Taylor Swift wanted to reunite with Jake Gyllenhaal, but he rejected her


I’m conflicted, y’all. After I wrote about Taylor Swift being awesome and donating 6,000 books to a Pennsylvania county’s public library system, I said I was going to give Swifty a month-long pass to do whatever she wanted without my heckling from the cheap seats. That month is still on-going, so it’s really difficult for me to really discuss this story in In Touch Weekly. ITW claims that Swifty went to Jake Gyllenhaal and tried to persuade him to be her special unicorn boyfriend once more. But Jake said no, because Swifty is now friendly with Reese Witherspoon, and something, something else. It’s sketchy logic on Jake’s part, honestly.

Look out Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift is probably writing a song about you as we speak. As a friend of Jake’s explains, after the songbird looked to the 30-year-old actor to try to rekindle their romance, he shot her down.

“Taylor still reaches out to him and he wants nothing to do with her,” says the friend.

The big problem? Taylor has become friendly with the love of Jake’s like, Reese Witherspoon.

“Jake’s normally an easygoing guy, but the thought of Taylor telling Reese everything she knows about him just puts a knot in his stomach,” the friend says. “He couldn’t sleep or eat for days after Reese ended their relationship. He’s embarrassed about it now.”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

In Jake’s defense, there were stories about Reese and Swifty gossiping about Jake when they did get together, so he might not be completely off-base. But I think it’s far more likely that Jake didn’t want to get back with Swifty because she maybe comes across like a stuffed-animal version of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction? No, I shouldn’t say that! TEAM SWIFTY. She was so nice to donate those books and encourage kids to read. So this is all obviously Jake’s fault. Blame Jake. In all honesty, I don’t know why Jake doesn’t give Swifty another chance. Obviously, he really liked her unicorns-and-apple-cider, cuddlefest-y relationship. He was just to much of wimp to deal with the public fallout from dating someone so young. It IS his fault. And he shouldn’t have dumped her over the phone, either. Team Swifty. Team Literacy.





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41 Responses to “Taylor Swift wanted to reunite with Jake Gyllenhaal, but he rejected her”

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  1. Nessa says:

    Team Jake always! I love him.

  2. Eve says:

    But Jake said no, because Swifty is now friendly with Reese Witherspoon, and something, something else.

    Like, she doesn’t have a P-E-N-I-S?

  3. brin says:

    Team vanilla latte (win-win)!

  4. gee says:

    “she maybe comes across like a stuffed-animal version of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction”


  5. Arianna says:


    i hate you taylor swift.

  6. Dorothy#1 says:

    I will always be team Jake! He is so flipping hot and NOT gay.

  7. lin234 says:

    I don’t get the dislike for Taylor Swift. This is why women can’t win. She’s pretty, successful, generous, and a great role model. So what if she seems childlike even now? At least she didn’t go down your typical teen path and do the sexy jail bait act to get famous. She’s also not clubbing every night and hooking up with any guy who will have her.

    She’s not scandalous. She sets a good role model for young girls who are her fans. Yes, she can be immature when it comes to guys but her moments are being played out for the public to see and her mistakes are magnified and will last as long as she’s famous. We all act in childish ways that we wish we could take back while growing up. Especially when it comes to guys and feelings. I say we cut her a break in that area.

  8. Kit says:

    He is so gorgeous but that pic in the uniform sets of the gaydar.
    She’s really annoying and so is Reese.

  9. Jackie says:

    i wonder about the relationship between him and his brother in law, peter sarsgaard. peter has stated he is not 100% straight and the two are very close…hmmmm.

    swifty needs to get her gaydar checked.

  10. Victoria says:

    ‘Like, she doesn’t have a P-E-N-I-S?’

    toothy tile times ten

  11. aenflex says:

    torn. she is a good girl. she is also a crazy clingon girl. but i think she has managed to still remain a good role model, at least much better than many of her peers.

