Angelia says she’s “still a punk kid with tats”

Angelina Jolie talks about some of her more controversial parenting decisions in the upcoming British issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She says that she and Brad Pitt do let their kids play with toy guns and soldiers but try to explain to them that there’s real death and violence in the world. Angelina says she doesn’t want to shelter them.

Jolie also notes that she hasn’t lost touch with her formerly hardcore self. She describes herself as “still a punk kid with tats.”

Angelina Jolie has warned she will never say goodbye to her rebellious streak despite becoming a proud mum of six tots. The yummy mummy remains defiant about her controversial past, which has reportedly included knife sex and now more recently a breast-feeding pose on the cover of a La La land magazine.

Back to her stunning best in her latest photo shoot, Angelina warns: ‘I don’t walk around feeling I need to apologise or explain myself. ‘I am still, at heart – and always will be – just a punk kid with tattoos.’ And after shocking claims she took her oldest tot Maddox to a gun shop recently, the actress says she won’t wrap her kids in cotton wool.

‘Listen, my kids play video games. I let them play with toy soldiers. We don’t take war and violence lightly, but we don’t hide it from anybody. We say, ‘Mommy and Daddy have movies where we play these characters, but there’s real death and violence in the world.’

She also tells Harper’s Bazaar she’ll only play characters she would ideally want to hang out with, including tough-nut Lara Croft. ‘I tell stories that are about the type of woman I’d want to meet. The type of woman where I think, even if it’s silly characters I’ve played, like in Tomb Raider, there’s something about her that will be fun for my daughters to see one day’, says Jolie.

[From Metro]

The magazine also noted that Brad Pitt’s parents were supposedly upset over Brad’s photos of Angelina breastfeeding ending up on the cover of W magazine. It doesn’t seem that their issue is over the propriety of nudity so much as they’re said to feel that Brad and Angie are using their kids as a marketing tool. According to the tabloids Brad’s mom has objected to several of Angelina’s choices, including serving alcohol to the parents at Maddox’s fifth birthday party. I thought the pictures were very beautiful and sweet, but I could see how a protective grandmother might not favor them.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Damn she is gorgeous! Angelina exudes such confidence. Hmmm, I want that lipstick she’s wearing……

  2. Diva says:

    LOL… I’m still a punk kid with tat’s too!

    Now if I could just get the kids and the body, I’d be set!

  3. ff says:

    Who else wants to lick the cover of that magazine? Of course it could just be her lip gloss reminding me of icecream.

  4. pamela says:

    This is a tabloid story. I don’t read them, I dont believe them, no matter which celeb the story is about.

  5. aleach says:

    first off what the hell is knife sex.
    second, kudos on the bday thing! lol, ill prob do the same once mine is a little older, how else am i going to cope with a house full of 5 yr olds haha

  6. the poop says:

    OMG, the airbrushing on her nose is AWFUL!! I can’t even look at it, it looks like she melted and they tried to smoosh it back into place. Nasty.

  7. jennifer says:

    I can’t imagine a kids’ party without alcohol… I don’t have kids, but I certainly remember when I was a kid, going to parties, and seeing the parents sit around drinking beer. :lol:

    re: the grandparents – they have every right to have an opinion as to how the kids are being raised, but every single parent I know would (nicely) tell the grandparents to buzz off (again, nicely ;)

  8. elisha says:

    Did she get a nose job? I mean, I know she did earlier in her career… I mean recently. Her nose looks so different and bad there.

  9. Shane says:

    I don’t care how airbrushed that picture is. That woman makes breast feeding at 9am look sexy. It’s scary how beautiful she is.

  10. K says:

    @aleach: I’m assuming knife sex here is referring to when Angelina said that as a teenager, she started bringing knives into the bedroom. I can’t remember the interview or whether she specifically said they were for bloodplay, I just vaguely remember her saying that at some point.

  11. lunachick says:

    Angelina has taken the role of mother to an unspeakably sexy level. She just rocks on so many levels!

  12. Bodhi says:

    :lol: Me too Diva! :)

    I don’t have kids, but I’ve been to many of their birthday parties & every single one of them has had the booze a-flowin’. Its not like the children were served alcohol

  13. daisy424 says:

    Bodhi :D
    Congratulations to the new Mrs. :D

  14. Syko says:

    Let me add some congratulations to those!

