Stacy Keibler wears gray Marchesa in Paris: ill-fitting, unflattering or pretty?


Here’s a serious question: why does George Clooney always look so mad at Stacy Keibler? Okay, maybe not “always” but in the second red carpet appearance of Clooney & Keibler’s Magical Red Carpet Tour of Contractual Obligations, I could swear that Clooney has once again been “caught” by the cameras looking really pissy and angry.

Anyway, these are photos are from Paris – Stacy was on Clooney’s arm once again at the Paris premiere of The Ides of March. Stacy’s hair and makeup continues to improve – I like the simple hairstyle on her, and I like Stacy’s commitment to “softer” makeup. Coming after Elisabetta Canalis’s sometimes overdone, overworked, drag-queeny makeup styles, Stacy is a breath of fresh air. As for the dress… it’s Marchesa. Fug. It doesn’t fit Stacy the right way – the bust is a mess, it makes Stacy’s boobs look saggy and low, and the “empire” part of the cut should fall higher. Also, it makes Stacy look pregnant. Which I’m sure she’s not, and I’m sure Stacy would be sent home on a coach flight if she even dared to miss a period.

So… overall, I think this was an okay appearance for Clooney & Keibler. They’re working out their body language issues, and Stacy is behaving dutifully and happily as Clooney’s girlfriend. They’re actually starting to remind me of Duchess Kate and Prince William a little bit – like, Stacy usually walks behind Clooney, and she knows that he’s “in charge” of everything.





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  1. Po says:

    “I’m sure Stacy would be sent home on a coach flight if she even dared to miss a period.”

    I literally laughed out loud.

  2. normades says:

    That dress looks like it’s gonna fall right off her. Can’t George buy his new piece some better fitting clothes?

    I’m sure George got a vasectomy a lonnngggg time ago.

  3. Addie says:

    It’s strange, this couple hardly ever makes eye contact when together, or try and look like a ‘team’ or something.
    They seem to focus on everyone else but each other.

    I like her better than all the other exes, but with Eli, at least he genuinly seemed into her although I’m not really sure why.

    Why does he even bother if he’s just not into Stacy?

  4. missie says:

    She looks fabulous. Best look yet.
    I love her busty look in that dress. Finally a woman and not a boy in a dress.

  5. Jenny says:

    This dress is the best one so far and the hair is an improvement. But, you can’t let your double sided tape show if you want to look classy. You can’t just buy the stuff at the local Staples store and use it instead of the expensive skin tape…the kind that actually works.

  6. Former fan! says:

    How come that nowadays the only words that come to my mind to define a picture that show George Clooney are : Pathetic, ridiculous, tasteless, desperate, old, short , weak and disappointing .
    Whereas not that long ago the words would have been: classy, charming, charismatic, smart !
    Who would have thought that there were someone who could be worst for his “image” than Elisabetta Canalis!
    Congratulation you’ve seriously hit the rock bottom with this one Mr Clooney. Even though I thought you already did with the last one….can’t wait to see the next one.
    Keep digging Mr Clooney!
    Just like more and more fans of his I am done with these shenanigans!

  7. J O'C says:

    She’s wearing body glitter. My 6-year old likes to wear body glitter.

  8. kay says:

    He did seem to really like Eli, and she him. These 2 just look like they have no connection whatsoever, like they just met that very night.

  9. Shelb says:

    Shame she got the boob job. Didn’t need it, even if she didn’t go overboard with them.

  10. Evie says:

    lol her double-sided tape peeking through the top of her dress.

  11. guest says:

    I think it is a pretty dress, but it does not fit her well and she does look pregnant in it. Their routine is getting better on the red carpet. But Kaiser you are giving Stacy a lot of attention lately. This is the most since she was with DWTS. So much attention that she might move from D-List to C-List. Another one who gets the title and publicity as “clooney’s girlfriend

  12. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    There is a bandaid on Keiblers left boob.

  13. RocketMerry says:

    For once, her legs are covered! Improvement (that’s my word of the day).

    Edit: @Mitch Buchanan Rocks, that is a band-aid indeed. What did you do, George? Hmm-mm?!

  14. SisterMaryHotPantz says:

    I dont get it. He doesnt look p***ed to me. Which picture does he look angry?

