George Clooney & Stacy Keibler do their first red carpet side-by-side


Well, this should appease all of those critics who claim that George Clooney and Stacy Keibler’s relationship is some massive conspiracy involving an overzealous publicist, a massive amount of Photoshop and every media/gossip outlet in existence, all working in concert to make Stacy “happen.” Yes, George Clooney and his lover Stacy Keibler walked the red carpet together, at last. Stacy has been invited to his premieres twice before – in Toronto and LA – but she wasn’t allowed to walk WITH Clooney. At last night’s New York Film Festival premiere of The Descendents, Stacy finally got her moment with Clooney, in front of God and twenty million cameras.

For the occasion, I have to say, Stacy looked pretty good. One of the things I enjoy about Clooney is that he generally chooses ladies who are not “fashionable” in the Vogue sense. When he makes some lady his “girlfriend,” usually they’re pretty busted in the sense that they don’t have anyone doing their hair and makeup, they don’t really know how to dress for a red carpet, and they tend to dress like Vegas cocktail waitresses (which they sometimes are). Stacy was like that too – her first red carpet appearance as a “girlfriend of” was pretty bad – remember that Frederick’s of Hollywood-style dress? And her hair and makeup have been bad for a while. But last night was definitely a step in the right direction – Stacy wore a very sexy, flattering, black Versace gown that looks great on her figure. The makeup is much better, and the hair… is still kind of busted, but it’s not anywhere near as bad as it was.

So… they’re together. Stop claiming that it’s some massive conspiracy. He’s hitting that. The only conspiracy is about how long Stacy can keep her cray-cray tamped down. Will she make it past the awards season?





Photos courtesy of WENN & Fame.

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  1. gee says:

    She’s pretty, but she looks like a goose. Like the actress from the Tutors who’s name I can’t think of. He loves those athletic girls.

  2. says:

    The dress is nice and it looks good on her. She desperately needs to trim her hair.

    If I was dating a famous guy who refused the walk the red carpet with me, I would not walk that red carpet alone, especially if I am not nearly as famous as he is or have otherwise no business being at the event. She has to be desperate for fame.

  3. Green_Eyes says:

    The dress is eh, the hairs better but still a mess, and I LOVE Clooney..the one man I’d leave hubby for. But what’s w/ the faces he is or isn’t making in the photos…. Still like her better than the last pick of the litter though.

  4. whitedaisy says:

    I still think she looks like a Heidi Klum/ Christine Taylor love-child…..
    Who is he trying to impress? Surely not women; we see past these superficial appearances.
    (She needs to hit her feet again with the spray tanner.)

  5. Lantana says:

    Looking at her upper arm def and her leg def in the first picture…she spends some time in the gym…a lot of time! Good for her. It will be needed stress relief from dating Clooney.

  6. Kiki says:

    This girl looks horrible next to him. She looks cheaper than the others… George outdid himself this time.

  7. ShanKat says:

    That dress looks like it’s on backwards. It makes her shoulders look too broad.

    Nice stems. George looks good.

  8. spinner says:

    This is a terrible match. They look like they can’t stand each other & George looks angry. Back to the drawing board.

  9. He looks like he is counting down the seconds to get away from this gal. I feel really sorry for HER. Being with this self obsessed LOSER.

  10. You don't say says:

    I generally like Clooney. Sometimes he is full of himself, but I think he tries.

    But these pitures are amusing. I went and checked other sources to make sure the photos were representative and not chosen. He looks stressed. There are photos when he is actually “presenting” her to the press. It looked odd. He does not really look at her, she just seems a bit too happy to finally be posing with him. It is obvious that he had stylists work with her to look more presentable. He looked happier when he was posing with his parents a few weeks ago.

    Maybe he is truly happy, at least for the moment, but he is probably thinking about awards season. He will most likely be contending with Brad and Angelina on the carpet and he is thinking of how to out do them. Unfortunately, having a girlfriend that towers over you and looks like your daughter is not the way to do it.

  11. mojoman says:

    They are so not in sync with each other she might as well paste a “man made beard” on her face!

