Duchess Kate & Camilla Parker-Bowles are BFFs, Camilla is “controlling” Kate

During Duchess Kate and Prince William’s engagement, the British and American tabloids reported several stories about Kate possibly fighting with Camilla Parker Bowles, otherwise known as Camilla, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. The tabloids had Camilla attempting to talk Kate into cheaping out on her wedding, and Camilla offering unsolicited “advice” to her new step-daughter-in-law. Camilla later told reporters that Kate “is a lovely girl” and in my mind, I tend to think Camilla and Kate are cut from the same cloth – they have more similarities than differences overall. The Mail has an interesting story today about just how well Camilla and Kate really are getting on – apparently, Camilla is the one who has “taken Kate under her wing.” For real.

Of all the Royal Family’s hopes and expectations when Kate Middleton married Prince William, no one could have anticipated it would transform the former Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles. Thanks to Kate, the Duchess of Cornwall’s stock has never been higher within the palace walls, especially with the Queen — who once looked upon Prince Charles’s former mistress as a potential threat to the stability of the monarchy.

The reason for this heartening approval is that Camilla, 64, has taken the Duchess of Cambridge firmly under her wing. Camilla has claimed the crucial role of making sure Kate that feels ‘at home’ as a royal. It was always clear that Kate would need help to see her through the difficult early years of life in the royal goldfish bowl — something no one gave Princess Diana, with tragic results.

William couldn’t really help very much. Indeed, he is viewed as lamentably inadequate in this area. ‘He’s not always the easiest of people, entirely understandably, given how old he was when Diana died,’ says a close family friend. ‘At the best of times, the royal men just don’t have much sensitivity when it comes to helping ease new members into the royal life. They’re not unkind — they just don’t think.’

Enter the Duchess of Cornwall, a woman who has lived more than a little. She is ‘in regular touch’ with Kate and has become her sounding board on practically everything: from how to deal with other, more prickly members of the family such as Princess Anne, to coping with photographers. She told Kate that one trick is to focus on the faces of one or two cameramen she recognizes in order to help her look more relaxed.

Camilla, of course, had a private, ringside view of the totally avoidable tragedy of Diana’s unhappiness. So for Diana’s friends, at least, it is a bitter irony that the fabled ‘third person’ in the Princess’s marriage should apparently be setting out to make herself indispensable to the popular young woman who would have been Diana’s daughter-in-law. They see it — unfairly, perhaps — as the strategic move to take control of an older and more experienced woman from a family that has been close to the royals for generations.

But Camilla’s expanding sphere of influence is something that seems to have started to take shape before William and Kate’s marriage in April. Many believe that her influence was stamped on the guest list, which excluded long- standing friends of Diana who had known William since he was a child, such as Rosa Monckton and Lady Annabel Goldsmith. Several weeks before the ceremony, Camilla and her daughter, Laura, enjoyed a girlie lunch with Kate and her sister Pippa at Koffman’s, the Berkeley hotel restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge.

One word in particular reached the ears of fellow diners during their animated conversation — ‘advice’. On the day of the wedding, Camilla arranged for Kate to have her nails done by her own favourite manicurist, Marina Sandoval, from the Jo Hansford hair salon in Mayfair. She also gave Kate a highly personal wedding gift — a gold charm-style bracelet with a small disc engraved with hers and Catherine’s cyphers. Each is a large ‘C’ under a coronet, though Camilla’s is surrounded by a circle. What makes the gift so significant? Camilla has a similar bracelet of her own that she rarely takes off.

‘Camilla’s exceptional warmth has really touched Catherine,’ says one of Kate’s friends.

The other area about which she has been talking to Camilla is which charities to support.
One idea is for Kate to help a specific charity intensively for a limited time of one or two years during special appeals. This could be more beneficial than if she spread herself thinly over dozens of good causes. Obviously, she is in high demand. These charities include those helping young people and military veterans as well as those in areas such as conservation and art therapy. But perhaps Camilla’s greatest help so far in smoothing Kate’s path as a fledgling royal is the change she has brought about in Prince Charles.