    I think this is a gorgeous picture of Angelina.

    As for booze at kids’ parties, it was always that way when I was growing up too, in fact part of the fun for the kids was to hang around and see who got the drunkest. I remember once my mom’s cousin Poozie (I don’t know why she was named that) fell down the stairs and almost knocked me down, as I was going down ahead of her. Great fun! These were actually family reunions and holidays, but there were kids present. We didn’t drink (not that we admitted, although the occasional beer did disappear for sampling in the basement) but the adults did. No big deal. Unless Poozie actually falls on you.

  15. Granger says:

    My daughter turned four last July and we offered beer and wine to every mom or dad who brought their kid through the door. Why not? IMO, your child’s bday party is a nice opportunity to give their friends’ parents time to relax and chat with each other while you entertain their progeny for two hours!

  16. mojoman says:

    Oh hell yeah, party with kids or no kids, truth serum is the best ice breaker!

  17. Diva says:

    Shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon, Bodhi??? lol Congratulations to you and your new husband!

    I got a new tattoo last week, Bodhi… when my husband and I got married we had a Shaker minister, which is a Native American religion here in the Pac. NW that is sort of a combination of Native and Catholic… anyway, they tie a ribbon with a wooden cross tied to it around the couple and go around you three times with candles and singing an Indian song and ringing large handbells…. so, my new tattoo is a ribbon with a cross on it that goes around my arm below the one of my husband and I (in the ditch of my arm… omg, that hurt)that looks like my Gravatar! Has a pretty lil bow just below my elbow in the back and the cross hanging below my husband and I.

    Just thought I’d share, lol.

  18. val says:

    That is the problem with some of these parents that are totally clueless. When you shield your children too much it makes them even more curious to try things behind their backs. I am from a culture where drinking during celebrations is normal. Their are many adults there so supervision is not an issue.

    I do think Mrs. Jolie-Pitt is hot in this picture. She is beautiful, she is a mommy, a great actress, a lover a wife, smart, well educated and aware of the world’s problems, she is everything rolled up into one beautiful package!

    Brad Pitt is one lucky man!

  19. RAN says:

    Diva, that’s one of the coolest wedding stories I’ve ever heard! Thanks for sharing with us :)

    Bodhi, I echo the congratulations! Best wishes to you and your hubby for continued health and happiness in your life together.

    Honestly, that header pic looks like Megan Fox. It’s a beautiful picture of the subject, but is almost airbrushed beyond recognition.

  20. Kaiser says:

    So, so sexy. *swoon*

    Sidenote: They photoshopped her eyes, right? They’re usually blue-green. On this magazine they look hazel-brown.

    Also: She’s said before that Maddox is really interested in all things military. Perhaps he’ll end up a soldier…

  21. susan says:

    Well she has managed to do it again. Does this woman ever actually talk about her movies and costars (besdies gushing over Clint) when promoting a movie? Seriously what other star talks consistently about her/himself and their family in every magazine when interviewed over and over again. I have not heard her remark on working with John or Amy or say any nice things about them. How many times do we nead to hear about what they tell their children about war? Perhaps she should actually promote the movie rather than her home life and the movie might do a bit better. 9 million for the most famous director and movie star in the world is really sad.

  22. Diva says:

    Susan, FFS! Did you read the whole thing or just the part that’s highlighted here? Have you read everything she’s put out or said? Something tells me you might have because you’re so facking obsessionally insane!

    Let. It. Go…. you’ll be so much happier.

    @RAN… thank you! It was a beautiful and very, very meaningful wedding.

  23. czarina says:

    In all fairness to Jolie, she probably answers the questions she is asked.
    People are interested in her private life and the interviewer must know that, so that’s what they focus on.
    Sure, Jolie could insist on no personal questions, but personally I like her attitude: she has nothing to hide, no big secret life she is leading, and is not about to make a big mystery out of mundane things and have people even MORE curious about her life.

  24. daisy424 says:

    You have the body and the face :wink:
    Now for those babies…. :D

    Deep breath….now hold it.

