Enquirer: Kobe Bryant cheated on Vanessa with over 100 chicks; she hired PIs

When the news came out that Vanessa Bryant had finally filed for divorce from basketball great Kobe Bryant after 10 years a lot of people assumed it was because she’d reached the magic number and would be entitled to half of all his earnings. It was way back in 2003 that Kobe admitted to cheating on Vanessa with a 19 year-old hotel employee who claimed it was rape. (Kobe said it was consensual.) So Vanessa knew her husband was a cheater and held on for as long as she had to in order to reach paydirt. According to the National Enquirer, prior to filing for divorce Vanessa hired a team of private investigators and made sure that she had plenty of evidence that her 6’6″ husband was stepping out on her all over the country. This was actually really smart of her.

Cheating Kobe Bryant was caught red-handed with women all over the country after his furious wife Vanessa had him tailed by an army of private investigators, who compiled a thick dossier of his affairs so he can’t squirm loose.

And with no prenuptial agreement to protect Kobe’s $300 million fortune, sources predict that Vanessa’s divorce action against the LA Lakers superstar will be a slam-dunk.

Incredly loyal Vanessa had stuck by Kobe even after he was charged with sexually assaulting a Colorado woman in 2003.

But he apparently repaid her by plunging into a string of romances, reportedly having affairs with dozens of women.

“Vanessa said Kobe’s cheating was out of control,” said the source. “She estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105.

“The lies and deceit hurt, of course, but racking up these kinds of numbers is mind-blowing and left her devastated.

“And when she discovered he was still cheating during the recent NBA lockout, that was the final straw.

“Her private detectives caught him red-handed with incriminating photos…”

Whenever Kobe was caught womanizing in the past, he sweet-talked Vanessa with jewelry, cars and other expensive gifts.

“Each time he promised to reform, and each time he broke his promise,” said the source.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, January 2, 2012]

I would bet that Vanessa actively ignored her husband’s cheating until she reached the 10 year mark. She’s not stupid, but she probably didn’t want to face reality until her plan could come to fruition. Prior to that she made sure she was suitably distracted by lots of pretty, glittery, useless things. Just like her husband. So was she truly shocked by the sheer number of other women he had on the side, or was she just gathering her evidence, making sure that she had all her ducks in a row?

Kobe and Vanessa are shown on 9/7/11 and 2/19/11. Credit: WENN.com

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  1. Jennifer12 says:

    This man is ridiculous. Thankful he didn’t also get all these women pregnant…. or did he?

  2. Kit says:

    Why get married and have kids if you can’t keep it in your pants?
    If you want to sleep around with as many women as possible, then stay single.
    Hopefully, he used condoms.

    • Flan says:


      There is no reason for him to have gotten married; he’s not a prince who needs to provide his country with a legitimate heir or something.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Because some people want to have their cake and eat it, too. They want the dutiful, lovely wife and kids to come home to, but they also want their freedom when they’re out on the road and feel like having a side piece. The problem is they really don’t care how that affects the people around them. Apparently Kobe is just another Tiger, except maybe not as kinky (altho if he was I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon enough).

      • the original bellaluna says:

        They just don’t want to pay the surrogate/adoption fees, what the live-in nanny charges, and the full-time house-keeper, as well as pleasing gifts for their “glamour” piece-of-the-moment. Instead, they marry.

        THAT’s why guys who can’t keep it in their pants marry: it’s a form of greed.

    • Mari says:

      Should have taken the Wilt Chamberlain route, but they want everything…

    • hatsumomo says:

      Well, thats kind of a ‘No S-it’ statement right there darlin. But take a guy who is actively living said motto(Dicaprio) and you got a bunch of snotty remarks of “He hasent settled down with one woman and married her- He must be gay!”. Maybe instead of bashing a man for not settling with a woman according to public opinion, how about giving them some f—ing space? Would you make the same assumption of a woman? If she wasent married by a certain age and slept around I have a good guess the ladies here would be singing her praises! No slut-shaming around here! Remember girls!

      • Kara Ann says:

        I tried to make this point on the latest Dicaprio article. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t, doesn’t work for me. I have much more respect for the ones that eschew marriage and keep their bachelor (or bachelorette) status. Ironically, those are the ones that everyone calls a “douche”. As I said before that’s not “douche”, as long as your upfront and honest, that is self-aware. These a holes that marry and continue with side pieces are douches.
        BTW, why have children with a guy that cheats? If this woman was playing the long angle (waiting for 10 years) then it is cruel to bring children into it, imo. Great role model for them (cheating daddy and scheming mommy). Some things are more important then money. Call me crazy but where is the dignity and self-respect in living a lie with this guy for so long?