Though he adores Kate, he is the one figure who has found it difficult to adjust to her arrival in the Royal Family, mainly because of all the uncomfortable memories thrown up by constant comparisons between her and Diana.

‘At one stage he was almost tearing his hair out at the endless references to Diana and what she was like, because it always led to talk of his own shortcomings,’ says an aide. ‘It went on for months, and he has only recently calmed down.’

It was Camilla who soothed him, in the same reassuring way that she has been handling Charles’s glooms and fretfulness for 30 years. But now comes a new challenge. After the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year, the Prince of Wales will have to put up with Kate becoming chatelaine of Kensington Palace, the place everyone associates with Diana and her unhappy marriage — and with the powerful memory of the lake of flowers created by a mourning public after her death.

Earlier this month, it was announced that William and Kate would be moving into the late Princess Margaret’s old apartment there in 2013. Prince Harry is also due to move there, taking over the cottage that William and Kate currently use as their London base. Camilla is likely to be the key influence on young housewife Kate. Setting up home in this vast apartment of 21 rooms on four floors will need the guidance and advice of a woman with experience of that very different life as a royal. Camilla has already warned Kate that at Kensington Palace she and William will require a minimum staff of a butler, a housekeeper, a ladies’ dresser, a valet, a cook, chauffeur and several other workers.

Unlike Diana, an Earl’s daughter who had grown up with servants, Kate is still uncomfortable having staff pirouetting around her. But she knows that, on moving into Kensington Palace, she will have to accept the inevitable. Camilla has also advised her that a personal dresser is vital if she is to perform the royal role the public expect of her.

As for choosing the staff, the Duchess of Cornwall — mature, knowledgeable, reassuring, and the chatelaine these past six years of Clarence House, Highgrove and Birkhall — will be there to help. If ever the former Mrs Camilla Parker Bowles dreamed of playing a crucial role at the centre of the Royal Family, this is it.

[From The Mail]

It is interesting, isn’t it? It didn’t even occur to me that Prince Charles would worry about his daughter-in-law overshadowing him. I thought it was just William who worried about Kate that way – when are royal men going to realize that it’s not so much about them? People are more interested in princesses because of clothes and the styling. It really is that simple. Anyway, I’m uncomfortable with the way that Camilla is systematically shutting out Diana’s friends and Diana’s memory. One of the best things about Diana was that she challenged the status quo of royalty, but it seems like Kate and Camilla have no interest in doing anything to rock the boat.

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  1. ... says:

    All I can think of when I see that couple is prince Charles wrapping himself up in cotton, tying a string round his ass and trying to shove himself inside Camilla’s horsey vagina. Talk about romantic dirty talk… “I want to be your tampon.” Christ!

  2. brin says:

    Que the creepy music and cackling.

  3. Bermuda Blues says:

    First of all, both of these women need to give a big shout out to old Wallis Warfield-Simpson-Windsor, the original “unworthy” woman. They need to thank their lucky stars that Wallis paved the way for the Heir to the Throne to pick whatever common skinny slag (Kate) or degenerate divorcee (Camilla) he wanted.

    Second, Charles needs to get the f*ck over himself. Literally anyone and everyone can overshadow him. He’s a balding, shrinking, pervy old man. He was recorded telling friends he would like to be Camilla’s tampon for cripes sake. Charles, everyone overshadows you because nobody likes you. We know all about you, and we don’t like it one bit. You are disgusting. Get over yourself! STAT!

    • diana says:

      I’ve never heard this story before. Good God!

    • Shay Kay says:

      Charles was actually telling Camilla that he wanted to be reincarnated as her tampon which is so much more dignified than telling just anyone he wanted to be Camilla’s tampon…Now why exactly are we worried that Kate or Pippa could somehow embarrass the royal family? Seriously with the last generation, including Diana(with her tell alls), the bar for embarrassing the family has been set remarkably high.
      That said, if I believed in reincarnation than I’d have to be hoping Diana was reincarnated as something particularly hurtful and irritating to Charles and Camilla. Oh wait a minute that was the purpose of her original incarnation.

