Brad Pitt went solo to the Critics Choice: where was Angelina Jolie?

I was so looking forward to even more photos of Angelina Jolie at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, but Angelina decided to dash my dreams. Brad Pitt went solo to the awards show – he was nominated for Best Actor, but he lost to George Clooney. It would have been nice for Angelina to come out to support her lover, but she didn’t, so Brad had to sit at the sausage party table (the Moneyball table) all by his lonesome. He looked nice – I like white ties, and I don’t mind his hair length, but I wish he had shaved.

So why wasn’t Angelina there? Some conspiracies:

*Angelina just met Pres. Obama. She must have totally flown back to LA, only to pack her bags and announce to Brad that she leaving him to homewreck her way into the Obamas’ marriage.

*She was too busy doing that “live chat” thing.

*Empress Z demanded that her mother stay at home and watch Dirty Dancing yet again.

*Michael Fassbender (who also wasn’t at the Critics Choice) unleashed his beast for La Jolie and proceeded to wreck her sweetshop, thus making her forget about Pres. Obama and Brad Pitt. And everything else. Nine months from now, Angelina will give birth to a big-lipped ginger baby and all will be right with the world.

Sigh… I’m really hoping for the Fassbender option. WHERE WAS HE? I will only excuse his absence if he really was off somewhere, beasting the hell out of Angelina. But I guess I should settle for Brad right now. Sigh… I hope Brad wins ***something*** during this awards season. I’m going to be so disappointed if Clooney ends up with an endless stream of awards.

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  1. Meg says:

    She was still blowing Obama in Oval Office.

  2. watchingyoubitchh says:

    She was doing the live chat thing. All those theories were fu.ny but the obama thing just killed it .lol

  3. truthSF says:

    Lol Kaiser, you should read MK’s version of the white house visit, while listening to Nivea’s “Don’t mess with my man”. You will piss ur pants laughing.

  4. atlantapug says:

    You forgot to add….

    She was flying around the world on a cloud wearing her halo and healing everyone she touches with her magical angel hands.

  5. Ell says:

    *She was sobbing in the shower of course!

  6. Sakyiwaa says:

    Brad looks AWESOME!
    Maybe Angie need to videochat with her kids since she couldn’t bring them.

  7. Bite me says:

    La Jolie was washing her hair … Anyway the live chat was great … Maddox asked her a question ;)

  8. Jen says:

    I thought I’d gone away from my phase where I thought Pitt was a hottie. But DAMN that man can wear the hell out of a suit!

  9. Sakyiwaa says:

    Brad lost? What’s happening to the critics? I don’t want Clooney to sweep everything either… Sigh…

  10. Cody says:

    She was probably home or in a hotel,dealing with all their kids.

  11. lisa says:

    the live chat with Angie and Vanessa was very nice. And that question from Maddox was so cute. Especially her reaction when she saw it was from him. She was so thrown. And then she just lit up.

    Brad did look wonderful last night. That white tie on the white shirt was a hot choice. Haven’t seen that on men before.
    and yes I so wanted him to win. George is such a bore with his speeches.

    I will be sick if George wins everything. UGH. his head will be even bigger.

    Viola’s speech made me weep a bit. Just so heartfelt and real.

    but the overall show was a snooze fest. Who the heck were the people putting this on. It was so ugh.

  12. Bite me says:

    Pitt and La Jolie willbe presenting an award at the Globes per huffingtonpost … Hope it’s true

  13. Toot says:

    Brad looked great last night and Angelina’s chat was interesting.

  14. D says:

    Honestly, I don’t have anything against Brad but I’m going to be bummed if he or Clooney win over Gary Oldman (who is one of Brad’s idols, btw).

    Give Oldman his due already.

  15. serena says:

    Seriously I like Clooney but he didn’t deserve to win best actor. I hope Brad win a Oscar.

  16. Ravensdaughter says:

    Angie was busy-they do have six kids…

  17. Sara says:

    maybe she didn’t feel like going and didn’t want to steal his thunder. Maybe she wanted a quiet night at home with her kids and watch it on tv. Brad needs a good brow lift, would do wonders!

  18. Maya says:

    Maybe she was out eating a few burgers or getting some vitamin shots? Can’t get those images of her swimming in that grey coat out of my head. The woman needs to eat.

  19. Eleonor says:

    Angie was at home, shopping on amazon for the Empress.

  20. lisa says:

    The where are Angie comment are a bit WHAT? because we know where Angie was.

  21. flan says:

    Maybe she was hanging out with her kids. Or just sleeping. She works hard, must be exhausting.

