Selena Gomez in silver Armani: amazing or too sexy?

Selena Gomez, 19, went old school glam at the American Music Awards last night in silver satin Armani. She paired this stunning dress with Jimmy Choo heels that were a little too much, in my opinion. Gomez is vamping it up so much that she should have let this clingy dress with the deep neckline work its magic with some understated shoes. Still, her look is killer and I love her perfectly waved sideswept hair and elegant makeup. This is one glamorous, sophisticated look.

I can’t say as much for Selena’s date, her boyfriend widdle Justin Bieber. He looks like he overdid the pomade on his way to a meeting of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club. (He’s Alfalfa and still plays the overeager boyfriend role.) Why is it that no matter what this kid does with his hair he still looks like a little twerp?

Bieber may have already taken a paternity test to put to rest a 20 year-old woman’s claim that he fathered her four month-old son. Bieber’s manager said last Thursday that his client was set to take the test the next day, Friday. Bieber’s accuser, Mariah Yeater, claims that she had a quickie with Bieber in a bathroom following a concert in Los Angeles last fall. Yeater’s story quickly fell apart when she was interviewed and seemed unable to remember basic details of that night. TMZ also uncovered texts in which Yeater stated that her baby was fathered by another man, an ex boyfriend. During her pregnancy she accused yet another man of fathering the baby. So it looks like the only woman for Justin is Selena. I would say “awww,” but it still kind of creeps me out.

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  1. JaneWonderfalls says:

    Selena is a cute girl but I feel the dress is a bit “grown up” for her, I know she’s 18 but the dress itself is pretty but for some reason it’s not fitting on her to me…I would have liked to have seen her in more of a smoother material and color, like a magenta etc.

  2. Darlene says:

    She looks SO over him in all the photos. She doesn’t meet his eye anymore, doesn’t put her hands on him like she used to. In that one pick, where her hand is by his chest, she’s like “move along!” I keep waiting for her to dump him.

  3. toto says:

    i don’t like the dress or maybe her body can’t carry it the way it should be ..or was it for bedroom and that’s why it looked all wrong for her ?i am confused

    • QQ says:

      Thiiisss! You arent wrong , is the visual dissonance of this girl, who clearly has a great body but the forever child face of a kewpie doll mixed with monchichi…. the boyfriend looking like a lesbian at her first prom also doesnt help but I have a feeling with her than someone in hollywood, any day now is gonna suggest: “why dont you lose even more weight or get face lipo to “read” older?”

      • Alexis says:

        This is on point. The Biebs totally does look like a young lesbian suited-up for prom night. LOL he is so into Selena. It’s so funny to grow up in front of everyone.

        Selena’s face could be a Maggie Ringwald-like problem for her in transitioning out of high school roles. (Ringwald still looks like a kewpie doll in the face, and I suspect Selena always will, too.). I really couldn’t take her seriously playing a young adult character who’s not in highschool or MAYBE college (but she’d have to be the innocent one).

  4. Nancy C. says:

    they could be twins. no wonder they love each other.

  5. Marjalane says:

    I can’t seem to find the words to express how skeeved out I am by these pictures- I swear Bieber looks like a middle school girl pretending to be a boy for Halloween.

  6. Hautie says:

    Bless his heart, is he ever going to go through puberty? Or is he always going to look 12?

  7. LisaM says:

    Selena – Hot
    Justin – Not

  8. autumndaze says:

    She looks lovely and elegant; the shoes are a bit clunky for the dress.
    She is 19 years old…. not too young for the style.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Selena would have looked more glamourous if she hadn’t been with that geeky looking Beiber.

  10. beany says:

    she is too short for that dress

  11. brin says:

    She’s definitely outgrown him.

  12. Franny says:

    What the God’s name is he wearing? and he’s clearly wearing mascara and tinted lipbalm. Who is telling this person that this is a good look?!

  13. Khalesi says:

    For a minute, I thought this was a picture of the woman who plays Lorena in True Blood

  14. Amy says:

    It’s an ok look. I feel like the look is a little too sophisticated for Selena. It would look better on someone about ten years older. She just looks a little too young to pull off the look–and I’m not talking about too much skin–she just looks like she is trying to pull off a grown up lady look.

    Also Justin looks about 5 years younger than her, what does she see in him?

  15. WickedSteppMom says:

    She looks like a very pretty young lady who was forced to drag her excessively irritating younger brother along to an event.

  16. Talie says:

    She looks too grown for him, even her voice is deeper than his! I see her moving on soon with young actor (who has facial hair) and really breaking his heart.

  17. KittyKat says:

    He looks like a turtle head coming out of that tux…lame

  18. dorothy says:

    Dress is to old for her. And Beiber..whats up with that kid? He looks 12.

