Us Weekly: Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez are engaged, he gave her an emerald ring

Radar, Star Magazine and Us Weekly are all claiming the same thing this morning – Halle Berry and her prisoner/boyfriend Olivier Martinez are engaged! Halle and Olivier have been photographed frequently over the past month, to the point where I was wondering if some big announcement was about to come out. My suspicion was about Halle’s custody battle with Gabriel Aubry, though – I thought there was another shoe to drop with that subject. Turns out, Halle just wanted us to know that she and Olivier are loved up and engaged.

Third time’s the charm for Halle Berry! The 45-year-old actress and Olivier Martinez are engaged, a source confirms to the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday.

Over the holidays, Martinez, 46, proposed with an emerald-and-diamond ring from Gurhan.

Berry, who has a 3-year-old daughter, Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, has been married twice before. (She dated model Aubry, 36, for nearly five years before splitting in April 2010.) She wed former baseball player David Justice in 1993 and divorced four years later. She then married R&B singer Eric Benet in 2001, only to separate in 2003 and finalize their divorce in 2005.

She first met French actor Martinez while working on the film Dark Tide; they stepped out as a couple in fall 2010. He previously dated Australian pop star Kylie Minogue for several years before splitting in 2007.

A source tells Us she “had given up on being married, but she trusts Olivier. He makes her feel safe. He’s a keeper!”

[From Us Weekly]

Radar’s report is pretty much the same, only they add the detail that Halle wants to have Olivier’s baby too. A source tells Star/Radar: “Halle is very serious about this marriage. She’s ready. Olivier has become her rock. Halle feels Olivier has made a connection and a commitment to her and her daughter. Halle would love to have more kids, but she knows it might be difficult because of her age and the fact that she’s diabetic. If they can’t conceive, they’d definitely consider adoption.”

Sure, it’s all happiness and glowing and planning a baby right now. But when they break up, Halle will let us know that Olivier was an abusive, racist monster. I’m just saying – Olivier should watch his ass, because Halle does not do breakups well.

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  1. Nonny says:

    She’s a psycho, be warned Martinez.

  2. hstl1 says:

    Hopefully she can make this one stick! Best of luck to them both!

  3. brin says:

    Yeah, watch your back, Olivier and don’t have any snowglobes close by.

  4. Marjalane says:

    eh, Mazel tov to her. Now stop dressing like a 14 year old.

  5. chickieboo says:


  6. Agnes says:

    “Prisoner/boyfriend” – hahahahahaha! That’s awesome, Kaiser.

  7. dorothy says:

    She’s using you for your sperm, just like she did her previous baby-daddy. Run like the wind.

  8. Sarah says:

    Ugh. Olivier M has not aged well. What happened to him? I think the last time I saw him was in Unfaithful, and the man was HOT!

  9. Dee says:

    Leave Halle alooooooooone!!! *ducks*

    • DarkEmpress says:

      I agree. She definitely has issues but she has been through a lot. Her dad abandoned her, her first husband beat her and her second husband cheated on with tons of women her baby daddy definitely has some race issues (confirmed by his two ex girlfiriends). I think Halle needs someone who is going to give her security for her to be stable. Olivier seems to be willing to be with her all the time so I think it could really work.

  10. YokoDMV says:

    i like them together…they r both aging but believe they’re still and will always be impossibly hot…olivier has enough of that foreign pervert vibe going to combat halle’s psycho behind closed doors thing…if olivier can be a good doormat this should work out just fine.

  11. MrsNix says:

    Good! Maybe now she’ll leave her ex alone and redirect the bats*** at a new man.

    I knew she was a complete nutjob when she ran over that woman back about ten years ago or so and then tried to say she didn’t remember doing it. She got a complete pass from the public on that, and I’ve been shaking my head ever since.

  12. ladybert62 says:

    I advise Mr. Martinez to quietly chat with some of her ex husbands and boyfriends and see what they have to say about psycho-Halle.

