Prince Harry moves in with Prince William & Duchess Kate. Again.

Just before Duchess Kate and Prince William married, there was a lot of discussion regarding where the new royal couple would live. At the time, William and Prince Harry seemed to share a large apartment in Clarence House, the residence of the Prince of Wales, and it was believed that when Will and Kate married, the Queen would make arrangements for them to live in their own apartment somewhere else. Well, all of those early reports were correct – Will and Kate will be moving into a newly refurbished apartment at Kensington Palace, and until the renovations are done, they stayed at William and Harry’s old Clarence House apartment for a time, and then they moved into Nottingham Cottage, which is KP-adjacent. I theorized that for the brief time when Harry, William and Kate lived together at Clarence House, it was going to be like a royal version of Three’s Company. What’s funny is that now Harry has moved in with Will and Kate at Nottingham Cottage!

Prince Harry has secretly moved in with his newly-wed brother and sister-in-law at their new official residence, Kensington Palace. The 27-year-old royal shipped his belongings over from his old room at Clarence House last week, shortly after returning from his hugely successful first solo tour on behalf of the Queen. And far from reminding the prince that ‘three’s a crowd’, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed Harry with open arms, the Mail can reveal.

William and Kate currently live in Nottingham Cottage, which is situated in the north of the palace grounds. Harry has moved into what is jokily being referred to as the ‘royal bedsit’ in a residential wing nearby, a modest one-bedroom former staff apartment with a small lounge, kitchenette and bathroom.

The apartment has been empty for some time meaning the third-in-line-to-the-throne, who used to share a suite of rooms with his brother at Clarence House, their father’s official London residence, was able to move in straight away.

When William and Kate eventually move into Princess Margaret’s old apartment, which will become their permanent Kensington Palace base, towards the end of next year, Harry will then take over their cottage.

A source told the Mail yesterday: ‘He has been really looking forward to getting his own place after living with his father for so long. Understandably he wants to spread his wings. Some people might find it strange that he is moving in next door to his brother and sister in law, but the three of them get on brilliantly and love spending time together. Prince Harry adores his brother and says Catherine is the sister he never had. They were so enthusiastic about the idea of living together that when it emerged that this apartment was free, Harry moved his gear in as soon as he could after returning from Brazil.’

A palace source described the prince’s apartment as ‘surprisingly modest’. ‘It’s a small, one-bedroomed apartment. Not what you might normally expect. But he is very happy with the arrangement,’ they said.

Royal sources have told correspondent Max Foster that Harry and his brother are determined to spend the rest of their lives working in partnership together.

‘Prince Harry and Prince William are a double act for the rest of their lives. They are very loyal and trust each other. Loyalty is key. Harry is very respectful towards William,’ said one.

The prince’s current priority, following his well-received inaugural royal tour to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, is his military career. Harry, who recently qualified as an Apache attack helicopter pilot, is currently undergoing pre-deployment training at his Army Air Corps base in Suffolk in the hope of being redeployed to the frontline in Afghanistan later this year. CNN have been told that unlike his first tour of duty, palace officials will not attempt to keep it under wraps, despite claims the news could make his regiment more of a Taliban target. Sources also reveal that the prince, who is normally guarded by a Scotland Yard police protection team 24 hours a day, will not have any extra personal security when on the frontline.

‘The thinking is that being an Apache pilot is quite an anonymous job and the Apache is already a target. They can’t be more of a target than they already are,’ the documentary is told. ‘The palace doesn’t see a need for Harry to have extra personal security in Afghanistan either, because his military base will, by its nature, already be secure.’

A St James’s Palace spokesman said: ‘Prince Harry moved into accommodation at Kensington Palace when he returned from the overseas tour. This will now act his official London Residence. He still anticipates moving into the property currently used by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once they vacate it in the future.’

[From The Mail]

There’s more information about Prince Harry’s latest charitable works at that Mail link. As for the details on the living arrangements – I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again: there’s a good chance that Kate will end up giving birth to a ginger. I often wonder if Kate and William have any kind of sexual heat together (I don’t think they do), but you wouldn’t have to worry about Kate and Harry. THAT would be hot. Harry would bring the ginger fire (in his pants).

But yeah, it’s cute that William, Harry and Kate get along so well. Kate must feel like she married both of them sometimes.

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  1. Agnes says:

    i was imagining him living in their basement or something, haha.

