually be…

  6. Canuck says:

    He’s “cute” because that’s probably how the 18yr old restaurant hostess who phoned this in describes anybody who looks loved up.
    Restaurant name and location? Check
    What they ate, along with prices? Check
    The fact that it was so good that they finished it all? Check

  7. werty says:

    Next time i get a serius deppression, im gonna tell my doctor “i aint taking these pills” and get a spray tan.

    JK I still take the ones that makes me happy for no reason. But anti dep pills, no freaking way.

    Wow i am negative, maybe i should get a tan…..

  8. brin says:

    He may as well burn his hipster card after the spray tan.

  9. N.D. says:

    This cover is awful. Her pose if forced, the skirt (or whatever that thing is) is ugly weird and photoshop didn’t help her face at all.

    Re baby quotes, maybe what she’s trying to say is that they’re actually trying but are not desperate, if it happens – ok, if not – they still have their dogs. Although it’s weird that she’s followed such an intimate confession with “I don’t want to talk about my relationship”. But she’s never been very eloquent so there is that.

  10. Addie says:

    I like her comment on babies.

    In Hollywood where talking about and having babies scores points with a lot of people, she is just easing people to the idea that hey, maybe she will and maybe she won’t have children.

    Obviously she doesn’t want them now, but could want them so is not slaming the door to the possibility.

    Glad : 1. she was honest.
    2. she also kept silent on her man
    And lastly glad that they didn’t bring up the Brad thing.

    Many think she is a famew*ore, but she could have used Justin or Brad to gain more publicity.She didn’t

  11. francesca says:

    So you shouldn’t yell at people, but it is okay to throw furniture at them? WTF.

  12. ShanKat says:

    I just can’t with a man in skinny jeans.

  13. Ell says:

    I used to have the same attitude about having children. I wanted children but at the same time I didn’t make it my mission in life because you can’t control things like nature.

    If Jennifer Aniston was to come right out and say ‘yes, we’re trying’ or ‘I’m desperate for a family’, the already over the top focus on her womb would intensify.

  14. Anastasia says:

    Those skinny jeans look ridiculous on him. I give this six months, tops.

  15. Hk says:

    Maybe she means that they’re not using birth control and she’s at peace even though she doesn’t necessarily get pregnant. You have babies if you’re lucky, you don’t make them when you choose to.

  16. Bite me says:

    Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes i don’t…. And the cover shot is butt ugly not her best picture

  17. Katherine says:

    “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be”

    There you go. As it’s always been.

  18. Flan says:

    The best career move she’s ever made is marrying Brad Pitt.

    Nobody would care much about what she said now otherwise, with her flops. All the other Friends stars combined don’t get this much attention in 2011

  19. Reel Wheel says:

    I’ve never commented here before but, enough is enough.

    Did anyone even stop to consider that maybe the choice of whether or not to have children isn’t hers….maybe, just maybe, the woman has had problems conceiving or carrying to term….and maybe, just maybe, at 42 &@#& years old, she made PEACE with that.

    God forbid certain bloggers and posters on that site were ever subjected to as much judgment as I have witnessed here. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  20. Kassie says:

    Of course she is not talking about the relationship now but she will do so in January when she is promoting Wanderslut.

  21. lisa says:

    She doesn’t need to talk about him.. Pictures speak louder than words. And we have seen load of pictures

    They should have put Viola on the cover. She is coming off an Oscar performance and a sure bet nomination. I would have looked at the magazine with her on it. Sad that they plastering the same faces on every cover.

    I’m not a fan.. but she has had way better covers. This one is terrible.. Styling is awful. the other pictures of the other women is way better. Wrong cover person and the quotes they gave on her are a bit off. the whole she threw the chair at a Director.. Come on. Who does that. Why didn’t she quit the film if this person was so offensive. Wonder what she threw at Chelsea Handler. hmmm

  22. Larissa says:

    @Reel Wheel : here people take things a bit further than just gossiping and general bullying/mockery, there is a lot of hatery and it is kinda sad. I really dont get all the hate for this woman especially, I mean she is not trying to tell anyone how to live their lives and how much she is better than anyone else, she is a working actress in Hollywood , living her life and giving interviews because it is part of her “job”, and eventually she says stupid things and make mistakes, it is like no one here can relate to that! They are all effing perfect here you know?

  23. Elleh says:

    Just a trivial observation. Recently, several rags ran a story about how Jennifer Aniston has started carrying around the same Tom Ford handbag that Angelina Jolie had been photographed carrying.

    Now I’ve noticed something else. Angelina Jolie wears aviator shades, Jennifer Aniston wears aviator shades. Recently, however, Angelina has started wearing big Jackie O-esque black shades and now… in the above photograph, so is Jennifer.

    She also seems to be wearing a lot of black and grey these days (Angelina’s go-to colors).

    Completely trivial – yes. But noticeable.

  24. shay kay says:

    Jennifer seems genuinely at peace with herself, her relationship, and her life.Probably having reached 42 years old she’s figured out that you don’t get everything you want no matter who you are or how much money you have.It’s a great place to be when you feel “at peace” with your life.Wish I could get there myself.

  25. Cheyenne says:

    That is a most unfortunate cover photo. Why is she trying to look cutesy-poo at 42?

  26. kimm says:

    @# 19 My thoughts exactly – because everyone on this site is perfect – and they say and do everything perfectly all the time!

  27. Eve says:

    @ Francesca:

    So you shouldn’t yell at people, but it is okay to throw furniture at them? WTF.

    I didn’t get that either.

  28. Dudette says:

    The cover shot is not cute. Oh dear. Besides that, this woman is just not that interesting to me. Talking about yet another new man, more movies and more vagueness about having kids. Nothing new to see here people.

  29. Addie says:

    @Larissa. So true.

    I laugh and shake my head when people say Jen is playing the same person in every movie, although true, so does Samuel L Jackson, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith to name a few yet Jen is singled out just beacuse of unexplainable hate/intense dislike for her.

    She is harmless and really quite refreshing and light hearted.
    People need to chill with the hate on her.

    About this:”I threw a chair at him. I missed, of course”– I think she was trying to express her anger, not phisically attack the director.

  30. mln76 says:

    @Reel Wheel I respect the sentiment BUT The woman has chosen to talk about the state of her uterus for the last 10 years. When an actress talks to People, Vanity Fair, Elle etc she and her team of publicists can make clear what topics they will or won’t address. Aniston has never minded answering the question. I personally think she should have said none of your damn business ages ago but to give her credit for the first time I think she’s actually being candid about this issue instead of flaming the flames of the media speculation in order to get attention.
    That cover photo is butt ugly though. The woman has an amazing body but that face isn’t cover girl beautiful so she shouldn’t try the editorial look.

  31. pwal says:

    The weirdest Aniston cover I’ve ever seen. First, the way her hair is ‘shopped, it looks like she has an alien’s head with a lot of hair.

    The pose is weird too. It would probably work if she was wearing a winter coat or something. Or if she was styled in a 1920s Clara Bow style.

    What she said about babies is fine, but I think that ‘NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS’ would’ve been better, because it really is none of our damn business. But she seems to leave as an open-ended question for the public and I can’t understand why.

  32. Esmom says:

    @24 I have to respectfully disagree. AJ & JA’s styles could not be more different. They may have some of the same/similar accessories, whatever’s fashionable at the moment, but I hardly think that counts as JA copying AJ’s style.

    Same with the color black. In the bottom pic, where JA is wearing the cargo pants (so much cuter than those boyfriend jeans she’d been sporting of late), she looks totally like herself and not an AJ wannabe.

    Also, I’m not a loonie. I’m no fan of either really, I just think their styles are vastly different. Both are obviously extremely aware of their images, not surprising, but at the moment I’m liking JA’s style more because it looks less contrived than AJ’s business casual-ish ensembles.

  33. Sillyone says:

    Yawn…she is such a bore.

  34. trolleydolly says:

    She probably doesn’t want children at all but plays it low-key so the vast majority of her female fans won’t criticise her for being “selfish” and “unnatural” – as tends to happen when you don’t conform to the notion that having a child is a woman’s true calling.

  35. tracking says:

    Smart way to defuse the womb watch intensity. She seems pretty chill and if a bio kid is not in the cards, she knows she’ll have other options. Really hate that skirt thing on the cover.

  36. mln76 says:

    @Elleh you can do the same kind of analysis with any two actresses and get the same results. You know designers send them most of their clothing and accessories gratis right? And these photo shoots are designed by the magazine editors to highlight whatever is trending this season. It’s just silly to think it’s intentional on either one’s part to wear similar clothes.

  37. Reel Wheel says:

    @mln76 – I get the whole “team of publicists” argument for a lot of things with these celebrities, but the baby thing is a tough one to blanket “no comment” with for women, because that immediately “implies” there is some problem. And, a lot of people, rich or poor, famous or not, are often uncomfortable how to escape this question either implying or not implying things about themselves they may not want to discuss. I didn’t have my child until later on, and I remember the questions, judgments because I didn’t WANT to talk about it (and I didn’t even have a problem, I just didn’t want to talk about it!)

    I have two friends with these issues, one accepted and moved past; one has not. It’s a really really hard one for women, because they get judged if they say something, don’t say anything or say “the wrong thing” – whatever that may be.

    personally, I never ask (not even my close friends) – I figure if they want to tell me something they will. Otherwise, it’s not my business.

  38. islandgirl says:

    ugly cover and she will talk about her relationship when she is promoting wanderlust. Trust

  39. The Original Mia says:

    The cover is weird. Her hair is ridiculously in her face. They made her eyes so bright, it’s creepy. That skirt, those boxers looks like she got dressed in the dark or doing the shame walk out of a dorm room. Not a good look.

    What’s so cute about 2 40-somethings going to dinner? If they want me to buy this relationship, just do nothing. Stop with the press releases about how happy they are and keep it moving. It’s not cute. Neither is spray on tanning.

  40. islandgirl says:

    Also I think they should have put another actress on the cover, someone like Viola Davis who has been awesome in the Help and will surely be nominated for an OSCAR and probably win it.

  41. WTF says:

    i’m sorry but did anyone else get the impression she look like she’s diddling herself in the picture LOL – NOT a good look !!

  42. Elleh says:

    Hollywood is full of celebrities and yes, they do trend. Designers give them red carpet clothing, but most purchase their own street clothes.

    In the case of Jennifer and Angelina, I don’t think it’s a matter of incidental trending. Both women dress similarly – all the time – and both previously had very different styles (Jen had a casual California beachy style – which I love – and Angelina was doing the goth thing for years).

    I realize that a person’s style changes over the years. I just find it curious that both of these women evolved into the same style.

    I’m not saying one is copying the other. Just that it was a noticeable, trivial observation.

  43. mln76 says:

    @Reel Wheel I disagree with you. I genuinely believe that the magazines would have refrained from asking about the topic eventually and the speculation would have died down. A good example of this is Demi Moore. When her and Ashton first married they were very vocal about wanting kids. It didn’t work out they stopped talking about it in the press and the tab speculation died down (I know they’ve got other problems now).
    Aniston knows this topic gets her attention in the press which is why she addresses it so explicitly in her interviews.

  44. Bite me says:

    Jennifer will not talk about her relationship with Justin because she is being sensitive to Heidi. Have a heart people

  45. Pat says:

    First – these two are so in love! I love that stage when you are crazy over the other person and don’t want to leave their side. I am happy for Jen that she seems to truly have found a soul mate. Good for her. About pregnancy I personally could not care less. The tabloids however are another story.

    Second I really dislike the cover. One of her worst shots as far as I am concerned.

    Third these two women could not have more different styles to me. First Jen frequently wears jeans and casual pants with belts. Angie almost never. She is in dress pants. Have not seen her in casual pants/jeans for years. When was the last time you saw Angie wear a buckled belt? Jen almost always wears short dresses – Angie almost never. She has taken on long dresses. Jen frequently wears hats (seen just the other day in New York). Angie never. The only thing they have in common is that they both wear black alot. But then if you looked at red carpets most stars wear black. Just because they carry the same purse and wear the same sunglasses that does not mean they dress alike. You could take pictures of almost anyone in hollywood and they probably have a Tom Ford purse. The comparing of these two women really needs to stop. They are totally different women. Unfortunately they both made one big mistake in life and that was having s*x with Brad Pitt. I don’t think they should forever be compared and mentioned in the same breath for the rest of their lives because of their one big mistake in life. So not fair to either of them.

    Fourth – mln76. I disagree. The press will never stop asking Aniston. Look at the recent OK covers. The public and tabloids are obsessed with Jen and babies. There is nothing that she can do to change this. Demi was very different she already had three children. Do you think that if Jen had three children already that the press would be like this? Obviously they would not. Aniston doesn’t need this to get attention. Aniston sneezing gets attention.