  13. Beatrix says:

    the s*x must be out of this world is the only explanation I can find for this. eh, we don’t know them personally, but everything says Halle is unstable and this will end and not well….hopefully for that precious little girl Olivier isn’t a total creep

  14. foozy says:

    ca va pas martinez??? t’es dingue ou quoi?? she’s a freak!

  15. melanie says:

    She is cray cray – serious issues. After the way she treated her baby’s daddy I can’t believe anyone would hook up with her.

  16. Tiffany27 says:

    The break up is going to be spectacular. Trust.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Brace for the impact, Kaiser. Like Angelina and Billy Bob, Katie Perry and Russell Brand, we all know where this is going (trainwreck). Halle Berry doesn’t seem to learn anything from her past experiences with men and just keeps blaming them. But the only constant in her past bad relationships has been HER! I am a few years older than Halle and I have learned from my past, I have given up dating unless a charming Tom Selleck look-alike with money comes along!

  18. Franny says:

    I thought she was one of those women who claimed they would never get married again? hot french men seem to be able to change that notion…

    • Delta Juliet says:

      Yeah, she did say that. I guess we should always qualify statements like that :)

      I think she’s beautiful but she’s definitely nuts.

    • Hautie says:

      I am more inclined to believe that there will not be a “legal” marriage. She is not about to have to share her wealth with one of her bad decisions again.

      I can see them in a relationship. But I just don’t see Halle making it legal. At all.

      But there is a nasty court case coming up over custody.

      So I can see Halle playing a game of trying to look like a nice normal /engaged to be married woman.

      Versus looking like a crazy ex-girlfriend with an axe to grind. Which she truly is… :)

  19. Leticia says:

    Well, time to move on to European men and see if that works out for her. The continent of North America only had men who were abusive and racist towards her.

  20. kellybean says:

    My boyfriend and I have discussed marriage and about a month ago I told him I wanted an emerald (and diamond) ring because it was different than the usual all diamond engagement rings. I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

  21. for real? says:

    damn i wish them the best, i like halle cray ctay and all, there is someone for everyone and i hope she found hers. The baby seems happy and as long as they can be adults and maintain a civil relationship or the sake of their daughter i think every one will be ok.

  22. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Who wants to bet they won’t make it to the altar? Olivier isn’t going to lie down and take her shit like the other men. So, either he’s tamed the crazy or they have some spectacular blowout and Halle will finally get a taste of her own medicine (well, one can hope anyway).

  23. lisa says:

    I guess he is the one.. she said she was not going to get married again.

    But everyone can change their minds.

  24. The Original Mia says:

    I’m sure this has nothing to do with their movie coming out in the next few months or her custody case. I’m just being cynical when I think an engagement would improve her chances in court against Gabriel.

  25. Suzy from Ontario says:

    At this point in her relationship with GA she was still singing his praises and saying how wonderful he was and her soulmate etc. This marriage won’t last. I think she has serious issues. I also wonder if part of it isn’t also about getting sole custody and squeezing GA out of Nahla’s life completely (her thinking she’ll be seen as the more stable parent being married and well off). Hope it’s not about that but with her I don’t know. Their little girl is so beautiful.

  26. Courtney says:

    oh please Halle isn’t marriage Material Olivier should run like the wind. maybe he gave her an emerald as a replacement for her birthstone Peridot

  27. mel says:

    She is gonna try to take Nahla out of the country and away from her father. Just wait n see.

  28. truthful says:

    meh, congrats, I guess.

    whatever works hopefully, it will last.

    he lost his sexy waaay before Halle entered the pictur, I saw photos of him before they got together (never would have imagined it) and I did not know who he was.

    I’ll always remember the man in “unfaithful”.

    well, at least she did not go hotter and younger and get all crazy.

    time will tell w/these two and I’ll be watching.

  29. meme says:

    I hope it’s magic. congratulations.

