Stacy Keibler jacks up her “personal appearance” fee from 10K to 25K


Stacy Keibler is already profiting from her union with George Clooney. And no, I’m not talking about tips! Now that Stacy’s position as “George Clooney’s girlfriend” has been solidified – she’s walking red carpets on his arm, and she didn’t even get sent home after the Tit Tape Debacle – Stacy is now taking steps for her own financial security. The subject of “Clooney’s girls” and “money” is always a little bit sketchy, so it’s kind of funny that Page Six is going with such an obvious story. Apparently, now that Stacy can put “George Clooney’s girlfriend” on her resume, she’s significantly upped her “personal appearance fee”. She used to charge $10,000, now she charges $25,000. I wonder if George gets a special rate?

Here’s the bottom line — Stacy Keibler is now not getting out of bed (with George Clooney) for less than $25,000.

Sources told us the asking price for the model and former World Wrestling Entertainment personality to attend events has more than doubled now that she’s the A-list star’s companion.

While Keibler used to command around $10,000 for personal appearances at events and parties, planners are saying that she’s no longer going for less than $25,000 — a more expensive echo of Linda Evangelista’s infamous supermodel quote, “We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

[From Page Six]

While it made sound like quite a mark-up, keep in mind that many celebrities get “personal appearance fees” in the six figures. A singer or performer might even change seven figures. I think Kim Kardashian charges about $50,000-100,000 per appearance, depending on what it is (a club opening, a private party, etc). While someone like Lindsay Lohan gets paid in balled-up $5 bills, coke and booze.

I’m not making fun of Stacy for getting paid and for upping her price now that she’s Clooney’s girlfriend – a girl’s gotta make money, and it’s good that Stacy is planning for her financial future so she doesn’t end up Sarah Larson’d. I’m making fun of George Clooney for dating a chick that is basically an even more budget version of Kim Kardashian (as far as “careers” go).





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  1. says:

    Cash in while you can!

  2. brin says:

    Strike while the iron’s hot!

  3. Quest says:

    I hope George is getting a commission in monetary funds and not only in kind

  4. Jayna says:

    Her face is average but in a cute way. I still say she’s filler before he moves on to a two-year girlfriend he’s more enamored with. I see him getting bored quickly with Stacey. She is smart. Milk it, Stace, before you head back to the Z List.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Still don’t think he’s that into her.

  6. Addie says:

    Well she is more well known now that she is ‘the current girlfriend of Clooney’
    Don’t blame her. She needs to make that money while she still can.

    Like her side braid hairstyle.

  7. Dana M says:

    I didn’t even know who she was til GC started dating her.

  8. You don't say says:

    Most entertainment is about selling yourself for the highest price, but this is really legal prostitution. I guess the last one got that dancing gig for being a “former Clooney girlfriend” so she is getting something for being the current one. Why someone would pay that for her presence is beyond me.

    Creepy, no matter how you look at it. Seems George is a commodity alright, just the wrong kind.

  9. thinkaboutit says:

    Businesses pay HER to show up??? Who is this woman? I’m shocked, really. I had never heard of her before her latest high-profile client.

  10. LMAO says:

    Why wouldn’t she enjoy the fruit of her labor!
    She worked really hard to get where she is!

  11. DogBoy says:

    A $15K per appearance raise after a few dates? George should open a famewhore sperm bank.

  12. LMAO says:

    Just wondering, how much did she get paid for Paris and London red carpets 10 or 25k?

  13. Intercontinental says:

    Hi gossip friends! As we’d never heard of this girl intil she started escorting GC we are amazed to hear she charges for public appearances and even more amazed people/organisations actually pay. It will be interesting to see if she actually starts pulling that in given her world wide notoriety for being a PR disaster (tranny, dress to big/tit tape, dress too small, inability to diffuse her love of both attention and cameras to name but a few!!!) We’re also wondering how much GC is paying, and not just with his reputation!! We would like to share how disappointed we were that GC hasn’t been on the red carpet with Grant as not only his friend but his business partner in the whole project. We wonder how he feels to be left out of the final stages and replaced for a soft porn wrestler/jealous b*tch/pr disaster/attention seeking famewh@@e…phew! Oh, i think we can add golddigger to that now we are aware she is clearly getting paid.
    Have a good week gossip friends :-)

  14. Kimbob says:

    Actually, this batch of pics are quite flattering of Stacy. And since we all know there’s a contract involved…why shouldn’t she “up” her appearance fee?! This is, after all…just a business!

