Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt premiered ‘ITLOBAH’ in Paris: gorgeous or busted?

I thought I could always count on Angelina Jolie to be the kind of woman who would never wear a gigantic rose on or around her boob. I was wrong. These are photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina at the Paris premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey. Can I just say? I’m pleasantly surprised that this film is getting a gigantic roll-out in Europe. I wasn’t expecting to see all of these Brangelina-red-carpet photos, and they always brighten my day a little. Anyway, Angelina is wearing Ralph & Russo. Ralph & Russo also did that grey-blue cashmere gown that she wore in Berlin a few nights ago – that one that made her boobs look good. I really liked that one. Not so much with this one. Is it just me or is that one sleeve a really weird length?

It’s not that I hate Angelina in white. Remember that white/cream Versace she wore to the premiere of The Tourist? I loved that. I wish she would wear that silhouette more often – long-sleeved, deep V-neck with a wrap effect. It’s super-flattering. Part of the reason I dislike this gown is that grey-black ombre effect around the one shoulder. I just… it doesn’t look good, I don’t think. I’m just not loving this.

As for Brad… I’ve grown to hate those tinted glasses. Passionately.

Also – Angelina has a new interview in The Guardian where she’s discussing the threats that have made against her and the cast because of In the Land of Blood and Honeygo here to read it.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. TruthTella says:

    She’s such a beautiful woman i just wish she would put some weight on! When she was in “Tomb Raider” her body was amazing and she looked even better facially with some actual cheeks.

    P.S Totally unrelated but i just saw pics of the Marchesa collection and WTF… It looks like some nasty $2.00 Alexander McQueen rip off lmao

  2. Eve says:

    GAH! That rose!…Sorry, I think it’s atrocious.

    Her face, however, looks insanely beautiful in the first two pictures (and in the last three). I love her make-up here (especially the lipstick colour).

  3. Dee Cee says:

    Wonderful.. she’s stressed and tired, but oh my..!

  4. Rhea says:

    Angelina and gigantic rose on her shoulder….wow…never thought would see that coming from her either… :)

  5. olivia says:

    It looks like she’s wearing a grey cabbage. Maybe a low calorie snack for later.
    I can’t wait for her Afghanistan movie. She will do premieres in Kabul, Islamabad, Sarajevo, Zagreb, Montenegro, Budapest, oh and to remind the Western people about the poor country she will crash Berlin, Madrid, New York, L.A., Paris, Washington, London

  6. lisa says:

    The dress is a soft grey.. looking at the details.

    I’m not crazy about the dress, but she tried something different. So I applaud her for that.

    I saw some close up and she is beyond stunning. And that face is timeless.

  7. Susan says:

    Who is paying for all these premieres for her vanity project? This must be costing a fortune! I have never seen so many premieres for a movie that is doing so poorly both with money coming in and critics. She really is promoting herself to get this movie recognized – but it is not working. Sad – they are so over exposed now that the premieres are just no big deal – no one cares anymore. Once this is over they need to go away for a long time.

    • Cherry says:

      I was sort of thinking the same thing, although I disagree with you that ITLOBAH is just a ‘vanity project’. I think it’s amazing that two of the most famous movie stars alive show up everywhere in europe to promote this movie about the Bosnian-Servian conflict, which would not have gotten any attention at all if Jolie hadn’t written and directed it. And for Brad tagging along with her at each and every premiere… wow. I honestly think their hearts are in the right place, and Jolie’s doing this because she believes in it, but still. I live in the Netherlands and ITLOBAH has gotten mixed reviews here- some really bad, some mildly positive, but none very good. And that’s the reason why I don’t plan to go and see it: it looks like it’s just not such a great movie. All these Brangelina red carpet appearances aren’t going to change that.

      • NotaBitterBetty says:

        And if she didn’t promote this movie in Europe, she would be accused of only gunning for awards in America and not caring about the rest of the world, like where the war actually happened. Why is it that other movie stars can have a zillion premieres for their movie but when Angelina does it it’s a problem? As for Brad ‘tagging’ along, he’s her other half and he’s proud of her and the film. Why wouldn’t he support her by attending too?

      • Hypocricy says:

        Maybe the critics of Holland, at least some of them, are tainted and less positive due to the role of dutch blue velvet during the mass murdering and mass rape. They were fingerpointed for their passivity at that time.

