Princess Charlene wears Dior, offers non-denials of “runaway bride” stories


FREE CHARLENE! She’s in America! Somebody help her out. No, she doesn’t look like she trying to escape Prince Albert’s dastardly clutches in these photos. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are in NYC, and last night they attended the Princess Grace Awards, which is the Princess Grace Foundation’s annual gala in Manhattan. Page Six even notes that before the gala dinner, Charlene and Albert met with donors over lunch yesterday, and a source says: “They seemed relaxed together but you couldn’t see any sparks flying. She did a wonderful job.” Also, “The prince was also overheard telling one guest his life was calmer now that he’s married.” Sketchy.

Princess Charlene wore this rather stunning Christian Dior gown… which looks familiar. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a version of this on Marion Cotillard, correct? Still, it looks great on Charlene. Charlene looks slim too… she’s not knocked up yet? Poor girl.

But the big, big news is this new interview that Charlene and Albert did with the Today Show. Charlene actually got to speak English! Huzzah! CB and I have been watching this like it’s a riddle we’re trying to break. When asked directly about the runaway bride rumors and the stories about how her passport was confiscated, Charlene offers a non-denial denial. CB thinks Charlene is acting kind of druggy, where I think she seems more contented than usual. I really think Charlene and Albert have come to some kind of arrangement – she’ll stay with him for a few years, give him an heir, and then she’s out of there with a nice settlement and she doesn’t have to “pretend” any more. Their body language and expressions towards each other and towards Matt Lauer are fascinating.

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40 Responses to “Princess Charlene wears Dior, offers non-denials of “runaway bride” stories”

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  1. Cathy says:

    His forehead seems to go on forever

  2. The.princess.leia says:

    I just saw the spot on the Today Show & was hoping you’d cover it.

    I agree that they’ve come to some type of arrangement because to me, over the past two weeks, she has seemed much more “full of life” than we’ve ever seen her.

    Either that or Albie has had her replaced with a Charlene-bot.

  3. Addie says:

    Woow, these photo’s are not flatering.
    They look like 3d animated versions of themselves.

    Oh and she still seems unhappy, just he is not around alot to bug her so much anymore.

  4. dorothy says:

    She always looks so constipated.

  5. Jackie says:

    wow, what body language! they seem miserable. she is leaning so far away from him.

  6. phaksi says:

    Gorgeous, as always. I’ve decided not to ever comment on the runaway bride story. Its the only time I don’t agree with you Kaiser, otherwise I love all your other posts

  7. Auds says:

    She always looks like she’d rather be elsewhere.

  8. Bermuda Blues says:

    I don’t think Matt Lauer is any good at giving interviews. He’s awful.

  9. Hautie says:

    I suspect by Albert finally moving his jump offs out of his house/daily life, his wife has become calmer. Amazing how that worked out, isn’t it.

    But I do agree with whatever blew up the week of the wedding, has been resolved. And Charlene has decided to stay.

    Maybe Albert will grow a conscience now and be a decent husband for her.

  10. Elm says:

    Another unstable attention-seeker?

    Is there a pool of them somewhere that all the celebrities fish from?

  11. Jules says:

    Christ, do her shoulders ever end? She looks like a football player.

  12. jane says:

    She looks drugged out again.

    Not sure what version of the Today show you were watching but there were obvious denials fo the runaway story straight from Charlene.

    I understand your need for to save face for writing all the Poor Charlene and Free Charlene stories- but I beleive her exact words for stories like yours were “she thought they were hilarias” with the eye roll. In other words- what a bunch of suckers- at least it got my wedding world wide attention.

    Because there was zero interest in their wedding prior to the runaway stories.

    It’s a BS relationship and buisness deal but let them have their charade. A few people are buying it- but not many

    Sad story. But who are we to judge

  13. moja31 says:

    hmm i thought she was looking a little fuller in the chest & arms, i actually think she might be preggers. either way, she’s looking less frightened, so that’s a good thing.

  14. kaligula says:

    I just hope he’s good to her.

    Honestly I don’t know what to make of all the hulabaloo. They might just not be photogenic/telegenic royals who know how to or wish to show love for the people. I think they’re both kind of uninteresting and not thrilled or talented at being so much in the spotlight. I have to give them the benefit of the doubt in this case. Just not convinced that there’s true misery and coercion, behind the scenes. Though the press did almost have me convinced of it there for a bit!!

