Angelina Jolie “walked out” on Brad after he talked about Jennifer Aniston’s womb

At some point over the holidays, this weird story about Jennifer Aniston came out. It was totally random, though. Maureen Dowd was eulogizing Sue Mengers, a legendary agent and “advisor” to various Hollywood stars, and Dowd mentioned a story about how Mengers advised her dear friend Jennifer Aniston to ask Brad Pitt for his sperm – in 2005, post-divorce. I mentioned that I thought it made Aniston look bad, and a lot of the Pity Party Patrol yelled at me for saying that, but look – Sue Mengers was Aniston’s friend and advisor. Mengers was quoted in high-profile articles ABOUT Aniston. They had a relationship. And this is the kind of person Aniston has a friend, and this is the kind of advise her “friends” give her. I don’t think it makes her look great.

Anyway, Star Magazine’s cover story takes that little Sue Mengers anecdote and turns it into the most random story. Allegedly, Jennifer actually did get pregnant… with the hijacked sperm? And when Angelina found out about it, she “walked out” on Brad. Or something.

A fuming Angelina Jolie stormed out after a huge blowup with Brad Pitt when she learned the bombshell news that he had tried to have a baby with another woman — his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston! According to Star, the drama unfolded after a report from the New York Times Magazine revealed that Jen’s close friend, Sue Mengers, advised the actress to request a sample of his sperm for future use after their big breakup!

A shocked and angry Angelina accused Brad of scheming with Jen behind her back, but he adamantly denied the claim. He apologized, but a seething Angelina demanded to know everything, an insider told Star. That’s when the truth came out: Brad and Jen tried to have a baby, but she miscarried.

“He had never told Angie this before,” the insider revealed and added that the 36-year-old felt “betrayed.”

“She had assumed all along that she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again.”

Betrayed and shaken, she walked out and left Brad with their six young children — Maddox, 10, Pax, 8, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5 and twins Knox and Vivienne, 3. “Angie started driving to the airport but stopped because she couldn’t bring herself to leave the kids,” the insider said. “She didn’t want to abandon them.”

Although Angelina was surprised by the news, a report in July 2004 revealed that the couple had endured a heartbreaking miscarriage. “It’s a very sore spot for Brad and Jen,” a different source explained. “Neither has talked about it with another person, until now.”

Brad and Jen broke things off in 2005, but their marriage is still a sore spot for Angelina.

“Brad doesn’t tell Angie everything, especially when it comes to Jen,” the source explained. “The mention of Jen makes Angie completely irrational. But he never imagined this would infuriate Angie to the extent that it has. Now it could spell the end of them forever.”

[From Hollywood Life]

So, if I’m following the thread of this story correctly, the claim is that Angelina was already primed for a fight when she confronted Brad about how he might have given Aniston some of his magic juice, and that’s when Brad “confessed” that Aniston was actually pregnant in 2004…? Whatever. I don’t know why I’m trying so hard to make sense out of this.

In other ZOMG BERMUDA TRIANGLE news, OK! Magazine (Via Jezebel & HL) claims that Angelina is planning to get pregnant again – just to get at Jennifer Aniston. Because Angelina just plots away, every day, endlessly. An insider says: “Don’t get me wrong, Angelina’s having a child because she wants one, but part of her can’t wait to steal Jen’s thunder. She knows a Brangelina baby would be the best revenge of all. It’s just an added bonus. Brad and Angelina have been talking about having one more biological child for well over a year, but Angelina’s always resisted due to work commitments. Now that she’s getting a bit older, the pressure’s on.” Apparently The Great Baby War is one of the few things Angelina knows she can win – because she’s rife with jealousy because “a magazine recently voted Jen the hottest woman of all time — while she came in at number 10.” Apparently, the evil plot is working because a source says Aniston is already “sick” of getting calls about Brad and Angelina’s seventh baby. Whatevs, y’all.

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  1. Isa says:

    This is ridiculous.
    After 7 years I can’t take anymore of this bullsh*t.
    I know I shouldn’t read it, but I have to read to it to believe that some magazine would actually print this garbage.

  2. Jackie says:

    i’m done with this whole triangle. please, can we move on already.