        That type of senstive projects are always tainted by foreign policies and the role each country have had in the conflict.

      • Freya says:

        I don’t rely on reviews by the critics, but make my own decisions.

        I can’t wait to see ITLOBAH!

    • Flan says:

      It might do well (or at least command more initial interest) in Europe since Europeans are usually more open to foreign movies and subtitles, but also because the war happened in Europe.

      Just a guess, have no data on it.

  8. spinner says:

    Angie’s face is gorgeous. Beyond that, they both look totally busted. That dress is really bad & Brad needs to be drug off to the shower.

  9. French fries says:



  10. Roxy750 says:

    I love that dress. Beautiful, I actually love the accent on the rose. Bi@tch looks good no matter what she wears.

  11. Cathy says:

    I like her hair and makeup. I like the cut and color of the dress, but that rose and wierd sleeve length ruin it.

  12. mia girl says:

    Her face/makeup looks amazing.

    As for the rose, I think its the size that is really not working for me. It’s way too big, bigger than her actual head.

  13. Delta Juliet says:

    That dress is not something I would have ever picked out, but somehow I love it! Not sure what it is (not usually a big fan of huge flowers) but between the color and the shading, I really like it.

    Those glasses are horrible and need to go.

  14. Maxine says:

    Her face looks amazing! Really. Not even seeing the dress so much!

  15. janet says:

    Not a fan. Hate brangalina hype but I adore this dress. Seen in full length it’s beautiful!!! :-)

  16. Lola says:

    Its good that she tried something different. Angie looks good when she covers her boney arms but she still needs to pack on some pounds. I was looking at picture of her from her 1st and 2nd pregnancies and my good she look beautiful.
    Now she looks gaunt and shiny.

  17. Original Chloe says:

    The movie is getting a much warmer reception here as well. Maybe because it all happened closer to where everyone lives.

  18. Wow says:

    Oh look, it’s the 100000000000000 premiere of the film Angelina just doesn’t stop pimping!!!
    Just go away girl………

  19. Jane says:

    She looks beautiful, classy and elegant–almost like a first lady. Unfortunately, it also looks like something a first lady would wear, and not a Hollywood movie star. Her makeup looks better here. Her lipstick color looks gorgeous on her and her skin is flawless here. There was a picture I saw of her crying recently and there were no lines on her forehead; someone mentioned did she get Botox? Don’t think she needs it at all, but she’s still stunning.

  20. Beatrix says:

    Is it just me or do these Brad/Angelina stories incite nothing but a hard yawn and eye-roll? I don’t even bother to read their stories, most of the time they’re such a snooze-fest but they seem to be on here all time.

  21. NotaBitterBetty says:

    I love it. Although I suspect I only love it because it’s Angelina wearing it and she totally pulls it off. I like that her choices can be very unpredictable, I would never have pegged her to wear something like this. She looks gorgeous. Brad looks good too.

  22. fd says:

    Am I crazy? I sort of like the dress. I like the shadowing effects of the black and gray in the rose. I don’t love it, but it’s fine. And well, she is just so beautiful, it’s crazy.

  23. Reel Wheel says:

    Her face is always beautiful, but dear god, not even Carrie Bradshaw would wear that gargantuan rosette. Big miss on this one.

  24. skuddles says:

    Afraid I’m going to have to nitpick this one. Color works for her, nice fabric, and I can live with the rose detail. But the one sleeve thing doesn’t work, the waistline is not flattering (Angie’s too short-waisted), and the shoes seem wrong – wrong color, wrong style. Her face, hair and jewelry, however, are flawless.

  25. carrie says:

    i like the color on her but the dress is awful BUT Guy Pearce’s lookalike next to her is nice to see :P

  26. watchingyoubitchh says:

    she looks great but yes the dress is horrid

  27. Esmom says:

    Brad’s been looking great lately but this is a major misstep. Yuck. He’s got a Keith Richards vibe going on (which, to clarify, is not a compliment in my book).

    Her dress is interesting and unique, love it.

  28. Cherry says:

    I’m not saying that she shouldn’t promote it, or that Brad shouldn’t be there to support her. As I said, I think they’re doing it for the right reasons. But I also agree with Susan that all these premieres cost a fortune. Especially since both Angelina and Brad keep showing up for the premieres. These are two extremely well-paid individuals. Their time is precious- and expensive. That’s what I meant with the ‘tagging along’-comment. All this for a movie that hasn’t been received very well and probably isn’t going to make a lot of money – it’s just a bit too much, in my opinion.