  46. Auds says:

    For once I’d like to see a comment thread that doesn’t bring in Angelina Jolie, and vice versa in the Brangelina posts (no Aniston).
    Come on people, can’t we shift beyond the comparisons between AJ and JA?
    It’s getting really old.

  47. Reel Wheel says:

    @mln76 – correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t Moore into her 40′s already when she married this guy – and didn’t she already have kids? Not certain you can compare the two situations, as I think it was probably pretty likely from the outset with them kids was a more remote possibility just given her age…I don’t remember a lot of “speculation” about them, but I am not a daily gossip follower so totally possible I have missed stuff.

    And, again, do correct me if I am wrong as I am sure i haven’t read all of Aniston’s interviews, but don’t interviews in general involve these celebrities being asked questions and them answering them? I have seen some where the celebrity drives the interview, but very few…

  48. clare says:

    Whatever. She has always seemed a very flaky person, but she looks like she’s in a good place right now.

  49. mln76 says:

    @Pat fine compare her to Sandra Bullock then who was married for years and never had kids (but made it clear she was committed to her step children). Everyone was shocked when she adopted Louis not only because of her divorce but because she’s never made the state of her uterus an important issue. I admit there was one recent ‘pregnancy’ cover in OK but it’s not something she addresses. That’s why she’s got the gravitas of an Oscar and the career Aniston doesn’t have, she’s handled difficult circumstances with true class unlike Aniston who has used her personal life as a distraction from her faltering career for ages. You are right Aniston knows how to get the most attention possible out of her sneezes.

  50. mln76 says:

    @Reel Wheel. Demi Moore was 42 or 43 when she married Ashton. Aniston is 42. It’s actually easier for women who have conceived before to get pregnant. And yes in the beginning of their relationship they made it very clear that they wanted kids.,,20005801,00.html

    For the first couple of years of their marraige there were almost many Demi pregnancy stories as Angie or Jen .

  51. The Original Mia says:

    @mln76 Slow clap. Bullock has handled things with grace, never inviting sympathy or pity. Aniston, otoh, has milked her divorce into a multi-million dollar post-Friends career. The only reason for all the pregnancy covers in the last few months has been her strange new habit of holding her stomach or placing her bag/closing her coat in a way that suggests she’s up the duff.

    There’s nothing interesting about Aniston, so she has to sell something. Her body, her relationship, her vacations…

  52. Canuck says:

    @mln: it comes up all the time because of the “Brad wanted kids and it wasn’t happening for him, I was just a shoulder to cry on” and the constant repitition of the masses that “Brad left Jen because she wouldn’t give him kids”. Even though Brad himself said that was BS (Diane Sawyer?).

  53. Melissa says:

    Was it really necessary for us to know what they had for dinner People Magazine? Lord. Reminds me of when I was FB and people would take pictures of what they cooked for dinner and post it on their wall. Oy.

  54. missie says:

    Hand in the pants….ummm….not a good pose.

  55. Reel Wheel says:

    @mln76 – Again, I don’t see it the same way at all. Bullock was also a bit older when she got married, I seem to remember her giving the “I’ll happen if it is meant to be” quote as well around the time she got married. No one ever hounded her about it. Cameron Diaz has given similar quotes. No one hounds her about that either.

    here’s my take on why Aniston get’s all the “BIG B” press all the time (Brad, Baby, Body). Brad Pitt left her and the speculation was that he left her her (at least partially) because she would not have his baby. Therefore, this image of this woman refusing to have Brad Pitt’s baby is somewhere out there cemented in stone. And, that’s all she wrote.

  56. WhiteNoise says:

    What Auds #47 said. So drearily tedious.

    Seriously terrible cover pic, what were they thinking?? And why would she approve it?? I can’t even comment on what she’s wearing. I’ve looked at it for a good 5 mins and it’s still not making any sense.

  57. Pat says:

    mln76 – The big difference between Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston is that Jesse James never got on TV and cried that he wanted children with Sandra. Jen did not make her uterus an important issue – Brad did. Since Brad cried on TV about children everyone has been interested in Jen’s uterus and will be forever. This whole thing all relates back to Brad wanting children and Jen not giving them to him. Sad but true. If Jen had a child the whole triangle would be over for good – it could acutally die. Until that happens however these three will be linked.

    And as for her career. If her last two movies making over 200 million worldwide is a failure – then I want to fail like her.

  58. mln76 says:

    @Canuck she could have addressed the divorce, the baby/pregnancy issue etc once and moved on. The woman is a in her mid 40′s with a multi-million dollar fortune. The idea that she’s a victim with no control over what some reporter asks her is just silly. HOWEVER I am going to repeat what I said in my first post. I actually like what she said in this interview. It didn’t seem contrived. It didn’t seem manipulative. It didn’t seem passive aggressive. I think she’s in a place where she’s actually speaking honestly from the heart. I for one am happy for her that she’s finally grown up a little bit.

  59. Canuck says:

    Re: Tom Ford bags. They have bags from the same collection, but it’s not the same bag. The one Aniston was carrying was very structured and all angles (we’re not talking about the Zipper bag) The one Jolie was carrying was not.

    Also, I read somewhere that Tom Ford doesn’t do freebees, but that could have been BS.

    As for the sunglasses, I’ve got a pair of Tom Ford aviators that I’ve had for a few years. Maybe they’re both copying me. Bitches!

  60. Imelda says:

    I too find the hate for this woman unedifying to say the least of it.
    Comments from women about a woman who may not be able to have children are more than hurtful. Way more, they cut to the bone. Many of us have friends in this position.
    Sometimes even worse is when a woman with no children is compared to one with. What is that all about? – I dont get the rationale behind it.
    I read constantly on this site from the haters that Brad left because he wanted kids but she put her career 1st.
    What if she has problems getting pregnant – would Brad be thought any less of leaving a woman because she cant get preggers. Just curious to know if he would get a free pass for this, if it were the case.

  61. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    (Sidenote: That cover is not the weirdest JA picture. This is:

    I agree that what she probably meant to say (re: babies) is that they’re not actively trying but if it happens she’ll welcome it.I also think she doesn’t actually want babies, because if she really really wanted one, especially at her age, she’d have one, like Sheryl Crow. I don’t understand why she has her closest friend dish to the media out of the blue about what a great, loving, caring mother JA would make (especially, as some of the commenters here suggested, this might be a delicate issue for her) but then again, I’ve never understood her media strategy (like, what’s with the high school/cutesy comparisons, the woman’s 42)

    Now, Justin Theroux is a sad clown to me, I’m sorry. His “hardcore” attitude was always an epitome of trying too hard, even before the JA transformation, and now he’s a “biker” who gets spray tan. Way to go, biker.

    I’m glad JA is in a good place (not only because it takes some steam off Brange) but re: trying to stay private about her relationship – why would you go to a blogging photographer (who has already posted your very private pictures online) and get another set of lovey-dovey ones taken? This kind of behavior is actually kind of high school – I won’t “say” anything but I will let everyone know. Yes, you’re such a private person, Jennifer.

  62. Embee says:

    Is that skirt supposed to look like a satin cloth draped over boxers? ANd if so, why?

  63. mln76 says:

    @Pat they were both open about wanting children and she continued to joke about it on SNL and told Vanity Fair that she wanted kids all the way down to this year telling people she was going to be barefoot and pregnant ‘soon’. No one forced her to do the joke on SNL, and no one forced her to tell the Actor’s Studio dude that her favorite sound was that of a baby laughing.
    I have no clue what the state of her fertility is. I find it despicable that the tabloid press is so invasive in a woman’s body. I find it just as despicable that Aniston fans choose to make her into a naive whimpering woman who has no resources to open her mouth and tell a publicist she isn’t going to answer a question before the interview takes place. The woman admits she threw a chair at a director for heavens sake..

  64. Melissa says:

    @Chloe (not chloe): Wow that is a very strange pose she is making in that pic you But her body is amazing!

  65. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    Stop putting the “she may not be able to have babies like many of our friends” spin on it – you’re victimizing her again. She’s a grown up woman who can (obviously) take care of herself very well. If this was such a sensitive issue, she would find a way not to have it out there and tell her best friend Kahn to shut up.

    edit: and she’d probably refuse to do all the stuff that @64 mentions, if it was such a difficult issue for her (as you seem to suggest)

    So gimmie a break.

    edit 2: and the JA/AJ wardrobe comparisons while amusing are also kind of silly. I also used to wear aviator glasses. Does that mean anything?

  66. Bird says:

    rumor is JA had two miscarriages while married to Brad. I’ve always thought that’s why they had her pregnant on Friends – How depressing to have to go through with that story line. I’ve never understood the hatred towards her.

  67. mln76 says:

    @Bird you know this how??? Are you her OBGYN? You aren’t being sensitive by creating pregnancies/miscarraiges for her based on tabloid rumors.

  68. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    @67 Bird
    Stop victimizing this woman basing on the lowest of the low kind of tabloid gossip.

    @65 Melissa
    Yeah, that’s what I thought too: awesome body, and – what kind of photographer comes up with a pose like that: “Oh, look at me, I’m doing the Exorcist girl thing. That’s how I always stand when I’m just chilling with my pals.”

  69. lisa says:


    OH PLEASE the only people talking about that miscarriage is the fans at IUC and FF. If that had been the case it would have come out years ago. Why would that be a secret. Especially considering her BFF suffered several during the filming of Friends. They left it open for her if she got pregnant. She didn’t. She herself said after friends wrapped that she was interested in Movies. Thus the fact she made so many back to back. She is not an unknown star.Women can have babies and it can be worked around on shows. We see it all the time on other series. YEARS in fact. She for whatever reason didn’t want children at a particular time. She and Brad were not on the same page. He was talking loads of kids before they got together, during and after. She was talking 1 or 2. Doesn’t sound like two people on the same road. And as it turns out Brad got the Big family he wanted. Jennifer will or will not have a child. Her decision now has nothing to do with her EX. but her. If she wants one she had the money and resources to do it. She is not like the millions of women that don’t have that money. And if she can take time off to be with her boyfriend then she can take months off to have a child. Women in the entertainment industry can take their children with them.

    Stop with the miscarriage rumor. That is just a silly story to make Brad seem like the bad guy leaving her. And to paint her AGAIN as POOR POOR JENNY. NOT THE CASE. The marriage was over and they moved on.

    Her fans need to stop the digging for some obscure connection to this man. Brad never had children with Aniston. End of story.

  70. JulieM says:

    Reel Wheel: Terrific first posts and I could not agree with you more. Seems everyone BUT Jen is obsessed with her uterus. I like her attitude. If it happens, it does, and vice versa.

    I, too, recall that when Jen and Brad split, the tabloids went crazy with the whole “Jen refused to have Brad’s baby” thing. They are both in a better place now; why all the hate for this innocuous woman?

  71. Canuck says:

    @Imelda: if he left his wife over infertility problems it would make him a douche. If he left his wife over infertility problems and brought out a magazine photo spread a few months later which he conceived and owned the rights to which splashed he and his new woman posing as a family with 4 kids, it would make him a superdouche. And after that if he does an interview several years later in which he makes a point of saying that “choosing his current partner to be the mother of his children was the best thing he’d ever done” (sic) knowing that his ex-wife is infertile and they had tried, he would be the douche to end all douches.

  72. Pat says:

    mln76 – I am always so stunned that you know so much about Aniston. For someone who appears not to like her – why do you research her so much? Just wondering I wold say I am a fan and don’t even know about the SNL thing. Do you actually read and look up stuff about her every day? So weird. Why is it that Brad/Angie fans have such an obession with JEn. Any answers – just wondering.

  73. lisa says:


    Once again your post proves the point I made. that is the reason for those lies. Let’s paint Brad as the douche that left Jenny and oh let’s not forget to take a swipe at Angie and their children.

    So so typical..

  74. Sue says:

    What a perfect media ploy… every so often, mention “babies” and you get a ton of free publicity. She is not having a kid, OK!?!? I know that we will never hear the end of this. That’s it, that’s all.

  75. kimm says:

    @#72 Canuck, so basically he is the Rolls Royce amoung Douches:)

  76. mk yarwood says:

    Is anyone else seeing her head between those two L’s as ‘LOL’?

  77. Sara says:

    At what age does Jen have to be before this obsession stops? 50?

  78. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    Canuck, there is A LOT of “if” in your comment. Just pointing it out: you’re basing very strong judgments on a lot of “ifs” (i.e. pure speculation)

  79. GiGi says:

    I think saying something like, “if it’s meant to be, it will be” is what people say when they’re trying to have a baby but don’t want everyone all up in their face about it. Because it’s not like you say something like that and then use birth control… right? And once you say you’re trying it’s out there and people ask you about it every time they see you.

  80. mln76 says:

    @Canuck there are just as many awful rumors about Aniston out there. Some of which put the blame of the ‘alleged’ fertility problems solely on her shoulders and make her out to be even worse than the scenario you laid out. Just because someone opens their mouth and tells a nasty story it doesn’t mean you have to believe it but people love a good story.