  3. Maritza says:

    Star is obsessed with this triangle, it’s ridiculous!

  4. Toot says:

    This story is just stupid and tired, but tabs won’t stop writing this crap because there are some dumb asses that will buy this crap.

    • MW says:

      I’m pretty sure somebody out there will partially skim thru this convoluted non-story and come to the conclusion that “Here’s proof! JA did have a miscarriage . . . and then AJ came along and ruined the chances . . .” blah, blah, blah. I just can’t fathom how some people read these crazy stories and, because they are in print, they truly seem to believe they are the whole truth. JMHO.

  5. deliah92 says:

    I know Jennifer likes/needs these to stories that attach her to Brad & Angie (and her “friend” superagent/party supplier Sue M even told her to keep it up), but they just make me dislike Jennifer and appreciate the dignity and class of Angelina a lot more. Too bad Vince Vaughn or John Mayer or any of the other guys she’s been with don’t have interesting exes- maybe Angelina (& her family) could get a break.

    • crtb says:

      REALLY? And you know this how?
      You really believe seven years later, Jennifer needs to attatch herself to Brad and Angelina? You are the reason Star magazine’s writers continue to write these BS stories. All three people have moved on with their lives. None of them need these kinds of stories to get their names in the news. Jennifer was just voted the sexiest woman of the decade. That had nothing to do with her Ex or his partner. If you don’t like Jen, you need to find another reason.

  6. samira677 says:

    If I’m reading this correctly Brad was trying to get pregnant with Jennifer during the marriage not after with donated sperm. Anyway this is such a false story but I’m sure that the Jenhens and haters will say it’s true. If Jennifer had a miscarriage she would be yelling at the ocean about it. For years Jennifer has been having pity parties so why not tell everybody about something that will get her the most sympathy? I also don’t get the “Jennifer is desperate for a baby” stories. If she was half as desperate as the tabloids make her out to be she would have kids by now. She clealy doesn’t want kids.

    • Janiece says:

      Exactly. Not to mention Courteney had a few miscarriages and was very vocal about it and raising awareness so JA would have gone public to help her, too. Its just a rehash of the miscarriage lie the Team Aniston paps created to take heat off of JA when she was under scruitiny for not giving Brad children. Thats where the miscarriage lie came from; Team Aniston tabloids.

      • Tapioca says:

        Yes, because it’s the duty of every female celebrity who has a deeply personal event like a miscarriage to share it with the world!

        And it’s the duty of every wife to give her husband children immediately whether she’s ready to or not!

        It’s like Feminism never happened…

      • WillyNilly says:

        Tapioca – isn’t that exactly what the Minivan Majority buys on the news stands, though? You gotta admit, JA’s team spoon feeds them exactly what they want.

      • Janiece says:

        Not a duty, but you’d think she’d want to spread awareness and support her friend. Ok, may you don’t think that. Also while its not a woman’s duty to have children, it is a wife’s duty to be honest with her husband and not lie to him. Do not ever confuse feminism with expecting moral decency.

    • anne_000 says:

      That miscarriage story has been going around for years. I seriously doubt this is the first time AJ has ever heard it.

      Also, that story that one of the main reasons for AJ having Brad’s 3 bio children is because of JA in any way is just giving JA more credence than she deserves.

      As for that ‘hottest woman in the world’ crap mention, if I were JA, I would be embarrassed by it. She might as well have unashamedly accepted a “hottest woman in all of history” award.


  7. Marjalane says:

    Star must assume that their average reader has an I.Q. of about 12. And anyone that buys that shit must have one! That’s the dumbest thing I think I’ve ever heard about a celebrity. (but I think that’s what I might have said about the Enquirer’s story on John Edwards…)

  8. Poison Ivy says:

    What are they smoking at Star?! Who would believe this BS, it’s absurd!

  9. CookieJar says:

    Some days ago I posted a comment about her interview in Hungary. (the comment was about her accepting the interviewer calling her the greatest humanitarian)
    Anyway, here is the link to the whole interview. The synch might be annoying, but you can hear what she is saying anyway.

  10. Rose says:

    All parties seem happy enough with where they are in life. This is absurd.

