Mariah Yeater clings to her paternity claim against Bieber; does she have a case?

I’ve mentioned several times that I don’t believe Mariah Yeater’s story of being impregnated by Justin Bieber during a quickie backstage at an LA concert. Yeater’s tale seemed plausible at first and the timeline did add up. Then we heard from her personally and found her demeanor and lack of detail suspicious. We also learned that she’s claimed two other men were the baby’s father, that she’s been arrested, and that one of her exes was recently arrested for burglary and meth possession. Plus we saw text messages allegedly from her admitting that another man was the father. It sounds like she was hoping for a quick settlement from Bieber’s camp, but it didn’t happen. She’s not going away yet though. Yeater told the Chicago Sun Times that while she’s dropped her paternity lawsuit against Bieber she still may have a paternity claim. Bieber has taken a DNA test, but he didn’t do it under the conditions stipulated by her lawyer and they’re pushing for another test. It sounds like a stall tactic to me. Here’s more:

THIS REPORTER exclusively spoke with Mariah Yeater by phone from her home in San Diego on Dec. 14. In case you don’t recognize the name, she is the 20-year-old unemployed single `mom, who on Oct. 31, filed a paternity lawsuit against pop star Justin Bieber in a San Diego court claiming he fathered her baby son, Tristyn, who was born on July 6, which Bieber and his attorney have vehemently denied.

I asked Yeater (while baby Tristyn cried in the background) if she dropped her paternity lawsuit against Bieber as reported in the media? She said, “I am still pursuing the paternity claim through my Chicago attorney Jeffery Leving and my Los Angeles attorney John Carlson but outside of court,” Yeater said. “I dropped my lawsuit, but never my claim. I still definitely want a DNA test and I want to refile my paternity case.”

I asked Yeater is Bieber the father — “I do believe he is the father,” said Yeater.

I asked if she actually did have sex with Bieber as she has claimed? “I had sex with him on Oct. 25, 2010 in a bathroom at the Staples Center in L.A.,” Yeater said.

I asked her about the recent RadarOnline report that Robbie Powell, 23, who was arrested Nov. 26 on drug and burglary charges in San Diego is the “real father?” She said, “Yes, I know him. He is not the father and he’s locked up and out of the picture.”

I talked to her attorney Leving and he said:

“Although the legal proceedings have been dismissed, we have the ability and the legal right to refile at any time,” Leving said. Leving says in reference to the DNA test that Bieber claims to have taken, “Bieber’s counsel has not provided me documentation supporting that the DNA test occurred.” “Bieber’s counsel hasn’t told me where Bieber’s alleged DNA is secured nor has provided information substantiating the chain of custody and protocol utilized in the claimed DNA collection and testing,” said the noted father’s rights attorney.

“If negotiations with Bieber’s counsel does not result in DNA testing of everyone under mutually agreeable and controlled conditions, then the legal proceedings will likely need to be refiled,” Leving said.

Leving says he is handling this case pro bono. “Even my daughter is a Bieber fan, which is making my case not popular at home,” Leving added.

By the way, I am the only journalist she has spoken to since Leving took over her case last month. Bieber’s lawyer would not comment.

[From The Chicago Sun Times]

This chick got a new lawyer who worked for free and convinced her that she should keep pushing this for whatever reason. Her last team of lawyers quit her ass when they realized that she was a nut job.

In other Justin Bieber news, he’s supposedly hanging out at the Playboy mansion all the time now and it’s known that he went there with his dad for his 17th (not his 18th) birthday in March. His parents should keep him away from that place. Who knows what he’ll catch there, and I’m not just talking about cougar cooties.

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  1. Lois says:

    Sounds like she doesnt know who the father is. Shes ruled out two others, and is now on to Justin.
    If she went after Justin first I would call BS, but she didnt.
    Maybe just maybe she did do Justin in a bathroom. Weirder things have happend.

    • oh dear says:

      yeah like that woman boris becker got knocked up in a broom closet of some restaurant :S

    • The Bobster says:

      This would make for a great Maury Show.