      • TG says:

        That’s why I love Clooney because he seems like one of the few smart men out there.

      • luscious_t says:

        ummm… duh. They say she’s hopeless and desperate and can’t keep a man/get a man to marry her {Jen Aniston}

      • Mari says:

        Hahaha, I love Cameron Diaz, she has said it out in tbe open, no marriage and no children for her…she is happy as it is. I actually respect her more than other actresses that keep beating around the bushes about these choices when asked.

    • Chuck says:

      She knew this was happening all along. Why marry a horny male superstar if you don’t acknowledge that he will be cheating?

    • Nev says:


      he needed someone to pick up after him, raise his kids, and tell him he is great and support him.

      tricks and women on the side won’t do all of that.


  3. Jackie says:

    revenge can be sweet. i know it is unhealthy to feel that way, but C’MON! he deserves some pay back.

  4. Hautie says:

    Their is more power in being the wife of the player. Versus being the ex-wife.

    Vanessa stayed because she wanted to be the wife. So I will be surprise if she actually divorce’s Kobe.

    I tend to see this as a move to get his attention. And to run off whatever jump-off has been lingering around. Thinking she was going to replace Vanessa.

    I just don’t see Vanessa divorcing him as long as he is a player for the Laker’s.

  5. rosa says:

    why did she really go for a second child with him?

  6. brin says:

    This should be the game plan of every woman married to a pro athlete.

  7. the original bellaluna says:

    The evidence WOULD make sense if she lived in state that acknowledged adultery as a reason for divorce filing. However, since they live in Cali (a “no-fault” divorce state), I tend to think she gave him enough rope to hang himself while paying the PI’s (with his money, natch) to document it for a higher pay-out.

    p.s. Since Cali is a “community property” state, she’s been entitled to half all along. The Magic Number 10 refers to spousal support: once you’ve hit 10 years, you’re entitled to spousal support until re-marriage or death. Under 10, you’re entitled to spousal support for half the duration of the marriage.

  8. Eileen says:

    I worked for the sports marketing company that actively supported him when the affair back in 2003 hit the fan. We and his PR team are the ones who negotiated the 8 year deal between him and his wife. All his sponsors were dumping him and Nike was about to and his PR team knew that if she filed for divorce Nike would follow suit. So they convinced her to sign a deal to stay and “support” him through this for 8 years to help rebuild his brand-which means MORE money for as well in the end. She stayed/Nike stayed-but for a reduction of pay to him& her contract was signed and for her signing bonus she got an enormous rock -one that our assistant picked out from a team studying her bedroom, clothing and home decor tastes. Every single marriage in sports and Hollywood is carefully monitored by their PR teams to make sure any mistake can be fixed and their name can be repaired. Just like in a few years Tiger will be in the forefront winning again. His PR team most likely told him to sit in the back seat, be humble, quiet and lose. Then make a “comeback”. Everyone LOVES a comeback.

    • NM9005 says:

      Holy crap! See, people like to think celebs are so spontaneous and shit but you never know how calculated they really are, no matter what their image is! You don’t get to be famous/A-list without some sacrifices and hard PR-work (lies, deception!). How can you be spontaneous and “real” when the whole world expects you to live up to your image/name? Those famous people must be crazy and very insecure to want to keep on living a lie. Thanks for the inside info, now I can be even more cynical when reading about celebrities :D .

      And you’re right, people love a comeback. They love to see stars shine, fall down and climb back up again. I have no idea why because some clearly don’t deserve it…

      • Eileen says:

        So many atheletes cheat -and cheat constantly. So many times we had to go to the chicks and negotiate a deal to keep quiet. Back then it was MUCH easier to handle before camera phones and social media. I can’t even imagine the work that goes into it now. When athelete or celeb cheats, makes a nasty comment or blemisehs their name-MILLIONs of dollars are lost from everywhere. The brands that bet on them to represent their product, the teams, the PR firms and marketing companies….and many more. And these firms have it down to a science-there is a literal book written on what to do once the sh!t hits the fan.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Interesting stuff, Eileen! Incredible to think about how premeditated and carefully crafted an athlete’s image is. Makes sense when there’s millions of dollars riding on it I guess.

      • Victoria says:

        I totally cosigned this and said and pretty much said the same thing in the initial thread about the Kobester.

