Does Jennifer Aniston spend $8000 a month on beauty treatments?

Back in February, Jennifer Aniston appeared on Conan O’Brien’s show to promote Wanderlust. She ended up discussing the one time she did a chemical peel, telling Conan, “I did this thing called like, a peel. It’s extremely intense – you don’t realize you look like a battered burn victim for a week… Then it just kind of falls off – for eight days. It was horrifying.” The “it” being all of the dead skin. All I really know about chemical peels, I learned on that one episode of Sex & the City, when Samantha wanted to look refreshed for Carrie’s book party. Samantha’s experience was pretty much the same. Which makes me wonder – why do women even go in for it? It sounds dreadful. But are the results – after all of the dead skin falls off – really that awesome? Another question: do you believe Aniston only had one chemical peel? Or more? Or do you think she’s more of a Botox-and-filler kind of girl?

Anyway, The Mail has an interesting story about Aniston’s beauty regimen that is mostly tabloid supposition and likely outright lies. The worst part? I think The Mail is probably underestimating Aniston’s beauty treatments.

Hollywood’s golden girl, Jennifer Aniston, is envied by millions for her perfectly sun-kissed glow, toned body and shiny locks and now we know how much it costs. The Wanderlust star, 43, reportedly spends $8000 a month on lotions and potions, her dietary regime and her exercise schedule in order to maintain her flawless appearance.

On skincare alone, the bronzed beauty is estimated to invest in the region of $2000 monthly. Aside from the ‘horrifying’ peel that Aniston says leaves her looking like a ‘battered burn victim’ for a week, the actress indulges in soothing treatments and creams.

One neck ointment she uses, by beauty brand Euoko, is allegedly made with crystals from the planet Mars and costs $450 while she regularly splurges on Tracie Martyn Spa Red Carpet Facials that cost over $500.

On leaving the New York spa, she reportedly takes home a $390 goodie bag of products. To offset the expense of her extravagant facials, Aniston washes her face with a cheap Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar and moisturizes daily with comparatively affordable Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream for around $40. But she makes sure she stays young and wrinkle free with Mila Moursi Rejuvinating Serum for $350.

Her private yoga sessions with trainer and best friend Mandy Ingber set her back nearly $900 a week for three hours of stretching and cardio.

Of her rigorous workouts, Aniston has gushed in the past: ‘I feel like I am getting a meditation, a workout and time with my friend, all rolled into one hour.’

And let’s not forget Aniston’s dietician, Carrie Watt, whose consultation fees and home delivery service total around $680 a week. For the girl-next-door look, $8000 seems like a lot of money to spend but if anyone has a wallet deep enough to pay for it, it is Jennifer Aniston.

[From The Mail]

I guess they’re figuring that one bottle of neck cream probably lasts a few months. Still, doesn’t $8000 a month seem like too small of a figure? Have I been warped by the orgy of luxury that I see with people like Beyonce? If I had Aniston’s money, I’d probably be spending more on beauty and body stuff. You’ve got to figure in for waxings, hair appointments, gym membership, personal trainer, the best skin care products around (La Mer for your whole body?), plus a personal chef. By my extravagant math, it should be more like $20,000 a month.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lisa says:

    I’m just curious.

    Is there anything else known about Jennifer. I mean other than her hair or exercise routine or who she is dating or Superficial things.

    What else do her fans know about her. What are her other interests. I have never read anything interesting that she does. I don’t mean from the media. I understand that the media paints her a certain way. That is the case with many celebrities. The media has a box they have checked and the stories are all about that image.

    but my question is to her fan base. What else do you all know about this woman. I don’t mean her hanging with girlfriends, tanning or whatever. but things about HER.


    about the chemical peel. Most people that have an everyday job can’t do that because they can’t take off 2 weeks for their face to come back to normal

    • lynn says:

      I won’t invite Jennifer Aniston to my show because that woman has got absolutely nothing to say – Rosie O’Donnell.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Asli:

        Despite the positive comments that Jennifer is nice, it still doesn’t address Lisa’s question which is, what does Jennifer DO.

        I agree with @Cerulean. Jennifer is pointless in the sense that she does nothing positive with her time. A life filled with nothing more than making money, tanning, partying with friends, shopping, watching reality shows, and dating is a rather pointless and superficial life, imo.

      • Wendi says:

        Bottom line is that we don’t actually know that she doesn’t do every bit as much as the person that she is tacitly being compared to. Not talking about it or having photo ops while doing things doesn’t mean you aren’t actually doing them. Millions of people do acts of charity every day that we never hear about.

      • mln76 says:

        @Wendy bottom line Jen is active in charity and she’s been public about her involvement in charities and has had plenty of ‘photo ops’ at events. It’s just that her charities aren’t controversial and even her critics tend to be mature enough (in general) not to attack her for doing good works if only that went both ways.

        Still, claiming that Aniston has some secret inner life where she quotes Tolstoy and reads up on world affairs is a bit silly-you don’t have to talk about your personal life to string together an interesting sentence read an interview with Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, or and many other talented actresses. Jennifer is a shallow woman, and it shows up in every aspect of her life, and her lackluster work in front of the camera. End of story.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Asli,

        I wasn’t thinking of AJ when I made my first comment. I was thinking of the average person. Most people have something in their life that gives them purpose — raising kids, being there for their family, getting an education, working in a career that makes a diference, working at becoming skilled in their choosen career, volunteer work, advocacy work.

        Jennifer doesn’t even have a relationship with her family/parents.

        What about getting an education, taking a course at school, travelling, hobbies, new experiences? Jennifer doesn’t seem to do anything beyond the superficial.

