Prince William & Duchess Kate went on a romantic ski holiday in Switzerland

I told you this would happen! I said it would happen last week, and my predication came to fruition. As soon as Prince William arrived home from his six/seven-week training exercise in the Falkland Islands, William and his wife arranged for yet another vacation. Now, I actually understand why they felt the need for a vacation this time around – William is probably tired, and he wanted to spend some quality time with his wife. As for Duchess Kate… well, she worked her fingers to the bone while William was away! I’m only being partly factitious too – she had two to three public events a week while William was away, and that’s the most work she’s ever done. She needed a vacation too! The only thing that surprises me is that it sounds like they just went away for a weekend – I would have expected something longer.

It was on Switzerland’s beautiful, snowy slopes that Kate and William were pictured sharing their first public kiss. So a high-end ski resort in the Alps was the perfect place for the Prince to choose for a romantic weekend with his wife.

The Duke of Cambridge is whisking Kate away on holiday to make up for missing Valentine’s Day, following a long six weeks apart in which he has been flying a helicopter for the RAF in the Falklands.

The royal couple had a joyful reunion earlier this week at RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

It ended a long spell apart, in which the Duchess of Cambridge has thrown herself into her role, making solo public appearances at military and charity events. The 30-year-old’s elegant poise has won widespread approbation, on outings that included two trips with the Queen, as part of the monarch’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and a hockey game with the GB squad at the Olympic Park.

Kate and William were first seen skiing in Switzerland in 2004, and they had their first photographed kiss there two years later, with both holidays taking place at the resort of Klosters.

This time, they will stay in an elegant chalet at Verbier, according to the Daily Mirror. The high-end resort has been popular with the royal family for years, with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward having celebrated birthdays there, and Prince Harry spending New Year’s Eve partying on its slopes. Princess Eugenie held a low-key 18th birthday party at Verbier.

William, 29, has been serving as a Sea King pilot in the South Atlantic, while his wife of less than a year has admitted to missing him ‘desperately’.

Last year the ski-mad couple reportedly cancelled a planned trip to the slopes over fears it would not be appropriate in recession-hit times. A Clarence House spokesperson yesterday declined to comment on their holiday plans.

[From The Mail]

A royal source told the Daily Mirror: “William missed Kate terribly when he was away. They spent Valentine’s Day apart and he has been thinking for some time how to make it up to his wife. He wants a reunion in the most romantic possible fashion. They’ve had some brilliant times skiing, and William decided a getaway in Switzerland, where they can wear goggles and hats and go around unnoticed, would be perfect. Kate was delighted when he eventually told her about his plans and cannot wait for the pair to spend some quality time together.” So maybe it’s not just for a weekend? Maybe they’ll be spending a week or so? As I said, I understand why this vacation, why now, etc. I’m sure they did miss each other, and I think it’s sweet and lovely that they are prioritizing spending time together. But… Kate and William take SO many vacations. They always have! In their nine-year courtship, I swear, they took about a dozen vacations a year. Substantial, two-week vacations at a time, which add up to quite a lot of “downtime”.

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  1. Luise says:

    Poor little thing. She needs a good vacation twice a month at the very least.

  2. LAK says:

    Of course they did. The first time I read about it over the weekend, my first thought was that these people are really tone deaf.

    What is needed here is a crack team of publicists because the comments section of The Mail lit up like a christmas tree from all the disapproving comments.

    The worrying thing is that people brought up Fergie and her endless holidays, which is one of the biggest reasons the public fell out of love with her. And that was before they found out about the other stuff.

    I think PW and by extension Kate were used to the blanket ban on press coverage during their courtship, as well as people’s sympathy for Diana’s son that they are not making any efforts to adjust now they are in the spotlight which has made the tide turn a lot faster.

    They could have gone on hoilday somewhere discreet, but they chose Verbier, the glitziest, ritziest ski spot in europe. They might as well have gone to St tropez for all the alleged privacy they crave.

    And putting out a story earlier in the day saying that small children adore kate is guaranteed to make one smell a rat. It’s like when I see pics of Halle Berry with Nahla. You know something is up!!

    • GoodCapon says:

      I can’t be bothered to make my own post so I’m just going to have to agree with you :D

      One question though: blanket ban? Once it was established that Waity was William’s gf the couple were all over the papers.

      • LAK says:

        Probably not’blanket ban’ but definitely less press than they are getting now. Also, the British press were/are somewhat muzzled as to RF activities even though stuff is reported abroad.

        The wedding was the ‘coming out’ of this couple, so now we get almost daily coverage here.

  3. monette says:

    Of course they are and I would too. If I had some money and didn’t need to work I would go on 20 holidays a year.

    • lucky says:

      word. why is this surprising? I think of her life as the ideal retirement: money in the bank, no 9-5, no kids, travel and the occasional charity work.

    • thatsh*tcray says:

      There would be less for people to gripe about, if they weren’t receiving tax payer funds to take tons of vacations and not expected to have the same “work” load like the rest of the BRF.

      There was a report that came out earlier this year that tallied up all of the events each member of the BRF did last year. The Queen and Chucky both had about 500 events each and Kate had 9. I’ll go see if I can’t find the link.

      • Poppy says:


        Again, Prince William and Catherine are not on the Civil List. They are funded by the Prince of Wales with his revenues from the Duchy of Cornwall (a very large working estate that provides hundreds of jobs). In addition, Prince Charles voluntarily pays tax which in the last tax year was £4.4m, which is much more the costs of travel and security for William and Kate.

        In addition, it was announced even before they married that Kate would have an ‘easing in’ period of two years before she started a full range of duties. The Royals are trying to learn from the mistakes made with Diana, who was immediately thrust into full public duties, after a short courtship and engagement, never really a chance to get to know her husband, and look where that ended up. Yes, they may have gone a bit too far the other way with Kate, but so what?

        Give them a few more years before rendering judgement. And actually, marrying for money isn’t a crime, nor is wanting to be a rich housewife. Plenty of people do it, she just happens to be doing it publicly.

    • Sachi says:

      As long as you do it on your own dime, I have no problem if you spend your entire life jet-setting all over the world.

      However, the royals are living on my dime as a taxpayer, so I shall gripe and complain as much as I want since they are living the life of indulgence thanks to their history of pillaging and conquering, as well as living off myself and the rest of the taxpaying public’s money.

      If they want to only live a life of luxury, they should take their saved up money and renounce their titles and abolish the monarchy. That way, we won’t complain as much when we don’t get our money’s ‘worth’ for these royals who love the perks but do minimum responsibility.

      I’d love to live a life of indulgence, too. Just not being a welfare recipient like what royals really are and how they really live.

    • Zigggy says:

      Hell yes- the life of royalty… I’d be all over it :)

  4. Train says:

    Could Kate give back a little more, yes. And I hope she will in the future. Is she ever going to rock our worlds? NO.

