Jennifer Aniston pregnant with twins, claims Star Magazine

Last week In Touch had a cover story that read “Jen looks pregnant.” The accompanying article was little more than speculation based on a slight tummy she was photographed with and included such trite “insider” statements as “Jen knows it’s now or never if she’s gonig to have a baby” and “[a baby] would explain why [Jennifer and John Mayer are] back together.”

Star’s article about Aniston last week was a likely fabricated cover story which focused on a supposed wedding she was planning with John Mayer. Star has been caught entirely making up wedding stories complete with fake details in the past, and I doubt the Aniston wedding story had any basis in reality. Aniston is said to have met with a wedding planner to map out a February 11 wedding to coincide with her 40th birthday party. Details like Aniston’s plan to wear a simple white peasant wedding dress, ask guests to go barefoot, and serve Mexican food and margaritas were included. It just seemed like complete BS.

The National Enquirer claimed Aniston had suffered a miscarriage during her marriage to Brad Pitt and I was hoping that story wasn’t true, either. It was just too sad and seemed like something that should remain private.

There were so many overblown Aniston stories last week that I planned on running an article comparing them all. She sells magazines and as commenter Jen mentioned, she’s their “bread and butter,” so it’s not like the tabloids are going to stop featuring her or Angelina on the cover.

Now Star is taking it up a notch by claiming that Aniston is pregnant with twins – just like her ex husband and his girlfriend. This also smells fake, but it’s an attention-grabbing headline and is sure to move some copies.

Star is like fan fiction written by a jealous teenager. Sometimes they get stories right, though, and in this case I would find it incredibly good gossip – and good news for Aniston – if she was pregnant with twins. She’s probably laughing over her chicken salad and margarita lunch at this story, though.

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  1. Lore says:

    I hope, I hope I hope, for her sake.

  2. Ernestine says:

    GOOD GOD. At this point, this rag is just a precious waste of paper and nothing more. I’m all for tabloid sensationalism — as long as it’s TRUE!!

  3. dr.grrl says:

    JA looks like a Popsicle….

    frozen solid with a stick up her butt…

  4. Kaiser says:

    She’s not pregnant, that pic on the Star cover was taken when she had those cheek filler-things (implants?). She took them out a few months ago.

    I still hold that the Jen wedding stories were plants by her publicist – and if those stories didn’t scare off Mayer, then this certainly will. :lol:

  5. Syko says:

    That little “So there, Angie” thing at the side. Sheesh!

    If she really wanted to say “so there, Angie”, she’d get herself impregnated with quadruplets. That’d show the Jolie-Pitts!

  6. CiCi says:

    Kaiser, why did Jen have cheek filler things? For a movie? I never heard this.

  7. vdantev says:

    ‘So there Angie’ in the bright pink circle. :roll: When JA has 5 kids and spends her free time in harm’s way visiting Afghanie children- then they can say that.

  8. Jason says:

    We all know by now that Jennifer Aniston is a “stupid women” but I think even Jennifer Aniston would know better than to do that.
    To bad her PR team are weak pathetic people that don’t know how to stop this junk.
    No body is going to read Star they are dropping. This mess don’t work. Star will find this out very soon.

  9. Mairead says:

    wake me up when she has triplets.

    Or when she puts that fringe back in her hair.

    I’m not fussed either way, to be honest. :|

  10. Bodhi says:

    :roll: How ridiculous! The rags are getting more & more desperate. There are plenty of REAL scandalous stories out there

  11. LOL says:

    Another Jen and John PR movie, lord I am so sick of this one trick pony.

  12. Jenna says:

    Hahahahahaha! The lindsey and Justin part. Now that is hilarious.