  11. It is ME!! says:

    Could this story be any more stupid/ridiculous/random/annoying?


  12. mln76 says:

    For some reason any mention of a potential Aniston miscarriage just gets me so mad. LEAVE HER WOMB ALONE. IF and only IF Aniston chooses to discuss a miscarriage that’s her right. It’s not light fodder for gossip and Star Mag has a terrible track record when it ventures into the OBGYN business. Oh and her ‘fans’ who bring up this alleged misscarraige are just as sleazy and insensitive.

    • Willworkforfood says:

      Totally, totally agree. I don’t apologize much for gossiping about celebs..hey, they literally sign up for it. But, to go there is really unspeakable. And whatever one’s opinion of Angelina and her past or present actions, I do not see her as cruel. JA is either ‘not’ having a baby or adopting yet on purpose. ‘IF’ she has tried, and it hasn’t worked out yet…NONE of our business and should most def be off limits. Boundaries.

    • Calli P says:

      Agree. Gossiping/speculating about anyone’s miscarriage is as low as Eugene Robinson calling Santorum’s stillborn grieving process ‘weird’…

      Though I thoroughly despise everything Santorum stands for politically, grieving is utterly personal and individual, and should be off limits.

    • Janiece says:

      The Aniston fans only do it to give her a free pass over her marital breakup, to make her a sympathetic character and to excuse her for her own actions which lead to the divorce.

  13. Willworkforfood says:

    (Meant to ‘Reply’ to comment #1, Isa)
    ITA. It’s like one of those bad movies that you already started, so you watch to the end anyway. Then thunk yourself for doing it. Btw, if Angie or Brad wants to stomp off during a ligitiment argument, wouldn’t it be more believable that they stomped to a different room in their castle?…like, a football field away?

  14. Dredz says:

    Pitt has been with Juliette Lewis, Robin Givens, GOOP, Aniston and other lesser knowns. However, only Angelina is his match in terms of looks, achievements and fame. Aniston’s just playing stupid victim again.

  15. DarkEmpress says:

    Kaiser can we focus on the real juicy gossip that is on the star magazine cover- Kim cheated with Kanye. Finally amber rose is talking about it. That is why she and Kanye split up and why Reggie dumped Kim. That is something that actually happened unlike the wombgate story.

  16. clare says:

    Everytime I see these pictures of the new hipster Jen in NY, I’m struck by how much she looks like Barbra Streisand! I can see her starring in a Babs biopic.

    As far as Brad’s sperm goes, she probably freeze-dried it and then smoked it one lonely moonlit night in Malibu before JT came along.

  17. jazz fabulous says:

    Why don’t Brangelina sue those tabloids for all their rubbish bullshit lies? 7 years and 6 kids later, the stupid “love triangle” lives on. Pathetic.

    • Kimlee says:

      Why doesn’t Jen?

      The whole this is stupid and so 7 years ago it really must be a slow news week and the sad thing is that there are people out there who still read this crap and buy into it.

      • Shay Kay says:

        I agree with jazz fabulous and yourself.The JoliePitts have sued before haven’t they?It seems like they sued over some random story about them seeing a lawyer to divide assets/children and won.Am I right?
        Although I have to say here that it is Jen’s womb they keep talking about so she’s the most logical choice to sue.I would actually applaud her for doing so or Brad or Angelina.There’s three people in these stories so one or all of them should take a stand.Maybe it the stories suit them all “any publicity is good publicity.”What other reason is there for enduring this tripe 7 years later?Any theories?

    • mln76 says:

      It’s not very easy to sue in the US. They sued a UK paper NOTWW because libel laws are more stringent and that particular story was being covered by the mainstream press as if it was true.

      • Shay Kay says:

        I’ve read on other websites that it was “common knowledge” that Jen had a miscarriage.Also something to the effect that Brad had said they were “dealing with their grief.”Now I don’t recall any of that and I’m just wondering if you do.
        I’m asking you because you seem to be level headed and sensitive to the fact that if someone miscarries they do not announce it to the world and sometimes not even to close friends.One of my sisters miscarried and I cannot describe her devastation.It wasn’t something she talked about in depth for many years and than only with her sisters, children, and husband (same husband 35 years or so now).
        I just agree completely with you that none of us have any idea if she ever miscarried or not and that people should put a lid on it about saying she’d milk that for publicity.There’s no way anyone could know how she’d react or how they would.I believe it’s a road you have to travel to understand.

