Jennifer Aniston is spending a fortune refurbishing her new Bel Air mansion

The last time we discussed JustJen (Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux), it was last week’s tabloid onslaught – all of the tabs seemed to claim that Justin and Jennifer were having some relationship problems, but everyone had a different idea about what the root of the problem was. Perhaps it was Justin’s cozy “bidness” meeting with two women? Perhaps it was his ongoing friendship with his ex, Heidi Bivens? Perhaps it was Jennifer ignoring Justin’s clean, modern style sensibilities as she began to transform their new Bel Air mansion into a 1970s shag-pad? Us Weekly has some evidence to back up that last one. Apparently, Aniston is sparing no expense for the refurbishment of their gigantic Bel Air mansion. And it really does seem like she’s picking everything out:

Jennifer Aniston’s future sure looks bright! A source tells Hot Stuff that during a March 5 visit to NYC, “Jen picked out $20,000 worth of lights” at B4 It Was Cool, a high-end vintage lighting store, for her new 8,5000-square-foot, $21 million mansion in Bel Air.

And just 10 days later in West Hollywood, she and beau Justin Theroux browsed specialty furniture at the exclusive Melrose Project. While the actress, 43, decides on décor, construction is under way on the house.

“It needs several months of work, both interior and exterior,” says a source. Yet the move can’t come soon enough for the star and Theroux, who have already outgrown their tiny Hollywood Hills rental.

“They’re anxious to get out,” says the insider. “Their puppy needs more space, and Jen has been worried that the dog’s been messing up the place!”

[From Us Weekly, print edition]

On one side, I feel like whoever is paying for the house and the furnishings (Aniston) gets to decide on the style. On the other side, I don’t really like Aniston’s interior design sensibilities, and I would like to see her make a concerted effort to blend her darker, more “comfortable,” 1970s-influenced style with Justin’s cleaner, modern style. It doesn’t have to be all of nothing, you know. Also: ten bucks says that those lighting fixtures were from the 1970s.

In other JustJen news, In Touch Weekly (via Jezebel) claims this week that Aniston is “so desperate” to be a mom that she’s “mothering” Justin by “controlling his social life, fixing his hair, directing his career, and dictating his style.” Basically, we’re supposed to just blame Aniston for The Shane Warne-ing of Justin Theroux.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, PR Photos, Pacific Coast News.

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  1. pfffff says:

    BS Story as usuall. BTW did you have to look long for a bad picture of her? Pathetic.

  2. Kaye1 says:

    Is Justin about to get on a motorcycle in that last picture? Because if he’s not, then he’s a douche.

  3. heyhey says:

    bullshit about theroux having a clean modern style
    there is a long newyork times article about his taste in design;the article is titled ‘the joy of junk, i think that tells u all u need t know about his tatste lol..

    he decorates his house with objects he finds in dumpsters , things like a weird head of a baby doll, or human skull. yikes

    i wouldnt want him to dictate the taste of my house either

    kaiser you have to stop taking acticles in rags like intouch or star mag as gospel truth

    • lisa says:

      Just had to laugh

      Her fans have been so critical about what others collect or how they decorate. That article was very informative.

    • mln76 says:

      great article…I’d love to see Jenny-poo going dumpster diving with her man I’d actually pay money for it. I wonder if she ever ate off of his dumpster silverware :)

    • cat1 says:

      that WAS very informative that NY Times piece from 2003. It was sweet actually and also a bit rough around the edges for sure. Things can change in 8 or 9 years but it does make you wonder. I was trying to figure something out (scarily enough) about the whole Tate Donovan-Jennifer Aniston-Sandra Bullock period based on probably a comment here and read a comment from Tate Donovan where he said that Jen Aniston’s routine was more high end, luxury hotel and his was more bed & breakfast. They were together a long time (weren’t they?) before breaking up. I just have to wonder – if she doesn’t incorporate or ‘allow’ some of Justin T.’s flavor – if the same thing won’t be happening. He also has to stand up for what he wants – it’s hard to imagine that person who was so proud and excited about salvaging old things has just disappeared, even for love or any other ‘perks’ of the relationship.