    But here’s my take on all the criticism of Kate: She is a PRINCESS. Of course she plays dress up, travels the globe and lives in the lap of luxury! All the Royals have indulged lives, they don’t call it “living like royalty” for no reason.

    • Sachi says:

      Ah, yes, all royals are supposed to live “indulged” lives on taxpayers’ money, even go start wars at the taxpayers’ expense (and lives) a la the Kaiser of Germany and the Austrian Emperor.

      Marie-Antoinette surely did live a life of luxury. And look where that got her.

      The Romanovs did. And look where that got them.

      The Greek royals did. And look where they are now.

      Same goes for the rest of the deposed royals whose only way to be recognized now is to keep using their useless titles and keep on pretending that they are still royals. Hah!

      See, royals can only indulge for so long until the public’s resentment boils over. It’s why they have their PR machines, so they can feed the public a certain image that will satisfy us and make us believe that they deserve our money and they deserve to stay in place as royals. The more they show us how indulgent their lives are while we work hard to support them…well, that doesn’t go over well when some people are struggling in this economy while the royals who are supposed to represent them barely do any work but love to take vacations several times a year.

  5. Bbyboo says:

    Can I just say that it totally p*sses me off that all these outlets are reporting this as a “LONG six weeks.” My husband just deployed AGAIN {he only came home from his last deployment in July} and we don’t have his coming home date yet- it is still TBD. There are people that do tours for a year or more and I am supposed to have sympathy that William and Kate were separated for a LONG six weeks and they missed Valentine’s day together. The HORROR. My husband has missed our anniversary for the last several years, birthdays for me, him and our sons. I will give them a pass for a lot of stuff- like the fact that she basically spends her time playing my size Barbie but let it go about his “time away!!!”

    • Kara Ann says:

      You have my sympathies on the long absences of your husband. I’m assuming your hubby is in the U.S. military. May I say that I find it appalling that, apparently, we need to overload our soldiers with these type of endless deployments. I don’t know what the problem is as far as lack of funding or lack of recruits, or lack of training but whatever it is should be mended ASAP. It simply isn’t fair to ask a small group of people for such a large sacrifice repeatedly.
      Best wishes to you and your husband.

    • Nilber says:

      AMEN! Bbyboo you are so right! I have been complaining about that since they started the whining about “poor pitiful Kate” I have spent the majority of the last 2 yrs of my marriage blowing kisses to him on Skype. Playing a single mom while married. Actually having to handle everything on my own. (Oh, how I wish I had servants sometimes) I won’t act like it doesn’t suck for her but it irritates me to no end 6 WEEKS!?! I think the RF press people may want to rethink their strategy next time because going to training isn’t half as bad as to the unknown. I didn’t feel for her that much because it was shoved down our throats! I was a deployment monitor when I was in and I walked many a spouse through their first deployments. It doesn’t get easier to say goodbye so you have to get stronger. *hops off my soap box to go get to take some more cough meds…SMH

    • Gene Parmesan says:

      Keep the faith honey….

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      I feel the same way! My husband has been on deployment for 7mths and is still gone , he has missed every holiday and birthday since end of August. And this doesnt count all the past years he has missed, so I don’t feel bad for her and her few weeks. Especially since she doesn’t even have children and he gets quite a bit of time off after his tour. We only get 14 days!

    • FrowninPabloDread says:

      I am assuming y’all want your missing partners to return. Whereas Kate probably does not give a F*** that William is gone. which in my opinion makes me feel no sympathy for her. You all are making a sacrifice. All Kate’s concerns are her weight, fried and floppy hair, and buttons. Sure… I do not personally know Kate. But I will take the chance and assume she is not in this marriage for love. I know her type. She would not stick around if she had to make real sacrifices for William.

    • Sugar says:

      I want to say thank you to you & your husband. I have family who have served & come home except for one who went on to Germany. I pray for you & the safety of your husband and those who replied to your comment who also have their spouse away from home.

    • Bbyboo says:

      I kept trying to reply to everyone’s individual comment but the site wouldn’t let me. GRRR!! So since I’ve written several comments and they haven’t worked I’ll make this short and sweet. They say there is strength in numbers right? It is always nice to hear that you are not alone. Here’s hoping that all of our family comes home quickly! Thanks for the support y’all :)

      And here’s hoping the outlets quit with the BS :)

    • JulieM says:

      Bbyboo- Yes, exactly. Six whole weeks away is a joke. I was active duty with an active duty (now ex) husband and six month deployments were the standard. That was in the 80′s; so military spouses are enduring much more now with never ending deployments. You have my respect.

  6. Amy says:

    So she goes on lots of vacations with her husband and is kind of lazy. There could be worse things… she is probably the most normal person to enter the House of Windsor in a very long time. Oh the horror.

    • GoodCapon says:

      Living off the taxpayers’ money? Oh yes, there are worse things.

      And she’s definitely not the most normal. Most famous, probably. Most normal? Hell no.

      • Amy says:

        Don’t all the royals live off of taxpayer money? I don’t know why there is such hate directed at Kate for this… because she used to be a commoner? Shouldn’t we be annoyed at all of them for this?

      • Sachi says:

        @Amy – all royals are like leeches on the public. They’re glorified welfare recipients.

        There. I said it.

        The big difference, however, between William&Kate and the other Windsors is that the other royals actually work hard to “give back” to the public. Sure, they all live on our dime, but at least they have something to show for the support we give them. Princess Anne is a marvelous example of this. She works so hard, and she didn’t want her children to be treated as royals. Now that is something I can commend and applaud.

        The thing is this: as a taxpayer, my only beef about the royals is that this is the only thing asked of them, to be able to work as royals in representing the country. I expect them to be considerate of the issues that are affecting the public right now, and to be able to show an image in which the public can relate with.

        Going on vacations and spending money on shopping almost every week are not indicative of consideration for the public. The economy is in the toilet right now.

        How does it feel to turn on your TV or go on the news websites and see the headline that William and Kate are off on another vacation because poor them, they were separated for 6 LONG weeks?! Kate worked a total of 8 times this month, the poor dear. She needs another vacation!

        Or that after seeing very sick children, Kate went shopping for 2 hours for her own brand of “therapy”?

        I’m a nurse. I work with children. It sickens me to actually see someone like Kate, who has a lot of potential to be influential and do a lot of good, squander what could have been a touching moment by going shopping right after the event with sick children. It doesn’t show her in positive light. It doesn’t show her as a concerned individual who was affected by the reality that many sick children and their families face or that she is serious in dealing with such a cause. Instead, it showed her as foolish, greedy, and immature to pretend to be so concerned at the event and then go on to spend a lot of money for her vanity.

        That’s all I ask from these royals: that they work hard at being the “faces” of their charity and to show that they are, at least, working.

        They’ll never face the amount of stress that comes with a 12-hour job at a hospital and dealing with everything that can go wrong with a patient.

        They’ll never be asked to work in a coal mine and all the risks that come with it.