  12. Mrs. Darcy says:

    I so had a crush on him before he got all bulky and butch, ugh. Donnie Darko and Good Girl so so cute, now, nothing. I just don’t think he pulls off manly, he should have worked what nature gave him instead. Gay or straight is irrelevant to me, it’s not like we’re running off into the sunset together either way.Has she written a song about him yet? How will she resist using his name, it rhymes with everything. Jake, you made me wait, my heart is breaking, was it all fake etc. etc. Can not wait.

  13. Marjalane says:

    Maybe he got a look at all that nasty green eye shadow and took a pass. Not even a cute teenager can pull that off.

  14. Joe says:

    In Touch Weekly. LOL. Only thing these guys writing those stories are in touch with are their balls…scratching while typing this fabricated shit.

  15. DarkEmpress says:

    I think that Jake is a bit of a nerdy good guy, who tries too hard to be cool. He probably likes Taylor but is embarrassed by her.

  16. Ramona Q. says:

    Yes comment #8 by Lin 234

  17. podzol says:

    Swift’s ‘boyfriends’ (we’ll discount the gross John Mayer from the list) are three barely in the closet dudes: Jonas, Lautner, Gyllenhaal. What’s up with that? She in the closet herself? Just a naive gal whose reps convinced her that a relationship would boost her profile? Or a chick who just repeatedly goes for the wrong guys for her, and by that I mean guys who aren’t attracted to girls?

    @Lin: I get what you’re saying, and I absolutely agree that she’s a sweet gal who is a good role model for tweens and kids, but I find it embarrassing for her and immature that she makes it so well-known that song X was written for boy Y who was mean to her and broke her heart. Who would want to date someone like that if they know that once the relationship goes sour, it’s bound to appear in a song that millions will hear? And most likely, it’ll make her look like the poor innocent damsel? That’s immature and I suspect it is a reason why people would write negatively about it here.

  18. lolaluvsu says:

    not a jake fan, but if he really turned her down then i admire that. she’s annoying.

    btw…i want a special unicorn too, but it doesn’t look like jake. a bit more ginger.

  19. Lucinda says:

    I don’t care for Taylor Swift mostly because she’s so overexposed. She is EVERYWHERE! And it annoys the crap out of me. I don’t particularly care of her music which is also everywhere. One day I literally tuned into 3 different radio stations (2 country, 1 pop) and all 3 were playing her at the exact same moment. It just gets to be too much.

    It’s nothing personal. I’m sure she’s a great kid.

  20. serena says:

    Oh come one, he’s gay, that’s it.

  21. Nessa says:

    I do not get why everyone says he is gay. I do not see it… not even a little bit!

  22. Redd says:

    It’s her little, look at me I’m so cute it hurts, smug face look that makes me despise her. I couldn’t name not one Taylor Swift song, and yay, she’s rich and famous, woo. Wipe that smug ass look off your face.

  23. Jover says:

    lin34 this dislike for swifty is first she’s barely talented, can’t sing live to save her soul, need i mention her wretched attempt with stevie nicks for starters, and her persona is as a fake and manufactured as any pop star – most teens/twenty somethings that know more than today’s pop music can see this fakery; go to one of her concerts and note who makes up most of her audience. The fact that she’s rich and successful and has won awards is irrelevant what does that have to do with quality. Jimi hendrix never won any awards and his music will be played long after swifty is a mascara smudge and her replacement’s being replaced by another cookie cutter replacement.

  24. Lila says:

    Eh, don’t get the hate. Sure, she sounded not so great with Stevie Nicks but I heard her sing live on another show and she sounded really good. Some people don’t have huge range but have pretty voices, if that makes sense. I’m actually Team Swifty, those photos were taken over Thanksgiving in New York so he must have really liked her to invite her there over the holidays. The public fall out was mean though and he seemed like a wimp who couldn’t take it.

  25. Listerino says:

    Damn she better find another guy soon or she’s going to run out of song material!