        Vanessa is played to get paid. There was nothing else for her to do after that scandal but to sit back and let him do him until the ten year mark so she could get her shit and roll out. The contract thing is totally plausible and what i was trying to explain to a few of my friends that just felt Vanessa was being naive. Ain’t a damn naive bone in that heffa’s body. She knew what the fuck she was doing. She knew the only payday for her was to stay.

        Why won’t people understand that in entertainment industry 95% smoke and mirrors and I think I’m being pretty damn generous saying 95%.

      • constance says:

        Right. Even if this investigation is legitimately her doing, it still remains that she is trying to break it off and look the better for it. Good for her I guess. She, as E said, wanted out but took the deal to make the money. Better than suing publicly for damages to reputation after the 19 yr old situation, as some angry wives threaten to do. She’s win-win so far. Hope it works out now that she’s cutting loose.

        I doubt she finds another athlete to go no prenup, no wrap up again. LOL

    • brin says:

      Everyone but Leann & Eddie…lol!

    • hmmmm says:

      I was about to buy this until I remembered Vanessa had another daughter in 2006. Why would she bring another baby into a marriage that she knew would end at the 10 year mark? And why hire private investigators to catch Kobe cheating if they already had a contract in place? Nope. A contract does not make sense.

      • Eileen says:

        Every single thing he does is about his brand. Every single thing ANY celeb or athelete does is about brand. Celebs are mogels-the sport/acting/music pays fabulous, but the merhcandise/sponsor deals/fragrance/bags/shoes pay 100Xs that when you are a big name. This can go away in a blink if something like an affair isn’t handled the right way. You don’t think that her having a baby to show a happy home wasn’t monetary motivated you’re more niave than you should be. Did she want a baby? I’m sure she did. Did it also make his name look even better as a “Family Man who messed up and has learned?” Of course. Win/Win

      • hmmmm says:

        Also, if Vanessa and Kobe had signed a contract in order to rehab his image … then why is Vanessa’s camp leaking his cheating affairs? It’s only making Kobe look more disgusting and it’s not helping his “image”. After Colorado, Kobe needed and still needs to be seen as a devoted husband and father, not as a cheater that is still hooking up with girls. The cheating stories prove that Kobe hasn’t changed his ways since Colorado. And, if a contract was in place, it would be stupid for it not to have a clause that would prohibit such cheating stories from leaking to the press.

        … and having a baby for “monetary” reasons is just stupid, absurd, and selfish … contract or no contract.

        Anything is possible in this world but, sorry, still not buying it.

      • Eileen says:

        And she did that for 10+ years-now in order for her to get HERS, its no holds barred. She will most likely go after more of his money than they already negotiated. She played nice for longer than the deal was agreed upon and I’m sure that’s probably the reason. Everyone can beleive whatever they want-I’m just providing what I was witness to-I have no idea what their teams are working on now. I got out of that business years ago, but I can speculate: knowing what she wanted then and her demenor at the time.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Because 2 kids = more child support/month than 1 kid. (Duh.) Plus it makes their marriage more believably solid. Hell, it could’ve even been written into the contract! :D

    • Victoria says:

      Eileen: Brilliant and revealing insider assessment. Thank you!

    • The Original Mia says:

      Thanks for the inside scoop. Knew she stayed for the money. Why else would she stay with a man who cheated and cheated repeatedly? I doubt she’ll leave him. She likes being a Lakers wife too damn much.

    • DarkEmpress says:

      I do not believe you at all. You didnt work for his pr team. The ring was ordered before the date
      rape scandal

      • Eileen says:

        um yeah before the rape story BROKE not before it happened. There’s a big difference in time there.

      • skuddles says:

        Reply to DarkEmpress….
        Actually, I followed that story quite closely and clearly remember the ring came about well after the rape scandal. There was a shaky period where it looked like the wife would divorce him, then the ring appeared and it was understood to be a “please forgive me” gift and they were all smiles again. I thought it was sad that the wife would allow herself to be bought like that. Eileen’s commentary sounds pretty bang on to me.

    • Cerulean says:

      Interesting stuff Eileen. Most of the public have no idea about the machine behind a star or celeb. Or how mercenary they are about PR and positive self promotion.

      • gg says:

        Most of the public have no earthly clue about their beloved celeb’s reality – they just want to go on worshipping and not believing anything negative (see any of Chris Brown’s fanbase comments – ugh!). But that’s incredibly naive in this day and age.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Thank you, Eileen, for confirming what I’ve always believed about Vanessa sticking, and for the insider-info.