      • heyhey says:

        Tate Donovan sounded bitter to me…if its true he made those comments, yet wasnt he with her for ages and even proposed to her.

        it only ended apparently cause she ended it.

        she cant be that bad if he wanted to marry her

      • Wendi says:

        Hence the vintage Industrial lighting store. Justin’s taste, my guess would be.

      • lisa says:


        well she sounded the same bitter way when talking about the taste of her ex husband. She was with him for a time before getting married. And she had to know what his design taste was too. Yet she criticized it. So maybe she didn’t learn much from her experience with Tate.

      • Lolie says:

        ITA lisa about Jen’s bitterness. I guess some just need to make her a victim and the man the villain all the time. Because Saint Aniston is perfect you know, and any man that says otherwise is a liar and bitter according to the loonifers. Sighs and rolls eyes.

      • Wendi says:

        @Lisa: I think the only thing she said (and was joking about) was that she could now buy comfortable couches, or something to that effect. When you consider that Pitt buys furniture like this: it’s not that difficult to see her point. It might be designer and “avant garde” (or more likely “a cote de la plaque), but it sure doesn’t look comfortable or even like something you’d actually sit on.

      • Molly says:

        People change. Justin probably enjoys the finer things in life. He’s gotten older, and the older you get, the more you appreciate not going without.

        Also, he’s not exactly a Kmart shopper. I bet he wears cashmere socks with his tough guy apparel.

      • Emma - the JP lover says:

        @Wendi …

        Jen was ‘not’ joking when she made the crack about buying a comfortable couch … she was dissing Brad. You can go to YouTube and watch that Diane Sawyer interview yourself.

        @Cat1 …

        If I’m not mistaken, Jen and Tate were still together (engaged?) when Jen talked her Management Team … er … I mean, when their mutual Management Team set Jen and Brad up on a blind date. It was also rumored at the time that Jen googled Brad to find out his interests before their date.

      • Wendi says:

        @Emma: According to People, she actually said that in a Vanity Fair interview.
        “Aniston later admitted that she never cared for Pitt’s modern—and somewhat uncomfortable—design style. When asked what she liked about being on her own, Aniston quipped to Vanity Fair last year, “I can have a comfortable couch.” ”

        You do know the definition of “quipped”, right?

    • FrowninPabloDread says:

      Now we all know where the inspiration for Portlandia came from. He’s the King of Hipsters.

    • Holly says:

      Thanks for the link heyhey, I really enjoyed the article. I loved the description of the paintings that Amy Sedaris had given to him. I’d sure like to know what Amy thinks of JustJen, something tells me she wouldn’t get near the new Justin!

      Loved this bit especially: “On his deck, he pointed to an old wooden door propped against a wall, its pale paint blistered and cracked. ‘That’s my favorite color in the world,’ he said. ‘Hospital green. It makes me feel like I have croup.’”

      He used to be funny! Too bad mid-life narcissism turned him into a streamlined/modernist!

  4. paola says:

    Everytime i hear a story about Jennifer Aniston she’s buying a house, refurbishing and splashing the cash around. How much money does she have??

    • heyhey says:

      i dont think she has that many houses… it seems she has only two at the moment.

      her first house which she now apparently rents out to people and this new one she just bought.

      she seems to sell houses when she doesnt need it anymore; so seems she always has money coming in just as she spends it

      two houses for a celebrity isnt too bad

    • flourpot says:

      I thought the same thing. And then I realized that there’s nothing else for the rags to talk about, really. She doesn’t do anything. She makes movies that flop, she does yoga, she parties in Mexico. If she could just find a worthy cause she’d gain a bit of credibility.

      Fairly sure her only cause is to make sure she doesn’t run out of margarita mix.

      • Photo lab says:

        Again, she’s friends with Marki Thomas and works with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. She also has get animal charities. Why pretend that she doesn’t support “great causes.”?

      • Emma says:

        Almost every celebrity who makes decent money donates to charities, but they’re very low key about it. So fans bringing up Aniston’s charity at St. Jude’s doesn’t say much. I remember how because Zoey Deschanel (is that how you spell her name?) was getting divorced and so her finances became public and she donates 2% of her salary ($2000 out of a 100,000 per month salary) every month to charity. you never hear about Deschanel’s charity work though.