    • Annie says:

      I agree – whether she’s mentally unstable or not the media were too hard on this young woman straight off the bat. All she’s ever claimed is that she believes Justin *might* be the father and she wants a DNA test. Nothing illegal or so very nasty about that. It was Justin’s team who handled this whole thing terribly – the girl’s lawyers first tried to settle this outside of public knowledge – it shouldn’t ever have hit the media (unless of course it’s proven Justin is the father).

      • badrockandroll says:

        You are too gentle with this nutjob. She doesn’t say that bieber might be the father; she says that she believes that he is. That is not the same thing.

        And what exactly do you mean when you say Bieber had the chance to “settle out of court” – do you mean pony up all sorts of money without any strings, no questions asked, no proof offered? And since she withdrew her lawsuit, it is out of court, by her doing.

        And the media didn’t go out their way to find this wackjob, she sought the attention by going public. And that one tv interview with her was the most insipid softball thing that I have ever seen – not one tough question, and no insistence on answers.

        And unless you people believe in Oliver Stone conspiracy theories abounding behind every grassy knoll, just how long do you think a DNA lab would last if it did not maintain proper chain of custody on each and every test it conducts?

        This slut has already gone through two possible paternity choices, albeit ones with much shallower pockets than Bieber, and she and her “legal” team cast aspersions on the morality of the lab and on Bieber? Too rich!!!

  2. Emily says:

    Of course she’s a nutjob, but that doesn’t mean that her story isn’t true. (Would you expect a non-nutjob to have sex with Justin Bieber in a bathroom?)

    And it to me it makes sense that Yeater’s lawyers would want to keep a close eye on the DNA testing.

    >> Leving says in reference to the DNA test that Bieber claims to have taken, “Bieber’s counsel has not provided me documentation supporting that the DNA test occurred.” “Bieber’s counsel hasn’t told me where Bieber’s alleged DNA is secured nor has provided information substantiating the chain of custody and protocol utilized in the claimed DNA collection and testing,” said the noted father’s rights attorney.”

    If anything, I think that Bieber’s people are the ones who are being super-sketchy.

    I still say that’s his kid.

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      Agreed that his people are being super sketchy.

    • CG says:

      Yeah, I don’t get why people are questioning her for wanting another DNA test. The sample he handed over could have been from anyone. There are protocols for doing those sorts of things, which his team obviously didn’t abide by. Like Seal Team 6 says, his people are def being sketchy about the whole thing between potentially rigging the DNA test, not suing her like they claimed, etc.

      • Seal Team 6 says:

        Just take a controlled test, and if he’s the Dad, do the right thing, and if he isn’t, sue her.

        I don’t get why so many posters (and CB) think asking for a controlled-protocol DNA test is sketchy or a stall tactic. Her attorney also stated the results haven’t even been turned over.

        They need to both go to a lab and give have the baby and Bieb give swabs, and then run the test.

        The whole slut shaming and threatening to sue her just disappearing is what intrigues me the most. They were most adamant about that. I almost wonder if a video showing her backstage has appeared. Who knows.

      • CG says:

        Seal Team 6: YES! I really hate all the “oh, she’s totally not credible because she’s been arrested, her family is shady, etc.” stuff that’s been happening in this case. That definitely reminds me of the “she asked for it, she was wearing a short skirt and had a mojito” line of rape “defense.” And actually, last month a report surfaced claiming there *was* photographic evidence that Mariah was backstage that night and that his team had buried it:

      • Seal Team 6 says:

        OOOOO CG, thanks! I missed this! That would explain alot.

        And, her being a jailbird/nutjob/scarlet woman doesn’t make The Bieb not the daddy.

      • Callumna says:

        Sketchy is WANTING to believe a 17 year old impregnated a chick backstage who called herself famous and has already told 2 other people they’re the father.

        He hasn’t done anything to invite this and I look forward to his lawsuits.

        Hang it up, celebs shouldn’t be stalked and harassed by crazy women either.

      • hatsumomo says:

        I wouldn’t take anything seriously if it was reported from which is what that article is based on. According to that site, the whole EMAs were an Illuminati homage and every major pop start is a follower. and they are the only ones claiming Yeater was raped by Beiber.

      • Agnes says:

        Totally agree – take a controlled test and that’s that.

