Linnocent’s 30-day sentence will likely last a matter of hours, not days


Yesterday, just SECONDS after the judge muttered something about Linnocent having to spend 30 days in jail FOR SERIOUS, TMZ got a hold of their Sheriff’s Department source who mentioned in passing that because of overcrowding, Linnocent would probably end up only doing 5 or 6 days of that 30-day sentence. It sucked. But you know what sucks even harder? The news that even 6 days in jail is a total pipe dream. Later on Wednesday, TMZ’s sources told them that Linnocent would probably only be held for a matter of MINUTES. Ugh.

Lindsay Lohan will almost certainly get out of jail in a matter of minutes … this according to officials from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Two Sheriff’s Dept. officials tell us … if someone receives a misdemeanor sentence of 90 days or less, they are routinely processed in and then released. As one of the officials put it, “She’ll be out without even having to change her clothes.”

Judge Stephanie Sautner sentenced Lindsay to serve 30 days in the pokey, adding that the only way to shave time off the sentence is if it’s required by law. A Sheriff’s official told us earlier this week … misdemeanor inmates only serve 20% of the actual sentence because of overcrowding. But the 2 officials we spoke with today say … because of overcrowding they immediately release inmates sentenced to less than 90 days.

As for what the judge said — that the sentence can only be reduced if required by law — the officials say there’s a federal court order on overcrowding that “trumps everything,” and that order has been interpreted to immediately release people with short jail sentences.

Sheriff’s spokesperson Steve Whitmore just confirmed with TMZ … Lindsay will get in and out of jail pronto, adding the only reason there might be any sort of delay — possibly overnight — is if there are lots of other inmates who are being processed out at the same time.

[From TMZ]

Soon after TMZ reported that, the Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson Steve Whitmore went on the record with TMZ and said that LL would probably end up spending ONE NIGHT in jail, but that we shouldn’t think that she’s getting special treatment. Honestly, she’s not getting special treatment. This is how California treats most “non-violent” offenders. Anyway, Whitmore said that depending on what day (and what time of day) Linnocent checks in, it could be a matter of hours or perhaps even overnight.

Oh, and why did Linnocent get a week’s leniency to turn herself in to jail? It’s because she still needs to take more frecky, fire-crotchy Playboy photos. Because one million dollars will buy you a lot of crack (for real). Apparently, that’s why the sentencing hearing started late – Shawn Holley was in the judge’s chambers, telling the judge that Linnocent needed to “work” this week.

As far as Linnocent’s perspective on this whole new crackie ordeal, TMZ’s sources (Mother Cracken) says that Linnocent believes Judge Sautner’s sentence is “very fair” and that the judge is “nice”. Also, Linnocent is promising that she’ll totally work super-hard to meet all of her requirements. Here’s an honest to God question, though: if Linnocent had just opted for the 300-day sentence, how long would she have had to spend in jail? It would probably just be a matter of days, maybe a week or two, right? So why didn’t she just go for that? Dumb crackie can’t think straight.

Last thing: regardless of the boobs which are sagging to her waist, you know what I think was going on in Linnocent’s mind yesterday? “I’m so Marilyn in this ensemble! Screw Michelle Williams, this is exactly how Marilyn would have looked if she was a crackhead being dragged into court for the millionth time.”






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  1. Diane says:

    This is no way to start my day. California’s justice system is anything but. What a waste of time and resources.

  2. wunder says:

    Kids, please dont get too upset with this latest 5 mins. in/out of jail biz!

    Crackenwacken will-I GUARANTEE you!-be back in jail following a warrant out for her arrest. . . This is pretty much a done deal, and I think the judge meant it to be this way! :)

    Dont worry cuz we’ll get to see mugshot # 6 0r 7, 8. etc. (Sorry, losing track cuz there’s way too many of these!)

  3. Kaboom says:

    Bernie Madoff is probably kicking himself for not setting up shop in L.A. or he’d be out of jail already after his 150 year sentence.