        People like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Bono, go above and beyond which is why they’re KNOWN for charity work.

    • pamela says:

      THe thing is I am sure other celebs do as much house-buying-decorating as she does,but they don’t feel the need to leak the info to the media.

  5. Dibba says:

    Why is he carrying her purse? Or maybe that’s his man bag? Looks like he just robbed a bank

  6. Wendi says:

    A quick look at the website for the lighting store shows they seem to specialize in vintage industrial lighting.

    I’m curious as to where we are getting that Justin’s style is “clean and modern”?

  7. lucy2 says:

    I don’t care for the 70s style either. The property looked pretty nice though. I’d love to have the money to majorly redo a house every few years!

  8. Lem says:

    Her house- her money – her bad taste
    After all, she’s the one who will take the loss when they break up and she unloads it.

  9. deb says:

    i wish that the 1st JA picture can be retired. every time i see it, and one is too many, i get a headache because of the patterns. there are more flattering images of her that does not aggravate my vertigo :)

  10. Agnes says:

    i feel bad for that dog, being raised in that household. i bet he’s not allowed, to bark or sniff, not allowed on any furniture and has to blend in just-so. haha

  11. P.J. says:

    What, she doesn’t have a decorator?

  12. Shay Kay says:

    I like that Jen wants to personally redecorate her home rather than hiring someone. Obviously she loves the experience and we do not know that she isn’t combining her taste and Jusin’s preferences. She’s smart to invest in real estate not only because she enjoys it but because she actually profits from it. What is with the sudden interest in how Jen spends her money? I kinda already knew that she wasn’t buying Preference by Loreal or buying her cosmetics at Wal-Mart and I don’t have a problem with it.

  13. Photo lab says:

    So she’s Shane Warne-ing him, yet in that photo from NY, from like 10 days ago, he’s dressed exactly the way he’s always dressed. Skinny jeans, boots, leather jacket.

    And if he’s shopping with her, why would she mecessarily be picking everything? Isnt it just as easy to assume, since he’s with her at the furniture store, that he’s helping her pick stuff out?

    • heyhey says:

      you forgot that according to the same mags she adopted his style, now they tell us she is dictating his style haha

      this tabs cant get their story straight

    • Kara Ann says:

      What you say makes perfect sense and thus will be ignored by a certain segment of the celebitchy posting public!!
      My hubby and I love to pick things out together. Furniture, paint colors, pictures, any and everything and you know what? I love that he is into it. It makes me feel good to know that making our home together is something he wants to do. I suspect that’s why Justin and Jen are shopping together.
      The usual group will bash them for any and everything but as they really don’t to anything to offend, there’s not much to it!

  14. pamela says:

    I hope Justin at least gets a room for his “pill bottle” collection. LOL

  15. Ferdis says:

    Sorry, i dont get the fuss about…HER MONEY. I thought she could do whatever she wants.

  16. Cathy says:

    HMMMMMM…I wonder what her uterus is up to. Been a few days since we’ve had any baby gossip. Or did she fire her uterus publisist and is looking for a new one before we get anymore womb news.

  17. G says:

    I’ll give her this. She’s done very well with real estate. The house won’t go bad.

  18. Anguishedcorn says:

    Is he all motorcycle leathered out and carrying her BAG in that last picture. LMFAO.

  19. ladybert62 says:

    I think she is addicted to remodeling houses – seems that is what she spends her money on – then as soon as the remodel is done, poof, she sells it and starts the pattern over again.

    That would get old very fast if I was the partner having to endure it all – wonder how justin likes it?

  20. heyhey says:

    @lisa ;pls who brought brad into this???
    unlike you am not stuck in the triangle

    • Lolie says:

      Why bring Tate Donovan into it if you don’t want people to talk about bitter exes? You just don’t like that lisa turned your attack on Tate around.

    • lisa says:

      My reply to you was based on your comment about Tate being bitter when he spoke about their different styles was an example of her doing the same thing. I never said anyone’s name to keep them out of it.

      She said she was not into modern decorating. that she liked Shabby Chic. Then the world saw her decorate her home in the exact same taste she said was not her. Yes people change. But funny how her fans that say the know her so well were so taken aback when they saw this home she too 2 years to decorate. That didn’t fit the person she has said she was.

      just saying.