      • Wendi says:

        @mln: nowhere have I claimed that Aniston has some “secret inner life where she quotes Tolstoy”. That said, when you are a public figure, there are many different ways to preserve as much of your privacy as possible. I’m curious if anyone here has ever done a media training course? My husband did, along with several of his collegues. The ones who liked to hear themselves speak are the ones who ended up cornered by the journalists who held the course. You know the saying “information is power”? Well, it is. And if you are a public figure, the more real information you give of yourself, the more you lose the power you have over your own image. Aniston seems to handle it by keeping the subjects light and inconsequential and rarely veering from that. Others, as mentioned before, divulge the racy truth in order to give the impression of being totally open (ergo, move along, nothing to see here because I’ve told it all). Others choose a “theme/cause” and keep the focus on that (politicians especially). Others yet do their best to keep it strictly on the film, show, album, election etc that they are stumping for. Deflect, deflect deflect so that you still belong to you.

        They all do it, I don’t know why you think Aniston is any different. To get to where she is in the HW food chain, she’s no idiot.

      • mln76 says:

        @Wendi I have to disagree with you she is a bit of an idiot. Remember when she earnestly told Billy Bush that visiting Mexico and staying at a posh estate was her way of helping the Mexican economy? Or the time that she said that she took a huge risk in one of her roles by not wearing mascara? or when she compared choosing between two puppies at a kennel to Sophie’s Choice? or the time she called herself a re-re?

        I guess that media training helped her out ALOT ;)

      • mln76 says:

        @Asli Everything I mentioned came out of Jen’s very own mouth not a decade ago but in one case within the last month so I don’t think there was anything particularly nasty in contradicting a false statement with SEVERAL recent examples that show the nature of Jennifer’s depth of personality. And as far as calling her an idiot (a pretty mild word in comparison to what you know who and her kids get called regularly) Wendi used the words first. But I’ll apologize if it makes you feel better(something Aniston couldn’t be bothered to do over her own misuse of a word on television). I should have said she’s immature, unintelligent,and shallow. Feel better now?

      • mln76 says:

        @Asli I genuinely am sorry I offended you I do have a caustic way of speaking which has a way of antagonizing people on CB. Believe it or not I was trying not to be too offensive (for instance I acknowledge that Jen does a lot of charity work) but I just can’t lie and say I think the woman is intelligent IMO she isn’t. All she ever talks about is her beauty regime, her fitness regime, and bland pseudo-self help platitudes. Some people like her and that’s their right.

    • cerulean says:

      I am a member of the Jen A is boring club. A few of us on the site are. I don’t dislike her over the Brad thing. I dislike her because she is pointless.

      • autumndaze says:

        This is exactly descriptive of my thoughts on her.

      • laji says:

        I think she would be boring to some people (say, the more introverted, thinking set), and a lot of fun to others (the extroverted “popular girls” set). Which would make her super boring to me. But based on her appearances, she seems to have a certain sense of humour, goofiness, and charisma that many extroverts have that helps them make friends with others.

        I’m not knocking her, really. I know a lot of people just like her, and while they might be charming and friendly, I know it’s a bit of superficial charm, and I personally would not have much in common with those people beyond superficial things: “You like tomatillo salsa, too? I *love* tomatillo salsa. You can’t drive stick shift? Neither can I! You hate people who don’t hold the elevator when they see you coming? Me too! You like Cabo? I go there every Christmas!”

        That’s fine, though. You can’t be best friends with everyone. Some people on this board would love to be besties with Jen. Me, I wouldn’t want to be invited over for dinner with her and her friends because I just know I wouldn’t be compatible with any of them.

    • Jill says:

      I think the question is: if you had to spend an hour in her company, after talking about the weather for five minutes, how would you kill the other 55 minutes?

      I’ve seen her in interviews and she had absolutely nothing of interest to say on any topic of substance.

    • Wendi says:

      Well Jill, I’d probably talk about art (she paints and sculpts apparently), remodelling houses, pets, questions about how she goes about choosing projects for her production company. I might ask what going to the “Fame” school was like. According to what some of her friends have said, she’s also a good cook, so maybe that would be a fertile topic of discussion. Perhaps I could get her to expand on the charity work she does for St. Judes.

      I’d say that really Jill, your only limit is your imagination. Or perhaps your social skills.

    • MS says:

      Oh Jill! Your words precious… Sometimes they come back to bite you in the rear!

      Jill says:
      March 13, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      Do you go through a crate of haterade a week? Just wondering.

    • Jill says:

      @MS and Wendi: This is the Aniston I’ve seen in TV interviews:

      “Well… um… yeah… *hair twirl*… uhhh… um… yeah… well… *hair twirl*… yanno… uuuhhh… um, well… *hair twirl*…”

    • Wendi says:

      @Jill: So? That doesn’t mean that away from the camera she’s the same, nor does it mean that she has no interests, nor does it mean that she’s incapable of discussing her interests.

      It likely just means that you have a selective memory since if that was all she was capable of doing in an interview, she’d have undergone extensive media training long ago.