    Oh…and CHECK IT OUT…looka Stacy-gurl…workin’ da BODY GLITTA & tit-tape on the 2nd pic! LMAO!

  15. LucyOriginal says:

    I am shocked she is jacking up her appearance (insert sarcasm!). Who the heck pays to have her in any event? Never heard of her before either…

    let George pays for her RC appearances that will be enough to have a very comfy life for the rest of her stay at home mom life she urges for (cough!).

    @Kaiser: “I’m making fun of George Clooney for dating a chick that is basically an even more budget version of Kim Kardashian (as far as “careers” go).” Enough said. :)

  16. Lenna says:

    I like her. She’s a girl I could throw back a few beers with. She didn’t come off bitchy or awful on DWTS. That was my first intro to her, back when I watched it. They do seem so very different though and I wonder how that intro came about..

  17. Got it says:

    Work it girl ! You know he’ll have to keep her around for at least 2 years possibly more to save his reputation . She’s got all the power in this one :) . I don’t think he can get out of this one so easy . She’s probably already making her demands . She’s a smart one this girl . I like her !

  18. Elm says:

    When SK first appeared on the scene – rumours started flying around in Spring I believe with her twitting – I did not believe them…. then began the coyness around her red carpet appearances – were they or weren’t they? … what a tease Clooney is!

    I loved that this gf appeared to be a ray of sunshine after the last sulky arrogant brat – refreshing and appreciative and always a gorgeous smile at the ready (like Larson)- I was really happy for them

    But all too soon, the cracks have begun to appear … check out the videos of SK -(reminder anyone? EC porn videos were rapidly removed from circulation once that ‘relationship’ went public), now when I see that smile I don’t see any angel, I see her wiggling ass instead!

    As for the red carpet appearances, yep,the dresses are all fabulous even though they did not fit this form! … still, getting much better – although the nest egg hair was a giggle I loved the braided look which matched the Grecian dress. She is way too tall and broad to wear such feminine clothes … agree with all the comments about that …

    Interestingly it does seem that GC does have a penchant for a ‘type’ of gf …one who is manly, shakes their ass at the world, and in it for the dosh?

    It does not look like either of them care for each other – the lack of chemistry is cringe-worthy enough – but now she is milking it like she is Cherie Blair – unsure whether to admire the brazen cashing in so soon (business-like) or despise it as another insecure user? In any event, she wins and he loses (again). Is it possible for GC to recover any dignity after the last few gf’s? I wonder if he cares about his image as there seem to have been a conveyer belt of these types.

    Back to the grindstone

  19. Christine says:

    Two things: 1. I thought this was Princess Charlene when I first saw the picture. And 2. WTH is Clooney thinking with these budget girls? Surely he could get someone not so trailer-esque, right? Even in a contractual way? It is bringing his image down, and I’m surprised he is not aware of that.

  20. Kim says:

    I cant believe she even garnered $10k??? Nothing against her but she is an ex WWF girl. She wasnt famous to begin with and is very D list.

  21. Kim says:

    I hope with her first $25k she hires a stylist. The girl cant dress, do makeup or hair for the life of her. Her hair and makeup look like bad very old lady styles. Frosted eye shadow and buns!

  22. guest says:

    wow what a surprise her appearance fees went up in the last few weeks when she started dating clooney. Move over Paris and Kim here comes stacy. Next thing she will be telling us that she has her own reality tv show and is selling jewelry on QVC. I wonder what her total bill was for George when she was with him at all those premieres. They have one of the most romantic relationships in Hollywood.

  23. Turtle Dove says:

    The top photo “Caption It”

    “Hurry up driver. We’re going to miss the seniors’ discount at IHOP.”

  24. lcrime says:

    I think she looks great. Good for her, getting that money? It wont last forever. She seems like a fun girl and the way I heard her talk about just having fun in the relationship with Clooney. I think that is a good approach. Go Stacy! I am on this boat.

