Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds’ dogs are causing relationship problems

From the very beginning of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ torrid affair, it was immediately obvious who the REAL stars were – the dogs. Ryan is so vanilla, and Blake is so… Blake. But their dogs are awesome. And the dogs often make it into the paparazzi shots too. Ryan’s beloved puppy is a golden retriever mix named Baxter – Blake was even photographed walking Baxter in NYC a month ago. Blake’s puppy is a Maltipoo named Penny. Penny is adorable and probably weighs about five pounds, if that. Five pounds of pure rage and puppy jealousy, apparently. According to the Enquirer, Penny is totally a diva, and she doesn’t like sharing her mom with that bastard Baxter.

Love may be in the air for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, but their dogs are at each other’s throats! Blake’s pint-sized Maltipoo, Penny, is used to being the center of attention and hates it when her owner showers Ryan’s friendly golden retriever mix, Baxter, with affection. Now pals say the war of the dogs has escalated to the point where it’s affecting the couple’s sex life!

“Penny is a real diva and is accustomed to getting her own way,” a source told The Enquirer. “She’s having a terrible time adjusting to Ryan and Baxter sharing her turf! Blake constantly spoiled Penny and made her the center of her world. Now, with Baxter as competition, she growls and bares her teeth whenever Blake pets or plays with Ryan’s pooch!”

Initially, Ryan and Blake thought handling the canine conflict would be good practice for dealing with children in the future. But they might never get to that point because the dogfight has spilled into the bedroom!

“They both love to sleep with their dogs on the bed – but Penny wants to be the only pooch in the room,” explained the source. “She tries to scare Baxter away. Ryan and Blake spend so much time trying to break up the feuding dogs, when it’s time to go to bed they’re so exhausted the last thing they think of is romance.”

The source continues, “Blake and Ryan are really in love… they just wish their four-legged friends would get along too!”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

LOL, it’s just a funny story, and God knows, it might even be true. Penny seems like she could be a diva, and it does seem like it’s always the little dogs who are always trying to start something. Baxter is probably looking at Penny like, “You little bitch, I could eat you with one gulp. STFU!” Here’s why I doubt the story though – because everything about Blake is so manicured and perfect – she would NEVER have a dog who misbehaves. NEVER. Baxter, meanwhile, always seems so chill. Most of the time, I don’t even think Ryan keeps Baxter on a leash – which is a sure sign of a well-behaved puppy.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame and PCN.

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  1. magda says:

    I believe. my pet always have problems with my boyfriends :)

  2. brin says:

    Blake probably has Ryan on a leash instead of Baxter. How could anyone not get along with Baxter? This story must be bs.

  3. kit says:

    Baxter is gorgeous and looks more interesting than Ryan and Blake put together times 10

  4. omg. this story is so stupid. love that Baxter tho. Penny looks bitchy to me.

  5. NM9005 says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw that close-up picture of that mutated rat Penny. Ithought it was a cute dog/puppy…until now. I love big goofy dogs anyway.

  6. Quest says:

    Baxter is such an adorable pooch, he has alot of star qualities and even knows how to pose for the paps.

  7. Lucy says:

    Both dogs are gorgeous…Baxter is awesome and Penny looks like a stuffed animal….

  8. NotaBitterBetty says:

    Beautiful dogs. And obviously a bs story.

  9. mln76 says:

    I really can’t stand most small dogs they always seem to be neurotic I’m so Team Baxter. :)

  10. Suzy (from Ontario, Canada) says:

    Well clearly they need to call the Dog Whisperer pronto!

  11. The Truth Fairy says:

    These quotes from “sources” always sound so fake!

  12. Emily says:

    Omg best story ever!!!!

    The only thing that would make it better would be to somehow include Amanda Seyfried’s dog.

  13. ella says:

    I believe it little dogs think they’re big and tough.I had a little dog and a bigger dog little dog always picked a fight

  14. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Team Baxter. Not a fan of toy dogs.

  15. Franny says:

    Baxter has perfected the bitch face. I love that dog.

    I have 2 dogs. My small dachshund Hans was ours first, so he is the dominant one. He always wants to cuddle with me and lay next to me and have 100% of my attention. Our dachshund/bassetthound/lab/retriever mix Baer just is happy to be around. So I totally believe this Penny/Baxter story because it sounds exactly like my pups.

  16. Cathy says:

    I have a 4 lb. toy pomeranian who is quite the little spoiled brat (my fault I admit it) She’s always trying to tell my big dogs off, doesn’t want them near me and god forbid they get up on the couch. She throws a fit, like it’s her furniture. So yes I can believe that Penny is a spoiled little diva, I believe it’s in little dogs dna.