    @Pat I know so much about a lot of different things Aren’t you sweet for noticing :) I read a lot and I have a good memory. I remembered Demi Moores interview from 5 years ago. Does that mean I’m obsessed with her too?

  81. Dudette says:

    Another thing, Jen doesn’t *have* to comment when asked about the children thing. If she stops answering, the tabloids might not stop making things up but the powerhouse magazines like Elle and Vogue and Vanity Fair won’t fuel it any further either. Instead, she comments and it ends up as the tag line on the front cover. She’s not doing herself any favours frankly.

  82. Cheyenne says:

    Addie: She is harmless and really quite refreshing and light hearted.

    That’s exactly her problem. That’s ALL she is. There’s nothing else to her. She’s a 42 year old fluffball. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to try to hold an intelligent conversation with her on any topic. That’s excusable in a teenager but inexcusable in a woman her age. Emotionally and intellectually, she’s never grown up.

  83. lolas says:

    I agree with HK, and all who said ‘if it’s meant to be’ is the only valid response one can give when faced with the constant barrage of ‘when are you having kids?’ What if she tried and couldn’t? What if she’s trying now? What if she doesn’t really want them, but was advised not to say that to discourage fans? Even if you’ve ‘decided’ to have kids, making that decision doesn’t guarantee you’ll have kids. And there are those who didn’t ‘decide’ to have kids but found themselves pregnant (like my mother) and carried on with it, just as well as those who consciously chose to get pregnant and were lucky enough to get what they wanted. Sorry for the rant, but it bothers me a bit to read material that really seems to go out of its way to find fault in a statement such as this. I get that it’s celeb”bitchy”, but this seems too much (and though it prob sounds otherwise, I don’t carry a torch for Jennifer Aniston.)

  84. Original Tiffany says:

    Man, the Jen vs. Jolie wars crack me up. I’m so not invested in them.
    I loved that zipper bag JA carried! Who made that? Amazing bag.

    BUT, he’s happy now from spray tans? He looks miserable in every candid I’ve seen of them. I can’t get over him. I’d die if my husband was wearing a bull’s eye helmet (skullcap) and skinny jeans. Even if I was a 17 yo Emo.

  85. smh says:

    I’m still puzzled as to why in the TV show Friends, this woman played the popular girl character Rachel, while Courtney Cox was given the role of Monica. They wanted to give J.A. the role of Monica because she is a homely sort of girl next door type, and she seems so neurotic when she talks, she’d be better for that role. Courtney was the hot number with the big boobs, have you seen her in that movie with Kevin Costner? She hid her assets well for the friends role but she had a killer body back then! much better than many others in hw. yet Maniston wasn’t happy playing a less “it girl” role and probably got her nepotism resources to meddle in and got the main girl role anyway. Goes to show what a humble actor, real comedian she really is *eyeroll* Monica is a much better role but of course she wanted to be vapid airhead Rachel (wonder why?)

  86. Imelda says:

    @Chloe/Not Chloe? – I am not getting your point at all – either she has trouble with getting preggers and or IVF
    or latterly finding the right partner to do it with or she does not want children.
    I think that covers all scenarios (well except adoption)and in no way makes her a victim as you called it – not me – not my words at all, thats how you clearly see it so dont put that on me, thanks very much.
    Either way the implication seems to be she is deficient in some way, which is not right. So I guess I am definitively saying She Is Not A Victim – she may just be having trouble “down there”.
    And also your saying its her fault this issue is out there – so its her fault you (and me) are speculating on this???? Can you talk me through your logic on that one because I’m not getting it.
    @ Canuck in my opinion he kinda is a douche anyway after his performances over the last few weeks (and I dont mean his on-screen ones!)

  87. smh says:

    and that cover is just wrong. bad photoshop, her thighs are thinner than her arms! and when will she stop hiding behind that lion’s mane. we already seen how homely you are. i’m only making fun of her looks because it’s all surgicaly altered, to be honest i think she looked way way better back in high school with the large nose and sans fillers. plastic surgery almost never looks good… even michelle pfeiffer ruined her nose.

  88. Elleh says:

    Could babies have had anything to do with it Brad leaving Jen? Sure. During their marriage, Brad made it clear in several interviews that he wanted a family. Even if Jen couldn’t have children naturally, they could have adopted – something that Brad clearly has no problem with.

    I think Brad was more ready for a family than Jen. He had a solid movie career behind him and could afford to take time off to spend with family. Jen, on the other hand, was in the processing of moving from TV to film and, quite frankly, a pregnancy (or adoption) would have been a disruption (remember – she’s not some young 20-something that has years of movie roles ahead of her).

    I do think that Jen’s decision to put off having kids was a factor. Along comes Angelina – who Brad clearly lusted after – with a ready made family.

    As far as Jen having kids now… she may regret waiting so long. At 42, having had no children previously, she has about a 5% chance of conceiving naturally. I suppose she could go to the fertility route although I think she’ll end up going the adoption route.

  89. Julia says:

    People should stop being insensitive with the miscarriage RUMORS and paint it as they see fit just to fit their agenda.

    Because if i could, i too can talk about those rumors and the spin i have seen numorous time in talbloids and blogs saying that it was jen’s fault as she ingested male hormones that caused it and that made Pitt furious when he discovered it. Which i personnally refused to beleive because i can’t comprehend that a woman, any woman would deliberatlty put her inborn child in danger.

    Miscarriage is painful, hurtful. You never really get over losing a baby. I know that, i had one.

    So stop with talking so lightly about something that is painful to women so that you can use it for your own vendetta and against one of the member of that infamous triangle.

    Unless Aniston opens up about it, stop bringing it so that you can use it against one of the spouse or the other one in that former marriage.

  90. G says:

    I find the styling and the outfit juvenile and unflattering. Isn’t she a bit long in the tooth for the Elle market?

    Pretty much have no interest in her perimenopausal womb.

  91. mln76 says:

    @Elleh BIG APPLAUSE for pointing out that Brad would have been more than willing to adopt because he has 3 ADOPTED CHILDREN!!!

  92. smh says:

    @werty too funny!

    @elleh: you’re right she’s been emulating Angelina for the last one or two years when her p.r. started bombarding us with her new “happy” image. at first i thought people were crazy for even suggesting this but then i realized… she wears the same clothes to premieres, poses the same way, emulates accessories, even copies the way she puts on lipstick at an event, directs and goes on the same shows as her… etc. that woman is so immature. a website picked up on this recently and they talked to a shrink who said A.J. represents everything that J.A. wants to be, independent and sexy which is why she imitates her. This is something a 14 year old would do, not cute or tolerable on somebody going on 43. christ.

  93. Cheyenne says:

    @Elleh and mln:

    “Now that I have two adopted kids, I cannot imagine life without them. They’re as much of my blood as any natural born, and I’m theirs. That’s all I can say about it. I can’t live without them. So: Anyone considering [adopting], that’s my vote.”

    Brad Pitt in Esquire Magazine, 10/1/06 (before they adopted Pax).

  94. cbnagrl says:

    Speculating about someone’s uterus is downright creepy whether you are asking the questions or reading the article and blogging about it.

  95. Green_Eyes says:

    Wow! I was starting to feel sorry for her.. But I too applaud your restraint Kaiser. I can’t hold back..SORRY… That skirt WTF?? fugly (unless your deliriously happy one @EVE’s Spray Tan Chemical composite lol loved ur comment)!

    If Spray tans = happiness Explain to me why in the world JA would THROW a CHAIR at another person just because she didn’t like the way they talked to someone else?? Happy, Positive SANE people don’t go around throwing chairs at others because of their tone or volume! Delusional, uptight people do!

    As for changing him up?? More like HE CHANGED HER STYLE DOWN, as she dresses like him now and has lost her flair. NO COOL hipster, whether legit or wanna be ever wants to be referred to as “cute”, then again no Cool Hipster Dude would ever wear a helmet like his that looks like it came from PeeWee World!! (sorry Pee Wee know you even have your standards).

    Ok, I could say so much more.. But coming up for air and will let the rest go.. Ok gotta get this last one in been biting my tongue.. Jens been stringing her womb & the Public along w/ baby comments for yrs. HOWEVER, when it came down to it, and she was called out (maybe unintentionally) by Brad publically stating he was
    so ready for kids as Friends would be ending & they could be together more….. Jen did a complete 180 and ran off to make a name for herself in films. I find that funny as of yet films aren’t her strong suit. Her claim to fame are only two things, neither pertaining to films… 1) Most still just remember her as Rachel, just as all her movie characters pay homage to.. and 2) ONE haircut she didn’t even like to
    begin with and was pissed off about to begin with! Oh the irony!

  96. Imelda says:

    @ Cheyenne – how many conversations have you had with her that led you to this opinion.
    At the very least she is through her work an extremely well travelled person, she has undoubtedly met many interesting people along the way, seems to have great time in life, seems happy and pretty cheerful (as well as pretty!) has given us many laughs over the years etc and no disrespect to you personally but I would wager has a much more interesting life than yourself so how are you deducing she’s an airhead from all that?

  97. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Imelda, I was referring specifically to your saying that
    - JA “may not be able to have babies”
    - if that’s true, it’s “unedifying” to “hate” her
    - “I read constantly on this site from the haters that Brad left because he wanted kids but she put her career 1st.”
    - “What if she has problems getting pregnant – would Brad be thought any less of leaving a woman because she cant get preggers”

    My interpretation of your words was that you’re at least assuming that JA has fertility problems and couldn’t have babies even if she wanted to (quite an assumption to make basing solely on the fact that she doesn’t have them) and that this may be the reason why her ex-husband divorced her – which would make JA a victim of a cruel, selfish douche who would not support his wife in her attempts to build a family.

    I’m probably not the only person who interpreted your words this way, as – paradoxically – Canuck @72 (who’s a diehard JA fan) promptly followed with a tirade starting with: “if he left his wife over infertility problems it would make him a douche.” etc etc. Obviously, this line of reasoning is quite common (and also precisely what I objected to in my post)

    Moreover, you’ve brought it to a very personal level by saying “many of us have friends in this position” – a remark that stirs a lot of emotions and elicits compassion, but is based, again, on an assumtion that a) JA can’t have babies b) this is the reason why BP divorced her (both assumptions rather hurtful to both of them)

    Aniston never gave any hints that she might have difficulties getting pregnant, she actually made light of the whole “having kids” business several times (as mln76 pointed out). I thought your righteous indignation was a bit out of place.

    I guess we’ll continue to politely disagree about the issue.

  98. Runs with Scissors says:

    Ha, too funny, when has Aniston EVER been classy about any of the men she’s boning?

    Aniston CAN’T talk about her relationship with Justin without bringing up all the hinky details of how they hooked up. No, she relies on creepy Uncle Terry to do her dirty work.

    Didn’t Heidi basically say she’d spill to the press if either of them talk about their relationship?

  99. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    #99 Runs With Scissors

    “Aniston CAN’T talk about her relationship with Justin without bringing up all the hinky details of how they hooked up. No, she relies on creepy Uncle Terry to do her dirty work.”

    Yeah, that’s precisely what I thought. She’s too “private” to talk about her relationship, so she’ll have a kissy photo shoot by a blogging photographer (who’s already posted her private pictures online). How very mature and classy.

  100. mln76 says:

    Oh and for the record I for one have NEVER thought Jen owed it to Brad to give him a baby. What I have always thought is that the difference in their desire for kids (Him repeatedly stating even BEFORE he was with Aniston that he wanted a house full of kids, her telling Diane Sawyer he’d be lucky to get one) portended a deep chasm in the marriage. The kid issue is a deal breaker.

  101. Canuck says:

    @Chloe 79 & 98: I said “If” since my personal working hypothesis doesn’t include “leaving Jen over kids”. I probably could have prefaced my post with something along the lines of “You all know that I think that Brad…” but then I’d get jumped on again for “trying to convince” people. All I can say is that in the scenario given, any man who did any of those things to an infertile wife would be a first class *sshole. Regardless of what their name is.

  102. spinner says:

    Gosh…for such a dull, infinitely boring person; she sure racks up the comments.

  103. You can’t speak to people like that…UNLESS…of course,your chelsea handler and your screaming filth about Jolie and her children. Then You get a big smile from aniston as she enters the stage.

  104. blonde on the dock says:

    Same old haters on here making the same old boring comments. mln76 and Cheyenne being the most frequent. That’s whats boring on here. They will never forgive JA for marrying Brad Pitt.

  105. olivia says:

    Why would anyone want children with an “uninteresting” loaf of a man that sat on the couch all day getting high? Pitt has admitted to being that kind of man. Not exactly the kind of person I would want to father my children. You can even see his lack of interest in the children he has with HoBag!