  26. Quest says:

    Taylor should really ease off on the eye shadow.

  27. Happy21 says:

    I like her. Can’t help myself. She seems like a really sweetheart. As soon as she ruins the sweetheart image then maybe I can be a hater but until then she’s been nothing but adorable.

  28. T.C. says:

    Good role model for teens? All she sings about is boys, boys, boys. You think it’s good role-modeling for your teen girls to not have any hobbies or goals in life but getting a boyfriend? When a relationship ends she makes a song about it mean-girling her ex-boyfriends. You find that good role-modeling to talk about other people who can’t defend themselves? You find acting like you are ALWAYS the victim (when there are two sides to a story) good role-modeling? I don’t.

    If Taylor Swift wasn’t a pretty girl with cute songs people would be calling her out for what she really is, a mean-girl with the maturity of a 13-year old. Jake is almost 30 years old, should he really be dating a girl with the maturity level of a 13-year old? And a mean girl at that.

  29. Alexis says:

    The age difference is not that bad. He’s 30 and she’s 22. She also seems pretty mature and has a solid head on her shoulders, and so does he. They were not some creepy Lovato/Wilderrama situation.

    She seems like a nice person, but sometimes things don’t work out.

    (Also I completely disagree with everyone who finds her attractive. She is creepy and squinty, but then again, so is Reese, so I guess he has a type…)

  30. T.C. says:

    @Alexis: Technically the age difference isn’t big (she is 21 and he is 29) but mentally is totally different. From her interviews and songs she ACTS like a little girl. She acts like she is still 13. Mental age is very important. Some guys are 30 and still act like they are 16, you avoid those idiots as much as possible because they need time to grow up. Taylor is the same, she needs time to grow up. A mature person doesn’t act EVERY ex-boyfriend in a song. A mature person doesn’t fall in love with EVERY guy she meets for 5 min. Taylor is still a child regardless of her technical age.

  31. Aly says:

    I don’t understand the big deal. When people stop dating it isn’t always mutual. He’s over it, she’s not. Happens all the time.

  32. Nessa says:

    I think Jake has a girlfriend now anyway. A very low-key, non-famous girlfriend… But pretty sure he does.

  33. Tina says:

    Only idiots believe that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal really dated.

    Jake is just another GAY closeted celebrity Swift used for publicity and bad songs.


  34. Callumna says:

    Jake, you cute thang, you know your dream Taylor would be a male country star.

  35. Joe says:

    I love everything about Taylor. She is such a cutie. Let her write all she wants, she is young. Of course her subject matters are gonna be limited. And these songs are not about guys only. People need to get over their prejudice and listen to her albums.

    She is probably the most talented big-name pop culture phenom we have right now.

  36. Jenny2451 says:

    I don’t blame him one little bit. Not only is she too darned young for him, she’s also living on another planet! Too bad he’s embarrassed about grieving over his breakup with Reese Witherspoon. Not eating and sleeping after someone you really loves leaves you is pretty darned human! You could tell that she was a BIG love by the way he looked at her. He hasn’t looked at another woman that way since! And,no, I don’t think it’s because he’s gay! She was light years ahead of him in life experience and needed someone older. Mr. G. will find another love at some point, maybe with an older, more settled woman that will be the icing on his cake……not the cake!

  37. Cat says:

    Y’know, I appreciate that she donated that money, because hell yeah I love reading and literacy is awesome….

    But I still really cannot stand her. She could find the cure to cancer and I’d still be like, she’s a slut shaming, immature twat.

    Not to mention, she had a concert here in OKC the same night the Barons (hockey team) were playing and we had to park really far out because AN ENTIRE STREET WAS CLOSED OFF FOR HER CONCERT. Never gonna like her.

  38. Skvyrene says:

    haha, too much taylor biasness! =P

    I hate taylor for this, i hate her for writing songs about guys who doesn’t like her!

    She’s good with her acting though! 2thumb up!