Duggars to show baby’s memorial & Michelle learning of miscarriage, want more kids

The Duggars are back and were on the Today Show yesterday. (Video is below.) Last night was the premiere of the ninth season of their TLC reality show, “19 Kids and Counting.” They have not yet aired footage of Michelle finding out she had a miscarriage at five months, but a preview reveals that it will be shown this season, and we’ve also heard that they’re going to show footage of the memorial for the baby. They’re famous for having a huge family, and they’ll continue to have kids as long as “God” grants them with kids. This is what they always say, and it’s not surprising to hear them continue to say it after their last baby was miscarried and their baby prior to that was born prematurely and with health problems. They’re tenacious, and they already have a schoolhouse full of kids but that doesn’t diminish the tragedy they suffered. The story is sad and heartbreaking and you feel for Michelle. She’s handling all this very well considering what she went through, but I get the very strong impression that she feels that its her duty to promote a pro-life agenda. Anyway here’s what they said to Ann Curry, whose one-note “are you ok?” approach to celebrity interviews was actually appropriate in this instance:

Michelle and Jim Bob spoke to Ann Curry on TODAY Tuesday, their first public appearance since the miscarriage in early December.

“It’s devastating, and many others have experienced very similar situations,” Michelle said. “Probably the hardest part is that when a loss like this occurs people really don’t know what to say…. We realize our sweet little Jubliee is with the Lord, and we will see her again someday.”

And if another child isn’t in the cards, the Duggars say they’re enjoying being grandparents. Their oldest son, Josh, has two children with his wife Anna.

“We have heard so many things about being a grandparent and now we know why it is so great,” Michelle told Ann Curry. “You get the joy of playing and spending time with them but you don’t have all the responsibility.”

Their grief over the loss of the baby they later named Jubilee Shalom will be on display in their reality show this season. A preview clip provided to TODAY by TLC shows Michelle and Jim Bob in the doctor’s office for what they thought would be a routine ultrasound. Instead, they found out the baby’s heartbeat had stopped. Michelle is crying and cradling her belly with her hands, while Jim Bob sits next to her with a look of shock on his face. “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away,” she prays between sobs. “Blessed be the name of the Lord.” Jim Bob prays with her, then says softly, “Michelle, I’m so sorry.”

Michelle had also suffered a miscarriage during her second pregnancy. That first miscarriage was what caused Michelle and Jim Bob early in their marriage to rethink their plan to have two or three children, and instead to eschew family planning and leave the number of children they have up to God.

Between 20 to 30 percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. Dr. Rebecca Brightman, an OB-GYN at Mount Sinai hospital in New York, told TODAY in an earlier interview that having a lot of children doesn’t increase the risk of miscarriage, but that Michelle Duggar was at increased risk because of her age — she is 45, and women over 40 are more likely to have babies with chromosomal abnormalities, which is a leading factor in miscarriage.

[From The Today Show]

It must be comforting to believe in an afterlife so much that you know you’ll see your loved one again. I know that sounds snotty but I honestly mean it. I’ve heard my religious friends say similar things about people they’ve lost.

This is how the Duggars make a living now, and they’re promoting their show and sharing their trials with the world. Unlike other visits to NY City, Jim-Bob and Michelle were on their own without their kids. They have plenty of little babysitters at home I guess. I found it surprising that they describe being grandparents as enjoyable because there’s no responsibility. How much responsibility do they feel for their own kids?

We’ll soon see another huge family, their friends the Bates with 19 children of their own, on TLC.

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Jim-Bob and Michelle are shown at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC on February 10, 2012. I guess they left their kids at home for that, too. Credit: Mark Wilkins/FameFlynet Pictures

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  1. Kimbob says:

    I’m going out on a limb here. Yes, I’ve heard of the “quiver” movement, but REALLY…I’ll never understand w/the world’s population explosion, running out of resources (world “natural supply” of forests, land, clean water, etc. IS FINITE)…why does a family like this get a TV show?! I don’t think it’s responsible to promote having more & more & more babies.

    Oh, & this idiot woman has to be educated about why she miscarries at her advanced age???!!! Ummm…yet ANOTHER REASON why these idiots shouldn’t procreate.

    • ol cranky says:

      The quiverfull movement is about raising an Army for Jesus so fundamentalist Christianity can win the culture wars. No joke. Sure they can adopt and convert/raise children already born but they basically see women as brood mares who need to keep birthing more Christian babies even if they adopt.