  12. Sloane Wyatt says:

    Meh. The old man and his latest contract trick.

  13. len says:

    I really hate the neckline of the dress. Very, very unflattering, it makes her look broad and it focusses to much on her armpits.

  14. Hautie says:

    I never realize how small Clooney was till now.

    And she needs to get rid of those tragic extensions.

  15. len says:

    And it’s not going to be long before I start getting a Hugh Hefner-vibe from George.

  16. roz says:

    She is cheap. And, since he’s always picking the cheapest one in the night club, I’m starting to think he’s cheap, too.
    He finally hired a stylist for her. It’s an improvement, but he/she has a lot of work to do to define this girl’s style.
    Not a good match, anyway. She is taller and tacky, he looks short, vapid and even older than his age by comparison. She definitely won’t help him during the award season (if this is the reason for all this BS).

  17. DeE says:

    They really get around and recycle in Hollywood……don’t know how it is soooo easy to be interchanged and last for but only a span of time.

  18. Elizabeth S. says:

    I don’t get this. He couldn’t find someone else with whom he could walk the red carpet? Someone who doesn’t make him angry? (Look at the last picture – what would be so bad about walking it alone? It couldn’t be much worse.)

  19. Hollowdoll says:

    Yeah not good. She makes him look old and IMO it’s starting to get rediculous and sad.

  20. guest says:

    I think she looks pretty and he still is a handsome guy, but together he looks soooo much older than she does and together the look awkward.

  21. Julie says:

    Not a fan of hers at all in terms of looks. Good body, but I don’t find her hair/face attractive. I’m pretty surprised this is what he reels in.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Nah. He doesn’t look like he’s into her.

    George has lost his allure. Too old and kinda greasy. Someone mentioned Hugh Hefner. Yeah, that’d be it.

  23. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Keiblooney is wearing the same foundation.

  24. atlantapug says:

    I like the dress, her body looks good.

    My 2 problems are that I wish the bottom of the dress wasn’t transparent, it looks to “leotardish”. And her heels are too high, she makes him look like a dwarf.

    She could use a deep conditioning treatment on the hair, but otherwise she looks great.

  25. ladybert62 says:

    That dress emphasizes her manly shoulders – not very attractive.

    He looks like he is presenting his daughter to the public.

    I still dont like it when the female is taller than the male.

  26. Ais says:

    That dress looks like Darth Vader’s helmet. Right? Anyone?

  27. Imissthenest says:

    I see the bruise is still there where I kicked her in the shin….e.canalis

  28. Pat says:

    So tired of him and his women. If this was a female star we would be saying how she couldn’t keep a man – same applies here. Something is wrong with this man.

  29. Bren says:

    There are more photos on other sites which shows George smiling at her and other photos where George looks like a little puppy on heat. I think they are in lust and kind of cute together especially because he is such a midget against her

  30. observer says:

    The Cabo photos were photoshopped, as was the prior set of “hugging” pics that were soon pulled from all major websites, including PopSugar. The photos from The Descendants showing in NYC yesterday are real photos, but it’s clear that George was miserable in them. Keibler clearly crashed the event with Stan’s assistance, and George was put on the spot in front of cameras and reporters. He was pressured into posing with her. Keibler is not Clooney’s girlfriend but a publicity escort which Stan and George’s other handlers are pressuring him into accepting.

  31. OMG, you called it Kaiser! Seriously awkward photos of the two of them. Maybe he was just really constipated?

    BTW, these pics sent the conspiracy theorist into a complete meltdown. She’s now created her own blog “explaining” how George is really working for the CIA and being forced to date Keibler. Seriously.

  32. anne_000 says:

    That first photo makes her torso look manly. The top of that dress looks like what some male weight lifter would wear at the gym. I guess George likes manly women from this & his previous relationship. I haven’t seen him with a very feminine woman in a long time.

  33. observer says:

    @spinner “This is a terrible match. They look like they can’t stand each other & George looks angry. Back to the drawing board.”
    Yep. It’s obvious.

    @cleveland girl “He looks like he is counting down the seconds to get away from this gal.”

