Beyonce has asked Christian Louboutin to make some baby shoes for Blue Ivy

In the above photo, you can see Beyonce (and her one giant earring) taking little Blue Ivy for a walk in NYC last week. I noted at the time that I loved that both Beyonce and Blue were wearing flats, and that Blue’s little gold flats were particularly adorable. What I didn’t know at the time was that those gold shoes were by Marc Jacobs, and they probably cost more than my annual health insurance. And according to In Touch, Beyonce has asked designers to create even more itsy-bitsy baby shoes for Blue. Blue is going to have Louboutins!

At just two months old, Blue Ivy Carter is already the most stylish baby in town! While hanging with mom Beyonce on March 13, the trendy tyke showed off some Marc Jacobs flats – and an insider tells In Touch that more designer shoes are coming her way!

The source says Beyonce asked designer Christian Louboutin to make some baby Loubies!

“It’s nothing but the best for Beyonce and Jay-Z’s little girl!”

[From In Touch Weekly, print edition]

Here’s the thing: I don’t doubt this at all. Just like I didn’t doubt the stories about all of the jewelry that Blue is already accumulating. I really do believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z live like that, that they don’t even blink an eye at dropping thousands of dollars on a sapphire-encrusted bottle. And you know what? It’s their money. I think it’s tacky and wasteful to spend that kind of cash on something that a baby will outgrow in a few months, but it’s their choice, their call. Here’s what I really think has happened though: I think it’s mostly about loss of perspective. Like, Beyonce has spent so many years in the lap of luxury, she simply doesn’t know that she could buy some cute, reasonably-priced baby stuff at Baby Gap. It wouldn’t even occur to her, because she’s had Christian Louboutin on speed-dial for so many years.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN and Pacific Coast News.

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  1. somebody says:

    They’re pushing too much that it is a total turn off.

  2. Smh at this girl says:

    Oh god everyone now is gonna crucifie Bey. Most celebs, if not all, do this. I don’t see what’s the problem, if it’s your money then you should be able to do what you want with it.

  3. k says:

    My eyes just rolled out of their sockets and onto the floor.

  4. mln76 says:

    It’s gross but it’s not that surprising. And when certain celebs dress their kids in real clothes people start complaining also. At the end of the day it’s their cash to spend as obnoxiously as they want.

  5. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with living well and enjoying your success, but at some point that sort of spending gets gross.

  6. Cherry says:

    In my research field, this type of behavior is known as conspicuous consumption: spending irrationally large sums of money on goods with the sole purpose of displaying one’s wealth and, hence, social status. You could compare it with lighting a cigar with a hundred dollar bill. Buying baby shoes worth thousands of dollars that the baby will outgrow in a few months is basically the same gesture- you show the hoi polloi how much you’ve evolved past them and their everyday problems (such as having no money to pay the rent, being out of work, whatever). You see this type of behavior in all types of societies in all time periods. It’s how human nature functions, I guess. It just so happens that pop stars such as Beyoncé and Jay-Z are the gold-clad Sun Kings of our time.

  7. Tiffany27 says:

    Maybe it’s because I’ve spent over 20 years of my life being broke, but I just can’t understand this. If I woke up tomorrow with over a billion dollars in my checking account I still wouldn’t buy baby Louboutins. Oh well. It’s their money.

  8. Asli says:

    Now I know what people mean when they talk about the difference between new money and old money. Still, though, what @Tiffany27 said. I think it takes a special brand of people to spend money on that kind of tacky sh-t. Also, Bey grew up sorta rich so she wasn’t unfamiliar with the lifestyle before she became famous.

  9. Mink says:

    Can’t wait for the first weave. *eyeroll*

    Who wants to guess the age??

  10. Dena says:

    Personally, I am tired of her wearing the color blue. It’s hackneyed.

  11. stinky says:

    will bay-bay-Jay-Bey be wearing ‘House of Dereon’ as well? (yeesh)

  12. Agnes says:

    OF COURSE. Did anyone expect anything different? The way celebrities spend their money is gross, especially with all this poverty all around us. Ugh.