  30. anne_000 says:

    Why would he want a child, adopted or natural, with her? Doesn’t he see the ish storm that Aubry is going thru? Good lord. The definition of crazy is when you expect a different result from the same pattern.

  31. OXA says:

    maybe the emerald is in exchange for a green card.

  32. Alexis says:

    She insane, but still so pretty.

  33. Me says:

    @ OXA…wow, not everybody’s in a relationship cos of what they can gain. That’s a hateful thing to say.

  34. blonde on the dock says:

    How does anyone on here know she’s crazy? Because whoever writes this blog said so?

    • I Choose Me says:

      I’m not comfortable either with the term crazy or cray-cray being flung about but Halle’s issues with men (beginning with her father) are well documented.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        Her father and her first husband were wife beaters. Doesn’t that make them the bad guy? And Eric Benoit cheated on her. To me that says she doesn’t take any crap.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I know she’s said her father beat her mother and that he left them but I don’t ever recall hearing that David Justice was abusive – just that she wanted to kill herself when their marriage ended. He’s not the one who hit her so hard she lost some hearing in one ear btw. That’s rumored to be Wesley Snipes. And yes she was right to leave Benet for cheating. Look I’m not hating on Halle but my opinion still stands – she’s an emotionally damaged person who doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to men. This doesn’t make her crazy but I think her baggage has and will continue to affect her relationships with men. How could it not? I do not foresee her marriage to Martinez working out, assuming they do make it down the aisle.

  35. j says:

    Can not stand her she is a nut.. going on Oprah with no bra and crying about Dave Justice.. he said she was a nut too. she did not just say she would never marry again.. she was adamant.. she was crazy jealous

  36. BELLA says:

    RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT YOU MEN LEARN??? THIS WILL NOT END WELL.

  37. the original bellaluna says:

    The ring is beautiful. It looks like an emerald or princess-cut Brazilian emerald with diamonds around it, set in yellow gold.

    No, I’m not a stalker – I have the same ring. (Though I’m sure it’s not “the same,” as we are not in the same tax bracket.)

  38. Jenna says:

    Is it bad that I’m totally looking forward to these two breaking-up?

  39. LeeLoo says:

    I never got the Halle hate. She has poor choice in men, for sure but I don’t think she’s crazy. She got cheated on by her ex husband and then when she tried to have a decent relationship with the father of her daughter and that blew up in her face. She had the evidence to back up her claims, and even a judge has agreed with her in the custody case. Sure, money can talk but I don’t think she is as vindictive as people make her out to be. I just think she has lousy choice in men. But I will take back everything I have said today if the relationship plays out like many of you think it will.

    I hope things with Olivier work out. They do seem like a nice couple.

    • Audra says:

      Thank you, someone with sense does exist on this site. I don’t understand how Halle is crazy. Do these men hold no responsibility in the relationship? Should she have stayed with an abusive husband or a serial cheater? DOes moving on with your life after abuse make you crazy?

      I am so disappointed with the women on this site. As a victim of domestic violence, I can tell you that you it is not easy to move on and and start fresh. Halle has done an excellent job and she seems like a wonderful mother.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I don’t get the “Halle is crazy” thing either really. I think it’s just something people have said often enough that everyone else believes it. *shrugs* However I DO think the fact that she was involved in TWO hit-and-runs pretty fucked up. I mean who LEAVES the scene of an accident-TWICE? Sketchy as hell IMO. And if it was Blohan, we’d all be giving her shit for it. With Halle, it was just swept under the rug and forgotten about. I will say that the bitch is tremendously beautiful. And she definitely *appears* to have natural beauty-which is rare for middle-aged women in the Hollywood industry.

  40. whatevs says:

    he aged badly! but for his old times’ sake get it halle lol

  41. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Don’t do it Halle. OLIVIER was rumoured to be skanking it up while being the “supportive” bf to Kylie Minogue when she was in her cancer battle. TOTAL PHRENCH PHILANDERER.