    @Elizabeth S. “I don’t get this. He couldn’t find someone else with whom he could walk the red carpet? Someone who doesn’t make him angry? (Look at the last picture – what would be so bad about walking it alone? It couldn’t be much worse.)”
    Agree with you as well.

    There are other comments saying essentially the same thing. Lots of people are seeing the same thing.

  34. lambchops says:

    I still like him, but my gah, this woman is tacky. It would be nice to see him one day with an intelligent woman who is also beautiful and perhaps closer to his own age. Would make sense for him to date an older woman who has decided not to marry or have babies.

  35. says:

    She wore a dress that would make her shoulders looks manly because she figured he would like that. He did date a tranny just before her after all…

  36. Tiffany S says:

    the cut of that dress is terrible on her, she looks like she has 4 boobs. there, i said it.

  37. Kloops says:

    Nope, not seeing it. We all believe he contracts out his girlfriends but why do they a) have to be so budget and b) desperate? I don’t understand it. This one is not gonna last even as long as Eli. Poor girl, she’s out of her league.

  38. LucyOriginal says:

    Clooney spent around 30 minutes on this red carpet. She was there by his side in the first 5 minutes or so and then he was giving interviews and posing with the cast and director.

  39. LucyOriginal says:

    Why is she wearing a dress showing a bruised leg? tacky…

  40. ninjajeje says:

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally see someone in hollywood with obese underarms. I have that problem and it’s one of my hugest pet peeves/insecurities. I have a tiny frame and like these two ridiculous pockets of fat right in the crease of my arms – on a side note this doesn’t look like it will even make a year. Poor Stacy -

  41. Mandi says:

    She has a nice body, but that’s about it. I don’t care for the dress – and I agree with the comments above – her heels are too high, she makes him look like a dwarf. I don’t buy this relationship one bit. Why is it that Clooney (who does look great, IMO) has to immediately be in another “relationship” once one ends? Is he so insecure that he can’t be alone? Definitely a PR stunt. Come to think of it, like several people said above, he does go for lower class (or caliber) dates. What’s that all about? He can do so much better!

  42. birdie says:

    Ugh. All I can think of when I see her is..CHEAP and nowhere on his level! It says a lot about him that he chooses this kind of women. I know he will leave her sooner or later, but come on George.. Take a woman with class for once and no famewhore

  43. mk says:

    She has terrible taste in clothing.

  44. coconut says:

    totally agree with len and roz…george is sliding toward hefner bimbo irrelevancy.

  45. The Original Mia says:

    She looks good. They look fine together. I guess I’m the only one that thinks her lack of polishing means that he accepts her as is. That he isn’t trying to turn her into something she’s not.

  46. Little Darling says:

    I was thinking as I see yet another woman on George’s arm that is there anything special AT ALL about dating a man who rotates women every few years, like leasing a car? She is beaming that she got the canary, but really…all she is is a penis incubator for the next couple of years if that. The only person who REALLY TRULY got the prize was Sarah Lawson because she went from obscurity without anything but Hooters holding her up. But none of these women even fall into Annete Benning territory who nailed the womanizer and got him to commit.

    However, I do like that fact that for the time he is with the women they all seem to be having fun. He is seemingly very nice to them, doesn’t make them walk two steps behind or anything. I am sure they feel special, but I wonder how many of them think they will be the one he changes for?

  47. Q says:

    Serious question here
    I dont follow Clooney ‘s weird love life much but how is dating a former wrestler supposed to help his Oscae campaign

    If trashy singletons like Nicholson or deranged primaa donnas like Christian Bale could win.
    Why cant George no major scandal win/campaign single?

  48. newtsgal says:

    Is it the odd cut of the dress that makes her look like she has man arms or is she always had man arms?

  49. Sue says:

    I think she looks nervous…. Knowing that Monday she was going to ripped to shreds by the media…….

  50. Bibi says:

    He is realy a jerk. He dumped Elisabetta and immediatly dated this duck ? shes a downgrade but thats his choise. Eli was much much better and prettier. nobody slams him for acting like a douche. He broke a heart and just few weeks later he goes on the red carpet with another woman? classless! i bet hes gay, thats why he dates women only in their early 30´s because if you date a woman more than 2 years they want to marry in this age. so hes save, he gives them attention and they can earn a lot of money.

