Enquirer: Kelly Preston & Lisa Marie Presley want to recruit Demi Moore into Scientology

Here’s a strange aside — whenever I receive a house call from Jehovah’s Witnesses, I always politely give them the brush off by telling them that I’m Catholic (even though I’m really not). I’ve always found that little white lie to be much more effective than simply telling them that I’m not interested in their literature, and they seem to respect that much more than if I’d merely yelled, “No, we don’t want any. HAhahaha!” and slammed the door in their faces. So when it comes to cults (i.e., Scientology), do they also respect this unspoken rule to not try and recruit members of another cult (i.e., Kabbalah)?

Probably not. Although both Kabbalah and the CO$ do consider themselves to be valid religions, I honestly doubt they have some honor code not to recruit people from opposing “religions” because it’s really all about money for these cults. At any rate, I ask this question because Demi Moore has been flashing her Kabbalah string for all these years, but now in the face of her substance abuse troubles, The Enquirer is running with a story about how Kelly Preston and Lisa Marie Presley are trying to casually suck her into Scientology:

Lisa Marie Presley and Kelly Preston have vowed to save Demi Moore from relapsing into a life or alcohol and drugs — by drawing her back into Scientology!

The powerhouse best friends and fellow Scientologists reached out to Demi after the troubled actress completed a 30-day rehab stint on march 4, sources say.

“Demi was truly touched that Kelly and Lisa Marie had her in their thoughts,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “Her number one priority is to get healthy, and she needs all the friends she can get right now.”

The 49-year-old Ghost star dabbled in Scientology around the time she got her big break on the daytime soap “General Hospital,” according to the insider.

She’s now a practicing member of Kabbalah, which is based on Jewish mysticism, but she’s stayed in touch with Kelly, 29 49, and Lisa Marie, 44, over the years.

“The three remained casual friends, and Kely has been especially concerned because she and Demi go way back,” the insider added. “Kelly called Demi while she was in rehab,” the source said. “After Demi was discharged, Kelly and Lisa Marie talked to her on a conference call. They didn’t bring up Scientology per se, but they did tell Demi that she needed strong, supportive women in her life. Demi was into it, and a girl’s-only lunch is in the works.

“Kelly and Lisa Marie’s goal is to get Demi involved in the Scientology-based Narconon drug treatment program to maintain her sobriety.” Narconon is a controversial program that focuses on easing an addict’s cravings by flushing drugs from the system through exercise, saunas and vitamins.

Like Kelly and her husband John Travolta, Lisa Marie and her husband, musician Michael Lockwood, are active Scientologists, and the two women are convinced Narconon is the key to a happy, healthy future for Demi, said the insider.

[From Enquirer, print edition, March 26, 2012]

While I can definitely see this story being at least partially true (possibly in relation to Kelly Preston), a recent blind item from Crazy Days and Nights might indicate that Lisa Marie Presley is trying to extricate herself from the CO$. Hopefully, that blind item is true, but either way, I don’t see Demi leaving Kabballah — if anything, she’s been turning towards her preferred cult more even more during this round of dark days.

This week’s In Touch also has a small story about Demi being in talks with HBO execs for the lead role in the upcoming series, “The Viagra Diaries.” That sounds, um, stimulating; but it would be great for Demi to get her career back on track and keep her mind busy enough to stop being infatuated with douchebag Ashton.

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  1. TrollyDolly says:

    “…Kelly, 29, and Lisa Marie, 44, over the years.” Kelly Preston 29?

    The cult of $cientology is imploding, Miscavige has been revealed to be a psychotic bully and the amount of new recruits to this pyramid scam is non existent.

  2. brin says:

    Hold on….don’t you need three witches around the bubbling cauldron? Where’s Kirstie Alley when you need her?!

  3. cerulean says:

    That is not what she needs. She needs a sincere support system not a cult. Scientology is a cult of opportunity. I don’t see where its made their members more palatable to the public. If nothing else it seems to hurt someone’s career nowadays.