        And I’m so sick and grossed out by the slut-shaming this girl is being subjected to. She’s allegedly shady, her ex has been arrested, she lied about some crap. So what? That’s doesn’t mean that she’s not telling the truth about this (or at least THINKS that Canadian Jesus might be the father). It’s disheartening to see women subjected to such character assassination. So, she slept with a couple of guys around the same period. So? And it’s totally unfair, of course. Have many people been trashing him and his bratty entitled-kid-with-money behavior? He hardly seems the victim of some unscrupulous girl in this situation.

    • Kendall says:

      I agree. His team is super sketch. I want to see a real Bieber DNA test because I do actually think the kid is his. It’s stupid, but I do. Crazier things have happened especially since we have ~*~*~*~the new king of music!!!!!~*~**~*~ here who thinks he’s untouchable for now.

    • normades says:

      As was mentioned before Beibs took the test in a facility that handles criminal cases. There is a solid chain of control and security cameras everywhere.

      Why does he have to take another test while the baby has yet to even take one?

      Because Yeater knows Robbie is the father (the one she says is the father in the text messages and was arrested for meth).

      • MW says:

        Maybe JB’s attorneys are just being cautious not providing his DNA results to a nut job and her lawyer. Who knows if they have any value to somebody (as in selling them to the right bidder)like a social security number? I no way see this being his kid anyway, and what really has me wondering is WHY would they dismiss the lawsuit? Only to refile again? Why, to incur another filing fee? You only dismiss when you have a settlement and in good faith, then you dismiss. NO reason to do it before it has been resolved. Having a lawsuit pending out there is not harmful to Bieber in any way. They are stalling, trying to see if this can be resolved on the sly, for NUISANCE VALUE, NOT CUZ HE’S THE DAD.

      • Tiffany says:

        Text messages can be easily faked.

  3. Seal Team 6 says:

    Interesting he hasn’t sued her like his people said he would, nor have they continued attacking her since he took the test (they say) on November 18.

    I’ve stood by believing her, and I still do.

  4. Victoria says:

    I’m really angry at her. I’m pretty discerning, but I so needed for this to be true, if only for the scandal and the added bonus that Believers everywhere will shut the hell up about how “perfect” he is. This chick is useless. I’m gonna need er to hit up some baby mama’s across the country so they can show her how it’s done.

    • Callumna says:

      Get help. He’s a 17 year old future hasbeen Youtube sensation. Who cares?

      No sex tape like a Kardashian, no pedophilia like a Jackson, no rapes like the best ballers, no drugs like a Lohan, no sexualized teen vixen strangeness.

      Why hate this minute’s teen dancing sensation? Little girls have a momentary crush.

      That is going to continue all your life. 13 year old girl crushes are always going to be boys who look like perfect, cute little girls and grow up to be not as cute or innocent. Apparently they piss you off just for looking like they’re nice. But it’s sweet that’s what little girls like. This year’s David Cassidy story is going to repeat with different players until the Apocalypse.

      Get used to it.

  5. Cathy says:

    I don’t know if he’s the father or not, but this woman has whack job coming out of her ears.

  6. Flan says:

    She should do the world a favor and have herself sterilized.

    People like this trash only live off others and are harmful to their offspring and this planet.

    Disclaimer: No JB fan.

    • flourpot says:

      wow. those are some seriously harsh directives from someone who only knows what the media has portrayed her as.

      Until you’re part of her family and know her, personally, well – you need to keep those vile thoughts inside your tiny little head.


      • Flan says:

        There are way too many people on this world, or haven’t you noticed?

        Other people can always pay for the babies trash like this has. We can not afford that much longer.

        And yeah, people who have no idea who the father of their child is, are trash in my book. But keep excusing people like that, let’s encourage them to have more children!

  7. Marjalane says:

    O.K., so maybe we can cross this nutjob off the list, but the golddiggers at Hef’s place are quite a bit more savvy. I can’t wait for the 26 year old that comes forward with a Bieber spawn. Apparently the Bieb’s dad comes from the Dina Lohan school of excellent parenting.

  8. madpoe says:

    “cougar cooties” lolz.

    I laugh and yet a single tear drop falls for my youth…not the ignorant part of it.

    I’d never admit to the public I knocked boots with Bieber fact or fiction!