  4. HoustonGrl says:

    “it seems like Kate and Camilla have no interest in doing anything to rock the boat.”

    I think that’s what annoys me most about these two, but especially Kate, who seems like she’s cut from a 1950s Home & Garden catalog.

  5. S says:

    astounding to think that someone who married into the royal family and has a long history with the tabloids and press might be able to give advice to another woman who has married into the royal family and must deal with tabloids and press!! Shock of shocks. What they don’t talk about as much (because it isn’t a good story I guess) is how Sophie of Wessex has also been good about giving Kate advice!

  6. EF says:

    You really should make up your mind over The Mail and their Royal stories. One minute you’re slagging them and claiming everything is false and next minute you believe every single yota from the article.

    It’s funny how Diana loonies keep blaming Camilla for every single thing. Don’t you think that it’s William who doesn’t want Diana’s circle around himself and Waity Kaity? He is a top notch control freak and if Camilla tried to push out those, he would threw major hissy fit and keep those people in the circle no matter what.

    • LAK says:

      i know CB and Kaiser and most people are skeptical about the mail and their royal stories, but the fact is it’s the RM’s mouth piece. several journalists on there are tight with the royal family. And i don’t mean Kate Nicholl. Richard Kay is particularly notorious for being Diana’s mouth piece. Richard Hardman speaks for POW and PW etc KAtie Nicholl seems to only report on the deliberate misinformation stories.

  7. Suze says:

    Camilla is alive and Diana is dead. Of course Camilla will be more of an influence on Kate. As for shutting out Diana’s friends – they weren’t likely to be William and Kate’s friends anyway.

    I don’t think there is anything odd in Kate and Camilla’s friendship. Charles, on the other hand, is a blithering narcissistic insecure toad. Good grief, you’ll be king. Get it together.

  8. LAK says:

    there are so many golden snarky gossip nuggets it’s hard to comment without turning it into an essay so i will pull up the one thing which given Waity’s shopping habit is surprising….the fact that she doesn’t have a dresser already.

    It is so evident from her clothing presentation that what she needs stat is a dresser. Yes, i know it’s an archaic job role but it isn’t the same as having a stylist.

    A dresser would have known how to present her clothing choices so there are no upskirt, windy day pics, no weave or scar pics, no Mcqueen when visiting riot victims etc.

    Their advice is indespensable, and she should accept or get one asap.

    It’s quite amusing that all the royal brides, including Diana and Fergie, start out thinking they won’t need or use one, and then several unfortunate pics or outfits later, one is put on the payroll.

  9. UKHels says:

    Camilla’s great, I’m sure she’s a right laugh and tries to stop Kate from taking it all too seriously

    won’t succeed though

    I do feel sorry for Diana – her and Charles were never meant to be, he always loved Camilla

    very easy to judge when you’re not in that situation

  10. irishserra says:

    Hmmm… Will a ladies’ dresser have some say or at least influence on this girl’s eye makeup?

    I mostly liked Diane and I kinda like Kate, too. I hope her fate is happier than Diane’s.

  11. DarkEmpress says:

    Comparing Kate to Diana, simply irritates me. The only good thing I can say about Kate, is that she seems to truly love William. Other than that, she seems plain, boring and stupid. Comparing Kate to Catherine really does make more sense.

    Also, can’t anyone tell her to stop rimming her entire eye so heavily in black eyeliner? She always does it. Even at her wedding. That makeup was terrible.

    Camilla is just gross to me. She always reminds me of Anne Boleyn.

  12. RobN says:

    It doesn’t actually say that Charles doesn’t want to be overshadowed; what it says is that the comparisons of Kate to Diana meant that he got to spend months hearing what a jerk he’d been during their marriage. I should think that most people would get tired of hearing about mistakes they made 25-30 years ago.

    As for Diana’s friends being pushed out; that’s only natural. If these people had remained close to William then he would have them around. If he doesn’t feel close to older friends of his dead mother, and why would he, then you don’t surround yourself with them. Same as the rest of us.

  13. K says:

    Camilla and Kate kinda have the same smile & lips. I’ve never noticed it before until today. The only slight difference is that Kate’s is more forced.