    • cali says:

      You are misinformed – there is no overpopulation; look it up!
      It’s obvious that you have issues with their beliefs in reference to christian teachings – and yes, having children is natural.
      Back in the days, women gave birth to many children – families were larger, nobody complained about it.
      Who is going to pay your Social Security, if you don’t want children? Think about that, before you demonise this family;they are no burden to anyone – they take no foodstamps, no welfare, and are self sufficient!

  2. jc126 says:

    Yes, try again. Maybe Michelle will die, and then Jim-Bob can have 20 more kids with a younger broodmare.

    These two disgust me.

    • Kimbob says:

      I could not agree more! Sorry, this post “touched a nerve” w/an issue I have strong opinions about….Responsible Family Planning AND the Earth and its’ finite resources to support such.

      Oh…one more thing. I just want to remind that many, many other animals are becoming extinct due to overpopulation of man. When any one species becomes too populous, eventually it will DIE OFF because the Earth is “out of natural order,” & cannot support such an overwhelming imbalance. When many species of other animals/flora, etc. begin to die off, the “balance” is off, and life (human life) cannot flourish…this is where we’re heading, and irresponsible TV shows inadvertently promoting such, to me, are reprehensible.

      Why can’t these people love and enjoy the children they’ve already have??!! The “push” to have more is INSANE.

      And kudos to CB for your incisive quote/musing, ‘I found it surprising that they describe being grandparents as enjoyable because there’s no responsibility. How much responsibility do they feel for their own kids?’ Bravo!

      • Coventry says:

        Perhaps it is concern for overpopulation that prompts such negative reactions against the Duggars, but consider that 42 million abortions are performed worldwide every year. Also, many people remain childless or adopt. I wonder if it is the Duggars’ Christian faith that offends, rather than their 19 children.

      • constance says:

        @ Coventry

        What does abortion have to do with this? The next line in that wikiquote is: The incidence of abortion has declined worldwide as access to family planning education and contraceptive services has increased.

        So yes, we should be worrying more about contraceptive and sex education than on small pockets of religious fundamentalists- I agree.

        However, I do think fundamentalism views are narrow and inclusive, often with very manipulative limitations on individuals in any facet of the diamond that is belief. I totally agree that my objection to their way of life is part anti-extremist feelings and part global concern. We are funneling so much money into supporting these people and their tele-mission-documentary that could be put to better use in many communities and causes suited to help others achieve personal, financial, and emotional stability.

      • Dani says:


        I cosign everything you wrote. These people are really shameless. Who watches their show?

      • jc126 says:

        I agree that their overpopulation is gross, but I guarantee you that they could not care less about their impacts on animals or the planet in general. Some religious people have the attitude that it’s not even possible for people to “ruin” the planet, because it’s all in god’s plan. (Spare your hate mail, not all Christians think like that of course.)

  3. Marjalane says:

    I was pretty much, “live and let live” until I saw these idiots promoting their choice for the Presidency, Rick Santorum. Now I must judge them.

  4. Anastasia says:

    I can’t even with these people. Cameras in the doctor’s office and cameras GRAVESIDE? For a miscarried baby?

    Nothing is sacred or private anymore, at least not with these people. Ug.

    • Petunia says:

      I understand that Santorum took his dead baby home to have a portrait done along with the living children. Mind you, I’m all for a photo of the dead child with the parents holding it at the hospital but bringing it home for the little ones to see? The Duggars and Santorums and their ilk are creepy creepy creepy.

      • T.C. says:

        George W. Bush’s Mom miscarried her fetus, put it in a clear jar in the family room. I don’t understand why we are supposed to NOT find these things creepy. If Whitney Houston’s family took her dead body home for the family to look at in the living room we say it’s creepy why is it o.k. for a dead fetus?

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        @T.C., “If Whitney Houston’s family took her dead body home for the family to look at in the living room we say it’s creepy.”

        Actually, in the US, the viewing often took place in the family living room. In older homes, doors were made wide to accommodate coffins and later caskets. It’s not at all “creepy.” However, displaying your pickled formaldehyde baby on your mantle is quite creepy!

  5. Agnes says:

    i feel bad for their loss, of course. BUT these people are irresponsible fools who refuse to face reality and refuse to blame their losses on their own ignorance and stubborn religiosity, choosing to blame/credit “god” instead. perhaps “god” is telling you people to STOP and get on birth control?