  25. pamela says:


    I remember last year when during the promo for AMH, they tried to have the press only ask questions about the movie, and it caused such a stink. As per with anything Angie, its damn if she does, and damn if she doesn’t.

    Like you, I admire her attitude of being candid. Less stress that way.

  26. Buttercup says:

    That is one stunning photo.

  27. MsTriste says:

    I wouldn’t be able to get along with a monster in law who thought serving alcohol to adults at a party is wrong. Hell, I couldn’t cope with being at a 5 year old’s birthday party unless there was alcohol. And I don’t drink :roll:

  28. Tim says:

    No Angelina, you are just a trashy who~re and will always be that.

    I can see how Brad’s parents can hate her, and they will eventually. Making their son ans emansculated laughing halloween joke. From Jen who was sweet and lovely to this piece of trash with morals of an alley cat. Beat that!

    Brad knows she is trashy and that is why he sells nude pictures of her.

  29. geronimo says:

    Congrats & lifetime of happiness to Mrs Bodhi! :D

    Very ‘meh’ about this cover – so overly messed with. Much prefer the more informal pics where she looks like herself. And whoever heard of a kids b’day party without booze? It’s one of the things that makes it bearable. Pitt’s mother sounds like she needs to loosen up.

  30. jacqueline says:

    I had a pretty troubled childhood, and now in my 50s I can tell that my bruises from childhood made me a deeper more thoughtfull character, one who likes to help others in trouble / need help in some way.
    This, I think is the difference between Angie & Jen (for all yous nasties out there who can’t let the comparison between these two ‘go’): Angie has worked thro deep psychological problems in her childhood and had emerged a stronger more loving person – whereas jen had it easy and is simply a shallower & very-nice-but-that’s-all-you-get’ person.person.
    Yeh, brad did love Jen but I dont think he ever truly ‘connected’ with her like he does with Angie; together they are so much more than the sum of their parts.
    and Brad’s parents – well, a different generation with old-fashioned ideas and who can probably never imagine what has made Angie the very special, strong individual she has become.
    I love Angie for being candid and honest, never afraid of the truth – this is what makes you stronger / better- if you have the guts to live as the perpetual student of life.
    If you simply glide thro life without emotional problems, you unfortunately never discover the inner more eolved adult.

  31. Anni says:

    hey bodhi! congratulations! all the best to your husband too. do we get to see you in your dress? *puppyeyes*

  32. Blue Berry says:

    Good airbrush & photoshop skin resurfacing job. Not that she even needed it! lol

  33. Rosanna says:

    Brad’s mom should just shut up. If it were for her Brad would still be childless and in Aniston’s emasculating paws… Brad has blossomed since he met Angelina and that’s why his mom should just shut up.

  34. vdantev says:

    First off what the hell is knife sex? It’s a form of edge-play where knives are brushed across the skin (not the edge of the blade of course) to add some danger and excitement to sex. They show it very briefly in the film ‘Natural Born Killers’ when Mickey and Mallory are in the hotel

  35. jacqueline says:

    yes, well-said Rosanna, well-said, bravo, encore . . . . . .
    Brad’s mother should be thanking Angie for making Brad such a loved, fulfilled, happy person.
    Mrs Pitt Snr – it’s never too late to learn, adapt, evolve, wise-up etc. in life; just dont go around thinking you know it all – listen to others, think seriously, and never be afraid to reflect or think-again, or listen to other points of view. Don’t steroetype any individual. And, above all, don’t interfere into any elses loving relationship or how they live their lives or bring-up their children. If you have brought your children up properly then you should be confident that they will do the right thing after much deliberation.

  36. val says:

    Jacqueline, I could not have said it any better!

    Mrs. Pitt really needs to let them be and have confident that they have their children’s best interest at heart.

    The Angelina you have before you today, is not the same on in her 20s. We all go through stuff, she just chose to talke about it candidly. I think one of the things that Brad loved about her most is when he stated” you never know what she is going to say.”

    At least she is not pretending to be something other than who she really is.

    I hope his parents does not end up ruining their relationship by constantly being in their business.

    I have been through that and it is not easy!