  13. Jenna says:

    Well, I often find some things that she does “tacky and wasteful”, but at the end of it all it is her own money.

  14. CookieJar says:

    The bodyguard at the fourth pic is better dressed than JayZ was at the event.

  15. paola says:

    When are we going to talk about THIS?!
    What she is wearing is much worse than a pair of baby Loboutins!

    I think Bey has banged her head really hard and has completely lost sense of style.

  16. Gene Parmesan says:

    bitch your last album was shit

  17. Bad Gal Addiction says:

    She’d better invest in a new baby carrier. Blue is dangeling in there like a broken doll and how it cuts in the legs…sheesh, that can’t be comfy or healthy.

  18. vanessa says:

    lol @ Gene Parmesan!!

    We listen to the radio at work and they play her songs a lot. That Love On Top song is TERRIBLE!!!!!

  19. dorothy says:

    Sorry Bey, Rachael Zoe has you beat in the couture baby clothes.

  20. lisa says:

    Money does not make you “entitled” I swear I know people that barely have pot to pee in and think they are all that. They have a little money and you would think by the way they act they are kings/queens.

    Money is not the problem. It is how you are raised with the money that makes the difference. Bey and Jay are showy. They enjoy their wealth and have earned the right to do so. Blue Ivy will either be a brat or a little girl that appreciates what her parents gave her and is humble.

    I so agree with an earlier comment. If the children are dressed like everyday kids the parents get ragged on for that too, calling them dirty or whatever. People either want celeb kids looking average or glammed up. And either way someone will find fault.

    I like when children look like children. It just makes me think they are having as normal a life as possible under the circumstances of their parent’s wealth.

  21. Onyx XV says:

    Of course she has. *giant eye roll*

  22. Str8Shooter says:

    This woman is going to be using that kid as a prop just to get more media attention. Not much different than Khate, if you ask me…

  23. marie says:

    This is not only stupid, but bad for the baby, who shouldn’t be wearing shoes at all (unless they are essentially cloth or a very soft fabric) until she’s at least six months old.

  24. Nancy C. says:

    i’m sure they won’t pay for any of this. designers like to give things away to celebrities and stars for the publicity value. these designers are probably flattered to be asked.

  25. Deann Baldwin says:

    Will the Louboutins have blue soles for Baby Blue?

  26. Hanna says:

    Stupid. How about saving some of your money for generations to come?

  27. Puleeze says:

    Jay Z stop paying these sites everyday to post things about Beyonce. This is so ridiculous Beyonce is such an attention starved media wh&re. Walking around with a decoy baby doll. She will do anything for attention…

  28. MST says:

    Does that kid have a head? Because we never see it.

    I hope those Louboutins don’t have six inch heels.

  29. Rose says:

    The Little Marc Jacobs Baby Mouse flats for infants actually costs $66.00 and are on sale for $52.99. They’re actually shoes with socks attached to them, so really its a twofer deal.

  30. Dhavy says:

    Babies shouldn’t be wearing any shoes during their first year so their feet to grow properly.
    These two are so shallow they should be hanging with the Whoredashians since they’re all talentless and rich
    What surprises me though is how people trash Angelina on the way she dresses her kids and find this woman’s actions to be adorable and cute

  31. Hibitta says:

    When I first read this I was like “what the hell, that’s just too much” but then I thought to myself that I wish MY mom got me Louboutins when I was a baby :p

  32. anonymoose says:

    Is there no end to their insufferability?

  33. NeoCleo says:

    Pretentious and pathetic. How many poor kids could have decent meals from the cost of a single pair of her baby’s shoes?

    I just don’t like this woman. Not at all.

    • Claire says:

      If this is actually true, I hope it becomes a big story in the mainstream press so that a major backlash and public outrage drive these freaks away indefintely to some remote island or $50 million yacht. It won’t happen but I can dream, right?