    • JenJen says:

      What’s the difference between 1) a celebrity who only reads and believes their fans and sycophants telling them how fabulous they are while completely ignoring and refusing to even entertain the critics and “haters”, and 2) religious nuts like the Duggars who only listen to and believe faith-affirming compliments and comments that reinforce their beliefs, while completely shutting out ANY criticism or disbelief or opposing viewpoints? Aren’t they equally ignorant and blind??

  6. tracking says:

    Some things should remain private. I can’t relate to these two on any level whatsoever.

  7. Cathy says:

    Enough is enough. They should stop, her body is saying no more. They need to learn to listen to what her body is saying.

  8. Petunia says:

    You know how people can be addicted to collecting and keeping cats? Are these two addicted to collecting and keeping children?

    • Marjalane says:

      You may have something there- a TLC crossover story where children are discovered hiding in all the nooks and crannies of their overstuffed home, and they bring in teams of nannies instead of dumpsters to take care of it all.

    • moonriver says:

      I completely agree. I think they believe they have a wonderful relationship with their children, but in reality, its only because they think they do and should and their faith. In reality they are never satisfied and just want to breed more. When the baby is born, they just need the next ‘new’ one. It’s never enough, and never fulfilling. My mom was like that, but she only ended with five living, luckily for us, so she could try to form REAL bonds with the ones she had. I suggest michelle do the same, or take up a new hobby–like knitting, bonsai trees, or charity with underprivileged kids. What she’s doing is in my opinion indicative of a psychological problem and like anyone–a cat hoarder–she’s filling what she doesn’t have with kids. Or maybe she really thinks god wants her to be a baby factory for real… something in her eyes always simultaneously makes me sad, and kind of scared… No offense.

    • Sloane Wyatt says:

      Frankly, I agree. Michelle and Jim Bob belong on an episode of “Hoarders”!

      God’s will is to “The Bible and the Environment”.

      “God: The First Environmentalist

      In the past few decades, Christianity has often been blamed for being the cause of the global environmental crisis. God’s command that humans have dominion over all created things has too often been used as an excuse to plunder the earth. While it is true that many Christians have not responded to God’s call to serve the creation, the Bible’s message is very clear: humanity must keep the creation just as God keeps us.”

      “Earthkeeping: Our Responsibility

      CARE-TAKERS: We are care-takers. “The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and keep it,” Genesis 2:15. The Hebrew words shamar and abad, usually translated as “till and keep” in this verse, could be just as accurately translated as “serve and preserve.” The word shamar is also used in Numbers 6:24: “The Lord bless you and keep you.” God desires that we treat the creation in the same way that God treats us.

      STEWARDS: We are stewards of God’s earth, ruling over that which is not ours. “You [God] made humans ruler over the works of your hands; you put everything under our feet: All flocks and herds, and the beasts of the field, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, all that swim the paths of the seas,” Ps 8:6-8.

      SERVANTS:We are servants. Jesus “did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many,” Mt. 20:28. Christ-like rule is servanthood.” – http://www.targetearth.org/about/bible_and_environment.html

      Bottom Line: Jim Bob and Michelle are not practicing Christians, at least not by the Book. They are self serving. They are selfish. They are wasteful and fail at stewarding our planet. They make money off their so called religion, they make their ‘piety’ a public spectacle on the street corner, and their list of pious works goes on.

      Get off your pedestal, you money seeking, publicity driven, perverted hypocrites.

      • fancyamazon says:

        All very true and well-said.

      • ol cranky says:

        but isn’t that the case for so many big C “Christians”? They are often bible illiterate and have difficulty actually comprehending some of the bible they do know. But then, what do you expect from people who summarily disregard Matthew 6:5 in flaunting their Christianity to be seen (which they claim to be testifying for their faith) and using their holier than thou status to concurrently act in opposition of Matthew 7:5 and point out the heinousness of those who don’t subscribe to their theology?

  9. Veruca says:

    Why don’t they just adopt?

    These people (while seeming quite nice) scare the hell out me.

  10. Nanz says:

    Yes, I feel bad for them for having lost a child. No one should experience that. However, there is a difference between the standard pro-life argument and taking known risks in choosing to get pregnant at an advanced age with a previous history of miscarriage, illness, and premature births. These choices don’t seem to value life at all – hers or the children they conceive. They are entitled to their religious beliefs. But, in my mind, they are dangerously close to hypocrisy with their unwavering dedication to bringing more children into this world and using a pro-life agenda as justification for it. It also implies that women who choose NOT to continue on this path are anti-life because they choose not to put themselves in more physical and emotional pain once they figure out that they cannot continue to conceive healthy children or endure healthy pregnancies.