        So what’s wrong with expecting them to do more and be more than what they’re doing now? William and Kate have fed the public the image that they’re just like us. But we’re seeing none of that. If anything, all I see from William and Kate are two spoiled, unconcerned individuals who don’t give a damn about the public who pays for their existence as royals, and don’t care what the public thinks.

        Are they going to fiddle a la Nero, too, I wonder?

  7. Jade says:

    I haven’t followed them as closely since the wedding but I don’t get the snark kaiser. Is Kate supposed to be doing more than she is? Is she not living up expectations? I honestly want to know.
    Bc I’m not surprised all she does right now is attend few charities and make appearance.

    • LAK says:

      I think Kate gets snark mainly due to her pr machine.

      She always had to contend with the ghost of Diana, so instead she was built/talked up as this independent, hard working, engaged person who was waiting for a more official footing in her relationship before she could really show us that side of her. So many people really gave her that chance. The fact that she is university educated also perhaps gave people higher expectations.
      People honestly thought that her waity katie moniker was just media maligning the poor girl.

      So we waited for the veil to be lifted when she married.

      Unfortunately for the publicity machine, Kate has not lived up to that picture. Not only that, she’s shown how opposite she is to that picture and treated like a baby to boot.

      I honestly think if they had not talked her up in the first place, she would not be getting so much agro. Her publicity keeps talking her up as a modern independent woman eg SamCam, and really she’s a vacant Victorian. That’s what creates snark.

      The problem is that whilst her marriage is her business, she married a public figure, whose wife is expected to fulfill public duties. It’s not so much marrying him as marrying an institution which exists by the will of the people.

      • maemay says:

        Seems the problem is that Kate and Will are not full time royals. The Queen and Charles are. This is the Queen’s year and they are giving Kate and Will time to themselves before thrusting them into the public realm. The do not want to create another cult of celebrity and Diana incurred alot of wrath and jealousy because of her fame. Charles resented her, the grey men hated her, it is no wonder William wants to give Kate time to adjust.

      • Sofa King says:

        If they are not full time royals, then they should not be using tax payer funds so she can shop and go to hair appointments every day.

      • LAK says:

        @Maemay – that would have been an honest answer, if that is what the palace pr put out.

        Everybody understands where these two stand in the RF. From long before the marriage, statements have been put out or stories ‘leaked’ where Kate was talked up as someone who was simply waiting for the wedding, but was otherwise princess training as well as her other commitments and was going to hit the ground running.

        Instead nothing.

        The fact that people still believe the ‘housewife’ fiction is a testament to how much more space she would have been given by the public IF they had asked for that space for her to learn her role, and then seen the result of all the training afterwards.

        Instead, we have a situation where 11months after the wedding where this fabulous, independent, educated woman, who is undergoing additional training, barely able to perform basic duties.

        And in the mean time, shopping, and taking expensive vacations.

        I’ve seen several commentors on brit news sites refer to her increasingly as ‘ kate Marie Antoinette’ which is not good at all.

        And the british public doesn’t forgive. Ask fergie.

      • Sachi says:

        @maemay – really?

        Not full-time royals? Sure. But their security is full-time. Who gets to pay for that? Me and the rest of the taxpaying public, of course. If William and Kate are not full-time royals, then their security should also be cut in half. It happened with the Duke of York’s daughters, why not William and Kate? If you claim that, “Oh, but William is the heir’s heir, he’s entitled to it.” then you just contradict yourself. Either William and Kate are considered ‘full-time royals’ who must get full-time taxpayer funded security, or they are not and should not get security 24/7.

        Not want another Diana? Please. This argument is so used-up it’s lost all its credibility. Have you seen the latest comments from the Daily Mail made by many members of the public? They’re not happy with William and Kate. The best thing to do right now is to actually make Kate like Diana, whom the people loved and still do. Not making Kate into another Diana has made her like Marie-Antoinette, who still incurs wrath from a lot of people.

        Who pays for Kate’s clothes? Her parents? It sure isn’t Kate, since she never had a proper job. William’s salary? I doubt it. He doesn’t get enough to afford new clothes for his wife almost every week that Kate goes shopping.

        So who pays for Kate’s expenses? Wouldn’t that be Charles? Charles’s money comes from where? Duchy of Cornwall. The Duchy is owned by the government, so the money that comes from it are from us, the taxpayers.

        Trickle-down effect: Charles gets money from taxpayers. William gets money from Charles. Kate gets money from William. The money, the bottom line, is from the taxpayers like myself.

        So you see, no matter how much you want to say, and believe, over and over and over that William and Kate are not full-time royals and that they don’t get taxpayers’ money, they are exactly like that and they live like full-time royals on the taxpayers’ dime.

        And again with the Queen’s Jubilee BS? Come on. William and Kate overshadow everything, whether they’re working or not. What’s the point of them giving the spotlight to the Queen when the press still highlights their expensive vacations anyway and reports on their activities all the time? They could be using their vacation to do some more charity work.

        They should be working actively for the Jubilee, maybe then the public’s goodwill will last longer.

      • Kate #2 says:

        Maemay, in fairness I have no issue with their delaying fulltime royal life. They don’t get direct taxpayer funded lives yet – they live on money Charles gets from the Duchy of Cornwall and the money William inherited (though in all cases, that’s indirectly still from the taxpayer, let’s be honest here). BUT – and it’s a big but – we do pay for very expensive security, in the millions per annum, for their lives on Anglesey. And if they’d accepted accommodation on the military base, our bill would have been hugely reduced. I think it is our responsibility to meet their security costs because they (unlike Beatrice) do need bodyguards and we’d fund a head of state’s family protection whatever system we had. We protect anyone who needs it – Salman Rushdie had state funded protection, too; possibly still does. But they in turn should be mindful of what that costs us, and when such a simple thing (living on base) could be so much cheaper it would have been nice had they done so.

        I’m also less than impressed that the taxpayer is contributing so much to Kensington Palace’s refurb. Windsor, Buckingham Palace and Clarence House’s fabric, okay. They’re the head of state’s and the heir’s homes and we’d provide Presidental accommodation if we were a republic, so fair enough. Otherwise if members of that family want to live in a state-owned palace rent-free, then in my view they should take it on a full repairing lease. It’s hardly an onerous imposition, given their wealth and how much a similar property would cost on the open market.

  8. Zimmer says:

    I think there should be a reality show where couples compete for William and Kate to take them on vacation with them at William and Kate’s expense. Why should only the royals enjoy taxpayer money? Why not the taxpayers themselves?

  9. mimi says:

    Well, Kate’s main job is to produce an heir to the throne, so this will be a ‘working’ vacation for them: working at getting knocked-up.

  10. inthekitchen says:

    One of my problems is they are going to be the only high level royals to NOT attend a memorial service for the queen mum and princess Margaret…because they are going to be ON VACATION. If you want to live like a royal you need to work like a royal and that means attending functions like this with the other senior members of the family.