  22. ladybert62 says:

    Goat-boy Pitt needs a haircut and a shave.

  23. Asli says:

    Oh my flipping God!

    Committee people do not – I repeat: DO NOT!!! – let Brad lose out to George!

  24. Lolol says:

    Straight up , brad Pitt has too much makeup on. I know this is an unpopular opinion but BRAD PITT IS UGLY! Yeah, I said it. Someone from the event tweeted that they saw pitt in the bathroom and confrimed that he is not attractive in person :( Angelina scheduled a live chat at the exact time brad was to be at the show. Lol that tells ya where she would rather be and it’s not at an award show with you pr Pitt.

  25. Iggles says:

    Omg! He is looking HAWT again!!!!!

    Hot Brad has returned :) With the cane he reminds me of Louis from “Interview With A Vampire” :lol:

  26. lisa says:

    You know.. Brad is so working that fcuking cane.. that swagger the everything. I remember seeing old movies with men with canes and umbrellas

    He has always been a very very good looking man. That has never changed. You can’t clean up and become gorgeous. It has to have been there in the first place

    So excited for Sunday. Brad and Angie always make a Fabulous couple on Red Carpet.

  27. HoustonGrl says:

    Has Angie left him for Obama?

  28. ramona says:

    I think Fassy’s in London… he’s doing a Q&A a week from today, so he’ll defo be leaving LA soon if he hasn’t already…

  29. Dibba says:

    Who cares?! These two are so fun to goof on, they are so super serious and full of themselves! I love them!

  30. Heine says:

    He looks good, actually. He appears to have done something to his eyebags-they used to be much more pronounced and now they are virtually gone. With the long hair, suit and cane, he looks like he dressed himself as Louie from Interview With The Vampire.

    Why shouldn’t Clooney win? He is a great actor and he did a wonderful job in The Descendants. I think both deserve awards for their work this year. If either wins, I’m happy.

    I think Angelina wasn’t there because of her Q&A thing (which I didn’t watch). I do find it curious that she would schedule it on that particular day. Sorta makes me think that because critics were totally split on her film, it’d be slightly embarrassing to show up to the critics awards ceremony when it wasn’t nominated for anything and half the people who voted for these things didn’t leave favorable reviews. Especially since it is so clearly constructed as Oscar bait.

    • Colette says:

      Oscar bait really? you realize her film is ineligible for an Oscar in the foreign film category. According to THR a foreign film has to be submitted by the foreign country no country submitted her film. The Artist is also ineligible for foreign film because of Oscar rules . There is an article about this on The Hollywood Reporter website.

      • Original Chloe says:

        I think you are wasting your breath, Colette. I sometimes try and always walk away, shaking my head. I’m not even talking about Heine now (whom I’ve actually grown to respect), just in general, people throwing in things in their comments that they know s*it about, mixing up crucial facts etc.

        It’s not about rational criticism of particular behaviours that you might dislike, it’s about throwing some mud at Jolie, for whatever reason. I recommend you the posts of the user called ‘olivia’ – you’ll be head-desking after two of those.

      • Heine says:

        Colette: Yes, I do realize that. But there is plenty of precendent for a foreign language film to win other awards besides Best Foreign Language Film.

        Javier Bardem was nominated for Best Actor for Biutiful. Letters From Iwo Jima was nominated for four Oscars including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. There are plenty of other films primarily in Foreign Languages that did well including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won four.

        The Artist will almost certainly get a bunch of Oscar nominations in other categories considering the praise it’s been getting and it’s nominations bonanza at the Critics Choice Awards.

        If the Academy likes something, they will nominate the s*** out of it regardless of language.

        In The Land Of Blood And Honey is a melodramatic love story set in a prison camp during a foreign war. Totally Oscar bait. She could feasibly have been nominated for Best Director (what a ratings coup that would have been), Best Picture, or Best Cinematography or something.

        If the movie was any good, of course.

        (that last sentence was an unnecessary burn, but I’m keeping it)

        Original Chloe: Well shucks. I respect you too. :)

      • Sakyiwaa says:

        Omg, ‘olivia’ actually gives me the *laughs* these days! Don’t mind seeing her on the boards at all.

        I actually respect a no. of JA Fans as well. But there was this poster i really liked called ‘Addie’ and she liked BOTH JA and AJ a lot. You could tell it was real. I really admired that. I think that’s where I maybe headed. I can’t bitch on everyone & everything, esp. without proof. That’s not me. I guess I’m not a *real* bitch, ;-) !