  2. Cathy says:

    Gotta love the ginger man. To bad I’m old enough to be his mother. He’s just a handsome man.

  3. Gene Parmesan says:

    Smh at William’s hair in the first pic…

  4. bluhare says:

    That’s gross inferring Kate’s doing Harry.

  5. cmc says:

    Wow, I just felt sorry for her for the first time ever. I have a feeling when her kid is born, no matter what, people will speculate about Will/Harry/paternity. Especially if he’s ginger- even though the ginger gene obviously runs in the royal family.

    • LAK says:

      The Ginger gene is pure Spencer.

    • G says:

      Harry’s got Spencer hair, like his mum’s brother. Some people keep hoping something might happen with Harry and Kate, but I think it’s obvious that she’s just not his type. He likes girls who are a lot more like him…. fun, outgoing and kinda wild, i.e. Chelsy.

      • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

        But he may view girls like Kate as a challenge. Try to break their vanilla ways with his strawberry…lol. Anyway, if people want juicy British stuff, just watch The Tudors or Downton Abbey. That should be enough drama to fill people’s needs.

    • bluhare says:

      LAK and G: Thank you! I get so sick of all the Hewitt talk, when it’s obvious Harry takes after the Spencers.

      I saw a photo of Diana’s brother when he was about William’s age, and I can definitely see the resemblance there as well.

      • LAK says:

        The Hewitt talk is so illogical if only because Diana met him a full 2 years AFTER Harry was born.

        And most of the Spencers past and present are red heads.

      • bluhare says:

        LAK: I actually knew that (she says proudly). It also makes me smile that people think Diana was so dumb that she’d have unprotected sex with someone other than her husband. She might not have been brilliant, but was a master manipulator and wouldn’t risk her son’s future like that. And certainly not at that time. I don’t think their marriage was irretreivably broken until after Harry was born.

        And if anyone else wonders about it, even Prince Charles commented on Harry’s rusty Spencer hair.

      • TruthTella says:

        If you look at pictures of Harry as a child he looked exactly like Prince Phillip when he was younger.

    • RocketMerry says:

      I agree, poor Kate. She won’t cheat (oh, please, she knows what the deal is and what is expected of her) and she’s not Harry’s type anyways (he is merely nice and polite to her, I don’t see any sexual spark in the air).
      Also, I bet she won’t even take the chance to give birth to a non-Williamish looking child, and if by genetics irony the baby will end up being a red head… we’ll never hear the end of it.

  6. Stacie says:

    If you’ve ever been to Kensington Palace you would know that it’s Huge . Beautiful and Huge . They could all be there for days and NEVER see each other . I’m Jealous really . :)

  7. Stacie says:

    I totally agree with you. Look at Harry for years that crap went on with him . Even though Princess Diana’s Brother and Sister have RED HAIR !

  8. layla says:

    I really think we need to get our heads around the term “aparetment” in the Royal context … Im sire they are not squished into a 900sq/ft loft. They may even go for days without crossing paths – haha.

  9. LAK says:

    Nottingham Cottage is KP, not KP-adjacent.

    KP isn’t one big block like Buckingham Palace, but a series of small blocks and cottages all in one compound.

  10. Melissa says:

    Harry would bring the ginger fire (in his pants). HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, now I have the gigs.

  11. BW says:

    What we call an apartment in the USA would be called a flat in the UK. What the UK calls apartments is a part of a large manor house that has rooms set “apart” for particular tennants. Like Layla said, “We’re not talking a 600 sq. ft. loft.” We’re talking a few rooms in a palace.

  12. Kaboom says:

    Since it’s all about producing heirs, anyway …

  13. MrsBarneyStinson says:

    All I can see is William’s bald patch. O.O

  14. fairy godmother says:

    the story is about harry- it should be his pic! why ruin it with a pic of well, as harry said of her the “limpet”?

    • bluhare says:

      He called Kate a limpet? Burn!!

      • LAK says:

        He called her that for years.

        the name calling by their circle only really stopped after they re-united. You certainly did not hear any new names mocking her or her family.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Limpet is not the only harsh words Harry felt about Waity. Harry’s friends have said that when Willie boy broke up with Waity in Feb. 2007 Harry pleaded with Willie to not “crawl” back to Waity in Summer 2007.Even Willie said he was not “in love” with Waity & he felt claustrophobic with her.
        Harry said several unkind things about Kate & he was sick of her using Willie for status & getting things. i.e. the reduced new car- years before Willie got engaged. Waity wanted Willie to get her in with Testino for her photography… There are so many perks she wanted/expected & got.