  4. lucy2 says:

    I too think she’ll screw up yet again and get more time, but the whole thing is still ridiculous, and a giant waste of time and taxpayer money if all they’re going to do is trot her in and out of court with no real punishments.

  5. Silk Spectre says:

    This sucks.BIG TIME!Day is ruined.

    Can we have some dong-galore for distraction?!

  6. Addie says:

    Don’t know why anyone was expecting Linnocent to be locked up at last, maybe if she messes up this time. MAYBE.

    Honestly, I think Lindsay should stick to the vintage/Marilyn inspired look and cut her hair into a bob too.
    It really suits her, she seems less of a joke and quite pretty.

  7. gee says:

    A. Linnocent, a bra is your friend!
    B. BS on the judge didn’t know about this. So much BS in the Cali judicial system.

  8. Harley says:

    Someone please, please (!!!!) get the crackie a bra!

    I’ve pretty much given up on her ever getting her come uppance. Just never gonna happen. :/

  9. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    Perhaps it is me over reading LL’s expressions, but that final picture (wearing sunglasses/walking outside), she seriously looks smug.

    I would like to hold hope that she would learn something from all of this and get her ass on the right path – but we all know she won’t, because she’s yet to be held truly accountable for her actions.

    She’s a pathetic waste.

  10. Cathy says:

    Well, at least it’s not Friday it won’t ruin my weekend. And at least she’ll still be around to humor us. I was wondering about that, if she was in the pokey who would humor us.

  11. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s going to mess up. Like I said, it’s in her DNA.

    And they’ll drag her back to court and give her another stern talking-to (costing countless thousands of tax-payer dollars) and swat her on the nose with a rolled up tabloid (her pic on the cover, natch) and let her off AGAIN.

    There will be no REAL repercussions for her actions until she seriously injures or kills someone.

    And she didn’t just opt for whatever percentage of the 300 days in jail she’d ACTUALLY serve, because the only thing that scares Linnocent more than bra is the thought of no hot & cold running vodka and sea jasper. ;)

  12. The.princess.leia says:

    Do they have the three strikes law in Cali?

  13. the original bellaluna says:

    The.princess – Yes. But they reserve that hardened (sarcasm) criminals like people caught with pot. Why do you think we have the over-crowded jails we do?

  14. Incredulous says:

    Actually, a million dollars will only get you one crack, so I hear.

  15. Jojo says:

    Has she always had that mark on her left arm or is that a crackie-bruise?

  16. Seal Team 6 says:

    I just had this thought: the haircut is for her redone Playboy shoot, which will be Marilyn Monroeosh.

  17. BeeCee says:

    Overcrowding? Is California unable to build more prisons to stop this “overcrowding” issue? Once they do that, then they can hire people to work there, thus stopping people from complaining that there are no jobs…. right?

  18. logan says:

    I thought she looked lovely (big eye roll) with her big new teefs, big inflated lips, floppy boobs, hooker shoes, Marilyn hair and granny dress. I am sure the few hours she spends in jail will be hard on her.

  19. DailyNightly says:

    Judge Sauter is the Kim Kardashian of the judicial system. Do you think she didn’t know that Lindsay would be released shortly after booking? She was imposing a “real”sentence on Lindsay like kim Kardashians marriage was “real”.

  20. dorothy says:

    She’ll end up with the big jail time. She has no discipline to complete the rigid service hour schedule. Also, now that Playboy has a shoot that was unusable she’ll be busy with that. How embarrarsing…to know that even Playboy can’t get photos of you that’s up to their standards. hahah Humiliating.

  21. Jackie says:

    call me crazy, but i think she looks better…kinda good. i also think her attitude seemed different this time. maybe she is on her way for a change.

