Brad Pitt lost his iPhone & he’s worried someone will see his “intimate” photos

I just spent way too much time looking through Brangelina photos so I could perfectly illustrate this story. The story is simple enough – Star Magazine claims that Brad Pitt lost his iPhone while he was in London, and Angelina is super-pissed because the iPhone contained lots of “private” and “intimate” photos of her and the kids, and now they’re worried that someone will find the phone and sell the photos. So these are the photos I’ve chosen – some are pics that Brad Pitt shot with Angelina and the kids for W Magazine in 2008. Some are from Mario Testino’s photo shoot with Brad and Angelina back in 2005 (or early 2006?), for Testino’s book Let Me In. Are these the kind of “intimate” photos that will be flooding the market soon?

Angelina Jolie is “still a bad girl,” Brad Pitt recently said. “It’s not for public consumption.” Not so fast! The world may soon get a glimpse of what goes on in their bedroom, because Star had learned that Brad lost his iPhone at the BAFTAs – the phone containing “intimate photos” of the pair.

Sources say the couple’s worried that the personal snaps could be leaked on the Internet.

“It’s a nightmare for Brad!” an insider tells Star. “Angelina is livid. She told him a hundred times to delete the shots for this very reason. She warned him that something like this could happen.”

Unfortunately Angelina is getting no satisfaction out of telling Brad “I told you so.”

Says the source, “With the Oscars on the horizon, they feel like this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Brad’s waited for years for what should have been a moment of celebration, and this drama has really tarnished it.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Yeah, nothing has been “tarnished” as far as I can see. I mean, how bad could those photos possibly be? Are we talking about a Jesse James-like secret Nazi fetish? Or are we talking about some titsy photos of Angelina? Because we’ve already seen Angelina’s rack. A lot. And we enjoyed it. Unless the photos contain some kind of weird kink or they contain evidence of Zahara’s unfolding plot to become Empress of All, I don’t think many of us would be surprised.

…Oh, derp. I just realized that Brad probably takes photos of his dong on his iPhone. That’s what dudes do, right? They love taking photos of their junk. So… keep your eyes peeled for random photos of Pitt dong.

Photos courtesy of Brad Pitt for W Magazine, and Mario Testino’s book, Let Me In.

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  1. Lol says:

    She’s so beautiful in those photos. I can never make up my mind about Angelina but I think they are the nicest photos i have ever seen of her.

    • cameron says:

      These have always been my favorite photos of JP’s. Famous photographer Mario Testino took the touching forehead photos and the others are Brad’s photography.
      I also wanted to note for those who question Beyonce and Jay-Z baby hair texture and parentage. Here’s a photo of Zahara’s with straight hair which many posters try to tell those who are not familiar with Black babies that the skin tone and hair changes as they become older.

      • MW says:

        @Cameron, sincerely, with all due respect to you, it was never about Blue’s coloring, it was all about her features especially, and then the hair length and thickness and straightness, just shocked me.

      • BabyCakes says:

        Black babies are often born with straight hair. My daughter was born with bangs almost to her eyebrows and the back of her hair was to her shoulders. Everyone remarked in the nursery as to the baby with all of the hair. Now her hair is very long and very kinky/curly. So you never know. Genetics play a big part as well.

    • Molly says:

      She is so stunning in these pictures. She loves her kids, that’s for certain. Those laughs are genuine. It’s beautiful.

  2. MB says:

    Great selection of pics. Beautiful!

  3. Overrated says:

    I have never seen that photo of Brad and Angie touching foreheads, he looks like he wants to devour her! I love them as a couple!

  4. Bermuda Blues says:

    She’s so beautiful. I love the last ones of mother & baby where you can see the tiny hand.

  5. paola says:

    yes i know it is totally trashy to sell pictures of celebrities to cheesy magazines…but i’d totally do it if it was me to find that phone!! even only to piss Angelina off :D

  6. Bite me says:

    Hmm the bafta was like what 2 weeks ago… Wouldn’t the pix already be released by now… Anyway for what it’s worth gossip cop claim the story is not true

  7. marni says:

    Another celeb claiming their phone was ‘lost’ or stolen, so they can justify their leaked sex pics/video release.
    Who knew that Brad would stoop this low for an Oscar/popularity.

  8. samira677 says:

    I’m sure if Brad lost his phone, “scandalous” photos would have been everywhere by now. Whether or not he actually lost the phone clearly nothing was on it.