  106. Green_Eyes says:

    @Canuck being that infertile now exalts of a non famous person… I have always said I wanted children… My ex always said he didn’t til wow, I’m sick and guess what definitely getting your kids (you would think my ex would have been relieved..NO he all of a sudden decided he wanted kids at some point & due to my health w/ me adoption would be shot down).

    Brad AND Jen both talked kids and she had always said once Friends would come to an end she was looking forward to starting a family. Yet, when Friends did make it known they were finally ending..she backtracked and lined up back to back movies in different locations far from Brad..then made it known she was pursuing her film career…so much for her plans w/ her hubby to start a family. Guess she was just telling him what he wanted to hear..that’s lying. If 2 people want different things in their life w/ no common ground..they shouldn’t say things to just pacify their partner..they should be honest about what they want and if it’s not the same things..don’t enter into a marriage…. Just saying

  107. Green_Eyes says:

    @Oliva..guess it’s a good thing she didnt have kids w/ Pitt as SHE was sitting there getting just as high!!!! Talk about being a’s not just spray tans that keep her happy…though the day she threw the chair she must have forgot to inhale as she wasn’t having those peaceful feelings..

  108. Cheyenne says:

    @Olivia: Had to come on here spewing your bile, didn’t you? Your life must be hell. I bet you don’t have a friend in the world outside of your co-freaks on FF. You probably spend 16 hours a day sticking pins in an Angelina Jolie doll.

    @blondie: I don’t think Pitt can forgive himself for marrying poor Jennifer. He wasted five years of his life with that airhead with nothing to show for it.

  109. Emma says:

    @Reel Wheel, 56 … “here’s my take on why Aniston get’s all the “BIG B” press all the time (Brad, Baby, Body). Brad Pitt left her and the speculation was that he left her her (at least partially) because she would not have his baby. Therefore, this image of this woman refusing to have Brad Pitt’s baby is somewhere out there cemented in stone. And, that’s all she wrote.”

    You guys eventually tip your hand, don’t you, regardless of how ‘courteous and can-we-all-just-get-alone?’ you pretend to be.

    I’ll tell you why I have an issue with Jen and her baby script. It’s because she ‘works’ it like a pro. When they were in Hawaii, how many pictures surfaced of her subtly hiding her stomach, putting a hand there, and wearing over-sized tops? How many magazine covers were generated by her actions? This behavior continued when they returned to L.A. (with a well-timed Doctor’s Visit thrown in for good measure) and when she ditched her Mom in L.A. and escaped to NYC with Justin.

    This is a cycle with Jen. She knows *exactly* which PR buttons to push to drive the public (her fans in particular) into a frenzy. She can’t just come out and ‘say’ she doesn’t want kids because she’d lose half of the Mini-Van Moms … who are her bread and butter. But she will play the ‘baby’ card until it’s no longer feasible for her to do so, because it brings her attention.

    Does that help?

  110. Violet says:

    Despite her claims to the contrary, I don’t think Jennifer Aniston has ever wanted kids. She’s 42 and would’ve had them by now, if she did.

    Furthermore, my sense is that Justin is in the same boat.

    But admitting she’d prefer to stay childfree would seriously undermine her ‘girl next door’ image. Jen’s been really savvy and has let enough time go by that she can simply say that she always wanted kids but nature took its course. If middle-aged Jen doesn’t have them at this stage in her life then “it’s meant to be.” (Translation: She has no interest in adoption and is going to continue to be extremely careful about birth control.)

  111. Melissa says:

    Holy Moly. When will it ever end? When will it be possible to discuss Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston without all three being in the mix all together? And insulted and scrutinized along the way. Okay, except BP and AJ are a couple, therefore discussed together. But whatever, you know what I mean. It’s over now. It’s really really over. Brad and Angie are happy. And Jennifer A seems to be just living her life and happily.

  112. Green_Eyes says:

    @Emma & Violet.. You both hit it dead on! :)

  113. Whew!! Olivias back. I thought for sure the poor girl gave herself a heart attack on the last Jolie post.

  114. Cheyenne says:

    Imelda: At the very least she is through her work an extremely well travelled person

    You’re kidding right?

    The boundaries of her entire world are Malibu and Mexico. Where else has she traveled? Oh right, she made an overnight trip to Europe once to promote a movie. This woman never goes anywhere. She’s stuck in her same familiar rut. I bet I’ve been more places outside the US than she has.

    No, I’ve never talked to her, but I’ve listened to her in interviews, and I was like WTF? This is a middle-aged woman who can’t put together a coherent sentence. “Well… uh… yeah… um… oh… yanno… uuuhhh… ” I’ve seen teenagers who express themselves better than she does. And she impresses as being uninterested and ignorant about anything that happens outside the narrow confines of her existence. I’d bet you a dollar to a donut hole that if anybody asked her “What do you think about Darfur?” she’d say something like “Darfur? Who’s that? I never heard of him. Is he cute?”

  115. Jenny Langford says:

    Kaiser – please stop writing stories about Jennifer. I have no strong feelings towards her either way, but your incredible searing bitterness its hard to take. It’s gone beyond social commentary to personal. Why do you hate her so much? Because she is a regular person who shot to fame? And as a 38 year old woman who wants to have kids, but is having a hard time, I’ve come to peace with what happens. I’d love kids, but if it doesn’t happen, I will be ok with that to. Maybe, just once, stop being so bitter and just cover the story. Or don’t cover it at all. BTW- we get that you love Angelina, but why encourage that triangle? Loving Angelina does not have to equal hating Jennifer

  116. N.D. says:

    He wouldn’t be a douche even if he left her because of her infertility. He would be someone who was forced to make a difficult choice, that’s all, because the wish to be a parent is not something one MUST give up. This is an enormous sacrifice that cannot be DEMANDED from anyone or expected by default.

    And as many have pointed out he clearly wasn’t opposed to any way of becoming a parent and so it was her ultimate choice not to have kids, naturally or through IVF or through adoption. I’m not blaming her for that choice btw, I bet it wasn’t easy one either.

  117. Green_Eyes says:

    @HorsePoor Hanna OMG!! I laughed so hard.. think Olivia did pass out on those feeds but the fumes & happy chemicals from J & J’s spray tans revived her;)

  118. Agnes says:

    What the hell is wrong with her?! Who throws chairs at people?! That’s not “standing up to someone”. That’s called “assault”.

  119. Elleh says:

    Let’s forget for a moment that Jennifer Aniston is a mega-millionaire celebrity. The world is filled with women who don’t want children for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to think we should have kids or, at least, want to have kids.

    I think there are many occassions when a woman meets a man, falls in love and when the man mentions how much he wants kids, she will agree – even if she doesn’t want any (or at least not any time soon). They get married and then the clock starts ticking. After a certain point, the man starts to figure out that she really doesn’t want to have kids.

    Honestly, I don’t think that I believe Jennifer when she says she wants kids. I really do think Brad left her because she kept stalling on the baby question and Brad (who was already in his 40′s) didn’t want to wait any longer.

    I could understand not wanting to have kids while she was still under contract with Friends, but when the show ended she immediately threw herself into at least 2 films. Clearly, that was the last straw for Brad.

    He meets Angelina on set, she’s a beautiful woman, she adopted a son on her own and expressed interest in having more and – being 6 years younger than Jennifer – had more fertile years ahead of her.

    Justin Theroux also doesn’t strike me as someone chomping at the bit to have kids. He seems a little self-absorbed and self-indulgent to me (as evidenced by the way he dumped his last girlfriend).

  120. N.D. says:

    @Agnes: “What the hell is wrong with her?! Who throws chairs at people?! That’s not “standing up to someone”. That’s called “assault”.”

    Actually with some (bad) luck she could have even killed that director. I doubt “but he was yelling at people” would be accepted as a valid excuse in court.

  121. B says:

    She probably chose her words carefully, and that’s why she came off as aloof. I mean, it’s much harder to say straight-up in this society, “I don’t want kids” or “I have no interest in children” or, heck, even “I hate kids.” To avoid being judged so harshly, she probably was purposefully aloof/vague.

    I wish that things weren’t as such that people HAVE to feel obligated to NOT express their feelings when they go against the norm in this situation, but it is what it is, unfortunately. You’re looked down upon as some sort of incomplete woman or freak if you don’t want kids.

  122. Reel Wheel says:

    @Emma – 110. Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by me tipping my hand or pretending to be courteous? I am new here. I don’t think any of my posts have not been courteous. If they have, please let me know.

    You picked out one line from a series of posts. the stuff before was more what I was getting at.

    Is she playing a big game, I’ll concede it’s a possibility. I generally default to giving people the benefit of the doubt – and who ever knows with these celebrities anyway…

    but, if wearing over-sized tank-tops and resting a hand on the stomach is the universal sign for telling the world you’re pregnant, I might be sending out the wrong message after I have eaten a big breakfast :)

  123. Toot says:

    It’s not hard to just be honest and say that you don’t want kids, it’s just being an honest adult. If I remember correctly, Cameron Diaz has said that and she’s just fine.

  124. smh says:

    i don’t believe she wants children either. if she wanted them and couldn’t easily conceive then she would get fertility treatments like Angelina did on her second pregnancy or the way Mariah Carey did, M.C. was having miscarriages so she underwent that treatment which made her look bloated and more overweight than she was. but she wanted those kids and now she has twins! same for jennifer lopez she became pregnant at a later age due to fertilization and she also had wondeful cute twins. my point is, if a woman really wants to have children she’ll find a way, or she’ll adopt, or she’ll spoil her nephews and nieces to death. she isn’t mother material, that is nothing to be ashamed of, but she should stop lying to keep those tabloids in check. she would never undergo that treatment either, she can’t risk having her precious body shape changed. oh noes. she’ll let nature take care of it (at age 43, after years and years of taking pills? yeah i don’t think so)

  125. Camille says:

    I’m sorry, but I *really* hate that cover shot.
    Aniston looks like she is either about to bawl her eyes out or else she is about to unhinge her jaw Zombie style and eat your brains.
    That is NOT an attractive photo (or woman).

    As for her quotes, it sounds to me like she is (finally) trying to express in a way that won’t upset her fans that she doesn’t plan/want to have any kids. But we will see. I don’t think she wants kids though. She would be the most neurotic mother ever. Ugh.

  126. blonde on the dock says:

    I don’t think Pitt can forgive himself for marrying poor Jennifer. He wasted five years of his life with that airhead with nothing to show for it.

    Is that how you measure a marriage Cheyenne? How many children are produced. If none, the marriage was worth nothing? What makes you think you know so much about what went on in that relationship? Were you there?

  127. Canuck says:

    Just a note to all who commented that “yelling at someone doesn’t warrant a chair throwing”. The article said “treating the person horribly”. That could include a very wide range of nasty behavior and / or demands towards someone.

  128. Firecracker says:

    You know what, it very well could be that Jen hasn’t had any kids because she hasn’t found a man that she would like to have them with. I know that’s the case with me.

    I know, I know, you don’t have to have a man to have kids, just sayin’.

  129. Cheyenne says:

    Toot: It’s not hard to just be honest and say that you don’t want kids, it’s just being an honest adult. If I remember correctly, Cameron Diaz has said that and she’s just fine.

    But Diaz and Aniston have a very different fan base. Diaz has always been up front about who she is and her fans accept her as such. But Aniston has built up this persona as the Girl Next Door and America’s Sweetheart, and her fan base has swallowed it hook, line and sinker. She was supposed to make beautiful babies with Brad Pitt and live with him happily ever after. Since Pitt trashed that scenario, she’s supposed to find somebody else to make beautiful babies with and live happily ever after. Her fans would never forgive her if she came out and said my life is my business and I don’t want to complicate it with children. If there is one unforgiveable crime, it’s destroying people’s illusions.

  130. Victoria says:

    So if spray tans=positive energy what would the equivalent be for those of who are blessed with naturally brown skin? Skin bleaching? Better yet, let me ask Riahnna and Beyonce. They do seem happy to be stupid and relevant because of fuckery like JustJen.

    Meanwhile Kaiser, you are not the NYT so you don’t have to be fair to anyone. Call it out like you normally do and break that biotch DOWN! That Elle picture, that was so mean to her. They basically just said with that HAM, “you are getting OLD bish and HD and cameras don’t lie.” They are practically getting ready to ship her ass right over to AARP.

    I can’t believe they are still asking her about babies. She has already made her statement in so many ways that she is way to selfish to give all her love and attention to another little human being. There is nothing wrong with that. SO why fraud about it? Who the hell really cares if you don’t want to have kids? The world will not end if you admit it. But we need to stop pretending as if there no spin/agenda from her camp.

    Celebrity watchers should be able to read between the lines even if it’s coming from their favorite stars. It’s all very common sense on deck. And someone mentioned that she wasn’t talking about Justin out of respect to Heidi. To that I say GMAB.

