Paul Bettany in an ascot & the hot guys of ‘Margin Call’: sexy or meh?


Alright, here is the post devoted to the hot men of the Margin Call premiere, as I just promised in the Demi Moore post. Aside from Demi, the premiere was pretty much a sausage party, which is appropriate I guess because Wall Street is pretty much a sausage party as well. Unfortunately, Wall Street dudes don’t look like Paul Bettany. GAH! I love him so much. I love that his hair has grown out. I love his bright eyes. I love his glasses. I don’t love his ascot. But Paul pulls it off, and even manages to look dashing. I wish Jennifer Connelly had come to the premiere with him for a little date night, but I’ll take my Bettany solo too.


Next up: Simon Baker’s fine ass. Oooooh, nice. I love his glasses too!



Am I alone in thinking that Stanley Tucci is a sexy bitch? Whatever, he is. MORE EYEGLASS PORN!


Penn Badgley is the opposite of sexy (to me). I don’t care for his white man’s afro either. Tamp it down or put some product on it or something. He looks like a Chia Pet. And this is what Zoe Kravitz chose over the Fassdong. SMH.


Zachary Quinto, fresh from his coming out party. Fortunately, I find him even more attractive now that I know he’s gay. Unfortunately, I’m being thwarted by this blind item which everyone is now claiming is definitely Quinto.


And last bu not least, Kevin Spacey! White jeans! Eyeglass porn! His face looks good (he’s lost some weight), but the outfit sucks.


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  1. Auds says:

    Stanley Tucci is the thinking woman’s toy. I love him in every film he is in.
    Simon Baker would look better without those stupid geriatric glasses.
    Not a fan of Quinto’s caterpillar brows though. Jeez, they look worse in this picture [compared to the previous post the other day].

  2. Kaboom says:

    Stanly Tucci is to movies like butter to cooking. Makes everything better if he’s in it. Check him out in Easy-A if you haven’t seen it already.

  3. Bad Fairy says:

    No you are not. Stanley Tucci is way sexy. And I agree about the ascot. It hasn’t been cool since 1968 and its gonna be rough to bring it back. Like men in those stripey hip huggers and boots.

  4. Poison Ivy says:

    DAMN!!! When did Stanley Tucci became that hot?! But meh on his velvety jacket.

  5. mia girl says:

    ITA and what a great analogy! I will definitely borrow this – if you don’t mind. :)

  6. bigchili says:

    I love that Tucci and Spacey are both in jeans while the other guys are in full suits. Yep, we’re happy they’re there no what they wear and they know it. :)

  7. Hollowdoll says:

    If anyone can make an ascot work it’s Paul Bettany. Simon Baker’s belt is throwing me off a little but still he’s looking good. Stanley Tucci brings the sexy but the velvet jacket is not working for me. No matter how bad the movie Tucci always brings his A game. He was hilarious in Undercover Blues. My name is Muerte! Death! Quinto is looking mighty fine in his suit. Spacey looks great but that outfit has got to go.

  8. SEF says:

    Wow – what I’ve learned here is that men in nerd glasses are hot. And Bettany – the sexy professor look works for me!

  9. Elleh says:

    Paul Bettany – looks contrived and annoying.

    Simon Baker – eyeglasses are too harsh and screaming faux-scientist meets pseudo-intellectual.

    Stanley Tucci – I am in love with this man.

    Penn Badgley – Adrian Grenier called. He wants his hair back.

    Zachary Quinto – waiting for his eyebrows to turn into butterflies.

    Kevin Spacey – this guy always makes me smile.

  10. Faye says:

    Oh man, Paul Bettany is like a massage to my eyeballs. So handsome.

  11. tracking says:

    Paul Bettany is always sexy. Always. He and Jennifer Connelly are the most spectacular looking couple in the business. Would love to see more of them.

    Stanley Tucci has that ease in his own skin and warmth that is so, so sexy.

  12. sauvage says:

    @tracking: I agree with everything you say about Stanley Tucci.

    (I’m fine with Bettany/Connelly, too. I just don’t think about them too often.)

  13. Lindy says:

    So, maybe it’s because I *am* a professor, but I totally, totally am digging the hot professor look that Bettany is sporting. Totally. I would hit that *anytime*.

  14. Bren says:

    I have always had a bit of a thing for Stanley Tucci and he is looking good!

    Kevin Spacey has lost weight and although I usually hate facial hair, that totally suits him. He is looking quite hot!

  15. bluhare says:

    Looking at Paul Bettany’s header photo almost took my mind off that horrible Taylor Armstrong next to him. He looks awesome. He could do Bond.

    And Stanley Tucci has been my bald crush for ever.

    But Kevin? Come out already! Zach did it! (And he looks mighty fine.)

  16. Mtn Girl says:

    Tucci IS a sexy bitch and so is Bettany – he can pull off the ascot and reading glasses look. Thanks for the hot guy tuesday CB, my day just got way better!

  17. Jilli says:

    Mr. Bettany looks good in anything…probably even better in nothing!

  18. Susette says:

    I love them all, especially Bettany and Baker. The only one that I could do without is Penn Badgely. For some reason, he always creeps me out a little.

  19. Laura says:

    THANK YOU for satisfying my men wearing glasses fetish! Yum, Simon Baker.

  20. telesma says:

    I think Paul Bettany is a pretentious twat, which automatically unsexies him in my book. I might think he were hot otherwise, but as is? Not so much.

    Simon Baker is adorable and as always, just this side of sexy (not getting the animal magnetism vibe from him, mostly just adorable). The rest? Meh.