      • JulieM says:

        fairy godmother- That’s what I heard too. Waity was always on the make and William fell for it. Now he’s stuck with her. He deserves it.

      • iseepinkelefant says:

        AHAHA. I knew Charles didn’t like Kate, but I had no idea about Harry picking on her.

        William’s an idiot but you can’t really blame him, 1) no one else would marry him (Craig, Calthorpe, etc.) and 2) the UK press was hounding him for leading her on for 10 years (even though the UK press disliked her too). Besides she’s proving to be a loyal doormat who will do anything to please the Royal Family so he made out well enough. Soon he can have his affairs and only have to see her when they do engagements. Win, win.

        As for Waity being anything other than a dead fish during sex, yeah can’t see that. She’s too Stepford. She’s probably asking him every 5 seconds if he likes that. Or she’s too worried about him messing up her hair. I bet she’s Zzzzzzzz in bed (though he doesn’t look like much fun either). How dreadful.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Per social clicks the more acceptable girls turned Willie down because they actually feared Waity’s continued presence.Isabella was interest in Willie, but she did not want to deal with Waity on the sidelines pestering Willie. Even at uni Waity was constant at his side & girls could not approach him (including clubbing).She was known to shoot daggers at those who tried to speak with Willie. Willie never stood a chance. She always wanted to know where he was, who he was with almost like stalker-calling. Other clues when “dating” Midds would book a holiday & at last second Willie did not show. Midds waited for him when he was suppose to join them at Christmas time- Willie called at the last minute said he was going to stay with his family!
        Ma Midds & Waity who did have Willie’s poster above her bed & Willie was wearing Levi pants with plaid shirt both were = to conniving & scheming to get Willie in their pocket. They make me ill & Willie has to have serious problems to not have seen it coming considering how well he vets friends. His game playing planting info to friends to test loyalty is a real sick manipulative person. If I was his friend I would have never put up with his game trying to test me or watch him do it to his “friends”. It a wonder he has any real friends left.

      • LAK says:

        @iseepinkelefant – A really weird thought. Complete speculation, but one i’ve never been able to let go of.Don’t you think Kate either looks or has made herself over to look like Craig? I remember all the stories when they were dating. It was so hot and heavy that he introduced her to the Family at his birthday and there was some kind of mock engagement, what ever that means. He remains close to her and her family still, visiting them in Kenya every chance he gets. I always have a sinking feeling every time there is some kind of function, and there she is. I think she is his Camilla.

        It’s the only thing that makes me feel sorry for Kate.

      • Mare says:

        To sum up all comments on this site:

        1. The Queen hates Kate because she had no career and she would forbid William to marry her but he didn’t ask for permission.
        2. Charles hates Kate.
        3. Everyone in the palace hates Kate because she’s middle class and her mother was a stewardess.
        4. Harry hates Kate and calls her ugly names.
        5. All William’s friends hate Kate because she’s clingy.
        6. All Kate’s friends hate Kate because she’s boring and obsessed with Will.
        7. Pippa hates Kate because she’s jealous and wants to be a duchess too.
        8. The media hates Kate because she’s lazy and clingy.
        9. William hates Kate but he could not get rid of her and the future King of England had no one else to marry so was stuck with her.
        10. ha ha

      • maemay says:

        @Mare did you get that Harry hates Kate so much he calls her “sister” in public!! The nerve!

        Harry also wants to move into KP with them….of all the palaces in England he has to share with them….po Harry.

      • Mare says:

        @ maemay – Somebody will probably answer that he has to pretend to like her and that’s why he calls her his sister. Just like William pretends and the whole royal family pretends. It seems that the whole world hates this woman but pretends otherwise. Because Prince William, future king and one of the most famous people in the world, couldn’t find anyone else to marry so he had to settle with a woman everyone hates, including himself. This is what people in comments are saying, I’m just being sarcastic.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Sorry for such a long post. I am fed up with their BS & PR. Including sense of entitlement infringing on other ppl like island holiday by restricting others & confiscating employees cell phones. Sick of hearing Ma Midds diva-ness while shopping.
      End of rant!

      • angelic 20 says:

        Its a business arrangement for both of them, William needed a door mat (waity is a tested one) so he can walk all over her and Kate wanted fame, money, status (she has no talent and is to lazy to hold a real job) so he was the best option for her.they are perfect together.