      • Wendi says:

        Maybe that’s why she ended up selling it. She allowed her decorator to convince her that what he wanted was what she wanted. It happens… and may well be why she doesn’t have one for this house.

        She still sold it for a huge profit though, so she’s probably not crying over it.

      • lisa says:


        are you serious. YOU don’t sell a house because you don’t like the way it is decorated. YOU JUST CHANGE THE DECOR. She said in many interviews that she picked out all the furniture and even the landscaping. She said she had a hand in all of it. so I guess that was not true.

        I didn’t know the point was she sold it for a profit. Good for her.

  21. sup says:

    must be nice having a ton of money that you can just waste away like it’s nothing. -sigh-

  22. Nancy C. says:

    “controlling his social life, fixing his hair, directing his career, and dictating his style”–sounds like a wife to me LOL

    • Kara Ann says:

      Hey Nancy, that made me smile. I was on the phone today coordinating medical appts. on behalf of my husband and asking questions of the nurse. She said she would find the answers and call back and I asked that she call me because I usually handle this stuff…I guess I stumbled over my explanation b/c she laughed and said “Oh, you’re a wife”!
      So, anyway, yeah, I get your point!

  23. kira says:

    Waiting for her denial through People magazine…

    I’m sure she’s only spent $200 dollars on all this high-end furniture, because remember, she’s just like us, don’t you know? ;-)

  24. FrowninPabloDread says:

    Do people really honestly think she has a beautiful feminine face. I am getting tired of this unattractively faced woman of hollywood being labelled most sexy because she is obsessed with everyone thinking it.
    I mean think of some of the really beautiful sexy people celebrity and non-celebrity who are not acclaimed for it as much as Manniston. I do not get it. Why are so many plain faced women cough cough Blake Lively… deemed so sexy in Hollywood?

    No one’s self worth should be based about their physical beauty. Its just an honest question. And since Aniston prides herself on her “beauty” and talks about it all the time I think its fair I call it into question.

    • lisa says:

      She appeals to the average person. She is not threatening. Nobody feels that she could take anything away from them. They may claim their husbands or boyfriends want her so badly..and maybe they do. But notice when they say that it is never with fear or doubt that she could come in and walk away with him.

      and yes the word beautiful get used way too often with any and every woman in hollywood. But I have never seen and account from anyone meeting her that has gushed about her overwhelming beauty. Or been floored in her presence. I don’t think she is ugly. she is attractive and has a cute quality like a Goldie Hawn. But I don’t see the Beauty that some love to scream about. It is not there. And trying to force that on the public is not going to make it be there.

      • FrowninPabloDread says:

        The way you explain it makes perfect sense. Aniston is the queen of the average looking women. So average looking women, who relate to and idolize Aniston, must have felt great when she was with the sexist man alive, according to many-not me, average lookers felt reassured.

        But when Brad Pitt left Aniston for Jolie, a woman who was super sexy it really upset JenHens. This is where the hate for Jolie stems from. This hot woman and her leg “stealing” an average looking woman’s hot husband. And when Pitt said it was a bad marriage they ignore it because they are so bitter about a hot chick stealing a hot guy from an average chick. They just want to believe men prefer average non-threatening ladies as wives. Makes so much sense now. Sad though.

    • Kara Ann says:

      “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, truer words were never spoken. I do find Jen to be an attractive woman. She has a great body, pretty hair, pretty eyes, and a nice face. I don’t find it manly. Again, that’s what I see. Do I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world? No, I don’t. I find titles like that to be silly because, of course, not everyone is going to agree. While I do believe there are certain attributes that the majority of people would agree are desirable, there are others that vary and that’s not taking into consideration that little thing called “personality” that really has a great affect on how beautiful (or not) a person is perceived to be. Just my 2 cents. :)

  25. Moreaces says:

    What Happened to the movie that was released about 3 weekends ago. Did it disappear after the first week

  26. original kate says:

    he is a hipster doofus and jen needs to lay off the tanning; it’s making her look about 10 years older than she is.

  27. hmm says:

    two hoodies AND a leather jacket?!?

    COME ON!

    if i were his gf i’d slap him silly.