      Btw, not an ummm, awww or hmmm anywhere:

    • deb says:

      regarding interviews, I would guess that there can be a difference between what a person can say or not say with or without a camera rolling. As well as whether someone feels comfortable enough with the person opposite.

      granted that someone who is perceived as a public figure should have some degree of eloquence, but certain personality traits are very delineating between what one says in public/to the public, and how one behaves with close friends behind close doors.

      proof in point, my own brother. put him in a roomful of strangers and he’s suddenly close-lipped. if someone asks him something, either he throws “help me, let me out of here” looks, or flounders, or merely answers as short as he can and only when necessary.

      at home during family gatherings, or with his close friends… he’s like probably the most talkative person I’ve ever met. he tells stories, crack jokes, and basically won’t shut up. but even then, he doesn’t do that immediately. he’ll be quiet or awkward for the first few minutes or half hour even. that’s why we call him Diesel Boy at home. Like a diesel engine, it takes him a while to warm-up his vocal cords it seems.

      but with the right topics (usually sports, some general knowledge (he’s surprisingly like a general knowledge encyclopedia), and funny life anecdotes (he’s a surprisingly astute observer of things that happen around him)… well, he can talk circles out of everyone.

      the younger set of the family loves him dearly for the unending fount of stories he seems to be able to tell (although he needs much cajoling and pleading… then again, who can say no to adorable little hellions–eh–angels.

    • Vesper says:


      Not sure where u got your info. Yes, Jennifer has stated she likes art as in art hanging on the walls. I have never heard her talking about painting or sculpting (Brad scults). She doesn’t remodel homes, she hires a designer to decorate. She has a dog(s) yes, but in a recent interview she mentioned that Justin and herself argue about who should be taking the dog out. So she has a dog, but she doesn’t enjoy walking her dog, so she feeds, and houses a dog. It’s not like she goes beyond having a dog and actually does any work in animal advocacy. How she chooses her projects? Well, we can see for ourselves the only type of movie she does which is low budget rom coms. She mentioned in one interveiw that she has lost every battle she has fought re. roles. As for ttending the “Fame” school, she seems to avoid that topic. I do remember one interiew in which she mentioned that as a teen, her dad once sent her up to her room because she had nothing to say. As for her love of cooking, in a recent interiew she mentioned she doesn’t cook, but she does “eggs” well.

      As for the charity work she allegedly does, I’ve never heard her mention it. If she actually does do work for St. Judes she is doing them a disservice by not bringing some attention to their organization so that others can perhaps also get involved. I’m guessing her charity work consists of attending a few charity fundraisers, and donations.

      This is what I have heard her say in interview that she enjoys — Mexico, yoga / working out (although u would expect she would be more toned), her dog, watching reality shows (especially Jersey Shore), “entertaining”, and getting together with friends at restaurants. She did mention future interests of “travelling for fun” and moving back to Manhattan (and we all know how long that lasted).

      As for the putdown to Jill about her opinion and lack of social skills, is pretty ironic considering u are on a gossip blog, called , giving your own opinion including inaccurate comments about Jen’s interests and u just someone u don’t even know.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Wendi,

      Sorry my message is filled with typos. The last sentence should read, you just insulted someone u don’t even know. How’s that for social skills?

    • Wendi says:

      @Vesper: you seem to be at great pains to point out that just because YOU never knew that, it can’t possibly be true. The world is flat, right?

      Google the painting and sculpting info. Yes, she likes animals and does charity work to that end too. Trying to give some obviously self-effacing quote as “proof” otherwise is ridiculous. Anyone who thinks that renovating a home doesn’t require input from the owner, not to mention that person having the vision to see what the home COULD be like when they buy it, has never renovated a house. St. Judes, it’s well known, she’s been involved with them for years. There is a quote about charity that goes something along the lines of “Charity is for others, not for your own aggrandisment” aka “do it, but don’t brag about it”, possibly biblical, that many live by. Fame school that she doesn’t talk about? Well, she doesn’t in interviews, in private maybe she does.

      Anyone, Jill, you or Joe Blow who can’t come up with a way to fill an hour in a discussion with a celebrity is indeed lacking in imagination or social skills. Making coversation with strangers is an art, that was my point, not necessarily that it was confined to Jill. Who admitted that she would have no idea how to fill 55 minutes with Aniston and who’s conversational gambit seems to have been limited to “Nice weather we’re having”. Hardly the fault of Aniston, if you ask me.

    • spinner says:

      @ Vesper

      “The last sentence should read, you just insulted someone u don’t even know. How’s that for social skills?”

      Are you sure you meant to say that to Wendi when that is exactly what you & Jill are doing in regards to Jen?? You are insulting her & you certainly don’t know her. Oh Dear…

    • Agnes says:

      excellent points @lisa – she doesn’t seem to do much or be much. little substance. but is that really a surprise? at least she’s not actively harmful? just blah?

    • Molly says:

      I think she has talking points that she just goes over and over. She’s very defensive and not very open. She has good reason to be guarded, but it just makes her seem boring and superficial.

    • Wendi says:

      @Vesper: U r wrong if u thot u cot all the mistakes. Lol

    • LAK says:

      @susan – I know that Johnny Depp is into Surrealist art which is probably why he chooses parts in films that are about dress up, has been friends with Hunter S. Thompson and Marlon Brando, who whatever your personal views were very scathing about superficial things like their looks and maintenance of, plays guitar [personally i am jealous that he gets to hang out and possibly play guitar with keith Richards].

      He does do charity – remember whne he dressed up as Captain Jack for the kids at The Great Ormond Hospital?

      He is also possibly going through a mid-life crisis right now, but i would still rather spend time with him.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Wendi,

      I’m not claiming I have read or seen every interview Jen has ever done, but I have seen enough over a wide range of time to notice that Jen mentions the same interests and gives details of the same lifestyle over and over again. Nothing ever changes. Her early interviews are similar to her current interviews. She herself has said she doesn’t like to go outside her comfort zone.

      As for conversation being an art, I haven’t seen a single interview in which the interviewer is able to get anything of substance or interest from her. Go judge them too.

      As for the typos, does it change anything that I have bandages on SIX of my finger tips and am mostly typing with one finger? Petty comment none the less, and coming from someone who puts down two different commentors for their social skills.