      (I had insider-info about what a raging bitch she is, as I’ve said on previous threads.)

  9. Hanna says:

    Ugh.. have another kid just so he could stay with you. Pathetic. Poor Kids.

  10. Toot says:

    Vanessa was very smart and I hope she goes through with the divorce. Kobe is a slimeball that could have brought a disease home. I have no pity for Kobe. I read where she’s this major bitch, well he should have divorced her. I think I’d be bitchy too in her situation.

  11. Jennifer12 says:

    If this woman was hatching a plan worthy of “Shawshank Redemption”, then more power to her! He married an 18 year old and she turned into a powerful woman. He was an adult who started dating a 17 year old and thought she’d always be worshipful of him. No one forced him to marry, stay married or cheat. Vanessa and the girls are the victims in this.

  12. Blue says:

    The thought of having sex with a man who has allegedly slept with that many woman makes my skin want to take a walk into a vat of bleach.

  13. mel says:

    I heard he is trying to reconcile with Vanessa and he’s devasted by the divorce…reality is sinking in about all the money he’s about to lose. Whatever…. if Kobe wanted his marriage he wouldnt be out cheating and then telling people he got sick of Vanessa bitching about it.

  14. Tazina says:

    He’s a cheater and a liar as well as a dangerous person to sleep with. Ick. Condoms with the other women? Who knows what he’s carrying. Vanessa won’t take him back.

  15. TheOriginalKitten says:

    He is such a douche. I have always hated this guy.

  16. Kelly says:

    Ugh… too much to say.
    @mel, are you saying he’s devastated about losing his family, or losing his money??
    To everyone who commented about how they hope he used condoms and how gross it would be to have sex with a guy who was out there gettin’ it in all the time – well, not only did Vanessa sleep with him, but she had another baby with him. And she presumably knew he was sleeping around…
    @eileen, very interesting. It’s not surprising at all. At a certain level of fame, you’re not a person anymore but a product – a moneymaking machine, and there are too many people (managers, agents, merchandising) who want to make sure they keep getting their cut. The most amazing thing, though, is that even with so much at stake, people like Kobe and Tiger continually screw up, and then their people have to mop up afterwards.

  17. Kimbob says:

    I dunno…I think it’s disgusting…the whole lot of it. So….he’s FAMOUS so alot of women want to sleep w/a famous man…ugh. Look at him. He’s not bad looking, but really..c’mon…if he weren’t famous, no one would be THAT INTERESTED in him.

    I say good for Vanessa. I guess she did turn into one hell of a bitch going through what all she did. It would be hard having a husband that she knew women would throw themselves at just because he plays a mean game of basketball and he’s famous. Sometimes it makes people jaded…justifiably so.

    If Kobe cheated as much as this article says…there’s an uneasy, queasy feeling quelling in my stomach. It’s just downright disgusting. If this is true, I can’t see where he’s even worthy of redemption. Pure trash!

  18. ella says:

    I love kobe and the Lakers! She just wanted the money obviously..

  19. T.C. says:

    Wait wasn’t his wife blonde or is this a second marriage? She doesn’t need proof of his cheating to get half his income or get spousal support. Maybe it’s to give the information to the media.

  20. madpoe says:

    It reads “100 chicks”, being a woman, I see it as 100 visits to my GYN. Once would be enough for me. Keep your money. I’ll keep my dignity or what’s left of it.

  21. Jaded says:

    I don’t think there’s much love lost between those two. She wasn’t the sweet, naive little thing that people thought she was when she married him. She knew perfectly well what she was getting into and she totally had dollar signs in her eyes – “cha-ching, I’ve got me a big, handsome meal ticket!! The jewels, ferraris, mansions, fame, yayyy!!” He, like most sports stars, wasn’t going to let a little thing like marriage and children stop him from bagging every piece of tail he could get. It was a Faustian bargain from the get-go and they both disgust me.

  22. danielle says:

    she’s incredibly beautiful but has gawdawful taste in clothes.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    I dont have time right now to read all the posts – but – why is the 10 year mark so important?

    and dang, if she knew he was sleeping around like this, I hope she either did not let him touch her or she had some good meds for any possible std.

    What a gross man.

    • bluhare says:

      I didn’t know either, but I guess at 10 years you get spousal support for life or until you remarry.

      Guess that’s why Cruise dumped Kidman right before the 10th anniversary!