    Always team Halle. Biracial sistas who keep it real will always get my back went it comes to the race issue. I dare anyone to try and make me a racist for identifying my children and myself as black. Bitches will get themselves told on. The fact the fact that just about every body on this site automatically took Aubery’s sixe has me doubly confident in my choices.

    They both played the victim card but Halle gets all the blame.

  42. danielle says:

    I do think Halle is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She blows Jolie or Aniston both out of the water – especially given how long she’s remained gorgeous. She is also a beautiful dresser – she does casual and glamour great. That said, I think she might be a nut ball.

  43. Camille says:

    I thought Halle didn’t want to ever get married again? I get the feeling that this ‘engagement’ is a way to make Cray-Cray Halle look somewhat stable in the eyes of the judge for the custody case.

  44. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    I do think Halle is prettier than Jolie. Her face and body have pretty much stayed the same. I will concede that she had a nose job (which saddens me) way back when but everything else is hers and gorgeous. Overall she is more pleasing than Jolie. Face wise Jolie and Berry are equals but Jolie’s frail frame does not inspire me to write wax poetic.

  45. Honky says:

    I love her short hair, I wish I could wear my hair like that! Don’t like the ring. Olivier doesn’t do anything for me. I think it will last longer than Kim’s “wedding” but not as long as Russell & Katy’s…

  46. HadleyB says:

    So she’s crazy because a man beat the crap out of her, and another cheated on her ..that makes perfect sense.

    Men MAKE you crazy, so it’s not like she is some horrible person.. does anyone know for a fact?

    What are these “documented” cases? Blogs? Gossip sites? LOL .

    On another note, I am so pleased to hear this about them getting married — they are the same age – no one is 20 years younger or older, a nobody, a playmate, a porn star or my ex’s gf or bf, my sisters brother or some other CRAZY shizz.

    Finally, middle aged actors who have something in common to talk about and not just get married because one has money and one is too young to even drink.


  47. crtb says:

    I think this is a ploy for custody. I beleved Halle when she said she never wanted to ger married again. Now she wil ltake her daughter out of the country so the the father has no access to his child.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yep. I honestly think it may be a case of punishing one man for all the ones that did her wrong in the past. I do not believe that Aubry is Racist or in anyway not a good father to his child. Is he perfect? I’m sure he’s not. No one is a saint and he’s probably got a few issues of his own. Who doesn’t? But I think Halle got used to being in control, I think she needs to be in control and when Aubry didn’t wanna play by her rules, sh*t got real.

  48. skuddles says:

    Hmmm, sorry but no way I can see him being any more faithful to her than the last two husbands.

    On another note, is it just me or does she have a case of perma-bitchface going on – even when she’s smiling (like pic with pink dress)? Beautiful woman but she looks rather bitter.

  49. ViktoryGin says:

    From what I understand, Olivier is no saint either. Not only did he allegedly screw over Kylie Minogue as previous poster stated, but infidelity was the alleged reason that Mira Sorvino ended their relationship. It used to be up on IMDB years ago, and not it’s now…Hmmm…

    Guess someone’s publicist put an injunction on that….

    Even actors require visas, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s seeing Green right now. And if I had potential access to the European Union, I’d get on my hustle too.

    Either way, I can’t bring myself to hate her. The showbiz industry is littered with creatures that are more vile than she is. I just hope that she’s been able to allay her issues enough to make this one work.

  50. Peanut says:

    The “cray cray” part comes in when you realize she’s 45 and has a track record of choosing abusers and cheaters. It’s not really “crazy” per se, but it does speak to some unresolved emotional issues on her part that she seemingly keeps putting herself in unhealthy relationships.

  51. Kellie says:

    Everyone has the potential to be a little nutty. It comes out when we face unexpected adversity. If you have no idea what I’m talking about may I please join you in your bubble.