    Jen has a classic hood girl chicken head attitute. In other words I CAN SHOW YOU better than I CAN TELL YOU. She doesn’t have to say a damn thing! She’s been disrespecting Heidi by releasing/giving permission for photos of her and Justin to the press. AND this biotch invited him to her HWood Walk of Fame ceremony when the whole cheating thing was Frizzity Fresh. A Low Vera indeed.

  131. Lady D says:

    @Biteme, #45: LOL.
    “Come on people, can’t we shift beyond the comparisons between AJ and JA” Another funny one.
    “I can’t even comment on what she’s wearing. I’ve looked at it for a good 5 mins and it’s still not making any sense.” Glad I’m not alone there.
    “You can even see his lack of interest in the children he has with HoBag!” Sigh.
    “incredible searing bitterness” ??? We are not reading the same Kaiser obviously.

  132. Firecracker says:

    *waves at Lady D*

    My new cat Melon has worms! EWWWWWW. Who knows what he ate when he was living outside, foraging for food.

  133. lisa says:

    @smh.. Angelina was what 32 or 33 when she got pregnant the 2nd time..NOT 40+.. I know that the tabloids wanted it or needed it to be invitro because GOD forbid she could have a natural twin birth.

    And how many other celebrities had twins. But of course Angelina has to be brought up in any and every situation. She was in her early 30′s which is not uncommon to have twins at that age. Brad’s sister has twins. so..

    But hey whatever makes your point OR NOT

  134. minnie says:

    She’s so rich that she can have children several ways, if she doesn’t want to adopt.
    I am 41, struggling with infertility fr years, and I would be very happy if I had her kind of money to try some treatments that are very expensive.
    I do think that nowadays, infertility has several options: waiting for a miracle to happen, get IVF or AI (some women are not candidates for them), getting a surrogate with your wn eggs or donated, or adoption… She has money, so that is not an issue.
    If she doesn’t have them is because she doesn’t want them right now or ever.

  135. Green_Eyes says:

    @Canuck..I don’t care how you define behaving badly IT NEVER JUSTIFIES PICKING UP A CHAIR & LITERALLY THROWING IT AT SOMEONE!! OMG! So I guess you do though I take it…. There are other ways of dealing w/ people than violence of that magnitude… That’s just NUTS!

  136. Green_Eyes says:

    @Firecracker…I hope your kitty feels better soon and no more worms… Agree ewes. Poor kitty, having taken in homeless ones it happens.. Your a good person w – good heart:)

  137. cbnagrl says:

    Angelina is a bag of bones who shoved heroin in her veins, drank blood, and opened her legs to a married man. No wonder Jen was considered “boring”.

  138. rosalee says:

    Peace and love kiddies..boy oh boy..If I was Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, I’d be tracking you all down and sending each and everyone one of you flowers. You are their fan base, the crazies, the loonies who will gooble up rumours and speculation. You are the reasons why the triangle continues. Pat yourselves on the back kids, you are the reason why OK! Life & Style, People and Star are doing so well. I wish I was an editor at one of those publications I’d be able to afford one of those Tom Ford handbags.

  139. Lucky Charm says:

    “But it’s not what you read. There’s no desperation. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I’m at peace with whatever the plan is.”

    So basically, without coming right out and saying it, she’s telling the MVM she doesn’t want kids and to back off.
    “But will you hate me if I say I don’t want to talk about my relationship?”

    Now I REALLY want to know what Heidi Bivens has on them, or threatened them with, lol! (Remember her comment that she wouldn’t say anything unless Justin or Jennifer did first?) Because we all know that she has no problems talking about her relationships, even years after they’ve ended.

    And that cover photo has to be one of the worst that I’ve ever seen of anyone.

  140. Imelda says:

    @ Cheyenne I thought in your estimation (and a few others) Jen was a famewhore therefore would she not have a baby for all the extra publicity it generates. Yet she hasn’t done that for whatever reason.
    So it all doesn’t quite add up.
    People here are saying she’s getting more publicity from inferring shes having a baby than actually having one!
    She cant have/doesn’t want a baby – my point about all that is why does it in the eyes of many make her a lesser mortal.
    She seems to be judged in some way on this issue and found wanting.
    So she doesn’t come right out and say maybe because its a very personal thing.
    I have seen a number of interviews and she always came across as charmiing reasonably intelligent and pretty humble.
    Dont know about the interviews you say you saw that she Ummed and ahhed her way through – definately didn’t see those ones. She has a natural sense of humour it seems quite refreshing from a celeb.
    Are you also telling me you can promote a movie from Mexico alone. No you cant she has to travel to do this, hence the well travelled comment.

  141. Whats with the *scary eyes* cover?? Thats a really freaky scary photoshop.If I hadn’t read the article,I would think that was a *Carrie* spoof,ya’know for Halloween.

  142. Nola says:

    Have people ever thought that maybe just maybe conceiving is an issue for her? Pregnancy is not an easy task and I for one applaud her for not having babies just for the sake of it. We have too many babies being abandoned and neglected to the nannies in Hollywood. IMO I think she wants to be a mom, but she also wants a family meaning the whole Mom, Dad, and Kids which is so rare to find nowadays. It is however still possible and I hope she finds that in Justin because I think they make a terrific couple. If she chooses to wait then she might ran out of time, but there are many other options for her. And for those who says that if she wanted kids she would have had them, well aren’t you lucky that you are not in her shoes? You just don’t have a child because you want to, you have to think of that child first and foremost. Yes financially she is able, but what about the other aspects like emotional, physical, mental, etc? From the woman who has stated that the divorce of her parents affected her, I doubt she would want to put a child through that and I think she wants her child to have both loving parents present hence waiting for the right guy to have a child with.

  143. whitedaisy says:

    Holy crap. We all need to take a deep breath, people.
    We will never know any of these celebrities personally or know what they have or haven’t gone through.
    It is all an image projected; more or less successfully with the help of their agents.

  144. Cheyenne says:

    @blondie: I’m repeating what Brad said more than once: the years he was married to Aniston were a low point in his life. He’s on record as saying his life was at a dead end before he met Jolie. Make what you want out of it.

  145. Vanessa says:

    Women can have children into their 40′s you just need to have that test to check for Down’s. There’s still time for Jen to have a baby if she wants and she has all the money in the world to get some fertility help if she needs it. Time will tell. Fact is, most women don’t go into menapause until their fifties. As long as a women has a period, she can get pregnant. I think there’s been a lot of scary articles about how women can’t have children once they hit the big 40 and that’s simply incorrect. Look at Jennifer Connely . She’s in her forties and just recently had another baby.

  146. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Nola..and I say this IN NO WAY referencing JA or anyone in particular other than life in GENERAL. I am curious as to how young you are or lucky enough to have had your life’s plan work out perfectly? I say this because one believes the perfect guy is out there in their 20′s and I have all the time in the world. But life no matter WHO you are or what you have has a way of rearranging your plans on you. So at 20/30 something you think you have an amazing career, money in the bank, wonderful hubby. Hmm we can wait for kids. Bam! Your struck w/ illness after illness you survive cancer twice, BUT you don’t side step a rare autoimmune disease or debilitating neuromuscular disease. SO, your wonderful hubby is revealed not to be the man everyone thought he was and leaves you because your bank acct has run dry from millions in medical bills, your career is gone (as you are now disabled and can barely function some days), and cancer left your dreams of having a child in the dust.. Forget adopting as no agency will due to your health status, not that you could take care of a child 24/7 now, your broke, and sick. Not what it looked like just a yr prior when you thought you had a perfect life and all figured out. Yet comes the actual right man…still doesn’t matter. Your body will always be getting worse no matter how happy he makes you or how better life may actually be now. So my point…. If your waiting for ALL of life to align perfectly to live your life especially as your in 40′s.. You are going to be disappointed along the way. Doesn’t matter how healthy you are, how in shape..etc… Again that is in general, not to JA. Because no matter how perfect you think you have it or will have it life reminds you nothing is perfect. (but you can find happiness and beauty if your willing to accept that there is not always a “right time” in life….)

  147. Lady D says:

    Firecracker, I bet Melon gets fat after he’s treated. He’s earned it. Cocoa has discovered house plants. Swell.

  148. Firecracker says:

    Thanx Green Eyes and Lady D for Melon thoughts!

    Lady D, he already is getting very fat, lol. I probably won’t even be able to lift him soon but that’s fine. I think it’s because he was so hungry. He’s getting so he doesn’t sleep by the food dish anymore every nite. Ruh Roh, Cocoa’s into the plants!

  149. Green_Eyes says:

    @Lady D, keep a spray bottle w/ water handy. When Cocoa starts for any plants tell her/ him no, then spray at her (first few times I just barely touched my babies but enough for them to associate plant means I get the bottle). Now on rare occasion that one of my lil fur babes get mischievous & try for a plant my just pretending to get the bottle has them quickly changing their curious lil minds:). Hope it helps sweetie. As some house plants are poisonous to our lil ones.

  150. Green_Eyes says:

    Lol,Firecracker..seems Melon has really found ‘his’ home:).

  151. Firecracker says:

    Green Eyes, good point w/the water spray bottle. Yes, Melon decided I was his new mom, I really had no choice in the matter :)

  152. Lucky Charm says:

    @ 92 mln76:
    @Elleh BIG APPLAUSE for pointing out that Brad would have been more than willing to adopt because he has 3 ADOPTED CHILDREN!!!

    Agreed that BRAD was willing to adopt, but that doesn’t mean that SHE was, or is. Because like mentioned before, she could have adopted by now if she really wanted kids. It’s perfectly OK to not want them, and better to know that before you have them.

  153. anne_000 says:

    If I were Heidi, I’d be upset at the insinuation that Justin being with me was bad for him & that what saved him was being with Jennifer.

    Also that cover pic makes Jennifer look like a man.

    And the big story from People is that J & J actually ate a salad, appetizer, pasta, and dessert? Wow…. That’s amazing…. I never saw anybody else in the ENTIRE world ever do that before…

  154. Green_Eyes says:

    Firecracker..that’s beautiful. Funny how fur babies really adopt us:). That’s how it is at our house except our maltipoo was a Christmas gift from my sister in law. She has his parents. He was going to be a lil service baby..but has a heart murmur so he couldn’t be certified..but he is NE at heart as he warns me before I have seizures, severe tremors, or freeze up… And if I fall he will bark his lil head off til hubby hears outside. At first I thought it was cute he never leaves my side for anything except to potty or eat… He follows me everywhere, but now we know why and he has stolen my heart even more lol. All lil fur babes have such lil personalities:). May you and Melon have many may yrs of joy together:)!

  155. Cheyenne says:

    This is excerpted from the Southern California Center for Reproductive Medicine:

    Pregnancy over 40 and Related Risks

    There is a sharp decline in a woman’s ability to achieve pregnancy over age forty. The fertility rate per month is only about 5% and even with in Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the most successful infertility treatment available, the pregnancy rate is only about 10% per try. This is due to the greatly reduced number of normal eggs remaining in the ovaries of a woman over forty. … Estimates from embryo biopsy reveal that at least 90% of a woman’s eggs are genetically abnormal when a woman is over 40. This is explains the increased pregnancy risk over 40. The miscarriage rate is 33% at age 40. Genetically abnormal pregnancies are more common as well with an incidence of 1/38 at age 40. … Complications of pregnancy that increase with age include elevated blood pressure, gestational diabetes, premature labor and bleeding disorders such as placental abruption.


  156. smh says:

    @lisa you mad? i don’t know angelina jolie personally lol but a brief time before her pregnancy i was reading perez hilton (i used to back in 2007) it said they were trying for invitro, because they didn’t want to wait. why they had to wait i have no idea, maybe because brad was nearing 50 and maybe had less sperms or because angelina was in her 30′s and used much birth control and was getting really skinny or maybe because they wanted more kids? anyhow this was that blog’s words not mine. and only months later it was announced that she was preggers with twins, which happens so oft with invitro or so i heard.

    @cheyenne so i stand corrected, maybe aniston is really getting treatment (which i doubt) but even so there is a good chance that she might not get pregnant after all. so that bleak quote could be her explaining that she’s trying but if it doesn’t happen, oh well. still proves that she is not so crazy about having kids after all! because a few years ago she said “don’t steal my thunder, i always said i wanted kids and i will” and about last year she said “i think women want to see me barefoot and pregnant, relax it’ll happen!” LOL

  157. Freya says:

    Just say it, Ellen (24). The woman is copying Jolie.

  158. Firecracker says:

    Green Eyes, that is so cute about your puppy! I love all animals, I even had a pet rat once. He was going to be snake food, but the snake didn’t eat him, so I adopted him (snake def wasn’t mine, lol)

    Also, if that was your experience you were talking about (to someone else on here), I wish you all the luck in the world at feeling good every day!