    Also, has the economic situation in England improved all that much? I don’t understand why it was sending a bad message last year to go on a ski holiday but six months later it’s fine?! I also want to know whether all of the other SAR that went on this 6-week training exercise are getting the same vacation days as Willy. Are they all getting to spend this week with their families or are they back to work today?

    I think Willy is just a spoiled brat. I think he has been wrapped (emotionally) in cotton wool since Diana died and now the family doesn’t want to do anything to make him mad, including insist that he faces the reality that he is the future king! After the queen and Diana, he is the most popular royal, and the future of the monarchy, so I think he is basically given whatever he wants…but in spoiling him so, they have created a little brat of a heir-in-waiting.

    I think a big part of him doesn’t actually want to be king and he is unconsciously behaving in ways that will make people re-think the monarchy after QEII dies so he never actually has to be king.

    And Waity, don’t even get me started. She did about 30 hours or work over 6-weeks and now needs another vacation? These two are PATHETIC.

    • LAK says:

      The ski holiday was supposed to happen in december or january, so really they just postponed for 3 months.

      • inthekitchen says:

        Well, not really. The vacation they took with Waity’s parents in January was supposed to be in place of the ski trip. So this is a second vacation in 3 months.

      • LAK says:

        @inthekitchen: I am pretty sure that they were going to go on Ski and beach holiday. The ski holiday was organised by Charles, and is his annual family holiday after scotland. The beach holiday is the middletons annual family holiday.Charles cancelled the ski holiday, but when news broke of the beach holiday, it was spun that it was a replacement holiday coz william was going away.

        Mustique is not a place you can just organise on a whim because the accomodation is booked out a good six months ahead of time even if you are a billionaire with serious access. the middletons would have had to know that kate and william and their guards/entourage were joining them in order to pre-book an appropriate size house, rather than the hotel on the island.

  11. Agnes says:

    i don’t get what they have to “rest” from, since they don’t seem to do much… then again, if i had their money, i would also take lots of taxpayer-funded vacations. haha.

    • Sachi says:

      It’s comments like these that IMO make William and Kate think that what they do is okay.

      Obama gets criticized for his “vacations”, and yet William and Kate get praised for it. Obama handles a heck of a lot more than William ever will in his lifetime…yet William gets as pass because hey, won’t we all love to live on welfare and taxpayers’ money like the rest of the royals do?

      Marie-Antoinette got her head chopped off for her insensitivity to the plight of the French.

      When are we getting the “guillotine” moment with William and Kate? When will the public realize that these two are just spoiled brats who want nothing to do with royal responsibilities but would love to get all the perks of being royal and openly flaunt their behavior while having their PR team claim that they want to live like normal people?

      If they want to be like normal people, then give up their titles and get a normal job.

    • grace says:

      Mooching off hardworking taxpayers is supposed to be cute and funny?

    • Kate #2 says:

      We aren’t funding their holidays, or lives actually; not directly, anyway. The Prince of Wales gets the revenues from a huge estate entailed to the heir – the Duchy of Cornwall – no taxpayer money required. What we do pay for are their security costs, which are pretty huge. But that’s arguably something we’d have to fund whatever the system of government.

      The real issue is they’re supposed to represent the country, and in the current economic climate going on endless luxury holidays together is pretty insensitive. I also think it’s rather poor form if the heir’s heir doesn’t go to the 10 year memorial service for the Queen Mother, either.

  12. HoustonGrl says:

    Kate’s face in photo 2 is priceless! It’s like she’s thinking “Ok, I just have to listen to this bozo for a few minutes, then I can go home and start planning my next holiday!”

  13. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    Posts like these make me think about the sex.

  14. phaksi says:

    In the third pic, the blue dress is awful. Why couldnt see get it tailored to fit her body properly?

  15. maemay says:

    If I lived in Europe and had the funds I would be in a different country every weekend. He came back from duty and he got some R&R and decided to go on a ski trip??!! I don’t think a weekend trip is a full service vacation.

  16. Cathy says:

    I like her. She’s a bit to thin, but I like her anyway. Also If I had their kind of money I’d be vacationing all the time to.

  17. ANGELIC 20 says:

    dear kate fans
    no one hates kate , simply because she really is not that important. most of us are either irritated or offended because we normal commoners work hard to get into a collage , to get a job , follow our interests and would like to achieve more than just being a rich man’s wife / doormat by the time we are 30.she might have been athletic or studios long long time ago she gave up having any sort of personality in order to git hitched . she is not a classy dresser or poised , Google kate middleton partying or clubbing, you will find plenty of photographs of her acting like snooki. she dresses up conservatively because she is told to do so (again if you don’t believe me google her and showing no sign of personality ), she is called waity because she choose to do absolutely nothing in last 10 years which is even more offensive as there are many students rioting and fighting with government because they can’t get a proper education in england (in 2010) and she was given everything in a sliver platter and yet she did nothing. and yes i am not saying that she should have been a career woman( her boyfriend was her career or job or whatever) but for the love of god do something , show that you have some interest other than partying or shopping or attending social events with PW . even a part time job with a charity or something would have gone a long way with the people and media who would have exaggerated it by the time of her wedding. before wedding they only had few things to work with like in school when she was 15 or 16 she used to play sports or that 5 years ago she graduate from collage and that’s it. and yes she knew she would be a public figure so just to show others she should have gotten a job as a result no one really likes her because a lot of women worked very hard so that today we can have a life and she just took all of us back to 19 century when all women are supposed to do is look after their husbands and produce children. i mean today even housewives contribute more to the society than she does.

    now above i explained why we don’t like her now all of you defending her, saying you prefer her as a role model than kim k well nether one of them is a role model and their are many people other than them that your children can look up to and seriously you are comparing a future queen to a reality star to make her look good . i mean KM looks good only when compared to kim k , that is really tragic because she is not going to be a state head ,she is a trashy reality star and nothing else but that is not going to be the case with KM . how would Americans will feel if kim k ( i am sure she also attended collage and played some sports in school
    ) be your state head or even a first lady ?

    2 – i was going to give her a break for her horrible speech but to go on shopping the same afternoon you visited a children’s hospital says how much they moved you , she is so inconsiderate and shows her shallowness and proves that the was just a speech , something you needed to do. i mean if i spent 2 hours talking to sick children and their families, it would stay with me for at least that day and i would not be able to concentrate on my shopping list. i mean come on you are a collage graduate who cannot speak more than 3 words without looking down and have to read to say thank you at the end ( it had nothing to do with being nervous , even 3 grade students know to say thank you after reading) and then you go shopping the same afternoon and we are supposed to like you? it shows how much she really wants to give back.