  15. theaPie says:

    Ha! She has her knees pointed at him, but her upper body could not be leaning any further from him without being terribly obvious. And his eyes were shifting all over the place when he told Matt that all the stories about Charlene trying to bolt were lies.

    I think they have come to an agreement. I think she has terribly complicated feelings about him and was very hurt and betrayed by him. She loves him, but in her heart of hearts, she is still bolting.

  16. Kelly says:

    I think they’re uninteresting as well. What I just don’t get is why they have to be in the media at all. Can’t they just go about their “royal” business (whatever that might be) in relative anonymity? Monaco is the most inconsequential “country” in Europe (oh, sorry, Lichtenstein!); if it weren’t for Grace Kelly and James Bond, no-one would have ever heard of it.

  17. Luise says:

    He is brutish toad. He behaves like white trash. She is to be pitied.

  18. sassenach says:

    I really like Charlene and I find her alot more interesting than Kate Middleton.

  19. Lisa says:

    We are all missing the most important issue: WTF is up with Ann Curry’s outfit there at the end???

  20. taxi says:

    @Bermuda Blues. You ‘d rather have Ann Curry? Lauer is much better than Curry, & those are the only 2 choices afaik.

    Charlene is gorgeous. Her ‘swimmer shoulders’ just make her look athletic & healthy to me.

  21. Wresa says:

    The funny thing, is, he’s obviously such a controlling jerk to her, yet she plays ‘the part’ better than he does. Like he’s so far past the point of decency that he can’t even fake it.

  22. Elvynn says:

    She was with him during more than 2/3years prior this marriage. She KNEW EVERYTHING before this wedding and she was paid to stay in Monaco BEFORE this wedding.
    So stop saying poor poor thing. She isn’t. She is just a mastermind of manipulation who was able to keep people on her side and reverse the story.
    Also, that was HER who want this wedding not him. He doesn’t want to get married but she didn’t want to go so he doesn’t have the choice.

  23. lala says:

    I doubt she’s drugged out – her face is just so tweaked and botoxed she can’t move it properly. Therefore her missing mimic and expression.

  24. Denise says:

    His life is “calmer”, in that he is not impregnating everything in sight. Give me a break!

  25. Aquarius74 says:

    She looks beautiful in this gown, her make up and hair are great. That for the obvious points. As for her being more relaxed… is it drug or love or money ? I can’t say. How do I know ?

  26. JulieM says:

    I think she looks and sounds, not contented, but has come to terms with what she got herself in to. I’ve never heard her speak before, and she sounded articulate and pleasant. I don’t sense drugged, but certainly rehearsed. I’m sure they knew these questions were coming.

    I’m predicting Charlene will get pregnant before Waity. Time will tell.

  27. lrm says:

    i find her gorgeous. too bad she thought she had to bag a prince to get the life she wants….
    or, maybe she picked the wrong prince….
    i think she seems both drugged and rehearsed and yes it is a business arrangement. Ntt the first time ppl have married for this reason-but theirs has a certain sad element to it….

  28. molly says:

    They could have been a lot more critical about the rumours (I am sure I would have been) if it had ruined my wedding day, but as Albert said !I hope they never come back!. Now let them get on with their lives, what goes on behind doors is no ones business. I hope they prove all the “fat al” and “trashlene” haters wrong – jealousy that’s all it is.

  29. Violet says:

    Interesting that Matt doesn’t mention the most recent paternity claims or the fact that they spent the honeymoon in separate hotels, lol.

    And, yeah. The body language between the two was very awkward and Charlene did not outright deny making a break for it.

    I don’t think she’ll end up agreeing to have Albert’s baby. For starters, he would have to be free of STDs (unlikely for someone who likes to screw around without protection) plus she’d have to willing to give up the child since it’s doubtful that he would ever agree to shared custody.

  30. molly says:

    Don’t worry Violet – she would have had all the tests like Kate Middleton for STD and fertility etc before she married Albert, its the norm. She would have already agreed like Kate Middleton and Diana (to any children that may be produced before a divorce)living within the royal family (Wills and Harry NEVER lived with Diana once she divorced Charles) its the norm or didn’t you know that.

  31. Lila says:

    I don’t believe her at all…she looks miserable and drugged ALL of the time. She’s stupid if she has a kid with this jerk.

  32. Violet says:


    It’s well known that Will has had a lot of affairs over the years, despite being involved with Kate. The difference is that, unlike Albert, Will seems to use protection, since he hasn’t fathered any children.