  51. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @You don’t say – I agree with you, Clooney is definitely looking towards award season. Primary reason for this hookup imo, although I have no doubt he’s hitting that and enjoying it too. Can’t quite believe this is the same Stacy Keibler I used to watch on WWF/WWE. Say what you will about her and she’s pretty enough if not beautiful, the woman has come a long way from where she started.

  52. Messenger says:

    i think she looks nervous and sad. this venue is a major leap up the alphabet ladder for her but she seems game. everything in that world comes with a price and she, apparently, is willing to pay it.

  53. Alejandro says:

    She’s better than the last beard, at least she can speak English. She does need a style revamp hopefully George will fork over the $$ to get it done. Better makeup, stronger more defined eyebrows, a haircut definitely, hooking her up with a stylist.

  54. Turtle Dove says:

    Stacey looks a lot better and the dress is great. George looks so over this already. He’s got to be tired of new girl after new girl. He looks more morose with each new gal he dates.

  55. JEEZ says:

    Why all the hatred towards this gal ?she’s totally beautiful . I could totally see her with her own fitness show on T.V. , books , and a product line ! She could build an empire in a relatively short time if she works it right . The world is her oyster and she knows it ! Work it girl !

  56. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think it’s gross when a girl brings her dad to the prom.

  57. Kim says:

    She needs a stylist. This dress is cheap looking, makes her arms look fat, which they arent, and it flattens the chest area – never a good look. She is very generic looking like every other girl in LA facially but has a great figure.

  58. april says:

    She looks really great in these photos. On one hand he does look uncomfortable, however, it seems implausible that an actor of his stature has to stoop that low to appease someone. There’s something in it for him, otherwise he wouldn’t be in the press with her.

  59. P.J. says:

    He looks old and little next to her. Agree that she looks much more polished now, I bet he paid for the couture and the stylist.

  60. Nick & Nina know says:

    He’s a sociopath.

  61. jane16 says:

    I was wondering how observer was going to handle this one. Observer, your ideas are getting more delusional with each new gf. George is a very smart, determined person, he knows what he wants and goes for it, there is no way in hell that he is some weak simpleton that would let someone who works for him, like his pr rep, allow some random girl to crash his press line and be forced to pose with her like she is his gf. I’ve heard that he likes this girl, that she is very nice, fun to hang with. He doesn’t look angry in these shots, he may look bored in some of them, but he is well known to not like having to do pr stuff like red carpets and the talk show circuit. In fact, he said so to a friend of mine backstage at Lenos once. This girl is clearly his date for the time being, he is bringing her with him and paying for her, that dress looks very expensive.

  62. AnnieC says:

    Oh my God, he looks like her father!

  63. Judy says:

    She’s too tall and lanky…not pretty in the least to me, and he doesn’t look like he’s into her at all.

  64. Statler says:

    This ‘relationship’ has made me question his sexuality when I never have before.

  65. observer says:

    @jane16, funny that he looked perfectly happy at events when Keibler wasn’t imposing herself on him. He may not enjoy doing these kind of events, but he hasn’t been visibly miserable at them except when Keibler has managed to get into photos with him. He did not want her there, and he does not like her, as is clear from his body language. She’s a lying famewhore and a sociopath. She wore a spider legs dress and a spider’s nest hairdo in Toronto, and someone associated with her put a black widow spider inside my house in my laundry basket because I’ve been posting the truth; there is no way that was a coincidence. Also, I’ve known for some time that you’re from the psycho blogger’s sock puppet drawer.

  66. Megan says:

    Please come out of the closet Georgey Porgey. Nobody is buying the whole ‘I’m straight look at my sexy girlfriend’ act any more, love.

  67. jane16 says:

    “Spiders legs dress” “Spiders nest hairdo” “someone associated with her put a black widow spider in my laundry basket” WWWWOOOOWWWW! Holy crap, that the craziest thing you’ve posted yet. Poor George! Fame really does have its downside people, there you go.