    3- i also believe that now royal family is controlling her officially and keeping her back but they didn’t for the last decade . even HM got fed up and asked her to get a job, so it’s just not us. some of her fans say that she didn’t really work because media was following her every move. well media was also following her partying and shopping and going on holidays but she didn’t really seems to stop that? so what you are saying is partying , shopping, going on vacation should go on even if media follows you everywhere and criticize you but work has to stop? we are living in a 21 st century where women are supposed to be independent and have a personality . princess diana lived in a different time , when people loved a fragile, sweet ,shy young women who did not have proper job( although she was working as a nanny even though she was from a very rich aristocratic family and she was 19) but she did worked hard on herself, helped people and made herself good enough. it’s so ironic that a 19 year old , uneducated girl gave such a better speech in welsh than a 30 year old so called independent , collage graduate, how come we not compare her to diana . even without all the advantages waity had diana was so far better in terms of her work ethics, willingness to help people and breaking all the rules . she was independent , i mean she wrote that book so she can tell the truth.

    4- i think kate will fail to help anybody really . she will not achieve things like diana ( she changed everybody’s attitude towards AIDS )because she lacks depth and character. i mean she lived such a pampered and sheltered life, she never experienced any loss , she never really worked and hence never faced the real world. i think she really didn’t mature . can you imagine what she will say to a drug addict who have struggled in life or to sick children or anybody who faced difficult circumstances of any sorts. what experience of hers she wil share? diand felt rejected , she said she knew how it feels to be in a room and have everybody thinking that you are untouchable, she had life experience which inspired her to help others. waity will do exactly whet she is doing right now and that is play dress up , smile , look pretty and give unsatisfying shallow speeches. media is trying to build her up so that they can make profit . once they get her up in the sky , they will start picking and catching up with her and how less than ordinary she is.

    • Kate #2 says:

      Students weren’t rioting because they couldn’t get a proper education. They were rioting because the government massively increased fees, and thus student loans.

      Personally I have no issue with student loans. Full loans and grants were affordable when very few people went to university. Now that the majority do, I don’t see why someone behind a till in a supermarket should fund other people’s increased opportunities in life. My issue is that the levels at which you begin repaying are too low, and I think people should have a grace period of ten years to get on the career ladder before repayments begin. As it is, the money is taken when people can least afford to pay it.

      I also think it’s rather odd to say Diana achieved so much because she’d lived in the real world prior to marriage. She lived in a Chelsea flat bought by her father and did a few little part time jobs, cleaning and looking after children. She had no qualifications at all – she failed her 16 year old exams. She was engaged and world famous at 19. Not saying she didn’t achieve a lot; just that your reasoning is suspect. And unless you speak Welsh I don’t know how you can say her speech was “better”. It was almost certainly rote learned from a phonetic script. If Kate did that now, people would slam her for mindlessly repeating sounds she didn’t understand. To an extent, she can’t win – she’s attacked for not doing engagements, then when she does them people attack her for some reason on how she performs. People who hate her will never, ever give her credit for anything, just as those who love her sqeal in delight when she smiles at a tree.

      • ANGELIC 20 says:

        diana worked , it almost doesn’t matter what as she was from an aristocratic family and the times were different, we didn’t expected her to be this ambitious women , as i didn’t expected that from kate either . diana did something t even though she was just a high school pass out which waity didn’t . as far as her living in the real world is concerned i meant in the sense she didn’t lived a shelter and protected life. she felt pain and struggled, she could have easily just followed charles around but she worked on herself and created a role for herself even though rf family didn’t approve which is not the case with kate because she is following william for 10 years and didn’t care what people thought of her and tolerated all the mocking which were legitimate. she is just happy being someone’s wife which is not inspiring , at least not in 21st century.

        and as far as speech is considered diana’s was better because it was fluent , she didn’t have to look down to say thank you , and no one expect kate to know welsh and even in the future she does speak in welsh it will be learned and i will not criticize her for that . but the girl again cannot speak more than 3 words without looking down and has to read thank you? come on and not to mention going on shopping after two hrs . and she will not be dammed if she disappears or works the point is she wants to be represented as hard working and sincere and yet does 8 public engagements in 2 months and goes on a holiday before and after that . so please kate 2 give me a reason for her behavior and why should i like her and being pretty and walking in high heels without tripping does not count, at least not for me.

        one more reason i don’t like her is that she is stupid , you are going to a children’s hospital where innocent children thinks you are great as you have a title and you say i like towie (it’s England’s version of jersey shore ) and you ask can you test the smell by smelling or Ferber’s eggs (wow what a great arts history student) really? and please remember she is not a reality star or anything she is going to be state head ( imagine michelle obama behaving in such a manner)

      • Kate #2 says:

        I didn’t say you had to like her. I didn’t even say I liked her myself. (In fact I didn’t say much about her at all; the bulk of my comment was correcting your misapprehension on our educational arrangements, and your statements on Diana’s life and work history.) I said I thought your arguments against her here were specious, which I do. I’m honestly not interested in trying to convince you to like her as you suggest I should, partly because I know myself that once someone starts to loathe someone famous it’s pretty impossible to change that impression, and partly because I don’t have a strong opinion on her myself. If you’ve read the comments in this thread, you’ll see I’m quite critical of her and her husband on cost grounds. It’s simply that I struggle to understand how anyone could be a serious fan of hers *or* hate her, because we know so little about her. And I don’t like venom which seems unfair, whoever it’s aimed at. For me to detest someone they need to have done something awful – Lindsay Lohan, Terry Richardson, Halle Berry, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown.

        Is she amazing? I have absolutely no idea, but it appears unlikely. Is she awful, vile and stupid? I have absolutely no idea, but it appears unlikely. I’ve argued with people who think royal status equals perfection, and I’ll argue with people who think Kate is worse than Lohan. Neither position appears to me to be founded on logic. The TOWIE point at the children’s hospital is a good example – she said that to the staff. You know, adults. Who presumably are capable of holding conversations on an adult level, and will watch the highest rated tv shows. It’s an obvious icebreaking conversational gambit with new people. Yet it is cited as being an example of outrageously inappropriate behaviour? This is what I mean when I say people seem to be so determined to hate her, they create issues where none exist. To me, that seems pretty similar to those people so determined to like her that they attribute amazing qualities from almost no data. You’re dealing with feelings, not facts.

        Incidentally, I’m English, and you very clearly are not, so I’d be really appreciative if you could dial back with the explaining my own country to me. I live here. I’m pretty familiar.

        Finally – do you mean Faberge eggs? A tad ironic, if so.

