Enquirer: Jennifer Aniston was the one who ordered Gerard Butler into rehab

Gerard Butler just got out of rehab last week. Apparently, he was being treated for prescription pill abuse, and maybe some issues with cocaine too. He stayed in the Betty Ford Center for three weeks, which I find kind of weird because I always thought the standard “drying out” stay was four weeks/a month? In any case, Gerard is now sober and clean, or sober-ish and clean-ish. He’s not puffy, nor does he look strung out on the bad sh-t. So who can we thank for Gerard’s miracle transformation? Jennifer Aniston, of course. Because they did that movie together and they fake-dated for a hot minute (a hot minute involving some public ass-play), so now they’re tight enough for Aniston to stage an intervention. An intervention in which it sounds like she was just talking about her new boyfriend. Which makes the story more believable to me, because that’s how I imagine her, but it’s probably BS.

Worried about her ex-beau, Jennifer Aniston convinced Gerard Butler to go into rehab for substance abuse, sources tell The Enquirer. Aniston told Butler to seek help, citing her beau Justin Theroux as a shining example of how to beat drug addiction.

“Jennifer saw that Gerard was in need of help and told him to pack his bags and head to rehab,” said a source. “She said it’s not too late for him to get his life back on track, and it takes a bigger man to admit his problems.”

Jennifer’s beau Justin reportedly wrestled with heroin and cocaine addiction many years ago and beat his demons, as The Enquirer reported. “Justin went through a strict rehabilitation program and Jennifer told Gerard how he pulled himself together,” reveal the source. “Jennifer said he can do it too, before his problem turns into something worse.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

I’ve heard that Justin was into really hard drugs back in the day, but Justin’s new PR team (Aniston’s PR team) has been trying to shut those old stories down. It’s always a pleasure to see them rise up, though. It’s always nice to see “heroin” mentioned in an Aniston story that doesn’t involve She-Who-Is-Uncool.

Anyway, as I mentioned after the Oscars, I’m not quite sure about Gerard’s “recovery” or his post-recovery PR. Forty-eight hours after he got out of rehab, Gerard was slithering around the post-Oscars Vanity Fair party – which made me think that he perhaps skipped out of rehab early just because he didn’t want to miss the cocaine-soaked Oscar parties. And then there’s this too:

Only a week after announcing he’d completed stint in rehab, Gerard Butler hit up Beacher’s Madhouse in L.A. around 1 a.m. to scope out the scene. The Scottish actor tried to go incognito in a hat and leather jacket: He was immediately noticed – especially by female clubgoers, who came over to chat throughout the night.

Butler, meanwhile, stuck to bottled water and chatted up the burlesque show’s impresario, Jeff Beacher, who also sipped water. The two seemed to be pretty good friends, according to an onlooker. But that didn’t stop the female attention, and at one point, a woman came over and danced close to the actor while DJ Baby Chino performed.

Butler was polite but didn’t seem very interested in the women’s attention, leaving the club solo around 1:30 a.m.

[From People]

Of course, sober people can go out to nightclubs and they can party without using. But considering The Butler is so fresh out of rehab… I’m worried that these parties will be a trigger. If he really got clean in the first place, I guess. Whatever. Blame Aniston!

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. brin says:

    Tough love Gerry….if you are really serious about your recovery, you won’t go back to your old partying ways.

  2. NinaG says:

    It’s hard to decide what news blogs or sources are sincerely legit, but the National Enquirer is never a source I take anything serious from sorry, since they days of big foot on the cover, I found that I would just ignore anything that comes from NE.

  3. Marjalane says:

    Most of the people I know who’ve been truly successful at rehabilition from substance abuse have gone at least 90 days and then either stayed on for further help or restructured their lives to eliminate all past influences. These Hollywood rehabs all sound like a nice vacation with a mention in People magazine.

    • Katherine says:

      The industry standard – even the medical standard – is dictated by how many days the insurance industry has decided they will pay for.

      It is now about 28 days. I remember when people went to rehab for 18 months. Then it was reduced in stages down to the paltry and insufficient (in my opinion) month long stay. Really this is more like detox rather than a full fledged rehab. Of course it may be followed by a good intensive outpatient program but I doubt he’d be following the program going to any nightclubs this early on.