    At last count, Albert had two new paternity suits against him, both children conceived during the last year and a half; in other words, while he was with Charlene.

    I’m guessing she tried to run before the ceremony because she found out about his latest illegitimate children — there hasn’t been anything in the press about the results, so they were probably positive or the palace would’ve said otherwise — and realized that Albert was being as careless as ever.

    There’s a difference between marrying an ugly old fart for money and prestige when he’s screwing around but using protection vs. him being reckless and potentially bringing home something fatal.

    At this point, there is zero chance of them being happily married, and I don’t think Charlene would have a child she would never get custody of in the event of a divorce.

  33. molly says:

    How do you know william hasn’t fathered a child? you don’t know and you will never know? how do you know harry is not charles’s, you don’t know and you will never know !!
    How do you know albert has two new children – you don’t know and you will never know !!!

    Innocent until proven guilty !
    Just carry on reading all the bullsh**t in the papers, like I said, you will never know and until you do, you have to give people the benefit of the doubt!!

  34. Violet says:


    I think that if Will had a child, it would’ve come out. It’s hard to keep anything secret in this day and age. Especially in the UK, where until very recently, the tabloids were routinely tapping into people’s phones.

    On the other hand, Albert has acknowledged two children and the palace has officially confirmed that a paternity suit was filed against him shortly before he got married. If Albert had been able to prove that he was not the father in the latest suit, I’m sure he would’ve said so publicly. The fact that the palace has remained silent on the DNA results likely means they were positive. (And the rumor — as yet not confirmed by the palace — is that the mother of his son has had another child with Albert, which would bring the tally up to four.)

    All of this explains why Charlene didn’t stay in the same hotel as Albert on their honeymoon.

  35. molly says:

    Not confirmed by the Palace – again you don’t know, Mark Phillips had a love child while he was married to princess anne – hence the divorce, that was never publically acknowledged until Zara Phillips got married this year! so there is still time for william or harry to be proven !!!

    I personally believe it was Nicole Coste who started the rumours because she is obsessed with Albert – lets not forget it takes two to tango he is not the only one who doesn’t take precautions !! and they had plenty of reason not to take any ! but unfortunately it backfired he didn’t plan on marry them !

    Charlene was in a different part of south africa when he was in his meetings – that’s why they didn’t sleep together. Charlene is her own person, she wears the trousers in that relationship, she wouldn’t have cared if he had spent 50 million she just wouldn’t have turned up. Neither would waity katy if she had been in the same position !!

  36. Violet says:


    Mark Phillips fathered a child in the days before the Internet and phone-tapping, so you’re comparing apples to oranges. For example, look at Zara’s situation — her husband made out with a woman in a bar a few weeks after their wedding and the video tape was all over the Internet within hours. Like I said, there is no such thing as privacy in the UK.

    The palace has confirmed that Prince Albert had to undergo DNA testing recently. The fact that the palace has not issued a press release about the results is significant. Enough time has passed that the results should be in, so you would think the palace would issue an official statement if it turned out that Albert wasn’t the father. The silence speaks for itself.

    During their honeymoon, they stayed in hotels 16 km apart — that’s only about 10 miles. Do you really believe that a) he was attending a conference on his honeymoon, a time when happily-married couple spend their days and nights making love; and b) that he couldn’t make a five-minute drive in order to spend the night with his new bride? No, it is far morely likely that Charlene refused to spend time with him after finding out about the DNA testing.

  37. molly says:

    Even though there wasn’t any internet at the time of prince anne’s scandal, there has always been press, leaks and papers.

    Before Albert was married he stated in an interview that after their marriage they would be going to SA for meetings previously scheduled then they would go off into the unknown, which is what they did. Did you see any photos of them on their “private away from prying eyes” honeymoon ? did you read any stories ? no because they did what he said they would do, go off into the unknown without press and media coverage.

    Do you honestly think that he would be trapped for the second time with Nicole Coste ? don’t think so. He hasn’t seen her since 2005, she lives in Switzerland so it would be pretty difficult don’t you think ?

    Whatever the truth be, the likes of me and you will never know. People could go on and on with assumptions about the royal families, truth be known they have more scandal than the average “normal person” they have the power and money to put the lid on it.

  38. vicky says:

    She looks totally wonderful in that dress! What I see is a beautiful woman wearing a great dress! I could care less about her personal life. In fact, I could care less about her public life either. What we should ask ourselves is this, “How would I look in that dress!” Who cares if she is all drugged out, everyone is.