    It makes me wonder why these woman do this! Is it b/c you couldn’t reach him privately to let them know “I think i’m preggers”? *I’m asking that question in general* and if you can’t reach him then get to him through the media?

  9. Sapphire says:

    Anyone else think this chick looks like a budget Mischa Barton? Oh wait, Barton is budget…

  10. Asli says:

    She seems unsure, but I believe her. Just take another damn test, Bieber. What’s the BFD if you’re not the father? I spy a lie. Celebrities and Hollywood is soooo sketchy, they’re like their own brand of mafia, high school-esque. Grow the eff up and stop with all this unnecessary drama. This is not only partained to Bieber. I’m looking at you, Beyonce…

  11. Mr. StinkyFishFace says:

    I totally agree that I think its the Beibs camp thats being shady on this. Unless I saw him and the swab at ALL times I wouldn’t trust it either. That boy has enough money to pay people off (IE lab tech) so I would want it done my way too!

    • flourpot says:

      From what I understand, it’s the law. The lawyers get together, decide on a DNA lab, have the tests done and there’s your chain of custody or whatever term they use for it.

      Seems that Justins handlers just had him pop in to some place in NJ and have a swab done. It doesn’t work that way.

      The reason the mother hasn’t had the kid tested yet is because the lawyers have yet to get together to pick a lab.

      Yet another case of ‘fuck you, i have money you don’t so i’ll do whatever i wan’t’.

      I could care less who’s right, who’s lying and who’s stupid. I’d like to see the law followed, tho.

  12. Seal Team 6 says:

    One last thing: a 17-year-old Bieb hanging out at the Playboy Mansion? Really? This is appropriate? We slam Linnocent for this, but it’s okay if Bieb does it? She’s at least not a minor in any way.

    • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

      ITA. And while I don’t think Biebs is the father (and she knows it), I think his being there further tarnishes the “good boy” image his PR team worked so hard to cultivate. Being friends with Chris Brown and visiting The Playboy Mansion makes bathroom groupie sex and possible teen fatherhood a little more believable.

  13. JM says:

    Why don’t they book an appearance on Maury? He’d settle the whole thing in 5 minutes.

  14. Tazina says:

    Yeater won’t provide her baby’s DNA because stalling = money. Justin’s done his part.

    “Justin Bieber took a DNA test Friday in New Jersey in a bid to refute the claims of a San Diego woman who filed a paternity suit against the Canadian teen hit-maker.”

  15. Lindy says:

    Custom batmobile caddy? Playboy Mansion parties at 17? God I hate this idiot. His “music” is a joke, he is three times as trashy and gross as Miley Cyrus, but I feel like his antics get a free pass from everyone, because he’s “just a kid.” Watch out, that’s how LiLo became the cracken she is. This chick may be nutso and her paternity claim may be totally absurd, but I kind of hope it’s legit because the sooner Bieber falls from grace and disappears, the better.

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      OMG — Miley acts nothing like the Bieb. By all accounts, she’s a nice kid.

      • Lindy says:

        I know–my whole point is that, very often when it’s a girl behaving badly, she gets dumped on relentlessly. But let the Biebs or some other boy-starlet behave badly and everyone wants to cut them slack, give them a break, etc.

        Now, I don’t really but that Miley is an all-around good/nice kid (somehow I doubt anyone who has been groomed by Disney can be) but I still think most of what she does pales in comparison to Justin Bieber, yet she gets slammed much more.

      • Rebane says:

        No Miley is (or at least has been in the past) a completley spoild brat as well. Do you not remember her swearing she would “ruin” Radiohead and tell everyone that they subbed her because the famously shy lead singer didn’t want to meet with her? (Which he is known for doing and she should know that if she liked them as much as she claimed.)

        But I do agree that both should be equally criticized for similar behavior. (Maybe Miley gets it harder because she’s older? People did seem to give her more slack when she was just becoming famous, or maybe I’m not remembering it accurately.)

  16. normades says:

    “Mariah Yeater’s ex, Robert Powell, says she lied about Justin Bieber fathering her child because they were broke and saw an opportunity to sell the story for $50,000. Robert told Perez Hilton that they were both homeless and living in Oceanside [California] and Mariah was trying to make some quick money. He says, quote, “She just picked him, because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father…All I want is to be with my son, that’s all I care about. ”

    OK, he’s making these statements from prison (to Perez Hilton and maybe for $$$), but I beleive him 100%.