  159. N.D. says:

    @smh Angelina got pregnant right away with Shiloh, why would they opt for IVF mere two years later? I kind of really doubt their health deteriorated so rapidly. And IVF isn’t something you do just for theb fun of it, you know. It’s very taxing on woman’s health and takes a lot of effort and there is no garanty it will work.

    Not to mention that trusting Perez Hilton as a source is crazy.

  160. smh says:

    @N.D. I know, I haven’t been reading his site since those few times in 2007 anyway. it didn’t make much sense back then either, since she was pregnant for the 2nd time and still young. but after in a very short while it was confirmed that JoliePitts expected twin babies i thought their source was reliable. and I thought Brad’s age was the reason for the “wait”. I’m sorry now that I have brought Angelina as an example, one or two would have been sufficient (Mariah and JLo) Point is that I doubt Aniston is undergoing treatment, she would look chubbier if she did. But who knows really.

  161. pwal says:

    158: smh
    But Angelina said that Knox and Vivienne were conceived during one of Brad’s visits to the Changeling set.

  162. Emma says:

    @Imelda, 61 … “What if she has problems getting pregnant – would Brad be thought any less of leaving a woman because she cant get preggers. Just curious to know if he would get a free pass for this, if it were the case.”

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Jennifer Aniston ‘really’ couldn’t have children her PR team would have leaked it in a NY minute when the Jolie-Pitts were expecting Shiloh. That would have cemented Jen’s status with the Mini-Van Moms for decades to come. I still say that NO woman unable to bear children would spoof herself on national television by asking when ‘she’ was going to have a baby. It just wouldn’t happen.

    And now I have a question for you: Why can’t we comment on Jen’s behavior without you guys jumping on us and playing the ‘hate’ card? I don’t ‘hate’ or ‘dislike’ Jen personally… I just don’t like some of her actions. Can’t you see the difference? And I’ll bet few of you Jen-Hens could say the say about La Jolie. There is a huge difference between hating a person with the fire of a thousand suns simply for being who they are, and taking an issue with someone because of their behavior, but not them personally.

  163. Canuck says:

    @green eyes137: No, I’ve never thrown a chair or anything else at someone. That said, if some dirtbag director was forcing the script supervisor into sex for job, humiliating them over it in public and braggng about the whole thing to the crew, I’d probably consider doing so. Then I’d likely come up with something stealthy and highly unpleasant that couldn’t be pinned on me or the script person and do that instead.

  164. Freya says:

    No, Imelda, Pitt has said to Diane Sawyer that the matter of children was not the reason they split. Then he said his life, before Jolie, had reached a dead end, and we’ve also had the Parade interview.

  165. pwal says:

    October 6th, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    He wouldn’t be a douche even if he left her because of her infertility. He would be someone who was forced to make a difficult choice, that’s all, because the wish to be a parent is not something one MUST give up. This is an enormous sacrifice that cannot be DEMANDED from anyone or expected by default.

    Especially if the other half of the hypothetical parental unit was still insisting that a baby was on the way. If there was a fertility problem on either side, it wouldn’t have been unusual for the baby talk to stop on both sides, as well as from friends, family, work acquaintances, etc. For most people, a couple enduring the heartache of infertility would’ve been gifted with ‘circling the wagons’ by those in their inner circle who honestly care about them.

  166. Julia says:

    @ smh

    I remembered clearly that was brought to Jolie once and she said in an interview that she didn’t use in vitro and that if she had to undergo the IVF process, she would have gladly talked about it, as she doesn’t think one should be ashamed of it and that sharing it with women who may have difficulties shouldn’t be perceived as something shameful.

    She added that she was lucky enough to conceive easily and that so far, she doesn’t have those kind of problems.

    If my memory served me well she shared a little story that a few days before the doctor told Pitt and her that they were expecting twins, they were at Pitt’s sister home and she was joking about them having twins and how they would react. She added that when the doctor told Pitt and her that they were expecting twins, both broke into laughing while remembering Pitt’s sister premonition.

    Also both Jolie and Pitt have twins in their family.

  167. Kim says:

    If she plans on adopting there is no rush but if she plans on having baby herself at her age there is definitely a rush.

    But I appluad her for taking the time to get to know Justin before marrying or having child with him even if her clock is ticking rapidly.

  168. Emma says:

    @Pat, 73 … “mln76 – I am always so stunned that you know so much about Aniston. For someone who appears not to like her – why do you research her so much? Just wondering I wold say I am a fan and don’t even know about the SNL thing. Do you actually read and look up stuff about her every day? So weird.”

    No Pat, all it takes is a good ‘memory.’ The woman spoofed asking herself when she was going to have a baby on “Saturday Night Live,” a show that is broadcast on one of the three major networks. The skit is funny and memorable because it mirrors what the tabloids were printing about Jennifer Aniston at the time. The skit–with comments from January 2004–was also up on YouTube, and may still be there. Like I said … it doesn’t take much research with Jen, just a good memory.

  169. pwal says:

    Interesting that Aniston is painting herself as saint of the set, given how Jay Mohr mentioned, once again, how Aniston humiliated him on the Picture Perfect set.

  170. Green_Eyes says:

    @Firecracker- thank you sweetheart regarding Gucci.. You do have a bog heart lol I would have taken in the lil critter too. Lol we share the same love there:).

    Yes, the story I was talking about to @ Nola is my life so far. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. I don’t give up or give in.. But know each day is different and know I have to make the most of the good days.. And I do… Most of all good or bad day, a positive outlook and ability to change my plans and adapt have played key roles in beating odds so far:). Lol and who can’t have a positive outlook w/ loving mischievous fur babes among us… Lol big hugs and much love your way:)

  171. Freya says:


    That’s right, olivia, Pitt was boring in his marriage. He knew that too, so he changed his life…for the better.

    He is not interested in his children? How exactly do you SEE that? If you asked him to choose between his family and his previous life, what do you think he’d choose?

  172. Elleh says:

    @Freya – do you really think that Brad Pitt would admit to Diane Sawyer (and the world) that he left Jennifer Aniston because she wouldn’t have kids? Given that the majority of Pitt’s fan base are women, do you have any idea what that would have done to his reputation and career?

    Yeah, he said his life reached a “dead end”. What does that even mean? Did Sawyer ask him to clarify? Did Parade ask him to clarify? No.

    If sitting around on the couch with a joint in his hand was his “dead end” then what direction did he want to go in? If it didn’t have anything to do with children, then what was it he wanted to do that Jennifer wouldn’t do? He couldn’t get off the couch and put down the joint without getting a divorce first?

    What does he have in his relationship with Jolie that he didn’t have with Jennifer? Let’s see. Children and charity work. He said it wasn’t about the children, so then what – he couldn’t get involved in charity work with Jennifer?

    Clearly, children were an issue. I don’t blame Jennifer for either not wanting kids or wanting to put it off. I’m 47 and openly admit that I never wanted to have kids. Nothing wrong with that. I’ll live the mothering to the women who desire it.

    The thing is, Pitt has long talked about his desire for children. And chances are, Jen gave lip service to having children too. The difference is, Pitt really wanted them and Jen didn’t.

    The “dead end” happens when two people realize they don’t want to go in the same direction. The rags say that Jen is desperate for a child, but clearly she isn’t. Her “if it happens it happens” comment clearly shows that she isn’t going out of her way to make it happen (i.e. IV, adoption, etc…). At 42 with no prior pregnancies, her chances of conceiving naturally are 5%. That’s biological fact. Yes, it’s possible to get pregnant (at that age, they are referred to as “spontaneous pregnancies”) – but it’s pretty rare. And she seems totally okay with that.

    Not every woman has a biological clock. For some women (like myself) the alarm never goes off. For others, they hit the snooze button so many times that it ends up being too late. Again, Jen seems totally fine with this.

  173. Green_Eyes says:

    @ Canuck 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Throwing a chair or something of that equivalent makes one no better. If the things you listed were the problem.. There are legal channels and w/ cell phones now adage so many ways to get evidence… Then fight the douche and make sure He NEVER works in the field again by dragging his name thru the court system… In the end when we stoop to their level it is us who ultimately get caught.. What good would that have been if say you’ would have faced the assault charge..and whatever punishment comes with it…

  174. mzjask says:

    i, as with most of your posts, disagree with you Kaiser.
    i think the skirt is adorbz. these celebrities have the opportunities to be exposed to the most insanely wonderful material items in this world, why should she wear another foofy dress, a tank top & jeans or a friggin pant suit on the COVER of a magazine???
    when she is photographed going to the store wearing a tank & jeans with aviators, she is copying angelina. when she is wearing tom ford at a premiere, she is being too safe.
    FFS, let her friggin breathe.

    a spade is a spade-

    i am 28 & STILL get carded when going for drinks- I LOVE IT!!! when i am 42 i hope people will still think i am cute. WTF is wrong with that? um hi i take care of myself [naturally or un natural, wtf do you care]& i have great skin, oh lord ladies hold it against me. it aint her fault all your chain-smoking, frowning & staying up late is obvious on your saggy wrinkly skin.

    so she is cute so she must be stupid?
    you know, people grow. i may have said something 5 years ago that i now cringe when people bring up. but the difference is i am not a celebrity so who cares but you’re quoting & holding her up to something she said or did in her late 20′s, early 30′s?

    rather than bein all;
    Yeah sista, you made it through a painful time in your life,
    [so you have never cried & bashed an ex to whoever would listen?]
    you got a guy that seems genuinely interested in you,
    you’re comfy in your own skin,
    Good For You!
    oh this bitch is tryna be angelina. oh she still wants brad.

    theres really no winning with you hags
    [looking your way cheyenne, mln & chloe]

  175. smh says:

    @163 & 169 ok i’m sorry i didn’t read all of the jolie pitt interviews and was gullible enough to believe a notorious blog for once. geeze i had no idea i would get soooo many comments on something i was misinformed about. what is the big deal anyway there’s nothing wrong with getting treatment? i was misinformed on the internet happens to almost everybody i guess

  176. Freya says:


    You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but your post, in MY opinion, makes YOU sound like an airhead too.

  177. Cheyenne says:

    @minnie #136: Don’t give up. A friend of mine was 40 years old, unmarried, no kids, no current boyfriend, and tired of waiting for Mr. Right to materialize. So she went to the IVF clinic to be inseminated — at $10,000 a pop. The first two tries didn’t take. $20,000 down the drain. She decided to give it one more shot. Third time turned out to be the charm. She delivered healthy triplets last January, two precious little girls and a beautiful little boy. She’s over the moon.

    @smh: Some of those hate websites insist Angie conceived the twins by IVF because they want to believe Brad and Angie have a sexless relationship. Go figure.

  178. dragonlady sakura says:

    While I’m not a big fan of Aniston, I wish the media would leave her alone. This womb-watch they have going on is kind of sick. I hope she stops being so PC and just says she’ll have kids (or not) when she’s damn good and ready too.

  179. Emma says:

    @SMH, 125 … “i don’t believe she wants children either. if she wanted them and couldn’t easily conceive then she would get fertility treatments like Angelina did on her second pregnancy…”

    Angelina was actually asked about taking fertility treatments in an interview after the twins were born. She said that they didn’t go that route, but if they had, they wouldn’t have had any problem talking about it at the time. She said that people aren’t aware that twins run in Brad’s family (his sister has a set of twin girls). With fraternal twins (like the Jolie-Pitts have) the ‘twin’ gene is passed to the woman from her mother, or through her father from ‘his’ mother.

  180. G says:

    mzjask. No one minds that someone is cute at 42. Jen is not that compelling because at her age, she hasn’t managed to project a little more of the depth or complexity a mature woman has. She seems like a shell.

  181. Firecracker says:

    Green Eyes,

    Hugs back! :)

  182. mzjask says:

    well i feel like if you want an in depth, you can always look to Diane Sawyer.
    and because of the fact that she hasn’t “projected depth” [i am not even really sure what you mean by that. what would one have to do to project depth anyway?] than that means she is undeserving of love and happiness?

    what have you done with your life?
    not all of us are out there to change the world, some of us just want to live in it and be happy. :)
    she seems happy to me.
    JEN, FTW!!

  183. smh says:

    @180 % 182: yes, yes thank you as well, as i have already been corrected about a dozen times now. i am not an angelina basher, i like her. she’s a good actress but more importantly i like her because of the charity work. i’m not a crazy obsessive “omg my idol is superhuman they can do no wrong!!!” sort of stan, but i happen to like her and call myself a fan. i had no idea that it was anti-angie obsessed freaks who brought up the in vitro treatment rumour. and like i said i didn’t read that interview with a.j. that said, in my opinion haters are just making themselves look stupid by pushing that theory because there’s nothing wrong with getting that treatment. it doesn’t prove that the couple do not love each other. insisting on that as a conspiracy theory is simply lame

  184. G says:

    I never said that she doesn’t deserve to be/isn’t in love and happy or that she needs to save the world.