  22. Nilber says:

    At this point if she doesn’t mess up and end up in jail, she will end up in the morgue. Nobody has truly stepped up to help her. She wants to relate to Marilyn Monroe when in reality she is the US’s version of Amy Winehouse sans singing ability. Although at one time she could sing okay. She is a trainwreck plain and simple.

  23. Nilber says:

    At this point if she doesn’t mess up and end up in jail, she will end up in the morgue. Nobody has truly stepped up to help her. She wants to relate to Marilyn Monroe when in reality she is the US’s version of Amy Winehouse sans singing ability. Although at one time she could sing okay. She is a trainwreck plain and simple.

  24. grabbyhands says:

    There’s a reason she’s smirking. Anyone believing that she will EVER serve any kind of real time for anything she ever does is setting themsleves up for disappointment. She’s got a crappy judicial system and more importantly, money and fame on her side. That is always going to trump the law.

  25. atorontogal says:

    @ Mourning the death of Music….RIGHT ON!!! You said what I was thinking. She thinks this whole thing is one big photo-op. She isn’t serious about owning her behaviour or doing what’s right. She simply wants the attention…if it can’t be red carpets it’s a court of law. Either way she is getting pappd! LOOK AT ME AND MY SAGGY BOOBS…I’m Lindsay Lohan MOVE or I’ll throw a glass at you. Why did nothing ever become of that?

  26. Innocent says:

    That mark on her arm is a cool tattoo of a little innocent girl.

  27. madpoe says:

    You don’t need to send her to jail. Lock her in a room. Then set off a ton of fireworks. Knowing Crackie she’d get high off the smoke. High and deafened. On another note I’m sick of hearing she’s not doing any real time due to “overcrowding” can’t they send her to another state?

  28. skinnygirlinthecitybytheSEA says:

    hey all!!! i read these lindsay posts everyday and you all provide me with laughs @ every point in the day. MOVE THAT TRAFFIC CONE, IM LINDSAY LOHAN was my favorite line & to see all of your traffic cone icons makes my day. have any of you ever seen the Modern Family episode from last season where manny & gloria are playing pranks on jay & at the end they scream “innocente!” in spanish. everytime i read linnocent, i think LINNOCENTE!!!!!

  29. angelus says:

    Actually, @Innocent, it’s a wholly awful tattoo at best, and generic at worst. Kind of like your Lindsay.

  30. wunder says:

    What do you call it when the paparazzi disses you?

    It’s called a ‘papsmear’. . . ok, bad.

  31. Jessica says:

    @ Jojo – I have been asking what that mark on her arm is for EVERY and I never get a response… it looks like she had a band-aid on it and what is left is the black sticky… weird!

  32. clare says:

    She does look healthier and better in these photos.
    Now, if she would let her lips deflate to normal and her hair go back to red…
    I wonder if her hair has turned white from all the drug use?

  33. Hautie says:

    I can’t believe I heard this on my local news today, but they stated that Lindsay was having to redo her earlier Playboy shots. Because she had her new teeth put on. That Playboy wanted pictures without the meth teeth.

    And I am sure the male newscaster wanted to kill him self having to report that too.

  34. Seal Team 6 says:


    Is is an unfinished, very mediocre tat. You would think your Linnocent would be able to find a really good skin artist, who usually are not much more than a wholly meh one. Actually, they are often cheaper than many “hyped” tattooists who are often not that great.

    I have some very good ink from one of the most talented tat artists in the country (and, they are a true artist), for $150-200 an hour.

    Cracken’s tat isn’t flash, but it isn’t a hell of a lot better.

  35. Jag says:

    What happened to that law enforcement person who said that he had a spot waiting for Lindsay, and that she wouldn’t be released from his jail due to overcrowding?

  36. Danielle says:

    A radiant and confident Lindsay Lohan pulled out all the stops today as she arrived in court in a throwback black and white pok-a-dot dress accented by her braless natural breasts.

    Going a step further, Lindsay went full commando, giving only self-admitted lesbian Judge Stephanie Sautner repeated previews of the upcoming playboy photo shoot – when she casually crossed, uncrossed, and at one point fully opened her legs for the Judge to view.