    • fancyamazon says:

      Their mindset, like most fundamentalists (Christian or otherwise), is so fixed on blindly following their church’s message (and the political movements that they follow) that any information or knowledge that goes against their religious and worldview is completely ignored or discounted as the devil’s attempt to sway them from their faith. This is why they won’t use birth control, why they are able to discount evolution so completely, and why the “family values” movement in North America is so homogenous and easily led. They believe that to investigate new information or change any part of their belief is to “lose faith”.

      It is sad. and these people are dangerously contagious.

    • JenJen says:

      I SO agree with the both of you. It’s frustrating as all hell when someone with factual, logical explanations and reasonable arguments is completely dismissed because whatever they’re point they’re trying to make goes against religious beliefs. I also take great offense to being thought of as influenced by the devil or somesuch nonsense because I believe in science and tangible proof.

      My late grandfather was devoutly Catholic, like, ridiculously so, and as much as I love him to bits, any time I dared question ANYTHING about Catholicism, it was met with a wave of the hand and “you just have to believe, the Lord is never wrong” and such. It was infuriating and impossible to have a back and forth conversation with someone whose main argument is an invisible force that no one can prove or disprove.

      • fancyamazon says:

        Faith is a good thing to have, but strong faith is not just blindly following what earthly leaders say. Your faith should be strong enough to have discussions with people who do not believe as you do, and also strong enough to accept that God has created everything in this world, including the rules of physics and science, and that learning and analytical thought is not wrong, but beneficial to growing as a person.

        *Edited for unintended harshness* Anyone who follows blindly is hard to talk to, because logic means nothing to them. And as I get older myself (almost 40, sigh), I realize that I need to check myself a lot because some of the things I think need to be re-analyzed. It is easy to forget to do that, and I am beginning to be afraid that it becomes ever harder as we humans age.

      • ol cranky says:

        to which I always reply that the Lord is never wrong but man, even when divinely inspired, all too frequently is

        the Pope is infallible according to Catholic doctrine and yet various pope’s have issued edicts that directly contradict previous popes (including with regards to ensoulment, animation and abortion; celibacy of the priests, etc.). If all popes are infallible, how could they be right when they contradict one another?

  11. T.C. says:

    She is 45 and still trying to have more children? Her choice but the chances of miscarriage will be high because mothernature thinks that’s the time to retire your uterus. I think she is addicted to being pregnant.

  12. Petunia says:

    Don’t they realize that as the parents age, the chances of having a disabled child goes up? Downs Syndrome, Autism, etc. Would they be able to handle a child with full-blown Autism along with their 97 other kids? And also, as the woman ages, her chances of conceiving and carrying diminish greatly. So even if you get pregnant, chances are high that you’ll miscarry. Is THAT fair to a fetus?

    • moonriver says:

      I think they’d be so happy and love it if they ended up doing that to their baby–like downs syndrome, autism, a deformity, etc. they’d say it was gods will and they were ‘given’ the baby that way for a reason and because they could love the baby best. They would in no way face the logical reality that they did it knowing the medical risks and complications. I’m in way saying handicapped kids are bad or a terrible experience–my brothers handicapped from a similar situation (mom wouldn’t shut down the factory) and she does blame herself, saying god did it to her because she wouldn’t stop having children and wasn’t satisfied with what she had already. She loves him but looks at it from a religious standpoint no matter what. Its always ‘gods will’ with some people… I’m not knocking it but take responsibility, people!

  13. JenJen says:

    Oh my GOD. When will these idiots learn? (Probably never)

    As much as they’re entitled to have their religious beliefs and live their lives governed by said faith, spirituality and biology do NOT always go hand in hand. This woman’s reproductive system is crying out for help, and they are blatantly ignoring it. I don’t believe that God gives and takes away, I think there is an awful lot to be said for luck, chance, and coincidence in this life, and just because it doesn’t always make sense, religious fanatics feel the need to attribute a faith-based logic (“God has a plan”) to make themselves feel better.

    Yeah sure, it’s nice that they believe they’ll see their dead children again in heaven. I can’t comment either way since I have no more proof than they do of the existence (or not) of heaven. It must be really comforting to them. However, to stupidly “trust God” with EVERYTHING in your life is just plain irresponsible and a huge cop-out. God gave you free will for a reason. He wants you to make your own decisions. How would they as parents feel if their children came and consulted with them on every. single. decision they make? I mean, EVERYTHING. For their entire lives? Any parent would eventually look at their 40 year old child and want to say “Sweetie, I think you can choose your own flavour of toothpaste without asking me first.” I mean please, it’s completely ridiculous. God isn’t making these decisions, He gave you reproductive systems and a brain with which to make your own choices.

