Sacha Baron Cohen beds “hooker” Megan Fox in ‘The Dictator’: funny or cheap?

The following statements could sound terribly sexist, but it’s not intended that way in any shape or form. You see, I am terribly disappointed in Megan Fox. Admittedly, part of this sentiment could stem from the fact that I caught Passion Play on Netflix last weekend. In that film (which came after the Transformers movies and was intended to prove her range), she was completely awful while portraying an innocent, baby-voiced angel/bird-woman who inexplicably made love to Mickey Rourke’s trumpet player before gangster Bill Murray busted and and broke up the hasty love affair. Truly, all parties involved should be ashamed.

Still, Fox has much more to lose at this point in her career than either Murray or Rourke, and I am starting to rethink my prior endorsement of Fox in the face of Michael Bay-Gate. Admittely, I had moderately high hopes when she signed on for a cameo in Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator. Now, the trailer for that movie has arrived; and well, the film itself looks overwrought in terms of satirical humor that’s well past its due date. No surprise there. However, in terms of Megan Fox’s attempts to prove her acting mettle, she has spectacularly failed:

Honestly, this film could’ve been much more, and it could just be a case of bad editing as far as what the trailer presents the movie itself to be. To be fair, The Dictator will probably fare as well as Bruno, which made made about half globally as Borat did, at the box office. In other words, Sacha Baron Cohen will be fine. He’s not going to be the permanent fixture that Borat would have projected, but he’s got a career etched in virtual stone and has influenced a terrible Ben Affleck hairdo to boot.

Now as to Megan Fox? She’s worked terribly hard in recent months to repair her image with the general public. She spent Veterans Day tending to actual veterans, erased that dreadful Marilyn tattoo, and gained some weight after giving up veganism. Then, she squanders all of said goodwill by bedding Cohen’s dictator and making a Kardashian joke — “What’s this? A ruby? Is that a joke? What am I, a Kardashian?” — about necessarily accepting jewels after sex.

Okay, so it’s a mildly funny joke. Still, Megan’s agent could’ve scored her a better post-Bay gig than that, right?

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  1. Anna says:

    lol i cannot wait for this film!!

  2. Helvetica says:

    “What am i, a kardashian ?”
    “No off course not,you’re much less hairy”

  3. BNF says:

    I think there’s still hope for Megan Fox…
    This was filmed like a year ago wasn’t it? Before she fully transformed?

  4. Agnes says:

    Funny. Maybe she finds it funny too? Who knows.

  5. Girl says:

    Ben Kingsley? Is he broke? WTF is he doing in this movie? I’m afraid to watch.

  6. Dea says:

    Anyone who makes fun of the slut is fine on my book. I hope their end is coming soon. Read more at my facebook page Say No to Kardashians which I created a year ago againts these skanks. They must go away! There is no family in world as disgusted and shameless as this one.

  7. k says:

    Well, if you take issue with the lines she’s given, I would blame the writer (Baron Cohen?) over her?

    Looks funny. I liked her delivery. If you’re going to criticize Megan’s agent for putting her in this film, you’d better be ready to slam Kingsley and Reilly, Novak, Faris, etc.

  8. whatevs says:

    those jokes are teeeeerrible. i mean this guy hasn’t been funny since ali g. and even then he really wasn’t. megan had to accept this degrading little gig because you know she is over. and one article pointed out to her “sense of humour” as if she’s writing these horrid “comedies”. both this and her funny or die clip were dreadful. she really cannot do comedy much less move her face, use her voice in a convincing manner. she thinks she is destined for this acting thing she has no idea what it is really. i’d say stick to modelling, but she ruined her face now and gained a bit too much weight so i see not much of a future there either.

    • Virginia says:

      In terms of attempt at humour Megan fails. Her joke was lame. I didn’t laugh. I agree with you. She has no comedic talent.

    • Virginia says:

      In terms of attempt at humour Megan fails. Her joke was lame. She needs to work harder on being funny. I agree with you. She has no comedic talent.