    As the courtroom cameras focused on Lindsay’s face, who could be seen trying to hold back a smirk, a clearly flustered judge stammered and confused her words at times. “I did notice the fact that Ms. Lohan did not have any underwear on” said an unidentified source in the LA County Sherriff’s Department.

    Following the hearing, a smiling Lindsay left the court room giving onlookers a titillating look at what influenced the Judge and Lindsay’s sentence as she confidently strode to her car with one of the best sways of natural boobage in Hollywood!

  37. Jackson says:

    What an effing joke. This trick is never going to face any real consequences for her actions. Crackie should have taken the 300 days in jail and been done with all of this. At the rate the system is going what is the most she’d have to spend locked up? A week?? Less?? What a farce this whole thing is.

  38. Lio says:

    The top picture! The double-chin, the giant, horsey teeth, the boobs sagging down to her waist, the frizzy looking crack-weave…all I have to say is:
    Carry on, ladies ;)

  39. Kimbob says:

    Yeah, it was STUPID for her to not take the 300 day sentence, I agree. But again, @the original bellaluna is right…it is in her DNA to eff it all up!

    @Kaboom….LMFAO!!! Yeah, right?! If only he did…hahaha!!!

  40. imabrat says:

    She seems to win every court battle, yet it seems impossible for her to win by jury of the public.
    It doesn’t really matter how many court battles she wins; her name and reputation are so besmirched in filth that it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever win back the affection of “fans”.
    She’s a damn fool for not taking the jail sentence and be done with it. But who didn’t know Lohan was a fool?

  41. The Other Katherine says:

    I want to buy Shawn Holley a martini or three and hear the horror stories of dealing with Linnocent as a client. In the photo above, the poor woman (Shawn, not Lilo) looks like she’s wondering how much more of this distasteful nonsense she has to suffer through before she can go home and take a bath with a fishbowl-sized glass of Chardonnay.

  42. cmc says:

    What is that smudgy, black, tattoo-looking thing on her upper left arm? I’ve noticed it at every hearing. Is it a really faded tattoo?

  43. Bess says:

    A few quotes from Dina’s interview on The Insider”

    Whatever the judge asks of her, we will comply. It’s been four years of torture, so we’re kind of over it…the tabloids have run with it and it’s gotten so out of control and I think it needs to be put to rest.’ She continued: ‘I think Lindsay made a mistake in 2007 drinking and driving. I’m a mother, I certainly don’t condone that. She made a mistake and we just need to get over it already.’ The Lohan matriarch confides what she said to her daughter, and how the family as a whole will get past this ‘traumatic’ time in their lives.

    ‘[I said] just to get this behind her and do the right thing and just move forward. It’s been very difficult…’ ‘To see her father lcoked up — she has no relationship with him at this point…she witnessed a lot of things that were traumatising but certainly, we’re at a fortunate place and we worked hard to get where we are.’ ‘People are dealing with far worse than what we’re dealing with, so I can’t cry in my life because my kids are healthy and happy and there are so many other people who aren’t. So, we just have to grab our blessings when we can.’

  44. yt says:

    Maybe they are having to re-shoot the Playboy photos because the Photoshop retouching team burst into laughter when they saw the photos and refused to touch them.

    She won’t be able to keep up with her CS. The people at the morgue and her new probation officer won’t let her get away with anything, and it would be easier on all of them if LL gets thrown in jail for her remaining sentence.

  45. Suzy from Ontario says:

    Why even bother? All this whole thing has done is show everyone that the justice system, especially for celebrities, is a total joke. Hardly a deterrent!

    Plus this might’ve been something that could’ve really helped Lindsay and put her life on the right track, instead she can simply go on her merry crackhead way laughing at the judge and the system. No real punishment. Nothing.