    • lola says:

      All of them profit form these storys. back when jen was still married with brad, she sued every tab when they wrote lies about them. but now she doenst. because she needs it. she even wanted to sue tabs when they began to speculate about their problems, long time before he met angie. angie just doesnt care and brad too. angie reads newsweek or the new yorker. magazines for educated people.

  18. mummy says:

    It’s a stupid story but I believe Jen did miscarriage and that “the Brand” are twits.

    • Janiece says:

      Aniston did not have a miscarriage. And she and her Brand TeamAnistonVictimhood and her hypocritical homewrecking show she is the twit.

    • Emma - the JP lover says:

      I’ll say it again, I can’t believe that any woman with problems conceiving or who’d suffered a miscarriage would spoof being asked about having a baby the way Jen Aniston did when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” in January 2004.

      And let’s not forget the fact that Jen and Brad were rarely on the same continent in 2004, until Brad resumed filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in the fall of 2004. Not to mention the fact that Jen was knee deep in the 5-movie deal she signed when friends ended in May 2004.

  19. madpoe says:

    I’d like to sue Star magazine for 7 years of non-stop B.S with these 3!!!

  20. reeda redneck says:

    oh please, utter balderdash and poppycock! like AngieJo gives a mouse’s patooty what Jen Anustain does with her old sandy vag

  21. DenG says:

    I must say, I’m very happy for the Jolie and Brad. He had two great films this past year, and Angie is receiving the Stanley Kramer Award from the Producers Guild of America for her film.

  22. Cathy says:

    Why would Angelina throw a fit about something that maybe happened when Brad was married to Jennifer. I just don’t see her doing that. Stars reporters must be able to get some good drugs, the stories they come up with are ridicilous

  23. Maya says:

    At the core of it all, I do think that there is always a reason for the appearance of these types of stories. Whether they are to sell films, increase public profiles (where bad publicity is always good publicity) and so on, but in this case I am not sure whether this type of story is anti-Angelina or anti-Aniston.
    I don’t see how it would benefit either one.
    Will this inspire me to pay money for Jolie’s film? Not really.
    Will this make me into an instant Aniston fan? Nope.
    I simply think that this is so goddamn tedious and whichever camp leaked this story, is pitiful and ultimately disrespectful to fans on either side (or both).
    How much more of this shite (in magazines like Star) are fans expected to read?
    In this case, celebrities on either side should be suing these publications.

    • Willworkforfood says:

      I think it is just a matter of lazy writers at mags that get by with it. Recycling and fabrication, like alot have said. Btw, I predict 50% chance of rain today.

    • mln76 says:

      Maya one person in the triangle HAS benefited from and encouraged the stories for years Jennifer Aniston. I am not saying that she’s behind this specific story but she has pushed the narrative and portraying herself as the plucky survivor of the evil husband stealer-it helped her ride out quite a few years where her movies weren’t doing well by associating her with Angie&Brad who had the higher profile and more prestigious careers. Most people in the general public don’t remember that she joked about Brad & Angie’s 6 month old, talked up her friendship w/Brad in the same breath that she called Angie ‘uncool’ and aren’t media savvy enough to realize that she encouraged Handler to attack not only Angie but yes the children they just know the narrative that Angie is a femme fatale. The more Brad and Angie have fought to refute the negative narrative the more they get attacked in the general public even to the point that Brad wasn’t allowed to admit he wasn’t happy in his marraige despite years of Aniston and her surrogates calling him and his family names in the press.
      At this time more than ever the last thing Brad would want during Award season is more of this unseemly crap coming out. I again am giving Aniston the benefit of the doubt that she has moved on by now but the wheels that her PR set in motion are too profitable for the tabloids to walk away from.

