Gwyneth Paltrow bought her BFF Beyonce an $880 stroller

“HOW GAUCHE.” – Dame Gwyneth

FINALLY. We finally get to hear about the baby gift Gwyneth Paltrow sent to her BFF Beyonce. I’ve been waiting for this! And I’m a little bit disappointed. Considering Blue Ivy Carter already has diamond earrings, a platinum bracelet, a sapphire-encrusted baby bottle and SIX NANNIES, I was expecting Blue’s mother’s best friend to really deliver something so spectacular, it would have put all of the peasantry to shame. Unfortunately, Gwyneth gave a gift that seems almost… normal. It’s really expensive, of course, but it’s also practical.

What kind of stroller did Beyonce get from pal Gwyneth Paltrow? A Bugaboo, naturally!

Paltrow was among the very first to tweet about the birth of her BFF Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy in early January — and the actress, 38, knew just what to gift the chanteuse and her bundle of joy.

Paltrow treated Beyonce and husband Jay-Z to an all-black Cameleon stroller by Bugaboo; the posh baby-transporter retails for $880. (As it happens, Beyonce, 30, scored one of many smash singles with Destiny’s Child in 1999 with the song “Bugaboo,” about a male suitor who just doesn’t know when to give up.)

Before Blue Ivy’s birth, Beyonce (who made her first post-baby appearance Monday and Tuesday in NYC) snapped up a $3500 NurseryWorks VETRO Lucite crib in NYC for her little one, born at 7 lbs Jan. 7 at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Blue’s crib and Bugaboo will fit right in with her extravagant nursery — a 2,200 square-foot space recently built in the superstar family’s Tribeca apartment.

[From Us Weekly]

Maybe Bey and Jay just like stuff in all black – I think all of their cars and SUVs are black too. Anyway, I don’t have a problem with Gwyneth’s gift. I doubt it will ever be used, though. Beyonce and Jay-Z will NEVER push little Blue Ivy down the sidewalk in some peasant-y stroller. Never.

Here’s Goop and Chris Martin (in the same frame!!!!!!) having dinner with one of Gwyneth’s other BFFs/mentees, Taylor Swift, in London a few weeks ago.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. irishserra says:

    It’s kind of nice to see Goop and Chris laughing together. Also, I kind of dig that she isn’t all made up. She goes out of the house sans makeup? That’s cool.

    • Capella says:

      True, but to be fair, wearing make-up all the time goes against her “cleansing-all-crap-from-your-body method”.

      • Yorkie says:

        LOL. That’s so true. Speaking of the truth, I was trying to rationalize GOOP’s Oscar win the other day and I couldn’t even come up with 5 great performances she has given. I honestly think that her Oscar win is one of the most embarrassing and undeserved wins in the Best Actress category. Most Oscar wins aren’t memorable… I guess but what the HELL, how did she win?! I think the only 2 performances of hers that I can tolerate are in The Talented Mr. Ripley and Contagion.

      • Bermuda Blues says:

        Yorkie, that’s truly a personal opinion. I think Gwyneth is a great actress, in the right role, she just can’t take those meaty roles anymore because she feels it would jeopardize her marriage and family.

        Great performances by Goop, ranked in order of my enjoyment:

        1.) The Royal Tennenbaums
        2.) Emma
        3.) Shakespeare in Love
        4.) Sliding Doors
        5.) Sylvia
        6.) The Talented Mr. Ripley
        7.) Seven
        8.) Shallow Hal
        9.) Great Expectations
        10.) A Perfect Murder.

        She may be a sanctimonious fish stick, but she’s a helluva actress.

      • Capella says:

        @Yorkie, definitely agree about Gwynie. She had been in very good movies though, my favorite is Great Expectations, but nothing outstanding about her performance.

        The only endearing one was Emma. That one was cute.

        As for her Oscar, if you believe Lainey rumors, well, she has Havey Weinstein’s couch to be thankful for. As well as the pull that both her parents had with members of the Academy.

        But then again, a lot of actresses who had won their Oscars too early on in their careers, like Sorvino, and Tomei, didn’t do any better afterwards.

        Which is unfortunate, because I really like Tomei’s performance in general.

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  2. Asli says:

    Blech – I can’t stand her!

    BFF Away!

    On another note, apparently Blue Ivy was sick last night while Jay and Bey was a that second Carnegie Hall performance. I bet her six nannies took great care of her.

  3. Lis says:

    The great thing about that first picture is that that might be the best Goop has ever looked.

    For someone with as little (read: no) self awareness as she has, the gift is surprisingly good.

  4. teehee says:

    Those things arent cheap anyway.

  5. Sasha says:

    Goop looks so much better with scruffy hair (like in the last shot), no makeup and a classic outfit! It’s actually quite surprising!

    As for the all black stroller.. wtf! You don’t get a baby a black ANYTHING. It just seems wrong.

  6. Moneypenny424 says:

    A bugaboo? “Normal” moms buy those–you see them all over NYC, Boston, etc. I would’ve expected her to buy a Silver Cross pram. The $4000 price tag and being handmade in England seem to have the right about of elitism for Goop.

    • Petunia says:

      A well-made baby carriage is a wonderful thing. I got a retro one for my child that was built in the 70′s and it was awesome.

      Black is not the color I’d want to give to a baby. I guess I’m too superstitious. Don’t think it was racist, no doubt Dame Gwynnie thought it was classier in black.