  9. teri says:

    Some people are greedy and love to put others in pain for their own selfish reasons. Let’s hope if this is true that someone turns it in to Brad for a hefty reward.

  10. atlantapug says:

    Well, he’s an idiot.

    I understand wanting photos of your family with you on your phone. But he should only have 1 or 2 specific, non-sensational family shots. The rest he could take and upload then delete off the phone.

    What a dummy. Yep, these will come out. But will it hurt the Oscars? Only if it’s non-family oriented or other women.

  11. mln76 says:

    I call B.S. if the phone were found the pics would be out by now.

    But I love these pictures of them.

    • Lucy says:

      Maybe just maybe no one was interested in buying what photos he had one the phone.
      After all Pitt/Jolies arent the biggest sellers of mags/hits on websites,(as much as fans would like to think).
      They have been eclipsed for example the Twihards own the internet hits now.

    • Lucy says:

      Sorry @min76 but Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart eclipsed Pitt/Jolie along time ago
      You and the gossip rags are stuck in the past. Only the oldies buy their gossip.
      The youth of today (eg the future) dont buy mags, they hit websites.
      The Pitt/Jolies dont get anywhere near the attention as the Twilight/Disney stars do on the net.
      As sad as it is aside from the die hard fans/haters no one else cares what the Jolie/Pitts do.

      BTW Gossips rags make up stories about all the celebs not just the Jolie/Pitts.

      • mln76 says:

        well we know that you have an investment in them so…they’ve always got you ;)

        This of course is going to be the busted reasoning of the crazed and obsessed anti-fans on FF and the like. That the pictures didn’t sell…Again whatever puts you to bed at night sweetheart ;)

      • Not surprised by this says:

        Whatever gets you thru the day,lol. Maybe you should go back to FF.

      • cameron says:

        I bet if you asked most people who are Brad and Angie they would know. Kristen and Rob not so much. Until they are invited to Oscars, Golden Globes or any other award show besides kiddie fare Nickelodeon and MTV they are not important. They still haven’t set any box office records outside their franchise.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        Lucy, that’s a pretty bold statement you’ve made. How can you know what other people do? What you probably mean is that no body you ‘know’ or who visit the same Internet sites as you buys magazine anymore. That’s just like the kids today who say that no body buys CD’s anymore, when people buy CD’s all the time. Not everyone grew up glued to the Internet.

      • Lucy says:

        Damn…I hate when someone has the same posting name as me…especially when they say something so dumb…the jolie/pitts are definetly the most wanted celebrity photos…no contest with those horrible Twilight stars…it wouldn’t surprise me if someone stole brad’s phone…anyone check chris brown…lol

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Lucy, that’s why we have so many “original”s or “the original”s on this site: once I stumbled upon someone using my “bellaluna” handle (with some decidedly UN-bellaluna-like comments), I changed mine.

      • sian says:

        Sorry to burst your bubble Lucy, but Stewart whatever and whatshisname are basically unknowns. Especially compared to Jolie and Pitt. Jolie and Pitt are international icons, love em, hate em, or in between. Everyone knows that. The other 2 nobodies you mentioned don’t even get one quarter of the hits, or comments, that the JPs get. Keep fantasising and fooling yourself, but the stats say it all. Let the kids and tweens have their Dora Explorer, their Kristin Stewards and whoever nameless Disney flavor of the week, but JPs are what brings in the big bucks and the big hits all over the internet, and there is nothing you can say to prove otherwise kiddo.

    • Lucy says:

      What is FF?
      My only point was that the Jolie/Pitts arent as popular as they were/as you think they are, and they arent.
      I am new to this board and are indifferent to the Jolie/Pitts, and Iam always suspicious of all celebs motives.
      Have I stumbled across a Team Jolie website?

      • mln76 says:

        whatever…it doesn’t matter if they aren’t as popular as Twilight there would still be $$$ paid for them. They are and have continued to be an industry. The idea that no one would put an offer down is downright silly.

        There are no pictures and never were….END OF STORY.

      • spinner says:

        @ Lucy – Yes. Dear…you have stumbled upon a pro Angelina site. FF=a site called Female First. Have never been there myself, but from the Jolie fans on this site, it is considered vile. I know you are a young one & I totally understand where you are coming from. The youth culture always brings new things to the table. That is how we all move forward. Very good…carry on.