    EDIT: This was a reply to NotaBitterBetty (nr. 8), don’t know how it ended up here.

    • Claire says:

      But that’s exactly why they have to be there to support it. Because it’s a little movie with a difficult subject. They sell it, that’s how it works. What, it’s normal for movies like Marylin or Millenium to be all over the world but not that one? I don’t get it. “You did your little movie about your little war, so now please shut up about it?” Why is it not serious? Why should it be dismiss like that?

    • Freya says:

      ITLOBAH is Angelina’s baby, and her significant other supports her and is very proud of her.

  29. teri says:

    I like the dress and the flower, it doesn’t take away from her beauty. She could wear a huge green leaf and her face would still be what people talk about. About the threats of her movie, I wish one would actually watch it first and not assume the worst.

    “It was more that … with a film like this, you don’t want it to be used as a tool … especially in an election year, where people are deciding to label it without having seen it, and try to incite aggression and violence.”

  30. sarah says:

    You want her to wear “deep V-neck”? how slutty-tasteless is that?

  31. teri says:

    Has anyone seen this movie yet and where? Your takes on it if you’ve really seen it.

    • Moira says:

      ITLOBAH is an extremely well directed and well acted film. The screenplay could have used some polish but is good. The art direction and cinematography is very well done for such a low budget film and the costumes are incredible!! It is very, very hard to watch.

  32. kristipistol says:

    Anyone notice they are not smiling like usual, maybe there’s some truth to the Billy Bob story in Berlin

  33. From France says:

    In a French channel, say that last night was a big fight between the couple, and he left this morning without saying goodbye to her

  34. Simply says:

    She is really fake. She pretends to care but all she wants is to promote herself like she was the last good soul on earth….please!!!!

  35. Sj says:

    I like more when Brad is doing promotion, he is not desperate to please or desperate to get attention like Angelina is.
    He has class she doesn’t.

  36. toto says:

    The best feature in her face is her eyes

    pure hypnosis

  37. Pink says:

    Brad’s glasses are ok but i like better without them. Hope he leaves them at home for the oscars.

  38. buell says:

    Who knew a dress came with it’s own tumor to be biopsied?

  39. Reece says:

    I love this dress. I normally HATE flower dresses but nope love this. I like how it’s shaded, it starts off in the dress goes up to the flower. Or the flower unravels, whatever, I love this. It’s not a “Oh I stuck a flower on my dress” dress.

  40. Bellebeesting says:

    That dress is wearing her. The flower does sort of makes her lead look less lollipop, tho. Second pic down, brad is too bronze/orange/pancake face. And the glasses? No. Just no. Busted.

    BUT what the what?.. is going on in that photo where he appears to be holding up a zombie? Seriously, is she drugged? Is she really sick?
    Sad smut?

  41. prey says:

    She look lovey. He looks handsome.

  42. Ron says:

    Love this dress. Susually not a fan of rosettes but this is lovely on her.

  43. foozy says:

    she looks best in black leather

  44. Camille (The original) says:

    I think AJ’s face and hair look stunningly beautiful. Utterly gorgeous woman. And I like that she has been trying out some different looks on the red carpet lately. I love that she has been stepping out of the ‘sack box’ as it were and changing it up a bit, but I don’t care for this dress.

    Brad looks his usual sexy self.

  45. Belle says:

    Actually don’t think the dress is bad… kind of like it, though the ‘one sleeve’ length IS kind of awkward. Make up looks beautiful… agree with earlier post about the fabulous lip color. I can’t believe there are people who don’t think this couple is HEAVILY into botox though… seriously??
    HATE, HATE, HATE Brad’s glasses. Don’t like his long hair, or his fake-bake tan… or his botox look, but HATE the glasses! Seriously, not only does Ted Nugent want his shirt back, but I think he’s missing some glasses as well. (Though Brad looked HOT in the Oceans movies….lol)

  46. NM6804 says:

    There’s comes a point in time where even her face can’t save her atrocious styling and unhealthy body (isn’t white suppposed to make you look fatter?!) anymore. I liked the other dark dress from a few posts ago though, that I’ll admit.

