Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour call it quits

In April there was a story in the National Enquirer that American Idol judge and reality show mogul Simon Cowell, 43, was dumped by his longterm girlfriend, TV presenter Terri Seymour, 33. At the time Terri was said to be fed up with Cowell’s rumored carousing and his inability to settle down and have a family. If they did split it seems to have been temporary as they were spotted out together since. Seymour even attended an American Idol event to introduce the new judge Kara DioGuardi in late August.

Last year Seymour told a funny story to the press about how she hardly ever mentions children to Cowell, but that when she did bring it up he told her to get a turtle. She added that she did want children eventually but that she knew that it wasn’t an option with Cowell and she didn’t expect him to change his mind about it.

Fast forward to the fall and Seymour seems to have realized that if she wants a family she’ll have find a man who’s up for it. Cowell’s rep confirmed to People Magazine that his client was dumped by Seymour over the phone about six weeks ago and that the issue of whether to have a family was what drove them apart:

Simon Cowell and longtime girlfriend Terri Seymour have split, Cowell’s rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Terri phoned Simon and finished it in September, about six weeks ago,” says Cowell’s rep, Max Clifford. “They are going to remain close friends. Simon thinks the world of Terri and that isn’t going to change. He also understands her reason for ending it.”

The couple were together for six years. Seymour, 34, first met Cowell, 48, when she was 18, but the couple didn’t begin dating until she interviewed him for a show in 2002.

“In the past Terri has said that she wants kids but that just isn’t Simon,” added Clifford. “Nobody else is involved, certainly not on Simon’s side.”

[From People]

It takes a lot to change a guy who’s set in his ways and Cowell just isn’t the type who is going to wake up one day and realize he wants kids. He has his mansions and his high performance cars and he wants a girlfriend who is happy living a life of freedom with him. There are surely plenty of other women who would be glad to oblige.

Seymour is now said to be dating hot actor Stephen Dorff, 35. He doesn’t strike me as the type who’s particularly ready to start a family, but he is a definite upgrade from Cowell.

Simon Cowell and Terri Seymour are shown out in LA on 4/25/07. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Tess says:

    personal qualities aside, he’s the only AI judge who doesn’t patronize the contestants and whose comments have some basis in reality.

  2. geronimo says:

    Think she’s made the right decision here. I feel for her but Simon’s like Clooney – enjoy the ride but keep your long-term expectations low. And Simon’s never been anything but completely up-front about this.

  3. mel says:

    I heard Simon doesnt want to have kids and he doesnt strike me as being the parent type so at least they realize they need to move on.

  4. smit33 says:

    Plenty of people just hate this guy, but I like him. He is what he is, and doesn’t try to hide it.

  5. Syko says:

    I like Simon too, he’s the only real judge on AI, and I love his sarcasm. But possibly if he’s not wanting kids – and I will defend his right to not want them – he might try dating women closer to his age. Twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings often still have white picket fences on the brain.

    I like, though, that he is honest about it, and I’m glad she realizes that he’s not going to change. So few people do change, but there’s always some twit who thinks he/she can change them. She’s a smart lady.

  6. Kaiser says:

    I don’t watch AI, but I tend to think Simon is funny in a mean, snarky way in interviews. Agree with Syko – maybe he should date some hottie in her 40s, maybe even a single mother who’s “been there, done that” and just wants some ritzy trappings.

  7. Amy says:

    Ick, Stephen Dorff is hardly what I’d call “hot.” Didn’t he date Pam Anderson? That’s the only thing I’d need to know in order to avoid his groin like the plague.

  8. geekaziod says:

    I still think he’s gay…

  9. vdantev says:

    I can imagine Simon critiquing her performance in bed, in that snide superior tone of his would kill the romance in ANY relationship.

  10. Feebee says:

    @vdantev – ha ha ha ha, should have thought of that.

    I’m surprised she lasted so long with him. Not surprised he doesn’t want kids, can’t imagine he plays well with others.