    I think that’s what’s stalling the case…the real dad is in jail. Once he gets out I think Beibs team will cut a deal with him to testify against her and demand a paternity test on his behalf. It’s Robbie’s. For sure.

    • Madisyn says:

      Oh, good theory normades. Wait till Robbie is out of jail, have HIM take a paternity test at HER DNA clinic of choice and sort this mess out once and for all.

      I don’t think she was even at the concert, let alone have sex with him, or that he fathered her child. If they were homeless and had no money, how would she afford front row Bieber tickets? Who did she go to the concert with? Does she have the ticket stub? If I had sex backstage at a concert, I sure as hell would have kept the stub. Can anyone corroberate her attendance?

      NO, didn’t think so. He took a DNA test at a reputable lab. This trick has NOT presented her child for DNA. I my opinion, he’s done. Over it. Moving on. Balls in her court now.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        Great points Mads! You’d make an excellent prosecutor

      • badrockandroll says:

        Madisyn, morticiansdoitdeader and Normades:

        I honestly think that you three are the only posters with their heads screwed on tight enough that any dislike for the Bieber’s music hasn’t dislodged your braincells! I am a bluegrass fan, and although I haven’t heard any of bieber’s music, I don’t think that I would like it. But I also don’t like liars and I don’t like 20 year old golddiggers who cannot be certain among a field of four as to which is her baby’s father. That’s four different partners that didn’t use condoms in what, a month? I’m not slut shaming here, I’m saying girl you are a suicidal crazy person!

        Anyhow, Mariah said that she went to the concert with her mother, who waited while she was allegedly defiled backstage. mariah hasn’t produced a concert ticket, never mind the saliva of her child, yet Bieber must provide two samples to meet the capricious demands of her “legal” team, demands that are much more stringent than a court would require (and she dropped out of her day in court). This whole thing stinks.

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @badrockandroll, why thank you my dear! I’m a heavy metal music fan. In other words, I would rather poke my eardrums out with rusty knitting needles than listen to Biebers music. However, my dislike for his music doesn’t take away from the fact that this woman lacks credibility. And I don’t think it’s “slut shaming” to state the facts. It’s fine if you enjoy sex with multiple partners, but be responsible, use protection and save the unprotected sex for a partner you’re committed to. So, if she you do wind up pregnant, you’ll know who your baby’s father is.

  17. theaPie says:

    Ooh, this is interesting. It does sound like Bieber’s people are trying to pull a fast one. I think he probably did have sex with her and might very well be the baby daddy.

  18. Seal Team 6 says:

    I agree, Connie. His People are full of it.

  19. Seal Team 6 says:

    Why would they have to wait for him to get out of prison??? They wouldn’t. He can talk to the Paps but not an attorney? lololololol

    Why would you believe the slutty druggie jailbird Robbie? All he is is a nutjob lying whore in it for nothing but money.

    • Tapioca says:

      “Why would you believe the slutty druggie jailbird Mariah? All she is is a nutjob lying whore in it for nothing but money.”

      Fixed it for you! Although, whilst she has been arrested I wouldn’t call her a “jailbird” exactly.

      Tiger Woods boffs one woman who isn’t his wife and a whole heap of women are fighting to tell their stories. It comes out that Justin Bieber has sex with a fan backstage and…


      No, really? Not ONE other fan with a similar story? No-one to corroborate her allegation and an ex-boyfriend she was seeing at the time of the baby’s conception who’s actively claiming to be his father. Oh, and a DNA test that would be perfectly admissible in a criminal case is not good enough because Crazy McBieberfan wants to witness it in person?

      That she has voices in her head telling her to get close enough to kill him is a more realistic scenario at this point than Justin being the father of her child.

    • Connie says:

      Has anyone considered that the biebs hasn’t COMPLETELY stopped his life because he knows it is absolutely false and therefore not worth rescheduling weeks of plans? People may find him annoying and want him to get “knocked down a peg or two” but the fact of the matter is, he as an international superstar with plans booked months in advance. My father owns a company & if we stopped what we were doing every minute of the day someone had an “issue” nothing would ever get done. It’s called priorities. This woman has been proven to be uncredible (that’s not slut shaming, unfortunately just the truth when lawsuits are brought forward because they show patterns i.e.- to be untrustworthy) and has yet to show any proof or have any witnesses.