      • Maya says:

        Sure enough the ‘Angie had a tantrum’ is the usual BS, but I’m referring to the smaller stuff that is attributed to that agent.
        For every morsel (and I mean miniscule morsel) of truth, there is 99.9% of bullshit added to each story.
        I also remember the time when both Angie and Brad were denying they were having a relationship in the media and even went to the similar extent and said that the media was making it up, and yet they were…Remember that? And in the end, their relationship was that 0.9 percent of truth that the media was talking about.
        Either way, this thing about Mengers is old news and it shouldn’t even be published, but it was – for whether irrational reason.
        Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s about the gossip, I look at the work that people in the industry put out and the quality of that work. Ultimately that work ought to stand on its own and if it doesn’t and needs a few dollops of gossip, then its quality needs to be questioned.
        The gossip surrounding this trio, Aniston, Jolie and Pitt, is becoming goddamn tedious.

    • Janiece says:

      This type of story isn’t ‘leaked’ by anyone it is made up by the writers of Star. That magazine as well as US Weekly and In Touch really truly hate Angelina and invent all of their stories on her as part of their smear campaign and vendetta.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    Angelina has her interesting ‘ways’ of making Brad talk.. this is so NOT true..

  25. Franny says:

    7 children though…wow. I’m from a family of 4 children, which I think is managable once we all got a bit older. But 7 children, all under…9? I know they have help but still.

  26. spinner says:

    It is not fair to blame this on any one in the triangle. This is all about making money. It’s the public that spur this on. This drivel is what they want to read about so the rags oblige. Follow the money. We need to stop playing into it.

    • Willworkforfood says:

      Hey…I’m doing good! :) I haven’t bought one magazine (in months) if it has a Kardashian on the cover. Which pretty much means I haven’t bought any…which is weird, Momma K must be in overdrive with all that PR lately. So, I am past my withdrawals now..Yeah! Or, I have traded one guilty pleasure for another, and spending my time here instead! lol.

  27. Shelly says:

    Seriously, who in the hell writes for Star magazine?! I mean, it seems like it could be a fun job and all – just sitting around all day and writing fiction about celebrities. But who actually believes this nonsense?

  28. wyatt says:

    i think jennifer will be announcing she is pregnant soon.

    • Janiece says:

      Don’t hold your breath. I think if she got pregnant she’d get rid of it.

      • mln76 says:

        How the hell do you know what she’d do??? Can both sides agree to stay out of Jen’s womb?

      • Janiece says:

        My opinion. She does not want children. And I believe she probably got pregnant during her marriage and terminated without telling Brad. She was (and still is) desperate to avoid falling pregnant.

      • mln76 says:

        Janiece there is a HUGE difference between saying that someone doesn’t want children(which I think many people including Aniston fans agree with) and saying that if pregnant Aniston would have an abortion. There is no way that you have any idea WHAT she would do. Making that presumption based on tabloid gossip is all kinds of wrong.
        BUT you obviously don’t understand how cray-cray you sound making those kinds of presumptions about another womans uterus now do you?

      • Janiece says:

        I KNOW I don’t what she would do, thats why I said *I* think. And what on earth makes you think I am basing my opinion on gossip??? I am basing it on her; what we know of her and from her various interviews, the way she said Brad would be lucky to get one etc. Not gossip. Just the obvious. There is nothing crazy about that at all. Its called looking at the facts and arriving at an opinion. And I do believe (not know for sure) she would. And I am very much so pro-choice and always have been so its not an attack on her at all.

  29. lisa says:

    Believe it or not there is a group of people waling among us that believe every single word of these kinds of stories. They themselves have been spouting off these claims for years. I think the dumb tabloid writers (if they can even be called that) go through blogs and read the comments to get the weeks stories. I have seen a couple of sites that have talked about this. I wont get into who they are, but history should make it clear that there is a sick group of women that are invested in the belief that Brad and Jen lost a child and that the reunion is coming.That jen is just fronting with justin until Brad leaves his family. YES 7 years and they are not letting this crap go. And yes they are the ones buying these magazines. Do you really think a JP fan would by this crap. NOPE so you know who they are catering to

    I think the only reason Brad and Angie sued before was because that story was on Mainstream media. The Sunday Morning shows carried it. So yes that is a lot different then 7 years of lies each week. or tabloid junk. The people that believe them will. Even though they have 7 years of proof that these stories are not correct. Brad and Angie have both stated in the press that anyone can see that none of them have been proven true. So why waste money on lies.