  4. anytime says:

    …and she ’caused perez hilton to be reformed and she had prop 8 cancelled also. next.

  5. Bite me says:

    Ugh. This bit ch is not taking his soberiety seriously

  6. NancyMan says:

    So that might be one reason to not find her so damn annoying.

  7. Asli says:

    Meh. I don’t think she was the one who convinced him. If anyone was to convince me to go to rehab (if I was battling with substance abuse) it wouldn’t be a PR ex-boyfriend. Is he close to his parents? Does he have any siblings? Close friends? That’s the people I think he would listen too.

    For peeople who have been to rehab: Is rehab really only a month? I’ve had people tell me that they usually stay as long as it takes to battle their addiction. The whole Hollywood-thing were everybody’s sober and clean after a month is very suspicious.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      My ex-bf was in rehab for 4 months. It was a really intense (and expensive!) program at a facility in Arrowhead, Oklahoma. He was also not allowed to contact me or any of us for 30 days.

      It is my personal belief that the addict has to want recovery for himself. I’m still very close to my ex (who is clean and doing GREAT!) and we occasionally talk about that really awful time in our lives. I still blame myself for a lot of it but he always says that there was nothing anybody could have done to stop him. He had to hit rock bottom (blew through a $30K inheritance, started stealing, stopped working, cut himself off from friends and family etc etc) and then make the decision for himself.

      • Asli says:

        Make me like you even more why don’t you! That was really sweet of you. To stick by him and help him through it. I love that you’re keeping in contact even after you broke up. And I do agree with him. Most people have to hit rock bottom before they see what the hell is happening to them.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah he really is SUCH a genuinely good person. I think that’s why I have a lot of empathy for addicts. Before I went through that with him, I think I always looked down upon people with addiction issues-I just couldn’t understand how they could be so selfish and weak. After seeing what addiction did to him, I got a WHOLE new perspective. Addiction really turned one of the most upstanding, kind, responsible, and generous people I have ever met into a sad, greedy, sneaky and callous person. Such a crazy transformation… Anyway, thanks for the kind words, Asli! :)

      • Asli says:

        Your welcome :D

        My uncle used to be in the military and after he was out it all went down hill from him. He’s an alcoholic. He used to come to my house when I was a kid, drunk out of his mind with women and made me hide his wine bottles or whatever so my mom couldn’t find them. The last time I saw him he was drunk and telling me how he wished he was a bird, so that he could fly and be free. And then he told me to call my mom, she didn’t pick up his calls, and tell her that he wasn’t an alcoholic anymore. He’s been in prison, had his eye bashed in in a bar fight, was abusive towards his ex-wife who fled to Thailand with her kids, stalked her ex-husband and my sister told me that he jumped out of a second story balcony because he thought he could fly last month. He’s still in the hospital. This has been going on for almost 20 years now and he’s way, waaaaaay past rock bottom. It all depends on the person I guess. You can’t save someone from themselves.

  8. galaxygirl says:

    He looks good & I love his outfit yeow. Hope he is doing good & healthy.

  9. TMI Tape Mouth Immediately says:

    “She-Who-Is-Uncool” :D Too funny!

  10. Cerulean says:

    How did she end up milking his rehab for movie PR? Like she is such a huge part of his life that a few choice words made him go. Oh and Justin gets a nod too. He is a shining example of sobriety? Then why does he look so hard lately?

    Bogus bunch of Huvane.

  11. madpoe says:

    of course she did.
    someone always has to take credit for something someone else did or goes through. My god it makes me want a Smurf shake this a.m.!

  12. Agnes says:

    she’s an angel. she really is. (sarcasm.)

  13. lucy2 says:

    I’m starting to think the tabloids with attach JA or AJ’s name to any, completely unrelated story just to get more views/buyers.
    I don’t buy it. I don’t think they ever dated either, I think that was tabloid nonsense and PR people encouraging it for headlines.

  14. di elepha beth says:

    Get well soon, Gerard!

  15. mia girl says:

    If she really did help him, then good for her.

  16. Sillyone says:

    He would have to wear a tongue condom, but I would still hit that scruff.

  17. Mac says:

    The bar for sobriety seems to be set pretty low when 3 weeks in detox is considered rehabilitation.

    Justin deserves credit fo quitting dope and coke but is he really clean & sober? If not he’s playing with fire.