    • Vesper says:

      @ Spinner,

      We are on a celebrity gossip blog called Celebitchy. Everyone on here has the right to their opinion and not everyone is going write flattering things about Jennifer. Although I have negative opinions about Jennifer I don’t call her names, which is more than I can say for some people (not on this thread though).

      Even the writer of this blog has mentioned repeatedly that it is one thing to criticize a celebrity, but quite another to personally insult or call other commentors names.

    • Wendi says:

      “As for the typos, does it change anything that I have bandages on SIX of my finger tips and am mostly typing with one finger? Petty comment none the less, and coming from someone who puts down two different commentors for their social skills”

      @Vesper: I don’t care about the typos and I don’t care about the grammar, it wasn’t me who brought it up in the first place. Had you not, I wouldn’t have bothered to comment on it. As said above, my “social skills” comment was directed in a general way. But blaming the person in front of you for the fact that you can’t think of anything to talk about is ridiculous.

      There is a reason that good interviewers get paid a great deal of money and/or get talk shows. Because drawing people out is a skill. And as mentioned earlier, not being lulled by those people into divulging more than you want to is also a skill. You think she’s stupid and shallow because of her interviews. I think she’s protecting herself from more intrusiveness than she already undergoes by not giving any real information on herself.

    • Jill says:

      @Wendi: LOL @ you! I could bring up a dozen different topics on a dozen different subjects in 55 minutes, but I don’t think she could respond intelligently to any of them.

      Just to give you an instance, I have a feeling if you asked her what is her opinion about Darfur, she’d say something like “Darfur? Who’s that? I never met him.”

    • Wendi says:

      Honestly Jill, if you asked 10,000 Americans what countries neighbored Iraq, at least 5000 of them would put it somewhere in Africa without being able to name a single African country, another 2500 of them would put it next to Saudi Arabia, some might think it’s somewhere in South America and only about 800 of them would have ever had a passport.

      I also imagine that if I were to ask you about the political dynamics behind the Egyptian revolution and the aftermath, you, your favorite movie star and her partner, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Matt Damon would all be at a loss to answer correctly. Does that actually mean anything other than your focus isn’t there?

      Of course, your “feeling” is wholly based on the fact that you don’t like the woman. Hardly an objective point of view especially since you’ve never actually met her, have never spoken to her and really have no idea what she’s like in real life. Thing is, she’s not flashy, not a braggart and that seems to bother some of you.

      • Lolie says:

        “Of course, your “feeling” is wholly based on the fact that you don’t like the woman. Hardly an objective point of view especially since you’ve never actually met her, have never spoken to her and really have no idea what she’s like in real life.”

        Oh, the absolute IRONY, coming from you Wendi. :D :D :D You really are hypocrisy personified and such a joke.

  2. Jackie says:

    she should demand a refund.

    she looks alright, but definitely not good enough to warrant that kind of money.

  3. lauren says:

    Smoking is ruining her face, sometimes Jen looks weathered. My aunt was a model, chain smoked and it ruined her looks by her late 30′s. Not to mention-Cancer.

    • Rose says:

      I was just going to say the same thing, you can spend as much as you like on treatments but when it comes down to it smoking does something to the texture of the skin that no treatments can fix.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Smoking but also and mainly TANNING.

      There is a 80% rise of skin cancer since 1990, due to tanning. The number one country affected by this is Australia, then come the USA.

      In Australia, they want to introduce a law to manage tanning session in salons. It will be forbidden in many cases. Sun damage and skin cancer is the cancer with the highest rise those last years and should be of concern.

      As a mixed race person i understand that an olive skin is beautiful but healthy skin, with its great elasticity is more important than esthetical colorful skin.

      Jen Aniston has not an healthy skin. She has a nice tan which is a different concept since in our days, tan is lumped with healthy while pale equal “ill” (it wasn’t always the case). Her skin shows traces of tannorexic behaviour. It’s leatherly. Peeling will fragilize the skin even more and accelerate the effect of ultraviolets.

    • Vesper says:

      She has the reputation of being a heavy drinker, and nothing ages the body more than alcohol (and drugs).

      Smoking, lots of tanning, and too much alcohol. Can u imagine how she would look if she didn’t have money for beauty treatments, products and fillers?

    • Bu says:

      The Smoking is hard on her face and her voice sounds like an old lady from all that smoking.

  4. Hypocricy says:

    Weren’t she the one spending $1,000 + for an hairstyle ?

    Anyway, she has the means. Most people with her means use that kind of money and much more (which i am sure it’s her case too) in beautry treatments, diet, ect.

    That’s her prerogative. I just personally think that she is still very avereage looking while making the best of her assets through massive investments..

    Howerver props for her for not having a total drastic change of her average looking face…i mean a la Heidy Montag or Dany Minogue. For all the enhancement, diet, tan, she still look like herself most of the time.

    • Indra says:

      So true.
      Not everyone can be born with a perfect bone structure, and even then those people who are cant help but mess with all sorts of beauty ‘treatments’. I think it comes down to self esteem, and it appears that in Hollywood self esteem is lacking in 99% of actors.

      What is interesting is that some find Jenn stunning while others find her average (thats me) or down right ugly.

      Different strokes for different folks.

  5. Camille says:

    Lucky her. I think she looks ab fab.