    I don’t know how any thinking person can find this entertaining now. It is boring and uninteresting. Especially when there are real stories to write about.

    They need to leave all 3 of these people alone. ENOUGH

    • anon says:

      I don’t know if you are the Lisa who posted the Brad and Jen website a few days ago, by fans of Jen who actually listed the reasons why they are the best couple ever. I clicked the link and definitely her fans are waiting for a reunion and they discuss the relationship. I am also amazed how the Laura Dern lie is constantly repeated about Angie but the silence that Laura Dern had a child by (and married) a man who’s wife was pregnant at the same time as Dern. To me I think its more Jennifers fans and her PR people that keep this going so strong. “Do you really think a JP fan would by this crap. NOPE so you know who they are catering to” ITA

    • Josephina says:

      Very well said. Bravo.

      Talking about miscarriages without facts? Tabloids are the true pondscums of the Earth.

      This is nothing but garbage.

  30. cas says:

    In my anticipation, Justin is disgusted and is looking for last method from jen slowly now.

  31. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Again, don’t have kids if you feel it’s not for you. JUST don’t lie about it and then try to make your ex look like the douche because he felt cheated.

  32. laylajanelovesgossip says:

    I LOVE this article BECAUSE Angelina got the cover instead of Kim Kardashian!!!!YAY!!!I hope the love triangle gets bigger so Kim will be ignored:-)

  33. TheOriginalKitten says:

    People believe what they want to believe. This is not new-in fact it’s kind of a fundamental aspect of celeb gossip. For whatever reason, people like to think that they know what celebrities are *really* like even though a thinking person understands all the smoke and mirrors that goes into creating a celeb’s image. *shrug*
    old news.

  34. Jayna says:

    All of you posters are insane to even respond to such a ludicrous story. Oops. I guess I am insane, too. But I have nothing to say on such silliness.

  35. ocean says:

    lamo… why do people insist on reading this crap, let alone buying the actual magazines. Like come on

  36. Iggles says:

    This is utter crap. Reads as bad fan fiction :roll:

  37. nan says:

    Please, please stop!!!! Who believes this trash?

  38. BELLA says:

    Total trash…Sorry ‘JEN” Angie is expecting again!!!!!!

  39. kerker says:

    I think Jennifer has not ever really wanted children for whatever reason. I don’t think everyone was meant to be a parent and that is okay. I wish she would come out and just say it like Cameron Diaz and shut this down.

  40. Jelwz says:!

    This is unrelated but you all need to see this Angelina Jolie look alike. It’s uncanny!!!!!!

  41. Camille says:

    Utterly Ridiculous.

    These stories are beyond tired. The tabs really need to stop vilifying and making sh!t up about certain celebs. There is enough bizarre stuff in HW to write about (Leanne Rimes SWF her hubby’s ex for example), without making up such ridiculous and pathetic nonsense as this trash.

  42. Paloma says:

    I first heard this miscarriage news years ago at the height of the Brad and Jen trouble in marriage phase. I felt then and feel now it was made up; then to calm the rumors about Jen’s reluctance to have a kid,and now, isn’t she about to go on a promote tour with her movie Wanderlust? Or, isn’t Brad up for some kind of award?

    • mln76 says:

      There are also stories about Angelina’s supposed miscarriages in the National Enquirer and the lower end tabs on occasion. In fact one story came out early in the twins pregnancy which causes some of the crazies to believe that Angie never actually gave birth to the twins.
      It’s very easy to see why the tabs come up with stories like that. They make up a pregnancy and instead of ADMITTING THEY WERE LYING they make up a phantom miscarriage. It’s always possible that Aniston or Jolie really did miscarry but unless one of them speaks about it publicly I place these phantom pregnancies somewhere close to stories about Big Foot, UFOs or Elvis sightings.

  43. Moreaces says:

    Without Brad/Angie/jen, these rags would make no money,, just sad and ridiculous.

  44. DetRiotGirl says:

    Dear Star Magazine,

    I was wondering if you have any need for new staff. I have always loved creative writing, and think I could really add something to your current stable of talented story tellers. To prove my point, I have written a small sample story about the couple the gossip world so delightfully calls “Brangelina” for your consideration.