    It really bugs me that what judges say don’t really mean what they say. A month in jail really ends up meaning a few days or even a few hours! That’s ridiculous and it takes all the seriousness out of the whole thing and undermines the authority of the judge and the entire justice system. Even parents are told that when they punish a child to be consistent and mean what they say or it won’t have any impact and they won’t be respected. Sheesh!

    If the prisons are too over=croweded then maybe they need to fix that problem. Take all the non-violent offenders out of the prison and either find somewhere else to put them, or put them on some kind of work-punishment doing work for the state or in charity institutions to work off their time. It’s ridiculous to just let people out early. It makes their sentence meaningless and the whole justice system becomes a joke.

  46. judyjudy says:

    This is never going to end.

  47. Madisyn says:

    From the last thread

    Are we all in agreement (belle?, DawningRed?) that we’ll just guess her CS and PS? I think the PS part is too simple. She’ll do her 4 sessions and not a minute or session more, thats pretty straight forward.


    Thanks for the ‘keep your chin up’ words of encouragement. My vitriol for this slag was quite apparent, wasn’t it? I’ve very much calmed down and am with you all who think, ‘be patient’, its just a matter of a month or two. Why would you think this twit would do 2 extra ‘therapy’ sessions? The judge was clear, 4 a month. She can’t do more ‘therapy’ sessions ahead of time, like she can her CS. Anyway, your wish is my command.


    Days of CS/PSYCHOtherapy Sessions

    DawningRed – 14/4
    shoeaddict – 19/6
    Ruby Red – 14/4

  48. Mary jones says:

    Eww who wants to see boobs sagging down to her waist in Playboy lol.

  49. Lucky Charm says:

    Maybe when she turns herself in, she’ll be drunk off her a** and they’ll arrest her for public intoxication. Then she’ll throw a tantrum and get charged with resisting arrest. And hopefully when she starts her cs, she’ll be sooooo tired from working all those hours at the morgue that she skips a therapy appt and Bam, off to jail for a few months. One can dream……..

  50. Danielle says:

    well apparently she will be in underwear in playboy…lol,so many men and lesbians will be upset,it makes me wonder if she or dina went to hef begging for a photo shoot,who cares about lilo in underwear,you can google her without them,no need for playboy….hello!!!!

  51. Hautie says:

    Maybe even with the gift of photoshop, nothing will make her hair look flattering. So if she shows up at the Morgue with auburn hair. We will know what happen. :)

    But I am still betting the reshoot is over the new teeth. And her hoo-ha looking like hell, up close, with decent lighting. They need to cover that mess up!

  52. Cathy says:

    @Madisyn please put me down for 16/4 the crackie can’t handle more than that

  53. OhMyMy says:

    I wonder if Hef will have the guts to pull the plug and cut his losses if they can’t get anything workable from the photoshoots.

    I don’t think they can afford to lose subscribers at this point.

  54. Seal Team 6 says:


    I don;t know one lesbian who will be upset Linnocent’s moneymaker will be covered.


    Sorry. A Cracken just walked over my grave.

  55. Danielle says:

    @ seal team,is it really that bad,i know shes bald,cause her red carpet scares her,just like it does on her head,but is it that bad lesbians are shuttering???

  56. Orange Cone says:

    “…you know what I think was going on in Linnocent’s mind yesterday? “I’m so Marilyn in this ensemble! Screw Michelle Williams, this is exactly how Marilyn would have looked if she was a crackhead being dragged into court for the millionth time.”

    BOO YOW!

    Also, this overcrowding thing seems to apply in Los Angeles only cause I know in other cities in CA, you do the time.

  57. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Madisyn, can u change my guess to 16 days not 14 as per my guess on the previous post, thanks :)

  58. Denise says:

    All on the tax payer dime; the CA court system is a circus and a joke. Anyhow, can someone please tell Mahatma Cracken that it is 2011 not 1969, wear a damn bra already!