  15. lenna says:

    @Evie…Thank you! I was trying to figure out what that was!!

  16. LucyOriginal says:

    It’s a tape!!!! it’s a huuuuuuuuge improvement. I am sure she is sad that she had to drop the ho*ker look, lol. But this dress doesn’t fit her well and it’s unflattering.

    Their pr teams are working overtime to tell them what people think about them in the carpet, hahaha.

    They don’t have the off charts chemistry that cray cray source leaked, if they had it would show. But they are a couple, strangely. Peharps, this one is THE ONE. Sigh…

  17. LucyOriginal says:

    Oh, it must be really hard to do something on her hair because this is an improvemente, but thank God she did not show what’s happenning in the back of her head…lol. Pure mess!

  18. Elleh says:

    The bodice of the dress is clearly too large and has become detached from her double-sided tape… tape that wouldn’t be necessary if the bodice of the dress fit properly.

  19. Alejandro says:

    I don’t get the hate towards her. She’s just doing her job, trying to make him look better for awards season. She could use a new style team but that’s up to George to fork over the dough so she can have better fitting dresses, makeup and hair.

  20. ladybert62 says:

    The dres is pretty but it doesnt fit right around the bust and makes her look pregnant.

    Her hair is awful – it needs to be brushed and neatly styled.

    Clooney looks like he is bored to death with her and is asking himself, why do I need this arm candy anyway?

  21. Bren says:

    What makes me laugh is the comments about how they don’t look at each other and they are not into each other like the way George was with Elisabetta. I remember every article about Elisabetta, the same comments were written, ripping her to shreds. How George didn’t look at her, want to be there or looked angry with her.

    You do realise that when they go in front of the cameras, there are loads of photographers all calling their names to look their way and it all happens in less than 2 minutes. Then they are gone. What would everyone say if they didn’t look at the photographers and only at each other, smiling adoringly?

  22. Mikki says:

    Definitely ill-fitting and close to a wardrobe malfunction with that bodice sliding away from the tape!

  23. LucyOriginal says:

    #23: in the beginning of GC and Canalis’s relationship, he was very caring with her. Talking to her, making sure she was ok, her dress was fine, etc. I think that six months before they ended, there was no chemistry there. They took too long to end.

  24. Bren says:

    Stacy doesn’t need to be told to smile (which is what George said to Elisabetta in Venice on her first red carpet outing). Stacy is a regular Cheshire Cat

  25. Relli says:

    why does George Clooney always look so mad at Stacy Keibler?

    Because this is how you act when you are slightly embarrassed to be seen with the person you are with. I dont care how you dress her up she looks cheap and has terrible hair, she could benefit from a good bob much better for super fine hair. I dont get too invested in Clooney or his women, although i thought the Italian queen was a perfect fit so what do i know.

  26. mln76 says:

    Stacy is just too vibrant and young for George. She makes him look like he’s ready for the nursing home. At least with Eli he looked randy and pervy now he just looks like a hunched up old man. This isn’t good.

  27. YvetteW says:

    Her body projects so much power and strength (in a good way). She could wear pretty much whatever she wants. Except his dress. It does not fit properly and is not in the most flattering color. Bad choice.

  28. Kloops says:

    Hair and makeup much better. Dress is horrid. I think he’s dutifully trotting her out for however many times their contract demands. Also, I’m telling you right now Eli hates tall leggy blondes and this is a message to her. Keibler will be gone shortly. 3 months min, 12 max. They have zero chemistry. I think Clooney made a snap decision bc Eli signed for Dancing with the Stars and he wanted to shut down any rumors of reconciliattion by bringing out a new piece.

  29. theaPie says:

    That dress is awful. From the stretched side seams to the stray thread at the bust line. Contrast that to the gray dress we just saw Aniston in – yikes.

  30. Jayna says:

    Gorgeous dress and color. She an in between girl for him. He’s not as wow’d over her as he was Elisabetta. Stacy will use the time for all it’s worth in her E-list career and enjoy George.

  31. palermo says:

    She is so tacky, check out the tape covering her boob

  32. anne_000 says:

    If he were into her, he’d look at her breast from time to time & notice that string (or tape or whatever) was very visible & would have told her to turn around & pull up the dress.