    Here goes…

    Big screen beauty Angelina Joile and her long time love Brad Pitt are said to be doubling security at their mansion in Xanadu (check out for more info on how Brand and Angie have secretly started their own country!) because of an insidious new plot by longtime spinster, Jennifer Aniston.

    Aniston is said to spend every waking second of her existence thinking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile (check out our sister site, Radar Online, for more info on how the only living creature ever to love Jen was her now deceased dog Norman!), so this latest plot should come as no surprise to our loyal readers. So, what is this devious plan that has Angelina so enraged?

    Star magazine has learned exclusively that Jen, forever 32, is planning on having her uterus extracted, inflated and then filled with used condoms (see for more articles on how Jen secretly saved Brad’s sperm all these years!) and a scrap book of magazine clippings from the early 2000′s declaring herself and Brad Pitt the most beautiful couple of all time. The scrap book is said to be bound together with locks of Jen’s trademark blonde hair and concludes with the words “never forget” painted on in red wine with the ends of the unused plane tickets to Cabo she had purchased for Brad just before Angelina Joile wrecked her home and built up a child army for protection (see for more on info on how “Shax” is learning Karate, playing with knives). She is said to be planning on having her assistant, Chelsea Handler, sent to Xanadu to fling it into the power couple’s living room.

    Angelina is said to be seething with rage over this latest attempt by Aniston to remind her that Brad had sex with other women in the past. Unnamed sources quote Angelina as saying “I’m so mad I could either get pregnant again or shoot Brad in the face!”. The source went on to alledge that Angie would need Brad to “put at least six more babies in [her]” to make up for his ex-wife’s latest shenanigans. She went on to say “maybe I’ll marry Brad, so I can divorce him over this.”

    So far, Star has been unable to reach anyone for comment. Keep reading Star Magazine for further updates!

    So what do you think, Star? Do I have the job? I look forward to hearing from you.

    - DetRiotGirl

  45. hetekyle says:

    Who writes that crap? lol. This magazine spits lies like they don’t even have souls.

  46. Kara says:

    Wow, I feel bad for those three. I’m pretty sure they’ve all moved on with their lives since then, and the press constantly recycling the same stories is frankly annoying. And a miscarriage is a very personal thing for a woman that is not to be taken so lightly as to be tossed around in a second rate magazine to generate more revenue. What’s wrong with industry?

  47. EBitch says:

    Jennifer Aniston is so ugly, I feel so sorry for her.

  48. Mike Anderson says:

    What a joke about this movie!!!! Lets take the fact making money on other countries wars isn’t the best idea in the world. Can’t wait for a manger war to break out in america and a few years later go make a movie about the people lives and what they witnessed during the war!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. rosalee says:

    Go back and read what she said and did prior to marrying Billy (Goat) Bob when he was still with Laura that time it was obvious Angie was a first class passenger on the crazy train. She is amazing, but let’s not recreate her history.

  50. Janiece says:

    Actually, BBT and Dern were over long before BBT and Jolie got together. This myth was exposed long ago.

  51. deltona lakes says:

    if I hear one more time about this Laura Dern made-up story i’m going to scream. BBT said they were never engaged and had brokened up. The same Laura dern who got pregnant by a married Ben Harper while his wife was about to deliver their baby.

  52. Me11 says:

    Asli, I understand everything you said. Years ago I also use to be a fan of Jen not believing anything from Brangelina but I got so sick of the Jen rollercoster ride.
    So sick of the douche men like Mayer and the obviously silly tabloid lies that was beyond belief. From Jen’s own mouth she don’t want children and probably never have. I can’t understand why people would still believe a baby story knowing Jen don’t want kids but sadly if they printed a Jen is pregnant story tomorrow some will still believe it. Seriously it got to embarrassing to be in the pity party brigade.
    Now I have come to believe there was no Brangelina affair. Angelina didn’t pull no magic to steal Brad. Brad was done with his marriage and moved now I wish some others can also move on.
    Too bad the tabloid magazines need these lies to sell their trashy mags.