    If you have sex at the right time, there’s a good chance you’ll get pregnant. That’s science, not God.

    They have turned into famewhores, plain and simple. They’re milking this double-digit kid thing for all it’s worth, and it’s gross.

  14. fancyamazon says:

    These people fascinate me like a car wreck. I understand the way they think, and it scares me that there are still (so many!) people like this.

    *Edit* I don’t watch their shows, nor any reality TV. I get quite enough of them here, but when I see one of their posts pop up, or see a news story about them on my twitter feed, I feel the need to see what they are doing. It feels like watching the moves of something that could hurt me if I’m not careful.

  15. Jules says:

    If I had 19 cats, I would be arrested. This couple are children hoarders. Now it’s how they make money.

  16. Palermo says:

    Sorry, they are mentally ill and I feel very sorry for their kids, the older ones have to raise their siblings. I don’t believe for one minute they have enough time for one on one with any of them.

  17. Jackson says:

    Creepy. Creepy, creepy, creepy. And I will throw in an ‘irresponsible’ for good measure.

  18. jess says:

    I think they need to be thankful for the kids they have. Some people cant even have kids. This is the time were they can focus taking care of their younger ones so the older kids can have a life. I like the duggers but i never liked the fact that they had the older girls take care of the younger ones.

  19. Devon says:

    While I feel terrible for them, the loss of a child is something no parent (regardless of how old/far along) should have to go through, they walked into this situation knowing full well the health risk they were going to take and the possible complications. They’ve been told that it’s not wise for Michelle or any potential baby to continue on NOT using contraceptives. The next one could kill her but she keeps on trucking. What about her other 19 kids and her 2 grandbabies? Does she not care that she might not see them grow up? To risk you’re own life when there are so many people who would be devastated to lose you, that’s just selfish.

  20. MST says:

    Well, I am prolife (I know many of you would disagree, but this isn’t the place to argue about the issue). I believe in contraception and I think its ridiculous to have this many children. As other posters have pointed out, the world has finite resources. I have two children, and one is adopted — there are so many needy children in this country, couldn’t they adopt at least one?

    I can’t stand Rick Santorum, and I am for gay rights. Not all of us are conservative Republicans!

  21. Lindy says:

    I’m a scholar of religion who has studied their particular religious movement and its set of beliefs, and I can assure you that one would be hard-pressed to find a more misogynistic, less life-affirming collection of ideas. If by life we mean something richer and more meaningful than simple existence. Their daughters are being raised to be self-effacing womb-machines whose only purpose in life is to submit to their husbands and reproduce. Despite hollow rhetoric about women as guardians of family morality and precious children of God who have the highest calling of all (motherhood), in reality, their lives are reduced to their biological capacity to make babies.

    The sooner we can all lose our fascination with these horrible people, the better. There is nothing positive about them, and there is nothing to celebrate.

    And before people start in about how they are financially self-sufficient (yes, of course they are–they are pimping out their children’s lives and in this case death–for the highest bidder), or how their kids seem happy and well-adjusted despite significant parental neglect, please stop and think for a minute about the exploitation going on here, and the ways in which their children are not permitted to be individual human beings, and are instead forced to be surrogate parents for the younger kids, and to disappear into the herd of kids, just another child with a gimmicky first name.

    • Alyssa says:

      What you are saying is so very true. I get so frustrated when people say “they are all so happy” because they do not seem to understand that for them. not to appear happy and have a “pleasant countenance” is sinful and a rebellion against their parents and the beliefs of the ATI organization they belong to. Also, people don’t seem to understand that while these quiverfull families may be debt free and accept no public assistance, it often results in their children living in abject poverty. Because they are all home schooled, the fact that their needs are not being met properly isn’t as evident as it would be if they weren’t segregated from society. The Duggar’s TLC show has allowed them financial stability and affluence that does not represent how most of these families live and TLC candy coats the whole Patriarchal authority aspect of their beliefs as well as the physical discipline methods that the Duggar’s have recommended in the past such as those taught they Debi and Michael Pearl. It is all glossed over and presented as “shiny, happy people”.