      • Heine says:

        Spinner and Lucy- you know what’s interesting about Female First? Their write ups are totally neutral, just-the-facts reporting. Gossip is only one small part of a massive site with a whole bunch of fun stuff to read (and shopping!). Don’t let them put you off the site.

        When I first heard about it via this site from the loonies I was terrified thinking I’d find Perez Hilton style pictures with devil horns on Angelina and racist portrayals of the children splashed on the front page. But no, it’s more like a lifestyle magazine with a gossip section.

        The section these folks are talking about is a very small portion of the site, one requiring you to click on I don’t know how many links to finally arrive at the ‘forums’ which I think are unregulated and aren’t moderated so the cray cray dregs of society run free.

        I would surmise that most people who visit the site have no idea those forums are even there. They probably read the scores of other non-celebrity gossip related materials that are more prominently displayed on the home page.

      • spinner says:

        Hi Heine…thanks for the info. I thought it was some blog that came straight from hell.

    • Mari says:

      LOL on how some people say they are not popular anymore, but they are here, harping on them with no end… They would be somewhere el se if what they say is true.

  12. teri says:

    Star isn’t even a credible magazine.

  13. Samigirl says:

    I love the pictures of her nursing. I know breastfeeding pictures are totally controversial (for whatever reason), but I think they are just lovely.

    • dahlia noir says:

      Me too! They’re so simple and yet very touching.

    • Lindsay says:

      Ah! Me too! If more people saw nursing it would become a cultural norm instead of something shocking. It’s what the boobies are for!! Beautiful nursing photos. :)

    • MS says:

      Can someone explain the photo (you mentioned) to me. It appears to be Zahara’s hand however, how is it possible for one to nurse when, they did not give birth? Seriously!

      And if AJ is not nursing, then WTH is Brad taking a picture of? Zahara playing with mommies boob? Please!

      • Samigirl says:

        It’s one of the twins, actually. Which one, I couldn’t tell you. I just remember when the pictures were published.

        Funny you say that though. There have actually been stories and records and whathaveyou about adoptive mothers actually being able to nurse their adoptive children. I don’t know how, of course, but it is possible. A woman’s body is truly an amazing thing :)

        Also, re: playing with boobs-if you’ve never nursed, I wouldn’t expect you to understand it. It was almost impossible for me to keep my son’s hands off my breasts when I was nursing him. I didn’t really mind though, they were his, after all.

  14. Tapioca says:

    Ah, those photos again! There’s nothing like using your kids as a PR tool to show what loving, devoted parents you are.

      • Samigirl says:

        I think the fact that there AREN’T tons of photoshoots like this speaks volumes about how loving and devoted they are as parents. I’m pretty sure I’ve got more pictures of my son on facebook than they’ve got of their children in magazines.

      • Tapioca says:


        Yes, because children being stalked by the paparazzi because their parents sold out their chance of a private life before they’d even opened their eyes and made them media celebrities in their own right is exactly the same as a parent posting pictures of their anonymous child on FB.

        Then again, growing up in the glare of the media spotlight never hurt anyone. Oh, wait…

    • Samigirl says:

      They put BABY pictures on the cover of magazines and donated the money to charity. Had they not done so, the paparazzi following them would have been worse. I’m pretty sure every cent they’ve made from ANY pictures that have their children in them have gone to charities. They don’t go out every chance they get and put pictures of their children on People magazine, even though all they’d have to do is snap their fingers and it would happen.
      They’ve done less pictorials of them with their children than the friggin Duggars.

      The fact is, because of who they are, any children they have (adoptive or biological) are going to be in the spot light. What are they supposed to do? Not have children?

  15. carrie says:

    beautiful pics and probably false story

    OT:how to protect privacy when you’re okay to direct intimate pics for W magazine? it’s not different of “my great life” in PEOPLE cover

  16. NM6804 says:

    Uh, we’ve seen her naked a zillion times, Pitt’s Peen is also on the internetz, we’ve seen her children in various shoots, photo-ops and even personal pictures taken by Pitt ended up being for public consumption so really, what are they scared of? What could possibly shock us :D ?!

    This reminds me of the pictures of Jolie after birthing the twins (castle ones) and the after Shiloh’s birth (party) that were considered an invasion of privacy (and it was considering they were stolen no?) just because for once, they weren’t the ones that sent out the photos thus not in control of the image. It’s not about the pictures, it’s about losing control. They’re pretty OCD about it I think.