  68. Betsy says:

    I think Observer needs help. Seriously. Her posts here and everywhere make me sad and worried for her.

    Observer aside, you owe it to yourself to google some of the Youtube videos of Stacy wrestling. You will laugh for days!

  69. observer says:

    Also, I have a note for Kaiser. Your article was partly aimed at what “Katiedot” and her sockpuppet IDs have been posting about me, which are lies and defamation aimed at discrediting and harassing me. This is the kind of thing Scientologists do to harass people, although I don’t know if Katiebuttplug is a Scientologist or just a run-of-the-mill whackjob. Keep in mind that in addition to the online harassment, I’ve been harassed in real life with a black widow spider being put in my laundry basket inside my house. On her blog, she enforced Canalis’s press releases as though they were indisputable fact, saying yes of course they’re getting married, etc. etc. ad nauseum She either believes the garbage that comes from these famewhores, or she cuts deals with their publicists for exclusives, and being that she got the first set of “hugging” photoshopped pics before anyone else, I’m going with the latter.

  70. Playlist says:

    She’s still dressing from the hooker-wear catalog. It has the same cheap transparent fabric that low quality dresses do. We all knew she would have to show up next to him on the red carpet sometime on his promo tour. That’s the point of a PR GF –young arm candy to make George look like a stud. Unfortunately, she makes George look old, short, and desperate.

    George has always looked so uncomfortable with his dates, unless it’s his parents or his friends. Few celebrities like doing press or red carpets. They have no script to guide them, they are photographed and dissected from every angle, and they have to be themselves in front of millions. That is not a comfortable spot for actors. Unless they are there with someone they are really relaxed with, it makes it even worse because they also have to worry about what their date does.

    @Kloops – “Poor girl, she’s out of her league”. Unfortunately this is exactly the league George picks from. I doubt we will ever see George with a woman his own age who knows how to play the part.

  71. Victoria says:

    If anyone believes that The Clooney is hooking up with these women then they are so adorably naive. He picks basic bishes because he isn’t interested in them in the first place. Each new girl gets worse and worse and I think he’s tired of keeping up appearances.

    Come on Cloon make our day and just give us the Quinto speech we’ve all known you want to say. I have an eight year 100 dollar bet riding on this so I may be bias. lol

  72. observer says:

    @”jane16″ a.k.a. katiedot’s sockpuppet, other people made the observations about the dress and hair. I didn’t make the connection to the spider until after reading other people’s comments. Yes, Keibler is crazy, and not in a good way. She’s a sociopath.

  73. LucyOriginal says:

    @playlist: she looks more like a sophisticated h*oker now (cough!).I think Clooney hopes to turn them into Pretty woman, sophisticated, intelligent and refined…
    @Jane16: this was said to every single girlfriend when they started dating. Cray cray is different because her friends or sources (cough- I am being nice to not say herself) gave “exclusive leaks” + the cabo photos she is hugging him and smiling to the cameras and he is PO about it. She is infatuated with the A-list life style and it’s been really recent. This one gets impressed very easily or is the worse famehungry he’s ever had.But you know she does not fit the crowd, sorry. Oh, and you said the exact same words her ex said about her “a girl f to hang with”. I hope GC enjoys his pastime before she goes too cray cray on him.
    This one is going to be hard to dump, she loves the spotlight and to gush about her bengals fan boyfriend on her twitter. George is going gaga…

  74. palermo says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. I have a friend who is a friend of his family. He is G-A-Y. These women are with him for the exposure and to help their careers, end of story.

  75. Poppy says:

    Clooney has no intention of ever being in a real relationship with a woman, he only ever looks for a girlfriend not a partner. So he chooses this type of women because the fans think they are not and never will be in his league, they are in PR terms disposable and when he does dump them the fans don’t care. He took careful notes on the Brad/Jen situation and knows not to go down the path of dating someone the fans like then dumping her.