  22. Rianic says:

    Ok, I watched the show last night, and maybe i heard incorrectly. But in the episode where they were visiting the Bates, Gil said something about the Diggars havig another baby (this was before the pregnancy was announced and was show last Summer). It sounded like JimBob said “We’re trying, but it just ain’t happening” and Gil said something about when God was ready it would?

    Did anyone else hear that?

  23. Samigirl says:

    I am ALL for trying again after a miscarriage. I had 2 before this little lady came along (first day of my 3rd Trimester! YAY!), but goodness. I’d just feel blessed with what I had. I just feel like, at some point, she has to put HER health first. She’s got too many children to take care of, and shouldn’t be taking any more risks to carry more children. Childbirth is HARD on a woman. Having 1 little baby screwed me up for 4 years…I can’t imagine having 20-something and still feeling like your body is healthy.

    • missmandy says:

      I agree with you. It is so hard to go through something like that & it is so hard on your body.

      I do know how it feels to lose a baby. My baby son, Jude, was stillborn January 26th–just a few weeks ago. I’m in so much pain & I’m “older” (36) but I hope to try again one day, even though some well-meaning family/friends have told me to stop. I don’t tell people what to do with their uteri, so I don’t expect anyone to tell me what to do with mine. If Michelle wants to get pregnant again, that’s her business and not ours to judge. It’s their life. And unless any of you have given birth to a baby that is born sleeping, then please shut your pie holes. It’s horribly painful–like your heart has been ripped out. Blessings to Michelle and her family. I hope they find peace no matter what they decide to do.

      • Story says:

        *huge hugs* I’ve had 2 born sleeping, and i am blessed with 2 amazing young men that came after the 2 i lost.I cannot stop watching “born sleeping” tributes on youtube and thank the stars above i was able to get thru it. Please accept my deepest sympathy on your wee angel.

  24. gab says:

    ok, I’m confused about her … um … hair. Is it curly or straight? Why is half her head curly and the other half straight? She just can’t decide?

  25. fabgrrl says:

    Ug! It’s not enough for them to pimp our their living children, they pimp out their dead children as well (this latest miscarriage, and the earlier one that “inspired” them to never use birth control.) I am done with tolerance and understanding, these people are parasites!

  26. oxa says:

    I think the show would be more interesting and they would get more viewers if they skip the miscarriage and show the conception.

  27. Shannon says:

    Meanwhile, congress is trying to make all of us into Michelle Duggars because contraception is so morally objectionable. It makes me want to vomit when I see that women like Michelle are held up as the prototype of what all women should aspire to. While I often espouse a “live and let live” attitude, I have no doubt that Michelle and her fellow Quiverfull harem members are donating oodles of money and praising their conservative representatives for saving the lives of the future unborn babies of America. If they’re going to involve themselves in politicizing my access to reproductive health services and family planning, then I’m calling them out for trying to impose their morality, religion, and lifestyle on every woman of childbearing age. It’s not right.

    • gab says:

      Well said, Shannon. I’m with you on this one! Donate to Planned Parenthood. They get such a bad rap about abortion. Most of their services include providing health care and birth control to poor women. I don’t want to get too political here on Celebitchy so I won’t.

  28. Zimmer says:

    Why can’t this family adopt some of the unwanted girls in India, China or anywhere else? I understand wanting to have biological children, but it is hardly necessary to have so many. So many Christians preach a pro-life message, but they are not pro life enough to adopt an unwanted child. I would say adopting an unwanted child is the very essence of true Christianity.

  29. PeaSoup says:

    These people instantly infuriate me. I see nothing endearing about them. Also, her hair is atrocious.

  30. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    How is this different from prostitution. They have made a career — a true career, with money and income — from procreating. They are getting paid to do this. Isn’t that some kind of prostitution, at least morally if not legally? I can’t imagine that’s God’s will. I wish people would stop blaming God for their own ridiculous choices.

    I can’t decide if they really need mental help because they are hoarders, or if they realize this is a lucrative business and keep having kids as a business decision. Or maybe it’s both.

    • TP says:

      Completely agree.

      PUT IT AWAY JIM BOB. You are a misogynist.

    • akewlazzmom says:

      That, is indeed s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g it a bit. Don’t you think ?
      Prostitution? C’mon, really?
      The Dugger’s don’t get paid to get pregnant, the show is following their lives and how they live as a family with so many children. If Michelle becomes pregnant again (I guess, hence the, “counting” part of the title) then I guess it’s a bonus for the show.
      I truly hope you weren’t serious, when you said this. If not, then obviously you don’t know what prostitution really is.
      And no, I am not a Dugger fan, don’t watch the show at all. Just read articles on occasion when I see them. I’m of the opinion that they are hurting no one (other than herself potentially), so live and let live.
      But, that’s jmo.