    The only thing that can shock the public is if the pictures show:

    - Pitt, Aniston and Jolie smoking a spliff together with Maddox on Aniston’s lap and Theroux breakdancing in front of Zahara (who’s giving him a cut-eye of course)
    - Pitt helping Jolie adjust her butt-pads
    - Jolie eating
    - Jolie doing lines on the back of Shimizu while JLM french kisses Pitt with BBT nodding agreeingly in a corner

    • jinni says:

      Exactly. They have willingly exposed their family before, so why would it be a big problem for pics to get out now? Because they aren’t going to profit from it. It’s not as if they’ve been trying to keep their relationship nor their kids identities out of the public eye.

      Anyway, I wish Angie would wear jeans like before instead of all of those office skirts all of the time. She looks so much more relaxed in those pictures.

      Did Brad’s jaw always jut out like he’s sort nuts in them? I never realized how jowly and strange his jawline was; it looks sort of like Kanye’s.

    • Lindy says:

      I have been avoiding commenting on Brangelina posts lately in hopes that they will just go away already, but your list of potentially shocking photos cracked me up:)

      Also–”lost” camera = Oscars stunt

    • DesertRose says:

      No matter how many questionable pics are on there, all the phones are capable of recording, storing, and playing video. I know right now my husband has a short video of me, um, performing oral s*x, stored so he can watch it if he wants. The sad thing is that the narcissist in me wouldn’t really mind all that much. And I don’t think the Jolie-Pitts would either.

      ETA – I wouldn’t mind if he lost it and someone else found it. From that angle I’m almost unrecognizable anyways.

  17. sarah says:

    oh how I’d love to have that phone. I wouldn’t sell the pics tho, I’d keep them for myself.

    And I LOVE these photos. They are so beautiful.

  18. LL says:

    Guess Brad doesn’t use the “Find my iPhone” app. He could have also wiped the phone completely. Problem solved, lol.

  19. Jennifer12 says:

    Those shots of them are gorgeous.

  20. Kay_la says:

    I don’t believe this story. There are plenty of iPhone apps that give you a secret password protected folder and my guess is any celebrity with private photos would be using one. Also there is the find my iPhone app that will show you via gps where your phone is and allow you to lock the screen so no one can access anything on your phone. So even if he really did lose his iPhone there are plenty of ways to protect its contents. Also the idea that Brad Pit doesn’t keep his phone password protected to begin with is hard to believe.

    I have been reading this blog for awhile now to get my daily fix of gossips. I have never commented but I felt compelled to share this tidbit of knowledge :)

  21. olivia says:

    Dear, oh dear. Dirty phone pictures and Jolie reminiscing about the good old times with BBT. She’s seriously over-estimated the amount of interest that both of those pr stunts are going to generate. People are so over the Brand, they went off the boil several years ago and no amount of recycling of old material is going to revive their corporate dominance. Time to get the corp. dissolved and on to new pastures. The old goat is dying on his feet, he needs a fresh field to gambol in, bless his little hooves.

  22. Monica says:

    if it’s true… publicity stunt.

  23. Pj46 says:

    I don’t believe this for one minute. There are to many people protecting their image(including the couple themselves) to let something like this happen. And I agree with the other poster, whatever was on that phone would have been all over the internet by now

  24. lilred says:

    Lately every story about the has her being furious with him for something,that must be exhausting for both of them.

  25. gfsj says:

    Already denied to Gossip cop, plus they both have blackberries, not iPhones.

    I have never seen him with an iPhone.

    And I think their kids are some of the least exposed/photographed. No weekly twitter pics or pics of their birthdays/Holidays.

    Sometimes they go weeks or months without any pap pics.
    Compared to Garner, Alba and Stefani the Jolie Pitt kids are hardly ever seen.

  26. Ravensdaughter says:

    That’s why I have a plain ol’ cell phone. With an iPhone-Blackberry-Droid you can store have your e-mail, your photos, so much other personal and important stuff-but, you lose it and all that stuff is out there. I also wonder about hacking, per the Murdoch scandal in the UK.

    Let’s hope he lost it in their messy house or that someone honest found it. Not everyone out there is a shark, believe or not.

    Aside-Sometimes at night I wake up screaming-what if President Obama lost his Blackberry (sarcasm, but a legit concern)?