    • Tapioca says:

      Agreed. She’s one of the best examples out there of making the best of what you’ve got (albeit on a much higher budget than most of us mere mortals) instead of carving yourself up to look like the alien-like concept of Hollywood beauty. I know people find her look “samey” and boring but straight hair and neutrals work on her, where extreme colour and styling wouldn’t. And if it ain’t broke…

      • Linda says:

        I hate to tell you but her face is not looking great at all. That’s from all the sun bath & smoking. Have you ever notice when the media talks about how great she looks is usually reference to her body but never her face. I’ve never heard Jen has amazing lips or gorgeous eyes, amazing face features or her nose is gorgeous or her bone structures are beautiful. Never. Is always about her body. Well, she should have a great body consider she spends so much time on it.

        Also, I don’t find her body that great consider she has never had any children. I’ve seen women older than her have children and still have a body looking body than her.

      • Anon says:

        Jennifer’s Friends and PR Team (read those at E! and Handler’s show and Huvanes) are busy telling us how beautiful Jen is and what a great body Jen still has for her age. Jen pays for people to tell her how fab she looks after she pays for her upkeep and to tell us.
        And her fans wonder if she would ever let pregnancy muck with her body, hair, diet, etc. –besides kids are messy according to her. Aww, to so rigid and controlling as Jen. Narcissistic.

  6. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I was watching a nightline segment about injectables and laser skin treatments and, apparently, the new thing is thermage (to tighten the skin). The dermatologist who performs it claims there are actresses that pay $25,000 for a whole body treatment. Aniston seems like she would be one of them.

  7. logan says:

    All of Hollywood probably spends bucket loads of cash trying to stop the clock. Males and Females. Doesn’t work, they end up looking like they should join the side show. Sad thing is there is always someone younger, slimmer, no wrinkles, and healthier waiting in the wings. I am sure Jennifer has the money to spend on herself and the total is much higher than being reported.

  8. spitfire says:

    Oh Kaiser, you’re such a doll! The last photo is priceless…hahah!!!!

  9. Miss tiger says:

    She looks averagely annoying

  10. flan says:

    My Celebitchy evolution of most annoying people started with Jen.

    -Then it went to Lazy Katey Waity

    -From there worse to that dumb woman who accused
    Justin Bieber of being the father of her child and that couple who has 20 children

    -Then even more annoying were Beyonce and J-Zay making a nuisance of themselves in the hospital and buying ridiculous stuff for their baby

    -From there we got some semi-famous people being gloatingly homophobic

    -Yet more irritating were the Grammy idiots who honored Chris Brown and Rihanna acting as his doormat

    -We just got the absolute worst with completely despicable Donald Trump Junior proudly killing an elephant.

    Compared to all those, I positively like Jen now.

  11. Rux says:

    I was thinking that it was roughly three times that amount. This is why I think it should be a lot more, I worked for two separate Hedge Funds — don’t judge; mom had medical bills, I had school loans I paid her bills, mortgage and my school loans off and got out. But I digress, the f’ing cunty wunty wives of these hedge fund managers spent roughly 25K to 35K a month on their “look” I am not kidding. I made all the appointments and coded all the expenses and all bills came to me so I could pay them. Their husbands did not even want to know how much, “Just Pay It”. They looked nice, I guess but they seemed more to me like Vaseline upped mannequins. Lastly, no matter how much they took care of themselves their husbands always had sidepieces.

  12. Catherine says:

    I’m sorry, but if I spent between $8000 – $20 000 a month I would want to look a lot better.

  13. deb says:

    that last picture is really an unflattering picture of her. it reminded me of a brooding kevin bacon.

    however, i still think that she looks better than most, at her age.
    no drastic measures done, which is good.

  14. mln76 says:

    They are most definitely underestimating the amount she spends.. But looking at her skin in the last untouched photo all that money isn’t helping much.

  15. sarah says:

    Chemical peel is amazing. My sister is dermatologist so I know. You can easily “lose” 10 years. And it’s not painful (they use anaesthetize)and definitely doesn’t have “catface” side affect.

  16. echolocate says:

    Since her appearance is a major part of her job, this is actually less than I’d expect.

    She needs to get better friends than yoga Mandy, though. The fee seems unjustified unless Mandy has a long list of other clients waiting to take Jen’s 3-hour spot at 300 bucks an hour (and commit to weekly sessions as Jen has). Plus, the endorsement from Jennifer is probably one reason she can charge others that much.

    Jennifer often seems to have people in her orbit who get more out of the association than she does.

  17. lola says:

    wasted money. product can only do so much, yo.

  18. Rianic says:

    I get peels – it depends on how many layers you go. I do office peels, and after 72 hrs, youdo look like a lizard. The key to getting the most from a peel is to NOT PICK the skin, an to use an exfoliant each night. It’s best if you can follow with a dermabrasion a few weeks later. I get them twice a year Acne scars and wrinkles don’t mix!

  19. dee says:

    Good for her, she’s got the money she can do whatever she wants with it.
    She is a beautiful woman.
    I don’t understand why people hate her.
    I wish I had her life!

  20. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I LOVE how Jen avoids the obvious lip plumpers! *cough*angelinajolie*cough

  21. cerulean says:

    Its all about genes. No amount of skincare, treatments and surgery can win against nature. My mother looks 20 years younger than she is and barely takes care of her skin. Just a wash, moisturizer and go. BUT she never smoked, drinks moderately and doesn’t tan.
    Genes and lifestyle…20,000 and she looks no better than my neighbor.

  22. cerulean says:

    She actually DOES look like Iggy Pop. All that money and we get a junkie alternative musician look alike.

    BUT I will say her body looks like it runs on solid foods. Big plus for her.

  23. Amanda says:

    “yoga sessions with trainer and best friend”

    How many “best friends” does this chick have??