    I saw this magazine today and I stuck my gum on it. :mrgreen:

  13. Ann says:

    This is really getting sad. The tabloids are so desperate that it is not even good fun anymore. And for those of you have have this very odd theory that Jen’s PR people feed stories to the tabloids which ones do you think they feed. The one about marriage (when they were actually breaking up), the one about John not wanting to settle down, the one about John buying baby books because he is so excited, the one about Jen getting pregnant by accident so her and John are back together, the one about her using ferility treatment, the one about her being pregnant with twins, or just maybe the US one that stated that she has changed her mind on having babies because she wants John so bad, the one about her calling Brad, or maybe the one that Jennifer Aniston wants more plastic surgery because she’s afraid her nose is only getting bigger, maybe the one that her date with Gerald was to make John jealous, or what about the one that Jen asked John to marry her, or maybe the one that she planned a sexy birthday surprise for him, wait how about the one that Angleina stabbed her in the heart or just maybe the one that Angie has now said sorry. Uh-huh – sure you guys go ahead and think this. Just don’t blame the rest of us that we didn’t worn you when they come to take you way with rampant conspiracy theories (LOL).

  14. Kaiser says:

    CiCi – I have no idea *why* she did something so drastic to her face/cheek-area (when she was filming Marley & Me), but she did, and then a few months ago her face “collapsed”.

  15. Buttercup says:

    The tabs must really be getting desperate to make this stuff up continuously, no wonder I never buy them any more.
    And that Angie dig was beyond unnecessary, no wonder some fans won’t let things die with tripe like this.
    Still, if she is preggers, BIG congrats!
    And I too like the fringe in her hair, very youthful.

  16. someone says:

    It would really be a wonderful thing, if it were actually true..I don’t believe anything written by Star.

  17. curegirl0421 says:

    “So there Angie”?? Seriously they have been divorced FOREVER. Does anyone *really* believe that Jennifer Aniston gives two sniffs of a fart what Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt have to say anymore?

  18. tropicalmist says:

    what’s up with everyone having twins all the time lately?

  19. Maritza says:

    I really wish it were true, Jennifer deserves to be happy. But I think it BS,Star only wants to sell magazines.

  20. chick says:

    #14 must be on Huvane’s staff. she sure keeps track of these stories. (LOL!)

  21. Cat says:

    If they didn’t feed this story to star then they will come out and deny it to burst star’s bubble.
    If not they probably planted it to get attention. John and Jen seem to love that kind of stuff.

  22. Evin says:

    Douchifer’s at it again. Got to have that attention.

  23. Shane says:

    I don’t think I’d care to be a celebrity, with rags like this around.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jen didn’t get cheek implants. If you look at candids of Jennifer during the Marley & Me filming period, her cheeks are normal. It was a makeup technique used on screen for her role as Jenny Grogan.

  25. holdup says:

    “i hope it’s true because Jen deserves to be happy”


    whaaa? Since when did having children = happiness. I can tell you right now that if I woke up pregnant with twins tomorrow, I would be VERY far from happy.

  26. TM says:

    I think Jen could be pregnant with quants and yet still be unhappy and the same woe is me sreaming at the ocean pity party oprah prime time if she can not let go of her too contrived public image that she and that liar Huvane concocted.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Oh good lord, Star did not say she was pregnant with twins. They said she was trying to get pregnant and was eating some weird diet because she read somewhere that eating like that is more conducive to conceiving twins.

    Anyway, the whole story is a crock. She isn’t pregnant with anything. I don’t think she’s back with Mayer either. Nobody has seen any recent photos of them together save for one rush-job photo-op when Angelina unexpectedly turned up at the premiere of Changeling to honor Clint Eastwood and grabbed all the tabloid headlines. I don’t know why Huvane sets her up for this. Thanks in large part to him, she’s gone from America’s sweetheart to America’s laughing stock.

    Her 15 minutes are up and she ought to do herself and everyone else a favor and disappear. Permanently.

  28. Viggolover says:

    its just funny. sad funny.

    what is up with john mayer? he is all of a sudden a huge media wh*re! I used to like him

  29. frewt says:

    I think if she were indeed to get pregnant to that tool then the happiness would very, very quickly wear off.

  30. Jeanne says:

    Yah, yah, Mariah Carey is also supposed to be pregnant.

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