    She looks better this way without all the eye makeup. I like the dress, but it doesn’t seem to fit her properly.

  33. Tazina says:

    George might share some superficial intimacy with his current woman to get laid but that’s about it. Anything deeper will never happen. He’s probably not capable of it. He will never be really “into” anyone.

  34. Lindsey says:

    @Addid mentioned that this couple never even makes eye contact. Reminds me of that scene in Friends /w Money, w/ Jennifer Anniston, where she and that guy are having sex and he wouldn’t look at her in the face because he wasn’t proud of the fact she was the best he could get..I don’t really know why. But I don’t think Stacy or this last broad, Elisabetta, really make George feel proud. He could do so much better, but he won’t for some reason…

  35. tia says:

    Ge-zus!!! BOTOX *itch… get that line out of the middle of your forehead between your brows.. DAHAMNNNN

  36. Kitten says:

    Wow, George is just…not hot anymore huh? Kinda sad…end of an era…

  37. Masque says:

    You guys, cut her some slack because she’s REALLY REALLY REALLY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY as evidenced by that one expression she uses. /sarcasm

    I adore George and she seems fine so I don’t hate her but there’s just something off about her and them-as-a-couple. The body language is off, they never seem to actually look at/talk with each other and their photos look like someone ‘shopped them from separate photos.

  38. Denise says:

    She has no self-respect; clooney looks constipated. He is like old goat and his acting is way overrated. His films are dated and tired. I hope he does win an Oscar, because winning one is the kiss of death for most careers ( ask Adrien Brody). Peace out.

  39. Got it says:

    I have totally figured out this guy ! He’s living an adolescent white trash fantasy . I loved Dlisted’s take on him being like James Bond ( his image ) . No offense to the girl she’s pretty . He thinks he’s cool ? It’s sort of sad and pathetic to live your life in accordance with an image . She seems more of a toy to him rather than a human being . This man gives me the creeps ! What is even creeper is that men emulate his behavior ! I am disgusted .

  40. jane16 says:

    I like the dress myself, except its obviously a little big for her, and the makeup was the first thing I noticed, huge improvement. She really needs to work on her hair, which has gotta be challenging becuz her hair is her one unattractive feature, thin, limp, horribly bleached. I think she’d be better off to quit the bleaching, go for a light brown with highlights, and cut off those thin damaged ends.

  41. april says:

    The dress and color are gorgeous. It could fit better on top. At least George looks more caring in these photos.

  42. Madison says:

    She looks pretty here but the dress doesn fit. She has the same smile plastered on her face in every picture, oh look another camera, smile! Fakey PR pictures is the only vibe I get from either of them.

  43. Ron says:

    I don’t care how pretty the dress is, if it doesn’t fit right, which is does not, it’s the wrong dress.

  44. jane16 says:

    She has a nice smile I think, and it looks genuine. She looks like a good natured person. Remember the last one? Always sulking or scowling, George telling her to smile on the red carpets. This girl seems nice, anyway.

  45. jane16 says:

    btw, re Cloons expressions, we were recently told by one of his close buds that George has been in a lot of pain lately. He has some serious neurological issues, you guys should cut him some slack.

  46. ohdear says:

    I agree with Jane16, her smile looks genuine, and she looks nice, she doesn’t have that “look at me all you envious people, oh no, I’ll take it back, don’t look at me I’m too good for you” attitude that his former gf had. Besides, why would he walk the red carpet with her if he didn’t want to? I’m sure he has good reasons not to look happy (could be what jane16 mentioned), doesn’t necessarily have to be Stacey’s presence at the event.

  47. Lorenzo says:

    Semi-nude and bikini pics all over the net? Check!
    Embarrassing videos semi-nude all over the net? Check!
    Lapdance on TV shaking her (half)naked butt in front of some men?
    Boobs hanging out on the red carpet?
    Yes, this must be for real, she has got the qualifications to be his girlfriend.

  48. Poppy says:

    Right on Jane 16, he is due to go in for a new round of surgery, he should be there now but because he has to promote the two new movies ( he really, really wants more Oscars)he has put it off until the New Year, silly man. He’s recent interviews have been all about having to sell your soul if you want to go to Washington, shaking hands with jerks,kissing babies for the camera, making deals with the devil etc. so he’d never do it, but he seems OK about selling his soul in Hollywood. Keibler must be the Hollywood version of politicians kissing babies.