      These are only in addition to the fact that she dropped her case. For everyone that says “why would she”? Because in this great country it is cheaper to pay to shut people up as opposed to fight for what’s right. If I am wrong I will eat my words, but I’m just NOT buying what this chick is selling.

  20. KsGirl says:

    Yeah, my opinion on this is still basically the same – Bieber’s team is acting sketchy enough that I think there could be something to Yeater’s claims. In a way it doesn’t matter what she says, or her ex says, or what random person X says – if his team is confident he is not the father, have a legally 100% legit DNA test (this could easily be done, no reason for it to be otherwise, actually) immediately. Any delay here, and there has been a big one, now, is totally sketchy. I think it is very possible Bieber did have sex with this girl, his team knows it, and therefore knows that there is some possibility the baby is his.

    When this first hit a number of us were saying “watch this fade away” and that seems to be what’s happened. Again – if he is not the father, his team needs to be explicit and open about that, they need to prove it and then shout it from the mountaintops. Anything else is just odd.

    As for the “she’s stalling” argument – why? If she/her team has no case, why stall? If there is no case, then there is no possibility of a payout (no WAY is Bieber’s team going to pay someone making false paternity claims a huge sum of $ – that would be the last thing they’d do, because it just opens the door to more claims), and a big one of getting sued…why would they do that?

    My take on this story is genuinely what I get from the details we have. I am a Bieber FAN, for god’s sake! I heart the Biebs. But something is up here…

    EDIT: OK, and re: the ‘she is a big lying whorish slut so she must be making it up’ just doesn’t work either. I mean, if one believes Mariah Yeater is a big famewhorey slut, isn’t that MORE reason to believe she boned a pop star she’d only just met in a bathroom backstage? I dunno, that’s just another argument that doesn’t cut it for me.

  21. skuddles says:

    Cripes I wish they’d resolve this already – I wanna know if baby Biebs is the baby Daddy! I find it odd he’s not being overly cooperative here – if he is, in fact the BD, surely he could just pay her off to say it isn’t….this chick is all about squeezing money out of him.

  22. miriam says:

    1) How is that woman 20? She looks 35!
    2) I thought that was Mischa Barton when I first saw it.
    3) Please can someone exterminate the turdy Bieber, he’s an insult to the human race.

  23. Turtle Dove says:

    Chicka is barely hanging on. He did the test, but they’re the ones who are stalling. Give his team the baby’s DNA results and get the comparison. Better… get Robbie’s DNA and compare it to Trystan’s.

  24. guy says:

    if the kid was his, she would b rolling n the dough now, not giving interviews about refiling and dna tests. she dropped her case cause of death threats but still gives interviews. right.

  25. Violet says:

    In the spirit of the season, Bieber probably decided not to sue this woman but clearly that’s a mistake. This nutjob is going to continue with her crazy claims and it’ll just encourage other girls to do likewise.

    Bieber’s father sounds like an immature jerk, taking his underage son to the Playboy Mansion. So far, the kid seems to be on the straight and narrow. The dad should be grateful, instead of putting him in the path of temptation.

  26. the original bellaluna says:

    I think they’re both “nutz buttz*” (poor baby) but that doesn’t mean she’s lying and it doesn’t mean he’s not the father.

    *a phrase of mine lacking bad words, due to my little parrot*

  27. the original bellaluna says:

    And am I the only one who finds it rather nasty that she doesn’t know who the father is?

  28. Mario says:

    Shouldn’t that insane whore be in prison for child rape?

    • Seal Team 6 says:

      I have no idea whether or not she’s insane, but she isn’t a whore, which is such a nasty, nasty misogynist term, and the misdemeanor charge would be statutory rape, and she wouldn’t go to jail. This is also the same crime Selena Gomez should be arrested for, but I never see any of Bieb’s Boosters baying for Selena’s incarceration.

      • badrockandroll says:

        A misogynist is someone who hates all women.