  19. Canuk says:

    That dress would look fabulous on Charlize Theron.

  20. says:

    She looks pretty, the makeup is very nice, the dress looks great on her and it fits (take note Demi Lovato: this is how a young woman can pull off a dress with a plunging neck line).

    There are no words to describe the scrawny, butch lesbian standing next to her.

  21. Quest says:

    Love the dress but not for such a young adult. It’s a bit too much for someone so young. Biebs need to get a proper stylist – pronto

  22. Eleonor says:

    I would love to see Angelina Jolie wearing something like that!

  23. tripmom says:

    This dress is so close to being amazing but there are a few elements that drive me nuts. That fringe hanging off the bottom is horrible. It’s way too “Scarlett making a dress out of the drapes.” I’m also fairly confident that the top half of the dress would need to be literally glued on to her to hold it in place. It’s awkward. So close, though. Love the fabric.

  24. bros says:

    the dress is wearing her instead of the other way around. would have liked to see someone else pull this off because it’s very pretty.

  25. Rose says:

    I just love the word ‘twerp’ is so descriptive and just perfect for him.

  26. theaPie says:

    Looks like he’s got some major lift action going on in those shoes of his.

  27. Emma says:

    This reminds me of little Kevin in Home Alone, patting his face with grown men’s aftershave and combing his hair right out of the shower, like a little boy trying to be a grown up. lol

    She is a bombshell!

  28. BBB says:

    Is it just me or does Selena look uncomfortable next to Beaver? And the dress, IMO, is not her style of dress. Too elegant for her right now. She doesn’t seem old enough to wear something that looks quite that… mature?

  29. Kara Ann says:

    My 15 year old nephew had his first gf this summer and the handsy, moony, slobbery Beiber reminds of him!
    The thing is that “situationally appropriate” behavior doesn’t seem to occur to Beiber. He always looks so eager to be with her…like, eager in a “we don’t want to witness that” way…or maybe it’s just a young man “I’m getting it” sort of way.

  30. Cathy says:

    She is to young for that dress, even though it is a pretty dress, it would look better on someone more mature. He looks like a…well I just don’t know how to describe the ewwwww that I’m feeling.

  31. Denise says:

    It is creepy! No matter what they do, they still look like a pair of kids playing grown up romance and dress up. Ridiculous!

  32. anons says:

    the beebs looks like brandon teena/hilary swank from boys don’t cry.

  33. DarkEmpress says:

    She is definitely old enough to wear this dress. She can vote and get married, so she is old enough to wear something sexy. I think the problem people have with her looking sexy is her baby face. She reminds me of Rosie Huntington in that regard. I like Selena. I think she is wholesome without being stuck in fairytale land like Taylor swift.

  34. hater from siloam springs says:

    Beiber is the eater of souls, and we hate him for stealing Selena’s innocence and eternal life. May it stick sideways in his soul-digesting gullet and tear him apart from the inside out.

  35. Dudette says:

    It’s backless, with lots of cleavage and a thigh high slit. A bit too much, especially for her age. Love her hair though. The less said about the kid she’s supposedly dating, the better.

  36. Kloops says:

    Beautiful but I think it’s a bit mature for a teenager. She needs to dump that knob. She could do so much better. The ick factor is just too much.

  37. Eileen says:

    she is way too gorgeous for that kid.

  38. RobN says:

    Do they not make shirts that fit for 12 year old girls?

  39. spinner says:

    I love the dress & I love it on Selena. It would look much better if it fit properly. She is more masculine than her lipstick lesbian date. Whomever arranged for them to act as a couple has a wicked sense of humour.

  40. TXCinderella says:

    That dress would have been banging on her if it was in royal blue. It is a bit sophisticated, but she is over 18 and can wear what she wants, and everything is covered. Justin justs looks like a child next to her.

  41. Kimbob says:

    Yes, ok…she’s 18 or whatever…so the argument that she’s “legitimately” old enough to wear this dress is valid. However, does that mean because she’s 18 that it is necessarily going to look fabulous and look appropriate on her? No!

    Ok, that being said (No), which is my humble opinion…something looks “off” w/her in this dress. A blogger had mentioned that the dress is wearing her, and I couldn’t agree more!

    And Justin? WTF?! What is the material of that alleged tux? Velvet? It’s just plain WRONG! It looks sleazy, he looks like a sleazy lesbo. The jacket, the shoes, the hairstyle….so creepy, inappropriately wrong, wrong, WRONG! Like someone else said…he needs a stylist STAT.

  42. anne says:

    Justin is a child and his voice is changing and he still looks like a little girl. Good Gosh, hope his fame is not long for this world and very glad my daughters are grown so I don’thave to have him thrown in my face all the time.