      • angelic 20 says:

        You are right I am not a british citizen officially but I am living, studding in your country for the last 7 years and maybe I am a little irritated by her but I certainly don’t hate opinions about her are not based on my feelings, maybe towie thing was said to an adult but it was still stupid and I never said , also that egg name might not be right as I am not an Arts history student I am a commerce student but she was. Again it just shows her intelligence , by students riot I meant they will have difficulty with loans I should know I am in debt too so I could’ve explained that one better and lastly you are again comparing her to Lindsay Lohan to make her look better which is not right because as a future Queen she should have better standards.
        About not knowing her well enough is concerned well she is in the lime light and actions speak louder than words. You are right I should pipe it down but citizen you should be worried,i was being sentimental because I love your country and also I am a hardworking person who struggled to be where I am and when people call her role model and inspiring it makes me sick. Again I don’t hate her ,i don’t like her at all and media should stop kissing her a

      • angelic 20 says:

        I meant she she has been h in the lime light for 10 years and being a citizen you should be worried, also all the other things I said about her are facts and not my feelings and she might be very pleasant in person but definitely not hard working or inspiring or fit to be a role model

  18. Holden says:

    Thank god she wasn’t busy with her hectic schedule…

  19. Sachi says:

    What makes this display so disgusting is that William and Kate have insisted since their engagement that they are “normal” people who are just like us commoners. They do their own grocery shopping, they don’t want any household staff, they want to live like a normal couple.

    But then that image is juxtaposed by many reports of Kate’s shopping and spending, the renovations of their rooms in Kensington Palace that would cost about $3 million, and their recent vacations that are a slap in the face of the public who are experiencing a lot of hardships right now with the mess that is the economy, the job losses, and other serious issues like inadequate heating especially for the elderly.

    I don’t care if they spend their money on whatever they want, but don’t give me the bullshit of “Oh, we’re just like you. We’re normal and down-to-earth and humble.” because except for Kate’s delusional fans, everyone can see that for the lie it is.

    William and Kate are both spoiled. If William didn’t have his RAF “job” (what a fucking joke that job is, he gets to go on holidays whenever he wants while my cousin who is also in the RAF and the others don’t get the same perks) I’d be inclined to say that they’re both massive wastes of space.

    And for all those who say they’d gladly give up their job and live like Kate, good for you. As long as you don’t live on my dime as a taxpayer, you can go live your lives however you want.

    William and Kate however, are still living on my dime since my taxes pay for their security, so I cannot see this display of extravagance and inconsideration as anything but greedy and pathetic.

    William and Kate not being there for the memorial for the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret is a disgrace. That was his great-grandmother and grandaunt, but he couldn’t hold his vacation off for even a day to spend it with his family. He’s a loser and a douche, and I hope that after the Queen passes the entire monarchy goes down in shambles or that William is caught doing something heinous and Harry gets the throne.

    • LAK says:

      As I said earlier tone deaf.

      I can’t believe that they didn’t realise they would be missed from The Queen Mum’s memorial when all the other senior royals are attending.

      Here is the difference between them and The Queen Mum…..she was probably maintaining her luxurious lifestyle during the war, but she always behaved as though she was just as deprived as the rest of the country, and that is why she is and will always be beloved. If these 2 can’t get that distinction, then viva le republic.

      • Kate #2 says:

        Agreed. Not going to her memorial is poor. And holidaying right now is incredibly insensitive unless it’s a brief weekend break. They know how much PR matters. You do have to wonder if William is just too stubborn to care – he doesn’t seem to connect that the press mediates all we know. He plainly hates the media, which you can understand given all they’ve done to him, but he also seems to miss that the media is the only way he can make himself known to the public.

        It’s funny – I was so shocked to learn that the Danish and Swedish royal weddings had cameras at the speeches and first dances. Here, all we get is tabloid gossip and Telegraph sycophancy. William seems loathe to feed the papers, but unwilling to allow more, albeit controlled, direct access either. He seems to think things can revert to 1950s status. I think he’s in a dreamworld. If the public hardly ever sees the monarchy, then they’ll lose affection for them – and that can only end one way.

      • taxi says:

        The QM was also widely known to to benumb herself with strong drink on a regular basis, as did her daughter Margaret. It’s much easier to behave as if one is deprived when one is “easing the pain” regularly.

        What work does Andrew do? Edward? Sophie? Camilla? Where does Zara get the money for her horse habit? Who pays for those hideous hats for for Eugenia & The Beast? Why does Sarah Ferguson get to live in the same palace with Andy? FWB? How does she reimburse for her upkeep? Does Harry do a lot of events? Was that an event when he he was in Brazil?

  20. Bess says:

    Do William & Harry get more “time off” than normal members of the UK’s armed forces?

  21. Laura says:

    They have more time off than they do on…

  22. Luise says:

    Both William and Harry are extremely wealthy in their own right. They inherited all of their mother’s wealth upon her death. They are both mega multimillionaires many times over. Kate can buy all the clothes and anything else she wants without a dime from the tax payers.

    • grace says:

      Luise –

      William’s money came from Diana which came from Charles. Charles receives his income from the Duchy of Cornwall. The income from the Duchy of Cornwall is given to Charles for his use by the British TAXPAYER.

      Moveover, when William and Kate are travelling the taxpayer is footing the bill for their full time security, including airfare, lodging, meals, etc. which at a place like Verbier is not cheap.

      As multi-millionaires don’t you think the least they could do is cover the extraneous security costs that arise from what they choose to do during their PRIVATE times, especially when so many of their “subjects” are having a tough time getting the basics — food, fuel, housing?

      So yes they are supported by the taxpayer and they do have to answer to the taxpayer for their use of those resources.

      • Luise says:

        Diana was rich in her own right and inherited plenty from her father upon his death… not everything that the 2 princes have is indirectly from Charles.

      • Kate #2 says:

        @ Luise – Diana didn’t inherit plenty from her father. The Spencer estate, in common with most great landed estates, will be entailed to the heir. It’s how the landed estates stay in the same family for generations; without that safeguard you’d endlessly be splitting up a rapidly diminishing pie. Younger sons don’t get much, comparatively – daughters even less.

        Having said that I’m not sure you can say that the Duchy of Cornwall revenues are given to the royals by the taxpayer. It’s not like the Crown Estates which were originally intended to defray the costs of running the apparatus of state; it’s always been intended as personal spending money. If you go back far enough you could argue that almost every senior aristocrat in the country gets their money from the taxpayer.

      • Lisa says:

        Kate #2

        As far as I understand it the Duchy is meant to support Charles in his status as the monarch’s heir. If there is no monarchy and thus no heir doesn’t the Duchy revert to the nation (i.e., the taxpayer).

      • Kate #2 says:

        @ Lisa: that’s a really interesting question, but I honestly don’t think there can be a clear-cut answer, because obviously nobody would ever have envisaged a republic when the estate was first entailed to the heir. It would depend on how Parliament legislated when they changed us to a republic (which is what would need to happen anyway, and they can do whatever they like. It isn’t like the States, where the executive’s powers are constrained by the Constitution). If they didn’t touch that question, which I would expect them to do, then it would presumably be down to lawyers to argue out whether the title of Prince of Wales survived an abolition of the role as heir. But it would be pretty extraordinary if there weren’t Parliamentary action, either way.