  49. Playlist says:

    Hair and makeup are better here. Dress looks off the rack. One wrong step on the trail of her dress and she will be flashing everyone. She needs a stunning necklace to distract from the wide shoulders she has and the bad fit of the dress, but George never springs for jewelry. She also needs a good push-up bra that would hold the dress better and make the breasts look less saggy. At least Stacy has a nice smile all the time.

    George has got to stop making all those faces – he always looks like he has gas pains. He has been making these faces long before he had his neck problems, so he doesn’t get a pass on that (no pun intended!).

  50. Aqua says:

    Boy, it seems to me that he has chosen someone who is completely opposite to Elisabetta.Even though Stacy is improving in her sense of style this dress almost reminds me of the of the one Elisabetta wore for her debut at the Venice Film Festival a couple of years ago.Over all they both seem to be just fine together and I think George has a lot on his plate right now with two movies coming out back to back both with very high expectations of one if not both going for Oscar.I personally hope he wins so that he could finally get that monkey of his back so to speak and move on.

  51. WhiteNoise says:

    What a sorry old mess he’s turned into. But yet again, the woman involved will be the one that gets the brunt of the ridicule and contempt. I do wonder what his peers really think of him and his bullshit pretence about not being in the game for the awards and the accolades? They must be laughing their asses off. That’s when they’re not cringing in embarrassment on his behalf.

  52. Kim says:

    Dress is very ill fitting plus she cant pull off ballgowns and her hair is a mess. She has that cheap, every other blond look where she actually looks better in cheaper type clothes. She cant pull off anything couture.

  53. WhiteNoise says:

    @aqua – “I personally hope he wins so that he could finally get that monkey of his back so to speak and move on.”

    Surely he should win on merit and not because he needs to win for his own personal reasons? There are very many Oscar contenders out there, and he’s far from a shoo-in iMO for best actor or best director. Ides may be getting the publicity but there’s been a lot of criticism of it also.

    Let’s hope the awards go to those who deserve them, and not ego-driven, bullshit merchants like Clooney who seems to think he can buy one if he ticks enough boxes.

  54. Got it says:

    Jayne 16 neurological problems makes sense . I take back what I said . Neurological problems can cloud your judgement and make a mess out of your life . Also make it next to impossible to have relationships and keep friends . Depending on where the head injury is . I have a friend who had a serious head injury . I have to cut her a lot of slack . I feel sorry for him now . That’s why the last 3 girls disappeared so fast . Now I get it . I was thinking he was some sort of womanizer .

  55. Jackie says:

    he should be careful. all these vapid women he chooses to date are starting to hurt his reputation and make him look really bad.

    her double sided tape showing is priceless. classy.

  56. You don't say says:

    One reason he might not be smiling, besides being miserable, is the Ides is not getting the response he and the rest of Hollywood thought it would. It is not being slammed, but it is not the critical or financial success it was thought to be. If it was anyone else’s movie, it would be a bomb, but no one is allowed to say that outloud.

    Decendants is getting better buzz, but still not overwhelming. He will most likely get nominated for that one, but not Ides. I think he wanted director, acting etc. for nominations, but will most likely only get acting. Not sure if he will win though, which also is making him pout.

  57. Got it says:

    Neurological problems are awful . They erode your self esteem and make you doubt yourself . Maybe that’s why he dates such young girls ? Do you think he’s overcompensating for his head injury ? How sad for him . He has fun for a couple of months then realizes he can’t talk to them . Poor guy .

  58. Stubbylove says:

    Her tatas need to fill that dress better. It’s a pretty dress though. I don’t know – I get that it would rock being George’s flavor of the month – but on some level wouldn’t you just feel like an idiot?

  59. Lauren says:

    I wish I looked as good as Stacy! Her hair is a little stringy, but her body and face are gorgeous. Papa George looks like he needs a scooter from the Scooter Store with some Ben-Gay and an oxygen tank.