  17. Asli says:

    What’s dog and what’s blanket in that top photo (if there even is a dog in her arms. Can’t tell)

  18. Hautie says:

    It is all about jealously.

    Where are Baxter has the glorious mane of strawberry blonde hair. So shiny and flowing.

    Penny has ratty burnt up perm hair. Which looks like hell.

    And there is Baxter, bouncing around with his luxurious perfect hair.

    Oh yea. Penny hates Baxter.

  19. Julie says:

    OMG, the face on that dog. Precious! I have an almost 5 lb. maltese and another 6 lb. morky. Bitches, these dogs. They truly think they are pit bulls.

    • Erinn says:

      My boyfriend’s family has a morky. Man I went through a phase where I hated that little dog. I’d never hated a dog before. She’s mellowed out so much more with me because I don’t let her get away with the crap her family allows. She’s still got a habit of treating people like her playthings, the little bugger climbs all over us. It drives me nuts haha.

  20. RocketMerry says:

    I so totally believe that. Maltipoos are mean, always-barking, little bitches. I had a friend who adored them and had two: hateful, insufferable animals. AND they are resentful and jealous, I believe, by nature.
    Baxter, this is absurd: I told you already, run away with me and we’ll be happy and forget all the snooty bitches of the world. Bark me!

  21. kazoo says:

    Blake’s dog is creepy looking.

  22. Erinn says:

    I find the tiny dogs are the ones you have to watch more often. A lot of them have been allowed to be super possessive of their owners, and they try to dominate any situation regarding them. The problem is a lot of people don’t seem to notice the dominance issues in dogs as issues. If a dog is constantly laying across you when you’re not telling it to come up on your lap it’s trying to ‘own’ you. When a small dog acts up it’s usually a lot more ‘cute’ than when a 50 lb dog acts up. I suspect that that’s probably the case with Blake’s dog.

  23. ladybert62 says:

    Those dogs are so damn cute I dont even look at the humans – that Penny is absolutely adorable!

  24. RobN says:

    Not being on a leash on the street is not a sign of a well-behaved dog, it’s a sign of a moronic owner.

    Dogs get hit by cars all the time because “they always stay right next to me”, right up until they see a squirrel and take off into the street.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      I live in a city and I see dogs all the time without leashes. One day I was running along the docks and turned a corner and almost collided with an unleashed dog. So dangerous! How is that safe for a dog? Kind of how I feel about cats that are let outside in a very urban area of the city. It’s just not in the best interest of the pet you know???

    • Petunia says:

      Thank you! And then there is the “well behaved dog” off leash who comes up and bites someone without provocation.

      I love dogs. I do. But dogs should always be leashed, so they don’t run away, get plucked up by a hawk, get run over, get in a dog fight, bite someone else, etc., etc, etc.

  25. nlb979 says:

    Off-leash dogs are just a sign of an irresponsible owner, not a well behaved dog.

  26. The Original Mia says:

    Baxter >>>>>>>>>>>Blake/Ryan/Penny

  27. Day says:

    Smaller dogs aren’t as well behaved as big dogs because people allow certain things from them that they don’t allow from bigger dogs. I know b/c I was one of those people. lol. I allowed my maltipoo to do things my German shepherd was never allowed to do. When my GS jumped on me, I immediately corrected his behavior because I knew one day he would be big enough for that to actually hurt me(he now weigh 100 lbs to my 90.) This is very common. My maltipoo was a year old before I trained her b/c her behavior was getting too bad. I read lots of books and learned about ‘small dog syndrome.’ You can’t let your little dogs get this. My dog had it and it was hell. Train them early, rather big or small.

  28. Meanchick says:

    Most boring couple next to Jen/Justin. When the story is about your dogs instead of you, there’s a problem.

    • Day says:

      I am so-so with Blake. She isn’t interesting enough to love nor bitchy enough to hate. But, you are right…she is so vanilla. And, Ryan is even duller than her and I didn’t think that was possible.

      • anonymous says:

        I am amazed that people GAZE at them comming and going, walking the dogs and just living their lives like normal people and then post about their boring lives. What SHOULD they be doing??? If you traveled the world as much as they do, a quiet evening at home with the dogs is probably the most exciting time ever. They are very cute couple.

  29. Pia says:

    Small dogs can end up being bitches because their owners spoil them and don’t expect them to adhere to the same rules as big dogs, not because of the breed necessarily, unless it is a terrier. LOL @ the people who automatically say off-leash = bad owner. It is a case of “know thy dog”. My dog is off-leash almost everywhere, because I KNOW that I can trust him. He looks at squirrels and cats and goes “meh” and continues to follow me, because he knows that’s the rule, period. I don’t see why that is so hard for some people to grasp… there truly are well behaved dogs out there that can safely get that kind of freedom. There is always “better safe than sorry”, but you have to draw the line somewhere. I’d rather have a well trained and trustworthy dog with more freedom than be paranoid. Of course, I live out in the country, but when I visit NYC my pup is only allowed off-leash in Central Park during puppy play-time in the morning.