  18. Mitch Buchanan Rocks says:

    JA seems like a good friend, and has good chemistry with GB, though they might not be BFF’s.

  19. Sammi says:

    JA is irrelevant these days as far as I’m concerned. She is in her mid 40s yet dresses like she’s 20 and is Rachel in every single movie I’ve seen her in which to me says she doesn’t have a lot of acting range to begin with. I’m tired of hearing about her and her talking about the unholy trifecta love triangle every time she has a movie coming out

  20. Oh Please Stop says:

    This is pr generated trying once a million again to make Aniston some kind savior friend after she make a huge pile of doo of a movie. Two crap stories in the same week!!?? First, she sent flowers to Angelina, I call ” Bulls#@t!” on that one, especially after 7 years of her pr bs. Now she somehow miraculously convinced a person that she most likely have not spoken with since her promos of Booty Hunter, to go to rehab!!?? So let the heavens part and the sunshine down only on Aniston for her helping poor whittle Gerry. Hell, Aniston need to make a intervention on her own self important “I care what others think of me ass” before she goes around trying to tell somebody else about their problems, geez the lies.

  21. JustThinkin' says:

    What hasn’t Jen been instrumental in recently?

    Can’t we have more details on her flower-sending, puppy-rescuing (above and beyond Holcaust Mom levels), Chelsea Handler befriending near angelic actions?

  22. G says:

    From her body language with Butler she looks more smitten with him than I’ve seen her with anyone.

  23. legofdoom says:

    What a nice positive pr-planted piece to make us forget that she bombed again. That woman is obviously a saint…

    Oh, and Theroux ACTUALLY had a heroin addiction, and yet nobody says he’s still using (because of the incorrect belief that heroin addiction means they will never be free of a substitute drug, and will slip up eventually).

    Makes a nice (convenient) change from Junkie Jolie who only (by both her word, and those of tabloids/media) dabbled with heroin, never being addicted. But obviously she didn’t stop/stay clean/sorted her life out, because she’s THE DEVIL… *snort*

    You’ve got to hand it to her, for being as interesting as plain oatmeal, aniston attracts such amusingly delusional freaks :””D

  24. d says:

    i would have thought that his old pal craig f would have gotten him to rehab if anyone. but ya, can’t always save people fom themselves when they’re their own worst enemy…

  25. skuddles says:

    Wait, Justin was a heroic addict? Uh okay…. this is the part where I’d be scooting him and and his prescription pill bottle collection out my door. Clean or not, no thanks.

    • Nicetrynocigar says:

      Oh believe me hon. Maniston’s latest flop means creepy looking theroux will be toast in 5…4…3…2… See Aniston either has to have an enviable brad Pitt type, that’s famous, cool and funny, or at least 2 of 3…her PR flack and she contracted this no famous guy, because he had famous friends, so was ‘connected’ at least if not famous himself, was a ‘writer,’ (I use the term loosely) and had a poseur cool ‘image.’ in other words she decide to work with someone who had 2 of 3…Huvane and she probably felt they’d make him famous, natch. Except her movie bombing was a big sign people don’t care about her, him or them as a couple. Aniston is all about the image. She’d never hook up with someone perceived to be as a big a loser as she is. Watch this space…he’ll be gone in a few weeks, a month at the outside.

      • skuddles says:

        I suspect you’re quite right in your insights Nicetrynocigar (cool handle by the way). I also think JT will assume he’s bankable on his own now because of his brief flash of exposure… but of course he’s not. He’ll go the way of the Dodo in no time. Question is, will Aniston?? Will anyone offer her a role, cheesy romcom or not, after the Wanderlust bomb?

  26. Ellen says:

    Can anyone explain to me why there’s so much hate for Aniston? I’m actually genuinely interested cos I’m a bit new to the whole celeb gossip thing!! The way I thought it went down was that Pitt cheated on her with Jolie and then left her. Then they gave interviews saying they met and fell in love while making that movie (can’t remember the name!) while he was still with Aniston. Then why is Aniston such a hate figure then? I’m not saying that Jolie and Pitt should be hate figures either by the way. Although having been affected by adultery myself, I can’t say that I would be too fond of them if it is true! I’m just curious as to why people seem to hate Aniston so much!