    • Lindsey says:

      In California, when a couple is married for at least 10 years –if there’s no prenup — the spouse (in this case, the wife) is automatically entitled to 50% of their partner’s assets. Or something to that effect.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I got you, ladyb! In Cali, 10 years is the Magic Number because once it’s hit, it entitles you to UN-LIMITED spousal support. (She’s always been entitled to half.)

      Which means she can sleep with whomever she wants, for however long she wants, whenever she wants; as long as she doesn’t re-marry, he pays her for life.

      (I believe she’s also entitled to a portion of his retirement.)

    • DaChickenLady says:

      The 10-year mark has nothing to do with the division of assets. Even if a couple was married for only a month, the community property that was accumulated during that month would be split 50/50 in California.

      The 10-year mark has to do a a legal presumption. A marriage in California that lasted 10 years or more is legally presumed to be a long-term marriage. That means the spouse getting alimony (if that’s the case) will keep getting alimony as long as the spouse paying alimony can afford it, until the spouse getting alimony remarries. The long-term marriage presumption may also mean one spouse is entitled to some of the other spouse’s military retirement and social security benefits.

  24. valleymiss says:

    I predict that after the divorce is final, Vanessa’s gonna seek out a reality show. “Life with Vanessa” or something stupid. I think she wants a bit of fame and attention for herself now that she’s gonna be single. There will probably be a fight with Kobe over whether or not the kids will be allowed on the show. But yeah…this is definitely what I see from her in the future. Something about her being a single mom and starting over and trying to date in L.A.

  25. H says:

    Sorry folks…she knew what she was getting into. A friend of a friend married a pro baller and apparently you do so knowing your husband is going to have side chicks in EVERY town they travel to. In addition to gropies—and hos hired for parties the NBA and their sponsors throw for them. Stars like Kobe have the world falling at their feet. More options than the best Las Vegas buffet table. As the PR person wrote above—she was under contract. She always was. I’m sure the rape changed things for her and perhaps that is why she was on a contract to get out as soon as possible (8 years). I’ll never forget reading that victim’s side of the story. And I totally believe it too. Kobe is not used to being told no and when he was, he raped her. And yeah….no condom.

  26. Maritza says:

    I think she was gathering enough evidence to make sure she won’t forgive him ever again. He’s an idiot, Vanessa is a beautiful woman and their daughters are too. Men like that have absolutely no respect for women.

  27. hmmmm says:

    Don’t take him back, Vanessa! Kobe is slime. She deserves every cent for putting up with him and I hope she finds a nice guy worthy of her trust. The kids and her deserve that.

    • gg says:

      Are you kidding?? She made her cash the sleazy way – stayed with that bastard for cold hard cash and had another kid with his germ-ridden unit just to seal the deal, full well knowing he was banging everything with a hole, waited for the ten-year term to toll, and cha-ching. What in hell would she do with a decent man – she would have no clue.

  28. Onyx XV says:

    Oh, he is going to PAY. Get out your wallet, Kobe, you dumb f*ck! Good for her.

  29. Stacia says:

    Get yours, girl! I would have held out too. So sad that many of these athletes have the most beautiful wives and still can’t control their dongs!

    SIDENOTE: She looks like KK in the 3rd pic with her family.

  30. Me says:

    Wow what a patient beotch.i wouldnt wait 10 yrs for anything. Bless her conieving little heart…….and I hate those dresses shes wearing..

  31. Callumna says:

    I’m going to be very honest about this, with 300 million dollars less he would a convicted rapist and she’d be a ho.

    Same people, less bucks and there you have it.

    A rapist and a ho is what they are back in reality.

    No one but a star basketball player who has sex with a woman while she’s working and showing him a hotel room would walk. She says it’s rape, he has the victim’s blood show up on his shirt and his semen DNA show up in her underwear. And all he does is issue a public apology saying he thought it was consensual at the time she was doing her job and he just met her and now realizes she viewed it as rape, but he’s sorry for that little misunderstanding.

    I’m grossed out to see people hi-fiving what they assume to be an extremely calculating hooker doing a Jerry Springer, having babies and doing press conferences to support him during rape allegations all for a higher amount of money.

    They’re both nasty.

  32. Str8Shooter says:

    Guys a scumbag. The whole sports-celebrity crap really went to his head.

    OH yeah. And he’s a rapist.


  33. miss_bhaven says:

    He is filth. No respect, no shame, just a selfish bastard. He deserves all the misery in the world. How could he do something like that to his wife and children? He makes me want to vomit.