  60. Aqua says:

    @ WhiteNoise I totally agree Oscars should be won totally on merit.Their are plenty of excellent actors/actresses past and present who deserve to win but have been past over.I’m sorry I didn’t make my thoughts as clear as I should have.I meant it to be tongue and cheek/sarcastic because I’m getting somewhat tired of him bring up the fact that he didn’t win for best director for Syrania even though he won for BSA.Even though he may mean it as a joke it can get a bit old sometimes. I would just like him to get over it, to move on from it that all I meant.

  61. mln76 says:

    Right now he is considered the front runner for Best Actor on most of the Oscar boards I’ve seen supposedly The Descendants is his best performance to date so we’ll see. And White Noise we all know that the Academy is infamous for giving out awards for political reasons.

  62. Amy says:

    Meh. I just don’t think I’ve ever seen a Marchesa dress on the red carpet that I actually liked.

    The ensemble is too matchy. Silver eyes, silver dress, silver jewelry, silver clutch? She needs a pop of color somewhere…

  63. Callli Pygian says:

    Ill- fitting! I spy with my little eye some… Tata tape?? That double-stick isn’t enough when the dress cup size is too big.

    Something about this dress just says ‘spring formal’ or even budget to me.

  64. Victoria says:

    At least Stacey looks female. When he was with he she looking Lissa, I could see why he could tolerate her (yes I am taking it here). Stacey looks a lot better here. Her hair is nice and she looks fem. I love the dress but like some have said, it doesn’t fit her well nor her personality

  65. Maritza says:

    I agree with the comment that says he probably had a vasectomy long time ago. She looks happy to be in the spotlight and he notices she loves the attention.

  66. kazoo says:

    she’s too plain and talentless to be famous and wearing expensive gowns. ugh.

  67. janie says:

    People need to cut both George and Stacy some slack!!! I had a head injury very similar to George when I was 18 and I still have migraines to this day because of it (I am 52)! I think that they both look like they enjoy each others company and Stacy always has a beautiful smile on her face.

  68. Aqua says:

    A little bit of info but George did drop out of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. film because the movie would be too physically challenging for him to do and he did say he was due for surgery at the start of the film.So I do believe he’s in some sort of pain or discomfort as he has stated in the past.

  69. cprincess says:

    Jeez- you are really out of it comparing these 2 to William and Kate…
    Whatever else you may think and we all know that you cant stand Kate-there is a lot of chemistry between them…
    Theres about as much chemistry as a plate of luke warm oatmeal between these 2….

  70. T.C. says:

    Someone else said it and I agree: he looks like her grandfather. He seriously looks OLD next to her. The ex. Italian chick somehow made him look a bit hot, it’s probably her darker looks. Next to Stacy he just looks like he is fighting the aging process hard and losing.

    Does he ever look at pictures of them together and realize that she is not helping his image? After he dropped the ex for saying she wants to get married he lost his appeal to a lot of women. That was just mean.

  71. Jenny says:

    Clooney may seems a bit crazy, but he did not have a head injury. He hurt his back awhile ago making some film. He may be on pain meds which might make him look like a zombie, but he still has no chemistry with this particular woman, pain meds or not.

  72. Loralei says:

    Totally ill-fitting. That black dress she wore before looked awful too. As a matter of fact, everything she wears looks so tacky. At least she doesn’t have her hair up in that bird nest bun thing.

  73. WhiteNoise says:

    @Aqua – agree completely. And sorry, I wasn’t meaning to sound argumentative with you, more just irritation at him and the idea that he should win because it’s time or he feels he’s put the effort in and deserves one etc. :)

  74. Aqua says:

    @ WhiteNoise It’s all good! I don’t take any of this stuff to seriously. It’s just a way for me to pass some time.Every once in a while eveyone now and then needs to vent their irritations.*hugs*

  75. Gelinda Whiddon says:

    Clooney says in Rolling Stone that he won’t discuss whether he currently has a girlfriend, but he appears to stay in from of the camera with his alleged contract girlfriends. I have never read or heard of a supposedly private movie star who is so public with his little trashy romances. Enough already George! If the rumors are true, buy out the contract and live a real movie star life (i.e. Richard Gere, Robert Di Niro, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Samuel Jackson, Hugh Grant, Matt Damon and …)