  59. dena says:

    Okay, I hate Lohan, but I gotta say this:

    Her boobs are NOT saggy. They are just real and that’s where they are.

    Do we all have to have silicone globes sitting up around our collarbones in order to avoid the saggy label?

  60. Smokey says:


    Can you put me down for 12/3?

    I really don’t think she can complete a full month of structured CS/Pysch without some crackie delusions overruling her commitment to working “super-hard”. Drugs can be very convincing when you already have a predilection for not taking responsibility for your own behavior.

  61. Madisyn says:


    Have you ever noticed, every time WO gives an interview, she always uses the word “WE”? But only when talking about Blohan, never her other children. God, I would resent the hell out of my mother if she always spoke of my sister and never me. How awful I feel for the other three Lohans.

    A few quotes from Dina’s interview on The Insider

    “Whatever the judge asks of her, WE will comply. It’s been four years of torture, so WE’RE kind of over it…”

    Uh WO, your going to assist in Blohans CS? Your right about one thing, IT HAS BEEN FOUR YEARS OF TORTURE, for US. If your slag daughter had merely completed several DUI classes, none of this would have happened.

    “She made a mistake and WE just need to get over it already.’

    Yeah, because your trollop daughter can’t simply comply with simple DUI classes, wants to constantly party, hooks round the world, can’t be bothered to go to therapy and do CS, WE should all forget about it and let her go on her merry way, because YOU say so, I think not!

    “WE’RE at a fortunate place and WE worked hard to get where WE are.”

    WO, YOU WORKED HARD? Bitch, please! (See my avatar, its directed at quotes like this from YOU)

    Everytime Mama Slag opens her mouth, it gold I tell ya, pure gold.

  62. Alarmjaguar says:

    @ BeeCee (way up thread) they are building more prisons in CA, that’s were all the state’s money is going, but it costs enormous amounts to keep criminals (or pot smokers) in jail. Most of the prisons are contracts w/ private corporations making tons of money, and while they are good jobs, why can’t we invest in similarly good jobs for, oh, I don’t know, teachers to educate people and keep them from becoming criminals in the first place. Look up articles on the prison complex business. It is pretty shocking.

  63. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    California is a child who has eaten too much pie and and wants sympathy after throwing up on mother’s dress. What exactly is so wrong with the place that it seemingly has more criminals than every other state combined? Does it need a specially trained pied piper to drive the crime out? Is there something in the water that makes everyone there so bad? Are they taking ettiquette lessons from the Hell’s Angels? Corrupted by jazz music?

    So, they have this huge ongoing overcrowding problem? Why? To watch this from the outside, it would seem that:

    A)Californians are inherently evil and will never be anything but a cadre of thugs, so why hope for anything better from them? Well then, why bother with penal systems, carceral systems, police, judges, lawyers, baliffs, juries, hearings, trials, testimony, evidence, witnesses, community service, evidence, law, neighbourhood watch, summonses, chambers, ridealongs, puppets who teach kids about crime, a notion of crime, justice, process servers, bail bondsmen…if it doesn’t have a purpose? It’s a lot of time and energy to waste if the entire state is just evil and can’t be helped so no one ever has to be held accountable to holding others to accountability? Maybe it should be surgically removed and let to float out into the waters as its own little island arena of death where they can club themselves into extinction and can’t see us laughing as they do it. But, I did just mention ‘doing something’ and that is clearly not the Californian way. That’s it, right? It’s hellbound, so it would be stupid to try for anything better?

    B) Money’s tight, but you have to re-evaluate. If your prisons are crowded, make bigger ones or let people out. If it’s harsh, 2+2 = 4 is harsh, too. If a person stands you up over and over and asks for an explanation, you can’t say ‘it’s not my fault because I can’t get to this location without a car and I don’t know how to drive, but same time and place next week?’ and then accept and think that I’m going to have sympathy for either for you because that would mean you’re stupid.