  24. kira says:

    Too bad for her she can’t purchase talent, better film roles, an Oscar, or a witty personality, just as easily as she can purchase fillers and a new face…Talk about focusing on the superficial and forgetting about the rest…

  25. Linda says:

    I don’t hate her because I don’t know her. And hate is a strong word to use on someone I don’t know personally. However, I found this woman to be so boring & superficial. Ask her about yoga, pilate and all the superficial stuff she will tell you from A to Z. This woman has nothing intelligent to say. Have you ever seen her in interviews? The woman can’t even construct a decent sentence. Is all about her body, hair, diet, work out routines and of course who’s she with.

  26. Sandy says:

    The last picture illustrates the high degree of photoshopping that her covers have. She’s one of those celebrities where the gap between no make no photoshop and made up is huge. She looks tranny to me. Anyway, her expiration date looks like its coming up…maybe she shouldn’t have defined herself solely on looks.

  27. G says:

    After all that she looks about 43.

    • deb says:

      at least it’s age appropriate, it’s her age. at least she’s not looking way older, or way mis-managed.

      i’m more worried if this is about teenagers who dress and/or make themselves up so much so that they look 40, or 20-somethings who have mis-managed her looks so bad that she looks 20 years or more older.

      JA has the money. she’s welcome to all the treatments, procedures, interventions, and-whachamacallits as long as they keep, or if possible, enhance whatever shortcomings her genes can’t.

      not everyone have Turlington’s genes and have access to the kinds of people Turlington sees (she does see experts of some sort doesn’t she? i have no clue).

      there is a precarious line between tight management of one’s looks and over-management. so far, JA is still managing what she has got very well. and in the lights of some really horrible, horrendous examples of botched- or over-managements, i feel that she deserves a pat on the back at least.

    • Violet says:

      Yep, talk about a waste of money. She would’ve been smarter to just eat well, use sunscreen and avoid smoking.

      I’m convinced none of these fancy beauty procedures work. They either leave people looking tweaked or puffy or odd. Never really younger.

  28. John Wayne Lives says:

    That top pic is the first time I’ve seen the “Manniston” that people talk about! Holy Drag Queen face! Bahahaha! Omg I can’t unsee it lololol

  29. FeverDream says:

    Its going to sneak up on Jen.

    I give her until about 46 and then she’ll be Kim Basinger.

    Remember how everyone was like “oh Kim is aging so well….oh, nevermind.”

    Jen smokes too much and tans too much.

    She’s had a great run but its time for her to invest in something beside her looks. She’ll always be a beautiful woman…but she can’t be 33 forever.

  30. hstl1 says:

    No criticism here. If I had that kind of money, Gunnar Peterson would be at my house everyday, I would have a personal chef, and have a dermatologist on speed dial. Oh and a driver ! I really want a driver!

  31. anne_000 says:

    I find it hard to believe that Euoko is using anything directly from the planet Mars. It’s website says “discovered-on-Mars iron rose crystals” so I’m guessing that they’re synthetically made on Earth or just mining it here.

    From what I can find through google, these types of hematites are sourced from Brazil. So I’m guessing that the reason Euoko mentions Mars is because it can be found there as well and they wanted to use that exotic connection, even though such things can be found on Earth too.

    Rust is found on Mars too, but that doesn’t make it rare since we can find it on Earth too.

  32. sup says:

    8000 dollars every month and she still looks basic as fuq?

  33. bite me says:

    damn, these pictures are not very kind to her beauty

  34. Jill says:

    I’m thinking she’d get the same results if she laid off the tanning and cigarettes, washed her face with Dial soap, rinsed it well with plain water, slathered on some Ponds cold cream and gave the other $7,990 to charity every month.

  35. sullivan says:

    $8,000/mo? Nah. She spends more than that. She & her people are clueless. They planted this story to demonstrate how natural & low maintenance she is when, in reality, most of us know there is nothing natural or low maintenance about her. I’ll bet $16,000/mo isn’t high enough. Yet you can find plenty of women in their 40s who don’t make $8,000 a month who look as good or better than Aniston.

  36. The ORIGINAL Miami D. says:

    Hmm if she does she should get her money back.. IT’S NOT WORKING…. she CAN’T hide the OLD.

  37. HadleyB says:

    I do peels all the time. There are so many types and strengths of peels some have no down time at all and some go deep and have a few days down time with just redness to peeling.

    Now, if I were to take time off work I would never take 2 weeks off work for a peel when a laser can do so much more for your skin, in less time, less down time, and better results. 2 weeks down time is a really old laser or very strong peel, which for the price and pain you might as well go with laser. You will get more bang for you buck.

    Peels can prevent light wrinkling, smooth out the skin, fade spots, help with some scarring, etc so thats why people do them. Same with laser but newer lasers are stronger and also help with tightening.

  38. Katherine says:

    She looks more like a well groomed woman in her 50s. Yes, it’s probably smoking and tanning but I tanned all my life and my skin never looked like that at her age.

    I really do think it may just be her genes. Not much you can do about that but I see a sorry future for her if she continues to obsess over her looks. She needs to just concentrate on keeping trim and well groomed and not worrying about her face. People usually judge you by your overall appearance and that is largely – at least in the US culture – based on how trim you look.

  39. Kim says:

    Jenn wasnt born with girl next door looks. She has to pay alot of money to look as girl next door “natural” as she looks. Im sure its in excess of $8k/mo. Its a full time job. Must be exhausting but then again its part of her “career.”

  40. Cait says:

    JA has to spend big money on her looks because that’s all she has going for her.

  41. lauren says:

    Jen cannot be that dumb and shallow- when she is rich and successful, and we are not! Look how we all talk about her. The public keeps her alive, no matter how terrible her movies are. Jen knows how to play the Game and survive.