  31. whatthehell456 says:

    “Please! for the love of all that’s holy, gimme a damn break!”

    - MD’s uterus begging for mercy.

  32. B says:

    I agree with practically all of the above. I can’t believe they are still drawing out their “misfortune,” ummm for more fortune, perhaps. Gross.

  33. Jnet says:

    These people annoy the hell out of me..just because you can is not a reason to do something. I can reach out and slap someone..doesnt mean I should. Your 13 year old daughter can have kids DOESNT MEAN SHE SHOULD. Geez…

  34. aenflex says:

    Famewhores. Overcrowders. Sorry for the miscarriage, but come on. Do you really need 20 kids?

    • TP says:

      it is sick what they are doing

      sentencing a baby to a life of pain and misery because of a birth defect because they want a (misguided) “guarantee” THEY get into Heaven. Putting their own interests ahead of what is best for the child. Sick. Sick. Sick. Pathological.

  35. e.non says:

    ugh. what two disgusting famewhores .. and what a way to gain that exposure — the human puppy mill.

  36. TXCinderella says:

    I would think that since the last two pregnancies have been problematic, they would get a clue. Her womb is getting worn out. I can’t imagine how they have enough time and attention to go around having that many children.

  37. Gaia132 says:

    This “family” disgusts me.

  38. JessSaysNo says:

    I lost my baby at 18 weeks and it has been the worst experience of my life. I used to roll my eyes at the Duggars but after their loss and my loss, I can never judge them again.

  39. LeeLoo says:

    If Michelle was a hands-on parent who spent all of her time taking care of her children, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of me about having 19 children and wanting more. However, she has turned her daughters into slaves to care for the children. That is wrong! These girls need to have a life of their own and realize that they are more than just submissive objects for their husband.

    So I can no longer support the Duggars with these tactics. Michelle and Jim Bob are the ones who insist on havi g so many children they need to act responsibly about it and be the ones caring for all of those children.

  40. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    I’m waiting for the tell all – which ever of the duggar gals decides to write it will be a millionaire.

  41. NeoCleo says:

    Enough with the clown-car vagina TV acts. These people can have as many kids as they want, I just don’t want to know anymore. Ignorant. Ignorant. Ignorant.

  42. the original bellaluna says:

    We want more kids too. But after the last one, when I nearly died, we were told “no more pregnancies.”

    Unlike the Duggars, we listened and will adopt or foster. I want to meet my grandchildren and be around for my kids. I don’t have an army of older daughters to care for them.

  43. Meghan says:

    let’s just ignore for a moment that it is jim bob but can you imagine being 45 years old, having pushed 19 children out (i think they were natural births, not entirely sure), having one baby premature and all the stress and pain associated with that and then losing another baby AND after all of this crap….the man who is supposed to love you comes after you for sex. you know, cause God wants that. I would have chopped it off by now.

  44. brian says:

    If this God that people go on about has any say in this,He would slam her uterus shut,and make him sterile.

  45. skuddles says:

    Here’s a thought Duggars, instead of letting “God” decide how many babies you have, why not act like responsible humans and YOU decide? Think about your responsibility to the earth and her limited resources, think about poverty and overpopulation, and all the children who desperately need your help – if you absolutely must keep adding to the brood then why not adopt??

  46. Princess Lizabeth says:

    I don’t know why people like this are given so much free publicity by the networks. YES, I know, it brings the networks ratings money. But, in an ideal world, it would be nice if morality could win and people like the Duggars, the Gosselins, and all other child-hoarders and/or publicity hounds would not be allowed to take their rather skewed views to the public at large.

    Sorry if this isn’t coming out eloquently…I am tired. But, it just frustrates me that people like the Duggars get to be in this bully pulpit situation while they use up disproportionately large amounts of the Earth’s resources as a tribute to their own selfishness.

    I believe people can do what they want, in general. BUT, in an age of overcrowding and destruction of the planet, it is time to stop celebrating–or at least not put on a pedestal–those who take more than their fair share because it is “God’s will.”

    Where is the applause for those who control themselves? Those who try to live simply…those who try to use less…those who limit themselves to just one child? Well, I guess people like that don’t yield good ratings.

    My final thought is one of my favorite quotes:

    “Live simply so that others may simply live.”