    At this point, they should thank Lindsay, who has revealed to the world more than ever before that the L.A. system is broken and it’s the only thing that looks worse than her. Humiliation is supposed to spur change, isn’t that what court is for?

    Next time I’m going to be born rich and white, because you’ve got the world under your thumb AND who’s the monster for knowing it, the one from whom the state of things benefits? Doubt it. Right wallet, right look, right life. ‘Oh, get over it, stop picking on problems!’ yeah, yeah.

  64. the original bellaluna says:

    Okay, wait…is the wager HOURS of CS or DAYS of CS? Because I’m seeing some numbers that seem too high to be DAYS. I’m gonna have to think on this…

    Any word whether she was at the morgue today? Or was she still partying her crack off for getting her crack off again?

    (Boob note: I have nursed 3 children, and mine do not hang that low. And they are BIG.)

  65. the original bellaluna says:

    Mad – perhaps WO is using the Royal “WE” – delusionally, of course.

    RE: CA Prisons/Jails: CA loves to incarcerate pot smokers, even the medical ones with legitimate recommendations from licensed physicians.

    If that means they don’t have room for people like Blohan (who is an actual, real-live DUI car-jacker and crashes cars like she’s in that video game), so be it.

    CA has also been releasing VIOLENT OFFENDERS due to “over-crowding” and I’m not just talking your garden variety thug here.

    What speaks volumes to me is CA would RATHER build more prisons and/or early release violent offenders than SPEND MORE ON EDUCATION. CA spends over $50K PER PRISONER PER YEAR. (Now, how much better spent on education would that money be?)

  66. HannahF says:

    California needs new jails and prisons but has few funds available. In addition, most people do not want a jail built near their house. California is so mismanaged that the funds are not likely to be available for quite some time.

    California’s three strike law applies only to violent felonies. Yes, there are some crimes that fall under the purview of the 3 strike statute but should not. The 3 strike law has added to the overcrowding issue.

    Illegal immigration costs Cali dearly and a great deal of those funds are spent on incarcerated prisoners. According to many sources, 25% of the people incarcerated in California penal system are illegal aliens.

    The Supreme Court found California’s overcrowding to violate the Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. (It was bad–80 people in a space meant for 10.) The State was forced to lessen the State prison population. Thus, non-violent felons have been moved from state prisons to county jails in the county where the crime occurred. Because LA is a populous county with a lot of crime, we received a lot of those prisoners. To comply with the overcrowding mandates, the county jails have had to release lesser offenders to make room for the non-violent felons.

  67. HannahF says:

    Due to mod hell this may show up before my diatribe on the Cali penal system–so it may seem like a non-sequitur.

    In addition to the overcrowding/early release issues, California’s parole and probation officers now have huge caseloads. This State is in deep, deep trouble.

    At least our weather is amazing!

  68. HannahF says:

    It is doubtful that Lindsay will be able to comply with Judge Sautner’s requirements for CS and therapy. Thus, she is likely to spend a chunk of time in jail.

    One last thing–the sister of a friend had 2 dui’s in short succession like Lindsay. She had a public defender for her cases–not Shawn Holley. However, she received the IDENTICAL sentence. Of course, friend’s sister hasn’t missed any classes yet so the similarity ends there.

  69. Madisyn says:


    Its DAYS. I know, its crazy. This twit will do the bare minimum, if that. She’s at PB doing a ‘reshoot’ for her pictures today. You know the ones, the ‘tasteful’ ones. The ones with ‘crack’ showing, the ones where ‘crack’ isn’t showing. You know what, I don’t care about her coochie shots one iota. What I do want to SEE is her freckled little saggy ass at the morgue, thats what I want to see.

  70. Hmmm says:

    Why does California make a show of prosecuting criminals when there are no real consequences?

    Even given Hannah #68′s explanation of why things are the way they are. Why even go through the motions? Why spend big bucks to go through those motions? Something is rotten rather than dire.