        I don’t think waity will ever stand up to him no matter what he does.the only thing that can go wrong is public opinion, remember fergie her relationship with Andrew was not completely over but he left her because public hated her even Diana was kicked out of palace the moment she said Charles was not good enough to be king.Windsor men will sacrifice anybody to maintain there God given position and if this happen people as well a media will choose William and Kate will be left just like fergie .now she not only had to please William but also the public which is clearly not going well.

  15. Sunny says:

    Harry is not moving into Nottingham Cottage. He is moving into a small one room flat nearby.

  16. Reece says:

    “Harry would bring the ginger fire (in his pants).” LMAO I’m still to groggy to laugh that much! Can you imagine the noises coming from the Cottage once W&K move out?

    Am I the only one that read Nottingham Cottage as Nottage? :D Should I go get caffeine?

  17. Hmmm says:

    ‘Spreading his wings’? Bwahaha! ‘Royal bedsit’, my ass. The man will continue to live in opulence with many servants. At least he can use the ‘kitchenette’ to stash his beer.

    And his security will not be beefed up when he goes to the front? But he will still have security on the front lines????? Ye gods. He’s just like thee and me.

  18. Alti says:

    picture 4: Kate´s face looks so different. Could be another person.

  19. Holden says:

    The whole “ginger” thing is kind of ugly to me, but keep rocking it if you think it works.

  20. Suz says:

    Some people accuse those of us who don’t constantly praise Kate and William as being “just jealous”, and really, I usually am not remotely jealous of their lives.

    EXCEPT in one respect. I would love love love to live in Kensington Palace. And if my hot brother in law Harry lived nearby that would be icing on the cake.

  21. angelic 20 says:

    I think I have already written this but not sure, Kate resembles or her relationship with Mrs Betty draper mad men season 1 in the sense she gets a house (forkm very big one ), financial security, she dose not ask him any questions, have no authority in her house, do whatever he wants to do and he comes and goes as he wish,make decision all by himself without taking her as a factor and s sleeps with whomever he wants (at least he tries to house it which I don’t think William will).km is more pathetic because at least the frictional character from the 60′s is a mother and worked as a model before

  22. maryoomba says:

    love how the mail refers to her as catherine, like, the name Kate was too much of a commoner name for her royal ass.

    • fairy godmother says:

      It was Kate who initiated fashioning her name as “Catherine” as she prepared to wrap the noose around Willie to get married.
      Everyone at uni knew her as “Kate”. Even Willie boy began around engagement to refer to her as Catherine.
      I do not care what name or title she gets to boost her “position”. She will always be Waity Katie the lazy duchess of Doolittle to me.Not to mention Kate- Marie Antoinette!

    • Addison says:

      It’s the name used by the royal household. The queen probably thinks it’s unsuitable for her. SO most people will do as the queen does. She didn’t say “I want to be known as Catherine now”. I’m sure to her friends and family she is still Kate. I’m sure the Queen will ALWAYS address her as Catherine. I’m sure Kate could care less what the world calls her.

      • fairy godmother says:

        Not what I heard> She pushed for Catherine including marrying on St. Catherine Day. She did not realize it was same day Hitler married!
        Over a month ago Pip asked to be called by her birth name “Phillipa”.
        The push for using “Catherine” was about image & to make her appear to have more social/regal standing. Too late they cannot rewrite history to suit their needs/image.

  23. angelic 20 says:

    Poor Harry indeed and I think it was Diana’s fault that he has to go through this, she was talking about everything (suicide attempts, eating disorder etc) she could gave cleared this one out also.people never question her or mention her while speculating the Hewitt rumour as in why bother the kid if he is red head how do you think he resembles someone boyfriend, she was always the respectable and a victim which was not true.she made very bad judgement calls as a mother using your 10 year old aa therapist and all, also according to her marriage was over after Harry’s birth but she still took part in happy couple lie even in the end it was Charles who asked for divorce.Charles cheated or didn’t love her, she knew that and still wanted to be his wife because of her title, in the end her children paid the price and Charles will always hated by some and she will always be the most amazing (yes she did great charity work, but she was not a victim the entire time)

  24. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    “Kate must feel like she married both of them sometimes.”

    Damn. Lucky B*tch.

  25. benny says:

    LOL, those boys are smarter than I thought. Now when a woman is spotted leaving, they can tell their significant others “she was there to see [the other brother].” Nice!