    Why not think about that, Duggars? Why not stop the madness and apply your spiritual energies to the matters that need attention in this life…helping others in need, for a start.

  47. Michelle says:

    Pro-life? Ok, cool. But why not go adopt some kids then?

  48. Joh says:

    Watched them once, they were in Ireland?
    One child asked mom and dad why folks
    ” talked funny”
    The parents actually said ” God made them that way!”
    No talk of groups of people being isolated or all of us developing unique dialects.
    No intelectual curiosity about anything.
    Just “god did it”!
    They are a strange type of grifter!

    • Princess Lizabeth says:


      I don’t understand the narrow-mindedness that seems to be associated with certain fundamentalist types. Wouldn’t the amazing diversity of people–and life in general–be a testament to God’s miraculous versatility? You are quite right; there seems to be a real lack of intellectual curiosity. Sad for the parents, and sadder for the children who grow up in that kind of environment.

      • JIll Coert says:

        How can you fault someone for their lack of intellectual curiousity, especially when you have never even met the person? Perhaps they are curious about topics that have never even occured to you to be curious about. Do we all have to be the same, have the same political, social and moral beliefs? That viewpoint is truly narrowminded. I don’t watch their show, but I have happened to catch them on talk shows or whatever, and they both seem like very kind and gracious people, certainly not deserving of your derision. OK, I’ll get off MY high horse for the day, but my goodness people, have a heart.

  49. Ruby says:

    Well, now that I know they support a war monger like Rick Santorum (per their stickers in the photo), I will not be watching their show ever again. Although I only watched it when I was THAT bored, anyways.

    Ron Paul 2012 or bust, America!

  50. eternalcanadian says:

    Wow, this whole thing is just so sad and bizarre. Whatever happened to the TLC that had awesome shows like Trading Spaces? It’s a sham these days save for a couple shows like Say Yes to the Dress and What Not to Wear. I can’t believe they’ve hooked the Bates into their dreadful programming.

  51. JIll Coert says:

    I didn’t even get through all these comments, but I have never seen such a bunch of condescending, judgemental, mean people in all my life (the commenters, not the Duggars). I don’t watch the Duggars show, but I find their lifestyle mildly interesting as it is different from mine, but jeez, that is OK! We don’t all have to be carbon copies of each other. I am sure all of you who wrote such negative stuff are absolutely perfect and spend all your time saving the planet, adopting children, being absolutely responsible in everything you do. Wow. Just…wow.

  52. luvsbeingamommyof5 says:

    I can’t believe all the nasty replies about somebody losing a baby! SHAME SHAME! Hope you never have to experience the heartache of losing a child!

  53. Lisa says:

    Before I read this article and all the responses I was on the majorities side: She’s too old and is risking too much and already had a small colony of children and should feel fulfilled. If they keep trying they risk another miscarriage and possibly her life.
    However, after reading all of the hateful comments towards this family I realize I feel more compassion for them and admire what they’re doing, even if its something I wouldn’t try. These days a “big” family consists of three kids. If the world’s population is increasing (which it is) then why are families getting smaller and smaller? If you want to have 19 or 20 kids then more power to you. I may not agree or relate but who am I to judge and harp at these people who seem like really nice and harmless people. Why all the animosity towards them? What harm are they doing to you?

  54. fred says:

    She 45 and has a herd already, of robots. Why is she risking her health and possibly another baby’s health? I don’t buy the religious thing. There is something not quite right with their heads.

  55. police says:

    Will Michelle PLEASE find a new hairstyle for God’s sake? Nevermind getting pregnant again. While she was in the city, I am sure there was an opportunity for her to get that horrible decade impaired hair fixed to match the year we are in. OMIGOD she is a hot mess.

  56. carriej says:

    I think people have short memories most of my friends have parents who came from families of 19 or 20, good catholics. Who cares they take care of their kids, shame on the crack whore who has one and makes welfare raise their child.

  57. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    I don’t understand any of this, that’s all I can say.

  58. mia says:

    Want to know why Michelle needs to stay pregnant? Because then it is “all about her”. The day to day business is on the kids while she bathes in the lovelight of being “with child”.

    I am all about babies but there are so, so many babies who could use a home away from drugs, alcoholism, famine and war that I ask ‘why not adopt?’
    What will happen when the eggs run out and Michelle has to face the loss of her childbearing years?

  59. Sheree Viessman says:

    The costumes you have posted here are really nice for little girls. It would surely emphasize their cherubic faces as they walk down the streets during Halloween!