    I am saying that when I go to consume entertainment or art I’m looking for something more insightful, more meaningful and less shallow than what Aniston’s public image projects. I can only conclude that from the scant box office of her recent films that I’m not the only one.

    That’s her public image, which she has very carefully crafted. I have no idea what she’s like personally. I don’t delude myself that I have private insight into any celebrity. Her image is white toast. Some people love white toast. I don’t.

  185. Firecracker says:

    smh, I too thought for some reason that Angelina’s twins were done in-vitro too. I think there was an article that said that around the time when they were born…no idea where though.

  186. pwal says:

    October 6th, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    smh, I too thought for some reason that Angelina’s twins were done in-vitro too. I think there was an article that said that around the time when they were born…no idea where though.

    Report this comment as spam or abuse

    That was because US Weekly had a cover that said ‘IT WAS IN-VITRO!!!!’ or something to that effect, which, conveniently, occurred when it was clear that Brad and Angelina weren’t going to give them a photo exclusive of the twins.

    As if they ever had a snowball’s chance…

  187. Cheyenne says:

    @Firecracker and smh: The bullshit the hate sites post about the twins’s origin is mind-blowing. One website has people saying Angie kidnapped the twins from Russia and passed them off as hers. It gets crazier from there.

  188. Tara says:

    I too saw the LOL on the cover!!

  189. blonde on the dock says:

    IN VITRO???? No! It was immaculate conception!!!

  190. G says:

    Gee, some people are willing to consider andything but good old fashioned fucking.

  191. CHRISTIAN_GIRL says:

    The script supervisor throwing the chair at the director is one thing, but Jen as the paid actress was clearly minding someone else’s business.

    Her anger is not justified on any level. So she missed. Her intention was to connect with the CHAIR and that is nuts and criminal.

    Imagine Jolie telling this heart warming story about standing up for someone. Is it still sweet? Of course she would not have missed, but she also can control her anger, apparently.

    This chick is not funny, sweet or cute, but more importantly how was it covered up. Sets are loaded with people, yet no one talked? If it’s true something is sure fishy. If it’s a lie, she really does have issues. Is she trying to continue the bad girl persona by making up a ridiculous tale? Either way, something is off here even more that her crazy messed up cover.

    The kids issue she likes to dangle out there on a regular basis is sounding as silly as her bursting to direct a FILM. Do it woman or get off the pot. Yet, her fans still bite. Amazing. Brad sure was not interested in biting any longer and moved on. At some point her fans will be forced to as well. Or this state of maybe, what if, did she miscarry, infertilty problems will continue until Knox impregnates his wife. How long will you wait and why?

    The HUSBAND who wanted kids left and has kids and that has always been the issue. That is a ship that sailed away. She has never expressed a yearning for kids herself, just her fans wanting that for her. It does not work that way. She is doing what she desires as always, and as of 2011 it has NOT included kids.

    Brad is NO DOUCHBAG, but he is a father. Jen is NO MOTHER, but she is an actress. Angie is NO HOBAG, but she is a mother, actress and humantarian. So to quote Charlie Sheen, EVERYBODY is “WINNING”, just not playing the same game. They all got want the seem to want and hopefully making the best of it.

    As for Justin, I left him out because I can’t begin to bother to try a figure him out. If he stays, he stays, if he leaves, he leaves, sort of a non issue in the grand scheme of things. She won’t discuss him, he won’t discuss her and Heidi is holding all the cards and daring them, so until one of them spills, Justin is “JUST IN” for whatever he is after. Don’t care if it’s true love or fake love as only time will tell. And on this I am not biting. That is all.

  192. justathought says:

    Wow, these two put the P in phony!

  193. Kloops says:

    she is incredibly boring to me. I think she can be occasionally charming in televised interviews, but everything else about her is dull as dishwater. And it all screams as though her publicist is trying desperately to make her interesting. She’s not. Much like Linnocent she could fall off the face of the earth and I’d happily get my gossip fix elsewhere. She and her hipster boyfriend are so 1990s and I’m ready for some 2011 gossip.

    Aniston, Douchster, Linnocent, Jolie-Pitt…. Blah.

  194. Cheyenne says:

    @pwal: I think you’re right. US Weekly was the same slag rag that was dumping on “HER TWISTED DOUBLE LIFE” (she’s a working mom) when they adopted Pax and People got exclusive rights to the photos.

  195. Peachy says:

    Aniston is paraphrasing Shakespeare now??

    Geez, last week it was:

    “I don’t shut up, I grow up, and when I look at you I Theroux up…”

    Et Tu, Aniston…

  196. kira says:

    UGH, she’s so shameles. Every interview, it’s the same thing–something about babies. It gets her lame fans all lathered up, because for some odd reason, these people identify with her, and feel the need to explain/defend her lame ass. They say stuff like, “she’s struggling with infertility, or she’s changed her mind for the 50th time, or she had a miscarriage(s) before, or she’s struggling with the right time, and on and on.” And her fans always end with, “you’re cruel to her by hounding her. Women are more than mothers, etc.” Her fans always want to make her into the feminist victim of a cruel world.

    HELLO–she answers the questions and has a LONG history of saying things like, “I can’t wait to be a young mother,” “I love everything about babies,” “I can and I will be a mother,” “I never said I didn’t want children,” “somewhere out there is the father of my children,” “I will be pregnant in a year,” “stop stealing my thunder, it will happen,” and “I love the sound of baby laughter.” No one forced her to say any of that tripe.

    She’s yanking your chain. This woman doesn’t have an honest bone in her body. She’ll say/do anything for fame. I mean she’s on the cover of Elle magazine. What is she promoting? She doesn’t even have a movie out. It’s all about her, just like all the other shameless, celeb famewhores. The fact that anyone takes her seriously at this point is unbelieveable.

  197. Overrated says:

    Jenny looks like she is touching herself in that cover pic, so weird that she would approve that.

    As for the baby comments? Totally calculated (again and again) on her part. She knows totally that her fanbase are starting to realise that she just may have been bullshitting all along about wanting kids knowing that she is turning 43 next Feb so now it’s the “if it’s meant to be” bollox route to still try and appease her fan base.

    Girlfriend does not want kids, that’s totally ok but to lie about it up until the point you are nearly 43 and then backtrack is as obvious as the (formerly huge) nose on her face.

    Ugh she’s so phony, always has always will be.

  198. Freya says:

    @175 (Ellen? I don’t know why names are often on the number of the posts)

    It’s what he said to Diane Sawyer. He said it wasn’t the reason. Who knows, maybe it was ONE OF the reasons, but not THE (main) reason.

    I think he outgrew her. He wanted more out of life. He was tired of the shallow life he was leading. Enter Ms Jolie. He fell in love (he said so!), and the rest is history.

    The “dead end” comment wasn’t to DS, but in a magazine interview.

    What does he have in his relationship with Jolie that he didn’t have before?
    Only he can answer that. I think it’s strange that some people don’t want to believe what he says, and INSIST that he made a mistake. Surely he knows better! It’s HIS life.

  199. Memphis says:

    I take her (baby) comments as..yes, I want children but if it isn’t meant for me then I’m OK with that.. I’m glad she is content where she is in life and not desperate to prove something to the world.

    I really don’t understand the hatred towards her. It seems the only thing she did to be hated was marry Brad and then be upset/pissed that she was dumped for Angelina …but really.. wouldn’t you be? Most women don’t take that well. I just don’t get it.

    As for her career, I think she’s good in the roles she chooses. I don’t mind seeing her play “Rachel type characters” in her movies. I mean.. I see the previews, It’s not like I’m shocked when I go to the theater and see her playing that character. I’m not expecting to see Cate Blanchett. I’m going to see a funny rom-com and have some fun hanging with friends. She’s good at that. It’s her niche. Not EVERY actor needs to “stretch” many actors play the same type roles over and over again but it seems shes the one called on it.

  200. Emma says:

    @SMH, 187 … “@180 % 182: yes, yes thank you as well, as i have already been corrected about a dozen times now.”

    Sorry! I made that comment to you while I was still way up stream and had no idea a few people ahead of me had already responded to you. My bad! :)

  201. Addie says:

    @Cheyenee I see your point about not being much more to Jen, but that is why I consider her a comedy actress.
    Acting is the job she signed up for. Nothing more.

    She is not making a real impact in the world in turms of humanitarian deeds or inventing something new ect, but she is also not an international terrorist set out to start the next world war, so I don’t get why people hate/intensely dislike her with a passion

  202. Catherine says:

    There are some celebrities out there who seem to get more publicity for doing and being not much of anything and Jennifer Aniston is one of them. She is all about the paparazzi and minimal talent. Let’s move on…

  203. Addie says:

    By the by…
    I think I absolutly LOVE you @Mzjask!!!

    Love how you keep a gossip site light.
    Keep schooling people on this!

    Team Mzjask!

  204. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    Kudoz, Christian Girl, for the whole comment and for being so observant. Firstly, if it was La Jolie throwing a chair, you’d have the same set of people who praise it calling the behavior psychotic.

    But more importantly, we’re finding out about it only now and straight from the horse’s mouth which is kind of odd considering how many people would have been there or gossiped on the set about JA’s heroic defence of the script supervisor (not to mention what tab covers that would make).

    Instead, literally everyone kept mum. It was either totally covered up (how? and was it that bad?) or, simply, is completely fabricated (which, “considering the source,” would not surprise me)

    I’m calling BS on the chair story too.

  205. Andie B says:

    At 42 she is not going to tell the wider public that she would dearly love a baby. This is just putting extra pressure on herself, when she may have had trouble conceiving and/or pregnancy loss before. Also, she may see it as a private matter. If she wants one I hope she is able to have one. It cracks me up that she would throw a chair at someone for yelling at someone very ‘Diva’ of her. Jen Aniston, crusader for the rights of downtrodden production assistants and so forth. Hee hee!

  206. Chloe (not chloe) says:

    To be honest, the only thing I can imagine JA throwing is a tantrum.

  207. TabbyCat says:

    Reel Wheel – be realistic. Why would she NOT tell us if she had problems conceiving and/or carrying? Think back. Have you forgotten that her BEST FRIEND Courteney Cox was very PUBLIC about her problems with conceiving and her numerous miscarriages? Especially when Courteney was trying to raise awareness? Don’t you think that if Jennifer had problems, she would have lent her public support to Courteney’s cause? She would have said something, make NO mistake about that. I know a
    lot of Aniston fans tend to theorise excuses for her so she doesn’t come off as bad, but seriously, get real. If she had have had problems, I bet my house and career and 1 years salary that she would have made it known, if not for her friend Courteney, for the fact she was getting heat for not having kids being a reason for the marriage. If there was a way to take the heat off of herself, she would have. She never said anything, because its obvious she had no problems. That, is reality.

  208. TabbyCat says:

    Bite me, the only reason she is not talking about Justin is because Heidi said: “I have nothing to say unless they do”. If Aniston talks about how she began her affair with Heidi’s man, THEN Heidi will weigh in expose Aniston. As Heidi said, I won’t talk unless/until they do. She stolen a man in a 14 year committed partnership. Why would she want to draw attention to that? Thats why shes not talking about Justin. Nothing to do with being sensitive or not. Besides, if she was sensitive, she never would have had an affair with another woman’s man in the first place. Sensitive women don’t do that.

  209. TabbyCat says:

    cbnagrl, turn it up. Such (debunked) LIES. She never injected heroin, nor has she ever actually ‘drank’ blood, and facts prove she has never opened her legs to a married man. Sorry, you are battng zero out of 3. And I guess pot-smoking, hard-drinking Jen is now less boring since she stole someone else’s man. Gotcha.

  210. N.D. says:

    @smh It’s nothing personal, just so you wouldn’t stay misinformed and others who read you comments wouldn’t stay misinformed. Is it such a bad thing to wish for?

  211. Sakyiwaa says:

    Firecracker, Green eyes. Lovely pet posts :-) Christian girl. ITA. To me, Jennifer. Is. so . Inconsequential. I cant muster the strength to dislike her :) :) wat a long thread! Total waste of time… This must not happen to me again, lol.

  212. mln76 says:

    Oh to add on the twins issue. Not only does Brad’s sister have a set of twins but according to Jon Voight so does Angie’s first cousin.

  213. Eve says:

    I forgot to comment on the cover: really bad picture of Aniston.

    It also looks like she’s, you know…”I don’t want aaaaanybody else, when I think about HIM (Justin) I touch myself”.

  214. Nola says:

    I really feel for her. The media will never leave her alone. I think she wants babies and she will have them (I remember reading somewhere that she froze her eggs so she is good), but even if she were to get pregnant the media would still be up her business. Is it a boy/girl, name, how is she giving birth and all that crap. But I am coming to realize that people are just harsh on her for their own reasons.Oprah doesn’t have kids, Helen Mirren doesn’t, and other women are giving birth in their late 40s. Give her a break.