    I doubt they were intimate-intimate photos. Have you ever tried to keep your kid away from your smart phone? The game apps will suck in any kid, and they have six.

    PS: The family photos are lovely-they are obviously a very happy family.

  27. Maya says:

    I love little Zahara’s facial expression in that first picture. So cute!

  28. Nev says:

    Queen Zahara!!!!!!

    sooooooooooooooo cute.

  29. Maya says:

    The first thing I thought of was: how much more attention does this couple crave?
    The second thing: is Brad that stupid? (a little voice in my head said yes).
    But I’m more inclined to think it’s a publicity stunt. Sorry, but to me, it seems that 95% of their life is on camera, at some international location. They don’t even stay in one place.
    After the 2012 Oscars, they need to go away and spend some time in one place as a family and decide what their career priorities are. They have become over exposed.
    I used to always be one of the first people in my group to see Brangelina films, now I just can’t be bothered.

  30. skuddles says:

    Wow what beautiful photos! The one of them staring into each others eyes is positively electrifying.

    And whoopsies about the cell phone (if the story is actually true), but I doubt Brad would be dumb enough to store graphic pics on there.

  31. Rhiley says:

    I have seen Brad Pitt’s dong and it ain’t all that much. Remember wwwwaaayyyy back in the 1996/1997/1998 era when Playgirl snapped photos of Brad and Goopy walking around together naked in some hotel room? Seriously, they were like standing around in front some balcony naked and kissing and stuff. Anyway, they published the photos and my buds and I bought the rag. He was well trimmed back then and I bet nowadays he would be a bit untamed and grey down there.

  32. TheOriginalVictoria says:

    Team Brangie all damn day. They are so hot.

    And so what if they sold pics or whatever. That was their choice. It keeps them in control for the most part. I get that. There are some sorry ass people on here if you think it’s okay to violate someone’s privacy just because you think someone was asking for it or because your hateration is blinding your ability to be a human being.

    What I have on my phone is personal. There is nothing bad on there but I still don’t want people seeing them without my permission.

    Anyway, I don’t believe this story.

  33. di elepha beth says:

    just a curious question,
    wasn’t it last year-ish that he lost his really really expensive camera on the ITLOBAH set? did we get to see any pics from that camera? or were they just really dull that the stealer couldn’t be bothered?

    this guy keeps losing things left and right. maybe he should invest in one of those skater-boi type chains, tie everything to his hip.

    • STOLEN Camera says:

      No, Brad’s camera was stolen, not lost. It was a complicated camera filled with set pictures- I have a feeling the person that stole probably wasn’t sophisticated/savy enough to develop the film or we would have seen those pictures by now.

  34. FeverDream says:

    Oh so Brad Pitt doesn’t have MobileME on his iPhone? You know, the service that is set up in store where you can not only remotely FIND the phone but you can also immediately remotely WIPE as in DELETE everything on the phone?

    Oh and he doesn’t have a password on his phone?

    This is the most attention seeking couple I have ever seen in my life.

    If pictures leak? They leaked them in an attempt to prove Jolie is still hot and sexy and bad and Brad is still a player.


  35. sharylmj says:

    she is OBVIOUSLY happiest at home… I love these pictures!! I doubt he would be dumb enough to keep anything incriminating on his phone, if he IS dumb enough, she ISN’T!!!

  36. The Original Mia says:

    Don’t believe this story. If someone had his phone, they’d sell the pictures. Since Brad & Angelina are Blackberry users, more fail on this story.

  37. Ana says:

    This is so dumb. You can wipe the entire contents of your phone remotely if you lose it. I can’t believe that, if it’s true Brad lost his iPhone, then they haven’t already wiped it’s memory. Also, there’s this convenient little app called “Find my iPhone” and it shows you where the phone is located if it’s GPS is engaged and will wipe the contents upon powering up if the gps isn’t engaged.

  38. Delta Juliet says:

    I’m still laughing over the Pattinson- KStew comment.

  39. jwoolman says:

    Was Chris Brown in London?

  40. Kate #2 says:

    No real thoughts on the story, but wow, those photographs are beautiful. The ones of Jolie feeding her little one are stunning; she’s got such an open expression on her face. And the kids are so tactile with their parents, too.

    I wish things weren’t always reduced to sides. They do look like good parents and those kids do seem very aware they’re loved. Always great to see, whatever your views on other areas.