  14. diana says:

    OMG! I finally figured out who inspired Kate to put that make up on! Is Michael Jackson himself. Seriously! Look at his photos here: http://www.michael-jackson-photos.com

    same heavy eyeliner aropund his eyes and that ghosty face. even her nose looks like his!

  15. gg says:

    This is going to end in a giant catfight. Camilla has way too much at stake to have an honest mentor relationship that is not 100% about herself. When Kate realizes how she’s being played she’s going to be really pissed off and rebel.

    • RobN says:

      What exactly does she have at stake that wouldn’t make her a good friend/mentor? It’s already been decided that she won’t have the queen title when Charles becomes king; it was one of the arrangements made when they married. The best that Camilla can hope for is to be seen by the British public as a helpful friend to Kate. As somebody who understands what a tough family this is to marry into, it seems like this is an area where Kate would do well to listen to Camilla.

      It’s also possible that they just like each other. It does happen.

      • Kara Ann says:

        Charles may have agreed that Camilla wouldn’t be known as queen when they married however, most recently, when interviewed his comment was “we’ll see” or something to that affect. Charles is used to getting his way and I believe that he’ll want his wife to be crowned queen alongside him. Admirable in a way but possibly an unpopular decision.

      • JulieM says:

        I guarantee you that when Charles becomes king, Camilla will be his queen. I don’t care what they say now. Charles is very stubborn and he has gotten his way up to now. When he becomes head of state, Camilla will be queen consort. Kara Ann is correct.

        Oh- and there will be no skipping over Charles to William. Charles will be king.

    • iseepinkelefants says:

      She’s also become besties or a mentor to Beatrice and Eugene. So I don’t know why all of sudden she’s ingraining herself (she’s been married to Charles for years), and it could be that she’s just being nice but it’s odd that she’s only starting now. Why not be nice to Bea and Eugene years ago? I think most are asking, why now?

  16. diana says:

    William did not marry a commoner, he married a common girl.

  17. Zelda says:

    I cannot look at Kate without despising her eyeliner.
    Stop with it, already. You look like a call girl from the 80s.

  18. KateNZ says:

    Wow, the one thing that struck me from that other link that was posted of the earlier Kate/Camilla story is how much better Kate looks with an extra 5-10 lbs on her frame. Even the eyeliner wasn’t so bad because she had a fuller (more youthful) looking face to balance out the harshness of the make up.

  19. Mairead says:

    Anyway, I’m uncomfortable with the way that Camilla is systematically shutting out Diana’s friends and Diana’s memory.

    Excuse me, but where is it proven that this is the case? All the Daily Fail said is that “many believe” it to be so. Many of whom? The royal household, the royal staff, shelf stackers at Tesco, the dogs on the street, or, most likely, the misogynistic newsroom of the Fail?

    Staff “pirouetting around her” indeed.

    • LAK says:

      i don’t know about the memory, but let’s start with the wedding….None of Diana’s known high profile close friends eg Lady Annabel Goldsmith and Famille, Rosa Monckton and famille, that Brazilian Ambassador’s wife whose name i forget were invited to the wedding. I wouldn’t necessarily blame this on Camilla, but she had a very high profile falling out with LAdy Annnabel a year prior to the wedding. These were people who were close to Diana, and who were frequent vacation buddies right upto that last summer. GIven all the talk about william wanting Diana to have some kind of presence at the wedding, it was very surprising that these people were not invited to the Abbey at least. I guess presence only stopped at the ring.

      • Anne says:

        Why should William have invited Diana’s friends? Unless they have been part of his life after Diana’s death, then it would make no sense to invite them. Strictly speaking, I don’t think anyone should have to invite people who are not friends/family of the bride or groom unless they want to. While it is different for royals, unless they have remained in his life, then they were not owed an invite.

      • LAK says:

        @Anne – i couldn’t agree more vis a vis invited friends/relatives at weddings. I don’t blame Camilla for Diana being frozen out because she was on the outs with the Family at time of her death. i feel Camilla is being scapegoated in this instance.