  34. hollah says:

    So if he slept with 100+ women, why haven’t any of them come forward and tried to make a quick buck from the tabloids? They were coming out of the woodwork during the Tiger scandal.

  35. mcmiller says:

    Yes, he’s a pig and should have remained single if he wanted to have all of those women, but what about Vanessa? Sorry, ladies, but if you think marrying an NBA “god” is a good move for anything other than lots of $ you aren’t too bright. I think Vanessa sets women back decades—she needs to get up off of her lazy ass and get a job! It just so happens she couldn’t take the infidelity after TEN years?! Ten years and she gets half by CA law. If my husband was accused of raping someone the marriage would be very close to ending (if it could be proven he hadn’t committed the crime) and if I had any suspicion that he had committed the crime he’d be gone—the marriage over. This lady is as disgusting as Kobe. And their poor children will be the only ones who suffer—the parents will continue forward in their deluded clouds of righteousness and arrogance!

  36. Janet says:

    This is typical pro-athlete mentality. They think the rules of society don’t apply to them and they have a right to do or take whatever they want and other people be damned. I hope she takes him to the cleaners and never lets him see the kids again.

  37. SEF says:

    Doesn’t it seem that, whatever talent, testosterone, confidence, ego, etc. that makes someone a star athlete comes at the cost of developing the rest of their personality into being a good human being?

    I pretty much assume all pro athletes are huge cheaters; the ones who don’t cheat are the exception. The athletes get married to create a good public image, knowing full well how many opportunities they’ll have to cheat. But it’s not only their faults. Women literally throw themselves at these men with no shame, and turn themselves into objects just to say they f*cked a star. Is the whole thing gross? Yes. Surprising? No.

  38. whatthehell456 says:

    Get paid, honey!!!! This is what gold diggers of the world should aspire to!

  39. ShanKat says:

    He’s an incredible bball player, but Team Vanessa all the way. No matter how screwy the marriage looks on the outside, being betrayed on the daily by your rapist husband is awful, and they have DAUGHTERS. I’m disgusted by people calling her names. She’s a victim here, and she has to raise those poor little girls. They’re going to read about this stuff, and…just ouch. He’s a POS.

    She really does have dreadful taste in clothes, though. Some of the oddest silhouettes and ruffles ever.

  40. the original bellaluna says:

    SHE WOULD HAVE ALWAYS GOTTEN HALF IN CALI! She stuck for the life-time spousal support – THAT’S what comes into play at the Magic Number 10! (Plus possible future earnings, retirement, etc…)

  41. Embee says:

    Here’s a different theory. Vanessa was under contract the whole time, and renegotiated after the [alleged] rape as Eileen said. Although her contract term had expired, she and Kobe have spent a decade together and have two children together. She probably deluded herself into believing they had a real relationship, and made the usual athlete/rock star wife exception for his time on the road.

    When she learned he was cheating during the lockout/while he was home all that suppressed rage and humiliation boiled up. She wanted evidence then, and was unwilling to look the other way. She got her PIs to get evidence–not just of the lockout infidelity–but of as much as she could. She wanted to know just how bad was the cheating she looked away from. She was shocked, horrified, terrified for her health; not only was her husband occasionally blowing off a little steam while on the road, he was behaving like a barnyard animal.

    Now she wants revenge. She’s entitled to a fortune (half of the $300m), and she’s entitled to spousal and child support. She knows he can easily subsist on his current income/remaining assets and won’t be troubled by the financial obligations. She is going to make it hurt him as much as possible by destroying his brand, hoping to reduce his endorsement income and make him feel some of the pain he has inflicted.

    Is it mature/generous? No. Understandable? Yes.

  42. elbi says:

    all being said and done,i belive kim k will kill to be married to kobe cheating or not.she would give anything to be in the lime light 2 4 7

  43. angie says:

    Why do athletes get married. It’s simple dollars and sense. Agents and PR firms encourage marriage because family men are more marketable. Michael Jordan got married and his already enormous endorsement portfolio only ballooned. BTW, he had a prenupt with Juanita and still had to shell out $168 million in the divorce. And that’s because of some shit that went down early in the marriage and Team MJ couldn’t have her leaving him. So she stayed, but that prenup was no longer worth the paper it was written on.

  44. Moreaces says:

    Good for her, smart woman, She should have left him years ago, but hey, like I said.. Smart woman. Take that cheater to the cleaners… And find a decent man that will truly love you and respect you

    • jc says:

      Yup, Vanessa is one smart cookie. He cheated and she’s going to get him where it hurts $$$.