  42. skuddles says:

    It’s not even that she has nothing of interest to say, it’s that she says it all so badly. Listening to her speak is painful. And boring.

  43. Danielle says:

    I hope this story isn’t true, because from the looks of it, all that money is going to waste.

  44. Anoni Mus says:

    It’ll be interesting to watch her age and how she handles it. Even millions of dollars won’t turn back the clock. If she takes it philosophically and ages with dignity, I’ll take back my impression of vapidness that I get from her.

    • Hypocricy says:

      My aunt who is mixed race was extremely beautiful, the kind you give that second look on the street, in a room. She was stunning face and body wise and more vapid and artificial than all the jen Aniston in the world.

      She made her kids calling her “Mama The Queen”, raving about mama’s ultimate beauty and she spent more time in front of the mirror than raising her own children.

      Growing old is tough for women whose best friend is the mirror, whose main activity is taking care of their physique, whose religion is eternal youth..on the outside since nobody can do anything for the inside.

      She told me lately (she is 75 now), that women like her never really realise they are growing mature, then old and remain immature, childish and in total denial, so much into themselves that they never realise that they are twice the age of an adult woman who are their daughter, even at times competing with them,…they fool themselves until they hit menauposal stage and it’s a real shock when it happens.

      I was very young but i remembered my aunt chosing boyfriend in their twenties when she was 50, sleeping with them because she would say, they have more stamina and she wanted to push that turning point by having lots of sexual activities with younger men.

      When she hit menaupoasl phase, it was a second grave shock (the first one being when she becalme a grand ma at 48), it was like death to her..she cries a whole week, went into a depression and within a year, all her beauty was just gone while she got old suddenly.

      She never feeds her inner self, her personality. She was vapid, arrogant, looking down people who were not beautiful, mean insuling and put beauty as the ultimate asset. When she hit menaupose she became old and bittered as she lost the only thing she ever fight for : forever youthful beauty…It never last for anyone’s living and if it’s your God, God bless your heart later because you’ll never win against aging.

      • sup says:

        i’m sorry, as i read your comment i couldn’t help but think… “this is how demi moore must be feeling”. thanks for sharing anyhow. i feel like most (even if not all) extremely beautiful people never bother to feed their inner selves. they get everything they want earlier in their lives, all their actions are forgiven because they’re gorgeous. it must feel terrible once they age. like winning the lottery and losing it all at once, i imagine.

      • Wendi says:

        I kind of doubt that Aniston has the same outlook on beauty as your Aunt did. Your Aunt seems to have been the sort who was always beautiful and never bothered to realize that you need more than that until it was far too late. Sadly not an uncommon thing with people who grow up being constantly admired for something they never had to work for.

        No one can really say that Aniston doesn’t work to look good. She does. She makes a point of making the best of what she’s got, but I very much doubt that she grew up knowing that she would always be the most beautiful woman in any room she walked into.

  45. pamela says:

    She looks decent FOR HER AGE. No better than a lot of women I see every day in NYC.

  46. Kara says:

    She is plain and boring. She looks like Cojo, the ET reporter.

    If she had never been married to Pitt, no one would give a s*it about her. FACT.

    No one cares about the other Friend Stars b/c they are not “victims”.

    • Linda says:

      If she wasn’t married to Brad, people wouldn’t have continue to give a sh!t about her. It would have end when Friends ended. Look at the other 5 stars from Friends. No one really care much about them. They are just as talented if not more talented than this woman. Because she was married to Brad & most women sympathize her for being dumped by her husband they kept her relevant.

  47. naturegirl says:

    uh you mean that there are some things that her money cant buy?????????? because she looks like someone in their 50′s

  48. ann h says:

    Anybody else think that she’s getting all these products for free? Check out all the advertising. I counted seven. From bottled water, perfume and now this. The new William Shatner? Is there anything she won’t hock?

  49. Handlemybusiness says:

    Wendy: Are you Jennifer Aniston? You show up on every post/site about Aniston on Celebitchy’s thread and you defend her to the nth. Hope you make a lot of money.

  50. Rachael says:

    I have it. You look like Freddy Kruger for a week. Let me tell you. it’s WORTH IT. It turns back the clock 3 years or so in 8 days. Gets rid of every single fine line and zit and you look fucking amazing. I’m SURE Jen has had this as per everyone in LA over 30. I’m getting one again next month. It’s called a pixel. Everyone should try it. No wrinkles. No chemicals. Awesome.

    • sup says:

      does it hurt or cause a burning sensation? before or after the dead skin falls off? and if you don’t mind me asking, how much did the procedure cost you?

      • Rachael says:

        Yes there is a burning sensation during the procedure and for several hours after. Nothing intolerable, I’ve never even taken a tylenol for it. I’d say it’s on par with how it feels to get laser hair removal….not exactly like that but similar. It’s more uncomfortable. I want to say it was around $800. I usually get a B12 shot and buy some cream the same day so I’m not sure exactly just the price of the pixel but aprox. I know it’s kinda pricey but I’m telling you. Every single zit, sun spot, fine line, totally gone. and you’re glowing. My roommate watched my skin change before her eyes and is now saving up for one. It increases collegan production so your skin is better for months after. I don’t get botox anymore because this is way more bang for your buck. I live in LA and got it at Laser Therapy in Santa Monica. but I’m sure there are tons of places.

  51. Newtsgal says:

    $8,000 and she looks like that!
    OK, along with pointless, I’m going to add superficial dumba$$ to that list.

  52. hatekyle says:

    OH-EM-GEE! If that’s how the most beautiful woman of all time look like, I dare say how miserable this world is.