        However, at the engagement, William specifically mentioned that he wanted his mother to be a part of the proceedings. No one really knew what that meant by that, and of course giving Kate Diana’s ring was such a slap in the face to those who had been trying to sideline her’s memory.

        So to see no one at the funeral from her circle of friends was surprising, especially as he invited the nanny who by all accounts he had not seen since she retired on her own marriage more than 10yrs earlier. using that measure, those ladies had been as close to William as the nanny.

  20. BELLA says:

    I cant imagine Kate listening to her!
    CRU-ELLA doesn`t belong in those shoes!
    The Queen and Prince William… thats it

  21. Cerulean says:

    Ugh. 2 mannish geishas in ugly hats. I think they will put an end to the nonsense of a monarchy. Neither has the elegance or charisma to pull off grifting the public out of their tax dollars. Seeing the two of them waving to the public like it’s 1800 just kills me.
    Pox the lot em I say. On the morrow mayhap the peasants revolt and take to the streets with torches and pitchforks!

  22. Queen says:

    The eyeliner! All she needs to do is use a different colour, brown perhaps. I used to wear black eyeliner in the same way but my mum told me iot looks far too harsh on me – When I finally changed to brown, it made the hugest difference

  23. Anonymous says:

    lol Love this. Waity and the rottweiler. BFFs forever.

  24. whatevs says:

    i don’t care for royals and their drama *yawn* however i lovvveee camilla’s white outfit and broche and all minus the hat of course but the cream colour of that outfit is lovely. makes her look younger and semi pleasant too her stylist is a genius

  25. iseepinkelefants says:

    William may look like Diana and the press may try to paint him as such but it’s very clear that he’s nothing like her.

    I’m not really surprised that Waity and Camilla get on so well, they are SO alike. Waity is nothing like Diana and I’m glad that’s finally being called out.

    And it’s telling that neither gets on with Anne. On one hand it doesn’t bode well for the Monarchy, because most Brits hold Anne up as an example of an exemplary Royal but on the other, both are good little geishas who will put up and shut up, so the Monarchy may just last another 100 years (but for why).

  26. taxi says:

    Princess Anne a fave? Since when? She “sits a horse well” and keeps herself & her commoner husbands out of the limelight.

    Hard for Camilla to penetrate the Fergie melodrama & Andrew’s arrogance to in any way mentor Eugie & the Beast.

    • JulieM says:

      Sorry, taxi. Princess Anne has always been the Queen’s favorite child with the public. She is considered hard working and always comes out on top of any unofficial poll. Just read UK publications comments. According to the readers, Anne is the one they prefer over Charles to be the next sovereign of their generation. Aloof and cold, I’ll grant you. But hard working. Justified or not. She is also her father’s favorite. I’ve read that Andrew is his mother’s.

      • LAK says:

        I wish The two girls would be mentored by Anne. They are both very sweet, but have not had very good working parents to follow as role models. What good is CAmilla in mentoring them except to turn them into the Victorian she is. Mind you, since Beatrice is the physical reincarnation of Queen Victoria, perhaps it is apt.

  27. midnightmoon says:

    @DarkEmpress: “Camilla is just gross to me. She always reminds me of Anne Boleyn” Question: how does she remind you of Anne Boleyn? I’ve read AB’s history since I was little & don’t quite see the similarity. P.S. Love your online ID.

    • LAK says:

      if you believe the stories about how the entire Middleton family worked to ensure that Kate got the ring, then the nearest comparison is The Howard/Bolyens, but perhaps @Dark Empress is mixing up the sisters because in this case Kate would be Mary Bolyen and Pippa as Anne, because you know Anne was very calculating about her choices just like pippa. Mary was simply following orders, just like KAte.

      • midnightmoon says:

        That makes a bit of sense. Just can’t see how Camilla fits the role-at all. I am curious where the connection comes in for Dark Empress. I’m laughing at the thought of Pippa playing the Boleyn role. I see her nabbing Prince Harry, but only if she dyes her hair blonde and makes some serious style changes. Not gonna happen but fun to think of. She’s a wild one & could probably give Harry a run for his $$. Oh. Wait!

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