      He cheated with over 100 women? Go get him, girl!

      • the original bellaluna says:

        No, she’s a greedy cookie.

        To hit him where it REALLY hurts, get yourself a side-piece who has a communicable (but treatable) disease (if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down); then give it to him; then play the victim like HE gave it to YOU. (Who would believe him? He’s a KNOWN cheater!)

        Yeah, I’m evil. Bow in my presence. ;)

  45. The Bobster says:

    She should’ve divorced his worthless ass when he was caught raping that hotel employee……but noooooo, she had to take the million dollar ring instead.

    • Sab says:

      I still remember that whole scene. Her sitting by his side while he cried…just looking at him like she expected…what, him to tell the truth? Then reading about THE RING…His supposed apology to her for “cheating” even as his accuser was still saying he’d raped her. I remember thinking she (Vannessa)was an idiot for staying either way, and feeling disgusted that she allowed him to buy her off. After that it was obvious to me that she didn’t care whether he’d actually raped a woman or not…all for a shiny trinket. Faithful wife, bought and paid for. She is no better than him.

  46. Gom says:

    Vanessa saw $$$ when she 1st met Kobe. K met V when she was 17 and he was like 25 on the set of a Rap video….V was on her way to becoming a video ho. They started screwing off and on. K was not going to marry V….until her parents found out and threatened K with statutory rape charges and the rest is history.

  47. Gom says:

    Vanessa saw $$$ when she 1st met Kobe. K met V when she was 17 and he was like 25 on the set of a Rap video….V was on her way to becoming a video ho. They started screwing off and on. K was not going to marry V….until her parents found out and threatened K with statutory charges and the rest is history.

  48. Courtney says:

    His wife was gorgeous and I bet the ones he cheated on her with were all dogs, just like Tiger Wood’s. I guess variety & quantity are more important than marriage & quality

  49. Victoria says:


    Mo if you’re a basic bitch who refuses to get a job and wants to use her body and looks as a way to do it, getting married, popping out his kids, and letting him sex himself into the grave so you can get that bread, IS the smartest thing you can do. And though that makes her a whore, at least it makes her a patient one. No one is commending her for being a gold digger or using her body and looks to get a baller. Not at all, but being Kobe’s scorned wife and mother of his children was HER job. And she did it for ten years and now she’s getting paid for it.

    Ain’t too ambitious and she’s going to f–k up her children but it is what it is. They are both losers. And they deserve each other.

  50. calchick says:

    @Gom, that’s right…I forgot about that story about the parents & the possible statutory charges. That is true. That news was out there reported by several media outlets out here in L.A. but I forgot all about it until you mentioned it. I never had respect for that woman. She’s an unambitious loser. He’s a loser too. She looked stupid sitting next to Kobe several years ago at that press conference re: the rape charges. Of course not long after that she got the 4 mil dollar ring so guess she couldn’t have been THAT humiliated, knowing the $$ she was getting as Mrs. Kobe Bryant would make it all worthwhile. She should have dumped his ass at that time, but she didn’t, and it spoke volumes. Now she files for divorce(BEFORE Christmas, to top it all off…wasn’t even thinking of the kids. Couldn’t she wait till right after the New Year to file, or was there going to be tax implications re: money or some nonsense like that that made her file before the end of the year??), and she files after ten years together, coincidentally, the length of time marriage would have to run(here in California, at least)for her to get more $$. And remember there was no pre-nup.

  51. Kelly A. Sheridan says:

    Ya I don’t feel bad for her, she knew what he was like and stayed with him. Also, I think it is ridiculous she gets half of his money, she didn’t earn it.

  52. grabbyhands says:

    I hope we’re not supposed to be feeling sorry for her or championing her in some way. The bottom line is that she had no problem with him cheating on her or raping a woman as long as he was putting two million dollar rocks on her finger. I don’t know what changed in her game plan, but they deserve each other.

  53. Really? says:

    I don’t feel one ounce of sympathy for this literal gold digger who married the number one player signed outta high school, while she was in high school?

    Seriously, she doesn’t deserve a dime just because she sat around and for a decade while this chump f—ed groupies.

    And don’t get me started on this bitch accepting that ring to stand by her rapist husband. . .talk about greedy bitch.

  54. blasted1 says:

    It’s hard for me to believe that anyone would deliberately stay with a cheater for 10 years, no matter how much money was in it. Nowadays, you’d be playing Russian Roulette with your crotch AND your life! Anybody ever hear about AIDS besides Magic Johnson? Not to mention all the other STD crap out there that can permanently screw you up. Plus, look at her. She’s lost her youth and having those kids put the pork on her. I think she finally just woke up and said enough is enough and I need to take care of myself.