        Calling someone like Mariah a slut or a whore is hardly misogynist unless one thinks that all women behave like this.

        And let’s be clear about that behaviour: she has either had unprotected sex with the 3 or 4 persons that she has variously accused of being the baby’s father OR she is lying/has lied about 2 or 3 of them.

        Precious few women behave this way. In fact, it would be misogynist if one did not highlight this sort of behaviour as atypical for women .

  29. AMY says:

    This bitch needs to give it up already. She is a very unstable person and needs help. The poor baby needs to be taken away from this psycho lying bitch!!!!

    No way in hell did he fuck her!!

  30. sami says:

    nasty , shes 20 hes 16 that wrong ,

  31. badrockandroll says:

    OK, I’m no expert on the American legal system, so can someone answer these questions?

    1/. everyone is viewing the fact that bieber has not yet sued as a tacit admission that he is the father. But what would he sue for … libel/slander/defamation? To do that, doesn’t he have to show that he is not the father and that she knew that he was not the father when she made those statements that he was the father? Maybe she’s stalling, and not accepting the results from a legit New Jersey lab, and not presenting the baby for his date with a Q-tip, in order to stall his lawsuit.

    2/. And what would he sue for, if she’s a homeless beach bum – the moral victory of cleaning his name? Deterring madwomen from doing such things in the future? Can he get a writ of mandamus forcing her to bring forward the baby’s saliva, and accept the results of his test, or can he only do that in a lawsuit (like the one she dropped)

    3/. And why did she drop her original court case? I don’t buy the death threats, because otherwise she would be lying low and not courting the media. Is it because a court would force her to do things (like provide the kid’s drool, accept the results from a legit lab, not talk to the media)


    • normades says:

      I’m no expert either but here’s my 2 cents:

      1. Extortion and slander. Beibs team would have to prove that she lied about the circumstances and tried to extort money from him. They will need witnesses which will be easy as we already have sereval sources saying she’s never even been near the Beibs. I think that they haven’t sued yet because they are still building their case and securing written affidavits.

      2. He should sue her for a public apology and acknowlagement that it was all wack. He should sue her for all the money she made from pictures/interviews which was money made on HIS good name. Then he should give that money to a children’s charity.

      3. Because she has no case. Period.

      I don’t know how the paternity stuff works. Can only a mother demand a paternity test? Can a man demand one? I hate that in these cases the men are guilty untill proven innocent instead of the other way around. He has offered his proof and she has offered NONE. Not one witness, not one picture of her at the concert or a ticket stub, and many witnesses saying it’s all lies…I am no Beliber (think he’s a cocky little prick) but it drives me crazy that people still defend this woman!!

  32. skeptical says:

    How nice of yeater’s team to indirectly claim the lab beibs used is not a trustworthy lab. Not sketchy at all.
    And of course biebs is guilty until proven innocent.
    And of course biebs should be expected to submit to multiple screenings at multiple labs (labs he might not find trustworthy either) even though yeater has yet to submit a single dna sample!
    And why should anyone listen to poor robbie? He doesn’t matter at all.
    And of course yeater dropped her lawsuit because of death threats. That’s why she doesn’t talk to media at all anymore! Oh wait…..

    All sarcasm aside…..why are people still defending this woman? Her credibility is in the toilet.

  33. jferber says:

    I don’t really have an opinion on this matter, but the woman looks like Linda McCartney to me. She does look way older than 20, sadly. About Justin Bieber, I’m inclined to believe he’s an entitled little troll. Have no idea if he did or didn’t impregnate this woman, but I think his swagger coach is doing him no favors. Let the kid be a squeaky-clean little pop star, as he was meant to be. Why must he be “cool” if cool means trips to the Playboy mansion and unprotected sex with random groupies? Rein him in, handlers. It’s his innocence that appeals to little girls (and their mamas).

  34. jferber says:

    Secondly (sorry, I’m bored and home with the flu), why not put his fame to good use by supporting important causes? He could do public service messages about so many issues affecting teenagers, including dating violence against girls, smoking, etc. Just a thought.

  35. whatevs says:

    wow she looks so much like mischa barton here

  36. Seal Team 6 says:

    Ha! A friend’s 17-year-old daughter said that!