    With these women, he calls the shots,he gets laid, has some fun, plays Professor Higgins or Richard Gere’s role in Pretty Woman for a few months or maybe a year and then squirms out of the relationship by being less and less available for the latest arm candy until finally it’s over. He really is quite cowardly when it comes to the break ups. I’ve watched this pattern for the past eight years and it runs like clockwork every time.

    Stacey will last till after awards season she might even get a summer in Como but the script is always the same. The girls aren’t the problem; George and his shallow emotional nature are the problem.

  76. sosickofit says:

    People, people, people.
    Anonymous is Silverscreen, and most recently stacyhumpsstan or something like that on Check it out. Now she has a blog about George being in the CIA and that’s why he has to escort these women to his premiers. Pathetic.

  77. Amazon says:

    Some of you sound like sour grapes!! You all do not know these people personally! I have never heard of George liking men, so get over yourselves if you think he is a homosexual!! They look fine as a couple!! Yes it would have been nice for him to find someone closer to his age, but its his life!! Her dress is nice and sexy!! One of you posters said that Stacy has fat under her arms. LOL I would not call that fat! He is aging well imo.

  78. Victoria says:

    No sour grapes. And you have missed the point of what a gossip site is about if you’re harping about what other people are supposed to be doing on- horrors!-a gossip site.

  79. Camille says:

    That dress looks awful on her.

    Stacy also looks like the cat that swallowed the canary, she looks very pleased with herself doesn’t she lol. As if old Georgey Boy is some kind of prized catch LOL.

    George looks like a smug little old man- like usual. He is heading into Hugh Hefner territory. *shudder*

  80. missie says:

    I think that she looks healthy and sporty. I also like the fact that she doesn’t botox the vertical “frown”line between her eyes that is visible in so many photos of her. I botoxed mine…now I’m thinking that I should just let it go.
    I’m liking her.I also love the dress.I don’t chemistry between these two,but I do like her.

  81. lisa says:

    I think they are just awkward. Their first carpet and all. But some couples just have this natural thing when they are on a RC. It is hot without them doing anything but standing and looking at each other. George/Stacy don’t have that right now but it could change. I don’t see any real chemistry. And I don’t like that George always wakes ahead of her and acts like she is not there. I saw a video of them leaving their hotel..

    She has an amazing body. I think she is trying to figure out how to dress for George.

  82. jane16 says:

    observer, I have no idea who katiedot is; if she’s a regular here, I haven’t noticed her before, but this is the only gossip site I bother commenting on and not everyday, as I am busy working & raising a family.

    btw, MichaelK on dlisted has a post about this event and he says that Stacy’s dress makes her “t*ts” look like evil bee eyes! Better watch out for bees over at your place. They will undoubtedly have been put there by Sociopath Stacys Homicidal Friends. I mean, its not like they could actually fly there of their own accord or anything.

  83. JEEZ says:

    Dose observer really have a blog about the nonsense she spouts out ? She should do documenarys on the subject and make some cash ! She can interview street people and sit in the bushes in front of clooney’s home with a video camera . She can be just like alex jones ! She can do the talk show circuit and we can all laugh our asses off .

  84. zesty says:

    Congratulations George! One step closer to becoming Creepy Old Man.

  85. DSK-not says:

    George is wearing a hairpiece.

  86. Luckylilgem says:

    Thought he looked happier and more natural with Elizabeta. It’s nice that he waited until after Canalis’ DWTS gig to be over before debuting his new girlfriend on the red carpet.

  87. Ally says:

    This looks like the cast of “Albert & Charlene: The Movie”.

  88. suicide ghoul says:

    I love sports. Armchair Quarterback : KEIBLER. Block your head!
    You don’t want mess up that Moon Pie face of yours and end up with a scar
    on your chin. Come on ! Guard your face.

  89. Gelina Whiddon says:

    Stacy Keibler was by George Clooney’s side at the premiere of “The Descendants” on Sunday night, but he wasn’t by hers when she quietly celebrated her 32nd birthday on Saturday night.

    Read more:

  90. says:

    @palermo: I said it before and I’ll say it again. I have a friend who is a friend of his family. He is G-A-Y. These women are with him for the exposure and to help their careers, end of story.

    Elizabetta, is that you? LOL