    Oh yes, that is indeed a beautiful picture of her!

  37. jacqueline says:

    O yeh, and to applaud gerronimo, whoever TODAY ever heard of a kid’s birthday party without some booze on offer to all the hard-working parents . . . it’s polite in TODAY’S world. we are not living in the 1940s now, or whenever it was not polite.
    what is it with some citizens from the U.S who take this ‘holier-than-thou’ standpoint on life???? I dont mean to be rude, truly, BUT it is a marked character of the U.S. which i dont think UK citizens properly understand. Please can someone help us out here – why does the U.S. have so much religious fervour and these type of attitudes?
    I beleive there was a guy called jesus (actually from what I have learnt it was quite a common name in those days . . .)but he didnt go around damning everyone and saying they’ll go to hell – from what I can gather, he befriended all those in society whom were ‘cast-out’ in some way: the disabled, the infirm, prostitutes, children, other religions etc. he had compassion. Isnt that what Christianity is really about? Not passing judgement on what is different to how you live; what you don’t understand; and going to church to pray for your own salvation and yourself yourself yourself

  38. jacqueline says:

    Tim, I feel pity for you, never able to see gooness for what it is, always suspecting the worst in people.
    You have to wise-up man or go thro life bitter and twisted and not-very-evolved.
    yours is a lonely, sad path in life (but it’s never too late)

  39. Lauri says:

    She looks beautiful. The posters who are saying how awful she looks are undoubtedly jealous. She is stunning.

  40. I choose me says:

    Congrats Bodhi!

    I’m speechless at how gorgeous Angelina looks/is. People go on about her lips but it’s her eyes that draw me in and leave me spellbound. Think Dante said it best – Zounds indeed!

    Edit: @ Kaiser. Aren’t her eyes naturally grayish-green?

  41. kate says:

    i find it odd that so many posters write as if they know angie and brad and jen. angie is “so much more loving now” and brad has “blossomed” and jen is “shallow” or whatever. it takes at least 2 people to break up a relationship, in this case it took 3, so there are three sides to this story. none of us will ever know what actually happened. it is really fascinating to the degree with which some people are obsessed with this couple. as for me, i don’t have a “side” – none of them make good movies anymore anyway!

  42. Kaiser says:

    @I Choose Me – Blue-Green-Grey-ish. She has beautiful eyes, but they look brown here.

    Congrats Bodhi! You postponed your honeymoon to vote, didn’t you? :P

  43. Mairead says:

    Sufferinjaysis! That is the oddest photoshop I’ve ever seen; they’ve actually added in in pores and skin texture to the woman who was voted as having the most Hi-Definition ready skin, by some group of boffins that know about these things? Odd odd odd. As for Angie’s eyes – i always assumed they were blueish with a large hazel starburst? I think they’ve made them look more blue-grey than normal.

    As for Mrs. Pitt the Elder, I think that if the story about her disapproving of the adults drinking alcohol is completely true, I think she’s being very unfair in blaming Angie, when she’s got a big ould middle-aged son there to have a pop at. I have my doubts that it’s true though.
    But I wouldn’t go mad in condeming her reservation – I have heard of alcohol-free kids parties and it’s up to the parents if they want to have it or not.

  44. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, I didn’t want to start a whole big thing about Angie’s past self-destructive behavior, but I don’t think Angie even really drinks that much. Just a glass of wine now and then, it seems like.

    Brad seems like the drinker and the (pot) smoker. It’s probably just people stirring up some old **Pity Party**

  45. DD says:

    i see nothing wrong with serving alcohol to adults that are attending their kids birthday parties. Any kids birthday parties I’ve attended have served alcohol to adults. I see no problem with that. Brads parents sound annoying if all these claims were true.

  46. geronimo says:

    Oh how funny! Mairead & Kaiser, hadn’t thought about that at all. Of course! Typical mother…my boy wouldn’t do that, it’s that knife woman…

  47. Bodhi says:

    Thanks everybody!! And awesome about the ink, Diva!

    We did indeed postpone our honeymoon for the election! :) Well, that and the facts that we used up all of our vacation time & our families were here en mass.