  26. ANGELIC 20 says:

    kate married the wrong prince . although harry does more serious work than william but in the long run more will be expected from william and not harry .if she was harry’s wife , people would not expect much from her and yet she would get the status , the money, the fame (all the things for which i think she is in the relationship with william). whether harry would prefer her is another question but at least this lazy woman will not be queen of not only england but 16 commonwealth nations

    • LAK says:

      Nottingham cottage is KP. It is not separate or adjacent or anything.

      KP wasn’t built as one structure like BP. It’s a collection of small blocks or wings and cottages added by various occupants.

      The entire compound is refered to as KP.

  27. Floridaseaturtle says:

    “it’s cute that William, Harry and Kate get along so well. Kate must feel like she married both of them sometimes.”

    Totally cosign to that! I love the idea of them being so close, and just looking at Harry, you just know he is so fun. Do you think they stay in some nights and play Skip-Bo, naughtily gossiping and laughing at the old-fogie royals while drinking too much wine? Invite meeee.. I won’t tell anyone…!

  28. maemay says:

    I think it’s great they are all so close and Harry considers Kate his sister. Harry could of easily stayed at Clarence or moved to the Ham but he chose to stay at KP thus aligning himself with the next generation of royals. They are a team unlike Charles and his brothers and sister. I think Charles and Andrew can’t even stand one another.

    • fairy godmother says:

      Your thought may very well be right. Other things that may of been in play are:
      KP is to become Willie’s & Harry’s official offices.(Waity will tag along).
      Security is max & already in place.
      Having both Princes in same palace will be easier to manage & easily accessible for both.
      And rooms are up to code with available apartments. Just a thought.

  29. lala says:

    Not gonna lie my mind went running wild with fan fiction ideas after reading this story….

    Kate will tranquilize William then go to play naughty mistress with Harry tying him to the bed


    Harry and Kate sneak around almost wanting William to catch them


    Kate will play coy for awhile remaining faithful to the frosty sexless William until she’s overcome by fiery passion for Harry

    I’m sick, don’t judge me.

  30. judy says:

    Ihad a sister like Kate and let me tell you quiet as a mouse wouldn;t say shit if she had a mouth full and her last husband said that she was a devil in bed lol Dont let her quiet thing fool you.I think wILLS is nuts about her and there is no arrangement at all not in this day and age. He broke up with her several times and went back and I dontbelive for one minute that Harry begged him not to go back to her Harry adores her so why the hell would he say something like that. I dont think her waiting 9 years to get married is a bad thing.Wills didnt not want a divorce and wanted to be sure she loved him. SHe loves him and I dont thinkn she is lazy either.Why the hell should she bust her ass? Diana did n ot bust her ass everyone catered to her.SHe did all the right things for the attention but she lost chucky in the end and she never had him .they used Di for a brood mare. Nice group of royals.

  31. fairy godmother says:

    @ mare:
    When you try to convince others your views it would behoove you to use facts. As inferred #4 I never said Harry “hated” Waity. I wrote that he referred to Waity as “Limpet”. You will have to ask Harry if he hates her. #5 Highly doubt Waity has any real friends of her own. She calls Willie’s so called “friends” to be her friends.
    I respect others views, but not the way you have misconstrued other posters’ comments. I think we all should all be respectful & not twist other ppl’s words.
    I do not believe the entire world “hates” Waity. Apparently there are ppl who easily believe what the media wants one to believe. I just am not one of them. And surprise- there are credible ppl who know them & leak info.

  32. Mr. Crosby says:

    You are laughing here and guys are in such bad situation. They are dependent on Camilla’s decisions and forced to follow her instructions. And can you imagine such – that William has problems and Harry is being intrusively recommended’ to help his brother, because according to the rules of Royals if a year later the child is not conceived a marriage can be terminated. Harry should no way do this, even if he’ll be moved into the barn, and even if he’ll be sent to Afghanistan without security and it will be reported to all media – official information for the Taliban to start the hunt. Although Harry hides his lady, Camilla can do with her even worse things than those which she did with Diana, because now comes the time of her power.

  33. david says:

    when you say “dependent” you probably mean the financial dependence? because their expenses are funded from Camilla’s, Duchess of Cornwall estate “…independence from Prince Charles and his household…he will continue to fund from the £17million a year income he receives from his hereditary Duchy of Cornwall estate.”