        Personally I suspect that at least some of the Duchy assets might be handed over to the royal family along with the title and the houses they own in their own names if the monarchy were abolished gently, from boredom. It would make them a senior Ducal family, so be kind of a middle path if a faintly apologetic “well, it seems a bit anachronistic to have a hereditary head of state…” was the underlying reason, and less difficult, longterm, than arguing over a Parliamentary pension scheme for them. If it was an angry abolition, then they’d probably get nothing but what they own in their own names. And if a hate-fuelled revolution, they’d lose the lot and have to flee the country – though really, I find that hard to imagine. Brits prefer cups of tea to fullscale riots, on the whole. ;)

      • LAK says:

        @kate#2 – I couldn’t agree more. I would add that usually it takes a crisis for any changes to occur eg Abdication, income tax, diana’s death.

        It is amazing when the RF is forced to
        change because they really are that cut off and entitled.

        Also, perhaps they should go back to marrying their princely cousins because with the exception of The Queen Mum, every commoner whose married into the family has shone an unfavourable light on them, either individually or as a family. And generally given plenty of ammunition to the republican cause.

      • Lisa says:

        Kate 2 –

        Thank you for your response — some very interesting issues woukd arise but it sounds like Parliament is free to craft any solution it deems fit (and politically expedient) at the time.

        While I appreciate the measured Brit response I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of riots (they’ve happened quite recently with a direct attack on Charles) if the economics don’t improve and as the generation which revered monarchy dies out. Should be interesting times ahead and I fear William and Kate are too fluffy to comprehend/deal with it.

      • Kate #2 says:

        The “London riots” consisted of a very, very small group of anarchists who took all the attention away from the thousands of peaceful protesters. Which annoyed those peaceful protesters to no end, as it hijacked all the news coverage!

        I could definitely see people being angry enough to boot them off the throne – could have happened after Diana died if they’d handled that badly enough. Was a very weird moment. But that’s not the same as a fullscale, bloodthirsty revolution. I mean, we were a bit wishywashy about having one even in the 17th century – compared to the numerous French ones a century it was awfully civilised! Brits just aren’t that into civil disorder, I don’t think. So even an irate booting would be unlikely to mean they had to flee into exile.

        I still think boredom is most likely as an end to it all. You’ve hit the nail on the head with the idea that deference is dying out, and if William hates the media so much he tries to remove most coverage, he may find he’s seen as irrelevant. At that point, someone may succeed in getting an Act through Parliament abolishing them. It’s only public affection that keeps the institution intact, after all. Hence the PR obsession at the palace.

  23. cw says:

    I just can’t stand her anymore
    she’s obsessed with herself and her hair

    what a dolt

  24. Brenda C. says:

    This is just inexcusable for the future King and Queen of England. Seriously. Days after the Granny Tax is announced and these two reunite after six LONG weeks in a fancy pants Swiss ski resort that many can only dream of affording.

    Yeah, they are rich and can afford it. Or rather, the lifestyle so generously funded by the taxpayer can provide them with such a luxurious vacation. I’m sure a pensioner who barely escaped freezing to death this past winter from lack of heat would be understanding of Catherine and William taking such a well deserved vacation.

    They need to grow up and realize they can’t live as private citizen’s anymore. If they want that kind of life, they should give up the benefits that the HRH title provides them.

    I expected more out of them. I expected more than meet and greets, taking half a sip of a drink, and painting a snail, all while fashionably dressed. People are struggling to make ends meet, people couldn’t pay their heating bills, and many can’t afford to go to school amongst many other things. Is this the “normal couple” that the people are supposed to be able to relate to?

    Why couldn’t Catherine and William knit some blankets, help insulate some homes, volunteer at a food bank… do actual meaningful work instead of a photo op where people are more interested in what Catherine wears than the actual organization itself?

    They are in position to bring some real change to the British Royal Family. Instead I’m seeing the lifetime of service that Her Majesty provided to her subjects being washed away. Princess Margaret, heck even Prince Charles deserve more adoration than these two.

    I guess I can’t understand why they are liked so much. And judging by the comments on the Daily Mail article, the tide of discontent is definitely rising.

  25. Kate #2 says:

    The thing that baffles me most about her is why so many people care so much. People hate her to the point I want to defend her because it’s just vindictively nasty, or they laud her to the skies in a way that’s so blindly adoring it’s kind of embarrassing. I mean, she’s such an unknown quantity – everything anyone knows is just tabloid gossip – and she’s only famous because of who she married. We know more about reality stars; at least you’ve watched them speaking and interacting on TV.

    She seems nice. She’s very pretty. She never talks, she doesn’t appear to do much, but then again she isn’t Princess of Wales yet and there’s not a huge need for her to, so I don’t really care (I would if she were on the Civil List). It’s just weird, how much attention she gets and how extreme the views, both negative and positive. I’m not saying either side is wrong, just that I don’t really understand it.

    • June says:

      But don’t you think the young generation is more interested in Kate and Will than in the other royals. So I think they should be a kind of role models, even if they don’t want to. It doesn’t matter whether they receive money from the taxpayers or not, the crowd thinks that way and the history showed us that this point (what the crowd seems to know) means a lot. They obviosly want to save the monarchy, so they should behave that way already today. Marie-Antoinette wasn’t that bad, as a lot of people thinks and she learnt to spend more less money than the subjekts thought. Or Romanovs… The Empress Alexandra was more interested in how to save her son’s life than in her public position and duties. But would you blame her for that today? I don’t think so. They all were victims of a bad resp. black PR and you know how it has ended. The problem is, when the monarchy looses the good connection to the public it could be an irreparable damage. It should be maintained, not repaired, because it could br too late. And William and Kate are iconic for the monarchy. That’s why all of the peoples’ discontent is directed against them. Kate was expected to do more and better, but she didsn’t. She is not a child and should know what it means to be a beloved royal, above all she has very good role models for this. She knew about all this expectations and decided to do nothing. So it’s quite normal and it was foreseeable that public discontent will rise.

      • Kate #2 says:

        To be totally honest I don’t think most British people read that much about them on places like this. Most British people feel vague goodwill towards the royals unless they really screw up (Andrew, Fergie) and if you look at how popular Camilla has become, even that can be handled with good PR. Royal fans know all this stuff about why they do or don’t like various people but I don’t think that’s reflected on the street. She’s on the TV news doing the odd engagement and most people won’t know those are *all* of her engagements, because most royal engagements never hit the news at all.

      • Lisa says:

        Kate 2 –

        There are some pretty fierce comments about them in the Daily Mail and the Telegraph so I would say there is some level of disappointment/ anger towards them.

      • Kate #2 says:

        Yeah, but there are also comments that are so sycophantic it makes you squirm in embarrassment for the commenter. The comments sections of any paper attracts nutters. The Independent is the worst, oddly enough, but they all do. And the Mail has the issue that they appear to allow endless sock puppetry, because they aren’t using say Disqus. I’ve seen identical comments on the Mail using different names – and I mean, identical. Spelling mistakes, the lot. So one person can publish lots of comments supporting their own position, and use a different name/location every time. The Mail also has more US readers than it does British according to a breakdown of news websites I saw recently; that’s why they feature so many stories on US celebrities nobody here has ever heard of. Sometimes I read comments on Kate in particular that are blatantly not British in origin, but claim to be. Really odd.