    • L says:

      Seriously. I see people with Bugaboo’s all the time (most of whom aren’t nearly as rich as these people) Apparently since they are modular, you can use them up to age 3 or 4, which spreads the price around. And they are crazy well made. The BOB strollers are the same kind of thing.

      Now the silver cross….

  7. Whatever says:

    That’s nice of her. Very sweeet and sincere of Goop for once.

  8. Petunia says:

    “Considering Blue Ivy Carter already has diamond earrings, a platinum bracelet, a sapphire-encrusted baby bottle and SIX NANNIES,”

    It’s starting to sound like a verse from the 12 Days of Christmas, no?

    6 Nannies diapering
    5 diamond earrings
    4 platinum bracelets
    3 sapphire bottles
    2 lying parents
    and a black Bugaboo baby stroller.


  9. Jackson says:

    GP looks drunk off her ass in that last pic.

  10. lucy2 says:

    I just looked up that crib they supposedly got – weird! It’s a big, seriously overpriced lucite box.

    The stroller itself actually isn’t too ridiculous a gift. The two men that will undoubtedly be hired to carry it around like a throne so it’s wheels never touch the ground will be a bit extravagant though…

  11. fabgrrl says:

    We bought a Bugaboo (the Frog model) and we are certainly not in the high income bracket. Bugaboos are simply great strollers. Very sturdy, flexible and light weight. Totally worth the price, if you put your stroller through a lot. They only come in limited, basic colors – black, tan, red, orange. So getting a black one is not at all unusual. I’m surprised, and pleased, that Gwyneth bought something so pedestrian. But I doubt it will ever be used.

    • Ashley says:

      I bought a GRECO stroller 15 years ago for $100 and used it for 2 kids and it was still in very good shape when I donate it. Big wheels and big basket under, it did the job perfectly. I recommend it to everyone who doesn’t want to spend a whole lotta money but still have a good decent & sturdy stroller.

  12. Anguishedcorn says:

    I would have to say that picking out a stroller for someone is a really bad idea: not that this really matters in this case, because as someone pointed out, it’s not as if they will ever actually use it.

    But in the real world, with real people, a stroller is a really personal purchase, and most parents I know spent a lot of time shopping around, comparing features, etc, to come up with the perfect stroller for them.

  13. Nanz says:

    The nursery has more square footage than my entire home. Depressing.

  14. Jessie says:

    I have the Bugaboo Cameleon in Black as well as a Bugaboo Bee. I’m buying the Bugaboo Donkey double stroller because I’m currently pregnant and will have two children under two to contend with. I like them because they’re sturdy, they fold down really well to fit in my car and they’re so many different configurations on how to set it up and how you’re baby can sit (lying down in a bassinet, facing away from you, facing toward you, with the car seat attachment etc). Compared to other top of the line strollers (Stokke, Blue Cross) I think if you have the income (which they certainly do, then it is worth the money spent. Saying that though my first born had a hand me down Graco and it worked a treat as well.

    Hey, at least it isn’t a lucite stroller with Sapphire wheels. *Shudder*

  15. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Gwyneth didn’t go all out because she is just not that into Bey the way Bey is int to her. Bey Bey is cool points for Gwynnie. Notice that when Bey opened up her House of Therestylebenone in London’s Selfridges (Gwen’s home turf), she waited for a half an hour for Gwen to show and she never did. She wasn’t even in town! Ice cold. Gwen has worn all of her designer friends’ clothes but has never bothered to wear Bey’s shitty clothing, which I can’t blame her, but still.

  16. Sue L. says:

    I love how you keep using that “I’m so out of it” picture!

  17. Leticia says:

    GOOP is really into “cleanses” and colonics. She probably gave little Blue Ivy some detox powder and a home colonic machine.

  18. anne christoff says:

    GP is very average looking. Pretty, but many are this pretty. Of course, “any old photo” is not always going to be flattering but still. Such hype.

    I agree with the poster who says that the message conveyed by this particular gift is that the “friendship” between these two is not so strong as one was led to believe. Two phonies and boring

  19. Pia says:

    I checked out the Bugaboo site because I’d never heard of these crazy newfangled things before and I noticed that the all black edition is actually $1,029. The $880 model doesn’t come in black.

  20. sassy says:

    A lucite crib??? A baby named Blue Ivy????? Is this baby a hooker? Sorry, but it’s pretty slutty crib….

  21. NinaG says:

    I thought Kelly Rowland was Beyonce bff? When did her and GP become besties all of a sudden?

  22. alex says:

    omg . her nursery is twice the size of my entire house. its the size of two medium apartments

  23. francesca says:

    They claim to be BFF but I have not seen any picture of these two together.Very odd couple sotosay one is all Beverly Hills and the other has loads money too but not so classy.

  24. Solana says:

    I like Gwynnie, she seems cool to me. Great mom to her kids, marriage still working, great actress, I love the fact that she likes to cook and is interested in all kinds of cultures. I think she is more down to earth that people give her credit for. Don’t get all the dislike towards her.

  25. Flan says:

    That’s not that bad, compared to the total lack of decency or classiness that Bey and Jay display.

  26. original kate says:

    i will never get tired of that header photo of goop.


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  29. Traxie says:

    This gift is either product placement for a future baby-pram edition of Goop, sponsored by Bugaboo; or it reflects Gwyneth’s self-concept of being the greatest mom on the planet. It screams: “I gave Beyonce the Bugaboo because as an ubermom I know exactly which pram is the best one for all other moms to use”. Either way – bleccchhh!

  30. hemorrhoids says:

    Red is your color… just thought i’d throw that out there