  43. Rita says:

    Selena is gorgeous but I’ll pass on the dress. As for “Leave it to Bieber”, he looks like a 13 year old dressed up in his dad’s smoking jacket.

    Second thought: What if the tweets and texts by the baby mama were part of the paternity settlement? Plant some tweets to completely discredit your story with one hand while taking a huge amount of money with the other and Selena is none the wiser.

    Hope she’s just crazy and he’s not the baby daddy.

  44. Jane says:

    She is so out of his league, it´s not even funny.

  45. 6 says:

    I used to think she was adorable but on another thread covering her with her hair pulled back, someone mentioned Eddie Munster. That’ all I can see now. Eddie Munster in a beautiful gown!

  46. F5 says:

    You’re a big girl now Selena, time to wax your upper lip.. unless you’re gonna chain Bieber to a railroad track and wait for the train ._.
    then stache is a good look..

  47. sharylmj says:

    weird… I think she was sick because her voice sounded scatchy when she was presenting and she was sucking on a cough drop or something. She wasn’t smiling AT ALL when she thought she was off camera.. that may be what the weird standoffish vibe is… he looks creepy and SO much younger than her..

  48. gg says:

    “He looks like he overdid the pomade on his way to a meeting of the He-Man Woman Hater’s Club.” :lol: !!

    Where in ell did Justin get that idiot outfit?? Check out the stupid shoes! He looks like a lesbian hip-hop Charles Dickens character in that suit.

  49. Trek Girl says:

    Selena looks nice. The dress is sexy, but not too sexy.

    I also like what Justin Beiber is wearing. His outfit does accentuate how young he looks, but it also accentuates his jawline and other facial features that are quite masculine. He’s a handsome dude.

  50. Kim says:

    The dress is a little to matu8re for someone her age but she looks good. She loves the short in front long in back style- she wears it constantly & i usually like it on her but this is not my fav, look for her.

  51. Sara says:

    Wow, she is stunning! I think this is better than a really short dress like Blake Lively would wear. Sure she looks VERY grown up, but legally she’s an adult and the dress doesn’t age her like it would some young women.

  52. MW says:

    I think she looks fine. I hear her Disney show is ending soon, and I think she’s putting herself out there as not a kid anymore, but as an articulate, pretty and talented young lady. She is a lot more talented than I ever realized. More so than a lot of the alleged “artists” currently being shoved down our throats. I saw her on TV recently, and was surprised.

  53. gab says:

    How can this Beiber kid be so skeevy at such a young age? He really creeps me out. I’m sure he thinks of himself as some smooth moves kind of guy, but he just makes my skin crawl. He is all puff and stuff and could not look more ridiculous if he tried. She is lovely and has actual talent. I think the dress looks fine, but would have been really great on Jenny McCarthy.

    Also, her body language is telling him to back off. He is leaning into her, she is standing on her own. He is all over her and she is again standing in her own space. Hmmmmm

  54. Intercontinential says:

    She a beauty and way too good for the cocky little sh*t. She looks so over him, almost embarrassed to be seen with him! Love the dress, she suits it, but is that tape you can see through the fabric? Second picture, right side on eye level with the mole, there seems to be something oblong in shape under the fabric? It shows again on the fourth picture on her stomach just above the front detail…?

  55. skuddles says:

    Okay why is Justin smooching his babysitter??? Give him a baba and put him to bed already.

  56. bagladey says:

    That dress is too much for her and Justin looks like he’s playing dress-up in granddad’s clothes.

  57. blackout says:

    Two points:

    1) I believe she had a panel inserted to cover her boobage on that dress, which is why the fit looks so odd. Check out the seams.

    2) I also believe she is CROUCHING in pic # 4. Hello Tom Cruise / Nicole Kidman minis!

  58. bilbo says:

    Can anyone explain why she is with this soon to be Hanson brother has been?

  59. Violet says:

    You know, when I look back at my high school photos, a lot of the boys looked much younger than the girls who aged themselves by wearing makeup and dressing older.

    I think they’re a cute couple and, from all accounts, they’re apparently very nice kids. So I’m happy they’re happy, especially given the paternity nonsense they’ve had to deal with.

    I remember what it was like to be that young and crazy in love; it’s an awesome time and I’m glad they’re enjoying themselves.

  60. Sophie says:

    That girl is *sickeningly* cute. Her entire appearance is much too sugary sweet for my taste, and that dress just looks strange on her.

    Bieber looks like an idiot. They should stop letting him dress himself.

  61. Jenn says:

    Does anyone else sometimes get the feeling of déjà vu… Britney and Justin 2.0?