        People who care enough to comment are a self-selecting minority. That in itself makes them unrepresentative. Opinion polls have a term for people like that though I can’t remember what it is. But the point is that you can’t consider it as mattering. The manic fans and the big antis will be the ones who comment. Most people are neither. It’s funny, because that apathy is what keeps the royals on the throne, but if they let it turn to boredom instead of vague affection it’ll also be what does for them. Hard balance to strike.

  26. christinne says:

    she wears a belt over everything. her hair and make up identical. OCD much?

  27. ANGELIC 20 says:

    again dear kate fans, will you please explain me what should we expect from your princess? because i am really confused.

    first of all we all expected her to get any sort of job especially when she was promoted as this outgoing , collage educated , young , vibrant , independent women.we all know how that went , all the other euro peon princesses had full fledged careers right up to their engagement announcements for eg princess marry , she worked in advisement, moved to france to be more close to her prince and still taught English at a french university , princess Leticia how was a reporter who reported from ground zero, Afghanistan to name the least and one more whose name i can’t recall at the moment was a single mother to her two children. so the point is when every other commoner princess had post graduate degrees and careers waity was partying , shopping , going on vacations etc.

    then after waiting for 9 years she got hitched , so we thought let’s give this girl a new beginning. but again excuses started oh she is not a full time royal, she wants to be a housewife, she so secretly visiting charities and after months of visits she needs even more personnel visits. bullshit, how many months do you need to decide what causes you need to support , with so much bad things going in the world she needed so many months to decide.

    okay finally charities were announced . she goes on vacation before she started working for the first time in her life than she visits 4 charities and 3 social events out of which one charity was of prince charles and she goes on another vication.

    we can’t expect her to read 4 words without looking down because she was nervous blah blah blah, and have to read to say thank you and then goes on shopping after 2 hours , what is your defense for this behavior . i am asking to all those who says oh she is so pretty , i like her etc etc .

    so the fact she didn’t work before marriage should be forgotten, we shouldn’t expect her to do regular charity work as she is not a full time royal( although she receives all the perks of being one like security , luxury holidays, Kingston palace etc) and i forgot she is a housewife who does nothing else but still needs a cook and a house cleaner who comes every day ( i am not making stuff up , it was published in daily mail, i will get you a link) . so again what exactly am i supposed to admire about her , that she freakishly thin, can walk in high heels , dresses up like a 40 years old, and does her own shopping . seriously ? think michelle obama meeting sick children and going shopping after 2 hrs , tell me how is that behaviour is inspiring? it has nothing to do with her being a housewife or being young ( she is 30 by the way ) or not being on civil list. that is just shamelessness .

    and if all of you think she is great then really answer my question and please god really save the queen because only he can do this miracle and turn this woman into a respectable one.

  28. Sunny says:

    They’re actually not even in Verbier, just a ruse to keep the press at bay. Think they’ve done a good job. Way to attack people based off a false article from the Daily Mail. Hope you don’t believe everything you read. William and Kate are not attending the Memorial Service due to a ‘prior commitment.’ Palace PR would have said ‘private’ if it really were which leads me to believe it’s work related.

  29. FrowninPabloDread says:

    Whoa…I think she married a prince so she could remain forever an spoiled immature child. Lets call a spade a spade.

  30. Lauren says:

    Kate is doing well, and she seems very determined to keep William happy. I like how she smiles at everyone she meets, very warm hearted. She is calculating, but she is a good woman. Spoiled, but stable. Being spoiled is not a crime.

  31. Benny says:

    Sounds like he makes plans all on his own, then informs her about them afterwards. Has she ever been allowed to make any decisions herself? I can’t remember that ever happening. Isn’t it mentally tiring to never make plans for yourself, but wait until other people tell you what to do, where to go, what to say, etc?

    Wouldn’t surprise me if she cracks up after a while. It’s happened to commoners who marry royalty and are not respected in return (for example, the empress and crown princess of Japan)

  32. dahlia1947 says:

    All of these complaints about how “your tax dollars” are footing their vacations are really annoying me. Can’t you people vote them out or take more of the money for yourselves?

    When the royals are at events and at weddings, I see all of “YOU taxpayers” by the hundreds gathered outside to greet them and you are all looking at them soooo adoringly! Doesn’t look like this “my tax money is paying for this” nonsense is bothering you people then!!

    • Kate #2 says:

      We can’t “vote them out” because they aren’t elected. That isn’t how it works. Nor are their costs discussed in Parliament (in fact most people have no idea how much they cost us, because travel and security are stripped out when those figures are provided. Bit cheeky, if you ask me). And if you see hundreds of people staring at them adoringly, please recall that there are 60 million people in the country, most of whom wouldn’t go out of their way just to watch someone get out of a car. The adoring starers are no more representative than the republicans. Both have a very small hold on public opinion. Most people seem to think that the monarchy is a better option than a presidency would be, on several grounds, and to feel vague affection for the family in the job. That simple. I really doubt most people in this country think about them very much at all.

      And if anyone is angry that “their tax dollars” are supporting the royals then the commenter isn’t British, because we have pounds, not dollars.

  33. JulieM says:

    Ah- the Waity Fan Club is out in force today. Isn’t she pretty, doesn’t she look nice, look at that hair! She just wants to be a housewife. Gag.

    Pathetic. These two plastic people deserve each other.

  34. M79 says:

    “Now, I actually understand why they felt the need for a vacation this time around – William is probably tired”

    What, exactly, is William tired from? Despite the much publicized Falklands trip, William flew as part of one helicopter mission only, and during that time, he was protected by soldiers there to ensure his safety. Honestly, this was a huge waste of money and resources for the UK, and this whole fiasco was designed to make royalty appear more relevant in world affairs than they are. I’m not dissing Prince William, but I am pointing out the media’s constant attempts to give him too much credit. By his age, Prince Charles did over 10 times as many engagements, and whenever William’s helicopter helps save a life, it is always publicized – he is a co-pilot, and one of many onboard who contribute and do not get any credit. Consequently, even at the Warhorse premiere, the media made a huge hype about him carrying an umbrella to cover Kate and how sweet that is, the picture they used being selective – if you look at the roll of shots, he is covering himself nearly the entire time. I’m sure William is not a bad person and has done some admirable things, but he gets way too much credit for just existing in the world, when several members of his family have earned their place while he keeps finding ways to hide in anonymity as long as possible and avoid his public duties (something he is no longer successfully able to do so we do see him much more engaged now). Even so, the media is leaving out significant bits of this tale, and the public should notice that instead of buying into it all.