    • Kimbob says:

      I agree. I mean, Angelina’s face is undeniably beautiful…but anymore, that’s about all. Her straw man figure is seriously detracting…whatever…it’s her body.

      Another blogger commented about how Brad looks like he needs a bath…I agree. Brad hasn’t been attractive to me for a long, long time now.

  47. danielle says:

    Her style of dress has become very matronly.

  48. Kim says:

    If I could have any makeup artist it would be Angelinas. Her makeup is always flawless.

    However she is looking to waxy. She nneds to ease up on the botox/filler.

  49. Karen says:

    Stop talking about her dress and focus on what she is doing. She wrote and directed a movie which deals with the systematic rape of at least 50,000 women, war and renewed tensions between the countries.That’s what should matter.

  50. Jeannified says:

    I absolutely love this dress on her…color, style and all. She looks stunningly beautiful! I hope she will stay safe, now that she has these new threats against her. (The cast as well.)

    • nemera says:

      sorry hon.. I get that everyone screams botox for every celeb. but if you stopped looking at the pictures go see video. Her face and forehead moves. And she is expressive. There are lines on her forehead and eyes. So if Botox makes all that happen then everyone in the world has a botox face.

      She is a stunning woman. I guess it is just hard for you to accept.

    • nemera says:

      no everyone does not do it. and just because you think so doesn’t make is so. Don’t kid yourself on that score.

      @dena.. my life if I say so myself is pretty great as lives go. I’m very fortunate and have the life that a lot of people dream and hope for.
      But the thing I am most proud of is that I can be happy for others.. whether I know them or not. I don’t think that because someone is in Hollywood or an actor or makes loads of money that this makes them shallow. We obviously disagree and that is fine.

      LOL.. I shutter to think what your real life if like. Especially after reading the comments you post on this site.

  51. kelly says:

    Beautiful! Love the dress! It’s something different/out of the norm and she can pull it off.

  52. dj says:

    I love this dress on A.J. I am not a fan of huge flowers but she wears it well. If Brad did not “tag along” everyone would be commenting that they were breaking up or he did not support her. Whatever.

  53. blonde on the dock says:

    Where did all the love go? They both appear to be miserable to me. That dress does nothing for her figure.

  54. sam says:

    the whole look is trapped in the 90′s.
    serious weight is needed she’s looking too vamparish and dated.
    i expect more from her brain than a bag of botoxed bones.
    tatoo’s look cheap.
    could do better.

  55. Wendy says:

    This dress brings to mind the comment a friend made after living in Oz for several months. She found it weird that the water flushed down the toilet “backwards” (counterclockwise) in the Southern Hemisphere. I find myself looking at this “rose” and wondering which hemisphere the designers are from…

  56. giddy says:

    Love the dress. She’s incredibly gorgeous. And courageous. Not a fan-girl but she has my respect.

  57. samira677 says:

    I like the dress but would have liked it more if it was sleeveless. I guess the sleeve and flower makes it look too busy. To those claiming that they are miserable and breakup rumors are true, come on. I’ve noticed that a lot of websites only post non-smiling photos of Brad and Angelina. If you go to photo agencies like Getty the majority of photos are of them smiling. Also they can be on a redcarpet for an hour+. That’s a long time to smile. Besides even if they were smiling everybody would say they were fake.

  58. original sandy says:

    both lovely, although i don’t like his glasses, everything else is on point.

  59. Aiobhan says:

    I give her an A for effort but a B+ overall. I cannot hate this dress with that face attached to it. At least it is not black.

  60. Isa says:

    I don’t like the rose thingy.
    But her hair and make up have been looking 10x better on this publicity tour.

  61. Jayna says:

    The color of the dress is stunning.

  62. Thelma says:

    I love this dress…it’s pretty high fashion. The video shows the color is exquisite and shaded subtly and the structure is very nicely done.

    It’s pretty interesting that the fashion websites imputing the Parisian ones are praising the choice of dress. I guess that’s why there’s a difference between high street and couture and which market segment they each target.

  63. UniqJazz says:

    She looks lovely ! and I Love her make up.

  64. d says:

    so why can’t brad promote HIS movie? why do they need to be together all.the.time? i’m beginning to believe the rumours about her clinginess…

  65. sandra says:

    I LOVE that dress – very chic and dramatic. She looks like a lady. Loved the dress she wore the night before too. I think same designer according to lainey gossip.