  55. Shaye says:

    When you take the ring and hang around you have no right to have any expectations from him and I’ll bet my last dollar she didn’t have any. She got paid….and will continue to get paid

  56. valleymiss says:

    For anyone questioning why Kobe would choose to get married…why *any* pro athlete would choose to get married when they could just screw a million girls and never get married…? Well, as a few of you have said, it’s an “image” thing tied into endorsements, and for that, we have ourselves to blame. What I mean is, American society puts pro athletes like Tiger and Kobe up on pedestals to be worshipped and revered as role models. They’re being held up as role models (when it really should be parents and teachers), and it’s ridiculous. These are just people who are really good at a sport. Why should Kobe be expected to be a role model to get endorsements? If Kobe endorses a shoe, the people buying it should be thinking,”That’s the shoe that helps Kobe play basketball better,” not “That’s the shoe that helps Kobe have strong character and make good personal decisions.” It’s a weird thing in our society where we want our athletes to teach our kids to make good decisions. That’s NOT their jobs. I know Dennis Rodman is a jackass, but you gotta respect that that guy never felt the pressure to stay in a little image box to get endorsements. Parents, parent your kids instead of hoping sports stars will set good examples!

  57. Wow says:

    Over 100 women?!

    How disturbing this man much be.
    This is so disgusting.

    He spent so many nights bedding other women, while he has a wife and 2 daughters at home!

    What kind of a father is he?

    Not to mention how ungrateful must he be to his wife.
    She stayed with him when he was accused of rape.
    By doing that, she SAVED his reputation and made him look more normal and like a family man.

    Somehow the poor girl was not speaking up against him and the case went to the toilet.

    I hope all those 100 women agree that it was consensual.

    He is so strop physically, that no woman could “push” him away if he wanted his way.

  58. KG says:

    She sounds like a smart woman. He is clearly an idiot. His wife is gorgeous and stuck by him through his trial. Over 100 women… he’s worse than Tiger.

  59. Sarah says:

    Clever girl, hope she takes him to the cleaners.

  60. fwiw says:

    I hope she never takes Kobe back because he will never change. What a dog!

    She needs to get her money and go find a decent, hot, sexy guy and live a great life with all that money she’ll get from her douche ex. Living well is the best revenge.

  61. angie says:

    It’s one thing to forgive a cheating spouse. Women do it all the time. Vanessa is no different. But to accept such a high profile gift ($4 million ring), and then FLAUNT it??? That told me a whole lot more about her than it ever did about Kobe.

  62. angie says:

    And if this number is anywhere NEAR 100 women…where are they?? Tiger’s broads were tripping over each other to get their 15 minutes once the story broke. The 2 women the media have tried to out as Kobe’s mistresses have both denied it. I’m not saying he didn’t cheat. I’m sure he did. I just have very serious doubts about the number being thrown out there. There’s too much $$$ involved in cheating with a famous anybody these days. Over a 100 women?? You’re gonna have at least 1 out 5 yapping about it.

  63. Ms.Martin says:

    Ok so it was stupid to have another kid ,but who cares? The child will be well cared for…..Good for Vanessa!!!!!! I hope she gets half and then some. Hopefully she doesn’t have any diseases …….. f&$@ing men. They can have the most beautiful woman and stll not keep their dicks where they belong.WTF!?!?!?!

  64. GOM says:

    Vanessa saw $$$ when she 1st met Kobe. K met V when she was 16/17 and he was like 25 on the set of a Rap video….V was on her way to becoming a video ho. They started screwing off and on. K was not going to marry V….until her parents found out and threatened K with statutory rape charges and the rest is history.

  65. lakerwife says:

    i am a huge kobe basketball player fan! but i do not approve of his actions off court if this is true. i love how all you women dog him…but what about all these women dropping for him…they knew he was married. Women are pathetic creatures!

  66. Gizelle says:

    What I don’t understand is why would Kobe cheat on his wife in the first place Vanessa is such a beautiful woman. But I guess Kobe just has some uncontrollable issues within himself so he just have to suffer the consequences on the behalf of his actions.And deal with the pain and hurt he caused his family. It’s just so sad because they had the perfect family anyone could ever ask for.

  67. An interesting fact that I read the other day was that in the UK, more than half of all divorce cases use a private investigator.