  53. Molly says:

    She does well with what God gave her. She ought to lay off the alcohol and guzzle water, wear a big floppy hat and be sure to put sunscreen on like crazy.

  54. Camille (The original) says:

    All of that and she still looks like leather faced Iggy Pop in a dress. I give her some props for trying though.

  55. nani says:

    Even so, she is not beautiful at all.

  56. Lurker says:

    Can you imagine what she would look like without all this stuff, personal trainers, nutritionists, chef, all the beauty products and plastic surgery, etc. If she were just an average woman who worked in an office and did not have all the money to spend on beauty, I doubt she would get many second looks on the street.

  57. Jill says:

    And some mag called her the “hottest woman of all time”? That has got to be the biggest JOKE of all time.

  58. Overrated says:

    Why is she the “girl next door?”. Girls next door don’t look like Fabio, live in multi million dollar mansions, drive Bentleys and spend copious amounts of money on beauty treatments,plus she’s now 43 for crying out loud.

  59. anom says:

    dayum! she is a butta face!!

  60. cerulean says:

    @ Asli: She is pointless because if she disappeared from Hollywood there would not be a hole of talent where she used to be. She is not very talented, pretty, funny or intelligent. She does not stand for anything in particular or improve any part of her industry.

    Sure the Trashians and Lohan are pointless too. Many reality stars are ridiculous. But just because they are pointless doesn’t mean Jen isn’t pointless too. On another scale, sure, but just as talentless and pointless. She made the choice to position herself in lazy movies with no discernible reason for existing.
    I wanted more for her after The Good Girl because I root for actresses to do good work but no…her vanity
    came BEFORE the work. So how is that so different than Kim and Courtney?

    • MS says:

      And the same could said about her ex husband and his baby mama! Neither would leave a hole…

      • Lolie says:

        Again you prove your intentions on here and what they were from the start. You, like all loonistons are UTTERLY *OBSESSED* with dragging Angelina and Brad into something to do with Aniston when cerulean never mentioned Angelina or Brad. You are sick and eaten up with hate and need help. Its because of people like you I’ve turned from Team Aniston to supporting Angelina.

        Btw, Brad and his life partner would certainly leave a much bigger hole than this piece of shit on legs that is Aniston. If ever there was a worthless person who contributes nothing to society or existence, Aniston is it.

  61. Mongo says:

    Most people say you get what you deserve and Jennifer realy got what she deserve.
    She acted like a woman with disgrace in the past 8 years!
    She had hard times to find love and now she “stole” (just to speak in her fans words) a man from Heidi Bivens.
    She will always be the desperate ugly woman. Thats her Karma! She can have even more nosejobs but still, shes ugly.

    • Lolie says:

      Her shamelessly homewrecking and opening her legs for taken men was the last straw for me. She is a pointless human being who is of no worth and contributes nothing to society. Now more and more people are seeing her for the trashy slutbag homewrecker she is. Her karma is like you said, that. And that she has to live with the fact that she can’t get a man unless she pays one (gay model Sculfor and Mayer) or STEALS one (Theroux). She is ugly inside more than out and is a htorughly disgusting despicable excuse for a person. She is getting what she deserves and will continue to get what she deserves because karma is a bitch and Aniston is one evil lowdown disgusting parasite with no redeeming qualities.

  62. jessie ong says:

    in entertainment industry.. it is a must to always look good not only for women but for men… if i have a body structure like ja has and if i have much money, i will really spend it to enhance my best assets but i will not spend a cent for diet pills. admit it or not… looking good is important because it will not only increase your self esteem but boost your self confidence. even if i am only an ordinary worker… i make it a point to spend a part of what i earned to be able to look good … beauty business is not only for money… people there is also human like us and they can also be honest and trustworthy…. as a matter of fact… the one who give me massage once a month (that i can afford) became my friend and a shoulder to cry on and vice versa – i am not selective when it comes to friendship .. to most women, admit it or not, married women or single like me even in any age, whether in a relationship or not, it is important to always look good and i admire people who are honest about it.

  63. jessie ong says:

    there’s nothing wrong with spending to enhance your assets especially in entertainment industry. it is a must for an entertainment personality a man or a woman to look good – it is a kind of investment. if i have a body structure and beauty like ja has and if i have much money i would also do the same but i will never spend a cent for diet pills… there’s nothing wrong with it because looking good not only increase your self esteem but boost self confidence and being honest about it is admirable. i dont believe that in beauty business are only after money, they can also offer friendship. i’m not surprise that ja has her yoga trainer for a friend … i believe ja is a warm person. admit it or not, women – married or single wanted to look good. i may not be rich but i spend part of what i earned for that purpose because looking good for me is important cause it is also feeling good about myself.

  64. lucy2 says:

    That number probably isn’t out of line with what most other celebs spend, if you factor in all the stuff they’re listing here. I think the price for the trainer is pretty high though, considering they’re friends, but celebrity trainers are pricey.

    I have to laugh at some of the posters here acting like she’s a hideous, disfigured troll. She may not be some great beauty like Rachel Weisz, but she’s still pretty. There’s such a weird “mean girl” attitude towards some celebs, I just don’t get.

  65. H. Larkins says:

    Oh so uneasy to read all the comments! No matter how much she spends on her look. $ 8000? Of course, not! But she wants to say people, there is no any wall between us. Why must she say something super “intellectual” in her interviews? She doesn’t afraid to be honest, because she is strong when it’s necessary. SHE SPENDS HER TIME AND MONEY ON BEING A GOOD SWEET PERSON. This is the most important thing for us.

  66. b anonymous says:

    jennifer aniston spends $8,000 a month to look like Iggy Pop.Better she gives the money to the poor,since it isn’t doing her any good.