  66. Deb Sullivan says:

    I love this couple. The haters will always hate, no matter what. It’s just what they do best. Whatever. They (the haters) bore me.

    The dress? Meh… but did you notice? The shade matches her eye colour exactly.

    • nemera says:

      actually her eyes are green with blue. unusual.

      but the shading in the flower is very pretty.

      She and Brad look great together. and yep the none fans spend way too much time looking at them. Especially since they “don’t like” either. Actions speak louder. If you are following every move someone makes. there has to be some interest.

  67. RobN says:

    Why is Brad standing like he’s got a load in his pants?

  68. JudyJudyJudy says:

    saw a better set of picture elsewhere and brad still looks entranced.

  69. Sorolla says:

    That big cabbage thing on her dress is as big as her head! It is competing with her face. If it were half the size, the dress would be exquisite. What’s with brad? He doesn’t look like he’s having a good time at all.

  70. original sandy says:

    gosh, what a gorgeous couple, brad is such a lucky man, she is beautiful,smart, caring,loving, and she picked a winner with brad, he adores her, and supports, her. it’ seems unfair for one couple to have it all, but it looks like they do, no wonder some people are up in arms, and dislike them so much, this is rare, we should just enjoy them.

    • Hypocricy says:


      Rather than him supporting his woman’s current project, some of those poor soul even want Brad to promote a second time around a movie of his he already promoted months ago.

      Too many mindless illogical circonvultions just to not see them together. So pathetic !

  71. Jaxx says:

    Everyone constantly complains that Angelina is anorexic and unhealthy. She is a naturally thin woman and no one has that kind of flawless, luminous, and gorgeous skin if they aren’t in good health.

  72. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    I swear he makes him self look ugly for red carpet events, so she gets all the attention. Nice guy.

  73. janie says:


  74. Sorolla says:

    Brad looks pissed off. Maybe he doesn’t like that big cabbage either. Hah! I agree about her makeup artist. What a genius. Ofcourse, you’re also right about the perfect bone structure and gorgeous eyes that he or she gets to work with. It appears that Brad and Angelina are perfectly happy, but one never knows what’s really going on in other people’s relationships.

  75. mk says:

    Angie Jo should let her fans apply to style her. She should be wearing this season’s Elie (not the wedding ones) and McQueen. NOT GIANT PAGEANT FLOWERS.

  76. Lisa says:

    I love the dress, uber stylish and the flower detail is beautiful, as is the draping effect on the top. Lovely…

  77. nemera says:

    Here is a nice video for the fans from the Cinema for Peace Gala.

    I guess I just don’t understand the purpose of Botox. In the video you see her face moving and in closeup pictures you see lines on her face so not sure what benefit she is suppose to be getting. But then the people that claim botox always come up with some other explanation when they are given proof of how wrong they are.

    hope the FANS enjoy. The Auction part is very cute. I like the way they are with each other.

  78. Jin says:

    She always looks greasy. And why do they have to make their grand entrances everywhere? Stop using your relationship to promote your film. They just like the attention and walk around like they are royalty to every single premiere in every country together. So I don’t want to hear them complain about privacy because they court the attention. You never see Jennifer Garner or Ben Affleck posing together at premieres.

  79. honeybunn says:

    why are they still show boating a failed movie in the us. I will be glad when they stop trying to fine things to
    brag about.they are two losers here in their own country.they are a weird couple. No one seems to like them,they don’t have any friends other than Clooney and he is a friend of Brads and only tolerate Angelina.I notice the press call them a power couple. Will some one tell me why.Speaking of boring there lives look very boring to me.what else do you see them during besides attending awards ceremonies, adopting children from everywhere except the us, and traveling all over the place like gypsies.

    • nemera says:

      The movie is opening for the first time overseas thus the promotion. Just like all the other celebs that promote their films.

      and all this they are not liked in America. LOL. seriously you sound a bit off the hinge.

      I guess you silly rant is to get attention. but it is so funny how you throw out little facts. I guess you spend a lot of time reading about them and what they do. Perhaps you should stop

    • Moira says:

      That’s hilarious. If true then why are they mobbed for photos and autographs whenever they do an appearance here the U.S.A.?

      Brad and Angie have lots of friends. Clooney isn’t even in the top tier as he recently admitted. And they haven’t adopted a child in 5 years FCOL!