  215. Lucky Charm says:

    @ #177 mzjask – I’m 44 and still get carded sometimes, it’s not a big deal to get carded at 28 anymore since most places have it posted they will card anyone who looks under 35. I met my son for happy hour once and not only did they card both of us, but I was mistaken for his girlfriend. Good genes, and I try to take care of myself.

    And with the unbelievable number of twins (ALL natural, btw) on both sides of my family, I thank my lucky stars I only had single births, lol! Twins run in both BP & AJ families, too.

  216. rosalee says:

    FIRE…just kidding folks. Anyone want to bet how long the comments go? end time Friday 6:00 PM e.s.t – and who gets the last word.

  217. Heine says:

    Kira: She’s on the cover because she’s a woman in Hollywood. It’s Elle’s women in Hollywood issue. Other women featured: Naomi Watts, Elizabeth Olsen, Viola Davis (Super Famewhore if I’ve ever seen one *eyeroll*), Freida Pinto, Michelle Pfeiffer, Evan Rachel Wood, Stacey Snider, and Barbara Streisand.

    Sorry but your little “famewhore” diatribe is silly. She literally only shows up in the media when she has something to promote. The only reason why she’s been in the media a lot as of late is because of her Lifetime movie and because her ex-husband has foot-in-mouth disease.

    I really wonder some times how difficult it must be for some of you to come up with negative things to say about this woman who really does absolutely nothing to draw anyone’s ire.

    If she’s so boring, shallow, uninteresting, why do you bother posting on her topics?

    If all there is to her is lighthearted fun and silliness, why are you so mad about it?

  218. minnie says:

    Tnx Cheyenne :) . I’m about to start the second round of IVF. I (as aniston, haha) have not been “desperated” to have babies. It’s annoying that as years go by, people do not stop asking, up to he point where you feel like telling them that you actually do not want any, just to stop them from asking. But at the end it turns out that one should really have them earlier.
    Having eggs frozen does not mean they will unfroze well, or even implant as embryos. But if she does want kids and she’s procastinating, worse for her. But it is her life. At over 40 is harder, since we are older, but if she has any, she will have nannies and help OF COURSE.
    It is funny how because of my position as a “cougar (hubbie is younger), and this children issue, etc. I should be an Aniston supporter (in paper), but heck no.
    I much prefer to admire AJ.

    @ HEine, she’s also published her and her BF pics taken by TR… surely because she wants to go unnoticed?

  219. Heine says:

    minnie: I didn’t say she wants to go unnoticed. I said she wasn’t a famewhore just because she was in Elle magazine’s women in Hollywood issue.

    And as for a friend taking pictures and putting them on his personal photography blog? The only reason they are super out there is because other people (gossip blogs) have been circulating the pictures because it’s Jennifer Aniston. They weren’t published in a magazine or gossip rag.

    You’re trying too hard to find something wrong with her just like kara. She isn’t going to go unnoticed-ever.

    Jared Leto also has pictures on Richardson’s photography website. Is he a famewhore for “publishing” his photos on the website?

  220. Emma says:

    @Memphis, 203 … “I really don’t understand the hatred towards her. It seems the only thing she did to be hated was marry Brad and then be upset/pissed that she was dumped for Angelina …but really.. wouldn’t you be? Most women don’t take that well. I just don’t get it.”

    But see that’s the rub of it all. You Jen-Hens act as if Brad dumped Jen like Justin Theroux dumped Heidi Bivens … as a mere afterthought after humping Jen since last October. Brad didn’t do that. According to all parties–and I defy you to find any media where Jen actually says that Brad blindsided her by dumping her for Angelina–Brad talked and explained first to Jen and acted on his feelings for Angelina later, meaning a month after Jen filed for divorce.

    I’m not saying Jen wasn’t hurt, but she certainly (by her own admission) wasn’t lied to or blindsided, and there was absolutely no way that Brad could approach Angelina in a vacuum. You don’t want to believe me? Fine. But why won’t you believe Jen, who said at the time “there are no bad guys in this.” You Jen-Hens play such games with the truth, it’s hard to take most of what you say seriously. If you pretend not to recall something said or done, and we look it up (because you won’t take our word for it) and offer it as proof, you accuse us of being too ‘overly’ involved and obsessed. But you see if we didn’t do that, you Jen-Hens would continue to spin something that isn’t true and claim it as true because no one counters it.

    True, most women don’t take the end of a relationship well, but then again most women don’t hang onto a failed relationship for 7 years either (not to mention that there have been two major relationships between Brad and Justin that are ignored), and I’m not taking about Jennifer Aniston. It’s way past time for you Jen-Hens to just release it all with love. Try screaming at the ocean. That seems to help.

  221. Bender says:

    “If she’s so boring, shallow, uninteresting, why do you bother posting on her topics?”

    Because, even though they’ll never see it, JA owns people like Kira and Cheyenne. They camp out on these Aniston threads, day in and day out, repeatedly insulting Jennifer, her fans, and anyone who dares not hate her as much as they do. While most rational people would simply stop reading stories about celebrities they dislike, these nuts simply CANNOT stay away. Their hatred is like an addiction, and, as a result, the power this woman has over them is so all-encompassing, it’s at once sad and amusing.

    And I’m sure they’ll come after me with their tired “hen” insults, because that’s the only way they can divert attention away from the fact that they are grown adults (at least, technically speaking) who waste countless hours obsessing over a trio of vapid movie stars.

  222. ZenB!tch says:

    @sara when is menopause? I was hoping 42 for me but alas, every month I am reminded otherwise.

    Whenever menopause is when they will switch from “will Jen get pregnant” to “will Jen adopt”

    How old was Courtney Cox when she gave birth and Sheryl Crow when she adopted? Those are supposed to be her BFFs right?

  223. smh says:

    @firecracker: see so it wasn’t only me! lol i think in vitro is such a hot topic nowadays

    @emma: it’s ok :)

    @cheyenne: i read about the russian baby nonsense and how supposedly shiloh was created as a golden child with perfect genes. some people are just crazy.

    @n.d. no offense, i don’t mind being corrected at all. it’s just earlier on some replies read like a backlash and i was like “whoa, what did i do?” i didn’t even know this was a conspiracy theory. i didn’t see anything wrong with it i think mariah carey had her children through this method and she seems to be happy with her husband.

  224. kira says:

    @Heine. It’s a free blog. People have a right to their opinions. I think she’s a shameless PR manipulator, and I gave a whole bunch of baby quotes out of that lady’s mouth to back up my opinion. She said those words, not me. What kind of person uses their womb for attention? It’s gross, actually.

    And, what is she promoting now? A 5 minute short on Lifetime that’s supposed to be about charity? Please. This woman does A LOT to get attention. She just released pics of her and her boyfriend doing the “happy couple” PDA for the 2nd time. What is that about? It’s about using the tabloid press, which is interested in her love life, for more attention. She feeds the tabloids and baby rumors.

    A lot of other people feel the same way, including many blogs. You can’t insult everyone personally just because they don’t share your fan love. People can like/dislike anyone they want. I’m not a fan of celebs, and I don’t understand people who want you to say ONLY nice things about their favorite (and on a site called Celeb-Bitchy, no less). If you can’t take people making fun of your fan favorite, then there’s plenty of fan sites out there. I have no idea why you’re here?

  225. Amanda says:

    I like how in an interview a long time ago, a few seasons into F.R.I.E.N.D.S. she said she really doesn’t feel famous. And now all poeple (magazines) do is talk about her life. They have been making “news” about this baby thing since she was with Pitt.

  226. Freya says:


    Excellent post, Emma!

    After ‘I did,” “I do” and “I will,” now it’s “If it’s meant to be…”
    She’s probably afraid to lose her fans who are mothers, and wishing for her to become a mother too, if she admits that she doesn’t want kids.
    If she really wanted a child, she would have adopted, like Sharon S, Sheryl C, Sandra B, and Kristin D.

  227. TabbyCat says:

    Heine, Aniston “has deone nothing” to deserve the negative comments? You truly are living in a bubble when it comes to Aniston. Aniston has attacked Brad, Angelina and *their children* for 7 years. She has made passive-aggressive comments, jibes and attacks, and outright aggressive when she hired Handler to do her dirty work for her. Wake up and see her for who and what she truly is. You are truly brainwashed by her ‘harmless’ persona when its obvious how vindictive and manipulative she is.

  228. siska says:

    love jen..and i understand sometime she use her private life for pr..its her job description..there are two kind of Hw game..the one who act and hide after it..or the one who also promote their private life to encourage brand awareness from their fans who invest to their private life..and JA used the same game as Brangie..both used their private life to gain pr..
    so there are no use to defend the other when they both used the same game.
    BUT..I actually read that jen actively encourage the passing of law to prevent papaz to be to close to them…and she always more visible when she promote something..
    For anyone to be really annoy about jen comment about baby..relax..she being asked the question cause her fans want her to be that she anwer it..but I dont think she really desperate for it.and there isnt nothing wrong with Brangie who keep talking about married but never did it..and used the equal marriage rights stuff as the reason..they also being asked the same question….so..its the same stuff..
    so its fun to be Team Aj vs team the end I truly believe..all the players are not enemy..they just play the game..and we suck on it..

  229. Deltona lakes says:

    Quite honestly I don’t believe the throwing the chair incident ever happened… Why was this never reported? She sounded so stupid… You’re upset that a director was talking down to script writer.. But you use violence by throwing a chair at the director… But when your BFF chelsea handller was calling Angie evil and talking badly about her kids prior to you coming on stage on her show… You smiled like a Cheshire cat… She’s so phony…

  230. Deltona lakes says:

    She’s knows her marriage was doomed.. And like a poster mentioned she wasn’t blindsided… Courtney cox said so in the 2005 vanity fair article … Brad was very honest with her and told her he had feelings for Angie … Most men don’t do that…He’s not a bad person… This is coming from her friend…

  231. blonde on the dock says:

    Whether she’s using the tabloids or they are using her, she’s made millions. Which one of you would turn that down? Seriously. Hate on her all you want but at the end of the day she’s the one living the life.

  232. Heine says:

    TabbyCat: We’ll have to agree to disagree. You see something I just don’t see. Sorry.

    kira: All celebrities manipulate the media. All of them do. Period dot. There is not one celebrity whose face you recognize who hasn’t manipulated the media in some fashion. All of them do it shamelessly too. They don’t care because they know that most people are aware that they do it. It’s part of their job as actors to sell their projects and themselves so that they can get more work.

    Yea, it’s a free blog and everyone has a right to express whatever opinions they like.

    I was more curious as to why people who supposedly find her boring and uninteresting post on her threads. Generally if people think someone is boring they ignore that person. I never even read certain threads because I find the people boring or I don’t know who they are.

    So I wasn’t actually talking about you if you don’t find her boring. You’re getting offended about something that wasn’t even in reference to you.

    And yes, she’s promoting her short Lifetime movie about cancer. Wow. I cannot believe you’ve spun that into something negative.

    And I’m not a fan of hers. I haven’t seen a single movie of hers since Bruce Almighty. I just don’t have any real problems with her and I like her public persona.

    I was asking about people who find her boring, uninteresting and shallow and why they post on someone if they feel that way.

    I don’t care if people make jokes about her or make fun of her or anyone else really.

    It just seems to me that people have to try really hard to be negative about her. I mean, it’s easy to make fun of Heidi and Spencer or the Kardashians-they’re all a bunch of losers who will disappear in a few years.

    But Aniston has had a lasting career and is by all accounts a nice person. You never hear that she’s a crazy diva or that she’s difficult. She’s always smiling and a tad goofy. She looks like she’s having a good time.

    Personally, I don’t get the negativity. That’s just my opinion and I’m entitled to it. If I’m supposedly “drinking her Kool-Aid” (as people love to say), then fine. It’s delicious.

  233. Maureen says:

    @232 Tabbycat, 225 Emma, 201 Overrated, 200 Kira and many-many others spoke volumes. I could not have said it any better.
    Thank you for being the voice of so many lurkers like myself.
    You touched on the very things that annoy me about Aniston. Please keep up the good work.

  234. ElleF says:

    They’ve smoothed out her face so much that she looks completely alien. Why can’t they just let people have a few line, it’s natural to have creases and lines on your face. It’s not natural to look like WAX!

  235. Addie says:


    Why bother with someone who they consider boring /empty/ un interesting.
    Clearly Jennifer isn’t boring at all since people can write essay type comments on her day after day.

    Any kind of interest (haters or fans) in her is keeping her relavent. Bottom line.

  236. Chloe (not chloe) says:


    Yeah, yeah.

  237. ibelog says:

    im not fans also not hater, i’m just a watcher. I agree if there was someone who said that her appearance was not so interesting, her expression such as forced, in this is just my opinion…