  34. Bonfire Beach says:

    Loss of perspective – that’s perfectly said. I think most celebs suffer from this. They live in a different kind of “normal.”

    Still, spending money on baby shoes is ridiculous given that they grow so fast. What a waste. I’d be more impressed if she donated shoes to the homeless.

  35. novaraen says:

    HAHAHAHA…people are in here actually defending this ridiculousness?!?!?! Really?? You would defend this stuck up twat and her excessive and over the top behavior concerning her oh-so-special child that she didn’t even give birth to? Get a life.

  36. Beatrix says:

    Gross avaricious disgusting family.

  37. Just Me says:

    Is it ‘Just Me’ or did anyone else think the first picture of her in the blue dress, was a photo of Miley Cyrus!!!!

  38. Kate #2 says:

    You know, I’m usually a big believer in respecting the way people choose to raise their kids, different strokes and all that, and I’ve defended them on other grounds (if they want to take their baby to a cafe, why the hell not?) but this actually bugs me.

    Babies don’t have bones in the way we do in their feet. They have cartilege – they only harden into bones when older. Babies need nothing more rigid than bootees or socks until they are walking outside, and even then they need lots of barefoot time. If you treat a kid as an accessory rather than taking care of their health, then you suck.

    The money to buy baby Louboutins without the knowledge that they shouldn’t. Nuts.

  39. anonymoose says:

    Are the baby’s shoes going to look like the overwrought cages on her mom’s feet? Cuz those clompers are hideous. Too bad the parents don’t have good taste.

  40. Lkaye says:

    So disgustingly irresponsible. They should be ashamed

  41. Birdix says:

    well… Lots of people get a little nutty when their first is born, that’s why they sell $800 strollers. Maybe the way these parents show their love is through gifts. It’s silly, yes, to buy $60 shoes for a baby, but they aren’t hurting anyone.

  42. some bitch says:

    There’s something about that whole family that gives me a WEIRD vibe.

  43. Jaana says:

    Sigh, all the celebrities do this! and so would you if you have that kind of dough!

    • Bad Fairy says:

      Sigh… I hate to be bitchy (well I dont actually) but the question must be asked:
      Do you KNOW all the celebrities? That is a pretty broad statement. Yes I am sure that the clothes on the backs of rich children do not come from Walmart. And yet Laboutins for an infant is pretty gosh darn pretentious. I am sure that ALL the celebrities don’t take it that far. Its pretty silly even if you do have the cash. It screams New Money, Low Class. And…
      No this is not how I would spend my money.

      • Jaquebelle says:

        Most likely the baby shoes did not cost them anything, because it generated free publicity for the designer. And the average American typically lives well beyond their financial means and has amassed a great deal of debt. We overspend even when we don’t have the money, so I can only imagine actually having the means to spend freely and w/out worrying about financial consequences of splurging. They are not the first and certainly will not be the last. Not a particular fan of Jay-Z and Beyonce, but from a celebrity standard, they seem pretty okay. You don’t hear of any drunken escapades or drug incidents or criminal trials pending. I also like the fact that they waited until AFTER marriage to conceive a child. Last, hair weaves did not begin and end w/ Beyonce lol. Almost all actresses and entertainers rock fake hair, this includes women of ALL colors. One love.

    • Kate #2 says:

      I really, really wouldn’t.

  44. Laura says:

    Let’s face it, this kid has no concept of Louboutins, these shoes are gonna be for one person and one person only: Beyonce. Because the amount of money you spunk on your baby really shows what a good parent you are *eyeroll*. Yes I understand going gaga when you have a new baby but why waste all that money when your kid can’t understand why or what. Would that money not be better spent on perhaps medical supplies or food for kids that are born only to suffer immeasurably in their short lives only to die? I would rather tell my friends that my mum donated X amount of money to save lives than wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds on stuff that I never needed in the first place. It’s absolutely vile.

  45. Del says:

    I can’t sit at home and think about what others do with their money. I’d rather go out there and make some! Why are some people bitter? Cool it down already before you get a heart attack.