  31. I Choose Me says:

    Aw, Kaiser is having Fassbender withdrawal. I am too come to think of it *twitch* :D

  32. Guest says:

    Since Angie was not there, and there is a bromance going on, George should have left Stacy home and gone with Brad to the awards show. What an entrance that would have made.

  33. Shay Kay says:

    Brad does look good here.Angie and he just had a scheduling conflict so no big deal there.Really these two pda so much on the red carpet that you know they are sending a message of “we’re so in love.”I think they’re just very happy where they’re at with their careers and each other.I am not a Brangeloonie at all but you know what?Good for them and all six of their children.

  34. whatevs says:

    sometimes he looks so young!

  35. blonde on the dock says:

    I think the smoking has taken it’s toll on Brad but he looks pretty good here.

  36. Mssnarnd says:

    Nobody puts Z in a corner!!!

  37. original sandy says:

    i agree some, no matter the circumstances will not be able to fully give brad or,… angie for that matter their due, not that these two need it, they are doing fine on their own, but that seems to piss them off even more. it’s good that the brandge don’t care, and is still elevating. brad did an excellent job this year and deserves that Oscar like any body Else.

    • Kara Ann says:

      I’m not a Brange fan but I say this in their defense, they do care and that’s okay. All of us want to be acknowledged for our contributions to (fill in the blank). That’s a normal, human desire. I mean I don’t think they’ll lose their sh*t over it if they don’t win something. I’m sure they have higher priorities but that doesn’t mean they don’t want acknowledgement and appreciation. Let them be human.
      BTW, can’t believe I’m defending the Brange but, in this, they deserve the defense.

      • Sakyiwaa says:

        Nice one. Thanks for being objective.

        Apart from everything else, i also appreciate Clooney, the Brange and other talked about actors for not letting the Reality and Tabloid star replace the Movie star.

        I know it’s gonna happen, but i’m glad it hasn’t yet. Thanks to their shenanigans… :-)

  38. maria-pierre says:

    thank goodness she wasn’t there coz am so tired of seeing her face,but for her kids i’ll have disliked her completely.

  39. Sara says:

    Brad Pitt looks great for 48. He looks better than he has in a while. Maybe it’s the hair.

    • patw says:

      or the salon visit that lainey talked about (for which there was all that hoopla)?

      anyway, I’ve never realized how much actual campaigning goes on behind these awards. And frankly, it’s a little disgusting watching them troll for awards. ick.

  40. lisa says:

    I like Michael. I remember seeing him in 300. But bringing him up on other celebrity threads is a bit too much.. I saw his picture on an Angie thread for NO REASON.

    anyway. I like him as an actor. And Brad has been very supportive of him.

    Video at link
    WATCH: Michael Fassbender Looks Forward to Re-Teaming with Brad Pitt
    By Tom Brook | Posted on Friday, January 13th, 2012
    The two actors worked together in Inglourious ******** — and Fassbender is a huge fan: “Absolutely, having had the opportunity to work with him on Inglourious was just a real dream — and at that point he was very, very supportive to me.”
    At the time, Fassbender was a virtual unknown: “Nobody knew who I was, and [Brad] was just really very, very generous in his acting but also with word of mouth. He was coming back to L.A. and speaking about me.”
    12 Years A Slave will also mark Michael Fassbender’s third collaboration with British director Steve McQueen. The two worked together very effectively on Hunger and, more recently, in Shame.
    Before shooting on 12 Years A Slave gets underway Fassbender and Pitt could find themselves in a friendly face-off at the Oscars. Both are possible Best Actor nominees: Pitt for his role in Moneyball or Tree of Life and Fassbender for Shame.
    When I asked Michael Fassbender about the prospect of getting nominated, he said, “Of course it would be amazing, just the fact that we’re having this conversation, it’s amazing, so we’ll see what happens.”

  41. moopsie says:

    Wouldn’t it be weird if Angie did go the awards along with Brad and she mingled with Stacy Keibler while Brad hung out with George? Maybe that’s why she didn’t want to go. She’s too classy to have to mingle with Stacy Keibler

    • Kara Ann says:

      In my definition of “classy” in social situations people should be willing and able to mingle with everyone. That’s classy! Deciding not to mingle outside of your “group” is childish, short-sighted, and alienating.
      You could be right though.
      Anyway pet peeve of mine that people mistake “classy” with rude and/or entitled boorish behavior. :)

  42. Camille (The original) says:

    Brad looks gorgeous, love the suit too.