  4. cabowabo says:

    Scientology has no qualms about recruiting other CULT members they just pulled in Louis Farrakhan and his merry band of Nation of Islam Nutters

  5. Asli says:

    I always just listen to the Jehova’s Witnesse’s and take their flyers whenever they come to my door. Man can they talk. Maybe I’ll just go: ”I’m not religious” next time.

    • gg says:

      Girl – Tell em you’re a Southern Baptist from Atlanta, Georgia and they will leave your ass alone! lol

      • Kimbob says:

        Hehehee….@gg I just might take your advice if that ever happens again.

        I don’t like to fib, but w/these people…you almost HAVE TO! Yes, I can see myself all of a sudden getting a glossy, far-away look in my eyes, & w/all the fire and brimstone I can muster say to them that I’m a Southern Baptist from SC (my state) & try to convert THEM…..LMAO!

        Thanks for the advice!

    • Kimbob says:

      Lemme tell you what recently happened to me. These two women (Jehovah’s Witnesses) came to my house about two months ago & left a “Jesus Pamphlet” for me to peruse. They said they’d come back to get my impressions. I didn’t think much of it…was being polite to them…trying to be nice, ya know? Never read it, of course…but I DID recycle it properly…LOL, but serious about that.

      Anyway, they DID follow up about two weeks later. I was trying to be nice (WRONG…you do not engage these people, as they take that as a sign of interest). I didn’t let them in my house, but told them of the spirituality that I like (Taoism) & they were very curious. I even showed them my “bible,” a Taoist book. I finally had to tell them I wasn’t going to be a “good convert,” but thanks for their interest.

      They’ve been by my house now THREE MORE TIMES. The last time I just went to the door & told them (politely but assertively) that I’m just not interested, I’m happy w/what I have now, & to please not come back because I now consider what they were doing “intrusive.” It was the same two women every time.

      Haha, I guess they were salivating because they thought they had a hook in my mouth or something. I NEVER led them on. Anyway, just thought I’d share this w/you @Asli, because of what you said. These people seem to be a little zealous, that’s for sure!

      • divax says:

        What a horrible experience for you.

        I always tell these goons that I’m an orthodox jew. However one time I did this I realized I was wearing a cross around my neck. They definitely noticed it and gave me the side-eye. I promptly closed the door in shame!

    • ol cranky says:

      you know, I haven’t had a Jehovah’s Witness come by in years – I’m starting to take it personally to be honest

    • thiajoka says:

      A group of JW pulled up in front of my house the other day to start harassing the neighborhood. I slipped inside and brought my dog back outside with me. They left soon thereafter. Mind you, my dog wasn’t running free, she was fenced in, but it works every time.

  6. lucy2 says:

    I could totally see CO$ people doing this.
    Lisa Marie might be escaping? If so, good for her. All the CO$ stuff hasn’t really helped her much, has it?

    • Joyce says:

      Demi needs professional help, not help from these cults. I do hope Lisa Marie Presley gets away from Scientology. She needs to resolve her own alcohol problem before she gives advice to anyone. AA would be a good start for Presley, and Demi deserves every bit of help she can get. I wish someone sober would reach out to her.

  7. Hautie says:

    Well, I see it as The Cult needs CASH. And Demi had a lot of that.

    But I would find it hard to believe, that her current Cult, would let CO$ swoop in and snatch Demi up without a bloody fight.

  8. UKHels says:

    yes get her while she’s vulnerable – that’s the spirit ladies!

  9. tuppiv says:

    Demi tried out Scientology a long time ago, Bruce made her quit when they had kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if she left Kabbalah for CoS.

  10. mbm says:

    Lisa Marie is definitely out of the cult… main reason why she moved her fam to the UK was to get away from them.

    • mbm says:

      and to further call bs on this article, Kelly and Lisa Marie don’t like each other so why would they be trying to get Demi into Scientology? methinks K. Preston submitted this to the NE people to counteract the front page expose of her “hubby” having sex with masseurs.

      • For real says:

        Lisa’s house in London is very close to the Scientology center in London and Lisa is close to Kelly and John she released a blog supporting them and COS when their son died and she was also seen vacationing with Kelly in Hawaii about 3 years back when Kelly was pregnant so they are close. I think Lisa once said John is like a father figure to her.