  25. tia says:

    poor thing, she should totally dump him before he dumps her 9inevitably) and he will fight to get her back.. :)

  26. Playlist says:

    Why would anyone pay $25k, or even $10k, to have Stacy show up? Does she tell jokes, make balloon animals, or juggle? Come to think of it, her resume does include her ability to flash her ass quite a bit, but don’t most women charge by the hour for that?

    Stacy sure didn’t waste any time cashing in on the Clooney connection. Just what every guy looks for in a girlfriend. Someone who loves them for who they really are (sarcasm).

  27. JustJen says:

    Allrighty then….now I see… Apparently, instead of spending four years in college, I should have been hanging out in clubs, doling out sexual goodies to anyone who could advance me. And the $100,000 debt I accrued would have been better spent on all kinds of surgery to make me appealing.

    What was I thinking? Getting an education? Stupid, stupid. The REAL money is in being a vapid hooker for the rich and famous. Cause this chick makes more in a few appearances than I do in a YEAR at my job.

    What is WRONG with our society right now? This chick has done NOTHING to earn or deserve thousands of dollars for “appearance fees”.

    Sorry….this kind of thing just hits me so wrong.

  28. Orange Cone says:

    Any body else getting this vibe?

    ‘Im so positive. I’m so great. I care about world peace. Look at my bright white smile…cause I’m Great!’

  29. Ruffian9 says:

    Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I honestly don’t understand. People would pay her to show up at an event? Why?

    ETA, after reading through the comments, it’s not just me. Good to know.

  30. Snowbunny says:

    I’m with everyone else on the surprise that anyone paid her $10k to show up, let alone $25k. Is that an entire evening or just an hour? What does she do, stand there, or speak, wrestle, what? She might as well cash in well she can, gravity takes its toll on everyone sooner or later.

  31. truthceeker says:

    She is cute, but she needs to get her roots done and lay off the heels so she doesn’t dwarf him.

  32. Aqua says:

    Just wondering, but if this was a guy doing this would we be having this discussion?

  33. Trashaddict says:

    ????One of those times you can say “WTF??!!” and actually not be exaggerating.

  34. No way says:

    I do think it is really odd that we now have a whole line of celebrities that don’t really have any talent, but get paid to just show up and party, women or men.

  35. autummleaves says:

    agree with anon #5 about this couple seeming not to be into each other. Their body language is O F F. Those fake smiles aren’t fooling me.

    JustJen, I agree. Trust me, I have the same questions and perspective as you on the superficially of vapid celebrity slores or being a productive and constructive member of society while pursuing an education to better ourselves.

  36. Ja says:

    She does look budget next to him. If she has a personality, I can’t see it. Certainly no presence about her.

  37. d says:

    No matter how much she is paid she will always look cheap to me!

  38. Dani says:

    @ Jayna (#4), I agree with you about her looks. She has an inoffensive face, but nothing striking.

    Was she always this size even when she was a wrestler?

  39. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    This one is smart. At this point it doesn’t take a genius to figure out this is more arrangement than any genuine romance (like he and Elizabetta were) so why shouldn’t she make hay while the sun shines? She’s looking out for herself and is going to make damn sure she’s not left high and dry when the contract comes to an end. It’s easy to criticse her for looking cheap, budget, etc but I don’t get the feeling she’s a clingy, doormat. She’ll fulfill her end of the bargain though. I’ve decided I’m no longer going to rag on Clooney’s galpals. If anything, I’m going to rag on him because he is the pathetic man-child at this point that feels the need to trot out some glamdoll every couple of years. The women get called out, like they always do, but George somehow (as does Dicaprio) continues to get away with it. I’m sick of it and sick of him.

  40. JaneWonderfalls says:

    I agree if people are dumb enough to care about what she has to say for the mere fact she’s banging George Clooney, get paid while you can! He will get rid of this girl as he does all his women

  41. lola says:

    Did anyone notice the boob tape in the second photo??

  42. Gelinda Whiddon says:

    Clooney says in Rolling Stone that he won’t discuss whether he currently has a girlfriend, but he appears to stay in from of the camera with his alleged contract girlfriends. I have never read or heard of a supposedly private movie star who is so public with his little trashy romances. Enough already George! If the rumors are true, buy out the contract and live a real movie star life (i.e. Richard Gere, Robert Di Niro, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Samuel Jackson, Hugh Grant, Matt Damon and …)