  41. Isa says:

    I LOVE the pictures!
    The one of her breastfeeding she looks a lot like her mother in that picture. And the little hand kills me! My baby just bit me, it’s not so sweet anymore!

  42. Jill says:

    I love the top picture. You can see how much they enjoy being parents.

  43. foozy says:

    love the photo of her and brad

  44. barbie says:

    all i can say is love. love. love. them together! my favorite celeb couple & kids

  45. Orange Cone says:

    um there are already pictures of Brad’s dong on the internets

    he needs manscaping

  46. lisa says:

    Those are my two favorite photoshoots of them The Testino ones are just so sweet. And that picture of Brad/Angie looking at each other is right up there with that Vogue shot of him with her in the desert. He is on his bike, she is standing next to him in a black trench coat.. very sexy.

    If there were pictures of that nature out there the rag that had them would have posted them and shouted it from the roof tops.

    They really are a lovely couple. They seem very loved up and happy. Good for them.

  47. Smothers says:

    I bet Clooney is getting nervous – those pics were meant just for Brad!

  48. Sarah says:

    He didn’t lose it, Chris Brown stole it. I totally called it (no pun intended).

  49. pamela says:

    Says the source, “With the Oscars on the horizon, they feel like this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Brad’s waited for years for what should have been a moment of celebration, and this drama has really tarnished it.”

    Star is full of caca. Brad has been nominated for BA Oscar twice before now, the last time being just two years ago. That quote makes it seem this is his first time being nominated. These idiots who continue to write this crap don’t have a working brain between them.

    • Venice says:

      Don’t forget the believers of this BS. To bad they don’t even have a half of brain cell rolling around in thier empty heads.But it is funny to watch thier empty heads roll around in this crap. The Twi-twit comment was funny. Why aren’t they at all the sites that post about them? OH yeah, they are only in thier empty heads. Silly fools.

  50. FOREVER says:

    omg brad had a tiny winky there goes my fantasy…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  51. FOREVER says:

    omg brad had a tiny winky there goes my fantasy….

  52. Kimberly says:

    the world already knows he has a really small slender prick from that old play girl picture back in the 90′s.

    Honestly I have never been jealous of Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie after seeing Brads dick.

    I don’t care what anyone says, THAT little thing cannot be satisfying at all.

  53. marie says:

    She is so stunningly beautiful and the love she has for Brad and their kids glows off her.

  54. Galle says:

    Great photos, no matter who they are of; lighting and poses are terrific. Brad lost his cell phone? BS..another publicity stunt to keep these morons in the limelight.

  55. Galle says:

    Can someone explain to me why Colin Farrell, Ashton Kutcher, and Brad Pitt wear these stupid looking knitted hats?

  56. Lucy says:

    Installing, activating and then actually using the “Find my iPhone” app? Are you kidding? They are confused by

    I’d be surprised if it’s even password protected.

  57. mimi says:

    I never liked how they used the personal lives of their children in order to promote their movies.

    Now, pictures and especially intimate pictures is even worst.

    Who much of a fame w-%ore can you be, even when you are so famous?
    How much more media attention can you crave if you must use your own children even in pictures.

    We all know how Jen Garner uses her husband and children to stay relevant, but at least she is trying to hide it and when it comes to pictures she is doing it the “alert the paparazi” way.

    All these people got their priorities backwards.

    I think Angelina has contributed a lot to the image of women and mothers, but when it comes to her own children, she is putting her ambitions way ahead of their privacy and right to be protected.

    • lisa says:

      We don’t see their children near as much as other celebs. When they are seen the pictures are on every site. We don’t see them walking RC with their children. I see that a lot with less known celebs. These pictures are years old. And really do you think people go to see films because they see pictures of children.

      I don’t know why people like you scream they use their children to promote projects. But whatever you think is your right to do so.

      I think you are way off the mark.

  58. theoriginallucy says:

    thanks originalbellaluna…don’t want those anti-jolie/pitt comments from this new lucy attributed to me…

  59. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    Beautifully done photo’s – in the one where Brad and Angelina looking at eachother Brad looks like Leo Dicaprio.

  60. blonde on the dock says:

    Now we have people defending the size of Pitt’s penis? Ha Ha Unreal!
    Beautiful photos! Unfortunately they dont look like that anymore.

  61. STOPGOOP says:

    Such a beautiful family… I love them again:) Thanks for these photos!