  30. kate 3.0 says:

    i believe it. My german shepard gets on the bed with me sometimes then stalks the perimeter growling at my lab to keep him off LOL

  31. Amy says:

    ugh what is it about small dogs that make them misbehave? I have a bichon frise, I adore him to pieces, he’s an awesome, friendly little dog to all people. As he has gotten older (maybe it’s old age) he has gotten meaner to bigger dogs–doesn’t like them crowding him and jumping all over him. And while he goes off leash in our non fenced in yard, he still does occasionally run away when he sees something, meaning I usually have to trespass onto our neighbor’s property to run after him lol. I could never let him off leash on the street, can’t trust the little bugger.

    • Pia says:

      Sometimes it is normal for older dogs to get fed up with funny business from younger dogs and give a single snap as if to say “Hey, cut it out!”. Usually it works, but it can be enough to spark a fight depending on the other dog(s) involved. It’s any unprovoked growling/lunging that seriously needs to be corrected. I’d say a small older dog getting a little nervous/fed up with big dogs crowding them is fair, so either calm the big dogs down or call the little guy away from the situation and give him a quieter place to play.
      As for his recall, sometimes you just can’t overcome the prey drive in certain dogs, but it’s all about practice. With lots of yummy treats, everyday. I went to a sheepdog demo this summer and the guy said “Even if your dog kills every chicken on the farm on his way back to you, you still have to reward him, because he came back to you”. Eventually, with enough practice, consistency, and praise you can have an *almost* perfect dog. My Aussie is 3 and he’s pretty darn good, but there is always room for improvement.
      Phew! …sorry, I’m an animal science major so I can’t help it :)

  32. kimberly says:

    God these two are just so stupid-funny to laugh at! It’s like the dumb and dumber in real life!!!!!!

  33. Rook says:

    Two words: Crate training

    If any of this is true, I’m not surprised. People let small dogs get away with dominance behaviors that they wouldn’t tolerate in bigger dogs.

  34. The Original Mia says:

    Are we sure they are still together? Haven’t seen any pap pics of Blake coming and going from Ryan’s apartment. Was actually wondering if the holidays had put a strain on their lurve.

  35. fabgrrl says:

    I hate little dogs! Why not just get a cat?

    But then again, I generally hate all dogs. Except for working dogs – Seeing Eye dogs, sheep herding dogs, search and rescue dogs — those dogs are awesome.

  36. ol cranky says:

    all that money and they can’t afford a trainer to work with them and the dogs?

  37. Maritza says:

    Baxter is a beautiful dog and so photogenic! I believe this story because small dogs get very jealous when their owners pay attention to other dogs or even kids. I have a chihuahua and 2 boxers.

  38. Shaz says:

    That Penny looks like a little bitch ;)

  39. Samba says:

    Seriously, Baxter is better-looking and has more personality then those 2 put together.

  40. Lisa says:

    Haha, the dog’s face in the second last picture!

  41. FingerBinger says:

    Torrid isn’t a word I would use in the same sentence as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Then again maybe they are freaks behind closed doors.

  42. aprayerforthewildatheart says:

    Is she serious with that rip in her jeans? Anyway Baxter is the STAR of their “show”. They are so boring as a couple that their dogs are getting articles written about them more than RR/BL? hahahah!!

  43. Shy says:

    Penny looks like such a bitch.

  44. lease says:

    i LOVE penny’s groom!! such a kick ass teddy bear cut.. (i’m a groomer)

    Little dogs are notorious for this.. They get treated like queens and people forget that they are still dogs and have instincts. If you don’t give them the same discipline you’d give a big dog, they think they “own” you.

  45. dogs are funny. They can be so territorial.

  46. Liz says:

    .. Penny and Baxter look more convincing than Blake Lively in ANY ROLE. Goodbye.

  47. Maxine says:

    The dogs clearly need a mediator. Where is Uggie from the artist when you need him!!!

  48. Nan209 says:

    My giant pooch is my big baby. He is cool if we’re cool with people. There is only one rule…nobody is allowed to touch the “baby” (our teenaged son) in a negative way (no pretend hitting, no tickling) because the big baby becomes the big protector. Having a great well behaved dog is so awesome…but a well behaved dog that has to put up with an uptight diva pup is a recipe for not so fun times for the owners.

  49. Val says:

    Blake’s “dog” is ugly as hell. Baxter should have used her as an appetizer long ago.

  50. LC25 says:

    This is the stupidest story I’ve ever read. So stupid.