    • Sophie says:

      She plays herself as a hooker. That’s even worse. Is there a movie where she plays something other than a ‘ beautiful piece of furniture’ to enhance the male actor’s presence? We live in a man’s world where women are seen as sex objects. The problem with Megan is that she isn’t doing anything to go against the stereotype although she claims she doesn’t want to be seen as a body. That doesn’t sound like somebody that really wants to be taken seriously as an actress to me.

  9. DuBarry says:

    LOL I actually laughed when she said “WHAT IS THIS A RUBY, WHAT AM I A KARDASHIAN?!?”

  10. whatevs says:

    and i agree with bedhead’s little review of passion play… it was such a disappointment

  11. Kim says:

    I think the part with her as hooker is hilarious! I dont think its downgrading in her career at all. Transformers certainly wasnt academy material. It was a lame action movie. No where to go from there but up in my opinion. She is working with Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley and others not nobodies & probably wanted to do a comedy/something lighthearted.

  12. only1shmoo says:

    Honestly, I don’t feel that Megan Fox can do any better at this point. This will sound sexist, but girl should stick to modeling because keeping quiet and looking pretty is a win/win for her. I mean, come on, she wouldn’t have had all that cosmetic surgery done if she didn’t want to be noticed primarily for her looks, right?!

  13. kieslowski says:


    Totally agree with you. Disappointed in all parties involved.

  14. dahlia1947 says:

    Oh wow and he calls her by her real name! So are they saying that she’s a hooker in real life? WTF..

    And her face looks terrible. Totally puffed up and doughy. Fish lips and all.

    • Virginia says:

      OMG. She plays herself as a hooker. Wow. She must be so desperate to repair her shattered public image that she is reduced to taking any crappy role. She complains about not being taken seriously as an actress. What does she expect?

  15. Shy says:

    Trailer looks awful. Just an embarrassing. I don’t see it get any money at the box-office.

    And Megan Fox? Well she used to be Leading Actress. Big movie star and Angeline Jolie wannabe. And look at her now after Bay fired her. She is taking any job offer that she gets. Even if it cameo in some “toilet” movie. She can’t even get some supporting role. It’s just a cameo.

    • Virginia says:

      The movies she made after she was fired from Transformers bombed at the box office and got negative reviews. She is not much of an actress. She has failed to impress critics with her acting chops. No wonder she is not in great demand these days so she is taking any crappy role ( small parts, cameos ). When you are not getting many offers that means your career in Hollywood will not last much longer. Sooner or later she will be out.

      She only has herself to blame for her own demise. She bit the hand that feeds her. Insulting a film director was a big mistake.

  16. sierra says:

    This guy is a jerk. His humor is always slanted against Muslims and Arabs in particular. the fact that he’s Jewish and a staunch supporter for Israel makes me even more uncomfortable with this. i feel like he’s kinda racist. If he was white, people would be all over him for this for being hateful and stereotypical.

  17. Pitiful says:

    Absolutely awful. I really liked Borat and u admit I even enjoyed Bruno, but this looks really stupid. I didn’t have high hopes for it in the first place considering Megan is in it and Sascha’s schtick is getting old. And she really is a terrible actress… She doesn’t even look that pretty anymore so it’s only a matter of time before she ends up having nothing.

    • Virginia says:

      I have seen the movie. I saw it for Sacha Baron-Cohen. The character he portrays is a caricature of a Middle Eastern despot. He may be irritating to some people but at least he has something Miss Fox doesn’t have: real acting talent. I didn’t know she was in this movie until I saw her in the bedroom scene. She didn’t have much screen time anyway. Her acting is still as ‘impressive’ as before so I don’t have any hopes for her. After she was fired from the Transformers franchise things went downhill very quickly. As she is desperately clinging to her acting career she will take any job offer she can get. You may be right. She will probably end up having no career in the film business. If you don’t make the cut, you’re out. It doesn’t matter if you are pretty, average- looking or ugly. If you don’t show much talent and you are not a bankable actor you have no chance of making it in Hollywood.