    We actually don’t have any pictures yet! Our friends might still be hungover… :lol:

  48. Cheyenne says:

    Hold up, everybody.

    Just because some tabloid said that Brad’s parents don’t like Angelina doesn’t make it true. The tabloids have been spreading lies about Angelina since she first hooked up with Brad, because their fan base is loaded with Aniston partisans who swear by the tabloids as if they were Holy Writ. The tabloids print what their readers want to hear, never mind if it’s true or not. That’s how they sell magazines.

    And for anyone out there who is still crazy enough to think Bill and Jane Pitt prefer Aniston to Angelina, wrap your pointy little heads around this: Angelina and Brad have given them six beautiful grandchildren, three by birth and three by adoption. Aniston couldn’t be bothered giving them even one.

    Believe me when I tell you that proud grandparents don’t overlook something like that.

  49. TM says:

    OMG….absolutely beyond gorgeous… on my screen , her eyes looks steel grey, light tint of blue on the edges of the irises and gold flecks….stupendously beautiful. The nose looks kinda photoshopped but that did not take away from her mesmerising beauty…sigh…I’d prolly sell my soul to look like her(thank god I was never offered…hehehe) :)

  50. Christina X says:


    I’m not sharing the love.

    She’s boring. She can bring up details about her sex life all she wants, I’m still completely desensitized, if not disenchanted.

    Not trying to one up or anything, but I like S and M too. Millions of others do. It’s not taboo anymore, so she’s going to have to try a little harder to sound interesting next time.

    Just saying.

  51. geronimo says:

    Couldn’t care less what Ma & Pa Pitt think of their son’s gf (or his previous gfs for that matter), just find it hugely entertaining that AJ might, according to that story, be the one reponsible for the open bar at the b’day party, when Pitt’s the one known for his love of the weed and living life like it’s a permanent weekend!

    I’m sure they all get on just fine.

  52. Just Me says:

    ok so here’s something i just dont understand….a few months ago or whatever there was that article on how eva mendez’s commercial was banned from tv because it had nudity…..90% of you thought it was crazy that this was banned…..and it showed her nipples…
    now there’s a picture of angelina nursing her child, which doesnt show her nipples, and it is somehow tastless and pornographic? i dont get it….this is a sweet intimate picture of mother and child and its wrong…but a chick rolling around on a bed pratically naked is fine? wtf?

  53. Yoli says:

    WOW… not one of you brought up the fact that Angelina is a habitual liar. Most of you love her and I will agree that she is beautiful and exciting. I have been on the pro Angelina list for some time… she is everything you all say and more but I am dismayed at her continous lies and fabrications. To sum it up, I would not trust her with my husband…would you?… even if she told you that it is ‘something she could never live with since her dad did the same to her mom’?… just plain wrong with me…

  54. Dakota says:

    It could be a rumor that Brad Pitt parents don’t like Angelina Jolie. :roll: You see Brad and Angie around Brad parents. I think the Brad mom n dad have another way of seeing thing. Maybe old fashion. Sex back then was hiding. Showing nudity back than was a big issue. It’s now more people come out if they are gay or not. Everyone has their own way of thinking of other people. People have shown children guns and how to use them. We have school shooting. I would let them know about guns and knifes. I wouldn’t take them to a gun shop. Sex with knifes are little to much. There are plenty of ways without that. That stuff not normal. Let Susan be. I know I would like to hear little more about her acting skills. Instead the same stuff and throwing her children in the mix. :wink: I think Brad is so sexy raising these children but I don’t think of him as hot when he was with Angelina. I like him before he got married with Jennifer but now I do see him another light. I can really see he enjoy life with their children. I think he has that with Angelina good heart. For Cheyenne please shut up! You don’t know what Brad Parents liking Jennifer. I am sure they like Angelina but still like Brad ex as well. All because Jen didn’t give Brad children. Don’t mean they don’t like her. Maybe Brad wasn’t right for her. It wasn’t her time just to have children. I am sure his ex wife wanted children with Brad but maybe Jennifer will with someone else. Halle Berry had her baby and she been married. Halle just fond the right person at the right time. Besides that Jennifer don’t need Brad. If he couldn’t wait. :oops:

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